144 Graceful Names That Mean Kind (Caring and Angelic)

Uncover the sweetest names that mean kind for the most kind-hearted baby angels.

Bless your child with the virtues of grace and compassion by selecting one of these adorable names that mean kind below. Destined for the most good-natured, warm-hearted souls, these names, meaning kind, are sure to promote loving values within any family unit.

Empathy and care go a long way, so we’ve gathered a selection of the cutest kind names from across the globe to share with you. Plus, with all their lovable meanings and intriguing origins, your family’s hearts will be glowing in no time!

63 Gorgeous Girl Names That Mean Kind

Your precious angel will glow gracefully with one of these beautiful names, meaning kind for girls.

  1. Adina – means “gentle, delicate,” a sweet pick among Hebrew names, meaning kind.
  2. Agatha – or Agata, a Greek-rooted name for a “good” woman.
  3. Ailana – this Hawaiian pick among kind names for girls is truly “loving.”
  4. Alice – is a “noble” French name, straight from Wonderland.
  5. Alma – this adorable international name has various meanings, including “kind, young woman.”
  6. Amabilia – this girly surname has the most “lovable” meaning.
  7. Amanda – a friendly pick among “lovable” girl names that mean kindness.
  8. Anisa – a sweet Arabic name for a “good-natured, pleasant companion.”
  9. Annabel – this delicate name holds the values of “beauty, grace, love.”
  10. Bea – meaning “bringer of happiness,” you would always want a Bea around.
  11. Caoimhe – a popular Irish girl’s name for a “gentle, kind, beautiful” lady, pronounced “KWEE-va.”
  12. Cara – a cute 4-letter Latin name rich in loving-kindness, meaning “friend.”
  13. Caridad – is the Spanish word for “charity,” full of humility and grace.
  14. Charity – a virtue name fit for a humble and giving lady.
  15. Clementia – inspired by the Roman goddess of mercy, clemency (compassion), forgiveness, and salvation.
  16. Dove – a beautiful, bird-inspired name, as a charming international symbol of peace.
  17. Edwina – meaning “wealthy friend,” this Old English name sounds like it would take care of you.
  18. Elea – is the ancient Greek personification of mercy and compassion.
  19. Fidella – this unique female name shines with fearless “loyalty.”
  20. Frederica – is a feminine form of Frederick, meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  21. Glenda – a dated name, simply meaning “good, kind, fair.”
  22. Gordia – a Persian pick among names meaning kind, befitting for a “good leader.”
  23. Grace – a delightful virtue name to live up to, oozing caring, charitable affection, and empathy.
  24. Grid – this unique name from Norse mythology sparkles with “harmony and peace.”
  25. Halima – a “gentle and kind” name for a girl with a polite temperament.
  26. Hannah – a popular palindromic name meaning “grace.”
  27. Harmony – a musical name for a girl with a patient heart.
  28. Hellä – a Finnish name for a “loving, affectionate” little carer.
  29. Ingeborg – a quirky Old Norse name for a girl, kindly offering “help, protection, rescue.”
  30. Latifah – an Arabic name for a “kind and gentle” little queen.
  31. Lilo – a famous Hawaiian pick among Disney names that means “caring, generous one.”
  32. Mabel – an old name from Latin origins, meaning “lovable.”
  33. Mandy – short for Amanda, for the most “lovable” girl in your whole world.
  34. Manju – a “pleasant, sweet” pick among adorable Hindi girl names meaning kind.
  35. Mehri – this Persian female name sparkles beautifully for a “kind and loveable” girl.
  36. Mercedes – like the car, this trendy Spanish name holds the compassionate meaning of “mercy.”
  37. Mercy – meaning “compassion,” a strong option if you love virtuous, kind names.
  38. Milana – a queenly Slavic name meaning “loving, gracious, dear.”
  39. Miliani – meaning “gentle touch,” this Hawaiian girl’s name is soft and kind.
  40. Miyeon – an enchanting Korean name meaning “kind-hearted, beautiful.”
  41. Monica – meaning “advisor,” this lovely name sounds like a friendly ear.
  42. Neha – a stunning Hindi name, full of “love” and “affection.”
  43. Ophelia – a Greek name also used by Shakespeare, meaning “helpful.”
  44. Paige – for a “young assistant,” you’ll love this helpful name meaning “servant or page.”
  45. Patience – a sweet vintage option full of virtue and moral strength.
  46. Philippa – a feminine form of Philip, meaning “friend of horses,” with Pippa as a cute nickname.
  47. Raya – meaning “friend,” this Hebrew name was borne by a recent Disney Princess.
  48. Ruf – a short, sweet, 3-letter Russian name for your kind new “friend.”
  49. Ruth – a pretty, rustic-sounding name for a “compassionate friend.”
  50. Sadhbh – for a “sweet, lovely” female, this Irish name is surprisingly pronounced “SYVE.”
  51. Samirah – a compassionate Arabic name meaning “companion” or “conversationalist.”
  52. Shifra – a biblical name meaning “lovely, kind.”
  53. Sunita – is radiant among Indian kind names, meaning “well-behaved, of good character, and kind.”
  54. Tegan – with Welsh and Cornish roots, this sweet girl’s name means “loved one, darling.”
  55. Tova – a Hebrew name for an angelic girl who’s “kind, good, and pleasing.”
  56. Umama – this Arabic name means “little mother,” full of care and attention.
  57. Uvelia – is a unique alternative to Ophelia, meaning “helpful.”
  58. Wendy – from the favorite classic, Peter Pan, this treasured literary name means “friendly.”
  59. Winola – this elegant German woman’s name means “charming friend.”
  60. Yadira – a treasured Arabic name for any “worthy friend.”
  61. Yoshie – this fabulous Japanese name has various meanings, including “good, delightful, respectable, and virtuous.”
  62. Yuna – another international name with meanings including “kindness” and “desired.”
  63. Zahira – a pretty form of the male name Zahir, meaning “helper.”

