810 Cool 5-Letter Names: for the Trendiest Kids

5-letter names for babies are the best, and here’s why!

There are so many fabulous 5-letter names for babies it’s hard to know where to start. Whether you love popular picks or rare gems, modern monikers, or old-fashioned titles, there’s an unbelievable amount of 5-letter names to choose from.

To help, we’ve gathered a list of the best-loved 5-letter names for boys and girls, alongside their sweet meanings and origins. There are names from every letter of the alphabet, proving that while 5-letter names might be short, they’re brimming with impact and possibility.

Keep reading, and let’s find the perfect five-letter names for your family.

434 Fabulous 5-Letter Names for Girls

The prettiest 5-letter names for the most adorable young ladies.

  1. Aafje – is enchanting with its “elf, magical being,” meaning from Dutch.
  2. Abbey – a short form of Abigail, also spelled like the spiritual building.
  3. Abbie – also short for Abigail, affectionately meaning “a father’s joy.”
  4. Adele – like the mononymous singer, this German-rooted name means “noble.”
  5. Adina – with Hebrew roots, this name is “delicate, gentle.”
  6. Adira – only the “strongest” of girls can bear this Hebrew name.
  7. Aditi – meaning “limitless,” inspired by the Hindu goddess of motherhood.
  8. Adwen – is “blessed” among saintly Cornish girl names with 5-letters.
  9. Aeres – is regal among Welsh names with 5-letters, meaning “heiress.”
  10. Agada – a magical Hebrew name meaning “fairy tales, lore.”
  11. Agnes – a dated Greek name meaning “pure, holy.”
  12. Aiday – an ethereal Kazakh name for a “moon child.”
  13. Ailsa – for a girl who sits upon a “fairy rock,” this Scottish name is super sweet.
  14. Aimee – a modern, 5-letter way of spelling Amy, meaning “beloved.”
  15. Aisha – meaning “alive, well,” this womanly Arabic name is full of life.
  16. Akako – a colorful name in Japanese, meaning “red, red child.”
  17. Akiko – another Japanese name for a “bright child.”
  18. Alala – meaning “battle cry,” this Greek name is full of triumph and power.
  19. Alana – a melodic name used with various meanings internationally.
  20. Alexa – a variant of Alexandra, meaning “defender of man.”
  21. Alice – straight from Wonderland, this old French name means “noble.”
  22. Allie – short for the “noble” names Alice or Allison.
  23. Alohi – for a “shining, brilliant” daughter of Hawaiian descent.
  24. Alora – a romantic and spiritual name, meaning “dreamer” and “the Lord is my light.”
  25. Aluma – for Hebrew warriors, meaning “strong, brave.”
  26. Amaia – means “brave warrior” in Greek, “high place” in Spanish, and “night rain” in Japanese.
  27. Amani – a designer Arabic name bestowing the best “wishes, aspirations.”
  28. Amber – a pretty English girl name, like the honey-colored tree sap fossils.
  29. Amina – this Arabic girl’s name means “devoted, trustworthy.”
  30. Ammit – is alarming among Egyptian five-letter names from mythology, meaning “devourer of the dead.”
  31. Anaïs – meaning “grace, holy,” a cute French spin on Anna.
  32. Andie – is short for Andrea, meaning “strong, brave.”
  33. Anela – fit for a Hawaiian “angel” baby.
  34. Anika – a sassy international girl name meaning “sweet-faced.”
  35. Anita – a timeless name for a “graceful” baby.
  36. Annie – full of “grace, favor,” this pretty name is a classic among 5-letter girl names.
  37. Anong – from Thai roots, this name is for the most “beautiful woman.”
  38. Anouk – a Dutch take on the Ann stem, meaning “grace, favor.”
  39. Anwen – any Welsh princess would shine with this “very blessed, very beautiful” pick.
  40. Apple – a rare, celebrity-favored fruit name for a sweet girl.
  41. April – perfect for a baby born in a springtime shower.
  42. Arwen – a fantasy name created by Tolkien for the Lord of the Rings.
  43. Ashni – sounds electric among Sanskrit 5-letter girl names, meaning “lightning.”
  44. Aster – an ethereal flower name meaning “star” in Greek.
  45. Astra – an out-of-this-world Latin name for a female “from the stars.”
  46. Atlee – a modern-sounding British name for an outdoorsy girl “from the meadow.”
  47. Audra – meaning “storm” in Lithuanian, also a variant of Audrey, meaning “noble strength.”
  48. Avani – an enchanting Sanskrit name meaning “earth.”
  49. Avril – the French word for April, sounds great for a rockstar.
  50. Aygül – meaning “moon rose,” the most romantic Turkic and Persian 5-letter name.
  51. Aylin – a Turkish name for a girl who dreams “of the moon.”
  52. Aysel – another Turkish female name, symbolizing “a flood of moonlight.”
  53. Azula – from the Spanish word for “blue,” striking among color names that start with A.
  54. Barig – is unique among Armenian names for girls, meaning “fairy.”
  55. Basma – or Bisma, both radiant Muslim names for girls who “smile.”
  56. Beata – joyful and loud, this Polish name means “blessed.”
  57. Becca – a cute nickname from Rebecca, meaning “to tie, to bind.”
  58. Belén – a Spanish form of Bethlehem, perfect for a spiritual baby.
  59. Bella – a “beautiful” choice for a perfect girl.
  60. Belle – also meaning “beautiful,” fit for a Disney princess.
  61. Beren – sounds virtuous among Turkish names for “smart, strong” girls.
  62. Beryl – an old-fashioned name from “beryllium,” inspired by the precious gemstone.
  63. Betsy – a retro short form of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  64. Betty – another old-timey nickname from the Elizabeth root.
  65. Bindi – is adorable among Australian 5-letter girl names, meaning “butterfly.”
  66. Blair – rooted in Scottish Gaelic, meaning “plain, meadow.”
  67. Bliss – a gorgeous vocabulary name connoting peace and tranquility.
  68. Briar – a rustic name for a princess, meaning “thorny patch.”
  69. Brígh – a 5-letter Gaelic form of Bridget, meaning “power, strength.”
  70. Bruna – a Portuguese color name, perhaps for a “brown” eyed girl.
  71. Buffy – a great girl name from pop culture – watch out, vampires!
  72. Bunny – a fluffy, animal-inspired name for a sweet girl.
  73. Candy – a powdery-pink name for the sweetest of girls.
  74. Carey – traditionally a surname of various origins, working as a cute girl name.
  75. Carla – a soft, feminine form of the male name Carl, meaning “free man.”
  76. Carly – a variant of Carla, perhaps for a “free woman.”
  77. Carol – a melodic English name, reminding us of Christmastime hymns.
  78. Carys – from the Welsh word “caru,” meaning “to love.”
  79. Cathy – short for Catherine, meaning “pure.”
  80. Celia – this Latin name means “heavenly, blessed land.”
  81. Ceren – is graceful among animal-inspired Turkish names, meaning “gazelle.”
  82. Chike – powerful among African names, meaning “God of strength” in Igbo.
  83. China – rich in culture, this makes a gorgeous, country-inspired name for a girl.
  84. Chiwa – be careful with this African name, meaning “death.”
  85. Chloe – a popular girl name for a “blooming” baby petal.
  86. Cindy – a cute nickname, reminding us of dolls or princesses.
  87. Circe – from Greek mythology, meaning “bird.”
  88. Clara – a “bright, clear” pick among Latin girl names with 5-letters.
  89. Clare – a saintly alternative to Clara, also meaning “clear.”
  90. Coral – a pretty pink pick for a mermaid princess.
  91. Croía – sounds romantic with its Gaelic “heart” meaning.
  92. Daisy – a cute, floral name meaning “day’s eye.”
  93. Darcy – a delightfully mysterious girl’s name, meaning “dark one.”
  94. Darva – there’s a buzz about this Slavic name, which means “honeybee.”
  95. Deryn – is high-flying among pretty Welsh D names, meaning “bird.”
  96. Diana – a “divine” name for a princess, inspired by the Roman goddess of the hunt.
  97. Dolly – a playful name, great if you’re a country music fan.
  98. Donna – this Italian word for “woman” makes a gorgeously lady-like name.
  99. Doris – fit for a mermaid, this name is a “gift from the ocean.”
