105 Cursed Demon Baby Names: For Devilish Cute Children

Dare you to unlock the devil with these shady and sinister demon baby names.

Evil demon baby names may be hard to look at, but it could be the only option for some parents. Whether your new arrival is a chaotic, changeling child, a dark and devious little devil, or just a little bit… off, these unique and enticing evil names could be exactly what you’re looking for.

So, grab a stake and shield, and let’s brave a look at some of the most captivating demon baby names out there. We’ll explore all their meanings, myths, malice, and more and help you select the best one for your own little devil. Dare you read on?

Note: Please be careful with these names! Due to their nature, many of these names may be considered distasteful or even offensive in some cultures. Please proceed with caution when selecting one for your new arrival.

30 Demon Baby Girl Names for Devilish Daughters

These evil baby names might be appropriate if you have a ghoulish girl on your hands.

  1. Achlys – a pretty Greek girl’s name with the most ominous meaning, representing the clouding of the eyes after death.
  2. Ammit – meaning “devourer of the dead” – an alarming pick among Egyptian mythological demon names.
  3. Antuara – a female demon whose name holds the airy meaning of “a light breeze.”
  4. Arachne – this Greek mythological name means “spider” and has a certain creepiness to it.
  5. Asura – meaning “powerful,” Asura is used for demons in Hindu mythology.
  6. Banshee – if your daughter is a little wailer from birth, the Celtic mythological banshee could be a great namesake!
  7. Bushyasta – one of the longer evil baby names we found, after the Zoroastrian demon of sloth.
  8. Carrie – meaning “free,” this cute name only makes us think of Stephen King’s tortured character.
  9. Chiwa – don’t be fooled by the cuteness of this African girl’s name, meaning “death!”
  10. Desdemona – this tragic Shakespearian name means “ill-fated,” which sounds alarmingly ominous to us.
  11. Dolores – this vintage, wrathful-sounding pick is Spanish and means “sorrows.”
  12. Eris – meaning “strife,” this Greek goddess name is full of suffering and suspense.
  13. Furiosa – a “ferocious” pick among evil baby names for a girl full of feistiness and fire.
  14. Hel – a “hellish” name after the Norse goddess of death, meaning “hidden.”
  15. Kali – the Hindu goddess of death and time, makes a shady-sounding namesake for a baby girl.
  16. Ker – meaning “doom,” this Greek mythological name is taken from the Keres, the goddesses of violent death!
  17. Lefu is another deceptive African name that sounds cute but means ” death.”
  18. Lilith – a famous and popular pick among Jewish demon names for girls, meaning “of the night.”
  19. Maleficent – a name fit for an “evil” queen, after the dragon in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
  20. Mallory – French and uplifting in sound, yet with the treacherous meanings of “misfortune” and “ill-omened.”
  21. Medea – meaning “cunning,” this Greek mythological name is ideal for a sly sorceress.
  22. Morrigan – taken from Irish mythology, this name meaning “phantom queen” is full of terror.”
  23. Nimue – meaning “lady of the lake,” this captivating name is perfect for any Arthurian temptress.
  24. Oizys – the personification of misery and anxiety in Greek myth bore this very unique name.
  25. Persephone – after the Greek mythological queen of the underworld, Persephone has the demonic meaning of “destruction.”
  26. Selene – a popular Greek name meaning ” moon,” that’d be great for your little lunar were-baby.
  27. Siren – a cute name for a little girl who seems to have an alarming, almost magical quality to her.
  28. Villanelle – a rustic Italian female name meaning “farmhand,” sounding decidedly villainous.
  29. Wednesday – popularized by The Addams Family, this weekday name is great for a dark, tortured little girl.
  30. Yurena – a pretty Spanish girl’s name believed to hold the alarming meaning of “demon.”

60 Evil Baby Names for Malicious Males

These terrifying demon baby names are fit for the most badass of boys.

