100 Unique Portuguese Girl Names: With Beautiful Meanings

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With melodic pronunciations and beautiful meanings, Portuguese culture has plenty of name possibilities for your baby girl.

Portuguese girl names provide an ideal starting point if you consider beautiful baby names. Since the Portuguese language has ancient Latin roots, there are classic and beautiful Portuguese names for girls.

With their familiar and romantic pronunciations and beautiful questions, how can you pick just one Portuguese name? Fortunately, we can help!

Whether you have Portuguese heritage, have traveled to Portugal, love the culture, or want a more unique but classic name, we’ve compiled the top 100 Portuguese female names.

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100 Unique Portuguese Names for Girls

Portuguese names for girls are versatile and provide a unique take on many common classic names in English-speaking countries. Here we can help you to find a great name choice for your new daughter.


Adelaida is a form of the Old German Adelaide. Adelaida is a pretty name that expresses a beautiful sentiment of being noble and kind. These are wonderful traits for girls and women of all ages. It can also be shortened to the cut nickname of Addie if you want a pet name for your little girl.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Noble and Kind
  • Pronunciation: a-delai-da,
  • Variations: Adelaide


Agueda is a Spanish and Portuguese form of Agatha. Agatha has Greek roots and was the name of Saint Agatha of Sicily, a 3rd Century Christian Martyr. Agueda is a good name choice if you want a less common and more modern-sounding version of Agatha. Agueda is a beautiful name that you can shorten to Aggie.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Good hearted
  • Pronunciation: AH-ge-dhah


Aitana is a pretty Portuguese girl name, but it is also an Arabic girl name but with different meanings. The Arabic version means our people. Either meaning provides a lovely sentiment. You can express her belonging to your family or give her a powerful legacy of being worthy of high honor.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Glory
  • Pronunciation:ai-taa-nuh


Albertina is the feminine version of Albert, but both names have similar meanings. A new baby can be a light into any family and you can express this with the name Albertina. She will be a shining one bringing light and warmth into your home. You can also use the pet names, Allie or Tina.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Shining one
  • Pronunciation: Al-ber-tina


Alexandrina is the Portuguese feminine version of Alexander. Alexander is a popular name in various cultures around the world, with the most famous being Alexander the Great. Alexandrina is a strong name that will encourage your daughter to stand tall and look out for others. There are also some fun nicknames for Alexandrina, including Alex, Rina, and Lexi.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Defender of men
  • Pronunciation: Alex-an-drin-a


Aline is a Portuguese form of Adelina and Adela. Adela has Germanic roots and is the name of Saint Adela who was a celebrated Frankish princess who founded the Pfazel, France monastery and has a feast day in the French calendar. Aline is quite a unique name that has a beautiful meaning.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Graceful and Noble
  • Pronunciation: a-leen


Anabela is a Portuguese form of the more common Annabella, but both names have a very similar meaning. Anabela has a beautiful lyrical quality to it, as it sounds as if you are singing it. It will literally roll off the tongue, whether you are calling her in from playing or soothing her to sleep. You can also use the cute nicknames of Ana or Bela.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Beautiful and graceful
  • Pronunciation: Ana-bela


Andreia is derived from the masculine name Andrew and another version of Andrea. This is quite a common name, so Andreia allows you to have a more unique name with the same meaning. Giving your baby girl the name Andreia could inspire her to be brave when faced with any challenges in life.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Brave
  • Pronunciation: ahn-DREH-yah


Angelina is a perfect name for your new little angel. With the meaning of divine messenger, Angelina is an excellent way to express your religious beliefs or bring her into your religious community. There are also a number of pet name possibilities for Angelina, including Angie, Angel, or Lina.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Divine messenger
  • Pronunciation: An-gel-ee-nah


Antonia is a feminine form of Anthony. Saint Anthony was a Portuguese Catholic priest and Franciscan Order friar. He was born and raised in Portugal and is regarded as the patron saint for recovering lost items. While Anthony is quite a common boy’s name, Antonia is a little more unique. Naming your daughter Antonia can connect her with your religious beliefs or your connection to Portugal.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Praiseworthy
  • Pronunciation: An-tone-ah
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Many people are familiar with Aurora Borealis, or the beautiful Northern Lights, but it is also one of the loveliest Portuguese girl names. Aurora has Latin roots, and with its meaning of sunrise or dawn, you can encourage your daughter to be a warm and bright spirit.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Dawn or sunrise
  • Pronunciation: uh-raw-ruh


