500 Awesome Asian Boy Names: From Popular to Rare

Choose the A-List of Asian boy names for true naming inspiration.

Drawing inspiration from the globe’s largest continent is a great place to start your naming journey. With a land mass equal to 30 percent of the planet, finding Asian boy names that resonate should be simple.

You’ll be amazed at the rich pickings you have! From Afghanistan and Armenia, to Vietnam and Yemen, Asia has 48 countries across 11 time zones. And what wonderful Asian male names there are. Their descriptions certainly embrace this vast region’s cultures, histories, families, traditions, and religions.

So, let’s dive into the estimated 4.46 billion population to find the best Asian male names for your bundle of joy.

500 A-Grade Asian Boy Names

Whether you want a traditional name or something more modern, we have you covered!

  1. Aadi – some Asian boy names come from Sanskrit – means “beginning” and “first.”
  2. Aafreen – primarily a female name with increasing male usage – means “welcome, praise,” and “beautiful.”
  3. Aaker – possibly derived from the Scandinavian Aker, meaning “plowed field.”
  4. Aalap – a cool Hindi name meaning “conversation” and “musical interlude.”
  5. Aapt – the perfect Hindi name for “trustworthy” kids.
  6. Abdul – a diminutive of Abdullah, meaning “servant to God” in Arabic.
  7. Abdullah – similar to Abdul and sometimes spelled Abdallah.
  8. Abhas – many Asian boy names are from Sanskrit – means “awareness” and “reflection.”
  9. Abheek – an Indian boy’s name meaning “fearless” and “beloved.”
  10. Abhi – a classic Hindu name meaning “fearless, towards,” and “against.”
  11. Abhidi – a positive Indian name meaning “radiant, illuminating,” and “distinctive.”
  12. Abhijata – this Sanskrit/Hindu name means “well-born.”
  13. Abhra – a cute Asian name meaning “cloud” and “bearing water.”
  14. Achal – a regal Sanskrit name meaning “constant, steady,” describing a stationary state.
  15. Achindra – if your little boy is “flawless” and “without faults,” this Sanskrit name is perfect.
  16. Adarsh – part of the Rashi (zodiac) of names, this Hindu name means “an ideal” and “principle.”
  17. Adesh – a cool Sanskrit name for men meaning “command” and “message.”
  18. Adhira – the ideal Indian name for a “restless” and “temperamental” kid.
  19. Adil – if you believe in “fairness” and “justice,” this “righteous” Arabic name fits the bill.
  20. Adisa – an Afro-Asian baby name meaning “the clear one.”
  21. Adri – this gender-neutral Indian make name means “stone” or “mountain.”
  22. Ahsan – a unique Arabic name meaning “perfection” and “excellence.”
  23. Aito – some Asian male names are Oriental – means “love” in Japanese.
  24. Aiu – is popular among the Chinese community in Hawaii, meaning “to battle, kill” or “slaughter.”
  25. Aja – this snappy Sanskrit name means “he or she-goat.”
  26. Akihiro – is popular among Asian American Japanese families – means “bright” and “autumn (fall).”
  27. Akihito – such a positive Japanese name meaning “bright” and “brilliant.”
  28. Akio – this easy-to-pronounce Japanese name means “bright, luminous,” and “clear.”
  29. Akira – a cool gender-neutral Japanese name meaning “bright, brilliant,” and “ideal.”
  30. Akiyoshi – continuing the Japanese “bright” names – also means “clear” and “justice.”
  31. Ami – possibly derived from Hebrew/Latin, meaning “trustworthy” and “beloved friend.”
  32. Amiya – this Sanskrit name is associated with sweetness and beauty – means “delightful” and “nectar.”
  33. Aoi – this traditional Japanese first name means “blue” and “hollyhock flower.”
  34. Aran – derived from the Hebrew Aaron, meaning “mountain of strength.”
  35. Arjun – a beautiful Sanskrit name meaning “lustrous” and “shiny white.”
  36. Arun – this Western-sounding name means “dawn sun” and “exalted” in Sanskrit.
  37. Atsuo – the best Japanese name for “kind, affectionate,” and “pure” kids
  38. Atsushi – this masculine Japanese name means “compassionate warrior.”
  39. Avikar – derived from Hebrew, meaning “my father is priceless.”
  40. Baabul – taken mainly from the Hindu religion, meaning “fatherly figure.”
  41. Baaqi – a classic Muslim name meaning “eternal” and “immortal.”
  42. Baashir – of Arabic origin, meaning “one who brings good news.”
  43. Baaz – of Persian (Iranian) and Assyrian origin, meaning “falcon.”
  44. Babak – derived from the Middle Persian Pabāk, meaning “beloved father.”
  45. Baba Khan – sometimes spelled Babakhan, this Asian name means “father” and “ruler.”
  46. Babar – of Persian and Pashto origin, meaning “lion, tiger,” and “brave.”
  47. Bagrat – this Armenian name derives from the Old Persian Bagadāta, meaning “gift of God.”
  48. Bala – some Asian names for boys are also unisex – means “young one.”
  49. Bang – the Chinese meaning of Bang is “nation.”
  50. Banki – this Japanese first, middle, and last name means “ten thousand” and “tree and wood.”
  51. Bao – a short and sweet Chinese name meaning “precious treasure.”
  52. Baojia – this Mandarin Chinese name means “protect the family.”
  53. Bat – a popular name among Maccau Chinese, means “to complete” and “the whole of.”
  54. Batukhan – derived from the Asian Batu/Batur, meaning “strong and brave ruler.”
