201 Last Names That Start With W: Wonderful Meanings

Wow, these last names that start with W are simply wonderful!

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the best-known last names that start with W? It’s no wonder since many last names starting with W are some of the most frequently heard surnames around.

So, we thought we’d take a moment to share their wonderful origins, well-rounded meanings, and winning namesakes with you. From the common choices to the celebrity monikers, these last names, starting with W, hold inspirations from history, geography, occupations, and more.

Keep reading, and let’s unlock the world of W last names together!

201 Wonderful Last Names That Start With W

These surnames, beginning with W, are fit for the worthiest of winners.

  1. Waage – a common habitational name from Old Norse roots, meaning “bay, inlet.”
  2. Wachs – meaning “wax,” this German name may be used for a beeswax seller.
  3. Wack – a punchy German surname for a “vigilant, watchful” family.
  4. Waddingham – rooted in the U.K. village of Waddingham.
  5. Wade – old among 4-letter last names that start with W, meaning “to go.”
  6. Wagener – a variant of Wagner, common in Luxembourg.
  7. Waggoner – a longer form of Wagner with the same occupational meaning.
  8. Wagner – meaning “wagoner” for men on a mission.
  9. Wahba – an Arabic name meaning “present, gift.”
  10. Wahed – a strong Arabic surname meaning “one, unique,” and “matchless.”
  11. Wahl – a northern European name with various possible meanings, including “field.”
  12. Wailani – the most dreamy among Hawaiian surnames starting with W, meaning “heavenly water.”
  13. Wain – a variant of Wayne and an archaic term for a “wagon, cart.”
  14. Wainwright – an Anglo-Saxon surname for a “wagon” driver.
  15. Waite – for a “watchman,” this name holds all the patience.
  16. Waithe – this English name refers to a “ford.”
  17. Wakefield – taken from the city of Wakefield in Yorkshire, U.K.
  18. Waldemar – an Old High German name meaning “power, fame.”
  19. Waldo – a fun Bavarian name, reminding us of the hide-and-seek picture books.
  20. Waldorf – meaning “village in the forest,” also a type of salad.
  21. Waldvogel – a carefree name of German origin, meaning “bird of the forest.”
  22. Wales – like the beautiful country, fantastic as a homeland-inspired namesake.
  23. Walk – perhaps for a family living near a footpath or trail.
  24. Walken – this celebrity surname is also an Australian boy’s name meaning “rainbow.”
  25. Walker – a common occupational surname after a type of textile cleansing work.
  26. Wall – or Walle, traditionally for a person who lived by a wall.
  27. Wallace – great among Welsh surnames that start with W, meaning “from Wales” itself.
  28. Wallbank – a British name for someone living near a riverbank, perhaps with a wall around it.
  29. Waller – used for a wall-builder or mason.
  30. Wallis – a variant of Wallace, meaning “Welshman.”
  31. Walmsley – meaning “woodland clearing,” this Old English name is typically British.
  32. Walsh – this super-common Irish surname means “foreigner,” perhaps after a “Welshman.”
  33. Walter – meaning “army ruler,” this Old High German pick is also used as a first name.
  34. Walters – perhaps for a “warrior” or “son of Walter,” a great surname to behold.
  35. Walterson – for a “son of Walter.”
  36. Waltham – a cozy and rustic name, meaning “woodland settlement.”
  37. Walton – meaning “walled town,” this English name sounds upper-class.
  38. Waltz – a 5-letter surname from the same stem as Walter, yet with a flair of pizzazz.
  39. Wang – among the most common surnames in the world, meaning “king.”
  40. Waqa – a short surname of unknown meaning, commonly heard in Fiji.
  41. Warburton – after a town in the northern U.K., making a strong surname.
  42. Ward – protective among W last names from Old English, meaning “guard.”
  43. Wardell – this old place name refers to a “watchman’s look-out hill.”
  44. Warden – like Ward, this name is protective and strong.
  45. Wardle – an Anglo-Saxon name meaning “watch-hill” for attentive families.
