122 Boy Names That Start With Y: With Youthful Meanings

Yippee - these beautiful boy names that start with Y sure are unique!

If you adore the rarer initials and are looking for a moniker way down the register, consider choosing from these unique and unusual boy names that start with Y.

Uncommon yet cool, each of these Y names for boys holds fantastic meanings that may be spiritual, historical, or natural, so we’d recommend you have a browse.

Interestingly, many of these Y names are just spelling variants of names traditionally spelled with J or I initials. So, if you like to mix it up, be sure to read on.

122 Unique Boy Names That Start With Y

These are the best names for boys that start with Y, for lads who love to stand out.

  1. Yaakov – one of many international variants of Jacob, meaning “supplanter.”
  2. Yachin – great if you love biblical names with Y for boys and girls, meaning “God will establish.”
  3. Yachle’el – from Hebrew, this Jahleel variant means “God waits.”
  4. Yacouba – a Western African variant of Jacob, meaning “he who supplants.”
  5. Yadiel – a joyful Spanish boy’s name extolling the “praise of God.”
  6. Yael – a biblical Hebrew name meaning “mountain goat,” great for boys or girls.
  7. Yagiz – meaning “dark, black, brown,” this Turkish color name sounds spicy.
  8. Yağmur – a strong, gender-neutral Turkish name meaning “rain.”
  9. Yago – a Spanish take on Jacob, meaning “supplanter.”
  10. Yahir – perhaps a variant of Yair, for the most “enlightening” babies.
  11. Yahto – a great ethnic pick among Native American Y names for boys, meaning blue.
  12. Yahya – a fun-to-say Muslim name for devout males, meaning “God is gracious.”
  13. Yair – meaning “he will enlighten,” this Hebrew name is spiritual and holy in tone.
  14. Yakim – for a boy who’s “established by God,” consider this Russian variant of Joachim.
  15. Yakob – a variant of the biblical name Jacob, meaning “supplanter.”
  16. Yakov – a Russian variant of Yakob, also meaning “supplanter.”
  17. Yakup – a standout Turkish take on Jacob.
  18. Yalçın – meaning “steep,” perhaps for a Turkish kid born on a hill.
  19. Yale – a cool alma mater name, meaning “fertile ground” as a Welsh surname.
  20. Yam – like the root vegetable, but also inspired by a Middle Eastern sea god.
  21. Yama – meaning “twin” in Sanskrit, belonging to the Hindu god of death and the underworld.
  22. Yamaç – another cool Turkish boy’s name meaning “hillside, mountainside.”
  23. Yan – a gender-neutral Chinese name element with various meanings, including “beautiful” and “rocky.”
  24. Yan – separately, a Belarusian variant of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  25. Yancy – perhaps used to denote an “Englishman,” as a softer spin on the word “Yankee.”
  26. Yang – a very common Chinese surname, beautifully meaning “willow, aspen.”
  27. Yanis – from the Greek name Gianis, this spiritual pick means “gift from God.”
  28. Yaniv – meaning “he will prosper”, is a virtuous Hebrew name to consider.
  29. Yankel – also a form of Jacob, this smart variant comes from Yiddish.
  30. Yanko – a nickname form of Yoan, with a fun-to-say appeal.
  31. Yannakis – from the same spiritual thread as Yanis, meaning “God is gracious.”
  32. Yannick – of Hebrew and French roots, this unisex name also means “God is gracious.”
  33. Yannig – a fun variant of Yannick, with a softer second syllable.
  34. Yaqoob – meaning “supplanter,” is an Arabic take on Jacob.
  35. Yarden – a Hebrew form of Jordan, with the adventurous, watery meanings of “to flow, to descend.”
  36. Yardley – an outdoorsy pick among Y names for boys, meaning “wood clearing” in Old English.
