155 Enchanting Elf Last Names: for Boys and Girls

Why choose a run-of-the-mill family name when these Elf last names are so magical?

Whether you’re conjuring a fantasy elvin character for DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) or looking for inspiration for your real-life little person, we offer the best elf last names below.

Elf surnames typically derive from family names or achievements like battle victories, but they also reflect mythology and nature. If you prefer gender-neutral names, the great news is that many elf family names work for both boys and girls.

So, sit back as we delve into fiction and ancient folklore to bring you the best examples of elven last names.

155 Inspirational Elven Surnames

Whether you’re looking for high elf, half-elf, or wood elven names, this list has you covered.

  1. Aearonian – this elf’s name is of Sindarin origin and means “son of the ocean.”
  2. Aerith – a classic fictional elf name meaning “earth and flower-like.”
  3. Aessereg – from the Tolkienesque elven language, meaning “holy blood.”
  4. Aestra – a popular elven name meaning “warrior, innovative, and handsome.”
  5. Agaraen – is similar to Aessereg, meaning “holy blood.”
  6. Agarher – of Sindarin origin, meaning “lover of blood.”
  7. Agarvran – the perfect name for a high elf, meaning “noble blood.”
  8. Aire – this pretty elven name means “sea.”
  9. Airendil – is of Quenya origin, meaning “lover of the sea.”
  10. Amaadon – such an exotic name meaning “silver flower.”
  11. Amakir – elf last names are so cool, like this one meaning “gem flower.”
  12. Amamion – another pretty elf name meaning “moonflower.”
  13. Amastacia – some elf surnames have celestial meanings, like “star flower.”
  14. Amatheldir – derived from Tolkien’s Sindarin language meaning “ancient fate.”
  15. Amather – is of Sindarin origin, meaning “holy shield.”
  16. Amathulios – another Tolkien-inspired elven name meaning “mountain flower of everlasting whiteness.”
  17. Amdirthor – for elves from the “overwhelming forest of hope.”
  18. Amlugol – this badass name means “red dragon.”
  19. Andrus – from the Pictish clans of ancient Scotland, meaning “manly.”
  20. Araric – an elite elf name of unknown meaning.
  21. Arwen – this Welsh elf name means “muse.”
  22. Ashrith – is based on a Hindu name meaning “one who gives shelter.”
  23. Aupwe – another Sindarin name meaning “apparition.”
  24. Banda – in Old French, Banda means “troop/company of people” and “flag or standard” in Latin.
  25. Baron – a noble elf name meaning “young warrior” in Old German and “son of strength” in Hebrew.
  26. Bowen – is of Welsh and Irish origin, meaning “son of Owen” or “son of the young one.”
  27. Calear – the perfect fantasy character name meaning “dreadful sea.”
  28. Candle – the perfect name for an elf custodian of the candlekeep.
  29. Caranager – this beautiful Sindarin name means “red blood.”
  30. Celeborn – a classic Lord of the Rings character, meaning “silver tree.”
  31. Celebrimbor – another character from LOTR, meaning “silver fist.”
  32. Cemno – of Quenya origin, meaning “earthen.”
  33. Chadwix – possibly derived from the English name Chadwick, meaning “dairy farm of Ceadda.”
  34. Cherith – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “stream bed” or “winter stream.”
  35. Dobby – the house elf in Harry Potter, possibly meaning “of Rob” or “benevolent.”
  36. Doran – elven surnames sometimes have the strongest meanings, like “fist, stranger, and exile.”
  37. Do’Urden – a classic DnD character from the Forgotten Realms.
  38. Duindaer – of Sindarin origin, meaning “bridegroom river.”
  39. Duirro – another Sindarin name related to a river, meaning “river bank.”
  40. Elanor – a pretty elf name derived from Eleanor, meaning “sun star.”
  41. Ellianther – this Tolkien-invented name means “lover of rainbows.”
  42. Faesolor – a common name among wood elves of unknown meaning.
  43. Farrie – another wood elf name with an unknown meaning.
  44. Feanor – from Tolkien’s work, The Silmarillion, possibly meaning “spirit fire and soul.”
  45. Felder – is of Germanic origin, meaning “person living near a clearing.”
  46. Fenella – from Scottish/Gaelic, meaning “white-shouldered one.”
