143 Incredible Names That Mean Life: for Girls and Boys

Long life and happiness is guaranteed with a name that means life.

What better way to celebrate new life than choosing among names that mean life? It is the most precious thing and something we all hold dear. Life names are a positive statement that you wish your beautiful child a long life and happiness.

Every culture has a tradition of honoring new life, from the Roman gods, the Celts, and Hebrews to the Anglo-Saxons and the Greek mythological tales. So, let’s stake a claim for the best life names and celebrate everything precious about your bundle of joy.

72 Gorgeous Girl Names That Mean Life

Let’s kick this off with the girls.

  1. Abella – every new life needs to “breathe,” and this Hebrew girl’s name is no different.
  2. Adhaya – is a Southern Indian name meaning “first, first power” and “at the beginning of the universe.”
  3. Aisha – many Arabic girl names that mean life are symbolic – means “alive” and “well.”
  4. Aizza – sometimes spelled Aiza – means “gift from God” in Arabic.
  5. Alba – this short and sweet Italian and Spanish name means “sunrise” and “dawn.”
  6. Anastasia – is of Greek and Russian origin, meaning “resurrection.”
  7. Aoibbhe – pronounced Eva, this Irish name means “life and beauty.”
  8. Aoife – this Irish/Gaelic version of Eva also means “radiant.”
  9. Asha – is a positive Arabic name with the delightful meaning of “alive and well.”
  10. Aurora – there’s an air of mystery about this Latin name meaning “dawn.”
  11. Ausra – the first Lithuanian entry – means “sunrise” and “dawn.”
  12. Ava – a derivative of the Hebrew Eva, meaning “life.”
  13. Avabelle – an amalgamation of the Hebrew Ava and the French Belle – means “beautiful life.”
  14. Ayelet – many believe this Hebrew name means “gazelle at dawn.”
  15. Beatrix – this Dutch name is inspired by the Latin Beatus and means “blessed.”
  16. Beeja – an Indian-inspired name that means “happy” and “the beginning.”
  17. Betha – this Celtic/Irish name means “life.”
  18. Bibiana – of Brazilian and Portuguese origin, meaning” alive” and “full of life.”
  19. Bophelo – our first Zulu name on the list – means “to live.”
  20. Cansu – a Turkish name of Iranian origin, meaning “life, soul,” and “spirit.”
  21. ChaeWon – this Sino-Korean (Chinese-Korean) name means “source, beginning,” and “origin.”
  22. Chivvy – this beautiful Cambodian entry means “life.”
  23. Chizue – a wonderfully descriptive Japanese name meaning “a thousand storks” representing “long life.”
  24. Daifa – this cool Arabic name means “a majestic creation.”
  25. Dajana – if you want an Arabic name that means “divine, goddess-like,” and “heavenly,” look no further.
  26. Dawn – an Old English name referring to “the first appearance of light” and “daybreak.”
  27. Eawa – a Polish variant of the Hebrew Eva, meaning “life.”
  28. Eba – an alternative version of the Hebrew Eva – also means “animal.”
  29. Efa – this Welsh version of Eva also means “alive.”
  30. Eiji – a unisex Japanese name meaning “prosperity, peace” – perfectly captures your baby girl’s whole life ahead.
  31. Ella – of German, English, and Hebrew origin, meaning “fairy maiden” and “goddess.”
  32. Eloma – this Northern Spanish name means “life.”
  33. Elu – the first Cherokee entry – means “full of grace” and “fair and beautiful.”
  34. Enid – this classic Welsh name means “spirit, life,” and “purity.”
  35. Eos – a beautiful Greek girl’s name meaning “nightingale.”
  36. Eshe – an African/Swahili name meaning “immortal, life.”
  37. Eva – this immortal female name stems from the Hebrew Eve and means “life” or “living one.”
  38. Evalyn – another Hebrew-inspired girl’s name meaning “life, desired,” and “water.”
  39. Evette – a French or American version of the Hebrew Eve, meaning “living one” and “yew.”
  40. Evika – sticking with Hebrew-inspired names, this one means “life.”
  41. Evita – live a long life with this feminine Latin name meaning “life” and “living one.”
  42. Ha – of Chinese, Cantonese, and Vietnamese origin, meaning “sunshine” and “summer.”
  43. Hisa – a Japanese eternity name for those living “a long time of life.”
  44. Hiwot – this eastern African name means “life.”
  45. Jilian – an unusual Latin name meaning “youthful.”
  46. Jivanta – a beautiful Hindi name that means “giver of life.”
  47. Khepri – this arresting Egyptian name means “develop, come into being,” and “create.”
  48. Kia – the famous Korean car manufacturer – means “to rise from Asia.”
  49. Langhuie – derived from the Old English Langgifu, meaning “the lasting one” and “long life.”
  50. Lizette – this French-inspired name means “God’s promise” or “pledged to God.”
  51. Luljeta – an Albanian female name meaning “flower of life.”
  52. Mika – this Japanese name means “beautiful fragrance” and “new moon.”
  53. Motoyo – of Japanese origin, meaning “lifetime.”
  54. Nefes – a classy female Japanese name meaning “generation” and “lifetime.
  55. Nurcan – some girl names that mean life are Turkish – means “bright soul.”
  56. Nyssa – this Greek name means “goal, ambition,” and “beginning.”
  57. Odoti – a pretty Hindu girl’s name, meaning “dawn” and “refreshing.”
  58. Oma – many life and death names are Arabic – means “giver of life” and “leader.”
  59. Oriana – a classic Latin girl’s name, meaning “sunrise” and “dawn.”
  60. Oriella – derived from the Latin Aurea, meaning “golden.”
  61. Pran – a short and sweet Sanskrit name meaning “life, breath of life,” and “spirit.”
  62. Rachana – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “creation.”
  63. Renata – a feminine Latin/Italian name meaning “reborn.”
  64. Renee – derived from the Latin Renatus, meaning “born again.”
  65. Tadesse – the first Ethiopian entry – means “he has renewed.”
  66. Taisha – this name is popular in Uganda and means “full of life.”
  67. Thyia – of Greek origin, meaning “to sacrifice” and “tree of life.”
  68. Wahuj – an Arabic name meaning “first light, dawn,” and “new beginning.”
  69. Xiola – derived from the Greek Zoilos, meaning “life” and “lively.”
  70. Zera – an unusual Hebrew name meaning “seeds” and “beginnings.”
  71. Ziva – of Hebrew origin, meaning “life” and “light of God.”
  72. Zoe – the last of the girl’s names is early Christian – means “life” and represents “eternal life.”

