100 Unique Arabic Boy Names: With Their Meanings

These are the best Arab boy names inspired by rich Middle Eastern culture.

It’s not easy to find a name that can say just how much you love your precious boy. You only get one chance to give him the name he will carry for the rest of his life – no pressure, right?

Our list of 100 Arabic boy names is designed to make the name-choosing process simple for you. Be inspired by our list of the most culturally rich Muslim, Middle Eastern, and Arabic names that just may hold the perfect name for your baby.

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100 Unique Arabic Names for Boys

Here are 100 Arabic names for boys that will warm your heart with their meanings and heritage.


Abbas is a strong name that speaks of the strength and commanding respect of a lion. Lions offer diverse symbolism, including courage, majesty, and justice. If you wish for your son to grow up with the might and regalness of a lion and be the “leader of the pride,” so to speak, calling him Abbas is an excellent choice.

  • Origin: Israeli, Arabic
  • Meaning: Stern, lion
  • Pronunciation: Ab-bas
  • Variations: Ab, Abba, Abbe
  • Namesakes: Abbas, an uncle of Prophet Muhammad, the ancestor of the Abbasid dynasty. Abbas-Mustan, the directing, producing, and writer duo of the two Indians, Abbas Alibhai Burmawalla and Mustan Alibhai Burmawalla.
  • Popularity: As a somewhat popular Arabic boy name, Abbas ranked #1921 in the US in 2020.
Classic, Cool, Strong


Abdullah is a perfect name for a baby boy born into a Muslim family. If serving God and being his humble follower is important in your family, calling your new baby boy Abdullah is a fantastic choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Servant of God
  • Pronunciation: Ab-DUL-lah
  • Variations: Abdalah, Abdalla, Abdulla
  • Namesakes: Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, a Saudi Arabian politician, commander, and Saudi Arabia’s King from 2005-2015.
  • Popularity: Abdullah ranked #802 in the US, making it reasonably popular as of 2020.
Classic, Traditional, Popular


Adam is a beautiful Arabic boy name with modern appeal. Adam is the perfect name choice for parents who believe in being down to earth or humble due to its meaning.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Made from earth
  • Pronunciation: Ahd-um
  • Variations: Adams, Addam, Addams
  • Namesakes: Adam Noah Levine, an American musician, actor, and the lead vocalist of Maroon 5.
  • Popularity: A very popular Arabic boy name, Adam ranked #97 in the US as of 2020.
Classic, Cool, Trendy


Adeel is a unique-sounding name with a modern twist. Adeel refers to all that is just, fair, and virtuous. As such, Adeel is a great name choice for parents who place value on doing what is right and following a path of righteousness.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Justice, fairness, moderateness, virtuousness
  • Pronunciation: A-deel
  • Variations: Adael, Adel, Adiel
  • Namesakes: Adeel Akhtar, a British actor, won a 2017 British Academy Television Award for Best Actor for his role in Murdered by My Father.
  • Popularity: Adeel is a rare Arabic boy name, its last ranking being in 1989 at #2170.
Modern, Cool, Unique


Adeem is a unique and unusual name, making it stand out from the crowd. Adeem is the perfect name choice for baby boys born to parents who believe in the value of respect for the earth’s soil and the blessings it provides.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: From the soil of Earth, rare
  • Pronunciation: Ah-deem
  • Variations: Adheem, Adam
  • Namesakes: Adeem, the first man and father of humankind in Islamic culture. Adeem Younis, an English-Pakistani entrepreneur, humanitarian, and philanthropist known as the founder of Penny Appeal.
  • Popularity: Adeem is a very rare Arabic name in the US and has yet to be ranked.
Traditional, Unusual, Cool


Baghel is a name with great underlying symbolism. The ox has great symbolism in 10 different cultures. In each culture, the same symbolism comes through: dependability, diligence, and prosperity. If these are attributes you wish for your son, Baghel is an excellent name choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Ox, just
  • Pronunciation: BAE-GU-WAHL
  • Variations: Bagel, Baggel
  • Namesakes: Baba Baghel Singh, a military general in Punjab in the 18th century.
  • Popularity: Baghel is a very rare name in the US and has yet to be ranked.
Traditional, Unique, Strong


Baqer is a beautiful Arabic name for a baby boy born to parents who long for their son to desire education, knowledge, and academic advancement.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Man of knowledge
  • Pronunciation: Bah-ker
  • Variations: Baqir, Becker
  • Popularity: Baqer is one of the rarest Arabic boy names worldwide.
Traditional, Unique, Cool


Barakah is the perfect name for little boys born to parents with a deep sense of spirituality and faith. If you feel absolutely blessed by the birth of your son and want him to experience all the blessings that life has to offer, Barakah is a great name choice.

  • Origin: Arabic, Swahili
  • Meaning: Blessed, spiritual
  • Style: Vintage, Classic, Sweet
  • Pronunciation: Ba-rah-Kah
  • Variations: Barakh, Barak, Barach
  • Popularity: Barakah is hailed as one of the unique Arabic names for boys worldwide. Barakah remains a very rare name in the USA as of 2020, with no popularity ranking available.


Bilal is an Arabic boy name that evokes a sense of new beginnings and second chances with its meaning of “freshness.”

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Freshness, moisture
  • Pronunciation: Bi-lal
  • Variations: Billal, Belal, Bilaal
  • Namesakes: Bilal, one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, became the first muezzin (caller to prayer) in Islam.
  • Popularity: Bilal is somewhat popular among Arab boy names as it achieved the 1317th spot in the 2020s most popular names in the US.
Classic, Cool, Popular


The name Burhan is an excellent choice if you’re parents who emphasize the importance of ethics and transparency.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Proof, evidence
  • Pronunciation: Bur-han
  • Variations: Burhaan, Borhan
  • Namesakes: Burhan, the name of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Burhan Genç Koç, a Danish R&B and pop singer, songwriter, and producer.
  • Popularity: Burhan is a very rare name in the USA and was yet to be ranked in 2021.
Traditional, Unique, Cool
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Daniyal is symbolic of wisdom and intelligence. If you want your son to remember to be thoughtful, wise, and level-headed in his approach to life and its challenges, Daniyal is a gorgeous name choice.

  • Origin: Persian, Arabic
  • Meaning: Sage, famous, intelligent
  • Pronunciation: Dan-yal
  • Variations: Daniyel, Danial, Danyal, Daniel
  • Namesakes: Daniyal Mueenuddin, a Pakistani-American author who won The Story Prize in 2009 and the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize in 2010.
  • Popularity: Daniyal is a very rare name as it ranked #3889 in the US as of 2020.
Modern, Unique, Cool


Dawoud is a sweet name due to its underlying meaning. If you want your son to always remember that he is your beloved baby boy, choosing Dawoud as his name is a cute choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Pronunciation: Da-wood
  • Variations: Dawud, Dawood, Daud, Davud, Davoud
  • Namesakes: Dawoud Bey, an American photographer known for his large-scale art and street photography portraits.
  • Popularity: As one of the more traditional Arabic boy names, Dawoud is a very rare name in the US as of 2020 as it has not yet ranked in any of its name popularity lists.
Traditional, Sweet, Unique


Ehsan is a beautiful name for a baby boy because it evokes a sense of a kind person filled with compassion. While naming your son Ehsan cannot guarantee he will have these attributes, his name will serve as the perfect reminder of the values you hoped he would enjoy one day.