  55. Binh – this Vietnamese unisex name means “peaceful” and “even.”
  56. Bishamon – an aggressive Asian name meaning “Japanese god of war.”
  57. Bourey – of Cambodian origin, meaning “country” or “great city.”
  58. Bukka – a cool Sanskrit name meaning “sincere, loving,” and “the heart.”
  59. Bullah – an unusual Arabic name meaning “the beauty and glow of youth.”
  60. Burhan – this Muslim boy’s name means “proof” and “evidence.”
  61. Byford – an Asian name derived from Old English, meaning “by the ford.”
  62. Byron – the perfect Eurasian name of English origin, meaning “at the byres” and “near the cowshed.”
  63. Cabir – sometimes spelled Khabir and Kabir, meaning “great powerful leader” in Asia.
  64. Cadeo – a musical Vietnamese name meaning “folk song.”
  65. Cai – means “colorful” in Chinese and “happy, rejoice” in Latin/Welsh.
  66. Caka – primarily of Hungarian origin, meaning “to be content” and “to shine.”
  67. Calah – of Hebrew origin, meaning “favorable” and “opportunity.”
  68. Cam – short for Cameron; this Scottish name means “crooked nose.”
  69. Chagi – a cool Japanese male name meaning “tree, wood,” and “tea.”
  70. Chakan – one of many Thai names on the list – means “able-bodied person.”
  71. Chan – this popular Chinese name means “snow.”
  72. Chanarong – a descriptive Thai name meaning “experienced warrior.”
  73. Chand – a simple Hindi name meaning “moon.”
  74. Chandra – similar to Chand, meaning “moon, bright, shining,” and “glittering.”
  75. Chang – a popular Chinese boy’s name meaning “proper, flourish,” and “free.”
  76. Changeez – an unusual Muslim name meaning “brave, powerful,” and “wise.”
  77. Chanpreet – this Sikh name means “one who loves the moon.”
  78. Chanthou – a Cambodian name relating to an indigenous “flower.”
  79. Chatak – this boy’s name describes a “mythical Indian bird.”
  80. Chatta – a simple Indian name meaning “umbrella” or “parasol.”
  81. Carumat – a smart Hindi name meaning “intelligent.”
  82. Cataka – some Indian names have long meanings, like “mythical bird living on raindrops” and “a poet.”
  83. Cheng – of Chinese origin, meaning “accomplish” and “success.”
  84. Chetana – this Sanskrit Hindu name means “perceptive” and “one full of consciousness.”
  85. Chetty – of Sri Lankan and Indian origin, and an alternative name for the Tamil god Lord Murugan.
  86. Chin – derived from the Chen, this Korean name means “ancient, to describe” and “to pound grain.”
  87. Ching – this classic Chinese name means “to open” and “to spread.”
  88. Chinnanan – a Chinese name meaning “king/ruler, talented/handsome,” and “army.”
  89. Chittesh – a deep Sanskrit name meaning “lord of the soul” and “ruler of the mind.”
  90. Chittrup – of Hindi origin, meaning “intelligent, wise,” and “good-hearted.”
  91. Chongan – an unusual Chinese name meaning “second brother” and “peace.”
  92. Chuluun – the first Mongolian entry – means “stone” or “strong as stone.”
  93. Chung – primarily of Southeast Asian/Vietnamese origin, meaning “common.”
  94. Citaka – this Hindu boy’s name describes an “ornament worn on the neck.”
  95. Coksa – a unisex Hindi name meaning “pure, clean,” and “pleasant.”
  96. Cyan – this Hawaiian boy’s name means “brave, selfless,” and “gifted.”
  97. Daafi – an Urdu name meaning “one who keeps away.”
  98. Daarshik – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “one who perceives” and “perceiver.”
  99. Dadafarin – used by the ancient Parsi culture in India, meaning “the one created by justice.”
  100. Dadvar – this South Asian name means “just” and judge.”
  101. Dae Ho – a cute Korean name meaning “the great one” and “shining.”
  102. Dae Jung – similar to Dae Ho, this Korean name means “greatness” and “righteous.”
  103. Daksina – this South Asian name means “competent” and “donation to God.”
  104. Dalajita – this unusual Indian name means “conquering a group.”
  105. Dalgeet – sometimes spelled Daljeet; this Sikh-orientated name means “conqueror of forces.”
  106. Danasur – this unusual name has an equally strange meaning of “hero among donors.”
  107. Darshak – a popular Hindu name meaning “spectator.”
  108. Da Shin – a typical Chinese name meaning “vast, big or great” and “new.”
  109. Dayesh – a Nepali and English name meaning “bigots imposing their views.”
  110. Dayita – a beautiful Hindu name with a meaning to match – means “one who is beloved.”
  111. Debjit – a cool Hindu name meaning “one who has conquered the gods.”
  112. Delun – a unique occupational Chinese name meaning “one who lays down order and gives justice.”
  113. Donghai – the Chinese name for the East China Sea.
  114. Elison – this Hebrew-inspired Blasian name means “Yahweh is my God.”
  115. Eric – a popular European name in Asia, meaning “eternal ruler” in Old Norse.
  116. Feng – this Mandarin and Chinese name means “maple” and “phoenix.”
  117. Fai – the perfect Chinese baby name – means “beginning” and “growth.”
  118. Gembira – possibly of Malaysian origin, meaning “happy one.”
  119. Guozhi – another Chinese name meaning “the states ordered.”
  120. Hai – means “sea” and “ocean” in Chinese and “alive” in Arabic.
  121. Hirohito – a stereotypical but famous Japanese name meaning “compassionate person.”
  122. Hiromi – this Japanese name describes someone with “magnanimous beauty.”