  100. Dotty – a cute short form of Dorothy, meaning “gift of God.”
  101. Duyên – a lucky Vietnamese name meaning “fate, charm.”
  102. Éabha – a 5-letter Gaelic form of Ava, meaning “life.”
  103. Ebony – after the dark color of a tree’s bark.
  104. Edith – an Old English name, rich in “wealth.”
  105. Edyta – a Polish take on Edith, also meaning “wealth.”
  106. Eilir – is pretty and Welsh, meaning “butterfly.”
  107. Elara – meaning “spear,” this badass name was also borne by a mythical Greek princess.
  108. Elena – a shorter variant to Eleanor, for a “bright, shining one.”
  109. Elidi – a beautiful Greek name to bestow upon your “gift of the sun.”
  110. Elise – meaning “pledged to God,” this name also comes from the same stem as Elizabeth.
  111. Eliza – is short for Elizabeth, meaning “pledged to God, God is my oath.”
  112. Ellen – a pretty spin on Helen, meaning “shining light.”
  113. Ellie – a popular nickname from various “El-” names.
  114. Elora – an alluring alternative to Elena.
  115. Elsie – slightly different from Elise, with the same cuteness to it.
  116. Ember – a hot, sparky alternative to Amber.
  117. Emily – a timelessly popular name, meaning “to rival, to excel.”
  118. Enara – meaning “swallow bird,” this name comes from Basque origins.
  119. Enfys – meaning “rainbow,” this Welsh name is full of pride.
  120. Enola – the word “alone” spelled backward, is cute, perhaps for an only child.
  121. Erica – or Erika, meaning “eternal ruler.”
  122. Etain – rich in “jealousy” and “passion,” this name is rooted in Irish mythology.
  123. Ethel – a very old girl’s name, meaning “noble.”
  124. Evana – a spin on the male name Evan, meaning “God is gracious.”
  125. Evena – a Finnish name fit for champions, meaning “winner, victor.”
  126. Faith – a gorgeous virtue name full of all the hope in the world.
  127. Fanny – a very old name meaning “free one,” albeit with rude connotations in British English.
  128. Fauna – like the Roman goddess of nature and animals.
  129. Felka – this Polish name shines like a “lucky” charm.
  130. Ferne – like the lush, leafy plant, to be spelled with or without the “e” on the end.
  131. Ffion – increasing in popularity, this Welsh name refers to the pretty foxglove flower.
  132. Fflur – another Welsh name meaning “flower.”
  133. Fiadh – an Irish name meaning “deer,” that’s oh-so dainty and elvin.
  134. Fidda – shimmering among Arabic names, meaning “silver.”
  135. Fiera – meaning “proud” in Esperanto.
  136. Fiona – a regal Gaelic name for “fair” maidens.
  137. Fleur – a typically French “flower” name.
  138. Flora – another dreamy “flower” name borne by the Roman goddess of springtime.
  139. Freja – or Freya, a great Norse name meaning “noble lady.”
  140. Frigg – an unusual name from Norse mythology, meaning “beloved.”
  141. Fruma – meaning “pious,” devout among Yiddish names.
  142. Funda – a floral Turkish name relating to “heather.”
  143. Gabby – short for Gabriella, meaning “God is my strength.”
  144. Geesi – a winning Somali name meaning “courageous, brave hero.”
  145. Gemma – or Jemma, both cute names for little “jewels.”
  146. Gerda – this badass Viking name offers “protection.”
  147. Giada – a pretty Italian form of the gemstone name Jade.
  148. Gökçe – meaning “blue,” this Turkish name is pronounced “go-cha.”
  149. Grace – another lovely virtue name, especially beautiful if twinned with Faith.
  150. Hafsa – or Hafza, both Arabic names with the playful meaning of “lioness cub.”
  151. Halle – a radiant Norse name meaning “halo.”
  152. Hanga – another floral 5-letter name meaning “heather” in Hungarian.
  153. Hanna – a non-palindromic way of spelling Hannah, meaning “grace.”
  154. Haven – a cute vocabulary name offering safety and protection.
  155. Hazel – an earthy tree name representing the nutty shade of brown.
  156. Hedda – is fearless among Scandinavian names, meaning “fearless warrior.”
  157. Heidi – a “noble” name for a mountaineering heroine.
  158. Helen – this timeless Greek name is as cute as a “shining light.”
  159. Helga – is rooted in Old Norse, meaning “blessed, holy.”
  160. Hellä – a ‘hella’ cute Finnish name, meaning “loving, affectionate.”
  161. Hilal – an ethereal Arabic name for a baby born under a “crescent moon.”
  162. Hilda – rooted in Norse legend, meaning “protector, battle.”
  163. Hilla – a sweet-as-pie Finnish name meaning “cloudberry.”
  164. Hilma – a German name for a “determined warrior” woman.
  165. Holly – a beautiful plant name, perfect for a Christmas-born baby.
  166. Honey – for the sweetest baby, this name is sure to stick.
  167. Hoshi – the cutest 5-letter Japanese name, meaning “star.”
  168. Imara – a womanly Swahili name meaning “brave, strong.”
  169. India – another powerful and culturally rich country name.
  170. Inzhu – from Kazakh origins, meaning “pearl.”
  171. Irene – rooted in Greek, this sweet name signifies “peace.”
  172. Irsia – a dreamy Persian name, reflecting “rainbow, colors of wonder.”
  173. Irwen – as a Welsh girl’s name, Irwen beautifully means “white snow.”
  174. Ísdís – a standout Icelandic name for your “ice goddess.”
  175. Ivana – a variant of Evana, meaning “God is gracious.”
  176. Ivory – a crisp white shade, lyrically paired with Ebony.
  177. Izzie – short for Isabelle, meaning “devoted to God.”
  178. Janet – means “God is gracious,” a vintage spin on the 4-letter Jane.
  179. Jenny – is short for the Cornish name Jennifer, meaning “white fairy.”
  180. Jewel – a pretty pick for a treasured daughter.
  181. Joana – a 5-letter spelling of Joanna, meaning “God is gracious.”
  182. Jorah – perfect for an October-born baby, this Hebrew name symbolizes “autumn rain.”
  183. Josie – a cute, girly name from the Joseph stem, meaning “God will give.”
  184. Julia – a timeless classic name meaning “youthful.”
  185. Julie – a variant of Julia, perfect for a July-born baby.
  186. Kaida – a Japanese name for fiery kids, meaning “little dragon.”
  187. Karen – a “pure” name for a lady.
  188. Katie – a classic nickname, meaning “pure” if short for Katherine.
  189. Katya – a sassy name for a “pure” woman.
  190. Kayla – short for Michaela, meaning “who is like God?”
  191. Kelly – an Irish name for a “bright-headed warrior.”
  192. Kezia – an earthy name meaning “cassia tree,” from Hebrew origins.
  193. Khánh – a Vietnamese name to “congratulate, celebrate” a new arrival.
  194. Kiara – meaning “dark-haired” as an Irish name, and “princess” from Swahili.
  195. Kirsi – meaning “frost” in Finnish, also from the spiritual Christina stem.
  196. Kitty – a “pure” nickname, best for fabulous felines.
  197. Kolab – a Cambodian floral name meaning “rose.”
  198. Kulap – another “rose” name that starts with K, from Thai.
  199. Lacey – a frilly alternative to Macey or Casey.
  200. Lahja – meaning “gift,” a Finnish name fit for a new baby blessing.
  201. Laney – a luminous English name meaning “bright, light, shining.”
  202. Lasta – meaning “snow,” a Quechua name for a winter-born angel.
  203. Laura – relating to “laurel leaves,” traditionally worn by champions.
  204. Layla – a “night” name from the Middle East, also spelled Leila or Leyla.
  205. Lempi – a fun name rooted in Old Finnish, meaning “love.”
  206. Lenni – as a Finnish name, this adorable pick means “brave lion.”
  207. Leona – a fabulous Latin name for a prowling “lioness.”
  208. Leoni – a playful and pretty variant of Leona.
  209. Lexie – short for Alexandra, meaning “defender of man.”
  210. Liana – a pretty short form of longer names such as Giuliana or even Leanne.
  211. Libby – a delicate nickname for Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  212. Liesl – a German diminutive from Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  213. Lilac – a sweet flower and a most delicate shade of pink-purple.
  214. Lilla – a flowery name of various possible origins, great if you love Lilly.
  215. Lilly – a 5-letter way of spelling Lily, inspired by the flower.
