121 Names That Mean Queen: for Daughters That Rule

Inspire your daughter with these most royal names that mean queen for girls.

There’s no better way to honor your daughter’s majesty than by bestowing one of these beautiful names that mean queen upon her.

Throughout history, it’s not hard to find countless fearless, noble, and powerful reigning women to use as admirable namesakes. Let the rule of these queens inspire you when choosing queen names for babies destined for success.

Below, we’ve listed the most majestic names, meaning queen, and some other special queen names from history and legend. With all their honorable meanings, your family will crown its newest royal lady in no time!

89 Fearless Female Names That Mean Queen

Discover a treasure trove of royal names that mean queen for confident and beautiful women.

  1. Aaliyah – a stunning Arabic name, powerful in its meaning of “exalted.”
  2. Alicia – a popular choice for a girl destined to be “noble, exalted.”
  3. Almira – a gentle Muslim girl’s name meaning “princess.”
  4. Amirah – another slightly different, just as romantic Muslim choice for a “princess.”
  5. Andromeda – this space-themed name means “ruler of men,” great for an intergalactic queen.
  6. Antinea – from French literature, this sweet fictional name refers to the “queen of Atlantis.”
  7. Atarah – meaning “crown,” a lesser-heard female name from the Bible.
  8. Breena – meaning “fairy palace,” fit for a dainty Irish princess.
  9. Bridget – a strong and saintly Gaelic name for a “noble, exalted one.”
  10. Candace – from the Bible, this royal title means “queen” or “queen mother.”
  11. Charlotte – meaning “free,” this royal princess name is perfect for a demure little lady.
  12. Contessa – a very regal name inspired by the feminine title equivalent of Count.
  13. Diana – a beloved royal name for a woman who’s “heavenly” and “divine.”
  14. Ece – a short, sweet, Turkish earth goddess name meaning “queen.”
  15. Elbereth – created by Tolkien, this cute name means “star queen” in the fictional Sindarin language.
  16. Elsa – meaning “God is my oath,” this Elizabeth variant was borne by the Disney Ice Queen.
  17. Empress – a noble title to bestow upon a warrior woman.
  18. Erica – or Erika, both names intended for “powerful ruler” women.
  19. Frederica – a feminine form of the Old German name Frederick, meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  20. Freya – great for a goddess, this Scandinavian name means “noble lady.”
  21. Gladys – a very old-timey name from Wales, blissfully meaning “princess.”
  22. Hammoleketh – one of the longest “queen” names, meaning “reigning one” from biblical Hebrew.
  23. Harriet – means “home ruler,” perfect for the newest queen of your family.
  24. Henrietta – like Harriet, this fun name means “home-ruler.”
  25. Hera – the ultimate Greek goddess name, regally meaning “queen.”
  26. Houtu – means “queen of the earth,” borne by a Chinese goddess.
  27. Iphigenia – meaning “of royal birth,” this Greek mythology name sounds destined for greatness.
  28. Ishtar – is inspired by a Mesopotamian queen goddess.
  29. Isolde – meaning “ice ruler,” this German name would suit a winter queen.
  30. Janaina – fit for a mermaid princess, this Afro-Brazilian name means “queen of the seas.”
  31. Jemisha – a unique name for your baby, “queen of darkness,” or “queen of the night.”
  32. Jesminder – a vibrant Hindu name full of life, meaning “flower queen.”
  33. Juno – sounds powerful and fierce among queen names, inspired by the Roman queen of the gods.
  34. Kaur – this pretty, popular Indian surname has various meanings, including “princess” and “lioness.”
  35. Ketevan – an unusual Georgian name for your newest “queen of the house.”
  36. Kiara – meaning “princess” in Swahili, and “dark-haired” as an Irish name, fit for beautiful royalty.
  37. Kimberley – a regal English name “from the woodland of the royal fortress.”
  38. Lilibet – is a cute twist on Elizabeth, used as a nickname by the former Queen of England.
  39. Madb – means “intoxicating woman,” after a great warrior queen from Irish mythology.