  123. Isamu– sticking with the Japanese theme, Isamu means “courage, bravery,” and “achievement.”
  124. Ichika – a classic Japanese name meaning “excellent” and “best.”
  125. Ichimoto – this stereotypical Japanese name means “book, true,” and “real.”
  126. Ichiro – your “first-born son” deserves a Japanese name like this.
  127. Jiang – a gender-neutral, nature-inspired Chinese name meaning “river.”
  128. Jin – the perfect Chinese name for “bright and beautiful” kids – also means “gold.”
  129. Jun – a commendable Japanese boy’s name meaning “truthful.”
  130. Kaede – a quirky Japanese name meaning “maple tree.”
  131. Kana – the ideal Japanese name for “powerful” kids.
  132. Kanae – depending on the kanji, this Japanese name means “affection, beautiful, vegetables,” and good.”
  133. Kaname – of Japanese origin, meaning “rain” and “pivotal point.”
  134. Kanaye – a cool Japanese name meaning “zealous one.”
  135. KangDae – the perfect Korean name for “big and strong” kids.
  136. Kasem – this Thai-inspired name is common in the Christian faith and means “happiness” and “joy.”
  137. Kazuhiro – a masculine Japanese name meaning “harmony, peace,” and “concord.”
  138. Kazuma – this unisex Japanese name means “peace” and “harmony.”
  139. Kenji – the ideal Japanese name for your “second son.”
  140. Kew – a short and sweet Chinese name meaning “fur” and “fur coat.”
  141. Kiet – this masculine name of Thai origin means “honor.”
  142. Kiew – typically used as a surname among Chinese-Malaysians, meaning “mound.”
  143. Kim – a popular North and South Korean name meaning “gold.”
  144. Klahan – the perfect Thai name for “brave” little boys.
  145. Kovit – this unusual Thai name means “expert.”
  146. Kunthea – a masculine Sanskrit name meaning “fragrance” and “perfume.”
  147. Kyong – this unisex Korean name means “brightness” and “shining.”
  148. Kyung – a short and snappy Korean name meaning “honor and respect.”
  149. Laabh – a cool Hindu boy’s name meaning “profit” and “gain.”
  150. Laaek – of Sikh and Punjabi origin, meaning “wise and capable.”
  151. Laal – to Hindus, Laal means “red” and represents human blood.
  152. Laasak – popular in Nepal, this Hindu name means “playful,” “peacock,” and “dancer.”
  153. Laavindeep – a positive Sikh name meaning “illuminated” and “bright.”
  154. Labaka – is of Indian origin, describing someone with a “melodious or sweet voice.”
  155. Laban – of Hebrew origin, meaning “white.”
  156. Labham – similar to Laabh, meaning “profit” and “gain” in Hindi/Sanskrit.
  157. Labib – widely used in the Muslim community; this Arabic name means “understanding, sensible,” and “intelligent.”
  158. Lachan – means “bright eyes” in Hindi and “land of lakes” in Scottish/Gaelic.
  159. Lachman – following the “lake” theme, this Hindi name means “man from the lake.”
  160. Ladan – this Urdu name means “flower.”
  161. Laghu – a popular Nepalese name meaning “quick” in Hindi.
  162. Lagna – one of the many Indian names of Lord Ganesh – means “auspicious moment in time.”
  163. Lahar – such a beautiful Indian boy’s name meaning “wave.”
  164. Lahari – similar to Lahar, meaning “large wave.”
  165. Lailesh – this cute Hindu boy’s name means “Lord Shiva.”
  166. Lajbar – the meaning of the Islamic name Lajbar is “name of precious stone.”
  167. Lajjan – is of Hindu origin, meaning “modesty.”
  168. Lajjit – similar to Lajjan – also means “bashful” and “shy.”
  169. Lajpreet – this Asian masculine name means “love of honor.”
  170. Lak – a popular Malaysian Chinese name meaning “cheerful” and “to laugh.”
  171. Lakar – a special Asian name meaning “challenge.”
  172. Lakesha – sometimes spelled Lakeysha – means “great joy” in Indian.
  173. Lakhminder – an alternative to Lakwinder, meaning “ruler of one hundred thousand people” in Punjabi.
  174. Lakhviar – a similar Asian name to Lakminder, meaning “brave as one hundred thousand.”
  175. Lakhwinder – an alternate spelling of Lakminder, meaning “ruler of one hundred thousand people.”
  176. Lakni – this Sri Lankan Hindu name means “warrior.”
  177. Laksaka – of Indian origin, meaning “ray of beauty.”
  178. Lakshmi Gopal – one of the many Hindu names of “Lord Vishnu.”
  179. Lakshminath – a spiritual Hindu name meaning “consort of goddess Lakshmi.”
  180. Lakshmi Raman – possibly another name for “Lord Vishnu” or means “wise and just.”
  181. Lakshna – means “features” in Tamil and “an auspicious mark” in Sanskrit.
  182. Lalamani – this Hindi-inspired name means “ruby.”
  183. Lamaka – one of many Hindu names – means “gallant” and “lover.”
  184. Lataka – is popular with the Hindu faith, referring to a “saint” or “sage.”
  185. Latif – the perfect Arabic name for a “gentle and kind” son.
  186. Lavindeep – means “illuminating and glowing lamp” in Hindi.
  187. Lehan – this Bengali name means “one who refuses.”
  188. Lejiel – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God lives.”
  189. Lekhak – a strong Hindu name meaning “author” and “one versed in writing.”
  190. Lepaksh – of Indian origin describing someone with “painted eyes.”
  191. Leviticus – this Greek male name describes someone “belonging to the Levites.”
  192. Likilesh – a complex Indian name from the goddess Saraswati, meaning “skilled in writing.”