  216. Linda – meaning “pretty” in Spanish.
  217. Liora – a Hebrew name affectionately meaning “my light.”
  218. Lizzy – a commonly seen nickname for Elizabeth.
  219. Lolly – this cute nickname is as sweet as candy.
  220. Lorna – sounding very dated today, this English name has various old origins.
  221. Lotus – like the flower symbolic of strength and resilience.
  222. Lowri – a pretty Welsh take on Laura.
  223. Lucia – a pretty name, shining with “light.”
  224. Lucie – a less-common way of spelling Lucy, a pretty variant of Lucia.
  225. Lydia – a Greek name taken from that of an ancient kingdom.
  226. Lykke – an unusually-spelled Viking name, inspiring “good fortune.”
  227. Lynne – an old yet pretty Welsh name meaning “lake.”
  228. Lyssa – meaning “God’s promise” or “blessed,” a dreamy Greek goddess name.
  229. Mabel – the most “loveable” of Latin girl names.
  230. Macey – meaning “weapon” from Old French, or “hill” in English.
  231. Maddy – a fun nickname from longer “Mad-” names, such as Madison or Madeleine.
  232. Maeve – dominating popularity charts right now is this Gaelic name, meaning “she who intoxicates.”
  233. Maisy – meaning “pearl,” this Scottish name makes a cute alternative to Daisy.
  234. Maite – you’ll “love” this sweet Basque girl’s name.
  235. Malia – a Hawaiian form of Mary, used by President Obama for his eldest daughter.
  236. Mallt – a rare and frumpy Welsh name for a warrior “strong in battle.”
  237. Mandy – short for Amanda, meaning “loveable.”
  238. Manju – is “pleasant” and “sweet” among Hindi girl names with 5-letters.
  239. Manon – of French and Welsh origins, with meanings including “bitter,” “beloved,” and “beautiful queen.”
  240. March – a less-common but sweet springtime month name.
  241. Marge – short for Margaret, meaning “pearl,” “bitter,” or “beloved.”
  242. Maria – a romantic M name, meaning “beloved” or “drop of the sea.”
  243. Marie – a sweet and typically French variant of Maria.
  244. Marja – this variant of Maria also means “berry” in Finnish.
  245. Marta – a cool European name for a “lady.”
  246. Masha – a fun-to-say Russian take on Maria.
  247. Maura – with various meanings internationally, including “star of the sea,” “dark,” and “from Mauritania.”
  248. Mauve – like the rich berry color, cute as an alternative to the popular Maeve.
  249. Mavis – a fun, French old-lady name, meaning “songbird.”
  250. Medea – an epic Greek mythology name meaning “cunning.”
  251. Megan – an “honorable” Irish name, perhaps from the same stem as Margaret.
  252. Mercy – this virtue name is filled with compassion.
  253. Merle – a French name ready to take flight, meaning “blackbird.”
  254. Meryl – as beautiful as the “bright, shining sea.”
  255. Miley – a “smiley” celebrity name for a beaming baby.
  256. Milly – short for Millicent, meaning “industrious.”
  257. Minha – a gracious Muslim name for your “gift from Allah.”
  258. Misty – a cool, weather-inspired name to intrigue and entice.
  259. Moana – means “ocean” in Hawaiian, like the wayfinding Disney princess.
  260. Moira – from the same stem as Maria, Moira has Gaelic roots.
  261. Molly – also from the Mary stem, cute when paired with Dolly or Holly.
  262. Morag – meaning “great” or “sun,” this girl’s name is typically Scottish.
  263. Mulan – a standout Chinese girl’s name after the legendary heroine warrior.
  264. Myrna – a creative choice, meaning “merry, festive, beloved.”
  265. Nadia – used internationally, this name is full of “hope.”
  266. Naila – an Arabic name for a girl destined to be a “successful achiever.”
  267. Nancy – a cute comeback British name meaning “grace.”
  268. Nanna – full of that grandmotherly aesthetic, this name means “brave, daring” from Old Norse.
  269. Naomi – a sexy Hebrew name for a “pleasant” individual.
  270. Narah – a fun Gaelic name, simply meaning “happy.”
  271. Neasa – a no-nonsense name from Celtic mythology, meaning “not gentle.”
  272. Nedda – a smart Slavic pick for a daughter “born on a Sunday.”
  273. Nelly – meaning “shining, light,” reminding us of the nursery rhyme elephant.
  274. Neneh – is affectionate among international 5-letter names, meaning “little girl” or “baby.”
  275. Neoma – celestial among Greek 5-letter names that start with N, meaning “new moon.”
  276. Nerea – a beautiful Basque name meaning “mine.”
  277. Nerys – a Welsh name fit for a “lady.”
  278. Nesta – innocent and Welsh, meaning “pure, chaste.”
  279. Netty – a vintage yet lively nickname for longer “net” names such as Annette or Janette.
  280. Neves – like winter in Portugal, this name means “snow.”
  281. Niamh – a trendy Irish name, exuding “brightness, radiance.”
  282. Nicki – a feminine twist on Nicky, perhaps short for names like Nicosia or Nicolette.
  283. Nieve – is the sweet Spanish word for “snow.”
  284. Nilak – a rare name for an Arctic princess, meaning “freshwater ice.”
  285. Nimat – a delicate “blessing” among Arabic names for girls.
  286. Nimue – meaning “lady of the lake,” like a mythical Arthurian temptress.
  287. Nisha – rich in possibility, meaning “night” in Sanskrit.
  288. Norma – meaning “rule” in Latin or “Northman” if used as a feminine take on Norman.
  289. Novia – means “new” or “girlfriend” in Spanish for sweetheart babies.
  290. Nuala – any “fair-shouldered” Irish gal would sound angelic with this 5-letter name.
  291. Nylah – a captivating international name for a “winner.”
  292. Nyota – the most ethereal of Swahili girl names, meaning “star.”
  293. Oizys – a standout name, albeit borne by the Greek mythological personification of misery and anxiety.
  294. Oliva – a Spanish variant of Olive with a pretty, feminine flair.
  295. Olive – an earthy, vintage name inspired by the tree, a great alternative to the infinitely popular Olivia.
  296. Olwen – from Welsh mythology, this wintery name means “white footprint.”
  297. Paige – from the Latin word “page,” great for a new little helper.
  298. Pansy – a pretty and less common floral name.
  299. Patil – this Armenian girl’s name means “snowflake” for a truly unique girl.
  300. Peach – the fuzziest, fruitiest of 5-letter girl names that start with P.
  301. Pearl – a dreamy gemstone name for your one-of-a-kind mermaid treasure.
  302. Peggy – originally a nickname from Margaret, meaning “pearl.”
  303. Pembe – this perky Turkish name is girly in “pink.”
  304. Peony – another 5-letter floral name, this one completely on-trend.
  305. Petra – a feminine form of Peter, meaning “stone.”
  306. Piper – a modern-sounding bird name, also relating to a “pipe player” from back in the day.
  307. Piren – inspired by the weather, this Mapuche name means “to snow, to hail.”
  308. Pixie – a playful English name after a magical, fairy-like creature.
  309. Poldi – a fearless Hungarian name for a girl who’s “brave like a lion.”
  310. Polly – meaning “wished-for-child,” like a glorious dream come true.
  311. Poppy – a sweet flower name used as a special symbol of remembrance.
  312. Raina – a Slavic name meaning “queen,” alternatively Spanish if you spell it Reina.
  313. Rainy – a day-dreamy name for a girl born in an April shower.
  314. Raisa – meaning “rose” in Yiddish, and “leader” as an Arabic name.
  315. Ramya – the most “beautiful, charming, delightful” of Hindi girl names.
  316. Ranne – a “protector” name from Dutch, meaning “shield.”
  317. Raven – is mysterious and cool among bird-inspired girl names with 5-letters.
  318. Rebel – a cheeky choice for your new baby trouble-maker.
  319. Reese – means “enthusiasm, ardor,” a pretty Welsh name for a girl.
  320. Regan – meaning “regal,” perhaps best reserved for horror movie children.
  321. Renee – meaning “born again,” this sounds especially beautiful as a timeless middle name.
  322. Rhian – a Welsh name for a sweet “maiden.”
  323. Rhona – meaning “power,” this Gaelic girl’s name sounds off after the pandemic.