  • Origin: Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Kurdish
  • Meaning: Perfection, excellence, benevolence, compassion
  • Pronunciation: Eh-san
  • Variations: Ehsaan, Ehssan, Ihsan
  • Namesakes: Ehsan Daryadel, an Iranian music artist.
  • Popularity: Ehsan is one of the modern yet unusual Islamic names worldwide. In the US, Ehsan is pretty rare.
Modern, Cool, Unique


The name Fadel is indicative of the finer qualities one could want in their son. If you want your son to grow up understanding the value of virtuousness, honorability, and generosity, calling him Fadel will prove to be a true blessing.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Virtuous, generous, excellent, honorable
  • Pronunciation: Fah-del
  • Variations: Fadhel, Fadil, Faydel
  • Namesakes: Fadel Muhammad Alhaddar, an Arab-Indonesian politician and businessman.
  • Popularity: Though a traditional Muslim male name, Fadel is rarely heard in the USA.
Traditional. Unique, Cool


Fadir is a strong name that’s indicative of a father figure or someone to look up to. If you want your son to mature into a well-respected leader, Fadir is a beautiful name choice.

  • Origin: Arabic, German
  • Meaning: Savior, father
  • Pronunciation: Fa-dir
  • Variations: Fader, Faddir
  • Popularity: While Fadir is a well-known Arabian name in the Middle Eastern region, it is a very rare name in the USA as of 2021 with no popularity data in the country.
Traditional. Unique, Cool


Fahad is one of a few Arabic boy names that speak to a person’s ability to be strong, powerful, and agile. Because Fahad indicates powerful cats, it’s a great name choice for parents who want their son to be “kings” on Earth, leading with strength and earning admiration along the way.

  • Origin: Arabic, Persian
  • Meaning: Panther, leopard, wild lion
  • Pronunciation: Fa-had
  • Variations: Fahid, Fahd, Fahaad
  • Namesakes: Fahad Mustafa, a Pakistani actor and producer known for the game show Jeeto Pakistan.
  • Popularity: Fahad is a rare name in the US that ranked #3039 as of 2020.
Modern, Cool, Unique


Faheem is a unique and traditional Arabic boy name perfectly suited to baby boys born to parents who want their son to grow into an intelligent man who practices kindness, understanding of others, and compassion. Feem is a cute nickname you can pair with Faheem.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Understanding, intelligent
  • Pronunciation: Fah-him
  • Variations: Fahim, Fahiem, Faheema
  • Namesakes: Faheem Najm, also known as T-Pain, an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer.
  • Popularity: Faheem is quite a rare name for boys worldwide.
Vintage, Unique, Cute


Faisal is a name with a strong underlying meaning. The symbolism of a sword is protection, courage, strength, and authority. Naming your little boy Faisal will always remind him to be strong and protective while understanding the importance of being decisive when in a leadership role.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Sword, arbitrator, judge, decisive ruler
  • Pronunciation: Fai-sal
  • Variations: Faysal, Feisal
  • Namesakes: Faisal Khan, an Indian dancer, actor, and the winner of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 8.
  • Popularity: While known among Arabic names for boys in Islamic cultures, Faisal is fairly uncommon in the US, ranking #2339 in 2020.
Classic, Cool, Strong


Faiz is a cute Arab boy name with the sentiment of being victorious and overcoming challenges. By calling your son Faiz, you will remind him to aim for greatness and success in everything he does.

  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Bangla
  • Meaning: Winner, successful
  • Pronunciation: Faiz
  • Variations: Fiaz, Fais, Faaiz
  • Popularity: Faiz is a very rare name in the US that has yet to be ranked in any of the country’s popularity lists in 2020.
Vintage, Unique, Strong


Faizan is a beautiful Arabic boy named perfectly suited to baby boys born to parents who believe in leadership without compromising on compassion and kindness. If you want your son to realize the power he could have as a leader without relinquishing important values, calling him Faizan is a great start.

  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu
  • Meaning: Great grace, tremendous benevolence, generous ruler
  • Pronunciation: Fay-zan
  • Variations: Fayzaan, Faydhan, Faizon, Faizaan, Faiza
  • Namesakes: Faizan Khan, a Pakistani cricketer.
  • Popularity: Faizan is a reasonably popular name in England as it ranked #898 in 2019.
Classic, Popular, Trendy
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Calling your baby boy Farhan will be blessing him with hopes and dreams of him growing into a happy and cheerful man. Because Fahran means wisdom, it’s implied that wise choices and thoughtfulness will bring joy and happiness into his life.

  • Origin: Arabic, Persian
  • Meaning: Wisdom, joyous, happy
  • Pronunciation: Far-haan
  • Variations: Farhaan, Ferhan, Farham
  • Namesakes: Farhan Saeed, a Pakistani singer, actor, director, and the owner of the famous Lahore’s Cafe Rock.
  • Popularity: In 2020, Farhan ranked #2283 in the US, making it a rare name.
Vintage, Sweet, Cute


Farid is an excellent name choice for parents who truly believe that their son is one of a kind. If you believe your son is meant for great things and simply cannot be compared to anyone or anything else, Farid is a cute name choice for him.

  • Origin: Indian, Arabic, Persian
  • Meaning: Unique, incomparable, matchless
  • Pronunciation: Fah-REED
  • Variations: Fareed, Farhid, Fahrid, Ferid, Ferit
  • Namesakes: Farid Bang, a German rapper and the owner of the Banger Musik label.
  • Popularity: In the US, Farid is a rare name that ranked #2918 in 2020.
Vintage, Unique, Cool


Fayez is a brilliant name choice if you believe that your son will always win, no matter what he does. Winning doesn’t always mean taking home the gold trophy; winning in life could mean achieving happiness and success in other ways. A very cute nickname that pairs well with Fayez is Yezi.

  • Origin: Arabic, African-American
  • Meaning: One who is always a victor
  • Pronunciation: FE-YehZ, FEY-ehZ
  • Variations: Feyaz, Faiyaz
  • Namesakes: Fayez Mustafa al-Sarraj, a Libyan politician and the Chairman of the Presidential Council.
  • Popularity: While quite a common name in the Muslim cultures, Fayez is quite a very rare name in the US and has yet to be ranked in any of the country’s popularity lists as of 2021.
Traditional, Strong, Cool


Ghassan is a beautiful name choice, especially for parents who believe their handsome little son is the answer to carrying on the family name in his prime.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Youthful, prime, handsome
  • Pronunciation: Ghas-san
  • Variations: Ghasan, Gassan, Ghasaan, Ghassen, Ghazn
  • Namesakes: Ghassan Hasbani, a Lebanese businessman and politician.
  • Popularity: In the US, Ghassan ranked in 1990 at #2378 and has become very rare since then.
Traditional, Sweet, Unique


Ghiath is a strong-sounding name that means savior, which is essentially someone who saves/protects others from danger and defeat. If you hope your son will be by your side, fighting life’s battles with you, calling him Ghiath is a beautiful sentiment.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Sun, savior
  • Pronunciation: Ga-yath
  • Variations: Gyath, Ghyath
  • Namesakes: Ghiath Matar, a Syrian activist known for giving flowers, especially roses, to Daraya soldiers.
  • Popularity: Ghiath is one of the very rare Arabic names for boys, not yet ranked in the US as of 2020.
Traditional, Strong, Unique


Habib is a cute name choice for a baby boy you hope will always be by your side. Parents who see their son as their beloved bundle of joy will find Habib an alluring choice. A cute nickname that works with Habib is Habi.