  193. Ling – a cool gender-neutral Chinese name meaning “the sound of jade” and “unbreakable spirit.”
  194. Linga – this Sanskrit name means “sign” and “distinguishing symbol.”
  195. Lingamurty – this precious Asian name represents one of the many names of “Lord Shiva.”
  196. Lingaraju – the most regal of Tamil names meaning “king of kings.”
  197. Lohrasp – named after the mythological king of Iran – means “having swift horses” in Persian.
  198. Lokajita – this Hindu name means “victorious.”
  199. Lokpal – an edgy Sikh name meaning “defender.”
  200. Lorents – sometimes spelled Lorentz, this Spanish boy’s name means “from Laurentum.”
  201. Loukas – means “from Lucania” in Italian and “bringer of light” in Greek.
  202. Lukesha – of Hindu origin, meaning “king of the empire.”
  203. Lupesh – this gorgeous Asian name means “energetic, majestic,” and “person with an auspicious mark.”
  204. Lvanish – of Indian origin, meaning “son of Dhrup.”
  205. Maadesh – one of the many Hindu names of “Lord Shiva.”
  206. Maahi – this unisex Indian name means “heaven, earth” and “river.”
  207. Maalik – a popular Arabic name meaning “owns” and “possesses.”
  208. Maanraj – is popular in the Sikh, Punjabi, and Bengali cultures – means “ruler of the heart.”
  209. Madesh – in Nepal, this Hindu name means “Lord Shiva.”
  210. Madhabi – this Bengali name refers to the goddess Lakshmi.
  211. Madhav Krishna – is of Indian origin and the name of Lord Krishna.
  212. Madhu – this Sanskrit name is used across India and means “honey” and “sweet.”
  213. Madhuja – widely used in the Hindu faith – means “made of honey.”
  214. Madhusudana – this Hindu name translates as “one who slayed the demon Madhu.”
  215. Magesh – is one of many alternative Hindu names for Lord Shiva.
  216. Mahesh – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “great ruler.”
  217. Mahmood – this popular Arabic name means “praiseworthy.”
  218. Makhesh – an alternative name for Lord Shiva and means “great ruler.”
  219. Mamuka – primarily used in Kazakhstan and means “little father.”
  220. Manishika – the perfect Hindu name for “intelligent” children.
  221. Marat – once widely used in the former Soviet republics and means “desire” and “wish.”
  222. Masruq – a cool Muslim name meaning “great leader, discipline,” and “protector.”
  223. Maysoon – also spelled Maysun, and means “beautiful face and body” in Arabic.
  224. Medad – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “friend.”
  225. Medha – a gender-neutral Sanskrit name meaning “wit and intelligence.”
  226. Meghraj – means “king of clouds” in Hindi and “king of rain” in Nepalese.
  227. Meharpal – popular with the Sikh and Punjabi community and means “protected by kindness.”
  228. Mehmet – similar to Mahmood, this well-loved Arabic name means “praiseworthy.”
  229. Methi – drawn from Hindu mythology, meaning “celestial or heavenly damsel.”
  230. Miha – a short and sweet Japanese name meaning “excellent, splendid,” and “beautiful.”
  231. Mika – a gender-neutral name of Japanese origin, meaning “beautiful, fragrance,” and “good.”
  232. Miki – this nature-inspired name means “three trees together” and “beautiful tree.”
  233. Minati – a beautiful Sanskrit name meaning “prayer.”
  234. Ming – a famous and popular Chinese name meaning “bright, light,” and “clear.”
  235. Minnu – is prominent in Southern India, meaning “open bright, shiny sky.”
  236. Mithresh – of Hindu origin, meaning “peace-lover, warm,” and “mediator.”
  237. Mitodru – a cool Hindi name meaning “a successor of god.”
  238. Mitsuo – of Japanese origin, meaning “shine” and “light.”
  239. Miyoko – let’s continue the Japanese theme – means “beautiful, generation,” and “child.”
  240. Mohinderpal – a classic Sanskrit name meaning “superior to another in excellence.”
  241. Mohnit – a boy’s name of Indian origin, meaning “willing to attract.”
  242. Mokhtar – sometimes spelled Mukhtar – means “chosen” in Arabic.
  243. Moorti – with multiple Sanskrit meanings: “an idol, auspicious lord,” and “statue.”
  244. Moyash – of Indian origin, meaning “my glory” and “my fame.”
  245. Mrigaya – an unusual Indian name meaning “hunting” and “one who chases deer.”
  246. Mudiraj – this Indian/Asian name means “king.”
  247. Mugilan – a super-cute Tamil boy’s name meaning “king of clouds.”
  248. Muhammed – one of the most popular Arabic boy’s names – means “praiseworthy.”
  249. Mujtaba – with links to the prophet Muhammad, this Arabic name means “the chosen.”
  250. Munawar – some Muslim boy names are dripping in positivity – means “bright and shiny.”
  251. MunHee – one of many Korean male names – means “literate, educated,” and “pleasure.”
  252. Munindra – of Indian origin, meaning “best among saints.”
  253. Naabhak – popular in Nepal; this Hindu name means “belonging to the sky.”
  254. Naaman – of Hebrew origin, meaning “pleasant, sweet” and “good.”
  255. Naamcheet – means “love for the Lord” in Sikh and “love for the Lord’s name” in Punjabi.
  256. Nabneet – possibly derived from the Sanskrit Navneet, meaning “eternally new.”
  257. Nadal – your bundle of joy will be “fortunate” to have this Hindi name.
  258. Naftali – possibly meaning “wreath,” this unusual Hebrew boy name also describes someone “struggling” or “wrestling with anxiety.”
