106 Girl Names That Start With Z: Full of Zest and Zeal

You’ll be amazed at these epic girl names that start with Z.

Travel with us right to the bottom of the alphabet, where these epic girl names that start with Z are sure to amaze. You could say we’re at the zenith of baby names here, with each unique and unusual option simply brimming with zest and zeal!

As Z names for girls are pretty uncommon in English-speaking countries, you’ll find that many of these monikers come from international origins, each with their unique meanings and histories. Keep reading to learn more about each one, and find the most futuristic Z name for your little heroine in no time.

106 Best Girl Names That Start With Z

Dive into the most out-of-this-world Z names for girls, designed for little trendsetters.

  1. Zaahira – a name with great spelling, meaning “shining” in Arabic.
  2. Zadie – an exotic variant of Sadie, with the regal meaning of “princess.”
  3. Zadie – separately, Zadie may mean “prosperous,” as an Arabic girl name with Z.
  4. Zagreb – an unusual city name after the Croatian capital.
  5. Zahia – radiant and glowing for a “beautiful, brilliant” Arabic lady.
  6. Zahida – an Arabic and Urdu name for a “pious, devout” woman.
  7. Zahira – separate from Zaahira; may be a form of the masculine Zahir, meaning “helper” in Arabic.
  8. Zahrah – a longer, more dramatic spelling of the shining name Zara.
  9. Zaida – pretty and fresh-sounding, this Arabic name means “prosperous, fortunate.”
  10. Zaila – the most impressive of Arabic names for girls that start with Z, meaning “might, power.”
  11. Zainab – this Arabic girl’s name relates to “a fragrant tree.”
  12. Zaire – a strong African name referring to the Congo River: “the river that swallows all rivers.”
  13. Zaïre – also a literary name after the tragedy play by Voltaire.
  14. Zakiah – a soft and pretty Arabic name for a girl who’s “pure” of heart.
  15. Zakiyya – a great spelling variant of Zakiah, meaning “pure.”
  16. Zamara – an uncommon spelling variant of Samara, meaning “protected by God.”
  17. Zambia – after the southern African country.
  18. Zaña – a unique name inspired by the northern Peruvian river.
  19. Zandra – taken from the Alexandra stem, with the powerful meaning of “defender of mankind.”
  20. Żaneta – meaning “God is gracious,” a beautiful Polish form of the French female name Jeanette.
  21. Zante – after the Greek island of Zakynthos, for an unusual locational name.
  22. Zappa – this electrifying unisex name meaning “hoe” would traditionally be given to a farmer in Italian.
  23. Zara – with Arabic and Hebrew roots, this familiar name is a “blooming flower.”
  24. Zareen – meaning “golden,” this Urdu name glimmers and glitters.
  25. Zaria – a pretty variant of Zara, inspired by a city in Nigeria.
  26. Zariah – a dreamy international name with various meanings: “flower,” “radiance,” and “helped by God.”
  27. Zarifa – a regal Arabic name for the most “elegant, graceful” princesses.
  28. Zarina – this Persian name also sparkles, meaning “golden.”
  29. Zarya – after the personification of daybreak in Slavic mythology, meaning “dawn.”
  30. Zasha – a Russian form of Sasha, for a girl destined to be a “defender of the people.”
  31. Zavanna – switching the initial from Savanna, meaning “grassy plain.”
  32. Zayna – evoking “beauty” and “grace,” this Arabic name sure is beautiful.
  33. Zaynab – a powerful Islamic variant of Zainab, meaning “fragrant tree.”
  34. Zdena – an intelligent Czech name meaning “to build, to create.”
  35. Zdenka – a variant of Zdena, meaning “to build, to create.”
  36. Zdzisława – a standout Polish female name meaning “bringer of glory,” with the most impressive spelling.
  37. Zeenat – a glowing Muslim pick among Z names for girls, meaning “beauty, adornment.”
  38. Zehava – stylish and trendy among Hebrew girl names that start with Z, meaning “golden.”
  39. Zelda – like the video game princess, albeit with the meaning of “gray battle-maid,” short for Griselda.
  40. Zélie – a pretty French name for a “noble” lady.
  41. Zelig – is cute and perky, meaning “blessed” in Yiddish.
  42. Željka – a dreamy Slavic name meaning “wish, desire.”
  43. Zelpha – a biblical girl’s name meaning “frailty,” as a variant of Zilpah.
  44. Žemyna – this spectacular name was borne by the Lithuanian Mother Goddess.
  45. Zena – a “hospitable” name of Greek and Russian origins.
  46. Zenaida – this almighty international name means “life of Zeus.”
  47. Zénaïde – a very exotic-looking, French form of Zenaida for little goddesses.
  48. Zendaya – a gorgeous celebrity name meaning “to give thanks,” believed to be of Shona origin.
  49. Zenobia – a Greek female name rooted in mythology, relating to the powerful force of Zeus.
  50. Zenovia – a variant of Zenobia, full of Olympian power.
  51. Zéphyrine – rooted in Greek, this elegant French name refers to the “west wind.”
  52. Zezag – this fun Chechan name means “flower.”