  • Origin: Arabic, Jewish
  • Meaning: Beloved one, friend
  • Pronunciation: Ha-bib
  • Variations: Habeeb, Habibi, Habebi
  • Namesakes: Habib Omar bin Hafiz, a Sunni scholar, teacher, founder, and Dar al-Mustafa seminary’s dean from Yemeni.
  • Popularity: Habib is a rare Arabic boy name that ranked #2256 in the US in 2019.
Classic, Unique, Cool


The world needs more genuine leaders and guides and if you hope that your son will mature into someone who is always willing to learn and share his knowledge and wisdom, calling him Hadi is a good choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Leader, rightly guide, teacher
  • Pronunciation: Ha-di
  • Variations: Haadi, Hadii, Haddi
  • Namesakes: Hadi Saei, an Iranian taekwondo athlete who won nine world-class titles, becoming the most titled champion.
  • Popularity: Hadi is somewhat climbing the popularity ranks in the US, ranking #1562 in 2020.
Classic, Cool, Popular


Hafeez is a beautiful name to give to a baby boy who you hope will grow up to defend and protect his loved ones. Parents who value strong family bonds and togetherness will find Hafeez a lovely name choice.

  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Persian
  • Meaning: Custodian, protector
  • Pronunciation: Ha-feez
  • Variations: Hafiz, Hafiez, Hapheez, Haphiz, Hafidh
  • Namesakes: Hafeez Sorab Contractor, the Indian architect behind India’s three tallest buildings.
  • Popularity: Hafeez is a very rare name that has yet to be ranked in the US (2021).
Traditional, Unusual, Cool


Parents who dream of their baby boy growing up to be as loyal, brave, and powerful as a lion will find the name Haider an excellent choice. Haider is symbolic of justice, majesty, and courage – all of which are beautiful attributes to wish for your son to be born with.

  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu
  • Meaning: Lion, brave
  • Pronunciation: Hai-der
  • Variations: Heider, Haidar, Haydar, Hyder
  • Namesakes: Haider Ackermann, a Colombian-descended French designer of Parisian ready-to-wear fashion.
  • Popularity: Haider is recognized among Arab boy names for making it to the world of famous names. Haider ranked #2925 in the US in 2020, making it a rare but recognizable name.
Vintage, Strong, Cool


Hakim is a cute Arabic boy name, perfectly suited to the son of parents who deem leadership, education, and wise choices as worthy priorities in life. Calling your son Hakim will remind him of your family values and to keep them close to his heart.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Wise, scholar, healer, ruler
  • Pronunciation: Hah-KEEM
  • Variations: Hakkim, Hakimu, Hakeem, Hakiem
  • Namesakes: Hakim Ziyech, a football player for the Premier League club Chelsea and the national team of Morocco.
  • Popularity: Ranking #2745 in its most popular names in 2018, Hakim is a rare but known name in the US.
Traditional, Cool, Sweet
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The name Ibrahim has a somewhat contradicting meaning: intimate friend and father of nations. Parents who understand the value of being a powerful leader who can still be close and share with loved ones will find Ibrahim a strong name choice for their son.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Father of nations, an intimate friend
  • Pronunciation: Ee-brah-him
  • Variations: Abraham, Ibraheem, Ebraheem
  • Namesakes: İbrahim Çelikkol, a Turkish actor and former basketball player for Turkey’s under-20 team.
  • Popularity: Ibrahim broke records among Arabic boy names when it became a popular name in the US, snatching 450th place in its popularity list in 2020.
Classic, Cool, Popular


Idrees is an unusual name that’s a good pick for parents who are well-studied academics and who wish the same for their baby boy. Remind your son of the importance of always being willing to learn by naming him Ibrahim.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Studious, smart, teacher
  • Pronunciation: Id-riss
  • Variations: Idris, Idreesa, Idreesi
  • Namesakes: Idrees Bashir, a former American football player for the National Football League.
  • Popularity: Idrees is a rare name in the US, ranking #2354 in 2020’s popularity list.
Traditional, Unique, Cool


If name meanings are important to you, Imran is a beautiful name choice for your son. Imran is the name of a man who is strong, prosperous, and happy. If these are the very things you want for your son, choosing Imran as his name is a gorgeous choice. Immy is a cute nickname to use with Imran.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Strength, prosperity, happiness
  • Pronunciation: Em-raan
  • Variations: Imraan, Imaran, Imrann
  • Namesakes: Imran Abbas, a Pakistani actor, singer, producer, and model known for Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan and Khuda Aur Muhabbat.
  • Popularity: Imran’s popularity spread beyond the Middles Eastern region and Muslim culture. Imran is very popular in France, ranking #59 there in 2020.
Classic, Strong, Trendy


Iqbal is a traditional and strong-sounding Arabic name that has a sweet element to it. Parents who believe the birth of their son has brought blessings and prosperity into their lives may love to call him Iqbal.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Fortunate, prosperous, blessed
  • Pronunciation: Ik-bal
  • Variations: Iqbaal, Eqbal, Ikbal, Eghbal
  • Namesakes: Iqbal Ramadhan, known as Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Ramadhan, an Indonesian actor and singer.
  • Popularity: Iqbal’s popularity has yet to spread influence beyond Islamic tradition. As of 2021, Iqbal is a very rare name globally.
Vintage, Traditional, Sweet


Ismail is a meaningful name for families with deep faith. Parents who believe the conception and birth of their son is a sign that God has heard them and is answering their prayers will find the name Ismail quite fitting for their new bundle of joy.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Heard by God
  • Pronunciation: Is-mail
  • Variations: Ishmael, Ismael, Ysmail
  • Namesakes: Ismail, a son of Abraham’s wife Hagar according to Islam. İsmail Demirci, a Turkish actor.
  • Popularity: In 2020, Ismail ranked #1300 in the US Boy Names Popularity List.
Classic, Cool, Popular


Streams, brooks, and creeks are all depictions of water which is symbolic of change and flow. If the birth of your son is activating great change in your life, calling him Jafar is an excellent choice. Jafar is also a sweet name choice for families who believe in the blessings of nature and the outdoors.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Small stream, brook, creek
  • Pronunciation: Ja-far
  • Variations: Jaffar, Jaafar, Jafer, Jafur, Gafar
  • Namesakes: Jafar ibn Abi Talib, Prophet Muhammad’s cousin. Jafar, a character in a Walt Disney movie called Aladdin.
  • Popularity: Jafar is a rare name for boys that last ranked in 2014 at #2813.
Traditional, Sweet, Cool


To be great and express grandeur with dignity is an admirable feat nowadays. Jalal, which is a name that stands for exactly that, is perfectly suited to parents who hope that their son rises to greatness in life without losing sight of his values.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Greatness, dignity, grandeur
  • Pronunciation: Ja-lal
  • Variations: Jalil, Jaliyl, Jallal
  • Namesakes: Jalal Merhi, a Brazilian-born Canadian producer recognized worldwide for directing and producing award-winning action films.
  • Popularity: A rare name in the USA, Jalal ranked #2896 in 2014 and has become even rarer since.
Modern, Cool, Unique


Jaleel is the perfect name for parents who believe their son is meant for greatness. Powerful and respectful leadership, whether in the family or the world, is something deeply meaningful to wish for your son. Calling him Jaleel will always remind him of these sentiments.