Babetta is a perfect choice if you’re looking at Portuguese names for girls, but you don’t actually have a connection to Portugal. Babetta also rolls off the tongue beautifully and you can shorten it to Babs or Etta if you want fun nicknames for your daughter.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Foreign woman
  • Pronunciation: Baa-bett-ah


Beatriz is a variant of Beatrice or Beatrix, which have both been names of princesses and queens. If you’re looking for regal Portuguese female names, Beatriz is a great choice. With the beautiful meaning of she who brings happiness, you can express how delighted you are to be parents of your new daughter.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: She who brings happiness
  • Pronunciation: be-ah-TREETH
  • Variations: Beatrice, Beatrix
  • Namesakes: Princess Beatrice of the English Royal Family and


Although it may appear similar to the English name Belinda, Belinha is actually a diminutive Portuguese form of Isabel. With its meaning of promise of God, Belinha is a wonderful way to connect your new baby to your religious beliefs and highlight that she is a gift to you from God.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Promise of God
  • Pronunciation: veh-LIN-yah


Benedita is one of the Portuguese girl names ideal for expressing your joy at having a new baby girl. With its meaning of blessed, naming your daughter Benedita could be a lovely way to showcase how blessed you feel to become her parents or allow her to feel blessed throughout her lifetime.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Blessed
  • Pronunciation: beh-neh-dee-tuh


The name Bia is a popular name in various cultures around the world with different meanings. As a Portuguese name, Bia is wonderful if you envision your daughter exploring the world and traveling to new places. With the meaning voyager, it inspires traits of bravery and a sense of adventure. It is also a good name choice if you want a subtle reminder of your favorite Star Trek show.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Voyager
  • Pronunciation:v-EE-aa


Birgida is an uncommon name that encompasses some wonderful characteristics you can inspire in your new daughter. With its meaning of exalted one, by naming your daughter Birgida, you could encourage her to be noble, dignified, and worthy of being recognized. Exalted can also be used in the context of happiness, which could inspire your little girl to live a happy and contented life.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Exalted one
  • Pronunciation: Burr-gee-dah


Branca is the Portuguese form of the name Blanche. Since Blanche is not a particularly modern name, this can be a unique way to give your daughter a similar name with a beautiful Portuguese spin. Both names have a similar meaning of fair, which means that by naming your daughter Branca, you could encourage her to be honest, sweet, and a beautiful person.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Fair
  • Pronunciation: Bran-ka


Bruna is a lovely and affectionate name that can highlight a physical characteristic. If dark coloring tends to run in your family, Bruna could be a great name choice, as her hair color will inspire the name.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Dark-colored hair
  • Pronunciation: Brun-ah


While it has a Greek origin, Calista has become a more popular name choice in both Portugal and Spain. In Greek myth, Callisto was one of the companions of the goddess Artemis. She also was so beautiful that she caught the eye of Zeus and had a child with him. After her death, Zeus placed Callisto among the stars as Ursa Major, the constellation of the Great Bear.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Most beautiful
  • Pronunciation: Kal-ee-sta
  • Namesakes: Ally Mcbeal and Supergirl actress Calista Flockhart.
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Carlota is the Portuguese form of Carolina or Caroline, which are both popular in many parts of the world. These names derive from the masculine name Charles. Carlota rolls off the tongue and it has regal connotations since there are numerous princess Carolines in different European countries. Carlota is an ideal name choice if you like the name Carolina but want a name that is less common.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Free person
  • Pronunciation: Kar-lot-ah
  • Variations: Carolina


Cassandra is a beautiful name that is familiar in many areas of the world. With its meaning of one who shines upon all, you can express your anticipation that your new baby girl will light up your life, and as a woman, she will be a bright light in the lives of those around her. You can also use the cute nicknames of Cass or Cassie.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: One who shines upon all
  • Pronunciation: Kas-an-drah


Catia is a Portuguese form of Catherine, which makes it an ideal choice if you want a less common version of this classic girl name. Since Catherine is the future queen of England, it is likely that there will be many baby girls sharing this name, so Catia could be a good alternative. Of course, you can still use similar nicknames of Kate or Katie or the cute Tia.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Chaste and pure
  • Pronunciation: Kat-ee-yah


Chica is often used as a nickname, but it can be a given first name. It is a wonderfully affectionate and cute name perfect for a sweet little girl. However, the name Chica can also grow with her, as a woman called Chica is likely to be thought of as caring with a beautiful spirit.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Little girl
  • Pronunciation: Chee-ka


Clarissa is a Portuguese derivative of Clara, but it is a popular name in many areas of the world. While Clarissa is a beautiful name, it does have a number of cute nickname options, including Rissa, Clara, and Issa. With its meaning of bright and famous, Clarissa could bring light into your lives and you could encourage her to strive to be recognized for her accomplishments.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Bright and famous
  • Pronunciation: Kla-riss-ah