  324. Rhosa – meaning “rose,” great if you’re from the Greek island of Rhodes.
  325. Ritva – this Finnish name has the unusual meaning of “hanging branch.”
  326. Robyn – a pretty, feminine way of spelling the unisex name Robin.
  327. Roopa – an Indian name for a girl “blessed with beauty.”
  328. Rosie – the sweetest name for a flowery girl blessed with a cute, pink complexion.
  329. Sadia – a charming Arabic name for a “blessed, lucky” lady.
  330. Sadie – is regal among Hebrew names, meaning “princess.”
  331. Sally – a cute Hebrew name for a “princess.”
  332. Santa – a “saintly” Spanish name offering very merry, Christmassy connotations.
  333. Sarah – a largely popular Hebrew name meaning “princess.”
  334. Sarai – an exotic-looking twist on Sarah, also meaning “princess.”
  335. Sarma – an icy Latvian name meaning “frost.”
  336. Sasha – a sassy Russian name, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  337. Saulė – after a Baltic solar goddess, shining in “sunlight.”
  338. Seble – meaning “harvest,” this is African in origin.
  339. Selma – a righteous German name meaning “helmet of God.”
  340. Shaan – this Hindi name means “pride, dignity.”
  341. Shona – an island off Scotland, and a name meaning “God is gracious.”
  342. Shyla – an adorable Indian name for a “daughter of the mountain.”
  343. Sidra – this Latin name sparkles “like a star.”
  344. Sigal – this floral Hebrew name glows purple, meaning “violet.”
  345. Siiri – a “victorious” Scandinavian name, reminding us of the phone assistant.
  346. Silva – a common Portuguese surname meaning “forest,” glittering with possibility.
  347. Simin – a Persian name representing a glittering shade of shiny silver.
  348. Siria – means “glowing, sun,” also a cute way of spelling the country name Syria.
  349. Sisko – meaning “sister,” great for a first Finnish girl.
  350. Sofia – a hugely popular girl name, meaning “wisdom.”
  351. Sonya – or Sonja, both Russian variants meaning “wisdom.”
  352. Susan – a dated English name with the floral meaning of “lily.”
  353. Susie – a more youthful diminutive of Susan.
  354. Sybil – or Sibyl, are both very old prophet names from legend.
  355. Syvne – an indigenous Russian (Nenets) name meaning “winter woman.”
  356. Taimi – meaning “seedling,” this Finnish name is perfect for your newest addition.
  357. Talvi – cool and Finnish among 5-letter girl names that start with T, meaning “winter.”
  358. Tammy – an all-American nickname, perhaps short for Tamara or Tamsin.
  359. Tanvi – a Hindi name full of womanly charm, meaning “beautiful, feminine one.”
  360. Tanya – a cool Russian name of unknown meaning.
  361. Tashi – this Tibetan name carries only “good fortune.”
  362. Tawny – after a shade of “light brown,” also a type of owl.
  363. Tegan – rhyming with Regan, a cute Welsh name meaning “beautiful.”
  364. Tejal – a Sanskrit name glowing with “light, energy, brilliance.”
  365. Thanh – this Vietnamese name has meanings including “brilliant” and “bright blue.”
  366. Thrud – a frumpy Norse goddess name meaning “strong.”
  367. Tiana – meaning “fairy queen,” used by the heroine in Disney’s Princess and the Frog.
  368. Tiare – a “flower” Polynesian girl’s name, after a Tahitian gardenia plant.
  369. Tibby – a gentle nickname, perhaps from Tabitha or Elizabeth.
  370. Tilly – is short for Matilda, who’s “strong in battle.”
  371. Topaz – is rare and glittering among gemstone names for girls.
  372. Toria – a fun nickname from Victoria, meaning “victorious.”
  373. Toril – is loud and commanding among Scandinavian names that mean “thunder.”
  374. Trinh – a Vietnamese name meaning “virginal,” among the purest 5-letter girl names.
  375. Troya – meaning “descendant of the footsoldier,” a feminine form of the male name Troy.
  376. Trudi – short for various old-school names such as Ermentrude or Gertrude.
  377. Tulip – a delightful flower name for the springtime.
  378. Tulsa – a cool U.S. city name, meaning “old town.”
  379. Tünde – magically meaning “fairy” in Hungarian.
  380. Tuuli – meaning “wind,” a Finnish name for a blustery day.
  381. Tuyen – a heavenly choice for a baby “angel.”
  382. Tyche – inspired by the “lucky” goddess of fortune from Greek mythology.
  383. Udana – a hot Basque name meaning “summer.”
  384. Udele – a lesser-heard alternative to Adele, meaning “wealth.”
  385. Ulani – perfectly positive among Hawaiian names, meaning “cheerful.”
  386. Umeko – a Japanese name that’s gorgeously delicate, meaning “plum blossom child.”
  387. Umnia – meaning “longing, desire,” from Arabic.
  388. Unity – this name will bring your family together perfectly.
  389. Urrea – is glittering among 5-letter Basque names, meaning “gold.”
  390. Vaani – a Hindi name with an eye-catching 5-letter spelling, meaning “eloquent.”
  391. Vaiva – the most colorful Lithuanian name among 5-letter options, meaning “rainbow.”
  392. Vanna – means “golden” in Cambodian and “God’s gift” in Hebrew.
  393. Velma – a variant of Wilma, meaning “determined protector.”
  394. Venus – sexy and out-of-this-world, this name is inspired by the Roman goddess of love and desire.
  395. Vered – a unique Hebrew pick if you love names that mean “rose” for girls.
  396. Verna – this Latin name is full of the joys of “springtime.”
  397. Vesta – inspired by the Roman goddess of the hearth, home, and family.
  398. Vicky – or Vicki, short for the “victorious” name Victoria.
  399. Vidya – meaning “knowledge, learning,” this Sanskrit name is fit for a smart cookie.
  400. Vigga – don’t mess with this Danish name, meaning “war.”
  401. Vilja – a Finnish name meaning “grain, cereal,” perhaps to start your day right.
  402. Viola – meaning “violet,” like the instrument and the Shakespeare heroine.
  403. Wanda – historically referring to the Slavic Wends tribes, this name has been popularized by Marvel comics.
  404. Warda – means “rose” in Arabic and “guardian” in Old German.
  405. Wayan – this Balinese name was designed for a “firstborn.”
  406. Wendy – a “friendly” name picked from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan.
  407. Whetū – the ethereal Maori word for “star.”
  408. Widad – is romantic among Arabic Muslim girl names, meaning “love.”
  409. Wilma – a fun, Germanic-rooted name for a “determined warrior.”
  410. Wiola – the Polish spelling of Viola, meaning “violet.”
  411. Xaria – a modern name for a “princess” or “blooming flower.”
  412. Xenia – a Greek-rooted Slavic name meaning “hospitable, welcome, guest.”
  413. Xetsa – this unique West African name means “twin.”
  414. Xiang – a Chinese name with meanings including “enviable” or “lucky.”
  415. Xinyi – a Chinese name for girls with a “happy heart.”
  416. Yeşim – a Turkish form of Jade, like the gemstone.
  417. Yindi – an Indigenous Australian name meaning “sun.”
  418. Yusra – this Arabic name carries the prosperity of “wealth, affluence.”
  419. Zadie – meaning “princess,” as a variant of Sadie with a cool Z initial.
  420. Zahia – an Arabic name that’s “beautiful, brilliant.”
  421. Zaida – is “prosperous” and “fortunate” among 5-letter Arabic girl names.
  422. Zarya – means “dawn” after the personification of daybreak from Slavic mythology.
  423. Zdena – an unusually-spelled Czech name meaning “to build, to create.”
  424. Zelda – like the videogame princess, frightfully meaning “gray battle-maid.”
  425. Zélie – for “noble” French women.
  426. Zelig – a fun-to-say Yiddish name meaning “blessed.”
  427. Zezag – a fun Chechan pick, meaning “flower.”
  428. Zinat – a Muslim girl’s name sparkling with “beauty, adornment.”
  429. Zlata – is valuable among Slavic names, meaning “gold.”
  430. Złota – also meaning “gold,” from Yiddish roots.
  431. Zooey – a rare spelling of the Greek name Zoe, meaning “life.”
  432. Zosia – meaning “wisdom,” a Polish take on Sofia.
  433. Zuhra – another radiant Arabic option, meaning “brightness, brilliance, light.”
  434. Zümra – meaning “emerald,” Zümra is popular in Turkey.