  • Origin: Arabic, Swahili
  • Meaning: Noble, great, revered
  • Pronunciation: JAH-leel
  • Variations: Jahleel, Jeleel, Jaleal, Galal, Jalil
  • Namesakes: Jaleel Ahmad White, an American actor known as Steve Urkel in Family Matters.
  • Popularity: Jaleel was quite popular in 1994 when it hit #635 among popular boy names in the US. In 2020, Jaleel was a bit less popular, ranking #1874.
Classic, Strong, Cool


Jamal is a gorgeous Arabic boy name that speaks of a man who is handsome and graceful. Parents who believe their baby boy is beautiful in every way may find Jamal a good choice for their son.

  • Origin: Arabic, Filipino
  • Meaning: Handsomeness, beauty, grace
  • Pronunciation: Ja-MAL
  • Variations: Jahmall, Jamaal, Jamahl
  • Namesakes: Jamal Murray, a Canadian basketball player for the NBA team, Denver Nuggets.
  • Popularity: Jamal became a pretty popular name in the USA, ranking #879 in 2020 but with a peak of #237 in 1988.
Classic, Cool, Popular


Jawad is an unusual-sounding name that denotes a man of merciful and generous character. Because Jawad also means to be magnanimous, it’s the perfect name choice for parents who want their son to always remember to be kind and compassionate to rivals and those weaker than himself – that’s true strength of character.

  • Origin: Arabic, Persian
  • Meaning: Generous, magnanimous, merciful
  • Pronunciation: Jah-waad
  • Variations: Jawaad, Jawwad
  • Namesakes: Jawad Hason Williams, an American basketball player for Levanga Hokkaido of the Japanese Basketball League.
  • Popularity: Jawad ranked #1820 in the US, making it somewhat popular.
Classic, Traditional, Popular
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Kamal is a gorgeous Arabic boy name, especially for families who believe each member of their unit should place integrity and excellence above all else. If you believe your son is already true perfection at birth and want him to share the same family values with you, calling him Kamal makes perfect sense.

  • Origin: Arabic, Indian
  • Meaning: Excellence, perfection, integrity
  • Pronunciation: Ka-MAL, Kam-AL
  • Variations: Kameel, Kamil
  • Namesakes: Kamal Haasan, an actor, dancer, director, producer, singer, and politician from India.
  • Popularity: Kamal is a common Muslim name for boys in the Arab world. But, it is also a rare yet known name in the US as it ranked #2591 there in 2020.
Traditional, Cool, Unique


The name Kareem depicts someone who is kind and giving to others. If these are values that your family prioritizes and want your baby boy to be aware of, calling your son Kareem is a cute choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Nobleman, generous, giving
  • Pronunciation: Kah-REEM, KUH-reem
  • Variations: Karam, Karim, Kharim
  • Namesakes: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, an American basketball player who played 20 seasons in the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and the LA Lakers.
  • Popularity: Kareem is a pretty popular Arabic name ranked in the Global List of Most Popular Names at #642 in 2020.
Modern, Cool, Popular


Kashif is the perfect name for baby boys born to parents who want their son to live a life of adventure. If experiencing new things and being courageous enough to get out of your comfort zone to find new adventures is important to you, calling your son Kashif is a beautiful choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Discoverer, pioneer, explorer
  • Pronunciation: Kah-sheef
  • Variations: Kaashif, Kasif, Kashef, Kashiff, Kashf
  • Namesakes: Kashif Nisar, a Pakistani director, producer, and screenwriter.
  • Popularity: Kashif is a very rare name, even in the Arabian world. It has yet to rank in any popularity list as of 2020.
Traditional, Unique, Cool


Khaled is a strong-sounding name with the pretty cool meaning of eternal. If you’re looking for a name that is not trendy but is well known enough for others to be able to say and spell it, this is an interesting choice. Khaled may also speak of the ongoing happiness of your family after your son’s arrival, making it deeply meaningful.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Eternal, endless, immortal
  • Pronunciation: Kha-led
  • Variations: Khalid, Kaled, Khaleed, Khalida
  • Namesakes: DJ Khaled, an American DJ, record executive, and producer known for partnering with world-famous artists.
  • Popularity: Khaled is a somewhat popular Islamic name that ranked #1515 in the US in 2020.
Modern, Cool, Popular


Layth is a beautifully unique name often chosen by parents who want their son to have the strength, courage, and bravery of a lion. If you envision your baby boy becoming a strong leader in your family and community, calling him Layth will always remind him of that.

  • Origin: Arabic, Scottish Gaelic
  • Meaning: Courageous lion, strong, brave
  • Pronunciation: Lay-th
  • Variations: Laythe, Leyth, Lyth, Leith
  • Namesakes: Layth Sidiq, a violinist, composer, and educator who, at the height of his career, performed with Simon Shaheen, Danilo Perez, Javier Limon, Jack Dejohnette, and Tigran Hamasyan.
  • Popularity: Layth is a somewhat popular name that ranked #1997 in the US in 2019.
Modern, Cool, Popular


Luqman is the perfect name for baby boys born into families that value their men being strong protectors who use their strength with wisdom and intelligence.

  • Origin: Islamic, Arabic
  • Meaning: Shield, protector, wise, intelligent
  • Pronunciation: Luk-man
  • Variations: Luqmaan, Louqman, Lukhman, Lukman, Lucman
  • Namesakes: Luqman Shamsudin, a Malaysian football player for Belgian club Kortrijk and the national team of Malaysia.
  • Popularity: Luqman is an uncommon boy name that ranked #2750 in the US in 2020.
Traditional, Unique, Cool


Mahdi is a cute name that depicts a man that is rightly guided. If you wish that your son be guided in the right direction to make good choices in life, calling him Mahdi is an excellent choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: The rightly guided one
  • Pronunciation: Mah-dee
  • Variations: Mehdi
  • Namesakes: Sayed Mahdi al-Modarresi, an Iraqi-Australian scholar, author, and orator best known for his efforts to create strong ties between Muslim and other faiths.
  • Popularity: Mahdi’s popularity goes beyond the borders of Arabic names for boys. Mahdi is a pretty popular name in England as it ranked #690 in 2019.
Classic, Cool, Popular


Mahmud is a name that evokes a sense of respect for someone. If you believe that your son will grow into a man who is worthy of praise and commendation, calling him Mahmud is a sign of your belief in that.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Praiseworthy, commendable
  • Pronunciation: Mah-mud
  • Variations: Mahmood, Mahmoud, Mehmood
  • Namesakes: Mahmud Anjum Asrar, a Turkish comic book artist known for his award-winning comic books.
  • Popularity: Mahmud is a rare name for boys that last ranked in 2016 at #2800.
Modern, Unique, Cool


Majid is a name well-suited to baby boys with parents who believe he is the most magnificent thing to ever happen to them. If you feel that the birth of your son is a noble experience worthy of glory, Majid may be just the name for him.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Noble, magnificent, glorious
  • Pronunciation: Ma-jid
  • Variations: Majed, Majeed
  • Namesakes: Majid Jordan, the Canadian R&B duo of Majid Al Maskati, and A Place Like This.
  • Popularity: Majid has been very rare in the USA with its last ranking in 1997 at #2456.
Vintage, Unique, Strong


Malik is an exceptional name for a baby boy, simply because of its easy-on-the-ear sound and deeper meaning. If you have a new baby boy in your life and you want him to know that to be a leader, he must acquire the same values as a powerful ruler, calling him Malik will be a great reminder of that.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hindu
  • Meaning: Lord, ruler, chief, king
  • Pronunciation: Mah-leek
  • Variations: Maleek, Maleeq, Malek, Malyk
  • Namesakes: Abdul-Malik Kashie Yoba, an American actor and singer known as NYPD Detective Williams on Undercover and Yul Brenner in Cool Runnings.
  • Popularity: Malik is a famous Arabic name for boys as it ranked #374 in the US in 2020.
Vintage, Cool, Popular
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Mansour is a traditional Arabic boy name that’s ideal for parents who believe their son will be victorious in all his endeavors in life. If you plan to teach your son the life skills required to always overcome life’s challenges, calling him Mansour is an excellent choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Victorious one
  • Pronunciation: Ma-nsour, MAHN-sur
  • Variations: Mansoor, Mansur, Mounsor, Monsur
  • Popularity: While Mansour is one of the better-known Arab boy names beyond the Muslim culture, it is a rare name in the USA.
Traditional, Unique


Marwan is a name that speaks of deep strength and potent leadership. Raising a son who is steadfast, anchored as a solid stone, and respected enough to lead is no small feat, but if that’s what you plan to do, calling your new baby boy Marwan is perfectly suited.