Daniela is the Portuguese form of Danniella or Dannielle. Daniela is a beautifully spiritual name that can connect your new daughter to your spiritual beliefs. With its meaning of God is my judge, Daniela could also inspire your daughter not to focus too much on what others think, which may help her avoid peer pressure and develop a strong personality. Of course, like other variants, you can use the cute Dani as a nickname.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: God is my judge
  • Pronunciation: Dani-ell-a


Diana is a popular name choice in many countries around the world. Diana was a goddess in both Roman and Greek mythology. She is associated with nature, fertility, and chastity. These are all excellent virtues for a baby girl and throughout her life as a woman. There are also numerous famous Dianas around the world who could be the inspiration to use Diana as a name for your daughter.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Divine
  • Pronunciation: Di-ana
  • Namesakes: Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, actresses Diana Dors and Diana Rigg, and disco icon Diana Ross.


With its meaning of a lady of sorrows, Dores has a slightly disturbing sentiment. However, Dores is a popular Portuguese name that is also common in Spanish-speaking families. This is due to La Virgen Maria de Los Dolores or the Virgin Mary of Sorrows. Dores is a pretty name and you could consider it preparing your daughter to handle whatever challenges come her way throughout her lifetime.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: A lady of sorrows
  • Pronunciation: DAW-res


Doroteia is the Portuguese version of Dorothy, but both names have the same meaning. Naming your daughter Doroteia could be an excellent way to connect her to your spiritual beliefs or demonstrate how she is your gift from God. Doroteia is a pretty and unique name, particularly as Dorothy is no longer considered a very modern name.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Pronunciation:doo-roo-TAY-ə


Edite is the Portuguese form of Edith, which is a great option if you want to pay tribute to an older relative, but want a more modern-sounding name. Edite’s meaning of riches could be interpreted in a number of ways. This name has a lovely sentiment, whether you consider Edite your treasure or encourage her to live a rich life.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Riches
  • Pronunciation: EH-di-the
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While it has Greek roots, Efigenia is often used as a Portuguese girl name. In Greek myths, Iphigenia was the daughter of Agamemnon, the leader of the Greek army that went to war with Troy. Not only does Efigenia have a lovely meaning, but you can use the cute nickname Effie or Genia.

  • Origin: Greek
  • Meaning: Sacrifice
  • Pronunciation: Ef-ee-gee-nea


Emilia is the Portuguese form of Emily, but it is popular in other areas of the world. In fact, Emilia is a powerful female character in the Shakespear play Othello. Emilia has become more common in English-speaking countries due to the popularity of Game of Thrones. Emilia also has lots of nickname possibilities, including Em, Lia, and Emmie.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: To excel
  • Pronunciation: Em-ee-lee-ah
  • Namesakes: Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke.


The name Esmerelda is popular in various European countries and was made famous in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. While not particularly common in English-speaking countries, Esmerelda is a pretty name that is perfect for your new precious jewel.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Emerald
  • Pronunciation: Es-mer-ell-da


Estela is the Portuguese form of Estella or Estelle. Estela is the perfect name for a little girl who is likely to be a star in your household, lighting up your sky. Naming your daughter Estela could also inspire her to strive to become a star in whatever field or area interests her as a woman. As with its English counterpart, you can also shorten Estela into Stella as a nickname.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Star
  • Pronunciation: es-tell-ah


Eva is the Portuguese and Spanish version of Eve. Eve is in the Bible as the first woman and wife of Adam. For this reason, Eva tends to be a popular name in Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries as a middle or first name.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Life
  • Pronunciation: Ee-vah
  • Namesakes: Actresses Eva Green, Eva Longoria and Eva Mendez, First Lady of Argentina Eva Peron, and singing sensation Eva Cassidy.