  259. Nagulu – a classic Asian name meaning snake.
  260. Nahusa – this Indian name means “lunar dynasty, fellow creature,” and “king of the son of Ayus.”
  261. Nalesa – such a pretty Asian boy’s name meaning “king of flowers.”
  262. Nandrani – this unisex Asian name means “the queen of happiness and joy.”
  263. Nareeman – of Persian origin, meaning “faith and brightness.”
  264. Nashad – the ideal Muslim name for an “unhappy” or “morose” child.
  265. Navdip – a variation of Navdeep, meaning “new light” and “new lamp.”
  266. Navjeet – a cool Sikh/Punjabi gender-neutral name meaning “new winning” and “new victory.”
  267. Nebez – possibly of Kurdish origin, meaning “invincible” and “freedom.”
  268. Neerad – of Hindu origin, meaning “clouds, given by water” and “collection of water droplets.”
  269. Neeraj – this masculine Sanskrit name means “water born” and “lotus.”
  270. Neharika – this quirky Nepalese name means “dewdrop, nebula,” and “bunches of a star.”
  271. Nejav – a wonderful Hindu name meaning “eternity” and “empathy.”
  272. Nidhaan – this descriptive Sikh name means “store” and “treasure.”
  273. Nidhi – the ideal Sanskrit name for wealthy kids – means “money and riches.”
  274. Nigna – a cool Indian name meaning “the lord of treasure.”
  275. Nrupesh – the most regal of Asian names meaning “king of kings.”
  276. Nupoor – a quirky and rare Hindi name meaning “anklet.”
  277. Nyan – the first Burmese (Myanmar) entry meaning “wisdom.”
  278. Obi – means “heart” in Nigerian and “small tail” in Japanese.
  279. Odaka – means “cherry blossom” in Japanese and “apple flavor” in Sanskrit.
  280. Odard – this Asian name means “a wealthy guardian.”
  281. Oni – means “demon” in Japanese and “heaven and earth” in Sanskrit.
  282. Onkara – of Sikh origin, meaning “one supreme reality” and “one God.”
  283. Orin – this simple Japanese name describes a “singing bowl” used to purify evil spirits.
  284. Orochi – refers to a Japanese mythological “eight-headed great snake.”
  285. Paalit – a popular Bengali name meaning “precious and protected.”
  286. Paaraj – this precious Hindu name means “gold.”
  287. Paaru – with multiple meanings, this Indian name means “sun, fire, goddess Parvati, graceful,” and “water flow.”
  288. Pachima – an Indian name with roots in Judaism meaning “he who lives in the west town.”
  289. Padamjeet – a stunning Hindu name meaning “one who is beautiful like the lotus.”
  290. Pagavan – this Hindu boy’s name means “who is like Lord Buddha” and “Lord Brahma.”
  291. Painda – is popular in Afghanistan and Persia (Iran), meaning “wise and intelligent man.”
  292. Pajas – a gender-neutral Hindu name meaning “firmness” and “strength.”
  293. Pakshi – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “a sweet singing bird.”
  294. Pala – possibly of Kurdish origin, meaning “flower.”
  295. Pamposh – this Hindi-originated name means “lotus flower.”
  296. Panchavati – a unique Hindu name describing a “place with five auspicious trees.”
  297. Paradeep – the perfect Indian name for a “considerate” child.
  298. Parashara – of Sanskrit and Hindu origin, meaning “one who is the destroyer of evil.”
  299. Pardeep – a common Hindi boy’s name meaning “shine, lamp” and “lantern.”
  300. Parsanjit – a strong Bengali masculine name meaning “the king in the epics” and “champion.”
  301. Pasi – possibly of Greek and Indian origin, meaning “regal, royal,” and “imperial.”
  302. Pawanjeev – this Indian name has a deep meaning: “seeker of wisdom and knowledge.”
  303. Peniel – a unisex biblical name meaning “face or vision of God.”
  304. Peyusha – a Hindu boy’s name meaning “elixir” and “nectar.”
  305. Phaneesh – popular in Marathi, Bengali, and Hindi, meaning “king of serpents.”
  306. Pidda – this Afghani masculine name means “fairness, knowledge,” and “leadership.”
  307. Pingakshi – a descriptive Bengali name meaning “brown-eyed person.”
  308. Ponlok – a gender-neutral Cambodian name meaning “dear” and “darling.”
  309. Prabal – this prominent Nepalese name means “strong” and “fierce.”
  310. Prabanjan – a mysterious name describing a “tempest” and relates to the “son of the wind.”
  311. Pradaan – this generous Hindu name means “to give, to bestow,” and “blessings.”
  312. Pradheep – a variation of the Asian Pradeep, meaning “light, lamp,” and “lantern.”
  313. Pradip – any guy would love this name – means “light” and “shine.”
  314. Prajakta – this gender-neutral name means “fragrant flower” in Marathi and “goddess of creation” in Sanskrit.
  315. Prajivan – this Hindu baby boy’s name is ideal for “exuberant” and “lively” kids.
  316. Praket – some Indian names are perfect for “intelligent” kids.
  317. Pranay – of Hindu/Indian origin, meaning “affection, love,” and “regard.”
  318. Prateesh – an Indian warrior name for “one known for his bravery.”
  319. Pushparn – one of the many Hindi names on the list – means “stream of flowers.”