  • Origin: Arabic, Kurdish
  • Meaning: Solid stone, powerful leader
  • Pronunciation: Mar-wan
  • Variations: Marwaan, Marawan, Maruan, Merouane
  • Namesakes: Marwan Kenzari, a Dutch actor known as Jafar in the Walt Disney Pictures’ Aladdin.
  • Popularity: Marwan is quite a rare name for boys that ranked #2988 in the US in 2020.
Vintage, Traditional, Unique


Mohammed is a deeply respected name in the Muslim culture and, as such, is perfectly suited to any new baby boy. Mohammed depicts a boy who grows into a man worth praising. If this is the type of man you pray your son grows into, calling him Mohammed is a fine choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Commendable, praiseworthy
  • Pronunciation: Mo-hammed
  • Variations: Mohamed, Mohammad, Muhammad
  • Namesakes: Mohamed Sanu Sr., an American football player for the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL.
  • Popularity: In the US in 2020, Mohammed ranked as the 635th most popular name there, becoming pretty popular among Americans.
Traditional, Cool, Popular


Mohsin is the perfect name for the son of parents who value humanitarian and charity work or simply believe in helping others when the opportunity arises. If you pray for your son to value compassionate power, strength, and helping others as much as you do, calling him Mohsin is a beautiful name choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Powerful, strong, helper, humanitarian
  • Pronunciation: Moh-sin
  • Variations: Mosin, Mohssin, Mohseen, Muhsin, Mehsin
  • Namesakes: Mohsin Khan, an Indian actor.
  • Popularity: Mohsin is yet one of the under-discovered Arabic names for boys. In 2018, Mohsin ranked #6946 in the US, making it a very rare name there.
Modern, Unique, Sweet


Mounir depicts luminosity, which is symbolic of being smart or intellectual. If you feel that your son will bring heaps of love and light into your life along with all things good and pure, calling him Mounir is a meaningful name choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Shining, bright, luminous
  • Pronunciation: Mou-nir
  • Variations: Muneer, Munir
  • Namesakes: Mounir “The Sniper” Lazzez, a Tunisian mixed martial artist in the UFC welterweight division.
  • Popularity: As of 2020, Mounir is a very rare name, ranking at #25229 in the US.
Modern, Cool, Unique


Mustafa is a good name choice for parents who believe that the conception and birth of the son is meant to be. If you know in your heart that your beautiful baby boy was specifically chosen to enter your life, calling him Mustafa is nothing short of gorgeous.

  • Origin: Arabic, Egyptian
  • Meaning: Chosen, selected, appointed, pure
  • Pronunciation: Mu-sta-fa
  • Variations: Mustapha
  • Namesakes: Mustafa, one of the Prophet Muhammad’s 99 names. Mustafa Shakir, an American actor known as Bushmaster in Marvel’s Luke Cage.
  • Popularity: Muhammed is somewhat popular, ranking #1029 in the US in 2020.
Classic, Cool, Popular


Nabeel is a fantastic name choice for little boys who uphold family values, offer kindness when the opportunity arises, and are distinguished for their strength of character. If you wish your son grows up to respect and admire these very attributes, calling him Nabeel is fitting.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Noble, magnanimous, distinguished
  • Pronunciation: Na-beel
  • Variations: Nabil, Nebeel, Nabel
  • Namesakes: Nabeel Abbas Lafta, an Iraqi football player for Naft Al-Wasat in the Iraqi Premier League.
  • Popularity: Nabeel is a very rare name for boys that ranked #4092 in the US in 2020.
Modern, Unique, Cool


For parents hopeful of finding a life-long friend and companion in their son, the name Nadeem may stand out. Nadeem is a sweet-sounding name with an even sweeter nickname: Nadi.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Companion, confidant, friend
  • Pronunciation: Na-deem
  • Variations: Nadim, Nedim
  • Namesakes: Nadeem Malik, a Pakistani journalist and President of the Samaa TV.
  • Popularity: While Nadeem is quite common among Middle Eastern communities and Islamic cultures, it last ranked in the US in 2004 at #2976.
Vintage, Sweet, Cute


Naeem is a beautiful Arabic boy’s name that provides the essence of calmness and serenity. If you feel a sense of comfort and are at ease now that your baby boy is ready to join you in life, naming him Naeem is an excellent choice.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: At ease, comfortable, tranquil
  • Pronunciation: Naeem
  • Variations: Na’im, Nayeem, Naieem, Naem, Naeen
  • Namesakes: Naeem Khan, an Indian-American fashion designer known for dressing the USA’s First Lady Michelle Obama.
  • Popularity: Naeem is a rare boy name ranked #2785 in the US as of 2020.
Vintage, Unique, Cool


Najib is a traditional Muslim name that historically suits a male of noble or highborn status. If you wish for your baby boy to always remember his roots and his family, regardless of where life takes him, calling him Najib is a sweet choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Distinguished, highborn, noble, excellent
  • Pronunciation: Nah-jib
  • Variations: Najiib, Najeeb, Najjib
  • Namesakes: Najib Azmi Mikati, a Lebanese politician and businessman who served as the country’s PM since 2021.
  • Popularity: Najib has been a very rare boy name since its last ranking in 2007 at #2474.
Traditional, Unique, Strong
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Naseem is a trendy boy’s name that, due to its underlying meaning, is symbolic of something pleasant and easy-going. If you feel in your heart that your son’s inclusion in your life will be a breeze, calling him Naseem is a beautiful gesture.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Breeze
  • Pronunciation: Nah-sim
  • Variations: Nacim, Nasseem, Neseem, Nassim
  • Namesakes: Prince Naseem, a British boxer who competed from 1992 to 2002.
  • Popularity: Naseem is more commonly used in Arabian and Muslim countries and is quite a rare name for boys in the US, ranking #2847 in 2020.
Modern, Cool, Unique


Odai is an Arabic boy’s name with a beautiful meaning: sunrise. Sunrises are symbolic of hope, new beginnings, second chances, and personal growth. If you believe that your son will bring all of these things into your life, Odai is a brilliant name choice for him.

  • Origin: Arabic, Sanskrit
  • Meaning: Sunrise, just
  • Pronunciation: O-daii
  • Variations: Oday, Ohdia, Odae, Uday
  • Namesakes: Odai Yusuf Ismaeel Al-Saify, a Jordanian football player from Palestine who plays for Al-Nasr and the national team of Jordan.
  • Popularity: In the US, Odai is a unique name.
Vintage, Unique, Cool


Omar is the name to give to your son if you pray for him to lead a long life filled with prosperity and personal growth. For families who emphasize living a good and wholesome life, Omar is a great choice.

