152 Magical Witch Last Names: for the Cutest Mages

Some names, like these inspiring witch last names, cast a magical spell.

Whether you’re looking for name ideas for characters in a story or want a mystical name for your budding Wiccan son or daughter, you’ve come to the right place.

Pagan and Wiccan religions live in balance with nature, and this connection with the supernatural and magical world gives them their unique meanings. So, save yourself the hubble, bubble, toil, and trouble, and check out our list of 152 inspirational last names for witches.

152 Magical Last Names for Witches

Hang up your broomstick, sit back, and enjoy our extensive list of witch surnames.

  1. Abaddon – means “ruin and destroy” and makes a perfect evil sorceress name.
  2. Abbott – meaning “father and priest,” this occupational English name is the head of a monastery.
  3. Acacia – of Greek origin, this cool witchy name means “thorny.”
  4. Acantha – is from Greek mythology meaning “thorn.”
  5. Acheros – one of the seven rivers of Hades, this Greek mythological name means “river of sorrow.”
  6. Adbeel – this Hebrew name means “vapor, disciplined by God, or grieved by God.”
  7. Adele – a “noble” German name suitable for a powerful mage.
  8. Agatha – is of Greek origin; this well-loved witch’s name means “good.”
  9. Ajax – a badass name of Greek origin, meaning “eagle.”
  10. Alessa – has Greek and Italian roots, meaning “defender.”
  11. Alonso – of German and Spanish origin, meaning “noble and ready.”
  12. Alvin – has links to the elf world, meaning “wise friend and noble friend.”
  13. Amaris – last names for witches are rarely more exotic than this, meaning “child of the moon.”
  14. Anika – this Sanskrit name has several meanings, including “sweet-faced, graceful, and brilliant.”
  15. Anita – a short and sweet Hebrew name perfect for “gracious and merciful” witches.
  16. Anwir – meaning “liar,” this Welsh male name is perfect for dark and deceitful witches.
  17. Ares – this powerful name means “god of war” and is ideal for wicked witches.
  18. Audra – a classic English name meaning “noble strength.”
  19. Azar – is the only Iranian surname to make the list, meaning “fire.”
  20. Bagshott – this habitational name of unknown meaning refers to a town in England.
  21. Barrere – a habitational name from ancient Scottish, meaning “from Ayrshire.”
  22. Baze – meaning “battle,” this Scottish/Germanic name is ideal for a wicked sorceress.
  23. Beatrice – is a Latin girl’s name that means “she who brings joy” and “blessed or voyager.”
  24. Beauchamp – this classic French name means “beautiful field.”
  25. Belial – from the Old Testament, this Hebrew name means “worthless.”
  26. Benedetta – of Latin descent, this Italian name means “blessed.”
  27. Bertha – is derived from the ancient High German name “Berhta,” meaning “bright one.”
  28. Bishop – the name of one of the Salem witches, meaning “overseer.”
  29. Blackroot – one of the best Tolkien fictional names meaning “Morthond (from Middle Earth).”
  30. Blake – is possibly Welsh, meaning “son of the lake” or means “black” in English.
  31. Bobusic – is perfect for “ambitious, determined, and independent” witches.
  32. Bones – is an ancient Norman name that means “adaptability, optimism, and sensuality.”
  33. Bora – this Turkish name means “storm” for girls and “snow” for boys.
  34. Brager – this excellent fictional character name comes from Norway, meaning “thundering and roaring.”
  35. Bran – a strong Welsh witch name, meaning “raven or crow.”
  36. Bronagh – the name of a 6th-century mystic, Bronagh means “sorrow.”
  37. Bryn – means “hill” and was typically given to children born near or on a hill.
  38. Cameron – a Scottish surname meaning “crooked nose” from the Gaelic “cam sron.”
  39. Cara – possibly means “loved one, beloved, and darling,” or it could also mean “friend.”
  40. Carrie – meaning “free man,” who can forget the Stephen King character?
  41. Carrow – is of French, and Cornish origin, meaning “dweller at the fort on the hill.”
  42. Casimir – this Slavic witch name means “declaration of peace” or “destroyer of peace.”
  43. Cecilia – derived from the Latin “caecus,” meaning “blind.”
  44. Chandley – possibly derived from Chandler, this French name means “candle maker and seller.”
  45. Channing – some witch surnames have the coolest meanings, like “the wise, young wolf.”
  46. Clara – is a Latin and Slavic surname meaning “clear, bright, and famous.”
