238 Boy Names That Start With H: from Haakon to Hywel

Why have dull and dismal when you can have happy and hopeful H names for boys.

Very few letters of the alphabet project positivity like these boy names that start with H. From hopeful, happy, healthy, and heartfelt, the adjectives go on and on. So, why not take advantage of such upbeat monikers when choosing male names that start with H?

You’ll be pleased to know that when compiling this list, we traveled the length and breadth of the globe and drew inspiration from Greek, Latin, Old English, Irish, Arabic, and Hebrew, to name a few.

Let’s hop into H names for boys and get started!

238 Incredible Boy Names With H

Fire up your imagination as we tour through guy names that start with H.

  1. Haakon – of Old Norse origin, meaning “chosen son.”
  2. Habeeb – this Arabic name means “loved one, beloved, and sweetheart.”
  3. Habib – a variation of Habeeb with the same meaning and origin.
  4. Haddon – this pretty Old English name means “hill of heather.”
  5. Haden – similar to Haddon, this Old English/Welsh name also means “hay clearing.”
  6. Hades – this sinister name belongs to the Greek god of the underworld and means “unseen.”
  7. Hadi – a prestigious Arabic boy’s name meaning “rightly guided.”
  8. Hadlee – a cool Old English name meaning “heather meadow.”
  9. Hadley – an alternate spelling of Hadlee with the same meaning and origin.
  10. Hadrian – a masculine Latin name meaning “dark-haired.”
  11. Hadriel – this Hebrew name means “splendor of Jehovah” or “flock of God.”
  12. Hafiz – names for boys that start with H are often Arabic, like Hafiz, meaning “guardian.”
  13. Hagen – possibly of Irish and German origin, meaning “youthful one” and “enclosure.”
  14. Haiden – this Old English alternative to Haden means “heather” or “hedged valley.”
  15. Haider – let your kids roar with this Arabic name, meaning “lion.”
  16. Hailey – a unisex Old English name meaning “hay meadow.”
  17. Haim – this trendy Hebrew male name means “life.”
  18. Haines – an unusual Old English name meaning “dweller by the enclosure.”
  19. Hajime – a popular Japanese name meaning “beginning.”
  20. Hakan – this high-ranking Arabic name means “of the highest race” and “exalted one.”
  21. Hakeem – a brilliant Arabic name for “wise and learned” children.
  22. Hakim – another Arabic name describing a “wise man.”
  23. Hala – this short and sweet Arabic name means “halo around the moon.”
  24. Halbert – derived from the German Halberht, with a black meaning of “hidden, mysterious, and bright.”
  25. Halen – a cool Old English name meaning “hero” or “from the hall.”
  26. Halford – this Old English name possibly means “Hal’s ford” or “valley ford.”
  27. Hall – derived from the Old Norse “holl,” meaning “spacious dwelling.”
  28. Hallie – another Old English habitational name meaning “dweller at the meadow.”
  29. Halo – this Greek name means “divine aura” or “disc of the sun or moon.”
  30. Halsey – of Old English origin, meaning “Hal’s island.”
  31. Halstead – an ancient Anglo-Saxon family name meaning “the manor grounds” and “place of refuge.”
  32. Halvor – this contemporary Scandinavian name means “guardian of the rock.”
  33. Ham – this Hebrew name possibly means “hot and warm” and was one of Noah’s sons.
  34. Hamdi – this Muslim boy’s name means “of praise” and “commendable.”
  35. Hamid – a variation of Muhammad, this Arabic name means “praised and loved.”
  36. Hamilton – derived from the Old English “hamel dūn,” meaning “flat-topped hill.”
  37. Hamish – this classic Scottish name means “supplanter” and “holder of the heel.”
  38. Hamlet – a famous Danish name derived from Amleth, meaning trickster.
  39. Hammond – this English name derives from the Old Norse Hámundr, meaning “home protector.”
  40. Hampton – derived from the Old English word “hamtūn,” meaning “home settlement.”