  40. Maelona – an uncommon Welsh name with the fairy tale meaning of “princess.”
  41. Malika – a feminine form of the “kingly” Arabic name, Malik.
  42. Malka – an uncommon yet elegant Hebrew entry among names meaning “queen.”
  43. Manon – this Welsh and French-rooted name has several meanings, including “bitter,” “beloved,” and “beautiful queen.”
  44. Morrigan – a gothic pick from Irish mythology, meaning “phantom queen.”
  45. Nala – this famous Disney name means “lion queen” and “successful.”
  46. Nimue – rooted in Arthurian mythology, borne by the “Lady of the Lake.”
  47. Órla – this stylish, 4-letter Gaelic name means “golden princess.”
  48. Orlaith – a variant of Orla, this Irish name also means “golden princess.”
  49. Persephone – borne by the queen of the underworld, this Greek myth name means “destruction.”
  50. Princess – a delightful celebrity name for your newest royal maiden.
  51. Putri – from Indonesia, this affectionate name means “daughter, princess.”
  52. Quanda – a cool choice if you love unique names meaning “queen.”
  53. Queenie – is a great pick for a golden girl and fun as a nickname.
  54. Raidah – this Arabic name means “leader” for your favorite woman in charge.
  55. Raina – sounds earthy and fresh among Slavic names that mean “queen.”
  56. Rani – an exotic Hindi option if you love 4-letter names that mean “queen.”
  57. Regina – a commendable Latin girl’s name for a no-nonsense “queen.”
  58. Reign – meaning “to rule,” this queenly name bears a fun, rainy-day sound.
  59. Reina – a stunning Spanish pick among names meaning “queen” for confident women.
  60. Reine – the French word for “queen” and a beautiful alternative to Reina or Reign.
  61. Reinette – an ultra-feminine form of Reine for your fabulous little queen.
  62. Rhiannon – similar to Rihanna, this sassy Welsh goddess name means “great queen.”
  63. Rigantona – meaning “great queen,” this unusual Old Celtic title is sure to turn heads.
  64. Rihanna – with a great celebrity namesake, this international pick has various meanings, including “great queen” and “basil.”
  65. Rikki – a feminine form of the male name Richard, meaning “brave ruler.”
  66. Rionach – is unique among Irish names that mean queen, for “queenly” little ladies.
  67. Rolanda – a retro name meaning “wise ruler.”
  68. Ryanne – a beautiful, feminine form of Ryan, meaning “little king.”
  69. Sadie – a trendy pick among Hebrew queen names, meaning “princess.”
  70. Salla – a fun Finnish alternative to Sally, sweetly meaning “princess.”
  71. Sally – also meaning “princess,” this light-hearted name is an easy charmer.
  72. Sara – this gorgeous name comes from Hebrew and regally means “princess.”
  73. Sarah – like Sara, but this “princess” name is even more timeless, spelled with the “h.”
  74. Sarai – an exotic twist on the popular “princess” name, Sarah.
  75. Shazia – this sexy pick may mean “princess” or “rare.”
  76. Soni – this Japanese name is elfin and sweet, meaning “fairy princess.”
  77. Stephanie – a popular, Greek-rooted girl’s name meaning “crown,” with Steph among cute nicknames.
  78. Suri – an old form of Sarah, also meaning “princess.”
  79. Taguhi – a fun Albanian name meaning “queen,” with an eye-catching spelling.
  80. Tana – this dainty name has enchanting meanings such as “star goddess” and “fairy queen.”
  81. Tanaquil – meaning “gift of God,” borne by an Etruscan queen.
  82. Teuta – also a unique Albanian title for a lovely baby “queen.”
  83. Thema – cool among African names for girls with Ghanaian roots, meaning “queen.”
  84. Tiana – meaning “fairy queen,” this name was borne by a Disney princess.
  85. Tiara – a cute, bejeweled alternative to Tiana, perfect when worn by a queen.
  86. Władysława – meaning “ruler,” this Polish name is rich in pride and “glory.”
  87. Xaria – this trendy, modern name means “blooming flower” and “princess.”
  88. Zadie – a stylish variant of Sadie, meaning “princess,” with that desirable “Z” initial.
  89. Zariel – a radiant name for a majestic “lion princess.”