293 Marvelous 5-Letter Names for Boys

The smartest 5-letter boy names, ranging from popular to unique.

  1. Aarav – gentle and sweet for a baby; this Hindi name relates to a “peaceful sound.”
  2. Aaron – a popular Hebrew name offering a “mountain of strength” for a son.
  3. Aatos – meaning “thought, idea,” for a genius baby in the making.
  4. Aayan – a gorgeous pick among 5-letter names for boys that start with A, meaning “God’s gift.”
  5. Abban – a devout Irish name meaning “abbot, saint.”
  6. Abbas – meaning “stern, lion,” this Arabic name is strict and sure.
  7. Abdel – or Abdul, both shorter forms of Abdullah, meaning “servant (of God).”
  8. Abhay – a Hindi name for lads to live up to, meaning “fearless.”
  9. Abram – a shorter form of the beloved name Abraham, meaning “exalted father.”
  10. Adahy – a Native American (Cherokee) name for an explorer who “lives in the woods.”
  11. Adare – this Gaelic name comes “from the oak grove.”
  12. Adeel – for a “fair, righteous, virtuous” man.
  13. Adnan – is popular among 5-letter Arabic boy names that start with A, meaning “settler.”
  14. Advik – a standout Hindi name meaning “unique.”
  15. Aftab – for a Palestinian boy radiant with “sunshine.”
  16. Ahmed – popular and powerful among Arabic male names and surnames, meaning “to thank, praise.”
  17. Ahsan – apparently “the best” Islamic boy name, meaning “perfection.”
  18. Ailen – for a “handsome” Gaelic charmer.
  19. Ailwi – from medieval England, Ailwi means “ancient, noble, elf battle.”
  20. Akamu – a Hawaiian form of Adam, for a boy “of the earth.”
  21. Alban – a saintly boy’s name, meaning “white” or “from Alba.”
  22. Albie – a cute nickname from Albert, Alberich, or other “Al-” boy names.
  23. Albus – rich in magic, this Latin name means “white, bright.”
  24. Alder – is inspired by the tree, which is believed to offer magical protection.
  25. Alfie – a very popular nickname from Alfred, meaning “elf counsel.”
  26. Aljaž – a gorgeous Slovenian name of unknown meaning but undeniable flair.
  27. Allan – a classic among English male names, with meanings including “handsome” or “cheerful.”
  28. Alpin – fresh from the Scottish mountains, this name means “fair, blonde.”
  29. Alvin – like the singing chipmunk, meaning “elf friend.”
  30. Alvis – meaning “all-wise,” rooted in Old Norse.
  31. Amrit – meaning “immortality,” this Hindi name is legendary.
  32. Anand – a Sanskrit name that’s full of radiant “happiness.”
  33. André – meaning “manly,” a typically French form of the male name Andrew.
  34. Angus – sturdy and Scottish, meaning “one strength, one choice.”
  35. Anwir – this Welsh name is shady, meaning “liar.”
  36. Ardan – aim for the sky, with this Irish name meaning “high aspiration.”
  37. Argus – meaning “vigilant guardian” for a protective Greek warrior.
  38. Arjan – or Arjun, is trendy among Hindi names, meaning “white, clear.”
  39. Arlan – from Gaelic origins, meaning “oath, pledge.”
  40. Arnav – perfect for mermen, this Hindi boy name means “sea, wave.”
  41. Artem – a manly name rooted in that of the Greek goddess Artemis.
  42. Arvid – a majestic Scandinavian boy’s name, meaning “forest of the eagles.”
  43. Aryeh – meaning “lion,” for Hebrew boys with bite.
  44. Asnee – the most striking of Thai boy names with 5-letters, meaning “lightning.”
  45. Atlas – from Greek mythology, this name means “to endure.”
  46. Ayaan – meaning “gift of God,” if you love Arabic names with A.
  47. Babar – a Persian and Pashto name for felines, meaning “tiger.”
  48. Barak – this presidential Hebrew name means “lightning.”
  49. Baron – a proud name, like the noble British title.
  50. Barry – a nickname from various “B-” names for boys.
  51. Basil – like the herb, meaning “kingly, royal” in Greek.
  52. Basir – for “wise” Arabic scholars.
  53. Beaty – is gentle among “blessed” Latin names.
  54. Bilal – meaning “freshness, moisture,” like a dewy weekend morning.
  55. Billy – originally a nickname from William, meaning “resolute protector.”
  56. Bjorn – this smart Swedish name means “bear.”
  57. Boone – for a “good, lucky” lad.
  58. Boris – a frumpy European name meaning “wolf” or “battle glory.”
  59. Bowie – meaning “blond,” this one is great for music lovers.
  60. Boyce – a manly English and French name meaning “woods.”
  61. Brett – meaning “Briton,” perfect if you have U.K. heritage.
  62. Brian – an Old Irish and Breton name with “high, noble” status.
  63. Brick – a modern and sturdy name for a solid dude.
  64. Brock – holding the cute, animal-inspired meaning of “badger.”
  65. Bruce – an ultra-masculine name meaning “brush, thicket.”
  66. Bruno – meaning “brown,” perfect for a lad with beautiful chestnut hair.
  67. Buddy – a friendly name for a new best mate to play games with.
  68. Byron – this old and classy surname means “cowsheds.”
  69. Caius – rooted in Latin, meaning “rejoiceful.”
  70. Caleb – for a man who’s “faithful” and “devoted.”
  71. Cecil – meaning either “blind” or “sixth.”
  72. Clark – from the Latin “clericus,” meaning “secretary.”
  73. Cliff – a vocabulary name for high-reaching adventurers.
  74. Clyde – a Scottish name meaning “keeper of the keys.”
  75. Conan – meaning “little wolf,” to have you howling at the moon.
  76. Craig – a Scottish name meaning “crag,” for a little “rock” star.
  77. Danny – is classically short for Daniel, meaning “God is my judge.”
  78. Davey – short for David, meaning “beloved.”
  79. David – is eternally popular worldwide for “beloved” boys.
  80. Diego – a cool Spanish boy’s name meaning “supplanter.”
  81. Donar – a roaring Scandinavian name meaning “thunder god.”
  82. Drake – like the male duck, the R&B icon, and an English name meaning “dragon.”
  83. Eamon – is charming among Gaelic guardian names, meaning “wealthy protector.”
  84. Eddie – short for Edward, also meaning “wealthy protector.”
  85. Enoch – means “trained, dedicated,” charming among Hebrew saint names.
  86. Errol – an Old British name meaning “nobleman, brave warrior.”
  87. Ethan – is “strong” and “solid” among 5-letter Hebrew names.
  88. Fadel – an Arabic name meaning “virtuous, honorable, excellent.”
  89. Faris – this hot Arabic name means “knight, horseman.”
  90. Felix – a sweet Latin name for a “fortunate, lucky” boy.
  91. Flint – a trendy English name after the stony gray rock.
  92. Frank – short for Francis, meaning “free man” or “French man.”
  93. Gavin – meaning “white hawk” for high-flying Welshmen.
  94. Gerry – is short for “spear” names like Gerald or Gerard.