  47. Fenmenor – a classic elven royalty name with unknown meaning.
  48. Flora – is of Latin origin, meaning “flower,” and represents the goddess of spring.
  49. Flossie – this cute elf name means “prosperous and flourishing.”
  50. Gaer – a great name for the tiniest elf, meaning “small one.”
  51. Galadher – this Sindarin name means “lover of trees.”
  52. Galakir – a unique name for your elvin mage, meaning “gem whisper.”
  53. Galan – a variant of the Greek word “galen,” meaning “calm.”
  54. Galanodel – an exotic and ancient elven name meaning “moon whisper.”
  55. Galdrus – a great Norse Elf name, meaning “spell or incantation.”
  56. Garrith – possibly derived from the Gaelic name Gareth, meaning “gentle.”
  57. Giron – taken from a medieval nickname meaning “remnant.”
  58. Glorfindel – is the perfect name for a “golden-haired elf.”
  59. Gollor – if your little one has mage qualities, this “magician” name is ideal.
  60. Gulder – is of Sindarin origin, meaning “black magic.”
  61. Gulderion – from the Sindarin elf language, meaning “son of black magic.”
  62. Gulduron – the perfect name for little “black magicians.”
  63. Gump – possibly derived from the High German word “gumpen,” meaning “to clown.”
  64. Haldir – this Tolkien-inspired elven name means “hidden hero.”
  65. Hermey – a classic male elven name meaning “army man.”
  66. Hildreth – is of Old German origin, meaning “battle counselor.”
  67. Hithaerben – a unique elven name meaning “sea and coppery.”
  68. Holiadon – this medieval elf name means “silver dew.”
  69. Holiilo – some elf surnames are cute, like this one meaning “night dew.”
  70. Holimion – is similar to Holiadon, meaning “diamond dew.”
  71. Ingolmondur – an imposing Sindarin elf name meaning “magic lore.”
  72. Jen – a small elf name with the significant meaning of “fair phantom.”
  73. Joran – an ideal name for elves living near a “river or water place.”
  74. Kerith – possibly of Hebrew origin, meaning “cutting.”
  75. Labelas – is of uncertain meaning; Labelas Enoreth is the sun elf god.
  76. Landis – from Old French, this habitational or occupational name means “from the field.”
  77. Lanthir – a great elf name for someone living near a “waterfall.”
  78. Lar – is short and sweet and means “blood.”
  79. Legolas – the famous archer character in LOTR, meaning “green leaves.”
  80. Leucandil – of Quenya origin, meaning “lover of snakes.”
  81. Lo – elf family names are rarely shorter than this, meaning “shallow lake.”
  82. Loeg – refers to a “pool” in Sindarin.
  83. Lumorndaer – a Tolkien-inspired Sindarin name meaning “tree of shade.”
  84. Luna – the perfect elf name from Roman mythology, meaning “moon.”
  85. Madrus – possibly of Arabic origins, meaning “noble, problem avoider, and successful.”
  86. Malven – of German, French, and English origins, meaning “ruler and leader.”
  87. Meliscient – a great female elf name meaning “gold heel.”
  88. Morgan – some elf family names are the same as human names, like Morgan, meaning “sea chief.”
  89. Morguldir – meaning “young magician,” this name is ideal for elven kids.
  90. Morgulon – this innocent name has the dark meaning of “necromancer.”
  91. Murdock – as Celtic Elven last names go, this one is cool, meaning “sea.”
  92. Mysha – a cool surname meaning “life, livelihood, and existence.”
  93. Myster – derives from Old English and means “influencer, freedom lover, and charisma.”
  94. Mysti – possibly derived from the Latin “mysticus,” meaning “mystical and secret.”
  95. Nailo – the perfect name for a night elf, meaning “night breeze.”
  96. Naur – a simple elven name with the warm meaning of “fire.”
  97. Neithaor – is of Sindarin origin, meaning “deep river.”
  98. Netanel – possibly derived from the Hebrew name Nathaniel, meaning “God has given.”
  99. Netanya – of Hebrew descent, meaning “God has given.”
  100. Nethyn – perhaps derived from Nathan, meaning “gift of God” in Hebrew.
  101. Netta – is derived from the Hebrew word for “plant.”
  102. Netty – of English, Latin, and Hebrew descent, meaning “God has favored me.”
  103. Nuada – from the Hellboy films, meaning “the cloud maker.”
  104. Nullion – of Quenya origin, meaning “dark or hidden son.”