18 Famous Queen Names From History & Legend

The most recognizable names have been held by famous queens and female rulers.

  1. Alexandra – meaning “defender of mankind,” a mighty name with stunning variants held by many royals.
  2. Anne – or Ann, meaning “grace, favor,” this virtuous name would suit a caring lady.
  3. Boudicca – meaning “victory,” inspired by an ancient warrior queen.
  4. Camilla – the reigning queen’s name, meaning “religious attendant.”
  5. Catherine – is soft and charming for a strong queen or duchess, meaning “pure.”
  6. Cleopatra – meaning “glory of the father,” borne by the legendary Egyptian queen.
  7. Eleanor – radiantly meaning “bright, shining one” for happy little princesses.
  8. Elizabeth – a powerful name for a monarch, meaning “God is my oath.”
  9. Gráinne – inspired by the legendary Pirate Queen, for seafaring adventurers as strong as a masthead.
  10. Isabella – a timelessly popular queen name, meaning “devoted to God.”
  11. Jane – meaning “God is gracious,” this 4-letter name is far from plain.
  12. Margaret – this dated name has possible meanings, including “pearl,” “bitter,” or “beloved.”
  13. Maria – a Latin variant of Mary, simultaneously strong and womanly in tone.
  14. Marie – another charming and pretty variant of Mary, with a sweet French flair.
  15. Mary – a holy pick among classic famous queen names, with meanings including “beloved” and “bitter.”
  16. Nefertiti – a majestic ancient Egyptian queen name, meaning “the perfect woman has arrived.”
  17. Victoria – is iconic among names held by historic British queens, meaning “victorious, triumphant.”
  18. Zenobia – rooted in ancient Greek mythology, relating to the powerful force of the mighty Zeus.

14 More Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Queen

Uncover more spectacular names for majestic boys and girls.

  1. Ali’ikah – a spectacular Hawaiian name meaning “king/queen of the sea.”
  2. Aubrey – a gentle name meaning “elf ruler” for those with magical powers.
  3. Basil – a type of herb and a Greek-rooted name for a “royal” leader.
  4. Esmat – a smart Quranic name meaning “highness, majesty.”
  5. Iolani – a spectacular Hawaiian name to soar above the rest, meaning “hawk of royalty.”
  6. Kalani – a “heavenly,” gender-neutral Hawaiian name meaning “royal one.”
  7. Meredith – an old Welsh name meaning “great ruler,” commonly used for girls today.
  8. Rey – a cool, gender-neutral Star Wars name, meaning “king” or “queen.”
  9. Rory – meaning “red king,” this Scottish, gender-neutral name sounds fiery and regal.
  10. Royce – a unisex German name meaning “royal, fame,” great for fancy car-loving queens.
  11. Shay – meaning “esteemed, majestic,” this Gaelic name is the most regal in the land.
  12. Sigourney – an awesome French name to befit a “daring ruler” or “conqueror.”
  13. Windsor – this reigning royal surname means “windy hill, riverbank.”
  14. Yíjūn – meaning “joy, ruler,” this strong Chinese name is mightily aspirational.

Queen Names FAQs

What Names Mean Princess?

Sarah is one of the most popular names that means “princess.” Other regal options we love include Amirah, Sally, Salla, Sadie, Shazia, Maelona, Putri, Gladys, Kaur, Órla, and even Princess.

What Girl Names Mean Royalty?

Inspire your daughter by choosing a “royal” name to bestow upon her. Great options include Kalani (“royal one”), Royce (“royal”), Iphigenia (“of royal birth”), Kimberley (“from the woodland of the royal fortress”), Iolani (“hawk of royalty”), or Basil (“royal”).

What Are Some French Names Meaning Queen?

For your little French ruler, consider the queenly names Reine, Manon, Marie, Antinea, or Sigourney.

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