  320. Pushpreet – of Punjabi, Bengali, and Sikh origin, meaning “love for flowers.”
  321. Puskal – this rich Asian name means “Lord Shiva, magnificent, powerful, purified,” and “abundant.”
  322. Pyara – a sweet Sikh name, refers to “a person who is loved.”
  323. Qaeed – this Islamic boy’s name means “friend.”
  324. Qabool – a pretty Arabic name meaning “accepted” and “agreed.”
  325. Qadim – an interesting Muslim name meaning “ancient antique.”
  326. Qaseem – the Islamic name of the prophet Muhammad’s son – means “one who distributes.”
  327. Qingsheng – this beautiful Chinese name means “celebrating birth.”
  328. Qing Yuan – a gender-neutral Chinese name meaning “clear spring” and “deep water.”
  329. Quan – a popular Mandarin name meaning “authority, power” and “expedient.”
  330. Quang – of Vietnamese origin, this genderless name means “pure and clear.”
  331. Quarbaan – this Muslim name means “ready to sacrifice life for a cause.”
  332. Qutab – an unusual Muslim name meaning “axle, pivot” and “the axle round which a wheel turns.”
  333. Raadhak – in Hindi, Raadhak means “generous” and “liberal.”
  334. Raahim – is of Arabic origin, meaning “one who is compassionate, kind, and merciful.”
  335. Raajak – the most regal Arabic name meaning “radiant prince” and “brilliant ruler.”
  336. Raamiz – a cute Muslim boy’s name meaning “symbol.”
  337. Raavi – this cool Indian name means “luminant sun, brilliant,” and “radiant.”
  338. Rabi – the best Arabic names are simple, like Rabi, meaning “gentle wind.”
  339. Rabinder – an exquisite Mulsim boy’s name meaning “Lord Sun.”
  340. Ragul – this edgy Indian name is perfect for “obedient” kids.
  341. Rahaman – of Arabic origin, meaning “gracious, kind, merciful,” and “lord.”
  342. Raheeq – some Arabic names have generic meanings – means “handsome” and “smart.”
  343. Rahn – possibly of Hebrew origin, meaning “a song of joy.”
  344. Rahul – an Arabic name meaning “moon, able” and “efficient” in Sanskrit and Pali.
  345. Rajaana – this colorful Hindu name means “brightening, coloring,” and “painting.”
  346. Rajanisa – a cool Indian boy’s name meaning “lord of the night.”
  347. Rajbir – a heroic Sikh/Punjabi name meaning “hero of the land, kingdoms warrior,” and “mighty.”
  348. Rajroop – a classic Punjabi/Bengali name meaning “embodiment of the king.”
  349. Rajul – some men are lucky to have this Indian name – means “intelligent, bright,” and “wise.”
  350. Rakala – a celestial Indian name meaning “full moon, moonbeam,” and “glory of the moon.”
  351. Rakshan – of Asian origin, meaning “Lord Vishnu” and “protector.”
  352. Raktakumud – an unusual Indian boy’s name meaning “king of the lily flower.”
  353. Ramandeep – this sophisticated name means “boy” and “bathed in the lord’s love.”
  354. Ranjeev – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “victorious” and “one who is immortal.”
  355. Ranjik – the ideal Sanskrit name for “loveable” and “exciting” baby boys.
  356. Ranojit – a powerful Indian name meaning “conqueror of war.”
  357. Rapinder – a popular Sikh and Punjabi name meaning “lord of beauty” and “brave warrior.”
  358. Rehaman – similar to Rahaman, meaning “gracious, king, merciful” and “lord.”
  359. Reheeq – this popular Malaysian name means “one who is smart, handsome, and elegant.”
  360. Rutesh – a cool Hindu name meaning “kind of seasons” and “the god of truth.”
  361. Rutu – some Hindi names have weird meanings, like “heavy” and “dullard.”
  362. Rutwaak – is of Hindu origin, meaning “sage.”
  363. Ryo – a short and sweet Japanese name meaning “dragon, excellent, succeed,” and “distant.”
  364. Ryoto – this inspired Japanese name means “dragon” and “person.”
  365. Ryuu – a cool Japanese name for a mythical “dragon.”
  366. Saabir – a cute Muslim name meaning “enduring” and “patient.”
  367. Saad – this Arabic name oozes positivity – means “happiness” and “good fortune.”
  368. Saajid – a deeply religious Muslim name meaning “one who worships God.”
  369. Saakar – this Hindu boy’s name means “manifestation of God” and “formal and attractive.”
  370. Sachan – a cool Western Indian name meaning “eagle.”
  371. Sachdeep – used primarily in the Sikh community – means “light of truth.”
  372. Sachindra – of Nepali origin, meaning “something truthful and honest.”
  373. Sachipati – according to some, Sachipati means “attractive, adventure” and “emotion” in Hindi.
  374. Sadhwani – consider this Hindu name if your little bundle of joy has a “sweet voice.”
  375. Saduk – a snappy Hindi name meaning “existent.”
  376. Sagav – a cool Hindi boy’s name meaning “white.”
  377. Sahlaad – the perfect Hindi name for “joyful” and “cheerful” kids.
  378. Sai Baba – this famous Hindu name means “holy or saintly father.”
  379. Sai Deepak – this charming Hindu name means “flower.”
  380. Sai Shivudu – this likable Indian name means “Lord Shiva.”
  381. Sutosh – a bright and cheerful Asian name meaning “one who becomes happy easily.”
  382. Sutraman – an awesome Hindu boy’s name meaning “protecting well.”
