173 Inspiring Rich Last Names: for Badass Boys and Girls

Choosing rich last names for your kid ensures the keys to the penthouse suite.

Whether it’s new money or generational wealth, rich last names say much about you, your family, and your origins. According to Forbes, there are almost 3,000 billionaires across the globe, and 10 percent of the global population owns 76 percent of the wealth. But why do they get the pick of fancy last names?

It’s time to level the playing field. Forget old money last names and embrace new money opportunities. Let’s dive into the vault of money names and list 173 of the best examples.

173 Fiscally Fancy Last Names

From the Kardashians to Elon Musk, we’re all obsessed with wealth!

  1. Adair – we’re kicking off the list with a Germanic name meaning “wealthy spear.”
  2. Adalric – a cool German name meaning “noble” or “regal ruler.”
  3. Adeola – of Nigerian origin, meaning “the crown brings honor.”
  4. Aganaya – an alternate version of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth.
  5. Agnelli – the all-powerful and wealthy Fiat family – means “lamb.”
  6. Akunna – of Nigerian origin, meaning “father’s wealth.”
  7. Albrecht – this wealthy German family name means “noble, bright,” and “famous.”
  8. Algernon – a name linked to the powerful Percy family in the U.K. – means “mustached man” in French.
  9. Arison – associated with the Romanian Carnival Cruise Liner dynasty, this family name means “son of Harry.”
  10. Armani – fashionistas everywhere know this name – means “warrior” and “child of Armano.”
  11. Arnoult – fancy last names rarely have a better pedigree than Arnoult – means “from Arnaud” in France.
  12. Astor – a wealthy American/English family and first female MP – means “hawk” and “thunder god” in Scandinavian.
  13. Asul – this short and sweet Hindi name means “wealthy.”
  14. Auberon – many German names means “noble,” but this one also means “royal bear.”
  15. Audney – a cool Old Norse name meaning “newfound wealth.”
  16. Augustus – a classical Latin emperor name meaning “great” and “magnificent.”
  17. Baldwin – an acting dynasty with a German name meaning “brave, bold,” and “friend.”
  18. Balenciaga – a famous Spanish fashion brand – means “from Valencia” and “place of.”
  19. Bamford – this billionaire family owns JCB diggers and means “tree ford.”
  20. Barbour – a prominent American political family of Scottish descent – means “barber” or “beard” in French.
  21. Barclay – a Scottish name as old as the Norman conquests, meaning “birch tree meadow.”
  22. Baring – the famous British bank brought to its knees by a rogue trader – means “Baro’s farm.”
  23. Baron – a noble rank of Hebrew origin, meaning “noble landowner.”
  24. Bartholomew – an ancient Scottish family name meaning “abounding in furrows” and “son of Talmai (the farmer).”
  25. Bass – a powerful American billionaire family – means “low, short” and “thickset” in Old French.
  26. Basu – a popular name among Bengali Hindus, meaning “wealthy, prosperous” and “dweller.”
  27. Bentinck – descended from 14th-century Dutch/Flemish nobility, meaning “son of Bento.”
  28. Bentley – this classic English name associated with the supercar means “meadow of coarse grass.”
  29. Berenger – a French name linked to actors, politicians, and prime ministers – means “bear” and “spear.”
  30. Berkeley – similar to the Scottish Barclay, meaning “birch tree meadow.”
  31. Bernadotte – this Swedish royal family name means “strong, brave,” and “bear.”
  32. Bertarelli – this Italian/Swiss billionaire family name has an uncertain meaning.
  33. Bettencourt – a Dutch, German, and Old English name meaning “courtyard of the farm.”
  34. Bezos – there’s only one Jeff, but we all love his online store – means “kisses” in Spanish.
  35. Bloomberg – a famous U.S. family name meaning “flower mountain” in German, Dutch, and Scandinavian.
  36. Boss – a classic German fashion house meaning “hunchback.”
  37. Boucheron – the last name in French jewelry and watchmaking – means “butcher.”
  38. Bourbon – a wealthy French family name describing someone “from Bourbon” in France.
  39. Boyle – a cool Irish name meaning “having profitable pledges.”