  41. Hamza – an Arabic name meaning “lion, strong, and steadfast.”
  42. Han – this popular Scandinavian name means “God is gracious.”
  43. Hanan – a warm-hearted Arabic name meaning “compassion and kindness.”
  44. Handley – derived from the Old English “heah” and “leah,” meaning “high wood.”
  45. Hanford – of Old English and Welsh origin, meaning “high ford.”
  46. Hani – with roots stretching from Hawaii to Indonesia, meaning “joyful and happy.”
  47. Haniel – of Hebrew origin, meaning “grace of God.”
  48. Hank German names for boys that start with H are popular, like Hank, meaning “home-ruler.”
  49. Hannibal – of Carthaginian origin (the ancient African city of Carthage), meaning “grace of Baal.”
  50. Hanns – with roots in Scandinavia and Germany, this popular name means “God is gracious.”
  51. Hanoch – a modern spelling of the Hebrew name Enoch, meaning “vowed, dedicated, and profound.”
  52. Hans – similar to Hanns, this German and Scandinavian name means “God is gracious.”
  53. Hansel – a fairytale character, Hansel is of German, Scandinavian, and Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious.”
  54. Hanson – is possibly Scandinavian or Anglo-Saxon, meaning “son of Hans.”
  55. Harcourt – derived from the Old French “cour,” meaning “farmyard,” Harcourt means “fortified farm.”
  56. Harden – this rare name is of Old English origin and means “valley of the hares.”
  57. Hardin – a variation of Harden with the same meaning and origin.
  58. Hardwick – derived from the Old English “heordewic,” meaning “herd farm.”
  59. Hardy – of Old German, Scottish, French, and Irish origin, meaning bold or brave.
  60. Hargus – this Irish/Old English name means “rabbit.”
  61. Hari – this sweet name originates from Sanskrit and means “lion” and “one who forgives all sins.”
  62. Harinder – an unusual boy’s name meaning “brownish or greenish.”
  63. Harlan – a cool unisex British name meaning “dweller by the boundary wood” or “gray/hare land.”
  64. Harlem – this Dutch city name derives from Haarlem and means “home on a wooded hill.”
  65. Harley – from the Old English “hara,” meaning “hares meadow.”
  66. Harlin – derived from the Old English Harlan, meaning “gray/hare land” and “dweller by the boundary wood.”
  67. Harlo – this modern respelling of the Old English Harlow means “rock or army hill.”
  68. Harlow – this Old English name means “rock or army hill.”
  69. Harmon – of Old German, French, and Middle English origin, meaning “soldier or army man.”
  70. Harold – derived from the Old English Hereweald, meaning “army ruler.”
  71. Haroun – a rare Hebrew name meaning “mountain of strength” and “high and exalted.”
  72. Harrel – this Hebrew derivative of Harold means “God’s mount.”
  73. Harrington – this English-sounding name comes from Ireland and means “descendant of Arrachtán.”
  74. Harris – this patronymic English name means “son of Harry.”
  75. Harrison – this patronymic English name has the basic meaning of “son of Harry.”
  76. Harry – a cool masculine name of German origin, meaning “home-ruler.”
  77. Harshal – this Sanskrit/Hindu name means “happiness.”
  78. Hart – in Irish, Hart means “bear,” and in English, “stag or deer.”
  79. Hartford – this English name describes a “deer crossing” on a river.
  80. Hartley – an old-fashioned English name meaning “deer meadow.”
  81. Hartman – derived from the Germanic name meaning “hard or strong man.”
  82. Haruki Japanese names for boys that start with H are descriptive – means “spring child.”
  83. Haruto – this popular Japanese name means “sun” or “sunlight.”
  84. Harvard – derived from the Middle English Hereward, meaning “army guard.”
  85. Harve – this French male name means “eager for battle” and “battle worthy.”
  86. Harvey – this Celtic name refers to someone who is “battle worthy.”
