80 Girl Names That Start With X: Rare and Exotic

We bet you’ve never heard such exceptional girl names that start with X before!

It’s an initial that carries style, intrigue, and individuality – making every one of these girl names that start with X completely exceptional in its own right.

It’s not the most commonly seen letter in a name, but that makes these X names for girls all the more exciting. While it’s rare to find names for girls that start with X in English, many from the list have international origins, with some cool geographical and popular cultural influences.

Keep reading to uncover the exhilarating world of women’s names that start with X, including all their powerful meanings, origins, and more.

80 Exhilarating Girl Names That Start With X

They say, “X marks the spot,” making these X names for girls as perfect as buried treasure.

  1. X – with the recent Twitter rebrand, this initial would look infinitely trendy as a standalone name!
  2. Xaadsan – a really “cute” choice among Somali girl names with X initials.
  3. Xaali – this Somali name is of uncertain meaning but has the most beautiful feminine vibe.
  4. Xaawo – an ethereal Somali form of Eve that’s full of “life.”
  5. Xabado – a Somali name of unknown meaning, reminding us of the Spanish word for “Saturday.”
  6. Xaddiyo – another Somali name of uncertain meaning but with awesome rhythm.
  7. Xadriana – a spiced-up version of the Roman Adriana, meaning “from Adria.”
  8. Xafsa – perhaps a form of the spiritual Arabic girl name Hafsa, proudly meaning “young lioness.”
  9. Xai-Xai – after the only African city that starts with the letter X, located in Mozambique.
  10. Xaliima – a Somali form of the Arabic name Halimah, perhaps for a “patient, gentle” woman.
  11. Xalwo – a small yet “sweet” Somali name, also a dessert.
  12. Xamara – an uncommon yet captivating way of spelling Samara, meaning “protected by God.”
  13. Xanadu – popularized by the film, this cool and trendy name refers to an idyllic, perfect place.
  14. Xanda – a feminine form of Xander, short for the Greek bible name Alexander, meaning “defender of men.”
  15. Xandra – for a “defender of men,” this Alexandra short form was borne by a Disney goddess.
  16. Xandria – short for Alexandria, for a modern, fresh choice among X names for girls.
  17. Xanh – this enchanting Vietnamese name refers to an ocean shade of “green-blue.”
  18. Xanna – could be used as a short form of Susanna, meaning “lily.”
  19. Xanthe – a mythical Greek female name for a “golden-haired” angel.
  20. Xanthite – recognized by Warhammer players, also relating to a shiny mineral.
  21. Xanto – an Italian form of Xanthe meaning “golden-haired,” commonly used for boys.
  22. Xara – another version of the popular Arabic and Hebrew name Zara, meaning “blooming flower.”
  23. Xaria – a modern name fit for a “princess” or “blooming flower,” as a variant of Zara.
  24. Xarifa – a rare literary name with a beautiful style yet unknown meaning.
  25. Xavia – a feminine take on the Spanish Xavier, meaning “new house.”
  26. Xaviera – a Spanish name that’s “bright” and “splendid” for the prettiest shining star.
  27. Xawa – is likely a variant of Xaawo, an African X name meaning “life.”
  28. Xayah – perhaps with Japanese or other Asian roots; a gorgeous alternative to Raya or Kaia.
  29. Xayide – a rare fantasy name, after the “Mistress of Emptiness” from The NeverEnding Story.
  30. Xelia – a rare Indian name for a “pretty” princess.
  31. Xena – the famous Warrior Princess, a feisty pick among pop culture female names that start with X.
  32. Xenia – a Slavic girl’s name from Greek, with the homely meanings of “hospitality, welcome, guest.”
  33. Xetsa – a unique West African name meaning “twin.”
  34. Xewali – this captivating Indian name refers to the beautiful night jasmine flower.
  35. Xhaneta – from the same stem as Janet, this dreamy name means “God is gracious.”
  36. Xhemile – meaning “beautiful,” this Albanian name comes from the same stem as the Arabic Jamila.
  37. Xheni – perhaps an Albanian form of Jenny.
  38. Xheraldina – a version of Geraldine, for a warrior woman who’s “powerful with a spear.”
