156 Boy Names That Start With E: Energetic & Endearing

Boy names that start with E are exuberant, exciting, and edgy!

Choosing a baby name is fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

With so many name choices, where do you start? How about running through the letters of the alphabet? Boy names that start with E are a great place to begin because they give you plenty of trendy, unique, and traditional options.

We bring you the definitive list of awesome male names that start with E to fire your imagination.

156 Meaningful E Names for Boys

Strap in as we deliver the best boy names with E for your little champ.

  1. Eadric – the Saxon king of Kent, meaning “wealthy ruler.”
  2. Eadwig – the name of a 10th-century Saxon king, meaning “wealth, fortune, and war.”
  3. Eames – a derivative of Eamon, with the same meaning.
  4. Eamon – possibly of Irish origin, meaning “wealthy protector.”
  5. Earl – an Old English noble rank, meaning “pledge and nobleman.”
  6. Early – possibly means “noble leader, but could also mean “eagle wood.”
  7. East – a habitational name describing someone from the “East.”
  8. Eastman – an Anglo-Saxon name meaning “grace and protection.”
  9. Eastmund – similar to Eastman, with the same meaning.
  10. Eastwood – an Old English habitational name meaning “east of a wood.”
  11. Eaton – this Old English name means “island settlement” and works as a first and middle name.
  12. Ebbe – from Scandinavian and German, meaning “brave boar.”
  13. Eben – a short form of Ebenezer, meaning “stone or rock.”
  14. Ebenezer – a classic Hebrew boy’s name meaning “stone of help.”
  15. Eberhard – of Old German roots, meaning “brave boar.”
  16. Ebrar – of Turkish/Arabic origin, describing a “good and virtuous person.”
  17. Eckbert – another Germanic name meaning “bright edge.”
  18. Eckhart – this Old German name means “strong through the sword” or “brave edge or point.”
  19. Ector – this Greek name means “to restrain and defend” and “father of Arthur.”
  20. Ed – an even shorter form of Edward, meaning “wealthy guard.”
  21. Eddy – a short form of Edward, meaning “wealthy guardian.”
  22. Edel – this rarely used German name means “noble.”
  23. Eden – this biblical male name means “place of pleasure” and refers to God’s garden.
  24. Eder – a cool habitational Hebrew name meaning “flock.”
  25. Edgar – an Old English name meaning “wealth and spear.”
  26. Edgaras – possibly meaning “warrior, innovative, and handsome,” this Italian name could also mean “great spearman.”
  27. Edgerton – an English habitational name meaning “on the edge of town.”
  28. Edin – a classic Hebrew name meaning “fire and place of pleasure.”
  29. Edison – meaning the “son of Edward,” this Old English name is unusual.
  30. Edmund – similar to Edward, this Old English name means “riches, prosperity, and protector.”
  31. Edric – a cute Old English name meaning “rich and powerful.”
  32. Edsel – of Old German origin, meaning “noble.”
  33. Edson – an Old English name meaning “son of Edward.”
  34. Edu – a Portuguese and Spanish derivative of Edward, meaning “wealthy guard.”
  35. Eduardo – another alternative version of Edward, meaning “wealthy guard” in English.
  36. Edwald – this derivative of Edward is of Polish origin and means “wealth and ruler.”
  37. Edward – this Old English noble name means “wealth, fortune, and guardian protector.”
  38. Edwin – is derived from Old English, meaning “wealthy friend.”
  39. Effram – an alternative spelling of the Hebrew name Ephraim, meaning “fruitful.”
  40. Egbert – derived from Old Germanic, meaning “bright edge.”
  41. Egon – an edgy German name meaning “sword’s edge.”
  42. Egypt – the capital city, meaning “that troubles or oppresses.”
  43. Ehud – with so many Hebrew names on the list, this one means “united.”
  44. Eiron – a character in Greek comedies with an unknown meaning.
  45. Eladio – this Spanish boy’s name means “man from Greece.”
  46. Elah – a biblical name meaning “oak, curse, and perjury.”
  47. Elam – from the Old Testament, meaning “distant and eternal” in Hebrew.
  48. Elan – a positive Welsh name meaning “bright or shining one.”
  49. Elazar – a common Jewish male name meaning “God has loved.”
  50. Eldad – from the Old Testament, meaning “God has loved” in Hebrew.
  51. Eldon – of Old English origin, meaning “Ella’s Hill.”