If you love nature and walking under trees, Evora could be an ideal name choice for your daughter. Evora is also a beautiful city in Portugal that has some magnificent Roman ruins. So, if you’ve traveled around Portugal and want to use the mystique of this fabulous city for name inspiration, Evora is a wonderful choice.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: She who lives near yew trees
  • Pronunciation: Ee-voor-ah


Felisberta is a beautiful name that could inspire your daughter to grow into wisdom in later life. While this is not a particularly common name, it does have some lovely nickname possibilities, including Felis, which means happy in Portuguese, or Berta, which means bright.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Wise woman
  • Pronunciation: Fil-eez-ber-tah


Fernanda is the feminine form of Fernando, but both names have the same meaning. Fernanda is a perfect name if you want to inspire your daughter to push the boundaries and explore new territories. If you see your daughter being a world traveler who experiences new cultures and places before heading back home, Fernanda is an ideal name choice.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Bold wanderer
  • Pronunciation: fer-nan-da


Fia is a bold name choice for your little wild child. This is a unique name that is sure to mean she is the only Fia in your school class. By naming your daughter Fia, you could inspire her to develop a wild spirit, being courageous and brave regardless of the challenges she may face throughout her life.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Wild
  • Pronunciation: Fee-ah


Friends are important at all ages and you can only establish a bond if you have a strong friendship. You can use this as inspiration for your daughter’s name. Filomena is a strong name and with its meaning of friend of strength, you could encourage your daughter to be the friend that all those around her can rely on. You can also use the very lovely nickname of Mina.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Friend of strength
  • Pronunciation: Fil-oh-mee-na
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Fortunata is used in some variations in a number of cultures, including Italy and Greece, but with similar meanings. In Portuguese, naming your daughter Fortunata will express that you have been blessed with good fortune to be her parents. Fortunata could also be a lovely sentiment for your daughter to carry and that she will always have luck on her side.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Blessed with good fortune
  • Pronunciation: For-tune-atah


Francisca is the feminine form of Francisco with the same meaning. Both versions are common in both Portugal and Spain, along with Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries. Using the name Francisca for your daughter could encourage her to always be free-spirited and open to possibilities. There are also a number of nickname possibilities that could suit her as a little girl or woman, including Fran, Frannie, and Sissy.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Free person
  • Pronunciation: Fran-sis-kah


Fryda is the Portuguese form of Frieda or Freida, which are popular in other areas of the world. While the meanings are similar, the Portuguese meaning of Fryda could inspire your daughter to strive to become an authority in whatever area she chooses as an adult.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Peaceful leader
  • Pronunciation: Free-dah


Gabriela is the feminine form of Gabriel, so it is quite a common name. Gabriel is one of the archangels in the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and Quran who spoke to Mary about becoming the mother of God’s son. Gabriela is a strong name that could connect your daughter to your religious beliefs or let her know that God will be her strength during any challenges.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: God is my strength
  • Pronunciation: Gab-ree-ella


Genoveva is the Portuguese version of Genevieve and could inspire your daughter to lead. Whether she heads into politics or the business world, naming your daughter Genoveva could encourage her to become a leader. You can also use the sweet nickname of Genny.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Leader
  • Pronunciation:he-no-VE-vah


As the spelling suggests, Gertrudes is a Portuguese form of Gertrude. The name Gertrude has Germanic roots and it was a popular regal name throughout European history, including Gertrude of Bavaria. Gertrude was also Hamlet’s mother in the Shakespear play. While Gertrude may have fallen out of favor in recent years, with its slightly different spelling and pronunciation, Gertrudes could be a nice choice, particularly if you want to pay tribute to an older relative or friend.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Strongest spear
  • Pronunciation:her-TROO-des


If you’re looking for a strong name to inspire your daughter to strive for greatness, Gilma is an excellent choice. With its meaning of one who advances, naming your daughter Gilma could encourage her to aim for the top.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: One who advances
  • Pronunciation: hil-mah


Gloria is a popular name choice in both Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries. Gloria is a timeless name that never seems to go out of style. With its meaning of glory, you could connect your daughter to your spiritual beliefs or encourage her to be a strong, independent, and glorious woman by naming her Gloria.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Glory
  • Pronunciation: Glor-ee-ah


Graca is a Portuguese form of Grace. Grace has Latin roots and it is a popular name within Christian families to express the belief in divine grace. Grace is often used as a second name, but it is a timeless first name. However, if you want a more unique form, Graca is a great option.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Grace and elegance
  • Pronunciation:GRAH-sa


Gylda is a unique and powerful name that could encourage your daughter to adopt some wonderful traits. With its meaning of sacrifice and value, naming your daughter Gylda could inspire her to become an empathetic person who is prepared to sacrifice to do the right thing.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Value and sacrifice
  • Pronunciation: Gil-dah
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Helena is a variant of Helen and both names have similar meanings. Helen is most famous as Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships and started the Trojan war. Helena is a wonderful name choice if you’re a fan of Greek myths or you want to express your belief that your new daughter will be a bright light in your life.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Bright
  • Pronunciation: Hell-eh-nah
  • Namesakes: Actress Helena Bonham Carter and model Helena Christensen.


