100+ Magical Warlock, Wizard, and Witch Baby Names

Babies cast a spell on us, so why not give them an amazing wizard or witch name?

We all think our kids are magic, so it’s only fitting that we find the best warlock, wizard, and witch baby names for them. After all, how else are they going to achieve wizarding greatness? The great news is there are quite a few to choose from, ranging from the bizarre to the obvious.

So, if you fancy your son as the next Harry Potter or think they’re a badass sorcerer, you’ll find this list magical (excuse the pun)! Sit back and enjoy a rundown of the best mystical names out there.

109 Awesome Warlock, Wizard, and Witch Baby Names

We’ve done the research for you, so go on and give your little mage children the right warlock, wizard, and witch baby names.

  1. Abraham – a mythical badass Egyptian mage who used good and evil spirits to cast magic spells.
  2. Agate – from the French meaning “good woman,” Agate is also a beautiful stone believed to have healing powers.
  3. Agnes – Agnes Waterhouse (Mother Waterhouse) was the first woman to be hung as a witch in 1566.
  4. Alatar – a famous character from Lord of the Rings who fought Sauron in Middle Earth.
  5. Albus – the first name of Dumbledore from Harry Potter, and also Latin for “light.”
  6. Alcina – a Greek sorceress featured in an Italian poem by Ludovico Ariosto.
  7. Alice – a German word meaning “noble,” Alice was the name of the first witch recorded in Irish mythology.
  8. Alison – meaning “son of Alice,” Alison is a popular female name for witchy and non-witchy types.
  9. Alistair – after the notorious and feared dark magician Alistair Crowley.
  10. Allegra – means “joyful and lively,” Allegra is the enigmatic name of a character in the Japanese series Jack and the Witch.
  11. Ambrose – in Latin, Ambrose means “immortal one” and has roots in the foundation of the Christian church.
  12. Andromeda – a character in Harry Potter, Andromeda is also a name from Greek mythology.
  13. Angela – means “messenger from God,” but Angela was also a French witch executed in 1275.
  14. Ariadne – known as the “high fruitful mother,” Ariadne was also the fertility goddess of the moon.
  15. Aspen – a great ski resort and the perfect name for several fictional warlocks and witches.
  16. Asterope – translates as “starry-faced,” Asterope comes from Greek mythology as the nymph of golden light.
  17. Astra – means “of the stars” and is also a character in the British TV show Doctor Who.
  18. Atlantes – a magician from the medieval poem Orlando Furioso, Atlantes has roots in Greek history.
  19. Aurelia – the name of a wind witch who dwelled in the mountains looking after wild birds.
  20. Beatrixfrom the Dutch and Latin meaning “blessed,” Beatrix was convicted of witchcraft in the late 1500s.
  21. Belinda – meaning “beautiful snake,” Belinda was the Babylonian goddess of earth and water.
  22. Bellamy – from Irish, English, and French, meaning “fine friend,” Bellamy is also a character in fiction.
  23. Bessie – after Bessie Dunlop, the Scottish witch who cured sick children but was executed for sorcery.
  24. Birch – while this is unusual as a name, Birch is the most popular wood used to make wands.
  25. Blaise – even Merlin had a master in Arthurian legend, and his name was Blaise.
  26. Bridget – the name of a witch in the Salem Witch trials, Bridget Bishop, was executed in 1692.
  27. Cassandra – a Greek word meaning “prophetess” and the name of a modern-day Cornish witch.
  28. Celeste – associated with the heavenly otherworld (celestial), it’s not surprising that Celeste is popular among witch names.
  29. Cerys – associated with the supernatural world, Cerys is a powerful Welsh word meaning “love.”
  30. Charlotte – from the French meaning “free man,” and the name of a character in the Puella Magi series.
  31. Christian – a follower of Christ, and the name of the modern warlock, Christian Day.
  32. Circe – meaning “bird,” Circe was the daughter of a formidable spellcaster in ancient Greek mythology.