  40. Branson – a self-made British billionaire with a name meaning “son of Brand.”
  41. Broderick – this Welsh name means “son of Rhydderch” and relates to the famous acting family.
  42. Buccellati – a wealthy Italian jewelry and watchmaking family with a name of uncertain meaning.
  43. Buckingham – the home of British royalty means “people of the water meadow.”
  44. Buffet – an Anglicized French name meaning “bellows, table,” and “slap (in the face).”
  45. Bulgari – an ancient Italian luxury jewelry maker, meaning “from Bulgaria.”
  46. Burberry – a British fashion brand established in 1856 and means “house near a hill or mound.”
  47. Busch – a multinational brewing family worth billions; this German name means “dweller near the thicket.”
  48. Byron – one of the leading romantic poets, meaning “at the byres or cowshed.”
  49. Caesar – a great Roma ruler with a name meaning “head of hair.”
  50. Cargill – a habitational name for someone from a town in “Eastern Perthshire.”
  51. Carmichael – a sophisticated Scottish name meaning “fort of Michael.”
  52. Carnegie – a leading industrialist of Scottish descent, meaning “fort at the gap.”
  53. Carrington – a posh-sounding British name meaning “a rocky settlement.”
  54. Carruthers – the perfect Cumbrian name for a British spy or butler – means “Rhydderch’s fort.”
  55. Cartier – one of the most famous brands in the world – means “one who transports goods” in French.
  56. Cash – the perfect name for characters in a wealthy novel, meaning “hollow” in Latin and English.
  57. Cavendish – a posh Old English name derived from “cafa/cafna,” meaning “bold, daring,” and “enclosed pasture.”
  58. Chamberlin – derived from the Old French “chamberlenc,” meaning “chamberlain.”
  59. Chanel – the ultimate French fragrance, meaning “water pipe” and “canal.”
  60. Chellvan – of Indian origin, meaning “wealthy man.”
  61. Cheng – a Hong Kong property billionaire, meaning “accomplish” and “success.”
  62. ChinHwa – a classic Korean name meaning “most wealthy.”
  63. Chopard – a classic Swiss watchmaking family, meaning “to catch or swipe.”
  64. Churchill – the most famous U.K. prime minister – means “hill of the church.”
  65. Clifford – an aristocratic Norman name, meaning “cliff-side ford.”
  66. Coates – an ancient noble family of English/Scottish origin, meaning “cottage” or “shelter.”
  67. Cox – this upper-class name means “hill” or “heap” in Old English.
  68. Cromwell – the Puritan parliamentarian who overthrew the British monarchy – means “winding stream” in Old English.
  69. Curzon – this name arrived with William the Conqueror and means “short.”
  70. Dassault – a French billionaire’s name meaning “assault” and “attack.”
  71. Davenport – found fame in England with the Norman invasion – means “the stream leading to the bay.”
  72. Dell – belongs to Dell computers, derived from the Old English “del,” meaning “small valley.”
  73. De Vere – the wealthy French hoteliers, De Vere means “of the fishing place.”
  74. Diamond – few names dazzle as much as diamond, meaning “of high value.”
  75. Dior – this legendary French fashion house name appropriately means “golden.”
  76. Dolce – is one half of the Italian fashion powerhouse, meaning “sweet.”
  77. Duke – the highest royal rank behind kings and queens – means “leader” in Latin.
  78. Dumas – a famous French name meaning “of the little farm” or “isolated country dwelling.”
  79. Dupree – another classic French medieval name meaning “from the meadow.”
  80. Dyson – is associated with the bagless vacuum billionaire and means “son of Denise.”
  81. Eaton – an upper-class school in England, meaning “island settlement” and “riverside.”
  82. Ecclestone – the ex-Formula One boss bears this habitational Old English name meaning “church.”
  83. Ewing – the fictional oil barons in Dallas, of Scottish descent, meaning “children of Eóghain.”
  84. Fairchild – a beautiful Old English name associated with nobility, meaning “fair or beautiful child.”
  85. Fairfax – with a family motto of “to speak is to act;” this Old English name means “fair/white hair.”
  86. Fendi – established in 1946, this Italian leather boutique drips with sophistication – means “to split.”