  47. Clayton – meaning “clay settlement or place with good clay,” Clayton is an ideal first and last name.
  48. Clearwater – this German topographic name represents someone living near “clear water.”
  49. Coffey – this English/ Celtic word means “victorious.”
  50. Corbin – a short version of the German Corbinian, meaning “raven or crow.”
  51. Courtney – of Old French origin, meaning “domain of Curtius.”
  52. Crimson – this Hebrew name means “scarlet or crimson” after the red dye of the cochineal insect.
  53. Crespo – is of Spanish origin and means “curly-haired person” in English.
  54. Cressida – is of Greek origin, meaning “gold.”
  55. Crowley – this Irish surname means “hunch back” and belongs to the Satanist Aleister Crowley.
  56. Dahlia – a classic name of Latin origin, meaning “elegance and dignity.”
  57. Darkcurse – as witch name ideas go, this one is perfect.
  58. Delacour – is the name of a French witch bloodline, meaning “investigator, courage, and caretaker.”
  59. Dempsey – the perfect Irish name for “proud” witches.
  60. Desdemona – this Greek name means “ill-fated, ill-starred,” and “of the devil.”
  61. Diabolos – derived from Greek, meaning “slanderer, accuser,” and “devil.”
  62. Dolores – taken from the Spanish Virgin Mary “Maria de los Dolores,” meaning “sorrows.”
  63. Doyle – is a popular Irish surname meaning “dark stranger.”
  64. Dumbledore – an ancient English word meaning “bumblebee” and a Harry Potter character.
  65. Edgecombe – this Old English habitational name means “residence at the edge of a valley.”
  66. Eldritch – the perfect Middle English Wiccan name meaning “fairyland.”
  67. Etain – this Old Irish mythical name means “jealousy.”
  68. Ezra – this short and sweet Hebrew name means “help or helper.”
  69. Eztli – is a gender-neutral Aztec name that means “blood.”
  70. Fammia – derived from the Latin word “flammula,” meaning “little flame.”
  71. Flanagan – is an Irish and possibly Scottish surname meaning “red or ruddy.”
  72. Flynn – this cute Irish surname is also a Christian name, meaning “heir to the redhead.”
  73. Fravel – possibly derived from Middle German, meaning “evil doer.”
  74. Gail – is derived from Hebrew, meaning “joy of my father” or “my father rejoices.”
  75. Galle – a Roman and French form of ancient German, meaning “bile, bitterness, and falsehood.”
  76. Gandalf – the famous gray wizard from LOTR, meaning “wand elf.”
  77. Gaukel – this German occupational name means “to perform magic.”
  78. Gesserit – this powerful fantasy character’s name means “creativity” in Arabic.
  79. Gomora – an ancient Hebrew name meaning “submersion” or “to overwhelm with water.”
  80. Granger – features in Harry Potter and means “farm bailiff.”
  81. Grimassi – belongs to the famous occultist Raven Grimassi, with an uncertain meaning.
  82. Grimm – best associated with the famous Grimm brothers, meaning “one who is fierce and dark.”
  83. Hallow – meaning “All Hallow’s Eve,” this short form of Halloween makes a fancy surname.
  84. Harkness – possibly of Scottish and English heritage, meaning “army.”
  85. Harry – from Harry Potter, the boy wizard, meaning “home-ruler.”
  86. Hecates – comes from Greek mythology, meaning “far off.”
  87. Hermoine – another famous Harry Potter character, meaning “messenger and earthly.”
  88. Hex – possibly of English and German origin, meaning “to practice witchcraft.”
  89. Jabez – a Mexican-sounding name of biblical heritage meaning “borne in pain.”
  90. Jinx – a superstitious Latin name meaning “magic charm.”
  91. Keres – a wicked female surname from ancient Greek, meaning “evil spirits.”
  92. Khalida – this Arabic name means “immortal, eternal, and everlasting.”
  93. Kier/Keir – is of Old Norse, Irish, and English origin, meaning “dark-skinned.”
  94. Kikimora – of Slavic origin, Kikimora is a female house spirit, meaning “scarecrow.”
  95. Kosior – possibly means “pure” and makes a great name for a good witch.
  96. Layla – with roots in Persian, Hebrew, and Arabic, meaning “night.”
  97. Lenoir – derived from Old Greek and Arabic, meaning “bright one” and “shining.”
  98. Lestrange – a mixture of Old French and English, meaning “foreign.”
  99. Lilin – in Jewish mythology, Lilin is a “night spirit.”
  100. Lilith – this dark Hebrew name with evil undertones means “of the night” and “night demon.”
  101. Malacoda – a classic Italian character in Dante’s Inferno, meaning “bad or evil tail.”
  102. Malafronte – another Italian witch surname meaning “responsible, discipline, and shyness.”
