113 Wondrous Names Meaning Earth for Boys & Girls

Unearth the richest baby names meaning earth for your little eco-warrior.

What better way to plant the seeds for your child’s long and adventurous life than by selecting from the most enchanting names meaning earth?

Whether you choose to take inspiration from the divine earth deities of mythology and religion, or the rustic charm and appeal of a hard day working in the soil, there is a whole planet of earth names just waiting to be dug up.

Keep reading, and maybe you’ll “unearth” a new favorite name that’ll be a perfect fit for any baby sapling and nature spirit…

52 Gorgeous Girl Names that Mean Earth

Call upon Mother Earth’s beauty to find a gorgeous earth baby name for your new little flower!

  1. Adamina – a feminine form of Adam, one of the best-recognized boy names that mean “earth.”
  2. Afra – a comforting Hebrew girl’s name referring to “the color of the earth or dust.”
  3. Akka – after the Finnish earth spirit and goddess of fertility.
  4. Ala – short yet powerful, Ala is the name of an Igbo (Nigerian) earth deity.
  5. Autumn – this vivid English season name is full of vibrant, earthy connotations.
  6. Avani – elegant and enticing, Avani is a beautiful Sanskrit pick among girl names that mean “earth.”
  7. Bhumi – the Hindu personification of the earth would make a beautiful and spiritual namesake for your little girl.
  8. Blossom – a delicate and feminine word name, makes us think of the earth’s beautiful blooms.
  9. Briar – meaning “thorny patch,” this English earth-inspired name is a spiky yet sweet pick for your little nature spirit.
  10. Cel – the Etruscan goddess of the earth, whose name was used for the month of September.
  11. Chamomile – a rare name for a girl, but a gorgeously calming tea, meaning “earth apple.”
  12. Cybele – soft yet strong, this unique name belonged to an Anatolian mother goddess of the earth.
  13. Danu – a romantic and regal name inspired by the Celtic earth mother goddess.
  14. Demeter – after the Greek goddess of agriculture, whose name is pure and rugged, meaning “earth mother.”
  15. Dhara – a soft and charming Hindi pick among girl names that mean “earth.”
  16. Dionne – as well as “divine,” Dionne means “follower of Dionysus,” the Greek mythological goddess of vegetation and fertility.
  17. Ebony – a pretty and rich English girl’s name, after the dark color of a tree’s bark.
  18. Eden – a gorgeously biblical baby name for a girl as beautiful as the “place of pleasure.”
  19. Flora – a delightful “flower” name that encompasses all plants, borne by the Roman goddess of springtime.
  20. Gaia – a goddess-worthy name after the beautiful personification of the earth in Greek mythology.
  21. Georgia – a feminine form of George and a sweet locational name if you’re from that U.S. state.
  22. Georgianna – an elaborate pick among earth baby names if you can’t pick between Georgia and Georgina!
  23. Georgina – a popular variant of Georgia, also holding the humble meaning of “earth-worker.”
  24. Gorana – a unique Slavic girl’s name meaning “highlander, from the mountains,” a beautiful reminder of our magnificent landscapes.
  25. Houtu – a Chinese goddess whose name holds the regal meaning of “Queen of the earth.”
  26. Ila – meaning “from the island,” this cute French name is a great way of reminding your daughter of her roots.
  27. Jörð – an almighty name after the Norse mythological personification of the earth, goddess, and mother of Thor.
  28. Juniper – a unique but fun-loving pick among earth names, meaning “tiny shrub” or “young” in Latin.
  29. Ki – short yet almighty, this earth-themed name for girls is taken from the Sumerian earth goddess.
  30. Kshitija – a feminine form of the Indian male name Kshitij, meaning “born of the earth.”
  31. Kun – a Chinese girl name element meaning “earth,” that’s great to consider as part of your daughter’s name.
  32. Meadow – full of beauty and possibility, this name dazzles like springtime grass in the morning dew.
  33. Nerthus – a unique name inspired by an ancient Germanic goddess worshiped as Mother Earth.
  34. Pacha – short for Pachamama, or just a gorgeous Quechua word meaning “earth, world.”
  35. Pachamama – the name of the Incan Mother Earth goddess, combining the name Pacha with the maternal “mama.”
  36. Pankaja – meaning “born from mud” in Sanskrit, this name takes dirt and turns it into diamonds!
  37. Papa – a sweet, shortened form of Papahānaumoku, the ancient Hawaiian Earth Mother goddess.
  38. Petra – the feminine version of Peter, meaning “stone.”
  39. Prairie – a gorgeous girl’s name full of American adventure, meaning “grassland, flatland.”
  40. Prithvi – meaning “the vast one,” Prithvi is a Sanskrit earth goddess.
  41. Rhea – another Greek mythology entry among names meaning “earth, ground,” inspired by the beautiful mother goddess.
  42. Rolande – a French, feminine form of Roland and a sophisticated-sounding entry among girl names that mean “earth.”
  43. Seble – a unique African girl name with the prosperous meaning of “harvest.”
  44. Sienna – a popular girl’s name and shade of orangey-red, named after an Italian city whose earth is rich with clay.
  45. Sierra – meaning “mountain range,” Sierra is a pretty Spanish name for a little over-achiever.
  46. Sif – a Norse earth goddess whose name would be perfect for your golden-haired, nature-loving daughter.
  47. Sorrel – a dainty, fairy-like name meaning “reddish-brown,” perfectly autumnal in nature.
  48. Tierra – a classic-sounding yet rarely-heard pick among girl names meaning “earth,” translated from Spanish.
  49. Tlalli – an Aztec name meaning “land, earth,” which may be unique but sure is stunning.
  50. Vesna – another entry among mythological earth names, after the Slavic goddess of spring and fertility.
  51. Žemyna – a standout name, taken from the Lithuanian Mother Goddess of the earth.
  52. Živa – a name borne by a goddess of life and fertility, best associated with the Polabian Slavs.

