145 Incredible Boy Names That Start With I: for Crazy Kids

These boy names that start with I are incredible and inspiring.

Inventive, ingenious, and incredible are just some adjectives that best describe boy names that start with I. Whether you take inspiration from Greek mythology or enjoy Hebrew meanings, we scoured the globe searching for the most diverse I names for boys to help you on your naming journey.

So, let’s embrace Old English, share the Scottish, delight in Danish, and give a ncod to Norse as we travel through ancient cultures and beliefs to deliver our definitive list of male names that start with I.

145 Inspirational Boy Names With I

From Ignatius to Ian and Idris to Ivan, guy names that start with I are Incredible.

  1. Iacobus – this variation of the Latin Jacobus means “supplanter” and “may God protect.”
  2. Iacomos – similar to Iacobus with the same meaning and origin.
  3. Iacopo – of Hebrew origin, meaning “he who supplants.”
  4. Iacovo – some boy names that start with I are typically Hebrew – Iacovo means “he who supplants.”
  5. Iago – derived from the Latin Iacomos, this Welsh version means “supplanter.”
  6. Iain – this uniquely Scottish name means “God is gracious.”
  7. Iakona – an uncommon Hawaiian name meaning “healer.”
  8. Iakov – continuing the biblical Hebrew theme, this name means “he who supplants.”
  9. Ian – a classic Scottish name of Hebrew origin meaning “God is gracious.”
  10. Ianus Latin male names that start with I are often unique – means “divine gate.”
  11. Iason – this Greek baby boy’s name means “healer.”
  12. Ib – some I names for boys are short, like Ib, meaning “devoted to God” in Spanish.
  13. Ibn – Islamic names like Bin and Ibn translate as “son of.”
  14. Ibraheem – a popular Arabic form of the Hebrew Abraham, meaning “father of a multitude.”
  15. Ibrahim – the Arabic form of the Hebrew Abraham, meaning “founding father of many.”
  16. Icarus – a classic Greek mythological name meaning “follower.”
  17. Ichabod – a great Jewish/Hebrew name from popular fiction, meaning “without glory.”
  18. Ichimoto – typically a last name in Japanese kanji, meaning “book, true, and real.”
  19. Ichiro – sticking with the Japanese theme, Ichiro means “firstborn son.”
  20. Ichtaka – this Japanese-style Aztec name means “secret.”
  21. Idan – a short and sweet Hebrew name meaning “time” and “era.”
  22. Iddo – of Arabic and Hebrew origin, meaning “to evaporate” or “be mighty.”
  23. Idi – this significant Islamic name means “born during the Idd festival.”
  24. Idir – originating in Northwest Africa, this simple name means “alive.”
  25. Idogbe – our first Egyptian entry, means “brother of twins.”
  26. Idowu – this Southwestern Nigerian name means “child born after twins.”
  27. Idris – an Arabic boy’s name meaning “studious and smart.”
  28. Idwal – this rarest of boy names with I, means “lord of the wall” in Welsh.
  29. Ieke – one of many Hebrew boy names on the list, meaning “gift and wealthy.”
  30. Iezekial – a respelling of the Hebrew name Ezekiel, meaning “strength of God.”
  31. Ifan – of Welsh, Hebrew, Russian, and Slavic origins, meaning “God is gracious.”
  32. Ife – some boy names with I are Jamaican or Nigerian – Ife means “love.”
  33. Ifor – of Old Norse and Scandinavian origin, meaning “yew” or “bow army.”
  34. Igal – this classic Hebrew name means “He will redeem.”
  35. Iggy – probably the most unusual British name to make the list – Iggy means “fiery one.”
  36. Ignace – this alternate Latin version of Iggy has the same meaning.
  37. Ignacio – derived from the Roman family name Egnatius, meaning “born of the fire.”
  38. Ignatius – continuing the “fiery” Latin name theme, this one also means “ardent.”
  39. Ignis – another hot Latin name representing “fire.”
  40. Igor – this powerful Russian name means “warrior.”
  41. Ihab – this pretty Arabic name means “gift.”
  42. Ihan – an Arabic male name meaning “full moon” or a Hebrew name meaning “god’s grace.”
  43. Ihor – is of Scandinavian origin, meaning “god of abundance.”
  44. Ihsan – a stunning Arabic name meaning “to do beautiful things” and “perfection.”
  45. Ijah – a Jamaican variant of the Hebrew Elijah, meaning “the Lord is my God.”
