102 Famous Cuban Names for Boys and Girls: with Meanings

These traditional Cuban names for girls and boys are as lively as a Caribbean beat.

Are you looking for baby names with rhythmic flair? If so, you’re at the right place! These fascinating traditional Cuban names are as undeniably vibrant as the culture.

You’ll learn their cool meanings, various origins, and stunning variants that have inspired some of these common Cuban names for boys and girls.

Whether you prefer something unique or a famous Cuban name for your baby, we’ve given you many options to suit your preference.

60 Traditional Cuban Girl Names

Be amazed by these Cuban names that are as pretty as a flower!

  1. Acindina – a Cuban name with Greek roots meaning “safe.”
  2. Adoncia – a playful Spanish girl’s name meaning “sweet.”
  3. Aida – a charming Arabic and Italian option meaning “happy.”
  4. Alegria – is the beautiful Spanish variant of Allegra, meaning “happiness.”
  5. Alejandra – the powerful Spanish form of Alexandra, meaning “defender of men.”
  6. Alicia – of Spanish origin, this variant of Alice means “noble.”
  7. Altagracia – a beautiful Spanish option, meaning “of high grace.”
  8. Aymee – a charming Cuban version of Amy, meaning “beloved.”
  9. Azucar – an endearing Cuban nickname of Spanish origin meaning “sugar.”
  10. Beatriz – of Spanish and Portuguese origin meaning “blessed” or “bringer of joy.”
  11. Benita – a holy, Latin-derived feminine name meaning ”blessed.”
  12. Blanca – a Spanish variant of Bianca or Blanche, meaning “white.”
  13. Cancion – an authentic Cuban name meaning “song.”
  14. Catalina – a melodic Spanish diminutive of Catherine meaning “pure.”
  15. Celeste – an ethereal Latin choice, meaning “heavenly.”
  16. Celia – a top choice among Cuban names, popularized by Celia Cruz, meaning “heavenly.”
  17. Charo – of Spanish origin with the sacred meaning, “rosary.”
  18. Clara – a stunning Latin choice, meaning “clear” or “bright.”
  19. Consuela – a comforting Spanish name meaning “solace.”
  20. Daphne – a calming Greek girl’s name meaning “laurel” or “bay tree.”
  21. Dayana – a beautiful Cuban name for Diana, meaning “divine.”
  22. Desiderata – a Latin variant for Desiree meaning “the desired one.”
  23. Dulce – this Latin choice meaning “sweet” or “candy” could make an adorable middle name.
  24. Elena – a multi-cultural Cuban name meaning “bright, shining light.”
  25. Elisa – an Italian and Spanish variant of Elizabeth meaning “God is my promise.”
  26. Estrella – meaning “star,” this Spanish choice is full of brightness.
  27. Floramaria – a feminine Cuban name referring to the “flower of Mary.”
  28. Havana – a typical Cuban name representing the capital of Cuba and meaning “port” in Dutch.
  29. Ignatia – a beautiful choice among Cuban names for girls, meaning “the fiery one” in Latin.
  30. Ines – of Portuguese origin meaning “pure” or “virginal.”
  31. Islabella – the gorgeous Cuban diminutive of Isabella, meaning “God is my oath.”
  32. Leta – meaning “filled with joy,” this Latin name symbolizes happiness.
  33. Liliana – a Spanish and Italian choice with the delicate meaning of “lily flower.”
  34. Lola – a popular Spanish variant of Dolores meaning “sorrows.”
  35. Lucely – this Cuban name for Lucia has a Caribbean flair, meaning “light.”
  36. Lur – an astounding Cuban name for girls meaning “Earth.”
  37. Manuela – the Cuban girl name for Emmanuel, meaning “God is with us.”
  38. Maricela – a charming diminutive of Maria, meaning “beloved,” “drop of the sea,” or “bitter.”
  39. Mariposa – a whimsical Spanish name meaning “butterfly.”
  40. Melissa – meaning “honeybee,” this Greek pick is feminine and sweet!
  41. Merida – feels purposeful with its Latin meaning of “one who has achieved a high honor.”
  42. Mirana – a pleasant, affectionate name, meaning “wonderful or adored“ in Spanish.
  43. Neoma – a stunning Greek option meaning “new moon” or “pleasantness.”
  44. Novia – meaning “new” or “young,” this Spanish option feels refreshing.
  45. Orquidea – a perfect floral choice among Cuban names meaning “orchid” in Spanish.
  46. Ramira – is a unique and stunning Spanish pick meaning “judicious.”
  47. Telma – a Spanish diminutive of Thelma meaning “will” or “volition.”
  48. Thalia – has an inspiring nature with its Greek “flourishing” meaning.
  49. Valeria – meaning “strong” or “healthy,” this delightful Latin name symbolizes wellness.
  50. Veronica – a wholesome Spanish name meaning “bringer of joy” or “truth.”
  51. Xiomara – a dutiful Spanish name, pronounced syo-MA-ra, meaning “battle ready” or “battle famous.”
  52. Yaidyn – an authentic Cuban variation of Jaidyn meaning “God has heard.”
  53. Yaime – a Cuban version of Jaime meaning “supplanter” or “to replace.”
  54. Yandra – the Cuban variant of Sandra meaning “protector of man.”
  55. Yasmin – the Persian and Arabic version of Jasmine, meaning “jasmine flower.”
  56. Yenifer – meaning “white wave” – a Cuban take on the popular name Jennifer.
  57. Yolanda – a striking Spanish choice, meaning “violet flower.”
  58. Yoselin – a happy Spanish variant of Jocelyn meaning “joyous.”
  59. Yvette – boasts unique strength with its French “yew tree” or “archer” meaning.
  60. Zelia – has the bright, Greek and Hebrew meaning of “sunshine” or “zeal.”