  103. Malfatto – according to some, this Italian last name for witches means “capability and strength.”
  104. Malfoy – the arch-enemy of Harry Potter, meaning “bad faith.”
  105. Mallory – some witch last names come from nicknames, like Mallory, meaning “unfortunate.”
  106. Malo – a place name in France or of Hawaiian origin, meaning “winner.”
  107. Molly – is of English and Irish origin, meaning “star of the sea.”
  108. Morana – the Slavic goddess of winter and death, possibly meaning “death and plague.”
  109. Narfi – from Norse mythology, meaning “thin and narrow.”
  110. Nerezza – is of Italian origin, meaning “darkness.”
  111. Norwood – this Old English habitational surname means “North wood.”
  112. Nukpana – this Native American surname means “evil.”
  113. Nyx – from Greek mythology, Nyx is the goddess of the night.
  114. Onyx – a good witch name derived from the “black gemstone.”
  115. Palmer – from Middle English and French, meaning “palm tree.”
  116. Perdita – derived from Latin, meaning “lost,” this heroine features in A Winter’s Tale.
  117. Phobus – from ancient Greek, meaning “bright and pure.”
  118. Potter – is Harry’s family name, the boy wizard, referring to a “maker of pots or storage vessels.”
  119. Quade – meaning “son of Uaid,” this Latin name is a great witch’s last name.
  120. Ravenclaw – one of the houses at Hogwarts; this witch’s name means “helpful, knowledgeable, and shy.”
  121. Rooke – after the Corvid, a classic symbol of witchcraft.
  122. Rookwood – an Old English surname from history meaning “wood of ravens.”
  123. Rosmerta – from the Gallo-Roman goddess of fertility, meaning “the great provider.”
  124. Sabrina – after the famous teenage witch, meaning “patience.”
  125. Salazar – meaning “old hall,” this Basque name has a strong witchy feel.
  126. Sapphire – from the Latin word “saphirus,” meaning “blue.”
  127. Saskia – in Dutch and German, Saskia means “a Saxon woman.”
  128. Sefton – from the Old Norse “sef,” meaning “rush,” this English name means “town with the rushes.”
  129. Selene – the Greek goddess of the moon, meaning “light, brightness, and flame.”
  130. Sidero – is derived from ancient Greek, meaning “iron.”
  131. Simon – this common Hebrew name means “he has heard.”
  132. Sinistra – originally, this Latin name meant “left,” but transitioned to mean “evil” in later years.
  133. Spellman – a patronymic surname meaning “son of Spileman.”
  134. Stoneheart – meaning “captain, graceful and good,” some witch last names are surprising.
  135. Teivel – other witch surnames are pure evil, like this one meaning “devil.”
  136. Tempest – from the Latin “tempestas,” meaning “stormy.”
  137. Tristana – in Spanish, Tristana means “tumult” and “sorrow” in Celtic.
  138. Ubel – this short German witch name means “evil.”
  139. Ubelhor – from South Germany, Ubelhor means “evil lord.”
  140. Vance – is derived from the Old English word “fenn,” meaning “marshland.”
  141. Victus – this cool witch surname means “power, practicality, ambition, and discipline.”
  142. Voland – is a Norwegian/German name for four farmsteads of Agder and Rogaland, meaning “bend, corner, and farm.”
  143. Warren – another witch from the Salem trials, meaning “guard” in Old English.
  144. Weasley – the best friend of wizard Harry Potter, meaning “western meadow.”
  145. Wicker – this German occupational name is perfect for a “magician or soothsayer.”
  146. Willow – makes the perfect Wiccan surname because it has an earthy feel.
  147. Youngblood – this Dutch or German-surname possibly means “eternal blood forever.”
  148. Zatara – is a classic French/Spanish word meaning “black magic.”
  149. Zelda – this powerful German name means “gray fighting maid.”
  150. Zelinda – possibly of German origin, meaning “shield of victory.”
  151. Zephyr – is of Greek origin, meaning “west wind.”
  152. Zillah – a classic Hebrew name meaning “shadow” or “shadow of death.”

Witch Last Names FAQs

What Witch Last Names are Popular?

The most popular witch last names include Potter, Hermoine, Mallory, Crowley, and Weasley. Others, like Wicker, Stoneheart, Spellman, and Youngblood, are better suited to fictional characters.

What Witch Last Names Are From Popular Fiction?

Witch, last names from popular fiction, include Weasley, Granger, Balckroot, Ravenclaw, and Malacoda. Other examples, like Dumbledore, Delacour, and Malfoy, feature in the popular wizarding series, Harry Potter.

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