  87. Fenwick – this Old English name means “from fenland” and “village on the marsh.”
  88. Ferdinand – Frans Ferdinand’s assassination started WW1 – means “bold voyager” in German.
  89. Ferragamo – the famous shoe and high-end Italian brand, possibly means “grabs dog” or “steel gazelle.”
  90. Ferrari – one of the most sought-after status symbols in the world, means “blacksmith” and “iron worker.”
  91. Ferrero – similar to Ferrari; this Italian confectioner name means “iron worker.”
  92. Fitzgerald – of Irish and German origin and JFK’s middle name, meaning “son of a spear-ruler.”
  93. Fitzroy – there’s nothing more upper-class than a French name meaning “son of the king.”
  94. Fitzsimmons – found prominence during the Anglo/Norman Irish invasion of 1172, means “son of Sigmund.”
  95. Flemming – the writer of James Bond, Flemming means “man from Flanders.”
  96. Forbes – a prominent American family with Scottish roots, means “field” or “area of land.”
  97. Ford – the Industrialist and car manufacturer, means “river crossing.”
  98. Frederick – a regal German name meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  99. Fridman – a derivative of the German Friedmann, meaning “free man” or “one freed from servitude.”
  100. Gallo – one of the best-known Californian wine families, meaning “rooster.”
  101. Gates – the famous Microsoft guy – means “dweller at the gate” or “gatekeeper.”
  102. Getty – one of the wealthiest American families of Scots-Irish descent, meaning “from Dalgety.”
  103. Givenchy – a French luxury fashion and perfume brand – means “impressive, fine,” and “grand.”
  104. Goldman – wealthy names are rarely as perfect as this – means “little golden one.”
  105. Goldsmith – a billionaire financier and family dynasty, meaning “gold worker.”
  106. Gordon – millionaire chef Gordon Ramsay hails from Scotland, where this name means “spacious fort.”
  107. Graff – a super-wealthy diamond trading family with a German name meaning “scribe” or “clerk.”
  108. Grimaldi – of German and Spanish origin, meaning “powerful protector.”
  109. Grosvenor – one of the richest aristocratic families in the U.K. – means “great hunter.”
  110. Gucci – this top Italian fashion house name means “fancy” and “fashionable.”
  111. Hadid – a celebrated modeling dynasty with an Arabic name meaning “iron.”
  112. Hamilton – one of America’s founding fathers – means “crooked or flat-topped hill” in Scottish.
  113. Hampton – derived from the Old English “hāmtūn,” meaning “home settlement.”
  114. Hargreaves – this posh-sounding Old English name means “grove of the hares.”
  115. Hartono – an Indonesian tobacco family name meaning “rich.”
  116. Hayek – a prominent Czech name derived from Hájek, meaning “grove.”
  117. Hearst – this renowned newspaper publisher’s name means “a wood, grove,” and “fruit-bearing tree.”
  118. Heineken – the well-loved Dutch brewing family – means “son of little Hein (Henry).”
  119. Heinrich – a classic name taken by many German kings, meaning “home-ruler.”
  120. Henkel – of German origin, meaning “hedged place.”
  121. Hennessey – a famous Cognac-producing family with a French name meaning “one strength” and “energy.”
  122. Herlin – this Finnish mogul’s surname means “in the service of God.”
  123. Hildebrand – of Old Norse and Germanic origin, meaning “battle sword.”
  124. Hilton – part of the famous hotel group, meaning “hill town” in Old English.
  125. Jefferson – one of many U.S. presidential family names – means “son of Jeffrey.”
  126. Jermyn – a cool Hebrew name meaning “the Lord exalts.”
  127. Kennedy – the nearest the U.S. has to royalty – means “helmeted head.”
  128. Kensington – the poshest borough of London, meaning “the town of Cynsige’s people.”
  129. Knight – a British rank of honor, meaning “a nobleman fighting in armor.”
  130. Koch – the controversial billionaire family meaning “cook” in German.
  131. Lehman – the famous bank, meaning “tenant” and “renter” in German.
  132. Marquis – an ideal French name for a “nobleman” and “lord of the borderlands.”
  133. Marriott – a prominent hotel dynasty whose name means “wished-for child.”
  134. Mercedes – derived from the French Marchand, meaning “merchant.”
