100 Names That Mean Sweet: Mouth-Watering Meanings

Parents with a sweet tooth will love these adorable names that mean sweet for baby boys and girls.
Take a leaf through the dessert menu to find the most adorable names that mean sweet for babies.

Only names that mean sweet will do for the cutest kids with the loveliest dispositions. Taking inspiration from our favorite treats and the loveliest names internationally, we’ve gathered this list of sweet names for you to drool over.

So, if you’re ready to sprinkle some sugar over your child’s future path, you’re in the right place. Just keep reading to uncover the most delightful names meaning sweet for your little cupcakes, including all their tempting meanings, origins, and more.

71 Gorgeous Girl Names That Mean Sweet

Feminine and fancy, these adorable names are perfect for little sweethearts.

  1. Adoncia – sounds cool and collected among unique Spanish girl names that mean “sweet.”
  2. Adwen – a “blessed” name belonging to the Cornish patron saint of sweethearts.
  3. Angelica – a sassy “angel” name, like the candied dessert herb.
  4. Anika – a captivating international name for a “sweet-faced” girl.
  5. Anush – simply meaning “sweet,” this Armenian name is as cute as can be.
  6. Apple – this unusual celebrity sounds techy and sweet.
  7. Asal – a name rooted in Arabic, this beautiful Asian moniker means “honey.”
  8. Bay – like the evergreen shrub, this sweet, 3-letter name also means “berry.”
  9. Bliss – the most lovely pick among sweet names that sounds like a breath of fresh air.
  10. Brandy – or Brandi, both typically American names reminding us of the sweet, warming, alcoholic drink.
  11. Brownie – a cutesy name for a girl scout, also like the rich, chocolatey dessert.
  12. Candy – sugary and pink, this girl’s name is a classic among names that mean sweet.
  13. Caramel – rich and luxurious, this candy name glitters in gold.
  14. Carmella – this Hebrew name sounds like a dessert but means “garden, orchard.”
  15. Cassia – meaning “cinnamon,” this autumnal Greek name is spicy and sweet.
  16. Cerise – the French word for “cherry” sounds perfect for a sweet, summer-born daughter.
  17. Charlotte – a noble name meaning “free,” also a cakey sort of dessert.
  18. Cherry – this uncommon, fruity name is both sweet and sexy.
  19. Chiasoka – a spiritual Nigerian name, reminding us that “God is sweet.”
  20. Clementine – this gorgeous, French-rooted girl’s name reminds us of the sweet orange fruit.
  21. Cookie – an uncommon name, but with very affectionate undertones.
  22. Cupcake – better as a pet name than a given name, but undeniably sweet nonetheless.
  23. Darva – cute among Slavic names meaning sweet, referring to a “honeybee.”
  24. Deborah – meaning “bee,” this Hebrew name reminds us of honey and hard work.
  25. Dove – like the bird symbolic of peace and unity, or the decadent dark chocolates.
  26. Dulcibella – combining the “sweet” Latin “dulce” element with the “beautiful” feminine “bella.”
  27. Dulcie – a cute and unique pick if you love Latin names that mean “sweet” for girls.
  28. Éclair – meaning “flash of lightning,” this French pastry name sounds sweet yet deadly.
  29. Esti – meaning “honey” in Basque or “star” in Hebrew.
  30. Ginger – a spicy name that makes us think of festive, warming gingerbread.
  31. Glikeriya – or Glikeria, a Greek-rooted name meaning “sweet.”
  32. Hilla – meaning “cloudberry,” this Finnish girl’s name is cute and colorful.
  33. Honey – the most golden pick among all these names that mean sweet for girls.
  34. Iracema – a Portuguese literary name meaning “honey lips,” also an anagram of America.
  35. Jacira – meaning “honeymoon,” this soft Tupi name sparkles like sweet stars.
  36. Kandaĵa – a unique Esperanto name for a kid “made of candy.”
  37. Lalita – this fun-to-say Sanskrit name means “playful, sweet.”
  38. Lang – a cute, 4-letter choice, meaning “sweet potato” in Vietnamese.
  39. Lolly – a victorious name meaning “laurels,” also like the fun childhood candies.
  40. Madeleine – like a type of French cake, also a Greek-rooted name meaning “from Magdala.”
  41. Magdalena – a fun alternative to Madeleine and a type of Spanish muffin.
  42. Mai – this springtime Vietnamese name means “cherry blossom” and “plum flower.”
  43. Makvala – a cute Georgian name meaning “blackberry.”
  44. Malina – meaning “raspberry,” this Slavic name is full of summertime sweetness.
  45. Marja – this spelling variant of Maria is also the pretty Finnish word for “berry.”
  46. Mary Jane – a vintage-chic double-barreled name and old-time candy variety.
  47. Marzipan – an unconventional name after the sweet almond paste.
  48. Mealla – a delicate Irish girl’s name meaning “lightning” or “honey.”
  49. Melina – is an attractive choice for a beloved girl as “sweet as honey.”
  50. Melissa – this popular Greek name means “bee,” reminding us of sweet honey.
  51. Miela – a feminine twist on the Latin word for “honey,” a beautiful “sweet” name.
  52. Nousha – this Persian name is full of all things “sweet, pleasant,” and “sugary.”
  53. Pamela – a retro English name, oozing “honey” and “sweetness.”
  54. Peach – this fruit name makes us feel all fuzzy, with Peaches also being a cute alternative.
  55. Pipaluk – meaning “sweet little thing,” this adorable name is very popular in Greenland.
  56. Pitaya – the proper name for a dragon fruit would make a fun, albeit unconventional, girl name.
  57. Plum – a cute name inspired by the rich, purple fruit.
  58. Ruth – an inspiring name meaning “friend,” with Baby Ruth being a popular American candy bar.
  59. Sadhbh – means “sweet, lovely,” and it’s a surprise to hear this Irish name pronounced “SYVE.”
  60. Shirin – a legendary Persian pick among “sweet” names for girls.
  61. Soma – the most ethereal Indian female name, meaning “lunar nectar.”
  62. Sugar – the sweetest among names that mean sweet!
  63. Sundae – a unique dessert name, perfect for a darling daughter born on a Sunday.
  64. Taffy – a unique name, like the chewy saltwater candies.
  65. Tegwen – meaning “fair, blessed, lovely,” this Welsh name suits only the sweetest girls.
  66. Thom – meaning “sweet-scented,” for the most perfect little petal.
  67. Umeko – an adorable Japanese girl’s name for the sweetest “plum blossom child.”
  68. Vanellope – a Disney character name created by combining Vanilla with Penelope.
  69. Vonnala – this Indian surname also works as a cute pick among “sweetheart” names for girls.
  70. Xalwo – this “sweet” Somali name is also a type of dessert.
  71. Yaara – a Hebrew girl’s name with the golden meaning of “honeycomb.”

