100 Medieval Viking Names: With Cool Meanings

These epic, traditional Viking names are as cool as can be!

Choosing a Viking name for your baby girl or boy can be an exciting and daunting prospect all at once. Finding a name that perfectly represents your baby’s strength and loyalty, incorporating their culture and spirit, and sounding awesome enough to suit your family is not easy!

So, to help out, we have compiled this carefully curated list of the best Viking names. From medieval to the mythological, there are bound to be some unique ideas that you’ll adore!

So, keep reading to uncover some of the most powerful Viking names for your little bundle.

100 Medieval Viking Names (With Meanings)

Voyage with us to uncover some of the most epic Viking names for baby boys and girls.

Viking Names For Girls

  1. Åsa – a dreamy, petite Viking name for women, meaning “goddess.”
  2. Astrid – meaning “divinely beautiful,” Astrid sounds almost celestial.
  3. Birget – a cool Viking girl name meaning “strong.”
  4. Brenna – like Brenda, Brenna derives from the Old Norse Brandr, meaning “sword.”
  5. Dagmar – meaning “day maiden,” Dagmar is bright and feminine.
  6. Dagny – meaning “new day,” Dagny sounds like a Nordic adventure waiting to happen.
  7. Erika – like the masculine Erik, Erika is a popular choice meaning “eternal ruler.”
  8. Estrid – a unique variant of Astrid, meaning “divinely beautiful.”
  9. Freja – meaning “noblewoman,” Freja was an Asgardian goddess of love and fertility.
  10. Frida – meaning “peace,” this Viking girl name is classic and adorable.
  11. Frigg – meaning “beloved,” this unusual name comes from Norse mythology.
  12. Fylla – a popular Scandinavian name but uncommon elsewhere, Fylla means “to fill.”
  13. Gerda – a fantastical name meaning “protection.”
  14. Gertrud – meaning “spear, strength,” Gertrud would be great for your little shield maiden.
  15. Gull – not the bird, but an attractive option among Old Norse names meaning “goddess.”
  16. Gunhild – a Norwegian-derived name with bite, meaning “war” and “battle.”
  17. Hedda – a powerful, traditional name for a queen, meaning “female warrior.”
  18. Helga – from the Old Norse “heilagr,” Helga means “blessed” or “holy.”
  19. Hilda – a legendary Norse name, Hilda means “protector” or “battle.”
  20. Inga – derived from the Norse god Ing, Inga holds the meaning of “hero’s daughter.”
  21. Ingrid – meaning “the beauty of Ing,” relating to the Norse god Yngvi.
  22. Liv – meaning “life,” this Viking name’s similarity to Olivia makes it a commonly-heard hit.
  23. Lovise – meaning “famous warrior,” Lovise is feminine and romantic in sound.
  24. Lykke – meaning “good fortune,” Lykke seems to invoke the best of futures ahead.
  25. Matilda – meaning “mighty in battle,” Matilda is not one to be underestimated.
  26. Pedrine – the feminine form of Pedar from Peter, meaning “stone.”
  27. Ragnhild – from Old Norse, Ragnhild means “warrior” or “goddess.”
  28. Runa – the feminine form of Rune, meaning “secret lore.”
  29. Saga – a Norse goddess of storytelling, Saga is a beautiful name for a dreamer.
  30. Sif – meaning “bride,” Sif was the mythological wife of Thor.
  31. Sigrid – a mighty option among Viking names meaning “victorious” and “beautiful.”
  32. Solveig – an ethereal Scandinavian name meaning “daughter of the sun.”
  33. Svea – derived from Old German, Svea is full of cultural pride, meaning “Sweden.”
  34. Sylvi – a sweet alternative to Solveig, meaning “daughter of the sun.”
  35. Thyra – meaning “dedicated to Thor,” the Norse god of thunder.
  36. Tora – a romantic, feminine form of Thor, meaning “thunder.”
  37. Turid – this Viking girl’s name combines “Thor” with “beautiful.”
  38. Ulvhild – combining elements meaning “wolf” and “battle,” Ulvhild is a wild name indeed.
  39. Una – short and sweet, Una holds the chirpy meaning of “happy.”
  40. Valkyrie – meaning “chooser of the fallen,” Valkyrie is a cool Old Norse mythological name.
  41. Ylva – a feisty, traditional, animal-inspired name meaning “she-wolf.”
  42. Yrsa – an outdoorsy name meaning either “she-bear” or “wild.”