Inês is the Portuguese form of Agnes and is a wonderful spiritual name that can connect your daughter to your religious faith. Again, the name Inês is a little more modern compared to Agnes. So, if you want to pay tribute to an older relative, but don’t want a name that isn’t aging well, Inês is a lovely option.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Holy and pure
  • Pronunciation: In-yez


Iolanda is a Portuguese and Italian form of Yolanda. Yolanda is derived from the Latin word Violet, which is a small, purple flower. Violet was a popular girl’s name from the 19th century, but Yolanda or Iolanda has regal connections, including Queen Yolande of Aragon, who acted as regent of France in the 15th Century. So, whether you want a nature-inspired name that reminds you of pretty flowers or would like your daughter to have a regal connection, Iolanda is a lovely name choice.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Violet flower
  • Pronunciation:yo-LAHN-da


Iria is a Portuguese form of Irene. Irene plays a crucial role in Greek mythology as the daughter of Zeus. Irene was the personification of peace. There have also been a number of Saint Irenes or Irias, including Saint Iria of Tomar, who was martyred in Visigoth Portugal during the 7th Century. By naming your daughter Iria, you could inspire her to live a life or peace or connect her to your Christian beliefs.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Peace
  • Pronunciation:ee-REE-ya


Isabela is the Portuguese and Spanish form of Elizabeth. Isabela has a timeless quality that never seems to go out of fashion, retaining a modern feel. Isabela has two meanings depending on the context. So, you can take inspiration from your new daughter being beautiful or connect her to your faith.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Beautiful, God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: Isa-bell-ah


Joana is a more uncommon form of Joanna, which makes it ideal if you want to have a less common girl’s name. Also, Joana was a Portuguese 17th-century princess, so you can give your daughter a regal connection.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: Jo-an-ah


Judite is a Portuguese form of Judith, but both variants have the same meaning. Judite is a feminine version of Judah, featured in the Book of Genesis. Judite and Judith are popular girl names in areas around the world and in some countries, they have the meaning of blessed.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: From Judea
  • Pronunciation: zhoo-DEE-tə


There are a number of girls’ names that are a feminine form of Joseph, including Josephine and Josette. However, in Portuguese, it is Josefa. Josefa is a spiritual name that can connect your daughter to your religious beliefs. The inspiration for the name Josefa can also give her the reassurance throughout her life that God is watching over her.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: God increases
  • Pronunciation: Jo-seph-a


Julinha is the Portuguese form of Julia. Julia is the feminine version of Julius and its roots are in Latin for soft-haired. Julia is a prominent character in the Bible and it is also the name of a number of saints and martyrs, including Julia of Merida and Julia of Corsica. Julia is also a character in The Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Soft haired
  • Pronunciation:zhoo-LI-nya


Kiana is a wonderfully pretty name that can highlight how you think your baby girl is perfect. Kiana is a spiritual name, but it is also quite unique, making it an excellent choice if you’re looking for an unusual name for your daughter. You can also use the cute nicknames of Key, Kiki, or Anna.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Heavenly
  • Pronunciation: Key-ana
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Lara was an ancient nymph known for her strength, honor, and beauty. These are all excellent traits for girls and women of all ages. If you want to inspire your daughter to have inner strength and an honorable character, becoming a beautiful person, Lara is an excellent name choice.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Protector
  • Pronunciation: Lah-rah


Laura is derived from the Latin word for laurel. This was a plant used in Roman times to signify victory and fame. Julius Caesar is often portrayed wearing a laurel wreath as a ceremonial piece to highlight his stature. Laura is a timeless name, remaining ever popular throughout the decades.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Crowned with laurel
  • Pronunciation: Law-rah


Leonor is the Portuguese and Spanish form of Eleanor. Eleanor has a number of meanings depending on its cultural context. In Greek, Eleanor means compassion, while in Latin, it means one who heals. Either meaning is a wonderful sentiment for your baby daughter, encouraging her to be a caring and sympathetic person who thinks of others.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Compassion
  • Pronunciation: leh-aw-NAWR
  • Namesakes: Princess Leonor of Spain


Liliana is a Portuguese girl name that is inspired by the beautiful lily flowers. While the name Lily may be used in English-speaking countries, in Portugal and Spain, Liliana is more common. Liliana is a beautiful name that is perfect for your pure and innocent new baby girl.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Pure and innocent flower
  • Pronunciation: Lil-ee-an-ah


Lina is a wonderful name choice if you want to showcase that your new daughter will be the light and warmth in your life. With the meaning of sunlight, Lina is perfect as a name for your new ray of sunshine. Lina is an excellent name choice for all nature lovers.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Sunlight
  • Pronunciation: Lee-nah