  46. Wardrobe – like the furniture piece, this 8-letter surname would traditionally be used for a servant.
  47. Ware – an English topographic name relating to a river dam or weir.
  48. Warner – meaning “army guard,” this name is loyal and true.
  49. Warren – referring to an animal enclosure or home.
  50. Warrick – for a “leader who defends,” a mighty given and last name.
  51. Warszawski – great for a person hailing from Warsaw, Poland.
  52. Warwick – after the British university city of the same name.
  53. Washington – the most head-turning of presidential names, designed for legendary leaders.
  54. Watanabe – a Japanese surname meaning “boundary, crossing.”
  55. Watcher – an old occupational name for a watchtower attendant.
  56. Waterford – serenely describing a “ford over water.”
  57. Waterhouse – a rustic name for a family who lived in a house by some water.
  58. Waterman – perhaps used for someone living near or working with water.
  59. Watkins – meaning “power ruler,” this badass surname may also be a pet form of Walter.
  60. Watrous – a variant of Waterhouse, with fewer letters.
  61. Watson – also meaning “son of Walter.”
  62. Watt – from the same stem as Walter, meaning “powerful ruler.”
  63. Waverley – meaning “meadow of quivering aspens,” this name is undeniably magical.
  64. Waxweiler – a commanding sort of surname, after a place in western Germany.
  65. Way – a beautiful, 3-letter surname beginning with W for those living near a path or road.
  66. Wayland – meaning “land by the roadway” of Old English origins.
  67. Wayne – meaning “wagon-maker,” this Old English surname is especially manly.
  68. Weasley – from the Harry Potter franchise, this fun surname sounds like the animal “weasel.”
  69. Weaver – a cool occupational surname for a crafty sort of fellow.
  70. Webb – meaning “to weave,” this cool last name is fit for Spider-Man himself.
  71. Webber – an old occupational surname for a “weaver, maker of cloth.”
  72. Weber – another form of Webb, also meaning “to weave.”
  73. Webster – an even more commonly-found pick among last names starting with W that means “weaver.”
  74. Wechsler – meaning “to exchange” in German, perhaps for a “banker.”
  75. Weiner – a German name meaning “cartwright, wagon maker.”
  76. Weiner – separately, a Yiddish-rooted name meaning “wine merchant.”
  77. Weinstein – a German and Yiddish surname with the unusual meaning of “wine stone.”
  78. Weinzierl – a German surname meaning “vintner, wine seller.”
  79. Weir – for a person living near a river dam or weir.
  80. Weiss – a spelling variant of Weiß, meaning “white” in German.
  81. Weiß – pronounced as Weiss, from the Middle High German “wiz” or Yiddish “vais” meaning “white.”
  82. Wellington – smart and historical, meaning “from the wealthy estate” or “from the temple clearing.”
  83. Wembley – one for sports fans, this stadium name is rooted in an Old English place name.
  84. Wen – a beautiful Chinese surname meaning “literary, culture.”
  85. Wendel – of German roots, this 6-letter occupational name referred to a “tuner.”
  86. Wentworth – from an English place name meaning “winter settlement” or “pale man’s settlement.”
  87. Werner – this powerful last name would best befit a noble “defender.”
  88. Wesley – a pretty name for a family from the “western meadow.”
  89. West – a cool celebrity surname that’s great if you are, in fact, “from the West.”
  90. Westbrook – combining “west” with the earthy “brook” element makes this magical name.
  91. Westenberg – for a family who lived “west of the mountain.”
  92. Westley – a rustic, 7-letter surname beginning with W, meaning “west woodland, clearing.”
  93. Westminster – referring to the seat of U.K. power, this city’s name is regal and patriotic.
  94. Westmoreland – a longer topographical name for “the area west of the moors.”
  95. Weston – similar to Westley, Weston means “western town.”
  96. Westwood – simply meaning “by the western wood.”
  97. Wexler – a cool and unique spelling alternative to the German Wechsler.
  98. Wheatley – an Old English name meaning “wheat clearing.”
  99. Wheeler – traditionally used for someone who makes or works with wheels.
