105 Wild Names That Mean Wolf: for Boys & Girls

These warrior-ready names that mean wolf for babies are full of bite.

Set your new son or daughter wild by blessing them with one of these incredible names that mean wolf that’ll have them howling at the moon!

With strong warrior connotations and an adventurous spirit behind each one, these wolf names will impress even the most mysterious lone wolf. Countless rulers throughout history have borne names meaning “wolf,” with many of the inspirations behind these names found in popular culture, mythology, and religion.

Keep reading to learn all the legends behind these rugged wolf names for young pups, including their meanings, origins, and more.

8 Gritty Girl Names That Mean Wolf

Any forest queen will shine with these powerful feminine names that mean wolf for ladies.

  1. Lady – a pretty, ultra-feminine name inspired by one of the Game of Thrones direwolves.
  2. Nymeria – another Game of Thrones direwolf name, full of fantasy appeal.
  3. Ulrica – or Ulrika – one interpretation of this name is “leader of wolves,” from Anglo-Saxon roots.
  4. Ulva – is badass among girl names that mean “wolf,” with Norse and German origins.
  5. Ulvhild – any little Viking queen will look cool bearing this “wolf battle” name.
  6. Velvela – a fluffy female form of the Yiddish Velvel, meaning “little wolf.”
  7. Wulfrun – this Old English name means “wolf, runes,” perfect if you come from Wolverhampton.
  8. Ylva – a pretty alternative to Ulva, this 4-letter Viking name means “she-wolf.”

85 Badass Boy Names That Mean Wolf

Your sons will want to run wild with these adventure-fuelled wolf names for males.

  1. Adolphus – with Latin and German roots, this strong name means “noble wolf.”
  2. Agilulf – borne by historical rulers, perhaps meaning “sharp wolf.”
  3. Amaruq – a Native American (Inuktitut) name meaning “wolf,” featured in the Inuit religion.
  4. Arnulf – using German elements meaning “eagle” and “wolf,” this name soars above the rest.
  5. Athaulf – a gothic and kingly name, like Adolphus, meaning “noble wolf.”
  6. Bardulf – especially badass among wolf names, meaning “axe-wolf.”
  7. Beowulf – meaning “bee wolf,” this epic mythology name is a hefty one to live up to.
  8. Black – a dark color name and surname of the famous Twilight werewolf.
  9. Bleddyn – a wild Welsh name with an unusual spelling, meaning “wolf.”
  10. Blevins – another wolf-themed Welsh last name, meaning “little wolf.”
  11. Boris – a strong European name meaning “wolf” or “battle glory.”
  12. Borys – an alternative spelling to Boris, most used in Poland.
  13. Conall – or Connall, charming and kingly Gaelic name meaning “strong wolf.”
  14. Conan – a cool male name with the feisty meaning of “little wolf.”
  15. Conchobar – meaning “lover of wolves, hounds,” this Old Irish name is wild and rugged.
  16. Connla – a unique alternative to Conor from Irish mythology, meaning “wolf warrior.”
  17. Conor – or Conor, a classic Celtic wolf name and modern form of Conchobar.
  18. Conrí – an Old Irish name, only fit for the coolest “wolf king.”
  19. Cúán – yet another Old Irish name suitable for a cute “little wolf.”
  20. Draug – meaning “wolf” in Tolkien’s fictional language of Sindarin, great name for elf-babies.
  21. Fang – a toothy name with a bite, certainly appropriate for a baby with wolf-like features.
  22. Faolán – a dainty yet rare Irish werewolf name, meaning “little wolf.”
  23. Fastúlfr – one of the most confident Old Norse wolf-themed names, meaning “firm, steady wolf.”
  24. Fenrir – after a terrifying wolf from Norse mythology, this name means “marsh-dweller.”
  25. Fillin – a rare yet more modern way of spelling Faolán, from Irish.
  26. Gerulf – meaning “wolf spear,” this Old German name is ready for battle.
  27. Gmork – a very rare fantasy wolf name from The Neverending Story.
  28. Gurgen – a cool-sounding choice among names meaning “wolf” of Persian origins.
  29. Ingolf – a sporty-sounding Germanic name, combining elements meaning “Ing” (like the god) and “wolf.”
  30. Ivaylo – a regal Bulgarian choice among names meaning “wolf” from history.
  31. Jacob – a very popular name meaning “supplanter,” borne by the hot werewolf from Twilight.
  32. Landolfuccio – an extravagant alternative to Landolf for Italian wolves with an air of pizzazz.
  33. Landulf – or Landolf, meaning “land wolf,” this Germanic boy’s name is earthy and gritty.
  34. Lope – a Spanish form of Lupus, for a wild wolf man.
  35. López – this common Spanish surname meaning “son of Lope” would work nicely on a little pup.
  36. Lopo – the Portuguese take on Lupus as an alternative to Lope.
  37. Loup – a cute alternative to Louis, as a French take on the Lupus stem.
  38. Lovel – a romantic alternative to the surname Lowell for heartfelt young wolves.
  39. Lowell – a French surname meaning “young wolf,” sounding handsome as a given name.
  40. Lupin – a magical “wolf” inspired name belonging to the beloved werewolf in the Harry Potter franchise.
  41. Lupus – an ancient Roman boy name meaning “wolf.”
  42. Lycus – great if you love Greek mythology names; this one also means “wolf.”
  43. Maugrim – a wolf servant of the White Witch in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
  44. Ochoa – rooted in Basque, a handsome pick among last names that mean “wolf.”
  45. Ocunnowhurst – an unusual name of Native American (Cheyenne) origin, meaning “yellow wolf.”
  46. Owais – meaning “wolf,” this name is outdoorsy and honest.
  47. Phelan – from an old Irish surname, this unique choice means “wolf.”
  48. Radulf – a punchy Germanic name meaning “wolf counsel.”
  49. Raginolf – an Old High German name meaning “wolf counsel.”
  50. Ralph – a dated Norman name, also wise-sounding in the meaning of “wolf counsel.”
  51. Ralphie – the cutest diminutive of Ralph, cute as an alternative to the popular Alfie.
  52. Randall – meaning “shield wolf,” a medieval wolf name you wouldn’t want to mess with.
  53. Randolph – a festive-sounding variant of Randall, also meaning “shield-wolf.”
  54. Raul – or Raoul, both soft, European names meaning “wolf counsel.”
  55. Rodolfo – a Spanish take on Rudolph, with a cool spelling.
  56. Rudolph – its “famous wolf” meaning is ironic, considering everyone associates this name with a reindeer.
  57. Scott – after the protagonist in Teen Wolf, this cool boy’s name denotes a person from Scotland.
  58. Sirhan – an Arabic boy’s name for a lone “wolf.”
  59. Skoldolfr – an impressive Icelandic name meaning “protector wolf.”
  60. Sköll – after a wolf from Norse mythology, whose name holds the chaotic meaning of “treachery, mockery.”
  61. Udolfo – cool and trendy, meaning “noble, majestic wolf.”
  62. Udolph – good if you like Rudolph, but 7-letters may be one too many.
  63. Uffi – meaning “wolfman,” this Ulf nickname sure sounds fluffy.
  64. Ulf – a rugged Old Norse pick among 3-letter names for boys.
  65. Ulfsson – this Swedish surname means “son of Ulf,” perhaps for a new little wolf cub.
  66. Úlfur – an Icelandic name from the same “wolf” stem as Ulf.
  67. Ulmer – English and tough, this one means “famous wolf.”
  68. Ulpius – is cool among animal-inspired Latin surnames, meaning “wolf” or “fox.”
  69. Uwais – a spelling variant of Owais, strong among Muslim boy names that mean “wolf.”
  70. Vakhtang – means “wolf-bodied,” a significant Persian name to watch out for.
  71. Valko – punchy and Bulgarian, meaning “wolf.”
  72. Varg – another Tolkien name, meaning “wolf” in Old Norse.
  73. Velvel – a cute one, meaning “little wolf” in Yiddish.
  74. Vuk – short and punchy, this Slavic boy’s name means “wolf.”
  75. Vukašin – another Slavic pick for your new “son of wolf.”
  76. Whelan – this familiar Irish last name means “wolf.”
  77. Wolfgang – a famously musical German name meaning “traveling wolf.”
  78. Wolfhard – a virtuous name to live up to, meaning “brave wolf.”
  79. Wolfram – a double animal-inspired name from German, meaning “wolf” and “raven.”
  80. Woolf – or Woolfe, both unique ways of spelling Wolf, commonly used as surnames.
  81. Wulf – just another, more unique way of spelling Wolf, from Old English.
  82. Wulfric – an Anglo-Saxon name for a confident future “wolf leader.”
  83. Wulfsige – a triumphant name from Old English, meaning “victorious wolf.”
  84. Wulfstan – from Old English, meaning “wolf stone.”
  85. Ze’ev – or Zev, both trendy Hebrew names meaning “wolf,” with that sought-after “Z” initial.