  383. Suvarnak – this Hindi name enables every child to have a “golden” future.
  384. Suvesh – derives from ancient Jainism, meaning “handsome” and “beautiful clothes.”
  385. Swaroop – some Hindu names brim with positivity, like Swaroop, meaning “lover of beauty.”
  386. Swetang – our first entry from Gujarat, means “pure as milk” and “fair complexion.”
  387. Syamak – sometimes spelled Siamak, meaning “black-haired man” in Persian and Afghani.
  388. Syrus – this masculine Persian name means “sun.”
  389. Taahir – pick this Arabic name for “pure, chaste,” and “modest” kids.
  390. Taaj – very few names have such pedigree – means “crown” in Arabic.
  391. Taarik – sometimes spelled Tariq; this Arabic name means “morning star” and “bright star.”
  392. Tabresh – this upbeat Hindu name means “love.”
  393. Tadrash – an enchanting alternative Asian name for “Lord Shiva.”
  394. Tahaan – is of Arabic/Muslim origin, meaning “merciful.”
  395. Tamerlan – derived from the Turkish and Mongolian Temür, meaning “iron.”
  396. Tamish – this vivid Hindu name means “god of darkness and the moon.”
  397. Tapishwar – one of many Asian names for “Lord Shiva,” the Hindu protector of the universe.
  398. Tarunak – keep your kids young with this Hindi name meaning “youthful.”
  399. Teeraj – a habitational Hindu name meaning “tree near the shore.”
  400. Teja – a short and sweet Sanskrit name meaning “radiant, lustrous,” and “light.”
  401. Trishva – a widely used Hindi name meaning “one who can line in all three worlds.”
  402. Trivikrama – an alternative name for “Lord Vishnu,” meaning “conqueror of three worlds.”
  403. Trung – this gender-neutral Vietnamese name means “medium.”
  404. Tshewang – a Tibetan name used primarily in Bhutan, meaning “blessing, wisdom,” and “faith.”
  405. Tsuneo – an unassuming Japanese name meaning “usual” and “man.”
  406. Tsutomu – the perfect Japanese moniker for hardworking kids – means “to strive” and “exert effort.”
  407. Tukaram – of Hindu and Sanskrit origin, meaning “poet” or “saint.”
  408. Tushir – widely used in the Hindu faith, meaning “new small leaf.”
  409. Tutyahu – possibly of Hebrew origin, meaning “the goodness of God.”
  410. Tuvya – this boy’s name derives from the Hebrew Toviyahh, meaning “God is good.”
  411. Twan – a Vietnamese boy’s name derived from the French Antoine, meaning “highly praiseworthy.”
  412. Tzevi – this unique baby name means “deer or gazelle” in Hebrew.
  413. Ubadah – a classic Arabic masculine name meaning “serves God.”
  414. Uchitdeep – of Indian origin, meaning “lamp of the right.”
  415. Uchitpal – a confident Sikh/Punjabi name meaning “protector of right.”
  416. Uchpreet – a vibrant Sikh name meaning “love for elevation.”
  417. Udar – this quirky Sanskrit name means “generous.”
  418. Uddipta – a wonderfully descriptive Hindi name meaning “the sun” and “rays of rising.”
  419. Udrek – some Hindu names are beautiful – means “blossoming of a thought” and “superiority.”
  420. Udvah – an elegant Hindu name meaning “son, the best” and “continuing.”
  421. Ugrak – this Hindu name sounds mysterious – means “serpent king.”
  422. Ugyen – a popular Tibetan boy’s name meaning “to grow.”
  423. Usman – a popular Muslim boy’s name meaning “wise” and “most powerful.”
  424. Uzair – sometimes spelled Uzayr; this Arabic version of Ezra means “helper” and “strength.”
  425. Uzi – primarily of Hebrew origin, meaning “power” and “strength.”
  426. Vaachaspati – sometimes spelled Vachaspati – means “lord of speech.”
  427. Vaakpati – this funny Hindi name means “great orator.”
  428. Vaani – a Sanskrit/Hindu gender-neutral name meaning “eloquent in words.”
  429. Vaarin – a wonderful Asian name describing the “ocean.”
  430. Vabhavi – an alternate spelling of Vaibhavi, meaning “landlord” and “rich person.”
  431. Vachan – is of Sanskrit origin, meaning “vow, speech,” and “declaration.”
  432. Vadiraj – a Hindi name commonly used in India, meaning “king among disputants.”
  433. Vageesh – one of many alternate Hindu names for “Lord Shiva.”
  434. Valin – this quirky Indian boy’s name means “monkey king.”
  435. Vamanjit – primarily used by the Sikh community, meaning “victory of impatience.”
  436. Virat – of Indian origin, meaning “gigantic, enormous,” and “leader.”
  437. Vitya – of Russian origin, meaning “conqueror” and “life.”
  438. Vivash – this Hindu name means “dawning, bright,” and “independent.”
  439. Vizivit – an uplifting Hindu boy’s name meaning “the sun.”
  440. Vladimir – ironically, this Slavic name means “peaceful ruler.”
  441. Vrishanku – another name for “Lord Shiva,” but also means “justice and virtue” in Sanskrit.
  442. Vrka – a South Asian Sanskrit name meaning “wolf.”
  443. Vrusath – this unisex Hindi name means “prosperity.”
  444. Vudhip – this positive Indian name means “encourage.”
  445. Vyoma – a deeply spiritual name of Sanskrit origin, meaning “the sky” or “bird.”