71 Brilliant Boy Names That Mean Life

The boys are back in town with many beautiful names, meaning life.

  1. Aadi – the fourth month of the Tamil calendar; this Sanskrit name means “first” and “beginning.”
  2. Aarth – of Hindu descent, meaning “first, gift,” and “meaningful.”
  3. Abel – derived from the Hebrew “hevel,” meaning “breath” or “vanity.”
  4. Abtum – of Parsi/Indian origin, meaning “the creator of plentiful water.”
  5. Adamo – this Hebrew name’s purpose explains that new life comes from the “earth.”
  6. Adem – a unique spelling of the Hebrew Adam, meaning “son of the red earth.”
  7. Ahelia – of Hebrew origin, meaning “breath” and “source of life.”
  8. Anastasius – a Latinized version of the Greek Anastasios, meaning “resurrection.”
  9. Ankur – a Hindi boy’s name meaning “flower, blossom,” and “sprout.”
  10. Antarbhuti – one of many Hindi names on the list – means “soul” and “life.”
  11. Apela – one of a handful of Hawaiian names – means “breath” and “breathing spirit.”
  12. Aroon – this Hindi name means “darling” and “dawn.”
  13. Asher – derived from the Hebrew “osher,” meaning “happy” and “blessed.”
  14. Asier – this classic Basque name means “the beginning” or “new beginnings.”
  15. Baari – this Islamic name means “to create” and “to form out of nothing.”
  16. Balkar – a Punjabi/Sikh name meaning “full of strength.”
  17. Beathan – is primarily a Scottish name meaning “life.”
  18. Bindhas – this Sanskrit name means “enjoy life.”
  19. Bion – a derivative of the Greek “bionic,” meaning “life.”
  20. Bo – of Scandinavian origin, meaning “to dwell” or “to live.”
  21. Brahma – a sacred Hindu name meaning “the creator god.”
  22. Calian – this Native American male name means “he is a warrior of life.”
  23. Can – of Turkish and Azerbaijani origin, meaning “spirit, life,” and “soul.”
  24. Caner – of Turkish origin, meaning “soul, life” and “best friend.”
  25. Chai – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “living” and “vital.”
  26. Chaim – this medieval Hebrew name means “life.”
  27. Dagian – an Old English name meaning “beautiful dawn.”
  28. Daxon – is of French origin, meaning “water, life-giving drink,” and “leader.”
  29. Ercan – this Turkish name means “the brave one with valiant lineage.”
  30. Ettan – a catchy Sanskrit name meaning “breath” and “life.”
  31. Faatir – a cute Muslim baby name meaning “maker” and “creator.”
  32. Fajr – this quirky Islamic name means “dawn, rise,” and “beginning.”
  33. Genesis – is a mixture of English and Spanish, meaning “creation” and “beginning.”
  34. Haim – similar to Chaim, this Hebrew name means “life.”
  35. Harshavardhan – a lengthy Hindu name meaning “creator of joy” and “one who provides happiness.”
  36. Hava – of Hebrew and Yiddish origin, meaning “life.”
  37. Haya – this Hebrew name also means “modesty, decency,” and “shyness” in Arabic.
  38. Hayat – this Quranic name means “life.”
  39. Hyman – a beautiful Yiddish boy’s name, meaning “life.”
  40. Inizio – a beautiful Italian name meaning “new beginnings.”
  41. Jaival – this Hindu boy’s name means “life-giver/giving” and “full of life.”