65 Mature Male Names Meaning Kind

Discover the sweetest names that mean kind to bring out the best in your little Prince Charming.

  1. Ái – this Chinese and Vietnamese name element signifies “affectionate, sentimental love.”
  2. Adeel – for a “fair, righteous” little prince.
  3. Adiv – fit for a Hebrew boy who’s “kind, courteous, polite.”
  4. Alo – short yet gorgeous, this Native American (Hopi) name means “one who is a spiritual guide.”
  5. Alvin – not just for singing chipmunks, this Old English name also suits a “noble friend.”
  6. Alwyn – after a Welsh river, meaning “friend or generous.”
  7. Anas – for caring men, this name is full of “love and affection.”
  8. Atif – for a virtuous man, this name means “kind one” or “affection” in Arabic.
  9. Baldwin – a manly Old German given and last name with the dependable meaning of “brave friend.”
  10. Bashir – this Arabic name means “bringer of good news” for kindly souls.
  11. Benigno – a Latin-rooted pick among rhythmic names that mean “kind.”
  12. Benvolio – straight from Romeo and Juliet, Benvolio means “goodwill” or “peacemaker.”
  13. Cody – a fun and friendly Gaelic name for a “helpful” lad.
  14. Cortés – or Cortéz, both Hispanic surnames meaning “courteous, polite.”
  15. Curtis – for a “well-bred, polite, courteous” little boy.
  16. Darwin – fit for a budding biologist, this gorgeous name means “dear friend.”
  17. Déaglán – a traditional Gaelic name meaning “full of goodness” and the original form of Declan.
  18. Declan – a popular Irish name for a boy who’s “full of goodness.”
  19. Eamon – a retro-sounding Gaelic name for your benevolent “wealthy protector.”
  20. Evander – a noble Greek name for an all-round “good man.”
  21. Ezra – meaning “helper, protector,” this biblical boy name has your back.
  22. Felim – a soft yet kingly Irish name, meaning “ever good.”
  23. Frederick – meaning “peaceful ruler,” this strong name is one to admire.
  24. Garan – a French boy’s name meaning “guardian,” for those always on the lookout to protect.
  25. Gatlin – meaning “friend, companion,” of caring German roots.
  26. Godfrey – a classy English name combining elements of “good” and “peace.”
  27. Goodwin – an upper-class, Old English name that means “good friend.”
  28. Hien – a great name to befit your charming “virtuous gentleman.”
  29. Hiroshi – fit for a hero, this Japanese name means “generous and kind.”
  30. Jabari – a noble Swahili name for a “brave, fearless” African friend.
  31. Jeb – often short for Jacob, or a separate Hebrew name meaning “beloved friend.”
  32. Jermaine – meaning “brotherly,” this name sounds kind and family-oriented.
  33. Kareem – a “generous, gracious” lad would shine with this Arabic name.
  34. Khairi – a cool Arabic name meaning “kind, charitable,” or “full of goodness.”
  35. Khalil – or Khaleel, both cool and trendy choices for your new little “friend.”
  36. Krishna – an all-mighty name inspired by the Hindu deity of protection, love, and compassion.
  37. Liêm – a Vietnamese boy’s name for a trustworthy friend, meaning “truthful, honest.”
  38. Loyal – a lesser-heard pick among virtue names for boys.
  39. Lucas – meaning “bringer of light” in Latin, this heavenly name sounds gracious and spiritual.
  40. Lutfi – a fun Arabic pick among names that mean “kind, gentle.”
  41. McCarthy – this surname means “son of the loving one.”
  42. Milan – for a “kind, loving, and gracious” man.
  43. Miloš – a strong Slavic name for a “gracious and compassionate” boy.
  44. Nadeem – another handsome pick among kind names that mean “friend.”
  45. Naomhán – a Gaelic name meaning “little saint, little holy one,” for a good-willed child.
  46. Naruhito – this commanding and regal Japanese name extols “virtue, compassion.”
  47. Nasir – or Naseer are both beautifully kind names for “helpful, supportive” kids.
  48. Odakotah – a strong and manly Native American name meaning “friend.”
  49. Oscar – meaning “friend of deer,” this Gaelic name would suit a kind-hearted kid.
  50. Philander – despite its newer “womanizing” connotations, this Greek name means “friend of man.”
  51. Philip – meaning “friend of horses,” this kingly name is full of nobility and grace.
  52. Philokrates – this commanding Greek name celebrates the “power of friendship.”
  53. Radomil – for a fun-loving Slavic boy, always “happy” and “gracious.”
  54. Raham – this Hebrew boy’s name shows “mercy and kindness.”
  55. Rahim – a noble Islamic name connoting “kindness, compassion, mercy.”
  56. Raif – or Raef, both Arabic names meaning “kind, compassionate, affectionate.”
  57. Rhett – meaning “advice, counsel,” this English name knows what’s best.
  58. Saad – this Quranic name would be a joy to have in your life, meaning “friend, happiness.”
  59. Salman – or Salmaan, shines brightly with its “truthful, loyal” meaning.
  60. Syncere – from the Latin “sincerus,” this kindly name means “genuine, pure.”
  61. Takoda – this Sioux name is destined for a boy who’s a “friend to everyone.”
  62. Warden – an old name fit for a little caretaker.
  63. Wilfred – meaning “one who desires peace,” perfect for a kind-hearted soul.
  64. Winfred – meaning “peaceful friend” or “friend of peace,” this English name is old-fashioned.
  65. Zahir – meaning “helper,” this Arabic name is handsome and charitable.

