145 Badass Names That Mean Fighter: Perfect for Your Squad

Any fearless warrior will be battle-ready with these epic names that mean fighter!

Finding the perfect names for your family squad shouldn’t be a battle – so we’re here to help! Below, we’ve listed the mightiest names that mean fighter for warrior boys and girls, each with the power of an army behind them.

Whether you want to instil confidence, nobility, or assertiveness within your child, you’ll find that these names, meaning fighter, will do just the trick.

Each as tough as the next, these fighter names from various languages, history, and cultures simply aren’t to be messed with. So, keep reading, and get ready to find the strongest warrior names for battle-ready kiddos.

43 Fearless Female Fighter Names

Your daughter will stand for no-nonsense with one of these gorgeous girl names that mean fighter!

  1. Agrona – an aggressive Celtic girl name meaning “battle.”
  2. Alala – meaning “battle cry,” this triumphant name will have your girl ready for anything.
  3. Alexandra – the feminine form of Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  4. Aluma – full of resilience and might; this Hebrew fighter name means “strong, brave.”
  5. Ama – this short Navajo name means “she returns from battle,” full of survivor energy.
  6. Athena – a fighter name to rule all others, after the Greek goddess of war and wisdom.
  7. Bellona – inspired by the Roman goddess of war, this name is full of fight.
  8. Bronia – a cute Polish girl’s name, mighty with its meaning of “protector.”
  9. Bronisława – this Slavic warrior name is to be bestowed on a brilliant “protector of glory.”
  10. Bryndis – a gloriously regal Scandinavian name meaning “armored goddess.”
  11. Enni – a Finnish name for a “girl who fights with a sword.”
  12. Enyo – a cute pick inspired by a Greek goddess of war.
  13. Frederica – an Old German name to be proud of, meaning “peaceful ruler.”
  14. Gertrude – means “a strong spear,” cool among weapon-inspired fighter names for women.
  15. Gunnalf – is straight from a fairy tale with the magically feisty meaning of “battle elf.”
  16. Hedda – a classic among Slavic names for “female warriors.”
  17. Hera – meaning “protector,” Hera takes inspiration from the fearless Greek goddess.
  18. Hermine – meaning “soldier,” a tough German girl’s name.
  19. Hilda – rooted in Norse legend, this triumphant name means “protector” or “battle.”
  20. Hildegard – an Old High German name meaning “war,” sounds tough and ready for business.
  21. Hilma – of German roots, this gritty name means “determined warrior.”
  22. Hiltrud – for a girl who’s “strong in battle,” this Old German name won’t disappoint.
  23. Louisa – a pretty and feminine name with the tough-gal meaning of “renowned warrior.”
  24. Louise – a variant of Lousia, very popularly used as a middle name.
  25. Mallt – a rare yet cool Welsh form of Maud, meaning “strong in battle.”
  26. Marceline – beautiful for a baby, this French-rooted name means “young warrior.”
  27. Marcella – “strong” and “warlike,” epic qualities hidden behind this mighty Roman name.
  28. Matilda – a great literary name for a kid, meaning “strong in battle.”
  29. Maud – this commanding girl’s name means “mighty in battle.”
  30. Morrigan – a pretty Irish name, chillingly inspired by the mythical goddess of war and suffering.
  31. Mulan – a pretty, floral Chinese name borne by the legendary fighter heroine.
  32. Ramona – meaning “wise protector,” you can trust anyone with this Spanish girl’s name in a battle.
  33. Ranne – is unique among Dutch names, meaning “shield, protector.”
  34. Troya – a pretty feminine variant of Troy, meaning “foot soldier.”
  35. Tyra – fabulously badass in style, this Norse girl’s name means “thunder warrior.”
  36. Ubirajara – from Brazilian (Tupi) origins, this spectacular name means “lord of the spear.”
  37. Vibeke – a sparky Danish pick among fighter names meaning “battle, war.”
  38. Vigga – another strong Danish “war” name for a battle-ready girl.
  39. Walterina – a rare feminine form of Walter, meaning “army commander.”
  40. Wiebke – this uniquely spelled name is Frisian and means “fighter.”
  41. Wistrilde – meaning “battle,” this rare French name goes back to medieval times.
  42. Xiomara – a Spanish name for a girl who’s “ready for battle,” with that uber-trendy X initial.
  43. Zelda – this video game princess, meaning “gray battle-maid,” sounds rather frightful!

85 Best Boy Names That Mean Fighter

Discover the mightiest monikers for the most manly men.