  95. Giles – a medieval name meaning “young goat.”
  96. Glenn – cozy and homey, meaning “from the valley.”
  97. Gomez – a Gothic Spanish surname and given name meaning “man.”
  98. Goran – meaning “earthworker” in Swedish or “highlander” in Slavic.
  99. Gorka – a Basque form of George, meaning “earthworker.”
  100. Grant – a gracious pick, meaning “tall, big, large.”
  101. Guido – meaning “wood” as a Germanic-rooted name, or “guide” in Italian.
  102. Hamza – a trendy Arabic name meaning “strong, steadfast.”
  103. Harry – a timelessly popular English pick, meaning “home-ruler.”
  104. Henry – a fun-loving and cute name for your new “home-ruler.”
  105. Íñigo – the perfect Spanish name for your new “little love.”
  106. Irfan – has the sagely meaning of “wisdom, learning, awareness.”
  107. Izotz – a Basque name meaning “ice,” with the coolest spelling.
  108. Jabez – a lesser-heard Bible name, meaning “sorrowful.”
  109. Jacek – if you love flower names for boys, consider this Polish “hyacinth” pick.
  110. Jacob – a very popular biblical name, meaning “supplanter.”
  111. Jaden – a modern name rhyming with the likes of Hayden or Kaden.
  112. Ja’far – like the Disney villain, yet with the gentle meaning of “stream, creek.”
  113. Jäger – means “hunter” for adventurous Germans.
  114. Jamal – is “beautiful” and classic among Arabic names that start with J.
  115. James – eternally popular, meaning “supplanter.”
  116. Janne – a Swedish take on the longer name Johannes, meaning “God is gracious.”
  117. Jared – a Hebrew pick common in the U.S., meaning “he descends.”
  118. Jason – you can’t go wrong with this classic, meaning “healer.”
  119. Jerry – another way of spelling Gerry, perhaps meaning “spear.”
  120. Jesus – perfectly religious and devout, meaning “the Lord is salvation.”
  121. Jevon – meaning “gift of God,” this Welsh name sounds modern and trendy.
  122. Jonah – the most serene name from the Bible, meaning “dove.”
  123. Jonas – another form of Jonah, also meaning “dove.”
  124. Jonny – a form of John or Jonathan, meaning “graced by God.”
  125. Jonty – a funny British name meaning “graced by God.”
  126. Jorge – a humble Spanish name for a “farmer, earthworker.”
  127. Jovan – a “majestic” Roman name from the stars.
  128. Judah – meaning “praise,” a mighty name from the Bible.
  129. Judge – a fair-and-square name for a no-nonsense kid.
  130. Jyoti – a hot Hindi name meaning “light, flame.”
  131. Kamal – this Arabic name is rich in “integrity and excellence.”
  132. Karim – sounds beautiful and rich in “nobility, generosity.”
  133. Keith – meaning “wood,” this British name is less frequently heard today.
  134. Kevin – of Irish roots, meaning “handsome, noble.”
  135. Lance – meaning “land,” this Old German name is full of potential.
  136. Larry – is short for names like Lawrence or Lawson.
  137. Lazar – is rooted in Hebrew, meaning “God has helped.”
  138. Leroy – meaning “the king,” dating back to Norman times.
  139. Lewis – or Louis, both popular names meaning “renowned warrior.”
  140. Linus – is rooted in Greek mythology, meaning “flax” or “blonde.”
  141. Lloyd – a handsome Welsh color name meaning “gray.”
  142. Logan – meaning “little hollow” for cozy, secure babies.
  143. Lonán – a chirpy Gaelic name meaning “blackbird.”
  144. Lotar – you won’t forget this Polish name, meaning “famous warrior.”
  145. Lucas – spread joy with this Greek boy’s name, meaning “bringer of light.”
  146. Luigi – means “renowned warrior,” like an Italian take on Louis.
  147. Major – an epic name for a military baby.
  148. Malik – this Arabic name is fit for a “king.”
  149. Manny – a fun and boyish nickname, perhaps from Emmanuel.
  150. Marco – a variant of Mark or Marcus, relating to Mars, the Roman god of war.
  151. Mario – a videogame Italian name meaning “manly.”
  152. Marty – is short for Martin, meaning “warlike.”
  153. Mason – an old occupational surname for a “stone worker.”
  154. Masud – a cute Arabic name meaning “lucky, prosperous, happy.”
  155. Mateo – a European form of Matthew, meaning “gift of God.”
  156. Mauro – a Latin name meaning “dark, moorish.”
  157. Mehul – for a baby born in poor weather, this Indian name means “rain, cloud.”
  158. Miles – for a Latin “soldier.”
  159. Misha – a Hebrew name from the same stem as Michael, meaning “who is like God?”
  160. Moses – a powerful biblical name, meaning “savior, son.”
  161. Najam – an Arabic name with the sweetest meaning of “morning star.”
  162. Najib – for a noble Arabic baby, meaning “distinguished, high-born.”
  163. Namid – for a Native American boy “who dances among stars.”
  164. Nenad – a Slavic name meaning “unexpected” for a surprise bundle of joy.
  165. Nereo – we love the “aquatic” aesthetic behind this Spanish and Greek boy’s name.
  166. Niall – is triumphant among 5-letter Irish boy names that start with N, meaning “champion.”
  167. Nicky – meaning “victory of the people,” a short form of Nicholas.
  168. Nigel – from the same stem as Niall, meaning “champion.”
  169. Nixon – a presidential name perfect for a “son of Nick.”
  170. Nolan – a surname-turned-first-name, meaning “noble, famous.”
  171. Novak – a fresh Slavic name meaning “new.”
  172. Ociel – a dreamy Latin name for a baby who seems to have come “from the sky.”
  173. Oihan – another cool-looking Basque name, meaning “forest.”
  174. Oisín – this sweet Irish name means “little deer.”
  175. Orson – this Latin name is as cuddly as a “bear cub.”
  176. Oscar – this English name means “friend of deer.”
  177. Owais – or Uwais, meaning “wolf.”
  178. Pablo – is cute among Hispanic 5-letter boy names that start with P, meaning “little, humble, small.”
  179. Paddy – short for the Irish names Patrick or Padraig, meaning “noble.”
  180. Paolo – an Italian variant of Pablo, meaning “small, humble.”
  181. Pasha – this Russian name also means “small.”
  182. Pavan – a blustery Hindu name meaning “wind, breeze.”
  183. Pedro – a Spanish form of Peter, meaning “rock.”
  184. Percy – short for Percival, meaning “one who pierces the valley.”
  185. Perry – a rustic Welsh and English name meaning “pear tree.”
  186. Peter – a classic biblical name meaning “rock.”
  187. Phean – an Old Irish surname meaning “wolf.”
  188. Phill – short for Phillip, meaning “friend of horses.”
  189. Piers – a fancy, upper-class English variant of Peter.
  190. Piotr – a Polish spelling of Peter.
  191. Piran – a handsome yet rare Cornish name meaning “prayer.”
  192. Pryor – a charming Latin name referring to a “superior” man or “head of a monastery.”