  33. Clementine – a pretty name that means “merciful,” Clementine is associated with witches in literature.
  34. Dahlia – from the wildflower, Dahlia is associated with dishonesty, betrayal, and instability.
  35. Dune – an English word meaning “ridge or mound of sand,” Dune is also the cool name of a young warlock.
  36. Edith – the name of English Wiccan, Edith Woodford Grimes, and means “prosperous in war.”
  37. Eliphas – from the Old Testament Book of Job, Eliphas is also a celebrated occultist.
  38. Elizabeth – a traditional name meaning “pledged to God,” Elizabeth is also the name of a Salem witch.
  39. Elsie – a derivative of Elsa, the main character in Disney’s Frozen, and of Scottish origins.
  40. Eris – a powerful goddess of trouble and strife, worshipped by Wiccans.
  41. Evanora – a sexy version of Eleanora, Evanora was the “Wicked Witch of the East” in The Wizard of Oz.
  42. Fabian – most notably featured in the popular Harry Potter novels, Fabian means “bean grower.”
  43. Gandalf – most readers and movie-goers will recognize the main wizard from The Lord of the Rings.
  44. Ganondorf from the Irish for “fair-skinned,” Ganondorf is also a character in The Legend of Zelda.
  45. Garnet – the French translation means “pomegranate” and is believed to have unique powers.
  46. Gerald – after the famous Wiccan and warlock Gerald Gardener, who rejuvenated Paganism in the 50s.
  47. Ginerva – Ron Weasley’s feisty mum had this name in the Harry Potter series.
  48. Glinda – the good witch in The Wizard of Oz, Glinda translates as “fair.”
  49. Gwendolyn – a Welsh word meaning “white ring,” Gwendolyn was also the fairy mistress of King Arthur.
  50. Gwen – a derivative of Gwendolyn, Gwen Ellis was one of the first women killed for witchcraft.
  51. Gwydion – a male magician and trickster who appears in popular Welsh prose.
  52. Harry – yep, you guessed it, this one belongs to the famous, cool boy wizard, Harry Potter.
  53. Hazel – from the medicinal plant Witch-hazel, offering a mysterious Wiccan ring.
  54. Hecate – if your baby wants to rule over the moon, ghosts, night, and magic, consider Hecate as a moniker.
  55. Hermione – means “messenger or earthly,” Hermione is the super-smart friend of Harry Potter.
  56. Hilda – means “battle woman” in German and is the shortened version of Brunhilda the Valkyrie.
  57. Holly – a popular girl’s name for December babies and a sacred Wiccan and witch tree.
  58. Hyacinth – thanks to its earthy flower name, it’s perfect for pagan and Wiccan parents.
  59. Icarus – aside from the poor boy whose wings melted, Icarus is also a character in Harry Potter.
  60. Iris – the Greek god of the rainbow; Iris has many meanings but mainly represents courage and wisdom.
  61. Jadis – from the Persian word for “witch,” Jadis is also a character in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.
  62. James – Scottish royalty loved this name, and James was also the father of Harry Potter.
  63. Joan – a medieval sorceress, Joan Peterson was a scorned healer who cursed a patient for refusing to pay.
  64. Laurie – named after the influential modern witch Laurie Cabot.
  65. Leanne – meaning “dweller of the woods,” Leanne Marrama is the head of the Salem Raven Moon Coven.
  66. Linden – translates as “linden tree hill” and is significant in Wiccan and pagan culture.
  67. Locasta – the name of the “Good Witch of the North” in The Wizard of Oz.
  68. Lucia – is a cute white witch’s name meaning “light,” representing the coming of the sun.
  69. Lucius Latin for “light,” although there is nothing light or amusing about Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter series.
  70. Maleficent – means “prone to evil” and is the name of the evil witch in Sleeping Beauty.
  71. Margery – the name of the medieval witch “Old Mother Madge,” Margery was executed for plotting to kill the king.
  72. Mark – from the Latin, meaning “warlike,” and the name of a celebrated Tarot reader Mark Eadiciccio.
  73. Mary – no one can forget Mary Poppins, the kind yet strict witch in the Disney classic.
  74. Matilda – if your child looks like they enjoy a good fight, Matilda is ideal because it means “battle-mighty.”