  135. Middleton – the Princess of Wales’ maiden name – means “settlement in the middle.”
  136. Montague – the famous car-collecting lord; Montague means “pointed hill” in Old French.
  137. Montgomery – a cool French male name meaning “mountain belonging to the ruler.”
  138. Mountbatten – Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite uncle – means “Batten mountain.”
  139. Murdoch – a controversial media mogul; this Scottish name means “sea.”
  140. Musk – rich-sounding last names are rarely as famous – means “sparrow” in Dutch.
  141. Nixon – a notorious presidential English name meaning “son of Nicholas.”
  142. Peregrine – this preppy name means “traveler, wanderer,” and “from abroad” in Latin.
  143. Prince – a regal Anglo-Saxon name derived from the Latin “princeps,” meaning “the first one.”
  144. Pulitzer – is of Hungarian origin; this wealthy U.S.-based family name means “from Pullitz.”
  145. Ratcliffe – a well-known British billionaire with a name meaning “red cliff.”
  146. Rockefeller – the famous German Rockefeller family name, means “rye field” and “open country.”
  147. Roosevelt – a celebrated Dutch presidential name meaning “rose field.”
  148. Rothschild – the wealthy Rothschild family name means “to the red shield” in Middle High German.
  149. Salisbury – an established ancestral Old English name meaning “willow settlement.”
  150. Seymour – linked to the Duke of Somerset, this royal Old English name means “marshland near the sea.”
  151. Sloane – a posh London place name that means “raider or warrior.”
  152. Solomon – the one with the fabled gold mines – means “peace.”
  153. Somerset – a succession of Duke’s has ensured this name’s pedigree – means “summer settlement.”
  154. Soros – this controversial Hungarian/American billionaire has a name meaning “designated successor.”
  155. Spencer – Princess Diana was a Spencer before she married royalty – means “steward” or “administrator.”
  156. Stirling – a family name linked to Sterling silver and the Scottish town – means “genuine and pure.”
  157. Tennyson – this British poet laureate has a Middle English name meaning “son of Dennis.”
  158. Thatcher – the surname of U.K.’s “iron lady,” meaning “roof thatcher” in English.
  159. Thornton – an upper-class Old English name meaning “thorn-bush settlement.”
  160. Truman – a presidential surname of Old English origin, meaning “loyal one.”
  161. Ulysses – another presidential name of Greek origin, meaning “wrathful.”
  162. Vanderbilt – a Dutch classic among old money last names, meaning “dweller living by the low hill.”
  163. Waldorf – derived from Old German, meaning “village in the woods,” and relates to the Astor family.
  164. Walton – the Walton family’s British name means “walled town/city of wood.”
  165. Washington – relates to the first U.S. president, meaning “from the town of the Wassa people.”
  166. Wellington – a famous military ruler who defeated Napolean at Waterloo – means “from the wealthy estate.”
  167. Westminster – the seat of the U.K. power, describing the 11th-century church.
  168. Whittington – the famous character name in the fable, meaning “Hwita’s settlement.”
  169. Wilberforce – an outspoken English critic of enslavement – means “ditch” and “fortress.”
  170. Windsor – a classic English name dripping in wealth, meaning “riverbank with a winch.”
  171. Winthrop – one of the early English settlers in the New World, Winthrop means “friend’s village.”
  172. Yale – derived from the Old English “geat,” meaning “gatekeeper.”
  173. Zuckerberg – one of the new rich last names, meaning “sugar mountain” in German/Yiddish.

Rich Last Names FAQs

How Many Rich Last Names Are Former U.S. Presidents?

Many rich last names feature former U.S. presidents like Nixon, Washington, Barak, Jefferson, and Truman. Other popular examples are Ulysses, Roosevelt, and Kennedy.

Which Rich Last Names Are British Aristocracy?

Many rich last names come from British royalty, including Windsor, Westminster, Wellington, Spencer, and Salisbury. Names like Middleton, Mountbatten, Churchill, and Buckingham are all associated with the British elite classes.

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