  37. Yaromir – from Slavic roots, this carries triumphant meanings including “strong, energetic, world, peace.”
  38. Yaropolk – a regal Slavic name, perhaps meaning “fierce one.”
  39. Yaroslav – a badass, Slavic-rooted boy’s name for a warrior, meaning “powerful glory.”
  40. Yas – meaning “snow,” this Navajo name is great for a winter-born lad.
  41. Yasar – a great Muslim name full of “luxury, wealth, ease.”
  42. Yash – is short yet full of power, carrying Sanskrit meanings of “luxury, majesty, fame, glory.”
  43. Yasha – a fun-to-say Russian Y name for boys, meaning “supplanter.”
  44. Yasir – we love this name for a kid that’s got it all, meaning “easy, rich.”
  45. Yasser – like Yasir, this Arabic name means “easy, rich.”
  46. Yasu – an Arabic name for Jesus, thus a beautifully holy name for a man.
  47. Yates – more commonly heard as a last name, meaning “gatekeeper” in Old English.
  48. Yavuz – a strong Turkish name for a determined man, meaning “inflexible, resolute.”
  49. Yaxkin – meaning “first sun,” this glorious name comes from Mayan culture.
  50. Yeats – like Yates, yet with that traditional, poetic appeal.
  51. Yefrem – meaning “fruitful, productive,” thus particularly inspiring among names for boys that start with Y.
  52. Yegor – also from the George stem, Yegor is an earthy Russian choice.
  53. Yehochanan – a very old and traditional form of John (“God is gracious”) from biblical Hebrew origins.
  54. Yehoshua – a traditional Hebrew spelling of Joshua, gloriously meaning “God is salvation.”
  55. Yehuda – or Yehudah, meaning “praised,” is a variant of the biblical name Judah.
  56. Ye-Jun – a very popular Korean boy name for the most “talented” of males.
  57. Yên – is short and sweet among Vietnamese boy names with Y, meaning “peaceful.”
  58. Yeoman – this old vocabulary name historically refers to a servant’s title or perhaps a landowner.
  59. Yermolay – interestingly, this surname has roots in the Greek messenger God, Hermes.
  60. Yeruslan – meaning “lion,” this proud name is rooted in Russian folklore.
  61. Yeshua – another biblical Hebrew name meaning “God is salvation.”
  62. Yeti – like the legendary abominable snowman, because why not?
  63. Yevgeny – a typical Russian name for the most “noble” princes.
  64. Yevhen – meaning “well-born,” this Ukrainian form of Eugene has a delightful, classy air.
  65. Ygor – a badass Slavic name for a “warrior.”
  66. Yidel – a Yiddish form of Judah, meaning “praise.”
  67. Yiğit – a cool Turkish name for the most “brave, valiant” warrior men.
  68. Yıldırım – a fiery Turkish surname meaning “lightning, thunder.”
  69. Yıldız – this Turkish word for “star” makes a glittering pick for a lad.
  70. Yılmaz – a common Turkish surname and given name, proudly meaning “brave, unbeatable.”
  71. Yiorgos – relating to the Greek Giorgos, this means “earthworker.”
  72. Yishmael – rich in spirituality, this Hebrew male name means “God will hear.”
  73. Yisrael – a form of Israel, this gorgeous country name means “God contends.”
  74. Yisroel – a Yiddish form of Israel, also meaning “God contends.”
  75. Ylli – from the Albanian word “yll,” meaning “star.”
  76. Yngvi – meaning “lord,” this regal pick is fit for an ancient Norse god.
  77. Yoan – a form of John, joyful and pure, meaning “God is gracious.”
  78. Yoda – a rare yet awesome Star Wars name for an all-knowing little Jedi Master.
  79. Yoel – meaning “God is the lord,” this cute Joel alternative comes from Hebrew.
  80. Yogi – like the funny cartoon bear, or perhaps for a super-flexible kid.
  81. Yohan – a longer way of spelling Yoan.
  82. Yohannes – like Johannes, this joyful name also means “God is gracious.”
  83. Yolo – for the modern texting parent, this acronym stands for “You Only Live Once.”
