101 Names That Mean Time: Full of Everlasting Love

Don’t delay - discover the most adorable baby names that mean time for your bundle of joy!

Welcoming a new addition to your family is one of life’s most momentous occasions. So, what better way to commemorate than by choosing from these gorgeous names that mean time for your baby?

Time shouldn’t be fleeting when it comes to family, and we think you’ll love these names, meaning time for boys and girls. With seconds, minutes, days, and seasons serving as inspiration behind each adorable choice, we see only the brightest of futures ahead.

Well, there’s no time like the present! Keep reading to unlock these unique time names for your baby on the way.

47 Captivating Girl Names That Mean Time

Bless your daughter with the gift of eternity with one of these enchanting time names for women.

  1. Aamu – a pretty Finnish girl’s name meaning “morning.”
  2. Abena – a beautiful Ghanaian girl name for a daughter “born on a Tuesday.”
  3. Adwoa – this Ghanaian name is for a girl “born on a Monday.”
  4. Aeternitas – a head-turning goddess name after the mythical Roman personification of eternity.
  5. Akinyi – for a Kenyan girl “born in the morning.”
  6. Akosua – another Ghanaian day name, meaning “born on a Sunday.”
  7. Akua – meaning “born on a Wednesday,” capturing a beautiful birthday memory.
  8. Ama – for a weekend baby, this African girl name means “born on a Saturday.”
  9. Amargo – a unique yet pretty Latin name meaning “everlasting.”
  10. Amser – a very rare Welsh vocabulary name meaning “time, moment.”
  11. Annagül – an enchanting Turkmen name meaning “Friday flower.”
  12. Antevorta – an ancient Roman goddess of the future, wise among names associated with time.
  13. April – one of the most popular female time names inspired by a month.
  14. Aroa – a pretty Basque girl name, meaning “era, time.”
  15. Aurora – a timeless Disney Princess name borne by the Roman goddess of the morning.
  16. Avril – the French form of April, great for a little rockstar.
  17. Constance – a powerful virtue name for a girl, meaning “steadfast, constancy.”
  18. Daisy – this floral name means “day’s eye,” perhaps for a girl born during springtime noon.
  19. Dawn – a retro name, conjuring images of a sun-streaked morning sky.
  20. Edna – this retro woman’s name is eternally thriving, meaning “rejuvenation, pleasure.”
  21. Efua – or Afua, both gorgeous African picks for girls “born on a Friday.”
  22. Erica – or Erika, full of everlasting joy, meaning “eternal ruler.”
  23. Esi – a Ghanaian name for a girl “born on a Sunday.”
  24. Eternity – this unique name is fit for legends and would be perfectly twinned with Infinity.
  25. Friday – an unconventional but fun pick among names that mean time for girls.
  26. Hemera – borne by the Greek mythological personification of “daytime.”
  27. Hisako – a cute Japanese girl’s name meaning “longevity.”
  28. Horatia – a feminine form of Horatio, meaning “timekeeper.”
  29. Infinity – an uncommon name for a baby, promised the world over and more.
  30. Juliana – meaning “youthful,” to bless a girl with the best of time.
  31. June – month names make great time-related names for girls.
  32. Kali – inspired by the Hindu goddess of death and time.
  33. Lilith – holding famously deathly connotations, this Jewish demon name means “of the night.”
  34. Mandana – an elegant Persian name for an “everlasting” princess.
  35. March – for a baby born just in time for spring.
  36. May – another cute pick among short names inspired by months of the year.
  37. Natalie – a pretty name for a girl “born on Christmas day.”
  38. Nedda – this Slavic female name is destined for a daughter “born on a Sunday.”
  39. Nurtia – inspired by an Etruscan goddess of time, fate, and destiny.
  40. Quỳnh – this unique name is inspired by a type of flower that blooms at nighttime.
  41. Summer – a hot girl pick among names meaning time, full of sunshine and adventure.
  42. Sunday – another unique day-of-the-week name, perhaps for a spiritual young child.
  43. Verna – a vintage pick among Latin names related to time, meaning “springtime.”
  44. Wednesday – from The Addams Family, this gothic girl’s name is full of creepy appeal.
  45. Yaa – means “born on a Thursday” in Akan.
  46. Yajaira – a rare Native American girl’s name, is said to mean “clear as day.”
  47. Zarya – meaning “dawn,” borne by the personification of daybreak in Slavic legend.

38 Momentous Male Names Meaning Time

Any little time traveler would sound cool and punctual with these clever time names for boys.

