100 Strong Polish Boy Names: With Meanings

Check out some of the best, most powerful Polish boy names, along with their meanings, origins, namesakes, and more!

Whether you are looking for a name that is traditionally Polish or just hoping to put a Polish-inspired twist on a name you already love, we have found the best selection of Polish names for boys for you to explore.

Rich in historical value, full of nickname possibilities, and radiating west-Slavic style, there is so much fun to be uncovered within these awesome Polish male names.

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100 Popular Polish Names for Boys

Read on to discover a selection of perfect Polish male names to choose for your new little prince, and uncover all the powerful meanings, rich history, inspiring namesakes, and more behind each one.


Adolph is a strong name of Germanic origin, popular throughout many European countries, including Poland, Denmark, Hungary, and Sweden. With the meaning of “noble wolf,” Adolf sounds rugged and cunning. Associations with this name have lessened its usage, however, if you like the style, you could always consider alternative variations such as Adolphus, Adolfsson, or the original Germanic name, Athalwolf.

  • Origin: Germanic, Polish, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Noble wolf
  • Variations: Adalwolf, Adolphus, Adolfsson
Strong, Animals


Aleksander is a form of the powerful name Alexander, used in Poland and other European countries. Alexander is rooted in the Greek Alexandros, which holds the noble meaning of “defender of man.” Countless rulers, royalty, and religious leaders have borne this name throughout history, making Aleksander a beautifully strong and courageous choice.

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Defender of man
  • Variations: Alexander
Strong, Popular


Aleksy is a cool Polish boy name, derived from the Greek Alexis, meaning “defender.” With a strong spelling and stylish flair, Aleksy sounds powerfully masculine and smart, making a great variation to the more commonly-heard Alex.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Defender
  • Style: Stylish, Cool, Strong
  • Variations: Alexis, Aleks, Aleksander


If Aloysius sounds too formal for you, consider Alojzy as an awesome alternative for your new little soldier! Meaning “famous warrior,” Alojzy comes from the same root as Louis, via the Latin Aloysius. With a unique spelling but undoubtedly cool style, Alojzy is certain to impress!

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Famous warrior
  • Pronunciation: a-loi-zi
  • Variations: Aloysius
Cool, Strong


Ambroży is a Polish male name, ultimately derived from the Latin Ambrosius. Meaning “immortal,” Ambroży is a gorgeous choice if you are hunting for a true legacy name to last for eternity, and Ambroży breathes so much life to all those who hear it.

  • Origin: Polish, Latin
  • Meaning: Immortal
  • Variations: Ambrose, Ambrosius
Sweet, Romantic


Anastazy is the smart Polish form of the masculine name Anastasius, of Greek origin. Meaning “resurrection,” Anastazy is full of hope and healing and would make a particularly special choice for a baby born during the Easter period. Somehow, the feminine version of the name, Anastasia, is much more common in English-speaking countries than the masculine version, but this could easily change!

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Resurrection
  • Variations: Anastasius
Sweet, Handsome


Anatolius is a beautiful Greek masculine name meaning “sunrise,” and Anatol is the smart, somewhat modern-sounding form of the name. The beautiful meaning gives Anatol so much color and light, full of possibility in its new beginning. To soften the name, the Russian form Anatoly could be considered, but Anatol is perfectly smart and handsome as it is.

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Sunrise
  • Variations: Anatolius, Anatoly, Anatole
Sweet, Nature-inspired


Andrzej is an awesome Polish name for a boy, being a variant on the popular name Andrew, derived from Greek. Simply meaning “man” or “manly,” Andrzej is full of strength, chivalry, bravery, and smarts. It’s a beautiful way to set your new little guy up to be the best he can be.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Man, manly
  • Pronunciation: ahn-jay, ahn-dzhay
  • Variations: Andrew
  • Namesakes: Andrzej Bobola, a Polish saint and missionary. Andrzej Wajda, a Polish film director. Sir Andrzej Panufnik, a Polish composer.
Strong, Cool, Stylish


Antoni is the handsome Polish form of Antonius, which dates back all the way to Roman times, where it was used as a family name. With meanings including “priceless” and “praiseworthy,” Antoni shines radiantly and would perfectly suit any little boy who is destined to achieve great things.

  • Origin: Polish, Roman
  • Meaning: Priceless, praiseworthy
  • Variations: Anthony, Antonious
  • Namesakes: Antoni Porowski, a Polish-Canadian chef and television personality. Antoni Słonimski, a Polish poet and writer.
  • Popularity: Antoni is a consistent chart-topper of a name in Poland, making it a very popular choice for cool little boys born there.
Cool, Stylish


Arkadiusz is a stylish Polish male name derived from the name Arkadios, a Greek name relating to the ancient Greek region of Arcadia. Today, Arkadiusz has a cool, confident feel to it and would be a particularly well-received choice for a baby born into a soccer-loving family, thanks to the large number of Polish football players who bear this name!

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: From Arcadia
  • Pronunciation: ar-ka-dyoosh
  • Variations: Arcadius, Arkadios
Strong, Locational
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Month names aren’t all that common for little boys, so August makes a beautiful and summery choice for a fun little guy! August is a form of the Roman name Augustus, used throughout many European countries, including England, Poland, and Germany. The name holds the mighty and regal meanings of “majestic” and “venerable,” but you could also use it to honor an August-born baby, too. August’s noble meaning is beautifully reflected in the many rulers and royalty who have borne the name throughout history, including the three kings of Poland!

  • Origin: German, Polish, Scandinavian, English, Roman
  • Meaning: Majestic, venerable
  • Variations: Augustus
  • Namesakes: Stanisław II August, former King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania. August Wilson, an American playwright.
  • Popularity: August is a popular name in the US, currently sitting within the top 200 most popular boy names. August was at its most popular, however, in the year 1901, where it reached the 141st most popular rank in the US.
Regal, Strong, Popular


For a name that shines brighter than the sun and glitters more than the stars in the sky, consider Aurelian for your new little prince. A Latin name meaning “golden,” Aurelian is also a charming choice of Polish male name meaning “fair-haired,” so is a wonderful name to bestow upon a little boy with luscious, blonde locks.