20 Beautiful Boy Names That Mean Sweet

The most masculine names for boys are as charming as candy.

  1. Aero – a Greek name meaning “from the sky,” also a type of bubbly chocolate bar.
  2. Ambrose – this “immortal” name reminds us of Ambrosia, the divine food of the Greek gods.
  3. Atif – meaning “kind one,” this virtuous name sounds fit for a sweet and thoughtful lad.
  4. Baker – for a baby always ready to bring the sweetness and a cute surname-turned-first name.
  5. Becker – an old occupational surname meaning “baker.”
  6. Blagun – a strong yet romantic Slavic name meaning “sweet, blessed.”
  7. Blahoslav – this triumphant Slavic name carries “sweet glory.”
  8. Chip – this fun male nickname reminds us of chocolatey ice creams.
  9. Drury – an Old French pick among names that mean “sweetheart, loved one.”
  10. Grozdan – a Slavic pick unique among sweet names inspired by fruit for boys, meaning “grapes.”
  11. Hershey – this Old English locational name makes us think of the U.S. chocolate company.
  12. Madhukar – a Sanskrit-rooted name for a “honey-maker” or “bee lover.”
  13. Meliton – a gentle Greek male name, sweetly meaning “honey.”
  14. Mulberry – is cozy and autumnal among berry names that mean sweet for boys.
  15. Nectarios – meaning “nectar,” this strong Greek name sounds positively divine.
  16. Pollux – meaning “very sweet,” this starry name is rich in Greek and Roman mythologies.
  17. Ratul – an unusual Indian name for a “sweet” man.
  18. Shiraz – is cute and masculine among Muslim boy names that mean “sweet.”
  19. Sucre – a cool capital city name, meaning “sugar” in French.
  20. Willy – short for William (“resolute protector”), reminding us of Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

9 Cute Unisex Names That Mean Sweet

These gender-neutral sweet names sparkle with sugary perfection!

  1. Coco – a designer name for a baby who’s sweet and a little bit nutty.
  2. Li – a commonly-heard Chinese surname and name element, meaning “plum, plum tree.”
  3. Madhur – a “sweet” Sanskrit name for Indian princes and princesses.
  4. Maple – like the tree, this autumnal name gives sweet, syrupy vibes.
  5. Perry – meaning “pear tree,” this rustic Welsh name is sweet, green, and fruity.
  6. Reese – a Welsh name full of “enthusiasm, ardor,” reminding us of the peanut butter candy company.
  7. Rosamel – a charming, gender-neutral European name combining sweet elements meaning “rose” and “honey.”
  8. Sweetie – a commonly-used pet name for many a darling, much less common than a chosen first name.
  9. Tirion – meaning “kind, happy,” this unisex Welsh name sounds sweet and caring.

Sweet Names FAQs

What Name Means Honey?

Honey is a beautiful name for a baby, but other international options include Asal, Mealla, Esti, Jacira, Pamela, Yaara, Meliton, and Miela. Deborah, Melissa, and Madhukar are also sweet, honey-related choices, meaning “bee.”

What Are Some Dessert Names for Babies?

Consider Éclair, Madeleine, Marzipan, Lolly, Brownie, Cookie, Sundae, or even Cupcake if you love names inspired by sweet treats.

What Names Represent Sweetness?

Dulcie is a cute Latin girl’s name that means “sweetness,” or you could opt for the Greek-rooted Glikeria. For boys, we love Nectarios, Shiraz, and Ratul.

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