44 Adventurous Boy Names that Mean Earth

Choose an earth-baby name for your son that’s as strong and inspiring as the ground beneath his feet.

  1. Adam – a hot name for a firstborn, meaning “earth, soil” in Hebrew.
  2. Ajax – a badass name for a Greek hero, derived from the humble meaning: “of the land.”
  3. Akamu – a handsome and dreamy boy name for a Hawaiian lad who is “of the earth.”
  4. Alpin – a Scottish boy’s name for a “fair, blonde” baby, making us think of earthy alpine plants and high mountains.
  5. Atlas – inspired by the Titan condemned to carry the earth on his shoulders, Atlas means “to endure.”
  6. Bardo – a cute, cozy name with possible meanings including “son of the earth” and “plowman.”
  7. Baumann – meaning “farmer,” this earthy name is a great pick among cool surnames-as-given-names.
  8. Canyon – rugged and wild, this standout name means “footpath” and shows the earth’s amazing natural beauty.
  9. Carmine – this deep red name means “garden of song” in Latin, embracing all the beauty of the world around us.
  10. Cephas – an Aramaic form of Peter, with the earth-related meaning of “rock, stone.”
  11. Clay – an earthy, rustic, English name taken from the rich redness in the soil.
  12. Cliff – a vintage pick among boy names that mean earth, after the high-reaching natural formations
  13. Damek – a handsome Slavic name for a baby boy born “of the red earth.”
  14. Dionysus – a rare name after the Greek god of fertility, vegetation, and wine, among other things.
  15. Dmitri – a cute Russian name for a baby boy who’s “dedicated to Demeter,” the Greek Mother Earth.
  16. Enki – a Sumerian god of creation, whose name is believed to mean “Lord of the Earth.”
  17. Euan – from Scottish, this cute earth baby name is perfect for a boy “born of the yew tree.”
  18. Geb – a short, cool name inspired by the ancient Egyptian god of the earth, vegetation, and snakes.
  19. Geo – a cute and stylish pick among boy names that mean earth, great for a studious little geographer.
  20. George – a popular and kingly pick among earth names for boys, with the humble meaning of “earthworker.”
  21. Goran – or Göran, a name with dual earthy meanings, such as “highlander” in Slavic and “earthworker” in Swedish.
  22. Granit – an Albanian name meaning “granite,” letting your baby know they have a sturdy world at their feet!
  23. Grover – referring to a “grove” of trees, this earthy name is full of natural beauty.
  24. Halwyn – meaning “salt of the earth,” you could argue this is among the more flavorsome of Welsh earth names!
  25. Kerr – a unique given name and Scottish surname for an earthy baby born “from the marsh or thicket.”
  26. Kshitij – this standout Sanskrit name refers to the “horizon” for a baby “born of the earth.”
  27. Lachlan – full of Celtic charm, this male name is perfect for a little Gaelic boy born “from the land of the lakes.”
  28. Lambert – a slick pick among names that mean “earth” and a surname meaning “bright land” in German.
  29. Lance – from Old German, this handsome male name means “land,” full of potential and adventure!
  30. Lanzo – from the same stem as Lance, Lanzo is a cool, hip-sounding name meaning “land.”
  31. Miltiades – a Greek male name meaning “red earth,” borne by various figures in ancient Greek history.
  32. Orlando – a Spanish take on Roland, meaning “renowned land,” also great if you’re from Florida.
  33. Peter – meaning “rock, stone,” this Greek name is great for a sturdy, down-to-earth little dude.
  34. Poseidon – known for being the mighty Greek sea god, Poseidon’s name actually means “lord of the Earth.”
  35. Riku – a Japanese boy name element meaning “land.”
  36. Roland – meaning “renowned land,” this classic Old German and English name is a great pick for nature lovers.
  37. Seb – a nickname for Sebastian, but also another name for the Egyptian god of the earth.
  38. Tellus – a Latin word for “earth,” making our planet sound all the more romantic and exquisite.
  39. Tlaloc – an Aztec god of rain and fertility and an amazing mythological name for boys meaning “earth.”
  40. Tudi – another name for Tudigong, with the earthy meaning of “soil, ground.”
  41. Tudigong – after a Chinese folk deity, whose name means “lord of the soil.”
  42. Volos – or Veles, after the Slavic mythological god of the earth, the underworld, livestock, and water.
  43. Wekasa – a unique entry among African names for boys, for a child born “during the harvest.”
  44. Woody – a friendly-sounding pick among male names for a rustic little cowboy.