  46. Ikabod – similar to Ichabod, this Hebrew name means “without glory” or “glory is gone.”
  47. Ikaika – is the Hawaiian version of Ernest, meaning “strong and powerful.”
  48. Ikavod – this strange Hebrew version of Ichabod means “the glory is gone.”
  49. Ike – this famous nickname is of Hebrew origin, meaning “laughter.”
  50. Ikem – some guy names that start with I are African – Ikem means “God is my strength.”
  51. Iker – with Basque and Spanish roots, meaning “visitor” or “visitation.”
  52. Ikie – similar to Ike, this Hebrew name means “laughter.”
  53. Ikram – this gender-neutral Arabic name means “honor.”
  54. Ilan – a traditional Hebrew name meaning “tree.”
  55. Ilani – as Hebrew names go, this one is sweet and means “my tree.”
  56. Ilario – of Latin, Italian, and Basque origin, meaning “cheerful and happy.”
  57. Ilbert – first introduced after the Norman conquests of Britain, meaning “bright or battle famous.”
  58. Illario – an alternative version of the Latin Ilario, meaning “cheerful and happy.”
  59. Illiam – from Manx Gaelic (the language of the Isle of Man), meaning “resolute protector.”.
  60. Illtud – this ancient Welsh name means “multitude of land.”
  61. Ilwyd – is an odd Welsh boy name meaning “gray.”
  62. Ilwyn – this Tolkienesque Welsh name means “fair” and “friend of elves.”
  63. Ilya – a Russian version of the Hebrew Elijah, meaning “the Lord is my God.”
  64. Imad – a sweet Arabic male name meaning “support and mainstay.”
  65. Imamu originating from Africa, Imamu means “spiritual leader.”
  66. Iman – some names for boys that start with I are foreign – means “faith and belief.”
  67. Imani – is a popular Muslim name meaning “faith and belief.”
  68. Imeda – the first Georgian name to make the list, meaning “hope.”
  69. Immanuel – this sophisticated Hebrew name means “God is with us.”
  70. Impa – this weird punk name from the USA means “impart.”
  71. Imran – a popular Middle Eastern and Arabic name meaning “prosperity.”
  72. Imri – this Israeli and Hungarian male name means “strength and power.”
  73. Inar – an unassuming Scandinavian and Old Norse name meaning “one warrior” or “battle leader.”
  74. Ince – this boy’s name is of Hungarian origin and means “innocent.”
  75. Indalecio – a popular name in Argentina, this Spanish moniker means “teacher.”
  76. Inderjit – this descriptive Punjabi name means “victory, triumph of heaven, and triumph of the Lord.”
  77. Inderpal – a Sanskrit and Punjabi name meaning “protector of Indra.”
  78. Indiana – a super-cool Native American name, meaning “land of the Indians.”
  79. Indie – a gender-neutral American short form of Indiana, meaning “Indian or independent.”
  80. Indigo – derived from the Greek Indikon, meaning “from India,” this name describes a “vibrant blue color.”
  81. Indra – an ancient Hindu deity of Sanskrit origin, meaning “possesses rain.”
  82. Ingbert – a classic German boy’s name meaning “bright as an angel.”
  83. Inge – a unisex Scandinavian name meaning “guarded by Ing” or “Ing’s beauty.”
  84. Ingelbert – this unusual German name means “angel bright.”
  85. Ingemar – meaning “son of Ing,” describing a powerful Norse god of fertility.
  86. Ingevar – sticking with the Scandinavian god theme, Ingevar means “Ing’s soldier.”
  87. Ingo – this Scandi name is more popular in Germany and means “protected by Yngvi.”
  88. Ingolf – another Germanic deity name referring to Yngvi, meaning wolf.
  89. Ingraham – is of Scandinavian and Old English origin, meaning “raven of peace” or “raven of Anglia.”
  90. Ingram – an alternative take on Ingraham with the same meaning and origin.
  91. Inizio – this edgy Italian boy’s name means “beginning.”
  92. Inman – an Old English occupational name meaning “innkeeper.”
  93. Innis – is possibly of Scottish and Gaelic origin, meaning “island.”
  94. Inniyan – the first Tamil name entry on the list – Inniyan means “one who is pleasant-natured.”
  95. Innocencio – this Italian boy’s name is easy to work out – Innocencio means “innocent.”
  96. Innocent – a Latin and English name meaning “innocent and harmless” or “free from sin.”
  97. Inver – the Gaelic meaning of Inver is “estuary.”