42 Common Cuban Boy Names

See which Cuban names could work well for your little prince-in-the-making!

  1. Alejandro – the Spanish version of Alexander meaning “defender of men.”
  2. Alvaro – is both funny and mighty, meaning “elf warrior.”
  3. Bembe – a profound Spanish choice meaning “prophet.”
  4. Camilo – a righteous name with Spanish roots meaning “helper to the priest.”
  5. Castillo – has a whimsical feel with its “castle” meaning.
  6. Che – a famous pick among Cuban names for boys meaning “God will increase” in Spanish.
  7. Cordaro – a precious Spanish name meaning “little lamb.”
  8. Desiderio – an affectionate yet weird-sounding name meaning “desired one.”
  9. Diego – a popular Spanish variant of James meaning “supplanter” or “to replace.”
  10. Edmundo – has Portuguese and Spanish roots with the inspiring meaning of “wealthy protector.”
  11. Ernesto – a humble Spanish and Portuguese name meaning “sincere” or “diligent.”
  12. Eugenio – a stunning Spanish and Italian boy’s name meaning “noble.”
  13. Férnan – meaning “bold adventurer,” this Spanish name symbolizes fearlessness.
  14. Fidel – meaning “faithful,” this well-known Cuban name belonged to the country’s former president.
  15. Filiberto – the Spanish version of Filbert, meaning “very brilliant.”
  16. Francisco – a charming Portuguese and Spanish name meaning “free man.”
  17. Geraldo – a gritty Spanish variant of Gerald meaning “ruler with a spear.”
  18. Gimoaldo – a strong Cuban boy name defined as “confessor.”
  19. Hilario – an upbeat Spanish name meaning “cheerful.”
  20. Juan – meaning “God is gracious,” this charming Spanish boy’s name is the diminutive of John.
  21. Julio – a Spanish variant of Julius meaning “youthful” or “soft-haired.”
  22. Macario – meaning “blessed,” this trendy Cuban name has Spanish and Portuguese origins.
  23. Maceo – the adorable Spanish form of Matthew, meaning “gift of God.”
  24. Manuel – the Spanish short-form of Emmanuel meaning “God is with us.”
  25. Martez – a charming Spanish diminutive of Martin, meaning “warlike.”
  26. Mendo – of Spanish origin, Mendo means “offers sacrifice to God.”
  27. Miguel – the Spanish diminutive of Michael, meaning “he who is like God.”
  28. Montez – a nature-related Spanish pick, meaning “of the mountains.”
  29. Osvaldo – a gorgeous Spanish form of Oswald meaning “divine power.”
  30. Paz – a Spanish and Hebrew option, meaning “gold” or “peace.”
  31. Pirro – a vibrant Spanish name meaning “red-haired.”
  32. Placido – an exotic Italian and Spanish name meaning “serene.”
  33. Raul – this Spanish name for Ralph meaning “wolf counsel,” is ideal for a bold little guy.
  34. Reinaldo – a Spanish diminutive of Reginald, meaning “king’s advisor.”
  35. Roberto – meaning “bright flame,” Roberto is the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish version of Robert.
  36. Rodolfo – the Spanish form of Rudolph meaning “bold wolf.”
  37. Silverio – this Spanish choice carries an earthy meaning of “wood” or “forest.”
  38. Tajo – belongs to a lovely Spanish river through the Iberian Peninsula, meaning “day.”
  39. Vicente – a gorgeous Spanish variant of Victor meaning “winner” or “conqueror.”
  40. Yago – is the Spanish diminutive of Jacob, meaning “supplanter” or “to replace.”
  41. Yulieski – an original Cuban boy name meaning “young.”
  42. Yunior – the punchy Cuban name for Junior meaning “young.”

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