  53. Zhanna – this Russian girl’s name comes from the Joan stem, meaning “graced by God.”
  54. Zhannochka – This head-turning name is a diminutive form of the Russian Zhanna.
  55. Zheng – one of the most common surnames in China, potentially making a cool first name.
  56. Zhenya – short for Evgenia, this name is fit for “noble, well-born” little ladies.
  57. Zhi – this gorgeous, gender-neutral Chinese name means “wisdom.”
  58. Zia – a cool, 3-letter pick among Z names for girls, meaning “light, splendor, radiance.”
  59. Ziazan – meaning “rainbow,” an Armenian name among the most fabulous female names that start with Z.
  60. Zilpah – an ever-so-delicate biblical Hebrew name meaning “frailty.”
  61. Zima – meaning “winter” for a Slavic angel born in the chillier months.
  62. Zina – a pretty short form of Zinaida, or other “zin” names.
  63. Zinaida – another form of Zenaida for a Zeus-loving lady.
  64. Zinat – a variant of Zeenat with the same bejeweled meaning.
  65. Zineb – an alternative to Zainab, meaning “fragrant tree.”
  66. Zinnia – a unique flower name after the pretty perennial.
  67. Zion – a heavenly Hebrew name from the “highest point,” suitable for girls or boys.
  68. Zipporah – meaning “bird,” this Hebrew name is fit for high-flying babies.
  69. Zira – meaning “moonlight,” this African girl’s name would be perfect for a nighttime-born daughter.
  70. Ziska – short for the German Franziska, perhaps for a little French woman.
  71. Zita – perfect for a new daughter, this Greek and Italian name means “young girl.”
  72. Ziti – is a type of pasta, but it sounds like it’d make a trendy baby name.
  73. Živa – borne by a beautiful life and fertility goddess, associated with Polabian Slavs.
  74. Zlata – this Slavic girl name means “gold,” best for valuable ladies.
  75. Zlatica – a diminutive of Zlata, also for “golden” girls.
  76. Zlatuše – a Czech diminutive of Zlata, also shimmering in “gold.”
  77. Złota meaning gold, a head-turning Yiddish pick among Z names for girls.
  78. Zoa – a great variation of Zoe, also meaning “life.”
  79. Zoe – one of the most popular girl names with Z, meaning “life” in Greek.
  80. Zoë – the same as Zoe, yet with that accented “ë.”
  81. Zoey – a fun 4-letter spelling of the gorgeous Zoe.
  82. Zofia – meaning “wisdom,” is a Polish variant of the popular Greek Sofia.
  83. Zohra – this Zara alternative is also as pretty as a “flower blossom.”
  84. Zohreh – this out-of-this-world Persian girl’s name relates to the planet Venus.
  85. Zoi – is a cool Greek form of Zoe.
  86. Zoisite – an unconventional name after the colorful type of crystal.
  87. Zoja – If you love foreign women’s names that start with Z, consider this European variant of Zoe.
  88. Zora – an enchanting Slavic name referring to the beauty of “dawn.”
  89. Zorione – upbeat and charming for a girl, meaning “happiness” in Basque.
  90. Zornitsa – meaning “morning star” in Bulgarian, this name is fit for any budding astronomer.
  91. Zorya – another name for Zarya, the Slavic personification of daybreak.
  92. Zosia – another Polish variant from the popular Sophia stem, meaning “wisdom.”
  93. Zowie – a rare yet futuristic way of spelling Zoe.
  94. Zoya – a Russian spin on Zoe, meaning “life.”
  95. Zsanett – a Hungarian form of Jeanette, meaning “God is gracious.”
  96. Zsuzsanna – an even more-impressive spelling of Susannah, from Hungary.
  97. Zubaida – this Arabic name has the unusual yet gracefully significant meaning of “cream, soft-bodied.”
  98. Zuhra – glowing with “brightness, brilliance, light,” this gorgeous Arabic name is dazzling.
  99. Zulaykha – means “brilliant beauty” for a celestial angel.
  100. Zuleka – an alternative spelling to the Arabic Zulaykha, full of “brilliant beauty.”
  101. Zuri – this Swahili name would look radiant on a “beautiful” lady.
  102. Zuriñe – a dreamy Basque name meaning “white.”
  103. Zuzanna – with the floral meaning of “lily,” a cool Polish variant of Susannah.
  104. Zuzka – a cute, Czech diminutive form of Zuzanna.
  105. Zvezda – after a Slavic mythological personification of the morning star.
  106. Zvezdana – a longer form of Zvezda, meaning “star.”

Z Names for Girls FAQs

What Is a Popular Z Name for Girls?

In English-speaking countries, Zoe is the best-known name for girls that starts with Z. However, it’s up to you how you spell it, with popular options including Zoey, Zowie, or Zoë. Zara is another Z name that’s popular internationally, with celebrity names such as Zendaya or locational names like Zambia or Zagreb feeling very familiar, despite being uncommon.

What Are Some Pretty Z Names for Girls?

Zoe, Zaire, Zita, and Zadie are all pretty Z names for girls. Names such as Zayna, Živa, Zuri, and Zahia have “beautiful” meanings. Alternatively, we love pretty flower names with Z, such as Zezag, Zohra, Zinnia, and Zariah.

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