  1. Ahiga – an impactful Native American (Navajo) name, meaning “he fights.”
  2. Akando – a cool Native American name with the surprising meaning of “ambush.”
  3. Alexander – a classically hot male name, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  4. Alfarr – this Old Norse name meaning “elf army” is among the most magical fighter names.
  5. Alfonso – meaning “ready for battle,” Alfonso offers many adorable nicknames, such as Alfie.
  6. Alojzy – is fiery among Polish names, meaning fighter, fit for a triumphant “warrior.”
  7. Archer – a cool name for any little Robin Hood wannabe.
  8. Ares – a mighty mythology name inspired by the Greek god of war.
  9. Armando – meaning “soldier,” this melodic name comes from Portuguese.
  10. Armani – meaning “warrior,” this designer name sounds fit for the most fashion-forward fighters.
  11. Asim – a noble name for a “savior, protector, defender,” also spelled Assem or Asem.
  12. Balendin – sounds rhythmic among Latin fighter names, meaning “fierce, brave.”
  13. Bertrand – a tough-guy German name with the powerful meanings of “bright shield” and “bright raven.”
  14. Blade – a stylish yet intimidating vocabulary name for a guy ready to fight.
  15. Bořivoj – an epic Czech name to bestow upon a “great soldier.”
  16. Borko – this unique Slavic boy’s name means “to fight.”
  17. Bowman – is another name for an archer; it would be cool for a silent assassin.
  18. Caballero – an amicable Spanish name and nickname meaning “knight.”
  19. Calian – meaning “warrior of life,” this Native American name sounds powerfully protective.
  20. Cathal – a saintly Gaelic name that sounds romantic but full of tough “strength in battle.”
  21. Chevalier – this French surname would suit a “knight” in shining armor.
  22. Colonel – like the military rank, this name stands out proudly.
  23. Dalibor – a cool Czech name for a warrior “fighting far away.”
  24. Duncan – means “dark warrior” and a Scottish name not to be messed with.
  25. Dũng – this heroic male name connotes “bravery.”
  26. Errol – a unique, old-guy name meaning “nobleman” or “brave warrior,” full of vintage charm.
  27. Faris – a slick Arabic boy name for a “knight, horseman.”
  28. Ferdinand – meaning “brave, bold voyager,” this name is rich in freedom and fire.
  29. Fred – means “peaceful ruler,” full of the warrior aesthetic we admire.
  30. Garrett – is a manly fighter name, meaning “spear strength.”
  31. Gebhard – an Old High German name for a tiny baby looking “brave, hardy.”
  32. German – strong-willed and patriotic, this nationality name also means “power, warrior.”
  33. Gideon – meaning “great warrior,” a rhythmic pick among biblical names that mean fighter.
  34. Guerrero – this Spanish last name means “warrior, fighter.”
  35. Gunnar – this fiery Slavic name for a “warrior, gunner” sounds full-loaded and ready for battle.
  36. Hào – a name for leaders, this Sino-Vietnamese pick means “brave, heroic.”
  37. Harold – a dated English name for a man, meaning “army ruler.”
  38. Hedwig – this memorable German name has the feisty meaning of “war, battle.”
  39. Herman – of Germanic roots, this very old name means “army man.”
  40. Ho-jin – a Korean name with various possible meanings, including “fierce advance.”
  41. Igor – a Russian “warrior” name, sounding villainous in nature.
  42. Jalmari – meaning “helmeted warrior,” this Finnish boy’s name is battle-ready.
  43. Jango – this African boy’s name will appeal to Star Wars fans, meaning “brave warrior.”
  44. Jet – a trendy, 3-letter name, reminding us of the deep black shade and fighter aircrafts.
  45. Kane – a sturdy Irish pick among names that mean “fighter, tribute” for boys.
  46. Kendrick – a Celtic surname, possessing all the strength of a “bold ruler, powerful champion.”
  47. Klingermann – this great German surname means “blade,” traditionally used for a maker of weapons.
  48. Lewis – or Louis, a very popular and strong name for a man, meaning “renowned warrior.”
  49. Lorcán – a great Irish name for your “fierce little one.”
  50. Luther – a no-nonsense German name meaning “soldier of the people.”
  51. Mansour – only winners apply here, as this Arabic name means “victorious one.”
  52. Marek – a handsome Slavic name for a “warlike” little dude.
  53. Mars – after the Roman god of war, the planet, and the chocolate bar.
  54. Marshal – a high army rank, also meaning “lover of horses” if it’s spelled Marshall.
  55. Mete – a great Turkish boy’s name, meaning “brave, valiant, hero.”
  56. Miles – a sweet Latin name with the tough meaning of “soldier.”
  57. Milo – like Miles, this cute name means “soldier.”
  58. Mohawk – this rich name meaning “eaters of men” referred to enemies by Native American (Algonquin) tribes.
  59. Mordecai – meaning “warrior,” this Hebrew name sounds genuinely invincible.
  60. Murdoch – great for navy fighters; this cool name means “sea warrior.”
  61. Niall – a timeless Irish name for a “champion.”
  62. Nigel – meaning “champion,” this one suits an overcomer of any trouble.
  63. Odin – a trendy name inspired by the Norse god of war and wisdom, chaotically meaning “frenzied.”
  64. Quân – a feisty Vietnamese name with that cool Q initial, meaning “army, soldier.”
  65. Rainer – meaning “deciding warrior, wise army, ” an Old German name to look up to.
  66. Rami – a name of various origins, meaning “archer, marksman” in Arabic.
  67. Ranbir – is noble among Indian fighter names, meaning “brave warrior.”
  68. Ritter – an Old German surname meaning “knight.”
  69. Ryder – a trendy surname-turned-first-name, meaning “horseman, knight.”
  70. Sambor – a cool, Old Slavic name for a “lone fighter.”
  71. Sargent – meaning “soldier, protector,” this cool Latin name holds great military connotations.
  72. Sergio – meaning “guardian, protector,” you’ll feel safe around a Sergio.
  73. Stetson – meaning “fighter, boxer,” this name would sound ace for a cowboy baby.
  74. Striker – a cool nickname-style name, great for fighters or soccer players.
  75. Taisto – this fun-to-say Finnish name means “battle.”
  76. Tank – a well-built name that sounds ready for any fight.
  77. Troy – fit for a gladiator, this name means “foot soldier.”
  78. Velibor – a commanding Slavic name meaning “great battle.”
  79. Walter – means “army commander,” a powerful name to lead in a fight.
  80. Werner – from a German surname meaning “defending warrior.”
  81. Wilhelm – meaning “determined warrior,” this German name is protective and virtuous.
  82. William – meaning “resolute protector,” this common male name is fiery and assured.
  83. Wojciech – for a happy little fighter, this Polish name means “joyous warrior.”
  84. Wyatt – we love this modern-sounding name for a boy who’s “brave in battle.”
  85. Ygor – a Slavic variant of Igor, also meaning “warrior.”