  • Origin: Arabic, Semitic
  • Meaning: Prosperous, flourishing, long-lived
  • Pronunciation: Oh-mar
  • Variations: Omarr, Omer, Umar, Umer
  • Namesakes: Omar Sy, a French actor known for his sketches with Fred Testot on Canal+.
  • Popularity: Omar is among the most popular Arabic boy names that have become popular abroad. In the US, Omar is a popular boy name ranked #254 as of 2020.
Classic, Cool, Popular


To have a son who grows into a wise and intuitive man who is powerful and astute is a dream for many parents. If you want your son to hold these sentiments close to his heart, name him Othman so that he has a lifelong reminder.

  • Origin: Arabic, Persian, German
  • Meaning: Wise, powerful, intuitive
  • Pronunciation: O-th-man
  • Variations: Uthman, Othmane, Osman
  • Namesakes: Othman Benjelloun, a billionaire businessman from Morocco and co-founder of BMCE Bank and Bank of Africa.
  • Popularity: Othman is a very rare name choice that ranked #8875 in the US in 2020.
Traditional, Unique, Strong


To have a son with the characteristics of a little wolf is a true blessing. If you hope and dream that your baby boy will be loyal, value family ties, and be fiercely protective while being a lifelong companion to you, Owais is the perfect name choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Companion, little wolf, fearless, experienced
  • Pronunciation: Ou-wa-iz
  • Variations: Awais, Owaiz, Uwais
  • Namesakes: Owais Alam Shah, a Pakistani-born English cricket player.
  • Popularity: Owais was a popular name in England in 2016, ranking #830 but has fallen right off the popularity charts ever since.
Traditional, Classic, Cool


If you believe that the men in your family should be leaders, capable and competent of many things, choosing the name Qadir for your new baby boy is an excellent choice. Qadir exudes strength, power, and reliability.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Full of power, capable, competent
  • Pronunciation: Qa-dir
  • Variations: Qadar, Qadry, Qadeer, Ghader, Kader
  • Namesakes: Qadir Patel, a Pakistani politician in the Pakistan Peoples Party.
  • Popularity: In the US, Qadir last ranked in their popularity list in 2020 at #3824, making it a fairly rare name.
Traditional, Strong, Cool


Qasim is a beautiful name chosen by parents who have faith in the generosity and kindness of others. If you pray for your baby boy to share what he has and be giving to others, choosing Qasim as his name is a beautiful choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: One who distributes, sharer, generous
  • Pronunciation: Kah-sim
  • Variations: Qazeem, Qasem, Quazeem, Kasim, Kaseem
  • Namesakes: Qasim, the son of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.
  • Popularity: Qasim’s popularity is distinct from other Arab boy names. Its appeal spread to Europe, most especially in England, where it ranked #888 in 2019.
Classic, Cool, Sweet


Rabi is a name with a sweet meaning. If you believe your son is a gentle breeze in your life, reminiscent of the new beginnings and feelings of hope that comes along with spring, then naming him Rabi is an excellent option. Of course, more directly translated, it’s a great name for a baby boy born in the springtime.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Springtime, gentle wind
  • Pronunciation: Ra-bi, RAB-i
  • Variations: Rabbi, Rabee
  • Namesakes: Rabi Ghosh, an Indian actor known in Bengali cinema, famous for his role as Haridas in the movie Shriman Prithviraaj. 
  • Popularity: Rabi is a very rare name for boys that ranked #10584 in the US as of 2020.
Modern, Unique, Cool


Rahim is a strong, easy-to-say name that encourages the important value of compassion. It’s a beautiful sentiment for your son to carry with him throughout his life.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Compassionate, merciful
  • Pronunciation: Ra-him
  • Variations: Raheem, Rahiem
  • Namesakes: Rahim, one of the 99 names of Allah in Islam. Rahim Fazal, a Canadian entrepreneur, known for co-founding Involver, Inc.
  • Popularity: Rahim is a rare name, ranking #3281 in the US in 2020.
Traditional, Strong, Unique


Rami is a beautiful name for a baby boy, perfectly chosen by parents who want the world to know just how much they believe in their son’s ability to achieve and show great affection for the ones he loves.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Good marksman, ambitious, loving
  • Pronunciation: RAH-mee
  • Variations: Ramey, Ramy
  • Namesakes: Rami Said Malek, an American actor known as Elliot Alderson in the TV series Mr. Robot.
  • Popularity: Ramis is one of the most popular Arabic names for boys that has achieved worldwide usage. Rami was somewhat popular in the USA, ranking #1347 there in 2020.
Modern, Cool, Popular
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Rasheed is an excellent name choice for parents who place value on making wise decisions with the wisdom and guidance that come from others. Naming your son Rasheed will remind him to act prudently while making mindful decisions.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Wise, prudent, rightly guided
  • Pronunciation: Rah-sheed
  • Variations: Rasheid, Rasheyd, Rashid, Raashid
  • Namesakes: Rasheed Abdul Wallace, an American former professional basketball player and coach of the Memphis Tigers.
  • Popularity: Rasheed is a rare name in the US that ranked #3503 in 2020.
Traditional, Unique, Cool


Rayan is a name that exudes opulence and luxury. If you wish for your son to enjoy all the good things in life and more, calling him Rayan will be a reminder of such. A cute nickname you can pair with Rayan is Ray.

  • Origin: Spanish, Arabic, Persian
  • Meaning: Fresh, luxuriant, plentiful, paradise-like
  • Pronunciation: Rei-yan
  • Variations: Rayyan, Reyan, Raiyan, Rayhan
  • Namesakes: Rayan Aït-Nouri, a French football player for Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers.
  • Popularity: Rayan is quite a popular name for boys that ranked #27 in Belgium, #49 in France, and #67 in Switzerland in 2020.
Classic, Sweet, Popular


Saad is a cute Arabic boy name that speaks of a life well lived due to being fortunate. If you hope for your son to savor true happiness and prosperity and also believe that you are lucky to have him, calling your baby boy Saad is a brilliant choice.

  • Origin: Arabic, Egyptian Arabic
  • Meaning: Happiness, prosperity, success, good luck
  • Pronunciation: Saad
  • Variations: Saeed, Said
  • Namesakes: Saad Lamjarred, a Moroccan pop singer-songwriter famous for breaking YouTube audience records, a significant figure in Amazigh and Arabic pop, and the first singer to popularize Moroccan pop.
  • Popularity: Saad is a pretty popular boy name that ranked #691 in England back in 2019.
Traditional, Sweet, Popular


Parents who value wholesomeness, peace, tranquility, and always doing the right thing will find the name Salah an alluring choice for their little bundle of joy. Calling your son Salah will be a true blessing, especially if he’s taught the deeper underlying meaning.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Righteousness, goodness, peace
  • Pronunciation: Sah-lah
  • Variations: Saleh, Salaah
  • Namesakes: Salah Mejri, a Tunisian basketball player for Al-Ja who represented the senior Tunisian national team.
  • Popularity: In England, Salah ranked #968 in the country’s popularity list in 2019, making it quite a popular choice.
Classic, Cool, Popular