  • Origin: Latin, Polish
  • Meaning: Golden, fair-haired
Sweet, Unique, Strong


Bartek is a cool choice of Polish name for a boy, being a common surname yet also a diminutive of the strong, biblical boy’s name Bartłomiej. Interestingly, the Bartek Oak is a notable tree that grows in the Holy Cross Mountains of central Poland and is one of the oldest and most famous oak trees in the country. Although a tree is one of the more unusual namesakes to have, this undeniably cool fact is certain to be a talking point if you choose Bartek for your outdoorsy little guy!

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Son of furrows, or son of Ptolemy
  • Variations: Bartłomiej
Cool, Fun


Bartłomiej is the Polish form of the Aramaic name Bartholomew, a name notably born by one of the twelve apostles of Jesus and various other notable religious figures. Bartłomiej is a cool alternative, which is often shortened to the diminutives Bartek or Bartosz.

  • Origin: Polish, Aramaic
  • Meaning: Son of furrows, or son of Ptolemy
  • Variations: Bartholomew, Bartek, Bartosz
Strong, Biblical


Bazyli is a charming Polish name for a boy. Derived from the same stem as the English Basil from the Greek Basileus, Bazyli holds the regal meaning of “king,” giving the name a noble grace for your little prince to live up to.

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: King
  • Variations: Basil, Basileus
Regal, Sweet


Błażej is the cool Polish form of the stylish name Blaise, taken from the Latin word “blaseus,” meaning “lisping.” This fiery name is a wonderful choice to give to your new spark of life, and Błażej certainly has that roaring hot, sassy appeal.

  • Origin: Polish, Latin
  • Meaning: One with a lisp or stutter
  • Variations: Blaise, Blaze
Cool, Stylish


Bogumił is a strong and heavenly Polish boy name to consider for your new little angel prince. Composed of the Slavic elements “bog” and “mil,” meaning “God” and “dear,” respectively, Bogumił holds the pure and true meaning of “dear to God, favored by God.” This wholesome meaning is reflected in the soft spirit of the name, making Bogumił a fine choice for a divine son.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Dear to God
  • Variations: Bogdan, Boguslaw, Amadeus
  • Namesakes: Bogomil, a 10th-century Bulgarian monk and priest, founder of Bogomilism. Bogumił Grott, a Polish historian and lecturer. Bogumił Kobiela, a Polish film actor.
Strong, Handsome


Bolesław is a brilliantly strong and commanding Slavic male name, particularly prominent in Poland, where it was borne by various noblemen and leaders throughout history, beginning with Bolesław the Brave – the first King of Poland – in 1025. With a meaning of “great glory,” Bolesław is full of might and leadership, offering plenty of confidence to help your little ruler grow up to be a great man. Bolesław is mostly unheard of in English-speaking countries, so is a good choice if you are looking for something uniquely Slavic and strong.

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Great glory
  • Variations: Boleslav
  • Namesakes: Bolesław the Brave, the first King of Poland.
Strong, Regal


Bonifacy is a Polish male name derived from the Latin Bonifatius. Composed of the elements “bonum” and “fatum,” Bonifatius holds the positive and inspiring meaning of “good fate.” Although the name is uncommon in English, variations of the name appear in other languages, such as the Spanish Bonifacio, or the more-common French Boniface, which may also be heard as a surname. Bonifacy sounds softer somehow, yet retains all the sophistication and power from its original Latin roots.

  • Origin: Polish, French, Latin
  • Meaning: Good fate
  • Variations: Boniface, Bonifacio, Bonifatius
Unique, Strong, Fun


Borys is a Polish form of Boris, a strong masculine name of Bulgar Turkic origin, born by many noblemen and leaders throughout history. The name is said to hold the meanings of “short” and “wolf,” or perhaps “snow leopard,” giving Borys an adventurous, wild feel which would be a perfect match for an outdoorsy little boy. Another related variant would be the Slavic Borislav, which is derived from triumphant elements meaning “battle” and “glory.”

  • Origin: Polish, Turkic, Bulgarian
  • Meaning: Short, wolf, or battle glory
  • Variations: Boris, Borislav
Short, Animals, Sweet
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Meaning “divine gift,” Bożydar is a beautiful choice of name to honor the perfect new addition to your family! Bożydar is the Polish form of the Slavic Božidar, which is interestingly a translation of the Greek boy’s name Theodore. Bożydar is unique and strong, and is often shortened to the nickname Bożo. Just make sure to be aware that “bozo” is a colloquial term for a “foolish person” in English, which is certainly not an association that should be made with your gorgeous little genius!

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Divine gift
  • Variations: Božidar, Theodore
Cool, Handsome


Strong and sincere, Bratumił may be a unique choice of Polish male name, but it sure is a lovely one. “Brat” means “brother” in Polish and can be found used as a prefix on various Slavic names, including Bratislav or Bratan. The name Bratumił, however, is extended to mean “dear brother” and would be a fantastic choice for the newest little boy in your family.

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Dear brother
Sweet, Unique


The fun Polish male name Casimir holds the adorably chaotic meaning of “destroyer of peace,” but don’t let this alarming concern put you off choosing it for your new baby’s arrival! Casimir is a form of the traditional Polish name Kazimierz, borne by countless members of Polish nobility and even Saint Casimir, the patron saint of Poland. Whichever way you spell the name, Casimir sounds friendly yet strong, a great choice of name for your leading little man.

  • Origin: Polish, English, French
  • Meaning: Destroyer of peace
  • Variations: Kazimierz
  • Namesakes: Saint Casimir, the patron saint of Poland and Lithuania.
Strong, Regal


The romantic Polish male name Celestyn is truly a starry choice for an out-of-this-world little boy! Celestyn is a Polish form of the Roman Caelestinus, a strong name borne by five popes and holding the divine meaning of “heavenly” or “of the sky.” Celestyn has a beautifully ethereal nature to it, full of dreams and hope for your perfect prince!