Lorena is the Portuguese and Spanish form of Lorraine. The name Lorraine is derived from the laurel tree, so it is related to the names Laura and Lauren. However, Lorraine is also a region in France. So, if you are interested in Portuguese female names that reflect the experience of being a world traveler, or you want to imbue your daughter with wisdom, Lorena is a lovely choice.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Pronunciation: lor-eh-nah


Luzia is the Portuguese form of Lucia or Lucy. Lucia is the feminine variant of Lucius, and in Latin, it means light of day. While Lucy is common in many English-speaking countries with a variety of spellings, Luzia is a little more unique. Naming your daughter Luzia could allow you to express how she is a light in your lives.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Light
  • Pronunciation: lu-ZEE-ya


Mae is the Portuguese form of the more traditional May. Mae is a sweet name that we’re familiar with in the calendar, but it also creates a feeling of rebirth, warmth, and renewal. Mae is an unusual first name, but it is also used as a middle name. Whether your due date is in spring or you want your daughter to have a warm name, Mae is an excellent choice.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Spring month
  • Pronunciation: May
  • Namesakes: American film diva Mae West.


Mafalda is a variant of Matilda and both names have a similar meaning. Your daughter doesn’t need to be a soldier to face battles in life. Mafalda is an unusual and powerful name that could inspire your daughter to take on any challenges in life. You can also use the cute nickname Falda if you want a pet name.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Strength in battle
  • Pronunciation: ma-phal-dah


Manoela is the feminine version of Manuel and the Portuguese form of Emanuele. Emanuele is the feminine version of Emmanuel, which appears in the Bible. With the meaning of God is with us, naming your daughter Manoela is a wonderful way to connect her to your religious beliefs and surround her with love and grace.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: God is with us
  • Pronunciation: mah-naw-EL-a
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Mara is quite an unusual name that is most commonly found in those with Portuguese, Spanish, or Italian roots. This makes it a unique name choice in many English-speaking countries. If you are looking for a less common name that still has a powerful meaning and style, Mara is a good option.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Great Strength
  • Pronunciation: Mah-rah
  • Namesakes: Mrs. Doubtfire actress Mara Wilson and Italian tennis player Mara Santangelo.


Margarida is the Portuguese and Catalan form of Margaret. Like the Greek Margarita or the French Marguerite, Margarida is a less common variant in English-speaking countries. Since Margaret is often considered a dated name, Margarida could provide a more modern form if you want to name your daughter after a Margaret in your lives.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Pearl
  • Pronunciation:mar-gah-REE-da


As a Catholic country, it is no surprise that Maria is one of the most popular Portuguese girl names. Maria is a Portuguese and Spanish form of Mary, while Marie and Miriam are popular in other countries. All variants are named for Mary, the mother of Jesus in the Bible. Even if you’re not particularly religious, Maria has a lovely meaning of beloved, which is a beautiful sentiment for your new baby girl.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Pronunciation: Ma-ree-ah


Mariazinha is a diminutive of Maria, but it has a slightly different meaning. It could provide a more unique name choice compared to Maria, but you can shorten it as a pet name. Giving your daughter the name Mariazinha could inspire her to stand up for her beliefs and take a strong stance on things that are important to her.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Rebellious one
  • Pronunciation: mah-ri-ya-ZEE-nya


While the name Mariana rolls off the tongue, it actually has a very strong meaning. Mariana is a name derived from Mars, the Roman god of war. So, while the name Mariana may appear gentle and sweet, it has a strong and tough core. This is superb inspiration for how you may want your daughter to grow up.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Daughter of Marius
  • Pronunciation: ma-ree-ah-nah


Marina is a wonderful name choice for those who love the water and the oceans. Marina is also a feminine form of Marinus, which derives from the Roman god of war, Mars. So, whether walks along the shore are your favorite way to enjoy nature or you want to inspire your daughter to be strong and powerful, Marina is a lovely name choice.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: From the shore
  • Pronunciation: mah-REE-nah


Marissa is another aquatic-themed name, but it could be very apt if you imagine your daughter traveling the seas and oceans to discover new areas of the world.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Of the sea
  • Pronunciation: mar-iss-ah


Matilde is another Portuguese form of Matilda. Like Matilda, Matilde has a strong meaning, which doesn’t require your little girl to become a hardened warrior. However, it could inspire her to have the strength to handle obstacles that are in the path of reaching her goals. You can also use the sweet nicknames of Matty or Tilda if you prefer.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Strength in battle
  • Pronunciation: mat-ill-de