  1. Akshay – a joyful Hindu boy name meaning “fresh, eternal.”
  2. Ambrose – a saintly Greek pick among time-related names, meaning “immortal, divine.”
  3. Ammar – this Arabic boy’s name promises a “prosperous, long life.”
  4. Amrit – this Hindi name will never run out of time, meaning “immortality.”
  5. Anatoly – a handsome Russian name meaning “sunrise.”
  6. Bashiri – an Arabic name for a “prophet” or “one who can tell the future.”
  7. Bonheur – this charming French male name relates to a “good time.”
  8. Buzz – inspired by everyone’s favorite spaceman, who takes us “to infinity and beyond.”
  9. Chronos – is the personification of time itself in Greek mythology.
  10. Dante – a handsome Latin name meaning “enduring, steadfast.”
  11. Domingo – this variant of Dominic (“belonging to the Lord”) also means “Sunday” in Spanish.
  12. Elam – is a biblical Hebrew name meaning “eternal, forever.”
  13. Eric – perfect for a handsome prince destined to be an “eternal ruler” in your life.
  14. Gregory – a Latin name for an eagle-eyed timekeeper, meaning “watchful, alert.”
  15. Hamza – an admirable Islamic pick among names inspired by time, meaning “steadfast, strong.”
  16. Horace – an old-timey name and form of Horatio, meaning “timekeeper.”
  17. Horatio – a great historical and literary Latin name meaning “timekeeper.”
  18. Janus – inspired by the Roman god of beginnings, ideal for a January-born son.
  19. Jiffy – a fun, zesty name used as a term for a brief moment in time.
  20. Juma – a Swahili name for a boy “born on a Friday.”
  21. Kairos – this Greek term refers to “the opportune moment,” a successful time-inspired name for a baby.
  22. Khalid – meaning “immortal, everlasting,” this Arabic name is a powerful one to behold.
  23. Kofi – an Akan name for a Ghanaian baby “born on a Friday.”
  24. Kwabena – for an Akan baby “born on a Tuesday.”
  25. Kwadwo – for an Akan baby “born on a Monday.”
  26. Kwaku – or Kweku, meaning “born on a Wednesday” for Akan boys.
  27. Kwame – meaning “born on a Saturday,” also in Akan.
  28. Legend – sure to stand the test of time, this hefty name is one to live up to.
  29. Marty – inspired by the hero in Back to the Future, for cool little time-travelers.
  30. Nhật – this Vietnamese name means “sun” or “day,” just like the summertime.
  31. Nishith – a Hindi boy’s name meaning “night,” with Nish among cute possible nicknames.
  32. Reko – meaning “watchman,” this attentive Finnish time name is full of energy.
  33. Sufian – this energetic Islamic name means “fast-moving,” also “companion, friend.”
  34. Ùisdean – this unique Scottish Gaelic name means “forever stone.”
  35. Vihaan – a Sanskrit name meaning “dawn.”
  36. Yaw – a short, fantastic choice for an Akan baby “born on a Thursday.”
  37. Yukie – this Japanese name carries “eternal happiness.”
  38. Zaman – an inspired Arabic male name meaning “time, age.”

16 Unique Unisex Names That Mean Time

These gender-neutral time names are fit for any kid living in the moment.

  1. Asa – comes with various meanings internationally, including “doctor” and “morning-born.”
  2. Asra – traditionally an Arabic last name, meaning “night traveler.”
  3. August – this warm month name is uniquely used for boys and girls.
  4. Autumn – this seasonal name makes us think of crisp leaves and pumpkin spice lattes.
  5. Casey – this popular Gaelic unisex name means “watchful.”
  6. Chang – a common Chinese surname, often meaning “forever” or “long, extending.”
  7. Eilif – originally a Scandi surname meaning “immortal.”
  8. Eon – referring to a long period of time, a rare but trendy name.
  9. Genesis – a biblically significant name meaning “origin, creation, beginning.”
  10. Greer – an uncommon Scottish name for a “watchful” little timekeeper.
  11. Mirai – meaning “future,” this Japanese name brings hope to the present.
  12. Nyx – an alluring 3-letter name from Greek mythology, meaning “nighttime.”
  13. Pantazis – leave the past behind you, with this Greek surname meaning “live forever.”
  14. Shi – a gender-neutral Chinese name element, meaning “time, season.”
  15. Winter – a cool, gender-neutral month name, great for babies born in a flurry of snow.
  16. Xuân – a vibrant Vietnamese name for a “springtime” baby.

Time Names FAQs

What Name Means Keeper of Time?

Horatio is a cool Latin name that means “timekeeper,” with Horace as a variant for men and Horatia as a female variation. Names that mean “watchful,” such as Greer and Gregory, also make great alert-sounding options.

What Name Means Immortal?

For little vampires and other babies destined to live forever, consider “immortal” names such as Ambrose, Khalid, Amrit, or Eilif. Vocabulary names such as Infinity, Legend, and Eternity also sound like they’d last a lifetime and more, too.

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