  • Origin: Polish, Roman
  • Meaning: Heavenly, of the sky
  • Variations: Caelestinus
Sweet, Unique, Romantic


Cezary is the sweet Polish form of Caesar, a strong masculine name dating back to ancient Roman times. Julius Caesar, of course, is noted as being the first emperor of the Roman Empire in the 1st-century BC, giving the name a cool power and historical talking point. Furthermore, Cezary has the most adorable meaning of “one with a fine head of hair,” which makes it an especially fun choice for a baby born with luscious locks!

  • Origin: Polish, Roman
  • Meaning: One with a fine head of hair
  • Variations: Caesar, Cesere, Cesario
Stylish, Fun, Sweet


Darek is a diminutive form of the Polish male name Dariusz. Darek is very similar to the English Derek, which is commonly used as a nickname for longer names, such as Frederick or Theodoric, giving Darek a fun, easy-going familiarity that allows it to be a great choice of name internationally.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: To possess
  • Variations: Derek, Dariusz
Sweet, Fun


Dawid, a Polish form of the popular name David, is the traditional biblical Hebrew form, too. Meaning “beloved,” Dawid is a perfect way to capture the joy and affection you feel at the arrival of your new precious baby, as well as holding those beautifully spiritual, biblical associations, too.

  • Origin: Polish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Beloved
  • Variations: David
Biblical, Sweet, Popular


Dymitr is a cool Polish form of the Greek masculine name Demetrius. According to ancient Greek mythology, Demeter was the beautiful and powerful goddess of agriculture, a “Mother Earth” figure who featured in various legends. Dymitr, and the alternative Polish form Demetriusz, both carry the meaning of “dedicated to Demeter ” in the goddess’ honor, giving the name an earthy, loyal, and magical feel – a beautiful way to combine Greek mythology and Polish influences in your son’s name.

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Dedicated to Demeter
  • Variations: Demetrius, Dmitry, Demetriusz
Strong, Earthy, Cool


A variation on the adorably popular name Felix, Feliks is a form most commonly seen in Poland, Russia, and the Baltic states. Ultimately derived from the Latin word “felicis,” Feliks holds the awesome meanings of “luck” and “happiness,” so would perfectly suit any smiley, chirpy little boy who is destined for glorious success.

  • Origin: Polish, Russian, Latin
  • Meaning: Lucky, happy
  • Variations: Felix
Sweet, Fun, Cool


Franciszek is a Polish diminutive of the Latin name Franciscus, which holds the meaning of “Frenchman.” For a baby born with the dual heritage of French and Polish, Franciszek would be a perfect option. Even if not, you must be sure to take your new little prince to explore each of these fascinating countries should you choose Franciszek for his name!

  • Origin: Polish, Latin
  • Meaning: Frenchman
  • Variations: Francis, Franciscus, Franz
Locational, Fun, Cool
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A stylish name with a unique meaning, Gaweł is a cool choice for your new little lad. Derived from the Roman family name Gallus, Gaweł holds the meaning of “rooster,” so a male chicken is best associated with early morning wakeups and loud calls. Does this remind you of your newborn in the morning? If so, consider Gaweł as a fun name for him!

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Rooster
  • Pronunciation: ga-vew
  • Variations: Gallus
Unique, Cool, Animals


Grzegorz is a Polish form of the Greek-rooted name Gregory and Grzegorz has a handsome, regal appeal. Grzegorz’ meanings of “watchman, alert” offer the name a sense of wisdom and superiority we absolutely adore.

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Watchman
  • Variations: Gregory
Strong, Cool


Gustaw is the Polish form of the Old Germanic and Slavic name Gustav. Gustaw holds a rough yet regal air to it, full of ancient wisdom, history, and masculinity.

  • Origin: Polish, Germanic, Slavic
  • Meaning: Staff of the Goths
  • Variations: Gustav, Gustave
Strong, Regal


Hubert is a strong Germanic name used throughout Europe – although its pronunciation will differ depending on where you go! Derived from the German elements “hug” and “beraht,” meaning “mind” and “bright,” respectively, Hubert is a beautiful name to bless upon a child with a shining imagination.

  • Origin: Germanic, Polish, English
  • Meaning: Bright-minded
  • Variations: Hubertus, Hughbert
  • Namesakes: Saint Hubert, the patron saint of hunters, mathematicians, and metal workers. Hubert Humphrey, an American politician and former Vice President of the United States.
Strong, Regal


Izaak is a Polish form of the traditional Hebrew name Isaac, which holds the joyous meaning of “he will laugh.” Switching the softer “s” and “c” for a “z” and a “k” makes Izaak considerably sharper than Isaac, giving the name more of a cooler bite for your son to show off.

  • Origin: Polish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: He will laugh
  • Variations: Isaac
Fun, Sweet


Jacek is a cool-sounding and stylish Polish male name, with a meaning that’s rather unique! It is derived originally from the Greek name Hyacinthus, which is also the name of the pretty blue-purple perennial flower. In ancient Greek mythology, Hyacinth was a divine hero, a Spartan prince, and the lover of the sun god Apollo. Floral names are not as commonly heard for males as they are females, and Jacek is not only flowery and unique but also rooted in awesome Greek legend!

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Hyacinth flower
  • Variations: Jacenty, Jacinto, Hyacinthus
  • Namesakes: Saint Hyacinth, a Polish Dominican friar and saint, also known as Jacenty. Jacek Gmoch, a former Polish footballer and manager.
Unique, Nature-inspired


Jakub is the Polish form of the ever-popular biblical name Jacob, which holds the pure and noble meaning of “supplanter.” Jake is always going to be a fun and stylish short form of this name, but the beauty of Jakub is that you could also opt for the adorable, unique Kuba instead!

  • Origin: Polish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Supplanter
  • Variations: Jacob, Jake, Kuba
Popular, Sweet, Stylish


Jan is an effortlessly popular and handsome choice of Polish masculine name to pick for your new little prince. The name Jan is used as a variant to the popular Hebrew-derived name John in many European languages and makes a stylish alternative that you should definitely consider.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Variations: John, Johannes
  • Popularity: Jan is a popular choice of name for baby boys born in Poland.
Short, Popular, Cool


Janusz is a stylish Polish male name, originally taken from Jan but now used independently. Janusz may also be used as a variation on Janus, the name of the Roman god of beginnings and transitions, who gave his name to the month of January. So, if you have been blessed with a new-year born baby, Janusz could be an especially cool Polish boy name to choose for him!