  98. Ioachim – finally, we’re back to Hebrew names – Ioachim means “established by God.”
  99. Ioanis – the Greek form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  100. Iodoc – this French, Gaelic, and Breton name translates as “lord.”
  101. Iomhar – of Scandinavian and Old Norse origin, meaning “yew” and “bow army.”
  102. Ion – the Irish and Gaelic version of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  103. Ionakana – this Hawaiian male name has Hebrew origins and means “gift of God.”
  104. Ionathan – derived from the Hebrew name Jonathan, meaning “gift of God.”
  105. Ionnes – continuing the Hebrew “gift of God” theme, this name is also of Greek origin.
  106. Iorwerth – is of Welsh origin, meaning “lord, fair, fine, and handsome.”
  107. Iosef – a unique Russian version of Joseph, meaning “Jehovah increases.”
  108. Iosip – is a rare Hebrew name meaning “God will multiply.”
  109. Iovis – of Roman and Latin origin, possibly meaning “supreme god” and “heaven, sky, and shine.”
  110. Ippolit – an uncommon Greek name meaning “stampeding horses.”
  111. Ira – this gender-neutral Hebrew name refers to mighty warriors and means “watchful.”
  112. Irenaeus – a distinctive Greek and Spanish name meaning “peace.”
  113. Irene – a short form of Irenaeus with the same meaning and Greek origin.
  114. Iron – derived from the Greek “sideros,” meaning “iron,” and is perfect for a blacksmith.
  115. Irvin – with Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic roots, meaning “green or fresh water.”
  116. Irving – similar to Irvin with the same origin and meaning.
  117. Irwin – is an Old English name meaning “boar friend.”
  118. Irwyn – an alternative spelling of Irwin, with the same meaning and origin.
  119. Isaac – a typical Hebrew name meaning “one who laughs or rejoices.”
  120. Isadora – is derived from the Greek Isidoros, meaning “gift of Isis,” the fertility goddess.
  121. Isadorus – a respelling of Isadora with the same meaning and origin.
  122. Ishan – is a popular Sanskrit name meaning “son” and “lord of wealth.”
  123. Isidore – another alternative to the Greek Isadora, meaning “gift of Isis.”
  124. Isko – this edgy Spanish and Tagalog (Filipino) name means “free.”
  125. Iskren – with Slavic, Bosnian, and Russian roots, meaning “sincere and sparkling.”
  126. Ismaal – of Arabic origin, meaning “heard by God” or “God will hear.”
  127. Ismail – this Islamic/Arabic and Hebrew name means “heard by God.”
  128. Isme – related to the French name Esmee, meaning “esteemed.”
  129. Ismet – the Turkish/Bosnian version of the Arabic Ismat means “honesty and purity.”
  130. Israel – the name of the Holy Land means “God perseveres and contends.”
  131. Israj – such a short and sweet name with the epic meaning of “journey of the night.”
  132. Issy – typically a Hebrew girl’s name meaning “God’s promise,” but gaining popularity with boys.
  133. Ittamar – a Hebrew and Arabic boy’s name meaning “palm or date island.”
  134. Itzak – possibly a variation of the Hebrew Yitzhak, meaning “laughter.”
  135. Iva – a short form of the Slavic Ivana, meaning “God is gracious.”
  136. Ivair – this rarely used name is of French origin and means “yew.”
  137. Ivan – of Slavic, Russian, and Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious.”
  138. Iwo – another French-inspired boy’s name meaning “yew.”
  139. Iyov – of Arabic and Hebrew origins, meaning “persecuted or hated.”
  140. Iyyar – a rare Hebrew name meaning “light and glow.”
  141. Izet – this Bosnian variation of the Turkish name Izzet means “honor and greatness.”
  142. Izidor – another respelling of the Greek Isadora, meaning “gift of Isis.”
  143. Izmail – an alternate spelling of the Hebrew/Islamic Ismail, meaning “God listens.”
  144. Izudin – a Muslim baby name meaning “might of the faith.”
  145. Izzy – an alternative take on the Hebrew Issy, meaning “God’s promise.”

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What Are the Rarest Boy Names That Start With I?

The rarest boy names that start with I include Ivair, Iyyar, Iron, Iosef, Ilwyd, and Illtud. Iacopo, Innocencio, Isko, and Ikavod are also great examples of unique or rarely used names.

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