  84. Yona – an international name with the strong meaning of “bear” from Native American roots.
  85. Yonatan – meaning “God has given,” a cool spelling alternative to Jonathan.
  86. Yong-Ha (용하) – meaning “great dragon,” this Korean name is super mighty.
  87. Yoong-Gun (영건) – another cool Korean dragon name with Y, meaning “sky dragon.”
  88. Yorick – this name from the same root as George (“farmer”) was used by Shakespeare in Hamlet.
  89. York – a posh-sounding name inspired by the British city.
  90. Yoshi – like the video game dinosaur, with Japanese meanings including “good luck” and “respectful.”
  91. Yoshirō – a Japanese name full of positive vibes, with various meanings, including “happy, excellent, justice, luck.”
  92. Yoshito – another Japanese boy name, meaning “good luck, virtuous, blessed.”
  93. Yossel – a Yiddish take on the gorgeous baby name Joseph.
  94. Younes – meaning “dove,” a spelling variant of Younus or Yunus.
  95. Young – is rarely heard as a given name, yet this surname sounds very affectionate for a son.
  96. Younus – meaning “dove,” this glorious name connotes peace and friendship.
  97. Youriy – a much longer way of spelling Yuri, meaning “farmer, earthworker.”
  98. Yousuf – an Arabic form of Joseph, meaning “God will add.”
  99. Yrjö – a Finnish “farmer” name, also from the same family as the name George.
  100. Yu – a unisex Chinese name element with possible meanings including “jade, gemstone,” and “rain.”
  101. Yudel – another Yiddish form of Judah, for a child worthy of all the “praise.”
  102. Yue – a Chinese name element meaning “moon,” pronounced “UEH.”
  103. Yukie – this adorable Japanese name carries “eternal happiness.”
  104. Yukio – it’s hard not to adore this Japanese Y name, meaning “snow boy.”
  105. Yulduz – this celestial beauty means “star” in Uzbek.
  106. Yule – this archaic word for Christmas sounds trendy enough to name a winter-born miracle.
  107. Yulian – a Russian spelling of the saintly name Julian, meaning “youthful.”
  108. Yuliy – a great, five-letter short form of Yulian, also meaning “youthful.”
  109. Yunuen – a rare name, beautifully shared with a lake island in Mexico.
  110. Yunus – a spelling variant of Younus, interestingly an Arabic form of Jonah.
  111. Yuri – this famous name is interestingly a Slavic form of George, meaning “earthworker.”
  112. Yuriy – as with Yuri, but even better if you love that letter Y.
  113. Yusha – a cozy Arabic variant of Joshua, meaning “God is salvation.”
  114. Yusuf – another cute way of spelling Yousuf.
  115. Yutaka – of Japanese origin, this baby name means “abundance.”
  116. Yuval – meaning “stream, brook,” this name is sweet, watery, and gender-neutral.
  117. Yuvraj – meaning “crown prince,” adorably regal among Indian boy names that start with Y.
  118. Yuzu – a rare name inspired by the citrus fruit.
  119. Yvain – another spelling of Ywain, meaning “well-born.”
  120. Yvan – a French take on the commanding name Ivan, meaning “God is gracious.”
  121. Yves – pronounced “EEV,” this great French boy’s name is earthy with its “yew tree” meaning.
  122. Ywain – after a legendary Knight of the Round Table and a fantastic Welsh name.

Y Names for Boys FAQs

What Biblical Name Starts With Y for Boys?

Take inspiration from the Bible by choosing boy names that start with Y, such as Yehuda, Yeshua, Yachin, Yair, Yehochanan, or Yakob. Other spiritual Y names for boys include Yishmael, Yisrael, Yoan, Yoel, or Yvan.

What Are Some Unisex Names That Start With Y?

Gender-neutral names that start with Y include Yuval, Yağmur, Yannick, Yancy, Yu, and Yan.

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