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Variations: Jan, Janek, Janus
Strong, Stylish, Cool


Jarek is a cool and familiar Slavic male name and a great choice for your new little lad. Although Jarek is used independently, it is also used as a nickname for Slavic names beginning with that “yaru” element, such as Jarogniew or Jarosław. From this origin, Jarek holds the feisty meanings of “powerful” and “strong,” just what we hope your new baby warrior will grow up to be!

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Powerful, strong
  • Variations: Jarogniew, Jarosław
Cool, Strong
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Jarosław is an awesome Polish boy name, with a cool spelling and powerful meaning to really set it apart. A form of the Slavic-originated name Jaroslav, Jarosław, is derived from elements meaning “strong, powerful glory.” A stylish nickname from Jarosław would be Jarek, which also sounds cool and commanding.

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Powerful glory
  • Variations: Jaroslav, Jarek
Strong, Stylish


For a charming, handsome, and noble little guy, Jędrek is a worthwhile name to consider! Polish in origin, Jędrek is actually a diminutive of the name Andrzej, which is from the same root as the English Andrew. Meaning “strong man” or “masculine,” Jędrek has a commanding yet sincere aura to it, with a cool spelling to admire too! An alternate spelling to consider would be Jędrzej, which looks just as awesome.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Strong man, masculine
  • Variations: Jędrzej, Andrzej
  • Namesakes: Jędrzej Śniadecki, a Polish writer, philosopher, and scientist.
Handsome, Strong, Cool


Jeremi is a Polish form of the English name Jeremy, with both being derived from the Hebrew Jeremiah. Stylish and sophisticated, with a friendly sound, Jeremi is an awesome choice for a perfect little boy.

  • Origin: Polish, English, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Exalted by God
  • Variations: Jeremy, Jeremiasz, Jeremiah
Popular, Cool, Stylish


Jerzy is a cool Polish variant on the timeless English name George, ultimately derived from Greek, meaning “farmer, earthworker.” While George is known as one of the most mighty and well-used names in the English language since medieval times, borne by kings, noblemen, saints, and presidents, Jerzy provides a fun and unique twist while still retaining all the strength and power we all love. Nicknames from Jerzy include Jurek and Jurzyk, both of which will work as stylish independent names and are definitely smarter and cooler-sounding than Georgie!

  • Origin: Polish, English, Greek
  • Meaning: Farmer
  • Variations: Jurek, Jurzyk, George
Cool, Stylish


Jerzyk is a brilliant choice of Polish boy name to consider for your new little explorer, with two possible origins that are both lovely! First of all, Jerzyk is a diminutive form of the Polish male name Jerzy, a form of the English name George. Earthy and stylish, this gives Jerzyk the honest meaning of “farmer” and provides a great Polish alternative to the ever-popular classic George. However, aside from this, “jerzyk” also translates to mean “swift” from Polish, giving the name all the cool temperament of a flowing river.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Farmer, or swift
  • Variations: Jerzy
Earthy, Cool


Józef is the strong Polish form of the beautifully heavenly masculine name Joseph, which was originally taken from Hebrew. The snappier spelling of the Polish Józef adds sharpness and control to the name, adding flair to the softer Joseph. A fine option for a handsome little lad, Józef is a great Polish male name to go for.

  • Origin: Polish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: He will add
  • Variations: Joseph, Yosef
Strong, Handsome


Juliusz is the charming Polish form of the ancient Roman boy’s name Julius, notably born by the famed general and first Roman emperor, Julius Caesar. The name is said to have been derived from Greek, and although its meaning of “downy-bearded” is perhaps not the most relatable choice to bestow upon your precious newborn, this awesome Polish boy name is a strong choice, full of power and might.

  • Origin: Polish, Roman, Greek
  • Meaning: Downy-bearded
  • Variations: Julius, Julio, Julian, Julek
Strong, Regal


Jurek is a fun Polish male name, which was created as a pet form of Jerzy, yet has taken on new life as an independent name for stylish little dudes, as well as being used as a surname too. Jerzy is a Polish form of George, which holds the earthy meaning of “farmer,” and this cute sentiment is carried across to Jurek, too. Both Jurek and Jerzy are adorable choices and make great alternatives to the much more commonly-heard George!

  • Origin: Polish, English, Greek
  • Meaning: Farmer
  • Variations: Jerzy, Jurzyk, George
Fun, Sweet, Stylish


Kacper is a brilliant Polish boy name to choose for your son, as it is full of wealth, wisdom, and sensibility. Kacper is the Polish form of Caspar, which is derived from the same root as Jasper, of Persian origin, meaning “treasurer.” It is said that one of the three wise men who visited the baby Jesus during the nativity bore the noble name Caspar, offering even more of a spiritual, intriguing draw.

  • Origin: Polish, Persian
  • Meaning: Treasurer
  • Variations: Caspar, Jasper
Handsome, Unique


Kamil is a beautiful, romantic Polish boy name to choose for the newest hero in your life. Kamil is ultimately derived from the Roman masculine name Camillus, which holds the meaning of “one employed for religious services,” such as an altar boy. However, Kamil is also a stunning Arabic male name, holding the amazing meaning of “perfect.”

  • Origin: Polish, Czech, Slovak, Roman, Arabic
  • Meaning: One employed for religious services, or perfect
  • Variations: Camillus, Camilo
Sweet, Stylish, Handsome
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Karol is a strong and handsome Polish and Scandinavian form of the masculine names Karl, Charles, or Karolus. Giving your son a name with the meaning of “free man” is a perfect way to demonstrate your trust and admiration for him, as it connotes endless possibilities and adventures for him to pursue.

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic, Scandinavian
  • Meaning: Free man
  • Variations: Charles, Karl, Karolus
  • Popularity: Karol is a popular choice of Polish male name in Poland but is mostly unheard of in the US.
Strong, Stylish, Handsome


Kryspin is a fun-sounding Polish male name and a form of the English Crispin, taken from the Roman Crispus. In Christianity, Crispin and Crispinian were the twin patron saints of tanners and cobblers. However, the cutest part of this name root has to be its meaning – as Kryspin is derived from a Latin word meaning “curly-haired.” How angelic!