  42. Jan – derives from Janus, the Roman god of “new beginnings.”
  43. Janmay – a Gujarati boy’s name meaning “born” and “newborn child.”
  44. Janus – this Roman name means “new beginnings, passages,” and “endings.”
  45. Jeevan – is popular on the Indian sub-continent and means “bringer of life.”
  46. Jeton – possibly of Albanian or Swiss origin, meaning “lives.”
  47. Jivan – mostly found in Hindi countries, this boy’s name means “life” and “giver of life.”
  48. Juro – a cool Japanese baby name meaning “tenth son, best wishes,” and “longevity.”
  49. Kahanu – this Hawaiian name means “the breath” and “the breath of life.”
  50. Kartaara – a sophisticated Hindu boy’s name meaning “the father” and “Lord of creation.”
  51. Naveen – this Sanskrit name symbolizes new life and means “new.”
  52. Neo – some boy names that mean life are Greek – means “new.”
  53. Nouvel – of French origin, also meaning “new.”
  54. Ojas – an unusual Indian name meaning “the strong one.”
  55. Omar – means “flourishing, long-lived” in Arabic and “wealthy, famous” in German.
  56. Omri – this Hebrew boy’s name means “life, servant,” and “sheaf of grain.”
  57. Ordell – a unique Latin name meaning “beginning” and “of the beginning.”
  58. Phoenix – one of the mythological Greek life names – means “dark red” and symbolizes “resurrection and rebirth.”
  59. Suchart – of Sanskrit/Thai origin, meaning “good” and “birth.”
  60. Sulya – a beautiful Hindi name, meaning “god of the sun.”
  61. Tshering – a Sanskrit and Nepalese name meaning “long life.”
  62. Umar – of Arabic origin, meaning “prosperous, thriving,” and “flourishing.”
  63. Urien – is of Celtic/Welsh origin, meaning “of privileged birth.”
  64. Vian – a gender-neutral English name meaning “life, energy,” and “lively.”
  65. Vidal – from the Latin Vitalis, meaning “life and vitality.”
  66. Vihaan – an uplifting Sanskrit name meaning “dawn” and “sunrise.”
  67. Vitale – popular in Russia and Italy, this Latin name means “life-giving.”
  68. Vitus – this male Latin name means “lively” and “life.”
  69. Walid – some names that mean life are Arabic – means “newborn.”
  70. YeongSu – this Chinese/Korean name means “eternal, long life, forever,” and “perpetual.”
  71. Zoticus – the last male entry is derived from the Greek Zotikos, meaning “full of life.”

Names That Mean Life – FAQs

Which Names That Mean Life Are Latin?

The list of Latin names that mean life includes a few examples, such as Vitus, Vidal, Ordell, Renee, and Oriana. Anastasius, Janus, and Jilian are other prime examples of Latin names meaning life.

Which Life Names Mean New Life?

Life names that specifically mean new life include Walid, Urien, Phoenix, Inizio, Aadi, and Nyssa. Beeja, Chae-Won, and Jivanta are international names that mean new life.

Which Names That Mean Life Are Hindu?

Many names that mean life are Hindu, including Vihaan, Sulya, Beeja, Ojas, and Ettan. Rachana, Odoti, and Suchart are also excellent examples of Hindi monikers referring to life.

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