  193. Pwyll – if you love hard-to-say Welsh names, consider this “wise” option, pronounced “poowysh.”
  194. Pylyp – a Ukrainian form of Phillip, because who needs vowels?
  195. Rafał – this Polish form of Raphael means “God heals.”
  196. Rahul – meaning “efficient” or “moon” in Sanskrit.
  197. Ralph – a strong Norman name, meaning “wolf counsel.”
  198. Ramón – a Spanish name meaning “wise protector.”
  199. Raoul – a vowel-heavy European name meaning “wolf counsel.”
  200. Reece – meaning “enthusiasm” and “passion” for bubbly boys.
  201. Reeve – the most handsome name for a “steward” or “officer.”
  202. Remus – one of the twin mythical founders of Rome, meaning “oar.”
  203. Rhett – a wise English name meaning “advice, counsel.”
  204. Rishi – a romantic Sanskrit name meaning “sage, poet.”
  205. Rocco – a saintly Italian name for a “peaceful” leader.
  206. Roger – a sharp Norman name meaning “famous spear.”
  207. Rohit – this Sanskrit name refers to the red-streaked sky of an early sunrise.
  208. Romeo – the most romantic name, meaning “from Rome.”
  209. Ronan – another saintly name with Gaelic origins, meaning “little seal.”
  210. Rossi – a quirky Italian name rich in “red.”
  211. Ruadh – another “red” name with Gaelic roots.
  212. Ruairi – a traditional Irish name meaning “red king.”
  213. Rufus – a funny Latin name meaning “redhead.”
  214. Ryder – a trendy name for a gallant “knight.”
  215. Ryker – a German name for a “rich” gentleman.
  216. Rylan – an Old English name from the “land of rye.”
  217. Saeed – an Arabic name, sounds prosperous with its “fortune, happiness” meaning.
  218. Sajid – meaning “one who bows down to God” for devout Arabic men.
  219. Santo – meaning “saint” in Spanish.
  220. Saqib – a Muslim name for a “bright, sharp, insightful” thinker.
  221. Saxon – meaning “knife,” like the Old Germanic tribe.
  222. Scott – the perfect pick for a man from Scotland.
  223. Senan – sounds funny for a baby; this Irish name means “old and wise.”
  224. Shane – a romantic name meaning “God is gracious.”
  225. Shaun – or Shawn, also meaning “God is gracious.”
  226. Shlok – a fun Hindi name, melodically meaning “hymn, verse.”
  227. Silas – is rustic and Latin, meaning “forest.”
  228. Simon – a Hebrew name for an attentive man, meaning “he who listens.”
  229. Singh – a common Sikh name meaning “lion.”
  230. Sisay – this African name serves as an “omen of good things to come.”
  231. Slava – for Slavic champions, meaning “glory.”
  232. Sonny – an affectionate nickname for a proud parent to pick.
  233. Sorin – is glowing among names meaning “sun,” from Romanian.
  234. Stein – a manly German name meaning “rock.”
  235. Steve – short for Steven, meaning “crowned.”
  236. Story – an imaginative name from Old Norse, meaning “large, big.”
  237. Sully – short for Sullivan, meaning “dark eyes.”
  238. Tadhg – a great Gaelic name for dreamers, meaning “bard, poet, storyteller.”
  239. Tamir – a Hebrew and Arabic name for a son you hope to be “tall” or “wealthy.”
  240. Tarak – meaning “protector” and “star” in Sanskrit.
  241. Tariq – mysteriously meaning “he who knocks at the door.”
  242. Teddy – a cuddly name, short for Theodore or Edward.
  243. Terry – short for T names such as Terrell or Terrence.
  244. Tesla – making us think of science and wealth; this Slavic name means “ax.”
  245. Tiago – this Portuguese name means “may God protect.”
  246. Tiger – a feisty animal name for boys on the prowl.
  247. Timon – for an “honored, esteemed” lad.
  248. Titan – a badass name for warrior men.
  249. Titus – wear this Roman emperor name like a “title of honor.”
  250. Tobin – simply means “God is good.”
  251. Tocho – a cool Native American name meaning “mountain lion.”
  252. Toivo – the gorgeous Finnish word for “hope.”
  253. Tommy – short for Thomas, meaning “twin.”
  254. Trent – a cool name inspired by the British river.
  255. Tyson – for a “fiery-tempered” little troublemaker.
  256. Umair – meaning “prosperous, long-lived,” for men with a bright future.
  257. Usain – a winning Arabic name meaning “good, handsome, beautiful.”
  258. Usama – meaning “lion” for loud, proud babies.
  259. Usman – an Urdu name for “wise, intuitive” men.
  260. Uziel – is “powerful” among Hebrew boy names with 5-letters.
  261. Vahan – meaning “shield,” this Armenian name sure is protective.
  262. Valko – a punchy Bulgarian name meaning “wolf.”
  263. Vance – this rugged English name means “marshland.”
  264. Vidal – a prosperous Spanish name, full of “life, vitality.”
  265. Vilho – a Finnish take on William, meaning “resolute protector.”
  266. Vince – short for Vincent, meaning “to conquer.”
  267. Vipin – a unique Indian name meaning “forest.”
  268. Vitus – meaning “life” from the Latin “vita.”
  269. Vivek – meaning “wisdom” in Sanskrit.
  270. Voigt – trendy and German, meaning “steward.”
  271. Waldo – meaning “to rule,” like in the hide-and-seek picture books.
  272. Wallis – meaning “Welshman,” great if you have a heritage in that country.
  273. Wally – short for various “Wal-” names, also used as a nickname for a silly person.
  274. Waqas – for a “warrior” Muslim man.
  275. Wayne – traditionally used in Old English for a “wagon maker.”
  276. Weber – from an old occupational surname for a “weaver.”
  277. Woody – a friendly and masculine name that makes us think of forests.
  278. Yahto – a pretty Native American color name meaning “blue.”
  279. Yahya – this Muslim name meaning “God is gracious” is undeniably fun to say.
  280. Yakim – this Russian name is “established by God.”
  281. Yasir – give him the best life with this Muslim name, meaning “luxury, wealth, ease.”
  282. Yidel – a Yiddish variant of Judah, also meaning “praise.”
  283. Yohan – a variant of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  284. Yukio – for a wintery Japanese “snow boy.”
  285. Yunus – a tranquil Arabic name meaning “dove.”
  286. Yuriy – a Slavic form of George, meaning “earthworker.”
  287. Yusuf – an Arabic form of Joseph, meaning “God will add.”
  288. Zafar – is “victorious” among Persian names with 5-letters.
  289. Zahir – great for your new baby sidekick; this Arabic name means “helper.”
  290. Zehab – a rich Turkish boy’s name meaning “gold.”
  291. Ziggy – great for a music-loving lad; this pop culture name sparkles like stardust.
  292. Ziven – meaning “lively” as a Slavic name, also “light of God” in Hebrew.
  293. Zorro – this Spanish “fox” name makes us think of the masked-wearing literary legend.