  39. Xhevahire – a “jewel” of an Albanian name for your “kind” little “gem” of a daughter.
  40. Xhezmie – a dreamy Albanian name of uncertain meaning but with fantastic spelling.
  41. Xhosa – inspired by the language spoken by a native South African tribe.
  42. Xiá – a Chinese dynasty name with the dreamy Mandarin meaning of “rosy clouds.”
  43. Xiang – this cute Chinese name means “fragrant” and “lucky.”
  44. Xianghua – a standout place name from China.
  45. Xiao – a Chinese name element meaning “sunrise, dawn,” also very commonly seen as a last name.
  46. Xiaoling – this melodic Chinese name is made of elements, meaning “dawn” and “spirit.”
  47. Xiaoyan – a special Chinese female name with various meanings, including “dawn” and “bird.”
  48. Xiaoyu – this gender-neutral Chinese name has various meanings but is sure to impress.
  49. Xiavelo – a cute Tsonga X name to “share” with your newest addition.
  50. Xichavo – this gorgeous African name demands “respect” and honor.
  51. Xiddig – a shimmering Somali X name for a little “star.”
  52. Xienna – a badass twist on Sienna, a pretty name with the earthy color meaning of “orange-red.”
  53. Xihlamariso – another special Tsonga name with the awesome meaning of “surprise.”
  54. Xiluva – another special pick among African “flower” names that start with X for girls.
  55. Ximena – a pretty Hispanic name, meaning “one who hears” from the Hebrew Simon.
  56. Xinia – a variant of Xenia, with that same homely, “hospitable” meaning.
  57. Xinlin – this romantic Chinese name means “dawn, forest.”
  58. Xīnyán – for a girl full of “joy and beauty,” this Mandarin name will bring a smile.
  59. Xinyi – delightful among Chinese girl names that start with X, for ladies with a “happy heart.”
  60. Xiomara – for a gal “ready for battle;” triumphant among Spanish women’s names that start with X.
  61. Xion – after a Kingdom Hearts heroine, perhaps linked to the Hebrew Zion, meaning “highest point.”
  62. Xisomisani – this Tsonga name uniquely relates to the “dry seasons.”
  63. Xitshembhiso – said to mean “promise,” this Tsonga name is noble and sweet.
  64. Xitsundzuxo – this Tsonga name is one to “remember!”
  65. Xiu – this short Chinese name radiates “beauty and elegance.”
  66. Xiuying – an “elegant flower” pick among long Chinese names for girls that start with X.
  67. Xiuzhen – this Chinese name has rich meanings, including “elegance, luxury” – great for a little treasure.
  68. Xivono – a Tsonga name best suited for a baby’s “vision.”
  69. Xóchitl – this standout, nature-inspired Aztec name refers to a pretty Mexican flower.
  70. Xoey – an unconventional, modern spelling of Zoe, meaning “life.”
  71. Xolani – a gender-neutral Zulu name, virtuous with its meaning of “peace.”
  72. Xolisile – a Zulu name representing forgiveness, among the most humble X names for girls.
  73. Xuân – meaning “springtime,” this Vietnamese name would be gorgeous for a March-born baby.
  74. Xue – pronounced “SHWEH,” this unisex Chinese element means “snow” or “studious.”
  75. Xulia – if you like Julia for its “youthful” meaning, consider this fantastic Galician alternative.
  76. Xuliana – a Galician form of the Latin-rooted name Juliana, meaning “youthful.”
  77. Xuri – a cute, 4-letter name and a spelling variant of the “beautiful” Swahili Zuri.
  78. Xyla – a musical Greek name with the mystical meaning of “woodland dweller.”
  79. Xylina – like Xyla, this fairy-like Greek name means “woodland, wood-dweller.”
  80. Xzherieh – is said to be a variant of the Swahili Zuri, meaning “beautiful.”

X Names for Girls FAQs

What Is a Popular Girl Name that Starts with X?

There are no particularly popular names for girls that start with X in English. However, X names are commonly found in Asian and African countries, with recognizable choices including Xiang, Xiao, or Xuân.

What Is a Greek Name That Starts With X for a Girl?

Greek girl names that start with X include Xanthe, Xyla, and Xylina, with names such as Xenia and Xanto also having Greek roots.

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