  • Origin: Polish, Roman, English
  • Meaning: Curly-haired
  • Variations: Crispin, Crispus
Sweet, Unique, Fun


Krzesimir is a unique Polish male name, a form of the Croatian Krešimir, or the Bulgarian Krasimir. All three hold the stunning meanings of “beautiful world, peace,” making each a gorgeous choice for a wholesome and happy little boy. Krzesimir may be a unique choice, but its sparky spelling certainly makes it a cool option for a little boy destined to stand out.

  • Origin: Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian
  • Meaning: Beautiful world, peace
  • Variations: Krešimir, Krasimir
  • Namesakes: Krzesimir Dębski, a Polish composer, conductor, and violinist.
  • Popularity: Krzesimir is an uncommon choice of name in Poland, making it delightfully unique!
Handsome, Unique


Krzysztof is a powerful and popular Polish boy name, derived from the same root as Christopher, in the Greek Christophoros. With the beautifully heavenly meaning of “bearer of Christ,” Krzysztof is pure and honest, with a stylish, modern flair brought by the name’s popularity. Krzysiek or Krzys make cool nicknames from Krzysztof, and appealing alternatives to Chris.

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Bearer of Christ
  • Pronunciation: kshi-shtawf
  • Variations: Kristoff, Christopher, Krzysiek
  • Popularity: Like Christopher is in English-speaking countries, Krzysztof is a popular choice for baby boys born in Poland.
Sweet, Popular


Lech is a brilliant name to give to your little boy and a perfect choice to carry Polish legend and culture into his life. Lech is a cool Polish given name and surname, short and sweet in stature but rich in cultural significance. According to Slavic mythology, Lech was the name of the legendary founder of Poland and its people, featuring in tales dating back to the early 14th century. In modern Polish politics, there have been two Presidents of the Republic of Poland, adding more powerful and commanding connotations to the name.

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: From Poland
  • Namesakes: Lech, the legendary founder of Poland. Lech II, a legendary ruler of Poland. Lech Wałęsa, a Polish statesman, former President of Poland, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate
Strong, Cool


Don’t be fooled by the short and sweet spelling of the Polish male name Lew, as it actually holds so much might and victory within those three simple characters! Lew is a name popularized in Poland and a form of Lev, which is used in other Slavic countries. As a name, both these forms are derived from the Latin boy’s name Leo, which holds the triumphant and regal meaning of “lion.” Full of pride and roar, Lew would make a great choice for your new little cub!

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic, Latin
  • Meaning: Lion
  • Variations: Lev, Leon, Leo
Animals, Cool, Short


Meaning “famous warrior,” Lotar is a brilliant Polish boy name for your new little hero-in-training! The Polish form of the German Lothar, Lotar is cool and modern-sounding, full of bite and drive to help your little soldier become the most powerful warrior he can be!

  • Origin: Polish, Germanic
  • Meaning: Famous warrior
  • Variations: Lothar
Strong, Unique, Cool


Lucjan is the Polish form of the ancient Roman given name Lucius or Lucianus. All of these glowing names are derived from the Latin word “lux,” meaning “light,” casting an ethereal glow onto all those who bear them. Lucjan makes a cool alternative to variations such as Luke or Lucasz, the Polish form of Lucas.

  • Origin: Polish, Roman
  • Meaning: Light
  • Variations: Łucjan, Lucianus
Cool, Sweet


Ludwik is the Polish form of the German boy’s name Ludwig, which was derived from Germanic elements that give the name the mighty meaning of “famed warrior.” Full of grit and feistiness, choosing the name Ludwik for your baby offers a brilliant power for him to grow into, making it an awesome choice indeed for a little man.

  • Origin: Polish, German
  • Meaning: Famed warrior
  • Variations: Ludwig
  • Namesakes: Ludwik Zamenhof, a Polish doctor, writer, and inventor of the Esperanto language. Ludwik Silberstein, a Polish-American physicist.
Strong, Regal


Meaning “light,” Łukasz is a Polish boy name that shines radiantly and brings joy to those who hear it! Łukasz is the Polish form of the name Lucas, taken from the Greek Loukas and from the same stem as the biblical Luke. Strong, handsome, and pure, this attractive Polish form of the popular name stands out with its cool spelling, giving it a modern appeal despite its traditional origins.

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Light
  • Variations: Lucas, Luke
Strong, Cool
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Maciej is the handsome Polish form of the name Matthias, taken from the Greek as a variant of Matthew. Popular in Poland but mostly unheard of in English-speaking countries, the unique spelling of Maciej sets it apart as a cool, stylish choice and a beautiful alternative to the often-heard Matthew.

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Pronunciation: ma-chat
  • Variations: Matthias, Maciek
Strong, Popular, Cool


Maksymilian is a brilliant Polish male name. A form of the Roman Maximus, this epic name holds the meaning of “the greatest” from Latin and was traditionally given in honor of those who excelled in leadership. A powerful choice indeed! Maksymilian, or Maks for short, is a great choice of name to give to the new little king in your life and a fine title for him to live up to!

  • Origin: Polish, Roman
  • Meaning: The greatest
  • Variations: Maximillian, Maximus, Maks
Strong, Cool, Handsome


Marceli is the Polish form of the Roman name Marcellus, itself from the same stem as the popular name Marcus. This root is linked to Mars, the ancient Roman god of war, offering strength and bravery to those who bear it.

  • Origin: Polish, Roman
  • Meaning: Dedicated to Mars
  • Variations: Marcellus, Marcelo, Marcus
Strong, Cool


Mateuz is a strong and charming Polish male name indeed! The Polish form of the Hebrew name Matthew, Mateusz holds the pure meaning of “gift of God,” which casts a lovely, spiritual warmth over the name and those who bear it. Mateusz makes an awesome alternative to Matthew or other popular variants such as Matteo or Mathias, yet still benefits from the ever easy-going and fun nickname, Matt.