83 More Gender-Neutral Names With Five Letters

Check out these short and punchy 5-letter names for the coolest kids in town.

  1. Aidan – a great Gaelic name for a little “fiery one.”
  2. Akmar – this dazzling Arabic name shines in “brilliant whiteness.”
  3. Almas – a “diamond” among unisex Arabic names.
  4. Alwyn – meaning “friend, generous,” also named after a Welsh river.
  5. Angel – a heaven-sent pick among 5-letter names for boys and girls.
  6. Ariel – a Hebrew name used by Shakespeare and Disney, meaning “lion of God.”
  7. Aster – like the star-shaped flower.
  8. Avery – meaning “ruler of elves” for magical imps.
  9. Bambi – a unique Disney deer name for a doe-eyed baby.
  10. Blair – a vibrant Celtic surname that also works as a given name, meaning “plain, meadow.”
  11. Blake – this Old English name somehow means “black” and “pale.”
  12. Blitz – a rare yet stormy name for a trend-setting star.
  13. Bobby – short for Robert or Roberta, meaning “bright fame, glory.”
  14. Brady – a “spirited” Irish name, reminding us of the television Bunch.
  15. Brody – with Irish roots and the less-cute meaning of “ditch.”
  16. Casey – a gender-neutral Gaelic name meaning “watchful, brave.”
  17. Cedar – is strong and majestic among unisex names inspired by trees.
  18. Chick – chirpy and sweet, perfect for your new spring chicken.
  19. Chris – a devout nickname from the “follower of Christ” names, Christian or Christina.
  20. Colby – an enticing pick, meaning “coal town” or “dark, black.”
  21. Devin – a pretty English name of various origins, with meanings including “fawn” or “poet.”
  22. Devon – inspired by the beautiful southern English county.
  23. Dylan – a unisex name for a baby “born from the ocean.”
  24. Eliot – a Hebrew name meaning “the Lord is my God,” often spelled with more “l’s” or “t’s.”
  25. Emory – or Emery, meaning “brave, powerful,” from Old German origin.
  26. Esmat – regal and Quranic, meaning “highness, mighty.”
  27. Faren – a sexy Amazonian name meaning “handsome.”
  28. Fenix – a trendy mis-spelling of Phoenix for legendary babies.
  29. Fionn – a variant of Ffion, meaning “white, fair,” from Gaelic origins.
  30. Flynn – a cool unisex given and last name, meaning “child of the red-haired one.”
  31. Greer – is unique among Scottish unisex names, meaning “watchful, alert.”
  32. Haden – meaning “heather valley,” this name sounds modern and sweet.
  33. Honor – a powerful, gender-neutral pick among virtue baby names with 5-letters.
  34. Indra – inspired by the Hindu god of war and thunder, fabulous among international I names.
  35. Iqbal – a Persian name carrying “good fortune, prosperity.”
  36. Itzel – vibrant among 5-letter names meaning “rainbow,” of Native American origins.
  37. Jamie – or Jaime, meaning “supplanter.”
  38. Jodie – a nickname for various “Jo-” names such as Josephine, Jude, or Jonathan.
  39. Kanan – meaning “forest” in Sanskrit, for a rustic Indian name.
  40. Kasar – a Sanskrit name with a bite, meaning “lion.”
  41. Leigh – commonly seen as a unisex middle name, meaning “meadow.”
  42. Mitch – short for Mitchell, whose meaning asks, “Who is like God?”
  43. Nihad – heroic among unisex Arabic names with 5-letters, meaning “strong, mighty, powerful.”
  44. North – an adventurous baby name with that celebrity stamp of approval.
  45. Paris – a romantic name inspired by the French capital city of light.
  46. Patty – is short for Patrick or Patricia.
  47. Peura – a magical Finnish name meaning “reindeer.”
  48. Qiang – meaning “strong,” a common Chinese name element.
  49. Quinn – a cool Irish name for the new “chief” in town.
  50. Raine – a 5-letter way of spelling Rain for dewy babies.
  51. Randy – a stereotypically American nickname with Germanic origins, meaning “shield, wolf.”
  52. Riley – a popular pick, with various interpretations including “brave” or “rye clearing.”
  53. River – this dreamy vocabulary name just oozes serenity.
  54. Robin – a joyfully festive pick among gender-neutral, bird-inspired names with 5-letters.
  55. Rocky – this punchy name is ideal for adventurous kiddos.
  56. Rowan – means “little red one,” and a type of tree symbolizing sacred protection.
  57. Royce – a German name meaning “fame, royal,” making us think of fancy cars.
  58. Rusty – a fun nickname for a redhead.
  59. Saint – another celebrity name choice, sounding positively holy in stature.
  60. Salem – this witchy city name means “peaceful, safe.”
  61. Sammy – short for Samuel or Samantha, meaning “God has heard.”
  62. Sandy – a beachy name for a mermaid or merman.
  63. Scout – a cute name with literary and military connotations.
  64. Selby – for an English kid “from the willow farm.”
  65. Shelly – a beachy name, short for names such as Michelle or Sheldon.
  66. Sothy – meaning “scholar,” smart among Cambodian names that start with S.
  67. Stacy – more commonly heard as a feminine name with various origins.
  68. Storm – for a baby entering your life in the most thunderous fashions.
  69. Suman – for “intelligent” Hindi girls and boys.
  70. Sunny – an affectionate name that sparkles like sunshine.
  71. Tähti – a sweet Finnish “star” name.
  72. Thebe – an African male name meaning “shield,” also a feminine name found in Greek mythology.
  73. Tracy – meaning “fighter,” this British name may also be seen as a surname.
  74. Truth – one of the more uncommon virtue names, sounding great with Faith.
  75. Tyler – an old occupational name for a builder, popular as a modern name today.
  76. Umoja – proudly meaning “unity” in Swahili.
  77. Uriah – a radiant pick among 5-letter names that start with U, meaning “God is my light.”
  78. Valor – a kingly virtue name full of “honor” and “bravery.”
  79. Wyatt – a feisty unisex name for “brave in battle” warriors.
  80. Wynne – from Welsh roots, this name is “holy, pure, blessed.”
  81. Yuval – this biblical name refers to a “stream, brook.”
  82. Zappa – traditionally given to an Italian farmer, this electrifying name means “hoe.”
  83. Zheng – one of the most common surnames in China, cool as a given name for a baby.

Five Letter Names FAQs

What Are the Most Popular 5-Letter Names?

In the U.S., the most commonly heard 5-letter baby boy names include Jacob, Mason, Ethan, James, Aiden, Logan, Lucas, and David. For girls, popular picks this decade include Emily, Chloe, Grace, Sofia, and Layla.

What Are Some Old-Fashioned Names with 5-Letters?

If you like vintage names with 5-letters for girls, consider Doris, Netty, Janet, Olive, Lorna, Maeve, Sybil, or Mavis. For boys, try Brian, Cecil, Errol, or Waldo.

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