16 Gentle, Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Kind

These unisex kind names are brimming with care and compassion.

  1. Angel – a perfectly holy name for the most good-natured baby blessings.
  2. Ariti – a “friendly” Greek surname inspired by the concept of Arete, meaning “excellence, virtue.”
  3. Bellamy – a gorgeous, gender-neutral French name for a “good friend.”
  4. Bronwen – the sweetest, gender-neutral Welsh name, meaning “pure of heart.”
  5. Dakota – a Sioux name meaning “friend, ally,” also a great U.S. state name.
  6. Dillon – an Irish name for a “faithful, loyal” person.
  7. Ellis – this Welsh-rooted given name and last name means “benevolent.”
  8. Elu – this Native American (Zuni) name fits a child “full of grace.”
  9. Greer – meaning “guardian,” you can trust someone bearing this thoughtful Scottish name.
  10. Hanan – a biblical Hebrew name meaning “gracious.”
  11. Lennon – an Irish and British name meaning “lover,” great for music fans.
  12. Pax – this Roman goddess name has the selfless meaning of “peace.”
  13. Pip – short for Philip or Philippa, a great Dickensian nickname.
  14. Shalom – a powerful Hebrew name, full of “peace.”
  15. Sweeney – an old family name meaning “pleasant.”
  16. Tirion – this cool, gender-neutral Welsh name befits a “kind, happy” kid.

Kind Names FAQs

What Names Mean Gentle?

Beautiful girl names that mean “gentle” include Adina, Halima, Miliani, Latifah, and Caoimhe. For boys, we love soft-sounding names like Alwyn, Hien, and Lutfi.

What Greek Name Means Kindness?

Some of our favorite Greek names that mean “kindness” include Agatha, Ophelia, and Elea for girls, plus Evander, Philander, Philokrates, and Ariti for boys.

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