110 Names That Mean Pink: for Princes and Princesses

These adorably colorful baby names that mean pink are as cute as candy.

Peony petals, powdered candy, pretty princesses – there are so many precious pink things on the planet that finding the perfect names that mean pink is no easy task.

Whether you’ve been blessed with a gorgeous girl or a handsome lad, we’re sure we can help you find the most vivid, color-inspired names meaning pink. Whether you love taking pink-hued inspirations from nature, culture, language, or otherwise, we’re here to share the most beautiful pink names.

So, keep reading as we inspect the prettiest pink names for blushing babies, including all their rosy meanings, origins, and more.

87 Princess Pink Names for Girls

Pretty and feminine, these names, meaning pink for ladies, are sure to make the boys blush!

  1. Afra – this Arabic girl’s name is inspired by a “white-red,” sounding perfectly pink-themed to us.
  2. Altansarnai – a spectacular Mongolian name, shimmering in “golden rose.”
  3. Amarantha – this romantic pink and purple flower name means “unfading” in Greek.
  4. Annagül – sounds celebratory with its Turkmen meaning of “Friday flower, rose.”
  5. Apple – what better celebrity name for your new pink lady?
  6. Aygül – combining elements meaning “moon” and “rose,” this Turkic and Persian name is ultra-feminine and ethereal.
  7. Azaelea – a pink flower name with the coolest spelling, although it does mean “dry” in Greek.
  8. Barbie – like the iconic, pink-wearing doll, Barbie is short for Barbara, meaning “foreign.”
  9. Begonia – a pink flower name fresh from the garden.
  10. Bellerose – meaning “beautiful rose,” fit for a fairytale maiden.
  11. Blossom – this beautifully pink-inspired name radiates the virtues of springtime.
  12. Blush – romantic and shy among rosy names that mean pink.
  13. Bosalicia – radiating womanly beauty, this Brazilian name means “noble rose.”
  14. Camellia – a pink camellia is sure to bring joy – a gorgeous pick among floral pink names.
  15. Candy – a sweet-as-sugar vocabulary name, sounding fluffy, fizzy, and light pink.
  16. Carnation – symbolizes love and fascination; these frilly pink flowers would make a cool given name.
  17. Cerise – is the French word for “cherry,” sounding sugary and pink.
  18. Charm – a magical, lucky pick inspired by a shade of pink used in interior design.
  19. Cherry – tangy and enticing, we love this fruity pick among girl names meaning pink.
  20. China – red is China’s national color; it also refers to a flower and a sweet pink shade.
  21. Clematis – another of many pretty flower names, often blooming in pink.
  22. Concha – the Spanish word for “seashell” sounds beautifully pink – great for a mermaid princess.
  23. Conchita – a diminutive form of Concha, full of that beachy aesthetic we adore.
  24. Coral – fit for mermaids, this reef-inspired name reminds us of the orange-pink shade.
  25. Coralie – a French form of Coral, as deep and colorful as an ocean reef.
  26. Coraline – if you love Coral, consider this fantasy literary alternative too.
  27. Crimson – one of the most profound names associated with pink – a hot, dark shade of red.
  28. Dahlia – meaning “valley flower,” these spectacular flowers are especially gorgeous when they bloom pink.
  29. Dawn – full of prosperity, reminding us of the glowing colors of a sunrise.
  30. Doja – meaning “peach child,” this Korean female name sounds precious.
  31. Fluorite – pink fluorite is a pretty gemstone but may sound clinical as a given name.
  32. Funda – is an earthy Turkish name with the floral meaning of “heather.”
  33. Gülay – meaning “rose moon,” this name is the reverse of Aygül!
  34. Hadley – like a field of pastel pink, Hadley means “heather meadow.”
  35. Heather – a shrub symbolizing protection, known to flower in vibrant pinks and purples.
  36. Hong – this Vietnamese girl’s name sounds like a cute blush, meaning “pink, rosy.”
  37. Hong Hanh – is romantic and regal, meaning “pink apricot blossom.”
  38. Hydrangea – pink hydrangeas are a beautiful sight in any garden.
  39. Kamala – a powerful name meaning “pale red” and “lotus” from Sanskrit.
  40. Kolab – another “rose” pick among pink-inspired names for girls, from Cambodian.
  41. Koralia – an ancient Greek name meaning “coral,” that’s delicate and pretty in pink.
  42. Kulap – from Thailand, this dreamy female name means “rose.”
  43. Lavender – more associated with the purple plant, but also used as a shade of purply-pink.
  44. Linnea – a Swedish name relating to the “twinflower,” the most delicate color pink.
  45. Lotus – symbolizing purity and resilience, this ornamental flower name is proud to behold.
  46. Magenta – a deep crimson-pink color, used in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  47. Magnolia – creamy and pink, this flower’s name is full of sunshine.
  48. Mai – an adorable Vietnamese name relating to “plum flowers, cherry blossom,” sounding delicately pink and purple.
  49. Mrinalini – enchanting among Hindi flower names associated with pink, meaning “lotus.”
  50. Nasrin – a very popular Persian name meaning “wild rose,” also spelled Nesrine or Nasreen.
  51. Nurgül – with various Asian origins, this special name means “radiant rose.”
  52. Orchid – after the pink-blooming flower, although the name does mean “testes” in Greek.
  53. Peach – this sweet girl’s name is fuzzy, fruity, and fun!
  54. Pearl – for an ocean gem known to shine in pinkish-white hues.
  55. Pembe – a perky pick among Turkish girl names that mean “pink.”
  56. Peony – a gorgeously full pink flower, beloved especially by interior decorating influences.
  57. Plum – fruity and sweet, reminding us of a cute purple-pink shade.
  58. Porcia – or Portia, both Roman girl names meaning “pig,” as cute pink-related options.
  59. Primrose – a flower that commonly blooms in yellow, but a “rose” name nonetheless.
  60. Princess – regal, feminine, and delightful in every way – this royal name sounds pretty in pink.
  61. Raisa – radiantly means “rose” in Yiddish and “leader” in Arabic.
  62. Rhoda – means “rose” – particularly sweet if the Greek island of Rhodes inspires you.
  63. Roisin – a dreamy Irish take on Rose, meaning “little rose.”
  64. Rosa – this dreamy Rose alternative is also the Spanish word for “pink.”
  65. Rosalia – a dreamy Latin “rose” name.
  66. Rosalie – sophisticated and French among “rose” inspired names for babies.
  67. Rosalind – meaning “beautiful rose,” the most enchanting among pink flower names for girls.
  68. Rosaura – fit for a little treasure, combining Spanish elements meaning “pink” and “golden.”
  69. Rose – one of the classiest ladies’ names, after the gorgeous flower.
  70. Rosemary – after the herby plant, but sounding somewhat pink in hue.
  71. Rosetta – another form of Rose, perhaps for the linguists among us.
  72. Rosie – a pretty diminutive form of Rose, also spelled Roseigh if you’re feeling unique.
  73. Rosita – a dainty Spanish girl’s name for a “little rose.”
  74. Rumena – meaning “red cheeks,” this girl’s name is perfectly shy and pink.
  75. Ruusu – from Finnish, a unique and trendy “rose” name for girls.
  76. Růžena – a head-turning Czech take on names meaning “rose.”
  77. Sakura – a dreamy and popular Japanese name, perfectly pink in its meaning of “cherry blossom.”
  78. Sapphire – this gorgeous gemstone is often found in blue and sometimes a baby pink color.
  79. Sarnai – an exotic Mongolian “rose” name for pretty petals.
  80. Tulip – bloom in different colors, but pink and red tulips bring the brightest springtime vibes.
  81. Ubon – or Ubol, both charming Thai names meaning “lotus flower.”
  82. Umeko – meaning “plum blossom child,” this Japanese name is delicate and rosy.
  83. Varduhi – an ultra-feminine pink flower name for an Armenian “rose lady.”
  84. Vered – a dreamy Hebrew pick among pink-themed names that mean “rose” for girls.
  85. Warda – means “rose” in Arabic and “guardian” in Old German.
  86. Xia – a dreamy Chinese girl’s name, with one possible meaning being the pink “glow of sunrise.”
  87. Zinnia – a pretty pink flower name with that snazzy Z initial.

