90 Names Meaning Trickster: for Your Little Mischief

Pander to your naughty side and give your kid a cool trickster’s name.

Are you the practical joker among friends and family? Maybe you have a mischievous streak you want your kids to inherit. If you want the widest choice of names meaning trickster, you’ve come to the right place.

Names that mean trickster can be playful and funny but also unpredictable. Let’s take a look at your options.

90 Names Meaning Trickster for Your Mischievous Child

The great news is that trickster names are often unisex. So, you can relax knowing you have chosen an appropriate moniker for your male or female little rascal.

  1. Aella – meaning “whirlwind,” Aella is of Greek origin and ideal for your bundle of energy.
  2. Alea/Aleah – it means “risk or hazard” in Italian, and what trickster doesn’t love a risk?
  3. Akhoon – if your child has intelligence and rouge-ish qualities, this Arabic name describes them perfectly.
  4. Akumu – a Japanese name meaning “nightmare,” is perfect for describing most false characters.
  5. Anansi – the name of a cunning spider trickster of African origin.
  6. Anwar – an African name meaning “one who tells lies,” which is not a label you should attach lightly.
  7. Atropos – from Greek mythology, Atropos means “stop at nothing to get what you want.”
  8. Avery – the ruler of Elves, Avery leads others into mischief, just like the most accomplished trickster.
  9. Behman – comes from Arabic, meaning “cunning,” a perfect pick among names meaning trickster.
  10. Blaise – a super-cool moniker from the French girl variant of Blaze.
  11. Blaze – is American/English for prankster; maybe your kid can blaze a trickster trail.
  12. Brazen – you need to be “bold and without shame” to be a top prankster.
  13. Briar – means “thorny side,” which is ideal for scheming the best deception and chaos.
  14. Buster – belligerence is a character trait needed to be a first-class deceiver and troublemaker.
  15. Calypso – if you have a child who likes to keep a secret, Calypso means “one who conceals.”
  16. Cameron – literature has some great sneaky characters with crooked noses (yep, that’s what it means)!
  17. Cannon – in Gaelic, Cannon means “wolf cub,” and we know how manipulative they can be.
  18. Cassidycomes from the Irish for “clever,” but clever people are also cunning.
  19. Charlie – means “free” in German, and the best deceiver has a carefree side.
  20. Claudia – meaning “never in or out,” translating as two-faced or two-sided.
  21. Crash – a boy name meaning “maverick,” which is a crazy trait for most mystery jokers.
  22. Csintalan – hard to pronounce (sin-ta-lan), from Hungarian meaning “mischievous or naughty.”
  23. Dagger – means “sharp edge,” and we all know you need a cutting edge to be a successful liar.
  24. Dovev – if your child is the secretive type, Dovev meaning “to whisper,” is perfect.
  25. Draco – derives from “dragon” but is better known as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter (everyone hates a Slytherin).
  26. Dreamer – where there are dreams, there are schemes, be they silly, childish, or vengeful.
  27. Ember – to be considered the god or goddess of illusion, every traitor needs to nurture embers of deception.
  28. Eris – from the Greek goddess of discord, Eris makes a perfect trickster name.
  29. Fachnan – a great name for a manipulative child because Fachnan means “malicious” in Irish.
  30. Fogarty – Irish for “exiled one,” and there’s nothing as vengeful as a scorned betrayer.
  31. Foley – from the Irish for “plunderer,” Foley is an ideal name that means trickster.
  32. Fox – as in “sly like a fox,” and we all know how they can be greedy and deceive for gain.
  33. George – such a common name with double meanings, including “tiller of the soil” or “dirt stirrer.”
  34. Gunner – means “one always looking for trouble,” a trait most chaotic characters possess.
  35. Harpo – of the Marx Brother’s fame, who knew a thing or two about playful tricks.
  36. Hawkins – of American origin, meaning “a cunning woman.”
  37. Hermes – from Greek mythology, Hermes stole cattle from the God Apollo.
  38. Hu’eu – is a unisex name from Hawaii that means “naughty.”
  39. Indra – in Hindu mythology, Indra used deceit and supernatural trickery to protect his status as the king of gods.
  40. Iniko – if your kids have a playful nature, Iniko is Nigerian, meaning “time of trouble.”
  41. JayNative Americans believe the jay is a trickster working in tandem with foxes.
  42. Jerry – think Seinfeld or Jerry Lewis, and you have the perfect childish trickster name.
  43. Jett – associated with quick wits and fast-paced action.
  44. Jinx – from folklore, meaning to “bring bad luck” in English.
