100 Cute Names Meaning Star: For Little Boys and Girls

These baby names meaning star, are as bright and shiny as anything you’d see in a telescope!

It can sometimes feel like there are more baby names out there than stars in the sky, and finding the right one to suit your little drop of starlight can be tricky!

Although, the celestial heavens above us may not be a bad place to look, as there are so many cool names that mean “star” out there, which we’re sure would work fantastically for any little astronomer-in-training.

So, to help you out, we have searched the galaxy to find these magical star names, and we’re sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your own baby stargazer.

59 Baby Girl Names That Mean Star

Read on to explore this beautiful constellation of names meaning star for dreamy baby girls.

  1. Astra – meaning “of the stars,” this Latin girl name is a celestial gem.
  2. Astraea – a Greek goddess of justice, whose name was derived from “aster,” meaning “star.”
  3. Astrid – although it means “divine beauty,” this Scandinavian name sounds perfect for a tiny stargazer.
  4. Bituin – a cute, cosmic choice meaning “star” from Tagalog.
  5. Calytrix – a fun, mischievous-sounding Latin name meaning “star flower.”
  6. Celeste – meaning “celestial,” this Latin name is classy and elegant.
  7. Citlali – a stylish Aztec female name meaning “star.”
  8. Csilla – pronounced CHEEL-la, this Hungarian name means “star.”
  9. Danica – is the personification of the beautiful morning star in Slavic folklore.
  10. Dzvezda – a unique, spicy option derived from the Macedonian for “star.”
  11. Estella – a pretty, Dickensian form of Stella, meaning “star.”
  12. Esther – an earthy Persian pick, meaning “star.”
  13. Estrella – the Spanish word for “star” makes a luminous-sounding choice.
  14. Étoile – the French word for “star” may make a sophisticated-sounding space name.
  15. Hōkūlani – a dreamy pick derived from the Hawaiian words for “star” and “sky.”
  16. Hoshi – the ever-adorable Japanese word for “star.”
  17. Hoshiko – take Hoshi to the next level of cuteness, as Hoshiko means “star child!”
  18. Maristella – an adorably sweet Spanish girl name meaning “star of the sea.”
  19. Najima – a pretty, Middle-Eastern name meaning “star in the sky.”
  20. Narangerel – meaning “sunlight” from Mongolian, Narangerel is full of stardust.
  21. Nova – the Latin for “new,” a “nova” is the phenomenon of a star suddenly increasing in brightness.
  22. Novalise – an American variant of Nova, made with the girly “-lise” suffix.
  23. Nthanda – an African Tumbuka name meaning “star.”
  24. Nyota – a unique name meaning “star” in Swahili.
  25. Odtsetseg – a standout choice, meaning “star flower” in Mongolian.
  26. Realta – a Gaelic-rooted astronomy name, meaning “star.”
  27. Réaltín – a unique Irish girl’s name meaning “little star.”
  28. Roxana – derived from Greek, this hot name means “bright star” or “sunlight.”
  29. Roxanne – a sophisticated variant to Roxana, with all the same fire and charm.
  30. Roxy – a fun and feisty nickname of Roxana, sounding very modern.
  31. Saulė – a traditional name meaning “sunlight,” Saulė is a Baltic solar goddess.
  32. Seren – this fairy-like option among names that mean star comes from Welsh.
  33. Setareh – a dazzling Persian girl’s name meaning “star.”
  34. Sidra – a sassy Latin name meaning “like a star.”
  35. Sitara – a beautifully exotic Hindi girl name, meaning “starlight.”
  36. Solveig – a touching name for your new namesake, meaning “daughter of the sun.”
  37. Star – no name means “star” like the word “star” – an adorable choice indeed.
  38. Starla – a sweet invented name using “star,” similar to Carla.
  39. Stella – meaning “star” in Latin, this is an especially “stellar” choice among star names!
  40. Stellaluna – a gorgeous name created by combining the Latin Stella (“star”) and Luna (“moon”).
  41. Steorra – the Old English “star” makes an unusual choice of name.
  42. Steren – very similar to the Welsh Seren, Steren is Cornish for “star.”
  43. Sterre – a hypnotic Dutch girl name, meaning “stars.”
  44. Sunčana – a summer-filled feminine Croatian star name, meaning “sunny.”
  45. Sunflower – an uncommon floral word name full of the sunny joys of springtime.
  46. Sunshine – an uncommon but adorable English word name for your brightest star.
  47. Sutara – a sensual Hindi name meaning “holy star.”
  48. Tähti – a pretty Finnish feminine name meaning “star.”
  49. Tana – meaning “star goddess” and “fairy queen,” Tana is a fantastic choice among girl names that mean star.
  50. Tara – the name of a Hindu goddess, meaning “star” in Sanskrit.
  51. Tarabai – a powerful Marathi name meaning “feminine star.”
  52. Tiên – meaning “fairy” or “celestial being,” Tiên is a dainty star name choice.
  53. Twyla – a modern invented name, perhaps a form of “twilight,” or the French “étoile,” meaning “star.”
  54. Vanessa – a name created as a form of Esther, which means “star.”
  55. Vega – meaning “swooping” from Arabic, Vega is a great name for a little shooting star!
  56. Yllita – derived from “yll,” Yllita is a sweet Albanian galaxy name meaning “star.”
  57. Yvaine – famously introduced by writer Neil Gaiman, this Elaine/Yvonne combo means “evening star.”
  58. Zornitsa – a pretty choice for your little astronomer, meaning “star” in Bulgarian.
  59. Zvezda – meaning “star,” Zvezda was the Slavic mythological personification of the morning star.