  1. Aamon – a Grand Marquis of Hell in demonology whose name holds the suspicious meaning of “the hidden one.”
  2. Abaddon – with the meaning of “destruction,” this Hebrew boy’s name sure sounds satanic.
  3. Abigor – a Great Duke of hell in Christian demonology, making a shocking name for a baby badass.
  4. Akuji – meaning “dead and awake,” this African boy’s name couldn’t be more fitting for a satanic son.
  5. Anwir – a Welsh masculine name fit for a deceptive little boy, with the questionable meaning of “liar.”
  6. Apep – after the Egyptian deity of evil, darkness, and chaos.
  7. Ares – the Greek god of war, makes a great namesake for your new little chaos-creator.
  8. Astaroth – a gothic pick among evil names from demonology.
  9. Azazel – after an Islamic angel of death, said to mean “scapegoat.”
  10. Balam – a Semitic name meaning “possessor,” after a Prince of Hell.
  11. Belial – a Hebrew word name with the pitiful meaning of “worthless, wicked.”
  12. Birsha – a sinister, biblical pick among baby boy names meaning “evil.”
  13. Cadmus – meaning “dragon’s teeth,” this demon baby name sure is snappy.
  14. Chucky – a cute pet name to some, or a terrorizing evil doll to others…take your pick!
  15. Dajjal – an Arabic male name meaning “deceiver, devil.”
  16. Damien – a hot Greek name meaning “to tame,” best associated with the creep in The Omen.
  17. Darth – a dark, space-sounding name for a Star Wars-loving bad guy.
  18. Dev – if you can’t get away with calling your son Devil, try shortening it to Dev instead.
  19. Diablo – this is the Spanish word for “devil,” great for international baby demons.
  20. Djall – another of the demon names that means “devil,” this one after the Albanian personification of evil.
  21. Doyle – meaning “dark stranger,” this Irish name is great if you’re not too sure where your newborn came from.
  22. Dracula – the most fitting name for a vampiric little blood-sucker.
  23. Dragon – a serpentine word name for a fiery baby boy, also a superb middle name.
  24. Eligor – another name for Abigor, one of the upper demons of hell.
  25. Furfur – a grim name from demonology, meaning “scoundrel” in Latin.
  26. Gunnar – a fiery Slavic name meaning “warrior” that sounds practically fully loaded.
  27. Hadeon – meaning “destroyer,” this Ukrainian boy’s name is loaded with revenge and betrayal.
  28. Hunter – a cool name for a little seeker; whether he’s hunting good or evil remains to be seen.
  29. Iblis – after the Islamic leader of the devils, a strong demonic name indeed.
  30. Ikelos – after the Greek god of nightmares, fitting for the darkest of little dreams come true.
  31. Jabez – meaning “one who brings pain and sorrows,” this unique name comes from the Bible.
  32. Kek – a divine evil name inspired by the ancient Egyptian god of darkness.
  33. Kevin – an Irish-rooted boy name meaning “handsome, noble,” but slightly questionable if you’ve read We Need to Talk About Kevin!
  34. Kylo – of unknown meaning, Kylo makes a great pick for Star Wars-loving parents of cute baby manipulators.
  35. Leviathan – with the dark meaning of “twisted” in Hebrew, this was a mighty biblical sea dragon.
  36. Lucifer – a well-known Hebrew name for the devil, meaning: “bringer of light” and “morning star.”
  37. Matchitehew – a long name of Native American origin, for a baby “with an evil heart.”
  38. Moros – a morbid Greek god name meaning “doom.”
  39. Mors – the Latin word for “death,” Mors makes a menacing name for a prince of evil.
  40. Nidhogg – few demon baby names are as alarming as Nidhogg, meaning “malice striker” in Old Norse.
  41. Nukpana – a unique Native American pick among “evil” baby names for boys.
  42. Orcus – a morbid name borne by the ancient Roman god of the underworld and the underworld itself.
  43. Orobas – a commanding name of unknown meaning, after a Prince of Hell in demonology.
  44. Perseus – a powerful pick among evil names from Greek mythology, meaning “destroyer.”
  45. Ravana – a demon in Hindu mythology, Ravana has the chaotic meaning of “roaring.”
  46. Samael – a demon prince and Hebrew archangel whose name holds the tempting meaning of “poison of God.”
  47. Satan – be careful with this name, only to be borne by the most unholy of demonic babies!
  48. Sauron – this Tolkein-created name means “abhorred” in the fictional Quenya language in The Lord of the Rings.
  49. Seth – a Hebrew name meaning “appointed,” also an Egyptian god of chaos.
  50. Sidero – a menacing Latin boy’s name for an “evil nymph.”
  51. Tavarious – despite meaning “misfortune,” you can’t argue this American name doesn’t sound awesome.
  52. Teivel – another entry among demon baby names meaning “devil” in Yiddish.
  53. Tuwile – meaning “death is invincible,” this Kenyan name is ideal for the most morbid of newborns.
  54. Tyson – meaning “high-spirited, fiery,” this French male name would be great for a little troublemaker.
  55. Übel – meaning “evil,” this Germanic male name is great for an adorable monster baby.
  56. Ulysses – a presidential name suited for a lad with demonic tendencies, thanks to its meaning of “wrathful.”
  57. Villanus – it sounds “villainous,” but it’s really just a medieval Latin name meaning “farmhand!”
  58. Vlad – this Slavic historical name meaning “to rule” sounds incredibly vampiric.
  59. Voldemort – a name created for Harry Potter, great for parents who always root for the bad guy.
  60. Zagan – a strong and serious evil boy’s name, taken from demonology.

15 Ghastly, Gender-Neutral Demon Baby Names

These unisex demon names are perfect for any little evil being!

  1. Daeva – after the evil, spiritual entities in the Iranian religion.
  2. Devil – not the most popular of names, for sure, but if your son looks the part, why not?
  3. Enyo – a badass name for a baby destroyer, after the Greek goddess of war.
  4. Gorgon – a unique name inspired by the alarming and demonic creatures of Greek mythology.
  5. Grimm – any lover of dark fairy tales will approve of this unique name, after the literary Brothers Grimm.
  6. Hemlock – a nature-inspired name after the historically significant, highly poisonous plant.
  7. Kennedy – a popular, presidential name, fit for a misfortunate soul with its alarming meaning of “misshapen head.”
  8. Likho – a positively traumatizing name after the Slavic embodiment of evil and misfortune.
  9. Náli – both Old Norse meanings of “dead person” and “corpse” give this name a morbid aura.
  10. Omen – not the most common of choices, but certainly a fearful pick among demon baby names.
  11. Raven – a badass bird name for a dark, shady little omen.
  12. Reaper – as in Grim Reaper, especially if your child seems drawn to the suffering of others.
  13. Regan – or Reagan, both “regal” names best suited to horror-movie children.
  14. Shadow – a name more popular for pets than babies, for a baby born on the shady side.
  15. Styx – after the famed river in Greek mythology, running between the living world and the underworld.

Evil and Demon Baby Names FAQs

What Baby Name Means Devil?

If Devil is too obvious a name choice, some other chilling names also mean “devil.” Djall, Dajall, Diablo, and Teivel are cool demon baby names, or you could opt for the short and trendy Dev.

What are Some Horror Movie Baby Names?

Take inspiration from some of the scariest flicks when naming your demon baby, and choose evil names such as Regan, Damien, Lilith, Carrie, or even Chucky. Voldemort, Darth, and Sauron are some good fantasy movie names to consider, too!

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