  • Origin: Polish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Variations: Matthew, Matteo, Mathias
Strong, Popular, Fun


Maurycy is the Polish form of the French Maurice, ultimately derived from the Roman Maurus. Meaning dark or Moorish, Maurycy is rich and strong, whereas traditionally, it may also have been given in reference to those from the African country of Mauritius.

  • Origin: Polish, Roman
  • Meaning: Dark, Moorish, or from Mauritius
  • Variations: Mauritius, Maurus, Maurice
Strong, Handsome, Locational


Mikołaj is the Polish form of the popular Greek masculine name Nicholas, which holds the triumphant meaning of “victory of the people.” Mikołaj would make a particularly special name for a baby born during the festive period, as Sw. Mikołaj is the Polish name for the Christmas figure of Saint Nicholas, or Santa Claus.

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Victory of the people
  • Variations: Nicholas
  • Namesakes: Mikołaj Rej, a Polish Renaissance writer and poet.
Sweet, Cool, Strong


Miłosz is the Polish form of the Slavic name Miloš, which itself may be a shorter form of Miloslav. Holding the sweet and gentle meanings of “dear” and “compassionate,” Miłosz is charming and friendly and will grace its owner with the most beautiful of virtues to live up to. Miłosz may also be seen as a surname, most notably borne by the Nobel Prize-winning poet Czesław Miłosz.

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Dear, compassionate
  • Variations: Miloš, Miloslav
  • Namesakes: Czesław Miłosz, a Polish-American poet.
Sweet, Handsome


Narcyz is the Polish form of the Greek name Narcissus, as well as being the Polish word for the narcissus plant – a beautifully sweet flowering perennial genus that includes the springtime daffodils. According to ancient Greek mythology, Narcissus was a beautiful hunter who ended up falling in love with his own reflection! After staring at himself for the rest of his life, Narcissus passed away, and a narcissus flower sprouted in his place. We’re sure your little Narcyz won’t be as vain, but he’ll be just as handsome!

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Narcissus flower
  • Variations: Narcissus
Sweet, Nature-inspired, Handsome


Borne by countless European politicians, academics, artists, and greats, Norbert is a fine choice of name for your new little legend. Derived from Germanic elements meaning “bright” and “north,” this familiar name is used throughout Germany, England, Poland, France, and other countries in Europe, giving it an international appeal and class. Although Norbert is less commonly heard in recent years, its sturdy, friendly appeal will never get old!

  • Origin: Germanic, Polish, English, French
  • Meaning: Bright, north
Strong, Popular, Regal


Olaf is a strong and mighty name used for baby boys born throughout Europe. Originally derived from the Old Norse name Áleifr, meaning “descendant of ancestors,” Olaf is loyal and familiar in nature. Countless noblemen and leaders have borne this mighty name, including several European kings and the warm, hug-loving animated snowman from Disney’s animated classic, Frozen!

  • Origin: Norwegian, Polish, Danish, German
  • Meaning: Descendant of ancestors
  • Variations: Olav, Áleifr
Strong, Fun, Regal
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Olek is a diminutive of the Polish male name Aleksander, which makes a perfectly cool and stylish independent given name. Meaning “defender of man,” Olek is confident and feisty, whose short and sweet spelling makes the name impressively attractive.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Defender of man
  • Variations: Aleksander
Strong, Short, Cool


Olgierd is a stylish and unique Polish boy name, which makes a great choice for a new little warrior. Olgierd is derived from the Lithuanian name Algirdas, which holds the fame-filled meaning of “rumor, news,” which is a fun meaning to have when your handsome new arrival becomes the talk of the town!

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Rumors, all the news
  • Variations: Algirdas
Sweet, Fun


Oliwer is the Polish form of the ever-popular international boy’s name Oliver. The name has a couple of possible origins, the first being in Latin, as a reference to the olive tree. Alternatively, Oliver may have been derived from the Germanic name Alfhar, which holds the delightfully impish meaning of “elf army.” Whether your little Oliwer turns out to be majestic and serene like an olive tree or cheeky and charming like a little elvish warrior, we are sure that everyone will adore this beautiful Polish boy’s name.

  • Origin: Polish, Latin
  • Meaning: Elf army, or olive tree
  • Style: Cool, Popular, Nature-Inspired
  • Popularity: Although the Oliwer spelling is yet to rank, Oliver is a consistently popular name in the US!


Oskar is the Polish and Scandinavian form of Oscar, a beautifully popular name of Irish origin. Oskar holds the simply adorable meaning of “friend of deer,” offering a wholesome, adventurous quality to it. Oscar is a consistently popular choice for baby boys in the US, so opting for the Polish form Oskar gives a more unique, cultural, and snazzy side to the name.

  • Origin: Polish, Irish
  • Meaning: Friend of deer
  • Variations: Oscar, Oskari
  • Namesakes: Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist and humanitarian. Oscar Wilde, an Irish writer and poet. Oscar Peterson, a Canadian jazz musician.
  • Popularity: Although Oskar is yet to rank, Oscar has been in the top 300 most popular baby boy names in the US since 1900!
Animals, Sweet, Popular


Paweł is the Polish form of the Slavic name Pavel, itself a cognate of Paul, derived from the Roman family name Paulus. Meaning “small” and “humble,” Paweł is one of the softer, sweeter Polish boy names, which would beautifully suit a modest, caring child.

  • Origin: Polish, Roman, Latin
  • Meaning: Small, humble
  • Variations: Pavel, Paul, Pol
  • Namesakes:Paweł Pawlikowski, a Polish filmmaker and producer.
Sweet, Handsome


The Greek-originated masculine name Peter has many different variations across different languages, and Piotr is the form that is used in Poland. From Peter, Piotr carries the sturdy and resilient meaning of “rock, stone,” making it earthy and grounded, yet full of possibility. Other forms of Peter include Pedro, Petros, or Pietro, and you really can’t go wrong with these awesome, timeless choices.

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Rock, stone
  • Variations: Peter, Piers
Strong, Nature-inspired


Rafał is the Polish form of the beautiful Hebrew boy’s name Raphael which, according to Hebrew tradition, is the name of an archangel, making this a particularly spiritual and poignant choice. Meaning “God heals,” Rafał has an indescribable power to it – gentle and strong at the same time. Alternative variations of this name across other European languages include Rafaelo, Rafel, or even Rapolas, but we love the smart, Polish Rafał.