Micaela is the Portuguese, Spanish and Italian form of Michaela. Both variants are the feminine version of Michael. Michael is an archangel in the Bible who was the leader or great captain of the heavenly hosts and a warrior that helped humankind. While the spelling of Michaela is more common in English-speaking names, using Micaela could provide a more unique form of this name.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Who is like God
  • Pronunciation: mi-kah-EL-a


Nathalia is a name derived from Christian nativity, like Natalie or Natalia. Nathalia is a wonderful name choice if you want a Christmas-themed name without relying on the more common Holly or Noelle. Naming your daughter Nathalia could connect her to your spiritual beliefs or your favorite holiday of the year.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: The birthday of Our Lord
  • Pronunciation: Na-tha-lee-ah
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Nelinha is a Portuguese variant of Manuela and a feminine form of Manuel. Naming your daughter Nelinha could bring her into your religious community or give her the reassurance that she is always surrounded by love and grace. Of course, you can also shorten the name to Nellie if you want a sweet pet name.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: God goes with you
  • Pronunciation:neh-LI-nya


If your daughter is due in winter, Neves could be a good name choice, with its meaning of snow. However, Neves is also a title for the Virgin Mary in Portuguese and Spanish. It refers to Our Lady of the Snows or the Nuestra Senora de las Nieves. So, if you’re looking for a Biblical-themed name but you don’t want a variant of Mary, Neves could be the ideal solution.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Snow
  • Pronunciation: NEH-ves
Nature-inspired, Spiritual


Noemia is the Portuguese form of Naomi. In recent years, Naomi has seen an increase in popularity, as there are many high-profile celebrities called Naomi. So, if you like the name but would like a more unique form, Noemia is a lovely alternative.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Pleasantness
  • Pronunciation: no-eem-ee-ah


Paolina is the Portuguese form of Pauline or Paulina and it is the feminine form of Paul. Paul is an important Biblical figure. He was one of the apostles and was recognized as the first Roman Catholic pope. If you like the name Pauline but would like a more unique form, Paolina is an excellent choice.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Small
  • Pronunciation: Pa-o-lee-nah


Pedrina is a feminine form of the Portuguese and Spanish name Pedro. While the meaning of rock may seem a little random, it could provide inspiration for your daughter’s characters. Rocks can weather any storm and provide a solid foundation for any structure. By naming your daughter Pedrina, you could encourage her to be a rock and a willing ear for any of her friends or loved ones.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Rock
  • Pronunciation: Ped-ree-nah


Rafaela is the feminine form of Rafael. In the Bible, Raphael took on human form to help Tobias battle demons in the Old Testament. Raphael was also a famous painter and sculptor who created magnificent works of art. So, if you’re an art lover or want to connect your daughter to your spiritual beliefs, Rafaela is a lovely choice.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: God has healed
  • Pronunciation: Raf-a-ell-ah


Renata is the feminine form of Renatus, which in Latin means born again. The name Renata became popular with early Christians due to the spiritual belief of being reborn with baptism. Renata is a beautiful name that is filled with hope and joy.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Rebirth
  • Pronunciation: re-NAH-tah


While made famous by a Beatles song, Rita is actually derived from Margaret. Rita has fallen out of favor in recent years, so it is far less common than it used to be. However, the popularity of Rita Ora may see an increase in popularity in the coming years.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Daisy or pearl
  • Pronunciation: Ree-tah
  • Namesakes: 1940s starlet Rita Hayworth and singer-songwriter Rita Ora.


Rosa is the Portuguese and Spanish form of Rose. Rose is a classic English name inspired by the beautiful flower. Roses are traditionally associated with beauty, love, and romance. After all, roses are in high demand on Valentine’s day! So, if you want a more unusual form of Rose, you could name your daughter Rosa.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Rose blossom
  • Pronunciation: Ro-za


Although it is easy to assume Rosana is a form of Rosa or Rose, Rosana is actually a Portuguese variant of Roxanne. In Persian, Roxanne means star of magnificence. The name Roxanne was made famous with the 1978 hit by The Police and in Cyrano de Bergerac. However, Roxanne was also the wife of Alexander the Great.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Magnificent star
  • Pronunciation:raw-ZAH-na
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Ruta is a Portuguese form of Ruth. The Book of Ruth in the Old Testament details that Ruth is the great grandmother of David, making her an ancestor of Jesus. While Ruth has become a more common first name since the Protestant Reformation, Rute remains quite unique.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Companion
  • Pronunciation: Roo-ta