  105. Olchanar – some elven surnames have strange translations, like “stream brothers.”
  106. Olerydon – is of Sindarin origin, meaning “mountain of dreams.”
  107. Oloren – a habitational elf surname meaning “river mountain.”
  108. Omarie – a dark elf name, possibly meaning “star of the sea.”
  109. Othanar – is an ideal elf twin name meaning “brothers of war.”
  110. Pippin – of Latin origin, meaning “foreigner and stranger.”
  111. Qinrel – such a pretty name with a beautiful meaning of “petals of gold.”
  112. Ranchon – this elf name might not be common, but it has the great meaning of “riverbed.”
  113. Ravavaris – is a habitational elf name meaning “forest dweller.”
  114. Rimdor – a simple name meaning “cold mountain pool.”
  115. Ritter – this Germanic surname means “knight.”
  116. Rodor – sticking with the water theme, this name means “river bank.”
  117. Roher – possibly means “river bank and roaring lion.”
  118. Rohvanian – this Welsh-sounding name means “son of wilderness.”
  119. Ruina – of Quenya origin, meaning “blazing fire.”
  120. Russarocco – for such a long elven name, it has the strange meaning of “red-haired horse.”
  121. Salas – possibly a habitational or occupational Spanish name meaning “room or halls.”
  122. Sauron – elven surnames don’t come any darker than Sauron, meaning “the abhorred.”
  123. Saxon – refers to someone from Saxony in Germany.
  124. Shazorwyn – a great name for your elven “noble warrior.”
  125. Sherith – is a great name for “trustworthy” elves.
  126. Shin – possibly of Korean and Chinese descent, meaning “new.”
  127. Silver – a great name for a moon elf, as they are sometimes called silver elves.
  128. Sir – the simplest of elven names meaning “river.”
  129. Sirdhemion – of Sindarin origin, meaning “son of a sad river.”
  130. Stormrage – from World of Warcraft, meaning “ambition, independence, reliability, and determination.”
  131. Sunstrider – a royal character from World of Warcraft, meaning “kind, dynamic, and enormous.”
  132. Syltumal – a fictional elven character, meaning “royal blood.
  133. Tabor – is of Hungarian and Hebrew origin, meaning “encampment, misfortune, and bad luck.”
  134. Tauriel – a great character from The Hobbit, meaning “daughter of the forest.”
  135. Tawaren – an ideal name for elves living in a “wood or forest.”
  136. Tawarenion – a long form of Tarwaren, meaning “son of the forest.”
  137. Tawarher – similar to Tawaren, meaning “lover of the forest.”
  138. Thingol – another Tolkien character, meaning “innovative, domestic, and intelligence.”
  139. Thranduil – one of The Hobbit’s gray elves, meaning “vigorous spring.”
  140. Tobin – is possibly derived from Hebrew, meaning “God is good.”
  141. Toliver – a gender-neutral Old English name meaning “metal worker.”
  142. Tordil – such a cool elven name meaning “friend of the forest.”
  143. Uirchanar – elf last names have deep meanings, like “eternity brothers.”
  144. Urecher – oddly enough, there are elves out there that are “lovers of Orcs.”
  145. Urendur – this Quenya elf name means “fire servant.”
  146. Urith – with roots in Hebrew, this elf surname means “brightness.”
  147. Venwarin – a classic warrior family name with an unknown meaning.
  148. Voss – elf last names often refer to wildlife, like Voss, meaning “fox.”
  149. Windrunner – from World of Warcraft, meaning “versatility, enthusiasm, and agility.”
  150. Xenia – a popular Greek word describing a “foreigner or stranger.”
  151. Xidorn – this modern-sounding elf name means “truth-seeker.”
  152. Xiloscient – some elven last names have pretty meanings, like “golden petal or leaf.”
  153. Yr – possibly the shortest elven surname meaning “river course.”
  154. Zaivon – great elf surnames have interesting meanings, like “intelligence, strong, and a great lover.”
  155. Zinyra – a classic elven and wizard name with uncertain meaning.

Elf Last Names FAQs

What Are the Most Common Elf Last Names?

The most common elf last names include Dobby, Sauron, Pippin, Stormrage, and Windrunner. Names like Legolas, Thranduil, Amatheldril, and Haldir are well-known thanks to Lord of the Rings.

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