Viking Names For Boys

  1. Åge – a sweet, sentimental choice for Nordic names meaning “ancestor.”
  2. Åke – a cool, loyal choice, meaning “ancestry.”
  3. Alvar – a Swedish name with the funny meaning of “elf army.”
  4. Arne – a smart nickname and independent name, meaning “eagle.”
  5. Axel – a rockstar name meaning “father of peace.”
  6. Baldur – the Norse god of light, this radiant name means “prince.”
  7. Birger – meaning “helper,” Birger is an attractive choice for your newest assistant.
  8. Bjørn meaning bear, Bjørn is both cuddly and feisty.
  9. Bo – a cute choice with the vibrant meaning of “to live.”
  10. Brandr – this fiery Old Norse name means “Viking sword,” an unusual take on Brandon.
  11. Dag – meaning “day,” derived from the Old Norse “dagr.”
  12. Dane – refers to someone from Denmark, making Dane a cute cultural indicator.
  13. Dustin – from the same root as Torsten, Dustin means “Thor’s stone.”
  14. Egill – a badass Viking name meaning “terror, frightful.”
  15. Einarr – meaning “lone warrior,” Einarr makes a cool, independent choice.
  16. Erik – a classic name choice, meaning “eternal ruler.”
  17. Finn – a great choice to represent heritage, Finn refers to a person from Finland.
  18. Folke – from Old Norse meaning “people,” like the word “folk.”
  19. Frej – a masculine form of Freja, meaning “lord.”
  20. Frode – from Old Norse, this wizard-like name means “clever, learned.”
  21. Gorm – an unusual choice, meaning “respector or worshiper of God.”
  22. Gunner – a modern-sounding Viking name, meaning fighter.
  23. Halfdan – meaning “half-Danish,” Halfdan could be a great nickname for your son’s cross-cultural heritage.
  24. Harald – a regal-borne name meaning “army chief.”
  25. Helge – a wise choice, meaning “productive” or “holy.”
  26. Hjálmarr – a ready-and-raring Viking name meaning “helmeted warrior.”
  27. Hrafn – meaning “raven” in Old Norse, a symbolic omen of a name.
  28. Ingvar – meaning “protected by Yngvi,” the God of peace.
  29. Ivar – meaning “archer,” Ivar just hits the target!
  30. Jarl – meaning “chief or nobleman,” Jarl is a perfect name for a future leader.
  31. Kåre – a unique choice, meaning “curved.”
  32. Knut – meaning “knot,” Knut is sturdy and steadfast.
  33. Leif – a charming earthy-sounding Scandinavian name meaning “heir.”
  34. Loki – the trickster god in Norse mythology, Loki is a mischievous name meaning “lock.”
  35. Magnus – meaning “great” from Latin, Magnus is a mighty name for a Viking.
  36. Njål – the Viking form of the Celtic Niall, meaning “champion” or “giant.”
  37. Odin – a chaotic Norse god name, meaning “frenzied” or “raging.”
  38. Örjan – a medieval Swedish name meaning “farmer.”
  39. Ragnar – a popular, manly, traditional Viking name, meaning “army counsel.”
  40. Rune – meaning “secret lore,” Rune makes a mystical choice for a baby boy.
  41. Sigfrid – meaning “victory” or “peace,” making a gentlemanly choice indeed.
  42. Sixten – an Old Swedish pick, meaning “stone of victory.”
  43. Sten – meaning “stone,” from the Old Norse Steinn.
  44. Stig – an explorer’s name, Stig means “pathway” or “wanderer.”
  45. Suni – a darling name for your new little lad, meaning “son.”
  46. Sven – a popular Scandinavian choice, meaning “young man.”
  47. Thor – from the all-powerful Norse god, Thor means “thunder.”
  48. Torsten – a fierce name, combining “Thor” and “stone.”
  49. Torvald – an ancient, feisty choice, meaning “Thor’s ruler.”
  50. Trygve – an honest name meaning “trustworthy.”
  51. Ulf – rugged and wild, Ulf means “wolf.”
  52. Viggo – derived from the Norse “vig” element, meaning “war,” Viggo makes a cool nickname and given name.
  53. Yngvi – an ancient Norse god name, meaning “lord.”

Unisex Viking Names

  1. Alva – derived from the Old Norse “alfr,” Alva is a fun choice meaning “elf.”
  2. Rikke – a fun unisex Viking name meaning “peace ruler.”
  3. Selby – a Viking colony in England, also meaning “willow farm.”
  4. Sigge – an adorable nickname derived from names which include the “sig-” element, meaning “victory.”
  5. Viking – a powerful and daring name for any little Viking!

Viking Names FAQs

What Is A Viking Warrior Name?

So many Viking names would suit little warriors! For girls, we love Hedda, Lovise, and Raghnild. For boys, try Hjálmarr or Torvald.

What Is The Most Common Viking Name?

Ragnar, Erik, and Leif are commonly-heard Viking male names in Scandinavia, while feminine names such as Frejr, Liv, and Sigrid are popular female choices even in modern times!

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