While you may assume that Samara is a Portuguese form of Samantha, this is not the case. The two names have very different meanings and different roots. Samara can be traced back to Arabic roots, but it has been embraced as a Portuguese name. Of course, you can still use the nicknames, Sam or Sammy if you want pet names for your daughter.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Protected by God
  • Pronunciation: sam-ah-rah


Like the more typical English or American spelling, Sarah, Sara is an important Biblical figure. Sarah was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. This makes her the matriarch of the Hebrew people. Sara is a timeless classic name, but this slightly different spelling could make it a less common choice.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Woman of high rank
  • Pronunciation: Sa-rah
Traditional, Spiritual


Sofia is the Portuguese and Spanish form of Sophia or Sophie. While Sophia and Sophie are timeless and popular names, Sofia can be a more unusual choice. However, the pronunciation remains the same. Sofia also has some regal connections, particularly within the Spanish royal family.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Wisdom
  • Pronunciation: So-fee-ah
  • Namesakes: Actress Sofia Vergara


While Tatiana originates in Latin, the meaning was unknown. However, William Shakespear named the Queen of the Fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream Tatiana. Tatiana was also a Christian martyr and patron saint of students. Although Tatiana is typically associated with Slavic languages, it does have Portuguese roots due to its links with Christianity.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Fairy queen
  • Pronunciation: ta-tee-AN-ə
  • Namesakes: Actress Tatiana Maslany and Russian tennis player Tatiana Golovin.


Telma is the Portuguese form of Thelma, but it has a more modern appeal. Telma is the ideal name for a girl who has a determined will. Naming your daughter Telma could inspire her to know herself and stick with her beliefs even when faced with peer pressure.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Volition
  • Pronunciation: Tel-mah


Teresinha is a Portuguese form of Theresa or Teresa. The name Teresa has a number of connections to the Catholic faith, including Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who founded the Missionaries of Charity and helped the poor and sick in India for over 45 years. However, Teresinha also has some nature-inspired connections. Naming your daughter Teresinha would associate her with late summer, a beautiful time of the year that is plentiful.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Harvest
  • Pronunciation:te-re-ZI-nya


While Vera may be less common in English-speaking countries, it continues to be a popular name in Portugal and Portuguese-speaking areas of the world. Vera is a powerful name that could inspire your daughter to live a life of truthfulness and faith.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Faith and truth
  • Pronunciation: Vee-rah


Vitoria is the Portuguese form of Victoria and the feminine version of Victor. In Roman myths, Victoria was the goddess of victory and several Christian saints. While Victoria is quite a common name, Vitoria is a little more unique and could encourage your daughter to be strong and always victorious.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Woman of victory
  • Pronunciation:vi-TAWR-ya


Virginia is a chaste name that is popular in many areas of the world, including Portugal. Virginia is a U.S state and a popular vacation resort. However, the name has a great deal of history, dating back to Ancient Rome. The name Virginia may also have the same root as the astrological sign, Virgo.

  • Origin: Portuguese
  • Meaning: Virginal maiden
  • Pronunciation:vər-JIN-yə
  • Namesakes: Writer Virginia Woolf and actress Virginia Madsen.
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Portuguese Names FAQs

What is the Most Popular Girl Name In Portugal?

Since Portugal is a Catholic country, the most popular names typically have religious connections. Currently, Portugal’s most popular girl name is Inês, which is Portuguese for Agnes, the Patron Saint of Children. However, Inês is closely followed by Mariana, Maria, and Joana, which all have spiritual connections.

Due to the Infanta Sofia and her grandmother, Queen Sofia of Spain, this name is also one of the most popular choices in both Portugal and Spain.

What names are banned in Portugal?

Surprisingly, Portugal is one of only a few western countries that have strict guidelines about what you can and cannot name your child. The Portuguese laws do not allow parents to name a child anything at all, as the law considers it a responsibility.

The Portuguese laws aim to protect children, so there are some names that are banned. The laws are in place to ensure names abide by traditions and maintain the Portuguese culture. Parents and parents-to-be can read an 80-page guide that details which names are permitted and which are illegal.

Portuguese babies cannot be named with foreign names. This means that Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Ashley would all be illegal. However, there are many Portuguese versions of names that are from other countries. For example, Joana, rather than Joanna or Sofia, instead of Sophia.

In many cases, the names have similar pronunciations, so you can simply use a more unusual spelling.

Another restriction is that you cannot name your child with a nickname. So while Matilde is permitted, you cannot name your daughter Matty.

Fortunately, if you’re not actually Portuguese, whether a name is illegal in Portugal does not really matter to you. Instead, you can take inspiration from Portugal and ensure that your daughter’s name stands out in her class or the local playground.

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