Saladin is a beautiful baby boy’s name, especially for parents with deep religious beliefs and faith. The name indicates a family that values peace as a result of faith and always choosing the path of righteousness. If you value these sentiments and want your son to be reminded of such, calling him Saladin will be a true blessing.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Righteousness, peace through faith
  • Pronunciation: SAL-uh-din, SAL-uh-deen
  • Variations: Saladeen, Saledin, Saladean
  • Namesakes: Saladin Ahmed, an award-winning American comic book, fantasy, and science fiction writer famous for his 2012 Throne of the Crescent Moon.
  • Popularity: Saladin is a rare name in the USA, last ranking in 1966 at #1558.
Traditional, Unusual, Strong


Saleem is a beautiful and traditional-sounding Arabic boy name that provides an essence of perfection and honesty. If you hope and dream for your son to follow the path of righteousness, choosing Saleem as his name is absolutely perfect.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: True, perfect, righteous
  • Pronunciation: Sah-leem
  • Variations: Salaam, Saliem, Salim, Salem, Selim
  • Namesakes: Salaam Remi Gibbs, an American record producer known for his association with Nas, Amy Winehouse, and his reggae-tinged production approach.
  • Popularity: As of 2020, Saleem is a rare name choice in the US, ranking at #2655.
Modern, Unique, Cool


If family is important to you and you want your son to grow up with the same values while providing a place of security, peace, and protection for those he loves, Salman is a fitting name choice. A cute nickname to pair with Salman is Sal.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Protector, safe, secure, peace
  • Pronunciation: Sal-man
  • Variations: Salmam, Salmaan
  • Namesakes: Salman, a companion of Prophet Muhammad.
  • Popularity: Salman is a pretty popular Arabic name for boys that ranked #720 in England in 2019.
Traditional, Classic, Popular


Sami is a cool name with a modern appeal. The name doesn’t sound traditionally Arabic and is associated with all things sublime. It’s also easy to say and spell in many cultures.

  • Origin: Arabic, Turkish, Aramaic
  • Meaning: Elevated, sublime, lofty
  • Pronunciation: SAH-mee
  • Variations: Sammi, Sammie, Sammy
  • Popularity: Sami is a popular choice in England as it ranked #321 in 2019.
Classic, Cool, Popular


If you’re looking for a name that stands out from the crowd, choosing Taher is a good choice. Taher is a unique name that is indicative of purity and innocence, two attributes babies are born.

  • Origin: Arabic, Islamic, Persian
  • Meaning: Purity, cleanliness, innocence
  • Pronunciation: Ty-here
  • Variations: Tahir, Taaher, Taheer, Tahar
  • Namesakes: Taher Mohamed, an Egyptian football player for Egyptian club Al Ahly and the Egypt national team as a Winger.
  • Popularity: Taher is a very rare name for boys as it ranked #5456 in the US in 2020.
Traditional, Unusual, Sweet


Because of the meaning of Tahsin, it is a fitting name for parents who believe that their son’s birth will bring great improvements and enhancements to their life. If you already adore your son and look forward to just how enriched your life will be with him around, Tahsin may be a great choice.

  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu
  • Meaning: Improve, enhance, enrich, adore
  • Pronunciation: Tah-sin
  • Variations: Tashin, Tahseem, Tahsene, Tahsyne
  • Namesakes: Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu, a Turkish Cypriot politician who served in the Assembly of the Republic representing the Lefkoşa District.
  • Popularity: Tahsin is an uncommon name in the US.
Modern, Unique, Cool
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Families that believe in being humble, kind, approachable, and sensitive might find the name Talal an excellent pick for their newest addition. If you want your baby boy to always be reminded that being nice is an admirable trait, calling him Talal is a beautiful way to do that.

  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu
  • Meaning: Nice, admirable, agreeable
  • Pronunciation: TA-lal, TAL-al
  • Variations: Talaal, Talel
  • Namesakes: Talal Asad, a cultural anthropologist from Saudi Arabia.
  • Popularity: Talal last ranked on the US charts in 2018 at #2857, making it an uncommon choice.
Modern, Unique, Sweet


Tareq is a name that makes you think of the start of new things. The morning star is symbolic of hope and guidance in many different cultures. If your new baby boy is your hope and you pray for guidance with raising him, calling him Tareq is a cute choice.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Morning star, evening caller, visitor
  • Pronunciation: Ta-req
  • Variations: Tariq, Tarek, Tarik
  • Namesakes: Tareq Dirgham Salahi, an American vintner, winery owner, travel/tourism expert, and TV personality known for appearing in Where the Elite Meet and NBC Universal/Bravo’s The Real Housewives of D.C.
  • Popularity: Tareq is a very rare name in the US that ranked at #22107 in 2020.
Vintage, Cool, Unique


If you are parents who are excited by all the opportunities that await your beautiful baby boy in life, calling him Tawfiq is an excellent choice. Tawfiq, which implies fortune and success, is the perfect name for a baby boy destined for great things.

  • Origin: Arabic, Turkish
  • Meaning: Successful, fortunate, destined for opportunities
  • Pronunciation: Taw-fek
  • Variations: Tawfik, Tewfik, Tawfeeq, Taoufic
  • Namesakes: Tawfiq al-Hakim, an Egyptian writer, visionary, and an Arabic novel and drama pioneer.
  • Popularity: Tawfiq is a very rare name in the US and currently does not rank on baby name lists.
Vintage, Cool, Unique


Umair is the perfect combination of popular and unique, with a beautiful underlying meaning. Calling your baby boy Umair will provide him with insight into just how much faith and belief you have in him making intelligent decisions in life.

  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu
  • Meaning: Intelligent, long-lived
  • Pronunciation: U-mayr
  • Variations: Omair, Umeir
  • Namesakes: Umair Haque, a director known for directing Havas Media Lab.
  • Popularity: In England, Umair is a reasonably popular name that ranked at #1000 back in 2019.
Traditional, Cool, Popular


What could be better than instilling wholesome values in your child from a young age? Values attached to Wafi include being reliable, faithful, loyal, and trustworthy. If these are values at the core of your family, it seems fitting to name your son Wafi.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Reliable, faithful, trustworthy, loyal
  • Pronunciation: Wa-fee
  • Variations: Wafe, Wafiy
  • Namesakes: Muhammad Wafi bin Aminuddin, a football player from Brunei who plays for DPMM FC.
  • Popularity: Wafi is a very rare name for boys, not currently ranking on baby names lists.
Traditional, Unique, Cool


  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Hindi
  • Meaning: Newborn child, youthfulness, tenderness
  • Pronunciation: Wa-leed
  • Variations: Waleeed, Walleed, Walid, Oualid, Velid
  • Namesakes: Waleed Zuaiter, an Arab-American actor and producer famous for his role in the 2013 movie called Omar. 
  • Popularity: Waleed is quite a rare boy name that ranked #2963 in the US in 2020.
  • Description: Waleed is a gorgeous name for a baby boy as it exudes all things related to birth and youthfulness. If you feel tenderness at the mere sight of your newborn baby boy, calling him Waleed will always remind him how you feel about him.
Classic, Cool, Unique


If you believe that boys should be fearless, quick thinkers who are protective of the ones they love and can make wise decisions, Waqas is a great choice for your son! Show your son what sentiments you hold true to your heart by calling him Waqas.