  • Origin: Polish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: God heals
  • Variations: Raphael, Rafaelo, Rafel
Sweet, Heavenly, Strong


Roch is the stylish and pure Polish and French form of the name Rocco. Ultimately derived from the Germanic element “hrok,” meaning “rest, Roch holds a beautiful peace to it. The namesake Saint Roch, the patron saint of the sick, adds kindness. Furthermore, the name’s similarity to the word “rock” gives it such a sturdy, resilient strength. All in all, Roch is a perfectly beautiful choice of name for a divine and well-rounded little prince!

  • Origin: Polish, French, Germanic, Italian
  • Meaning: Restful
  • Pronunciation: rawkh
  • Variations: Rocco, Rocky
  • Namesakes: Saint Roch, a 14th-century Catholic saint.
Sweet, Strong, Short


Ryszard is the Polish form of the popular name Richard, derived from Germanic elements meaning “brave ruler.” This noble meaning gives Ryszard a strong command and confident power, which we hope will offer your little knight the bravery to make his voice heard and follow his passions.

  • Origin: Polish, Germanic
  • Meaning: Brave ruler
  • Variations: Richard
  • Namesakes: Ryszard “Peja” Andrzejewski, a Polish rap musician. Ryszard Kapuściński, a Polish journalist, photographer, and author.
Strong, Cool, Sweet


Stanisław is the Polish form of the traditional Slavic name Stanislav, which holds the meaning of “one who achieves fame and glory.” As if that triumphant meaning wasn’t enough to convince you of the name’s noble stature, Stanisław has actually been borne by three Polish saints and two former kings of Poland throughout history. Stasław is a fun, shorter variant, whereas Stanisław can also offer a wealth of nicknames to choose from, including Stan, Stach, or even Staś.

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: One who achieves fame and glory
  • Variations: Stanislav, Staszek, Stasław, Tasław
Regal, Strong
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Stefek is a stylish, Polish form of the popular name Stephen, which was ultimately derived from Greek origin, and holds the meaning of “crown, wreath, renown.” Stefek is closer to the diminutive Stefan, yet with a fun twist. An alternative Polish name from the Stephen root is Szczepan, which is decidedly powerful and with a spelling that’s not to be messed with!

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Crown, renown
  • Variations: Stephen, Stefan, Szczepan
Regal, Cool


Szymon is the Polish form of the Hebrew given name Simon, which holds the wholesome meaning of “listen, hearing.” Forms of this name appear in all different languages across the world, as well as in the Bible and ancient Greek mythology. The Polish form Szymon is cool-looking and stylish and makes a truly beautiful international name for a handsome little boy.

  • Origin: Polish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: One who listens
  • Variations: Simon
Stylish, Popular, Handsome


Tadeusz is the Polish form of the Aramaic name Thaddeus, a stylish and manly choice for your new little prince. In Poland, Tadeusz is a particularly notable title, being the name of Tadeusz Soplica, the titular lead of Adam Mickiewicz’s 1834 poem Pan Tadeusz, the national epic of Poland and compulsory reading in all schools.

  • Origin: Polish, Aramaic
  • Meaning: Courageous heart
  • Variations: Thaddeus
Strong, Cool


Teofil is a unique yet sweet Polish and Romanian form of the ancient Greek name Theophilus. With the heavenly meaning of “loved by God,” Teofil is certainly a name to be cherished! Variations of Teofil in other languages include Theophil or Teofilo, and you could certainly use the adorable Teo or Theo as a nickname.

  • Origin: Polish, Romanian, Greek
  • Meaning: Loved by God
  • Variations: Theophilos, Theophil
  • Namesakes: Teofil Żebrawski, a Polish mathematician.
Sweet, Unique, Heavenly


Tomasz is the Polish equivalent of the popular English name Thomas, which was derived from Aramaic. Meaning “twin,” Tomasz is a beautiful choice of name to consider if you have been blessed with two new arrivals. Even if you just have the one baby to name, Tomasz holds a friendly, relatable aura and is a glorious name to behold.

  • Origin: Polish, Aramaic
  • Meaning: Twin
  • Variations: Tomek, Tom
Sweet, Popular


Tomek is a cute diminutive form of the Polish male name Tomasz, which holds the adorable meaning of “twin.” Nicknames-turned-given names are always cool and stylish when adopted independently, and we think Tomek makes no exception. Cheeky, fun, and sassy, Tomek is a great name for an awesome little warrior.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: Twin
  • Variations: Tomasz, Tom
Cool, Sweet


Tymon is a Polish form of the ancient Greek-rooted name Timon, which holds the noble meanings of “honored” and “esteemed.” From Timon, Tymon holds some fun cultural associations, the first being the protagonist in the Shakespearean tragedy Timon of Athens. On the other end of the spectrum, the name of the meerkat in Disney’s The Lion King. Tymon is a stylish form of the name, and its charming meanings add a certain class that’s set to be admired.

  • Origin: Polish, Greek
  • Meaning: Honored, esteemed
  • Variations: Timon
Sweet, Regal, Fun


Walenty is the Polish form of the Latin name Valentinus, holding the robust meanings of “strong” and “healthy.” Especially for a baby born on St Valentine’s Day, Walenty is a lovely choice, being romantic and confident yet a step aside from all the lovey-dovey, hearts-and-chocolate commercial associations!

  • Origin: Polish, Roman
  • Meaning: Strong, Healthy
  • Pronunciation: va-lehn-ti
  • Variations: Valentinus, Valentino
Romantic, Strong


Walery is a powerful Polish male name that has been borne by various notable Polish artists and politicians throughout history. Walery is actually a form of Valerius, itself a Latin family name that dates back to ancient Roman times. With the meaning of “strength,” Walery is a great choice to invoke confidence and drive onto your new little lad.