  75. Max – from Maximullus, meaning “greatest,” Max is also a witch doctor and magician from The Princess Bride.
  76. Medea – in Greek mythology, Medea helped Jason and his Argonauts obtain the golden fleece.
  77. Merlin – a famous one among warlock names for boys; Merlin means “sea fortress” in Welsh.
  78. Minerva – the Roman goddess of wisdom; Minerva features in Harry Potter and means “of the mind.”
  79. Mira – in Latin, Mira means “female ruler” and is a confident name for your little girl.
  80. Molly/Moll – a 17th-century healer and herbalist, Moll Dyer, was accused and executed for witchcraft.
  81. Morgan – a Welsh boy name meaning “circle,” Morgan Le Fay was King Arthur’s enemy.
  82. Neville – is not an obvious wizard name, but features as a character from the Harry Potter wizarding series.
  83. Nicholas – means “people of victory” in Latin and is a derivative of Nike, the goddess of victory.
  84. Nora – features in The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, Nora translates as “light.”
  85. Ommine – the cunning Sith Sorcerer in Star Wars and a descendant of the Sith Lord, Freedon Nadd.
  86. Ophelia – translates as “help” and is the lead female character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  87. Pallando – Tolkien’s great masterpiece is fertile ground for wizard names like Pallando.
  88. Percy – a soft-sounding name that features in many fictional works.
  89. Peter – St. Peter is the keeper of the gates of heaven, which translates as “rock.”
  90. Phoenix – a famous mythological bird that regenerates from its ashes.
  91. Poppy – a beautiful flower representing the blood of Christ and the matron from Harry Potter.
  92. Priscilla – was the mother of the Gould family in Salem, whose children were accused of witchcraft.
  93. Prospero – another Shakespearean character, Prospero, became a powerful sorcerer.
  94. Puck – from Shakespeare to the TV show Glee, Puck has always had a bad-boy image.
  95. Raven – represents corvids in mythology and is also a cool goth name.
  96. Remus – the twin of Romulus, who founded Rome; Remus is also a character in Harry Potter.
  97. Ron – the famous red-head wizard chum of Harry Potter.
  98. Rubeus – means “red” in Latin and is the first name of groundskeeper Hagrid in Harry Potter.
  99. Sabrina – means “white rose” from the TV show Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.
  100. Saruman – the arch-enemy of Gandalf in Middle Earth, Saruman means “man of kill.”
  101. Seamus – of Irish descent, Seamus is also the name of a character in Harry Potter.
  102. Selene – in mythology, she was the moon goddess and rode a sparkling chariot.
  103. Selma – a famous witch character in the epic Beowolf, Selma means “Godly helmet.”
  104. Severus – in Latin, Severus means “stern,” which matches the character Severus Snape in Harry Potter.
  105. Talon – means “claw” but works just as well as a surname.
  106. Tamsin – the celebrated 19th-century witch of Helston, Tamsin Blight, was renowned for removing curses.
  107. Theodora – from the Wizard of Oz and the “Wicked Witch of the West.”
  108. Willow – in medieval times, Willow was associated with divinities and witches.
  109. Zephyr – the Greek god of the west wind; Zephyr is a strong warlock name.

Warlock, Wizard, and Witch Baby Names FAQs

How Many Warlock, Wizard, and Witch Names Come From Harry Potter?

Several warlock, wizard, and witch names come from the Harry Potter book and movie series. From Hermione Granger, Rubeus Hagrid, and Albus Dumbledore, the names keep coming, with more than 15 appearing on this list.

How Many Warlock, Wizard, and Witch Names Come From Lord of the Rings?

With so many warlock, wizard, and witch names featured in Lord of the Rings, it’s clear that Tolkien took inspiration from the mythical world when creating characters. Prominent names include Saruman, Gandalf, and Alatar.

The Wizard of Oz is another rich feeding ground of names for your special little sorcerer.

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