17 Unique Unisex Names that Mean Earth

These gender-neutral earth baby names are as rich and inspiring as our home planet!

  1. Ailbhe – pronounced al-va, this ethereal Old Irish name has earthy meanings including “rock,” “bright,” and “world.”
  2. Ash – relating to the majestic ash tree or the ever-powerful rebirth potential of the soil.
  3. Bryn – if you like Welsh earth names, then Bryn is spectacular, with the assuring meaning of “hill.”
  4. Eire – the original Irish name for Ireland, an inspired pick if you have heritage rooted in that country.
  5. Fallow – a unique, autumnal name inspired by the warm soil shade of light brown.
  6. Forest – a delightful pick for a little woodland explorer, also possibly spelled Forrest for uniqueness.
  7. Kaj – a short, badass Danish pick among names that mean “earth.”
  8. Keone – a romantic name for a trailblazer, meaning “homeland, sand” in Hawaiian.
  9. Leland – meaning “open field” or “meadowland,” both showing Leland is a wonderous pick among earth names.
  10. Ochre – another unique color baby name inspired by the woody beauty of Mother Nature.
  11. Rocky – a great, earthy name for a baby full of grit!
  12. Rusty – a cute redhead name, also makes us think of the mineral-rich soil in the ground beneath our feet.
  13. Terra – the Latin word for “earth” makes a cool name, just not to be confused with “terror!”
  14. Vega – a Spanish surname for a little “meadow-dweller,” full of gorgeous, grassy connotations.
  15. Yale – a great alma mater and a Welsh earth name meaning “fertile upland.”
  16. Yuri – this Slavic form of George holds the humble meaning of “earthworker.”
  17. Zappa – meaning “hoe,” Zappa is traditionally an Italian surname denoting a farmer or earthworker.

Names that Mean Earth FAQs

What are Some Earth God and Goddess Baby Names?

If you’re looking to name your baby after an earth god or goddess, there are some gorgeous options available. We love Akka, Danu, Cel, Demeter, Jörð, and Gaia for little Mother Earth babies. For your little earth prince, consider Enki, Dionysus, Geb, Seb, or Poseidon.

What are Some Popular Names Meaning Earth?

Did you know that some of today’s most popular names hold earthy meanings? For boys, names such as Peter, Adam, George, and Ash are all nature-inspired, while Eden, Georgia, Sienna, and Flora for girls all have outdoorsy connotations.

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