  • Origin: Arabic, Latin
  • Meaning: Brave warrior, sharp-minded, wise
  • Pronunciation: WA-kas, WAK-as
  • Variations: Wagas, Waqqas
  • Namesakes: Waqas Ahmed, the founder of the DaVinci Network and author of The Polymath (Wiley 2019).
  • Popularity: Waqas is a very rare name that currently does not rank on popular baby names lists.
Classic, Unique, Strong


Yahya is the name for a baby boy born to parents who emphasize being gracious and merciful to all people and beings. If raising a gentle, compassionate son is a priority for you, calling him Yahya is an excellent start.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic
  • Meaning: Gracious, merciful
  • Pronunciation: Yah-yah
  • Variations: Yahye, Yehya
  • Namesakes: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, an American actor known as David Kane or the Black Manta in Aquaman.
  • Popularity: Yahya is a popular boy name ranking #168 in England back in 2019.
Traditional, Cool, Popular


Yaseen is a name that exudes all the qualities a parent would want their son to get out of life. If you can see your baby boy growing into a wealthy and prosperous man with you by his side, calling him Yaseen is deeply meaningful.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Chief, wealth, affluence, prosperity
  • Pronunciation: YAS-sin, YA-ssin
  • Variations: Yasin, Yassen, Yasen
  • Namesakes: Yaseen Anwar, a Pakistani-American banker and former Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan.
  • Popularity: Aside from being one of the most fantastic Arabic boy names beloved in Muslim culture, Yaseen is pretty popular in England as it ranked #511 in 2019.
Classic, Cool, Popular


Yasser is a name often associated with doing the right thing and being wealthy as a result. If you want your son to choose the right path and enjoy the bounty of being well-to-do, Yasser is a good name pick for him.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Easy, well to do, to the right path
  • Pronunciation: Yas-ser
  • Variations: Yaser, Yassir, Yasir
  • Namesakes: Yasser Seirawan, an American chess Grandmaster and four-time US champion.
  • Popularity: Yasser is a rare name for boys as it ranks #3885 in the US as of 2020.
Modern, Cool, Unique
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Yunus is a name symbolic of peace and serenity. If you hope that your beautiful baby boy experiences a life filled with peace and happiness, calling him Yunus is a fantastic name choice.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew, Persian
  • Meaning: Dove, peaceful being, accomplishing
  • Pronunciation: Yoo-noos
  • Variations: Younus, Yunusa, Yonis
  • Namesakes: Yunus Musah, an American soccer player for La Liga club Valencia and the national team of the US.
  • Popularity: Yunus suddenly made its first ranking in any popularity list in 2020 at #1632.
Traditional, Classic, Popular


Yusef is an exceptional name choice for religious families who have deep faith in God and his promises. Naming your son Yusef will always remind him of the message that God will increase his blessings if he simply has faith.

  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Aramaic, Turkish, Persian
  • Meaning: God increases, he will enlarge
  • Pronunciation: Yu-sef
  • Variations: Yusuf, Yosef, Yossef, Yousif, Youssef
  • Namesakes: Yusef Komunyakaa, an American poet known for his poems about race and the Vietnam war.
  • Popularity: Yusef is an uncommon boy name that ranked #2021 in the US in 2020.
Traditional, Unusual, Cool


Zahid is a cool name for parents who live a humble lifestyle and want the same for their baby boy. If you believe that there is great value in the rewards of simplicity, calling your son Zahid will be a great way to bring that sentiment to life.

  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu
  • Meaning: Hermit, devotee, austere, ascetic
  • Pronunciation: Za-heed
  • Variations: Zayd, Zahed, Zhaid
  • Namesakes: Zahid Iftikhar Ahmed, an actor from Pakistan.
  • Popularity: Zahid is a somewhat popular name in the US, ranking #1925 in 2020.
Classic, Cool, Popular


If you’re looking for a popular boy’s name beginning with Z with a bold meaning, Zaid is it! Calling your baby boy Zaid will serve as a lifelong reminder to always focus on doing his best and work hard at achieving great things.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: To increase, to prosper, to master
  • Pronunciation: ZAH-id
  • Variations: Zayd, Zaeed, Sayyid
  • Popularity: In the US, Zaid is a pretty popular name for boys that ranked #659 in 2020.
Traditional, Classic, Popular


Zain is a strong name that provides an essence of beauty. If you feel that your son will be the most gorgeous, handsome baby ever born (at least to you), calling him Zain will be proof of that!

  • Origin: Hebrew, Arabic
  • Meaning: Handsome, beautiful, graceful
  • Pronunciation: Zain
  • Variations: Zayn, Zane, Zein, Zayne
  • Namesakes: Zain Javadd Malik or Zayn, an English singer and member of the former English-Irish pop band One Direction.
  • Popularity: Zain is a very popular name for boys in England, ranking #202 in 2019.
Classic, Sweet, Popular


For families with an understanding of religion and faith in God, Zakariah is a good name choice. Zakariah means God has remembered. If you feel that God remembered you and has blessed you with the perfect answer (your son), then naming your baby boy Zakariah is perfect.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: God has remembered
  • Pronunciation: Zac-Kah-riah
  • Variations: Zakaria, Zakeriah, Zakariyya, Zekeriya, Zekeriya
  • Namesakes: Zakariah Barie, a retired long-distance runner and silver medal winner from Tanzania
  • Popularity: In 2020, Zakariah ranked in the US at #3249, making it a rare name choice.
Traditional, Unique, Sweet


Nothing is more pure, sweet, and innocent than a newborn baby! If you feel truly blessed with your baby boy’s arrival, calling him Zaki is an excellent choice.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu
  • Meaning: Chaste, pure, innocent, blessed
  • Pronunciation: Zah-ki
  • Variations: Zakai, Zacki, Zeeki
  • Namesakes: Zaki Mahmoud, an intellectual thinker from Egypt, considered one of the pioneers of modern Arabic thought.
  • Popularity: Zaki has been a rare name in the US, last ranking #2740 in 2019.
Vintage, Sweet, Unique


If the birth of your baby boy provides immense personal growth for you and your family, Zayyir may just be the perfect name choice for your baby. Zayirr, which relates to all things blossoming and flourishing, is easy to say and stands out from the crowd.

  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu, Hindi
  • Meaning: Blossoming, flourishing, brilliant
  • Pronunciation: Za-yyir
  • Variations: Zahir, Zayir, Zaair
  • Namesakes: Mohammed Zahir Shah, the last king of Afghanistan who reigned from 1933 until 1973.
  • Popularity: Zayyir is quite a rare name in the US that, as of 2021, has yet to rank on the name lists.
Modern, Cool, Unique


If seeing your baby boy evokes feelings of dignified respect for this little being, and you want others to see your little prince in the same way, calling him Zeeshan is a good place to start. A cute nickname you can pair with Zeeshan is Zee.

  • Origin: Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Urdu
  • Meaning: Dignified, respected, princely
  • Pronunciation: Ze-shan
  • Variations: Zeeshaan, Zishaan
  • Namesakes: Zeeshan Ali, a former Davis Cup tennis player from India who competed at the 1988 Olympics.
  • Popularity: Zeeshan ranked #887 In England in 2015 making this a pretty popular name.
Vintage, Strong, Cool


Seeing your son flourish into a man who is filled with knowledge and leader potential too is undoubtedly alluring to you. If these are the very attributes you hope and pray your baby boy will grow into, calling him Zohaib is a cute pick.

  • Origin: Arabic, Urdu
  • Meaning: Leader, king, gold, ocean of knowledge
  • Pronunciation: Zo-haib
  • Variations: Zuhaib, Zoheb
  • Namesakes: Zohaib Ahmed, a cricketer from Pakistan who played for Islamabad and Pakistan TV.
  • Popularity: Zohaib has yet to become a star among Arab boy names. As of 2021, Zohaib is a very rare name in the US and has yet to rank in any popularity list.
Traditional, Unique, Strong
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