  52. Eldor – possibly a place or habitational name meaning “elder trees.”
  53. Eldred – derived from the Old English name Ealdred, meaning “old counsel.”
  54. Eldridge – an alternative to the English name Eldred, or of German origin, meaning “sage ruler.”
  55. Eleazer – this Hebrew name relates to God, meaning “God is my help.”
  56. Elfeg – derived from the Polish Ælfeah, possibly of elvin origins, meaning “premonition.”
  57. Elgar – an alternative version of the Old English “aelfger,” meaning “elf spear.”
  58. Eliab – sticking with the Hebrew theme, this name means “God is my father.”
  59. Elie – a short and sweet Hebrew name meaning “my God is Yahweh.”
  60. Eliel – of Hebrew origin, meaning “my God is God.”
  61. Eligio – derived from the Latin word “eligius,” meaning “elect.”
  62. Elijah – an ancient Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is my God.”
  63. Elio – derived from the Greek “helios,” this Spanish name means “sun.”
  64. Eliot – derived from Greek, Hebrew, and English, meaning “The Lord is my God.”
  65. Elisha – another Hebrew name meaning “God is salvation.”
  66. Eliud – a short Greek male name meaning “God is great.”
  67. Elizah – many male names that start with E come from Hebrew, like Elizah, meaning “my God is Yahweh.”
  68. Elkanah – from the Hebrew First Book of Samuel, meaning “God has made.”
  69. Elodie – derived from the Greek name Alodia, meaning “foreign riches.”
  70. Ellery – in Latin, it means “cheerful, and “alder tree” in English.
  71. Ellington – another Old English habitational name, meaning “Ella’s town.”
  72. Ellis – a cute Welsh name meaning “benevolent.”
  73. Ellison – this gender-neutral name is of Old English descent and means “son of Ellis.”
  74. Ellston – of Old English origin, this habitational name means “Elli’s town.”
  75. Elmar – some names for boys that start with E are German, like Elmar, meaning “famous weapon.”
  76. Elmer – derived from the Anglo-Saxon name Ædelmær, meaning “noble and famous.”
  77. Elmo – of Latin, Greek, and Italian origin, meaning “to love” and “God’s helmet.”
  78. Elon – this classic Jewish name means “oak tree” in Hebrew.
  79. Eloy – with roots in Hebrew and Latin, meaning “high and elect.”
  80. Elphick – a noble English family name, meaning “the son of Alfech.”
  81. Elroy – derived from Leroy, this French name means “the king.”
  82. Elsdon – an Old English topographic name meaning “Elli’s valley.”
  83. Elton – an Old English habitational name meaning “Ella’s town.”
  84. Eluf – possibly of Swedish origin, meaning “sole descendent or heir.”
  85. Elvin – of Old English origin, derived from Aelwine, meaning “elf or magical being” and “friend.”
  86. Elvis – possibly Irish, Latin, Hebrew, and German, meaning “all wise.”
  87. Elwin – of Old English origin, meaning “elf or magical being” and “friend.”
  88. Elwood – this Old English habitational name means “elder tree forest.”
  89. Ely – another Hebrew name to make the list, meaning “Jehovah is God.”
  90. Emery – derived from the Norman name Emmerich, meaning “loving.”
  91. Emil – similar to Emiliano, this Latin boy name means “rival.”
  92. Emiliano – derives from a popular Roman family name meaning “rival.”
  93. Emlyn – some guy names that start with E come from Old Welsh, like Emlyn, meaning “surrounding.”
  94. Emmanuel – meaning “God is with us,” this French name derives from Hebrew.
  95. Emmerich – a classic German name meaning “work.”
  96. Emmerson – this Anglo-Saxon name means “son of Emery or Emar.”
  97. Emmett – a mix of German and Hebrew, meaning “universal.”
  98. Emory – from Old German, Emory means “home strength” and “industrious leader.”
  99. Emrys – is the Welsh variant of Ambrose, meaning “immortal.”
  100. Emyr – a short Welsh masculine name meaning “king.”
  101. Endecott – this Old English name translates as “beyond the cottage.”
  102. Enea – this Greek and Italian boy’s name means “born ninth” or “to praise.”
  103. Engelbert – this Old German name means “bright angle and Ing’s brightness.”
  104. Enna – possibly Slavic or German, meaning “edge of a sword or fright.”
  105. Ennis – derived from the Irish/Gaelic name Inis, meaning “island.”
  106. Enoch – this Hebrew name has biblical significance and means “dedicated.”
  107. Enos – a simple Hebrew name with the sobering meaning of “mortal man.”
  108. Enrique – a popular Spanish form of Henry, meaning “home-ruler.”