12 Unique Unisex Names That Mean Wolf

These fun, gender-neutral wolf names will suit any little pup in your pack.

  1. Akela – meaning “noble” or “solitary,” after the literary wolf from The Jungle Book.
  2. Alpha – a cool name, especially if you love the Australian metal band Alpha Wolf.
  3. Connolly – this surname works as a unisex given name for someone who’s “fierce as a hound.”
  4. Forest – a word full of intrigue – what kind of magic lies within a forest at night?
  5. Ghost – a haughty name borne by one of the dire wolves in Game of Thrones.
  6. Moon – an ethereal word, making us think of werewolves at twilight.
  7. Okami – a cute “wolf” name choice from Japanese.
  8. Pup – a cutesy pet name for a beloved baby, perhaps best used as a nickname.
  9. Randy – is a typically American surname from various Germanic origins associated with “wolves.”
  10. Wolf – the most literal among names meaning “wolf,” best for babies born under a full moon.
  11. Wulfila – this “little wolf” name is deliciously gothic in style.
  12. Wulfwynn – happy and sweet, meaning “wolf joy,” with Anglo-Saxon origins.

Wolf Names FAQs

What Celtic Name Means Wolf?

Connor is a very popular Celtic name meaning “wolf.” If you like that, consider Conan, Conchobar, Connla, Conall, or Conrí as handsome yet unique alternatives.

What Are Some Tough Wolf Names for Boys?

If you want your lone wolf to stand out from the crowd, consider tough wolf names such as Skoldolfr (“protector wolf,”) Randolph (“shield wolf,”) Wolfhard (“brave wolf,”) or Wulfsige (“victorious wolf”). For girls, the badass meaning of “wolf battle” shines from the Viking name Ulvhild.

What Are Some Famous Wolf Names?

If you like wolf-associated names from popular culture, consider Jacob, Nymeria, Lupin, Scott, or Gmork. Beowulf and Fenrir are famous wolf-inspired names, and we love mythological options such as Sköll, Lycus, and Connla.

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