  • Origin: Polish, Latin
  • Meaning: Strength
  • Pronunciation: va-leh-ri
  • Variations: Valerius, Valeri, Valerio
  • Namesakes: Walery Sławek, a Polish activist and three-time Prime Minister of Poland. Walery Cyryl Amrogowicz, a Polish numismatist and philanthropist. Walery Eljasz Radzikowski, a Polish artist and teacher.
Strong, Cool


Walter is a strong and confident name of Germanic origin, popularized throughout northern Europe. With the meaning of “powerful warrior,” Walter is fierce and strong, but the adorable nickname choices of Wally and Walt are enough to keep the name soft and sweet should you prefer a less feisty option.

  • Origin: Germanic
  • Meaning: Powerful warrior
  • Variations: Walt, Wally
Strong, Regal
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Wilhelm is a Germanic cognate of the popular name William, also used in Poland. With the meaning of “vehement protector,” Wilhelm sounds both ready for battle and truly loyal to his cause and his family. Interestingly, Mount Wilhelm is the highest mountain in Papua New Guinea, which will hopefully inspire Wilhelm to dream big!

  • Origin: Germanic, Polish
  • Meaning: Vehement protector
  • Variations: William
Strong, Popular, Cool


The Polish form of Vincent, Wincenty is derived from the Latin “vincere,” with the triumphant meaning of “to conquer.” Whatever he’s conquering, Wincenty makes an awesome name for a little winner!

  • Origin: Polish, Latin
  • Meaning: To conquer
  • Pronunciation: vyeen-tshen-ti
  • Variations: Vincent, Vincentius
Cool, Strong


Short yet full of adventure, Wit is a great choice of Polish male name to pick for your new little explorer. Wit has a few meanings to it, all of which are vibrant and fun, yet our favorite – and the most common – association of Wit is that it is the Polish form of the Latin Vitus, taken from the word “vita,” meaning “life.” Alternatively, Wit could be a form of the Germanic name Wido, meaning “wide,” or a nickname on other names containing that “wit” element, such as Witold. Lastly, de Wit is a surname of Dutch origin, which holds the pure meaning of “white one.” A truly international name indeed, Wit holds so much possibility for such a short name!

  • Origin: Polish, Latin
  • Meaning: Life, or wide
Fun, Short


Witold is a strong and commanding Polish male name, although it has two possible different lines of origin. Some would say that Witold is a form of the Lithuanian name Vytautas, which is derived from elements that give it the unusual meaning of “chaser of people.” Alternatively, Witold may have been derived from the Germanic Widald, which has the earthy and adventurous meaning of “ruler of the forest.”

  • Origin: Polish, Lithuanian, Germanic
  • Meaning: Chaser of people, or ruler of the forest
  • Variations: Vytautas, Widald
Strong, Earthy


Wojciech is a brilliantly strong Polish male name to consider for your new little fighter. Derived from the archaic Polish elements “wój” meaning “war” and “ciech,” meaning “joy,” Wojciech holds the unique meaning of “joyous warrior.” So, for a feisty little kid, you really can’t go wrong with this cool Polish boy’s name!

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Joyous warrior
  • Pronunciation: voi-chekh
  • Variations: Wojtek, Vojtech
  • Namesakes: Saint Wojciech, a Bohemian missionary and Christian saint. Wojciech Kilar, a Polish composer.
Strong, Cool, Handsome


Wojsław is a powerful Polish name for a boy, which holds the commanding meaning of “famous warrior.” A locational name, Wojsław is also a village in Opole Voivodeship province of south-western Poland, giving the name a sweet depth if you have ties to that area. Sławoj and Vojislav are alternative Slavic forms to the Polish Wojsław to consider, too.

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Famous warrior
  • Variations: Sławoj, Vojislav
Strong, Cool, Locational


Xawery, and its variant form Ksawery, are Polish forms of the stylish masculine name Xavier, which is said to hold the meaning of “castle” or “new house” in Basque. Xawery is a more unique option but benefits from that ever-cool “X-” spelling that is certain to stand out. The “castle” meaning gives Xawery regal, fairytale undertones that simply radiate adventure, too.

  • Origin: Polish, Spanish
  • Meaning: Castle, or new house
  • Variations: Ksawery, Xavier
  • Namesakes: Xawery Czernicki, a Polish engineer, military commander, and navy officer.
Unique, Cool


Zawisza is a unique Polish male name derived from Slavic elements. Perhaps the most notable bearer of the name was the medieval Polish knight Zawisza Czarny, also known as Zawisza the Black, thanks to his thick dark hair and signature black armor. A powerful and successful knight and nobleman, Zawisza Czarny is a cool namesake to carry some medieval culture into your child’s life. The name itself holds the rather dark meanings of “envy, jealousy,” but we say the only thing to be envious of is how cool a Polish boy name Zawisza is!

  • Origin: Polish, Slavic
  • Meaning: Envy, jealousy
  • Variations: Záviš, Zawisch
  • Namesakes: Zawisza Czarny, the famous medieval Polish knight.
Unique, Cool, Unique


Strong and commanding, Zbigniew is a Polish boy name to admire. With the meaning of “to dispel anger,” Zbigniew promotes peace and compassion while invoking that cool power that is reflected in the name’s awesome spelling.

  • Origin: Polish
  • Meaning: To dispel anger
  • Pronunciation: zbeeg-nyehf
Strong, Unique


Zenon is a super-stylish and modern-sounding Polish boy name, derived from the name of Zeus, the mythological Greek god of the sky and thunder. As well as having the coolest original namesake, Zenon benefits from having that snazzy “Z-” spelling, which totally makes him sound like a video game hero.

  • Origin: Greek, Polish
  • Meaning: Relating to the Greek god Zeus
  • Variations: Zeno
Cool, Stylish
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Polish Names FAQs

What is the Most Popular Polish Boy Name?

Polish male names are so cool. It’s no wonder that lots of parents are choosing them for their sons! Some of the most popular Polish names for boys include Antoni, Aleksander, and Jan, but we can’t forget the awesome Andrzej, Szymon, and Piotr too!

What are Common Polish Last Names?

Nowak is one of the most common last names in Poland. Other frequently-heard surnames include Kowalski, Lewandowski, Jankowski, and Kowalczyk.

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