9 Charming Names That Mean Pink for Boys

The color isn’t just for girls; these pink names for boys are as handsome and manly as the next.

  1. Anatole – this French name means “sunrise,” like a sky streaked with pinks, oranges, and golds.
  2. Bradan – meaning “salmon,” this old Irish pink name still sounds handsome and fresh.
  3. Fandango – a very creative name, after a type of lively dance or vibrant shade of pink.
  4. Mountbatten – this British royal surname describes the naval camouflage hue of pink-gray.
  5. Porcius – a Roman family name meaning “pig” for pink farmyard dwellers.
  6. Rhodes – after the Greek island, with the dreamy English name meaning “where roses grow.”
  7. Roosevelt – a very presidential last name, meaning “from the rose field.”
  8. Rumen – meaning “rosy-cheeked” for cute, blushing boys.
  9. Salmon – a surname and biblical Hebrew male name inspired by the pink fish.

14 Precious Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Pink

These unisex pink names are perfect for any sweet, romantic, and creative children.

  1. Aster – like the uplifting, star-shaped flower, often blooming pink.
  2. Babe – like the movie pig, this affectionate name sounds like the lightest shade of baby pink.
  3. Cosmos – matching Aster as another cool, space-sounding flower name that blooms in pink.
  4. Gul – a true international name, meaning “rose” in Turkish, “flower” in Persian, and “yellow” in Swedish.
  5. Haden – or Hayden, meaning “heather valley,” full of fragrant pinks and purples.
  6. Hibiscus – after the tropical flower, often blooming in vivid pinks, ready for vacation.
  7. Hillier – after the spectacularly unique saline lake in Australia, oddly a bright pink.
  8. Morganite – is epic among names meaning pink inspired by crystals, sure to impress any rockstar.
  9. Pinkster – another pink-related name for a type of azalea flower, also spelled Pinxter.
  10. Sango – a Japanese boy’s name meaning “coral,” recognized among anime or manga fans.
  11. Shelly – is short for names such as Sheldon or Michelle, but also sounds pale pink and beachy.
  12. Shrimp – not the most complimentary of animal-inspired names, but an affectionate one nonetheless.
  13. Spinel – after a pink-colored, sharp-edged crystal, meaning “spine” in Latin.
  14. Tango – a dance, a drink, and an orangey shade of pink.

Pink Names FAQs

What Are Some Pink Flower Names?

If you love names inspired by flowers that bloom pretty in pink, consider names such as Rose, Heather, Dahlia, Lavender, or Peony. Other cute pink flower names include Hibiscus, Begonia, Azalea, Amarantha, Clematis, Carnation, Magnolia, and Aster.

What Is a Cute Japanese Name Meaning Pink?

Sakura is a beautiful and popular pink Japanese girl’s name meaning “cherry blossom,” and we also love Umeko’s “plum blossom child,” meaning. For boys, consider the pink-associated name Sango, meaning “coral.”

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