  109. Ensley – this Old English name means “one’s own wood.”
  110. Enzo – the Italian version of the German name Heinz, meaning “home-ruler.”
  111. Eoghan – a classic Gaelic name meaning “born of yew” and “well born.”
  112. Eoin – this Irish form of John means “God is gracious.”
  113. Ephraim – a Latinized version of the Hebrew Efrayim, meaning “fruitful.”
  114. Eraldo – derived from the ancient Germanic name Hariwald, meaning “leader of an army” and “heroic leader.”
  115. Erasmo – a variant form of the Greek name Erasmus, meaning “to love.”
  116. Erasmus – derived from the Greek name Erasmios, meaning “to love” or “beloved.”
  117. Ercole – this Italian boy’s name means “splendid gift” or “Hera’s glory.”
  118. Erdogan – a famous Turkish name meaning “born as a brave man,” and warrior/soldier.”
  119. Erik – some boy names with E come from Old Norse, meaning “eternal ruler.”
  120. Erle – a short and sweet Celtic baby name meaning “from Ireland.”
  121. Ermes – related to Hermes, this Greek name means “messenger and interpreter.”
  122. Ermete – this Italian name is of Greek origin, meaning “of Hermes.”
  123. Ernest – is a long form of Ernie with the same meaning.
  124. Ernie – a short version of Ernest, meaning “serious and resolute.”
  125. Errol – possibly Scottish or German, meaning “boar wolf.”
  126. Erskine – a rare Scottish/Gaelic name meaning “from the high cliffs.”
  127. Erwin – a pretty Germanic male name meaning “respected friend.”
  128. Esau – an ideal Hebrew name for “hairy” kids.
  129. Esdras – of Hebrew origin, meaning “help.”
  130. Esmond – possibly means “protected by God” or “ease of protection” in Old English.
  131. Esteban – this male name of Spanish origin means “crown.”
  132. Estevo – comes from the classic Greek name Stefanos, meaning “crown, garland, wreath, and honor.”
  133. Ethan – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “firm and strong.”
  134. Ethelbert – derived from the Old English name Aethelbert, meaning “noble and bright.”
  135. Ethelred – an Anglo-Saxon name meaning “noble counsel.”
  136. Etienne – a French place name with Greek origins, meaning “garland crown.”
  137. Ettore – of Greek, Maltese, and Italian origin, meaning “steadfast.”
  138. Eugene – from the Greek name Eugenes, meaning “well-born of noble origin.”
  139. Eugenio – a Spanish and Italian version of Eugene, meaning “well-born of noble status.”
  140. Eurig – a wonderful Welsh name meaning “gold” or “golden boy.”
  141. Eustace – an Old English name derived from Greek, meaning “fruitful.”
  142. Evander – of Latin and Greek origin, meaning “good man.”
  143. Evangelos – a classic Greek name meaning “bringing good news.”
  144. Evelyn – possibly derived from Latin, meaning “life,” or from French, meaning “desired.”
  145. Everard – of Old English and German origin, meaning “brave.”
  146. Everest – a derivative of the French word “devereaux,” meaning “dweller on the Eure River.”
  147. Everett – derived from the Germanic name Eberhard, meaning “strong boar.”
  148. Everly – an Old English name meaning “wild boar in a woodland clearing.”
  149. Evian – this French name possibly means “spring water” or “spa.”
  150. Ewald – of Scandinavian and German roots, meaning “law.”
  151. Ewan – possibly derived from the Scottish/Pictish name “Vuen,” meaning “the warrior” or “born of the mountain.”
  152. Ewart – some E names for boys come from Germany, like Ewart, meaning “hardy and brave.”
  153. Ezekiel – another classic Hebrew name with biblical significance, meaning “God will strengthen.”
  154. Ezer – this biblical name derives from Ezra and has the same meaning.
  155. Ezio – a unique Greek name meaning “eagle.”
  156. Ezra – many boy names that start with E have Hebrew origins, like Ezra, meaning “help.”

Boy Names That Start With E FAQs

What Are the Most Popular Boy Names That Start With E?

The most popular boy names that start with E include Edward, Ewan, Ernie, Eddy, Edgar, and Ethan. Other well-loved examples like Ezra, Eugene, Ephraim, and Ellery come from Greek, Latin, and Hebrew.

Are Boy Names That Start With E Unisex?

Some boy names that start with E are unisex, including Evian, Everest, Elisha, Egypt, and Elah. Other gender-neutral examples are Everly, Etienne, Ensley, and Emyr.

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