27 Baby Boy Names That Mean Star

These baby boy names meaning star, are as spectacular as the night sky!

  1. Ahtahkakoop – an Indigenous American name (Cree) meaning “blanket of stars.”
  2. Astro – a cool Latin male name and prefix meaning “of the stars.”
  3. Astrophel – invented by 16th-century poet Philip Sidney, Astrophel means “star lover” in Greek.
  4. Elrond – meaning “star dome,” Elrond is a character in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.
  5. Hashi – in Sanskrit, Hashi is said to mean “star” or “companion.”
  6. Haul – the Welsh word for “sun” would make a unique but luminous name.
  7. Heliodoro – a vibrant Spanish boy name with many potential nicknames, meaning “gift from the sun.”
  8. Hesperos – a Greek mythological pick, meaning “evening star.”
  9. Indus – a charming Hindi male name meaning “star.”
  10. Jiemba – an upbeat indigenous Australian masculine name, meaning “laughing star.”
  11. Lintang – a handsome Indonesian boy name meaning “star.”
  12. Lucero – an effervescent Spanish name derived from “luz” (“light,”) meaning “star.”
  13. Najam – an Arabic name meaning “morning star.”
  14. Namid – a stylish Native American pick meaning “one who dances among stars.”
  15. Orion – meaning “boundary,” Orion is a famous constellation in the night sky.
  16. Ra – meaning “sun,” the name of the Egyptian sun god would make a great star name.
  17. Ravi – meaning “sun,” Ravi is a Hindu god of the sun, making a strong, starry namesake.
  18. Shihab – an Arabic name meaning “shooting star,” great for a baby boy on to great things.
  19. Sirius – meaning “burning” from Latin, Sirius is the name of a brightly-shining star.
  20. Sorin – derived from Romanian, Sorin is an undisputedly handsome star name, meaning “sun.”
  21. Stelaro – this Esperanto word name sounds particularly “stellar.”
  22. Surya – the name of the Hindu sun god, whose name also has the shining meaning of “sun.”
  23. Tarak – a hot-sounding Sanskrit name meaning “star” and “protector.”
  24. Ulloriaq – an unusual Greenlandic name, meaning “star.”
  25. Yıldız – the Turkish for “star” may be fun yet unusual star name.
  26. Ylli – derived from the Albanian “yll,” meaning “star,” Ylli has a cool, unique spelling.
  27. Yulduz – this unique name means “star” in Uzbek.

14 Unisex Names That Mean Star

These gender-neutral names that mean star are out of this world!

  1. Angel – an ethereal word name for a baby who seems to have fallen straight from the heavens.
  2. Aster – a star-shaped flower and a Greek unisex name meaning “star.”
  3. Dara – an international name and surname with different meanings worldwide, Dara means “star” in various Asian languages.
  4. Hesper – a modernized form of the Greek Hesperos, meaning “evening star.”
  5. Hōkū – an adorable choice meaning “star” in Hawaiian.
  6. Itri – meaning “star” in the north African indigenous language of Tamazight.
  7. Izar – a unique yet stylish pick of names meaning “star,” in Basque.
  8. Polaris – the name of the star that shines brightly directly above the North Pole.
  9. Soleil – an uncommon choice, but the French word for “sun” makes a charming star name.
  10. Starling – although the English for a type of bird, Starling sounds beautifully star-like.
  11. Stelo – the word for “star” in Esperanto, was also a currency in the later 1900s.
  12. Sunny – a bright English word name for a baby that shines bright like the biggest star!
  13. Vesper – meaning “evening star” from Latin, a Vesper is also a fun cocktail name.
  14. Whetū – the Maori word for “star” would make a fun unisex name.

Names That Mean Star FAQs

What Name Means Star Goddess?

Astraea, Saulė, Tara, and Tana are all beautiful star names referring to ethereal little star goddesses!

What Name Means North Star?

If you’re looking to name your baby after the bright, leading light of the North Star, Polaris is a fantastic unisex choice.

What Name Means Starlight?

Sitara is a beautiful Hindi girl name meaning “starlight.” You could also opt for the classic Sunshine, or Sirius would make a fantastically bright star name for a boy.

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