  45. Joplin – works just as well when used as surnames, as in Janis, and means “afflicted.”
  46. Judas – the king of trickster names, Judas was the traitor who betrayed Jesus to the Romans.
  47. Kaylus – is the perfect name for your bundle of betrayal because Kaylus means “naughty boy or girl.”
  48. Kimi – a Native American name meaning “secret.”
  49. Kitsune – sounds so cute, but it is Japanese for “fox” – nature’s ultimate trickster.
  50. Kolohe – another Hawaiian name, Kolohe means “mischief or naughty.”
  51. Loki – a unisex name from Norse mythology and the insane character from the Marvel Universe.
  52. Mac – as in “wise guy,” Mac is a common title for anyone with a shady or secret life.
  53. Makalo – Hawaiian for “full of surprises,” just like your cunning child
  54. Mashaka – a unisex name of African origin, Mashaka means “trouble.”
  55. Maui – in Hawaiian mythology, Maui is the god of trickery.
  56. Maverick – aside from the Top Gun character, it means “someone who does it their own way.”
  57. Maximon – a Mayan god who famously used stealth and trickery to get results.
  58. Medea – from Greek and translates as “cunning,” so ideal for your little schemer.
  59. Mischief – it seems a bit mean to call your kid Mischief because they will never escape that label!
  60. Narada – from the Sanskrit meaning “one who takes advantage of the weak for gain.”
  61. Odysseus – if you have an angry kid, this is a great choice because it means “wrathful.”
  62. Osman – naming a kid Osman also labels the parents because it means “son of a snake.”
  63. Pandora – don’t open that box if you want to remain curse-free, although it is a beautiful girl’s name.
  64. Patrick – means “nobleman” and can be shortened to Trick, the driving force behind “trickster.”
  65. Penelope – from the Greek meaning “weaver,” possibly of schemes.
  66. Prett – from the Old English “praetig,” meaning “crafty individual,” Prett could perfectly suit your trickster kid.
  67. Raven – this name appears in many guises, but ravens are notorious thieves.
  68. Read/Reed – an English name describing someone easily angered (guilty conscience, maybe?).
  69. Rebel – who needs a cause when you are called Rebel, the ultimate troublemaker’s name?
  70. Recker/Rekker – as the name suggests, a wrecker of things.
  71. Rhondafrom the Welsh, meaning “noisy person,” possibly the best description of your scheming kid.
  72. Riot/Ryatt – you don’t need us to explain Riot, but Ryatt is a modern derivative of the name.
  73. Robin – while the name means “bright,” the trickster angle comes from Robin Hood.
  74. Rowdy – Clint Eastwood’s wild and unruly character from the Rawhide TV series.
  75. Roxie – if ever there was a name that dripped sass, it’s Roxie.
  76. Ruse – the real meaning is “red-haired,” but it also means “cunning plan.”
  77. Storm – masculine or feminine for disruptive weather, like your child’s trail of deception.
  78. Stryker/Striker – from the German “streicher,” which means “tester.”
  79. Tempest – two sides of the weather; one feisty and the other calm.
  80. Terachfrom the Hebrew meaning “silly or wild goat,” and most practical jokes are plain silly.
  81. Thornton – a strong choice among names that mean trickster, from the Old English for “thorny place.”
  82. Tod – comes from Old English and means “fox,” a Scottish nickname for a wily person.
  83. Tornado – reap the whirlwind of your tricks and scheming like a tornado of deception.
  84. Tracy/Tracey – an ideal name for troublesome daughters because it means “one who “stirs up trouble.”
  85. Velius – if your kid likes to keep secrets, consider Velius as an appropriate name.
  86. Vulpine – is a beautiful word from Old English meaning “cunning woman, like a fox.”
  87. Wilder – enough said, because “wild” is the thrust of this name.
  88. Wily – like a fox, you will need to search high and low to better this name, meaning “trickster.”
  89. Wokong – is beautifully described in Chinese as “one awakened to emptiness.”
  90. Wolf – in nature, wolves are among the most cunning and stealthy animals.

Names Meaning Trickster FAQs

Which is the Most Popular Girl’s Name Meaning Trickster?

The most popular girl names meaning trickster include Raven, Penelope, Robin (also unisex), Claudia, and Charlie. Many names come from Arabic and Greek mythology, while others have Hawaiian origins.

Which is the Most Popular Boy’s Name Meaning Trickster?

Several popular boy names mean trickster, including Tod, Patrick, Read, George, and Charlie (also a gender-neutral name). Other more unusual examples like Jett, Storm, Thornton, and Maverick are also suitable monikers for your newborn son.

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