17 Greatest Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Fighter

Any warrior will shine bright when bearing one of these unisex fighter names.

  1. Alex – iconic among gender-neutral names, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  2. Battaglia – this Italian surname means “fight,” so it’s definitely ready for war.
  3. Blair – this sweet unisex name means “battlefield” and comes from Gaelic origins.
  4. Hero – an adorable name for any triumphant baby survivor.
  5. Indra – inspired by the Hindu god of war and thunder.
  6. Kemp – this Middle English and German-rooted surname means “soldier.”
  7. Knight – this Middle English name makes us think of dragon-slaying and horseback jousting.
  8. Merrick – meaning “fame, power, rule,” this unisex name is fit for strong-willed champions.
  9. Ninja – perhaps the coolest among fighter names, ready and raring to strike.
  10. Payton – or Peyton, both gender-neutral English names, perhaps meaning “fighting man’s estate.”
  11. Scout – a cute literary name full of military connotations.
  12. Sloane – this gender-neutral Irish name means “raider, warrior.”
  13. Soldier – a powerful name for a militant kid.
  14. Spada – this Italian occupational surname would traditionally be given to a “swordsman.”
  15. Tracey – another way of spelling Tracy, also seen as a last name.
  16. Tracy – a great British unisex name and surname, meaning “fighter.”
  17. Warrior – a unique vocabulary name, yet powerful and mighty among unisex names meaning fighter.

Names That Mean Fighter FAQs

What Are Some Warrior Names from Mythology?

Naming your child after warriors from mythology is a great way to bring them power! For boys, we love the regal names Ares, Mars, Indra, and Odin, plus Athena, Bellona, Enyo, Morrigan, and Hera for girls.

What Are Some Cool Army Names?

Take inspiration from the military when naming your fighter kid, and consider names such as Gunnar, Archer, Marshal, Colonel, Knight, Scout, or Soldier.

What Baby Name Means Battle?

If you love battle-ready names for boys, check out Cathal, Taisto, Velibor, Hedwig, Wyatt or Alfonso. For girls, we love Agrona, Gunnalf, Hilda, Matilda, Vibeke, Maud, and Ama.

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