  446. Vyusta – a cool name of South-Western Indian origin, meaning “dawn” and “daybreak.”
  447. Waahid – of Muslim origin, meaning “single, exclusive” and “unequaled.”
  448. Wadaan – prominent in Bengal, this Muslim name means “prosperous.”
  449. Wafeeq – if you want your little boy to be “successful,” choose this classic Muslim name.
  450. Wahaab – one of the alternative names for Allah, meaning “all-giver” in Arabic.
  451. Waheed – similar to Waahid, meaning “exclusive, unequaled,” and “unique.”
  452. Wahyu – popular in Indonesia, this boy’s name means “revelation.”
  453. Wakdar – this Afghani/Arabic name means “man of authority.”
  454. Whan – a common Chinese name among overseas communities – means “ten thousand.”
  455. Wibawa – this Southeast Asian name means “authority” and “power.”
  456. Wifaq – a pretty Muslim boy’s name meaning “amiable, harmony,” and “unity.”
  457. Wing – inject a little “glory” into your child’s life with this Chinese name.
  458. Wishu – is of Chinese origin, meaning “a long desire.”
  459. Wiyoto – predominantly of Indonesian origin, meaning “musician.”
  460. Wong – a mixture of the Chinese Huang and Wang, meaning “vast, king, jade,” and “flood.”
  461. Won Shik – an authoritative Korean name meaning “head of the family.”
  462. Xanto – unbelievably, this name has roots in Italian and means “golden, yellow,” and “blond.”
  463. Xhim – this Hindu name means “he who is soft and gentle.”
  464. Xiang – a classic Chinese name meaning “lucky, fragrant” and “soars above others.”
  465. Xin – a short and sweet Chinese name meaning “elegant, joyous,” and “beautiful.”
  466. Xing – this beautiful Chinese name means “star.”
  467. Xiu – this cute Chinese name means “to praise, to allow,” and “to permit.”
  468. Xue – a unisex Chinese name that means “snow” and “learning.”
  469. Yaachan – of Hindu origin, meaning “prayer.”
  470. Yaadveer – a cool Sikh name meaning “steadfast in the worship of god.”
  471. Yaamir – an Arabic name meaning “moon,” commonly found in Indonesia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Algeria.
  472. Yadbir – of Sikh and Punjabi origin, meaning “memorable.”
  473. Yadhu – this alternative Hindu name for “Lord Krishna” also means “one who grants blessing.”
  474. Yanki – a cool Indian name meaning “Lord Moon.”
  475. Yaqoob – a Muslim name derived from Arabic meaning “one prophet or name.”
  476. Yaroslav – the Russian form of a Slavic name meaning “fierce and glorious.”
  477. Yudhma – sometimes used as a girl’s name, Tudhma means “warrior, hero,” and “arrow.”
  478. Yugank – a classic Hindu name meaning “end of an era.”
  479. Yuj – a short and sweet Hindu name meaning “to concentrate, companion,” and “to prepare.”
  480. Yuka – depending on the Japanese kanji, Yuka means “reason, fragrance,” and “beautiful.”
  481. Yuvraj – this male name is of Indian origin and means “young king.”
  482. Yuyutsu – this Japanese-sounding Gujurati boy’s name means “one eager to fight.”
  483. Zaafer – a celebratory Muslim name meaning “victory” and “triumph.”
  484. Zaahid – of Muslim origin, meaning “abstemious, hermit,” and “devotee.”
  485. Zabulon – possibly derived from the Hebrew Zebelon, meaning “one who dwells.”
  486. Zaceev – of Sikh and Punjabi origin, meaning “loyal.”
  487. Zada – means “prosperity, abundance” in Arabic, fortunate” in Persian, and “grandfather” in Yiddish.
  488. Zadfar – this Arabic Aghani name means “glorious birth.”
  489. Zafar – of Persian origin, meaning “victory” or “victor.”
  490. Zaheb – sometimes spelled Daheb; this Muslim name means “gold.”
  491. Zeheb – a variation of Zaheb and popular in Turkey.
  492. Zeki – an edgy Turkish name meaning “clever, intelligent,” and “pure.”
  493. Zengguang – an unusual Chinese boy’s name meaning “increasing brightness.”
  494. Zenish – a catchy Indian name meaning “apocalypse.”
  495. Zerah – some Asian names derive from Hebrew, like Zerah, meaning “dawn” and “to arise.”
  496. Zhang Wei – a hugely popular Chinese name meaning “power, extraordinary,” and “extend.”
  497. Zhen – this sweet Chinese boy’s name means “precious” and “virtuous.”
  498. Zubair – the perfect Arabic boy’s name for “brave” and “strong” children.
  499. Zvi – one of the shortest Asian boy’s names on the list – means “deer” in Hebrew.
  500. Zviad – derives from the former Soviet republic of Georgia, meaning “proud” and “arrogant.”

Asian Boy Names FAQs

Which Asian Boy Names Are Chinese?

Many Asian boy names are Chinese, including Zhen, Zhang Wei, Xui, Ling, Jin, and Whan. Other examples, like Zengguang, Xiang, Xin, and Wong, are popular in Chinese communities across the globe.

Which Are the Most Beautiful Asian Boy Names?

Knowing which Asian boy names are the most beautiful is subjective, but examples like Yuka, Wishu, Rakala, Orochi, and Burhan are all attractive names. Similarly, Adisa, Valin, Rutesh, and Mika are pretty Asian names for boys.

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