  100. Wheelwright – an old occupational name for someone who makes wagons or other vehicles.
  101. Whelan – this trendy Irish family name means “wolf.”
  102. White – a common color surname, perhaps for a family with a pale complexion.
  103. Whitefeather – a beautiful name of Native American roots.
  104. Whitefield – after a town in the northern U.K., perhaps meaning “chalky, white land.”
  105. Whitehouse – this standout surname sounds fit for a president.
  106. Whiteside – a simple surname consisting of elements meaning “white” and “side.”
  107. Whitley – a coastal English name, also meaning “white meadow.”
  108. Whitman – a poetic Old English name meaning “white man.”
  109. Whitney – meaning “white island,” this surname is also a good, gender-neutral given name.
  110. Whittaker – or Whitaker, meaning “white field,” full of winter charm.
  111. Whittemore – an Old English name meaning “white moor, white marsh.”
  112. Whittle – derived from Middle English, this fun surname means “white hill.”
  113. Whitworth – a very old Norman name, after various places in the U.K.
  114. Whybrow – a powerful English name meaning “war fortress.”
  115. Whyte – a trendy, older spelling of White.
  116. Wick – a short name meaning “enclosed land, farm” or “fortified settlement.”
  117. Wicket – after the stump in cricket, this surname is rare yet sporty.
  118. Wickham – meaning “homestead,” most cozy among English family names starting with W.
  119. Wickremasinghe – a long Sinhalese surname and given name with a spelling to turn heads.
  120. Wieck – a variant of Wick, meaning “fortified settlement.”
  121. Wiegold – of unknown meaning, this rare Welsh surname sounds almost magical.
  122. Wier – meaning “battle army” for tough German families.
  123. Wiersema – a Frisian name meaning “son of Wier.”
  124. Wigg – uniquely used for a maker of fancy, wedge-shaped bread.
  125. Wilberforce – meaning “ditch” and “fortress,” sure to stand out.
  126. Wilbur – a surname and given name of Germanic origin, meaning “wild boar.”
  127. Wilder – for a “wild, untamed” family.
  128. Wiley – after various English place names, meaning “tricky.”
  129. Wilkerson – a patronymic meaning “son of Wilkin,” a form of William.
  130. Wilkinson – meaning “son of Wilkin,” from the same stem as the popular name William.
  131. Willems – meaning “son of Willem,” very popular in Belgium.
  132. William – meaning “resolute protector,” one of the most popular British names.
  133. Williams – a common surname meaning “son of William.”
  134. Williamson – a longer form of Williams, with the same patronymic meaning.
  135. Willis – also means “son of William,” yet shorter!
  136. Willoughby – one of the longest W last names, meaning “willow farm.”
  137. Willow – a romantic surname after the beautiful tree.
  138. Wilms – a Dutch and German name for a “descendant of Wilhelm.”
  139. Wilson – for a “son of Will,” this pick is perfectly presidential.
  140. Wiltshire – a locational name from a southwest county of the U.K.
  141. Wimmer – meaning “vintner,” this name is common in Austria.
  142. Winch – for a family who lived near a well.
  143. Winchester – rooted in a British place name for that English, classy feel.
  144. Windsor – the reigning royal surname, meaning “windy hill, riverbank.”
  145. Winehouse – a musical name, perhaps for a family that owns a vineyard.
  146. Winkler – this German and Jewish surname means “corner.”
  147. Winmill – an uncommon surname, perhaps referring to a “windmill.”
  148. Winogrodzki – a Polish surname meaning “grapevine.”
  149. Winship – this name has an uncertain meaning, but it sure sounds adventurous.
  150. Winslow – meaning “friend’s hill,” this quaint English name sounds welcoming and homely.
  151. Winsome – this cute Old English word name means “agreeable.”
  152. Winstanley – an English place name meaning “woodland clearing.”
  153. Winston – meaning “joyful stone” or “wine’s town,” a historical and great British name.
  154. Winter – is great for a festive family and a beautifully crisp season surname.
  155. Winterbottom – combining elements meaning “winter” and “valley bottom,” making one of the longest W surnames.
  156. Winthrop – an upper-class English place name meaning “wine village” or perhaps “friend’s village.”
  157. Wintour – a high-fashion celebrity name meaning “winter.”
  158. Wintz – a fun German name meaning “friend.”
  159. Wiśniewski – a very popular surname in Poland, meaning “cherry tree.”
  160. Witherspoon – meaning “sheep” and “land,” perhaps for someone who lived near or worked with sheep.
  161. Withey – a romantic surname referring to a beautiful “willow tree.”
  162. Wogan – a cool Welsh name with possible meanings such as “glory” or “little scowler.”
  163. Wojciechowski – from the Polish given name Wojciech, meaning “joyous warrior.”
  164. Wójcik – one of the most common surnames in Poland, with various meanings and origins.
  165. Wojczyk – a variant of Wójcik, with a head-turning spelling.
  166. Wolcott – for a family raised in a “cottage near a spring.”
  167. Wolf – like the animal, this last name is feisty and cunning.
  168. Wolfhard – meaning “brave wolf,” this no-nonsense name comes from Old German.
  169. Wolfwood – this surname sounds rugged, wild, and full of adventure.
  170. Wollman – an Old English name for a dealer of wool.
  171. Wong – a common surname found internationally, with Chinese origins.
  172. Wonka – a famous Chocolate Factory owner name from children’s fiction.
  173. Wood – another popular English surname, perhaps for a family living near a forest.
  174. Woodcock – a sturdy sort of name after a type of bird.
  175. Woodger – an old occupational surname for a “woodcutter.”
  176. Woodham – with the rustic meaning of “woodland home.”
  177. Woodman – a great occupational name for a woodcutter or forester.
  178. Woodrow – a presidential surname, meaning “row of houses by a wood.”
  179. Woods – like Wood, this name has all the appeal of a forest.
  180. Woodward – an old occupational name for a forester.
  181. Woolf – or Woolfe, both enticing spelling variants of Wolf.
  182. Woolley – sounding sheepish, yet meaning “wolf clearing” from Old English.
  183. Woolman – a variation of Wollman, sounding fleecy and warm.
  184. Wootton – this Old English surname hails from a “place by the wood.”
  185. Wordsworth – a beautiful surname, reminding us of the famed English poet of the Romantic Age.
  186. Workman – an honest name for a hardworking man.
  187. Wortham – after a U.K. town, meaning “enclosed village.”
  188. Worthington – meaning “enclosure, fenced farm,” for homely, protective feels.
  189. Wouters – this Dutch patronymic means “son of Wouter,” like Walter.
  190. Woźniak – a Polish surname meaning “carrier, coachman.”
  191. Wray – this topographic surname means “nook, corner.”
  192. Wren – a surname and unisex given name after the small, dainty bird.
  193. Wright – from an Old English word meaning “craftsman,” specifically of wood.
  194. Wrightsman – meaning “servant of the wright,” perhaps for a helpful, attentive individual.
  195. Wróblewski – from any place named Wróblew in Poland, meaning “sparrow.”
  196. Wruck – said to mean “cantankerous” from German roots.
  197. Wu – another common Chinese last name after the ancient state.
  198. Wulfstan – a strong Old English name meaning “wolf stone.”
  199. Wyatt – meaning “brave at war,” this Old English surname isn’t to be messed with.
  200. Wynne – or Wynn, both “holy, blessed, pure” picks among Welsh last names starting with W.
  201. Wystan – this rare Old English name means “battle stone” for tough guys.
  202. Wyvern – a rare yet fantastical name after a two-legged dragon from European folklore.

Surnames Starting With W FAQs

What Are the Most Common Surnames Starting with W?

Wang is the most common surname in the entire world, and it happens to start with W! In the U.S., Williams, Wilson, White, Walker, Wright, Wood, and Watson are the most common last names, starting with W, all ranking within the top 100 most common surnames.

What Are Some Celebrity Surnames Starting with W?

Witherspoon, Westbrook, Wyatt, Waller, and Worthington are all great celebrity surnames beginning with W. If you’re a history buff, you’ll also like Winston, Washington, Wilson, and Woodrow.

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