  87. Harwood – an Old English name describing a “wood of the hares.”
  88. Hasani – similar to other Arabic names, Hasani means “handsome.”
  89. Hashim – a classic Islamic name meaning “breaker of bread” and “he breaks.”
  90. Hashimoto – a common habitational Japanese name describing someone “living near a bridge.”
  91. Hasim – this Islamic/Arabic name means “decisive, conclusive, and excited.”
  92. Haskell – a masculine name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God strengthens.”
  93. Hassain – this beloved Arabic name means “handsome.”
  94. Hassan – a popular Arabic name describing a “handsome benefactor.”
  95. Hastings – a habitational English place name derived from Hæstingas, referring to the “people of Hæsta.”
  96. Hasty – a Scottish nickname for a “brisk or impetuous person.”
  97. Hatcher – from the Old English word “haecce,” meaning “dweller at the gate.”
  98. Hawk – this kick-ass name is of Old English origin and means “bird of prey.”
  99. Hawkeye – an American name describing someone keeping a “vigilant watch.”
  100. Hawkins – this Scottish name has a modern feel and means “Hawkin’s son, hawk, horseman, and lord.”
  101. Hawthorn – an Old English name describing a “place where hawthorns grow.”
  102. Hayat – of Arabic origins, meaning “life.”
  103. Hayk – this famous Armenian name refers to their legendary founder, Hayk the Great.
  104. Hayleigh – this typically female Old English name is also a boy’s moniker, meaning “hay meadow.”
  105. Hayley – an alternate spelling of Hayleigh, with the same meaning.
  106. Haynes – a classic Old English name describing an “enclosure.”
  107. Hays – derived from the Old English word “haye,” meaning “enclosure.”
  108. Haytham – possibly of Arabic and Hebrew origin, meaning “young hawk or eagle.”
  109. Haywood – a habitational and occupational Old English name describing a “hedged forest or enclosure” for livestock.
  110. Hazael – a unisex Hebrew name derived from Hazel, meaning “one who sees God.”
  111. Haze – possibly Dutch, German, and Jewish, meaning “hare.”
  112. Hazin – this masculine Arabic name means “sad and melancholic.”
  113. Heath – a habitational Old English name for someone “living near or on a moor or heath.”
  114. Heathcliffe – a great name from classic literature, meaning “cliff near a heath” in Old English.
  115. Hearn – a badass Celtic name meaning “horse lord.”
  116. Heber – a rare Hebrew name meaning “togetherness” and “partner.”
  117. Hector – the perfect Greek boy’s name for “steadfast” kids.
  118. Heder – an unusual Hebrew name meaning “splendor, ornament, and glory.”
  119. Heddwyn – a classic Welsh male name meaning “white and peace.”
  120. Hedley – this masculine Old English name means “heather clearing.”
  121. Hedrick – an aggressive German name meaning “combatant ruler” or “ruler of the heathland.”
  122. Heike – the first of our German “home-ruler” names.
  123. Heiko – this short form of Heinrich means “powerful ruler” or “home ruler.”
  124. Heiman – is of Old Norse origin but popular in Germany, meaning “white god and life.”
  125. Heinrich – this royal German name has high status and means “home-ruler.”
  126. Heinz – this German name is of Hebrew origin and means “home-ruler.”
  127. Heitor – is of Portuguese and Greek origin, meaning “holding fast.”
  128. Hekaro – is of American origin, derived from a fantasy game series with an unknown meaning.
  129. Heladio – this 7-letter name of Spanish origin means “born in Greece.”
  130. Helge – this short and sweet Scandinavian name means “holy, blessed, and dedicated to the gods.”
  131. Helier – a quirky Latin boy’s name meaning “cheerful.”
  132. Heliodoro – this Spanish name of Greek origin means “gift from the sun.”
  133. Helios – derived from Greek mythology, Helios is the god of the “sun.”
  134. Heller – is a “small coin” or “dweller on the hill” in German.
  135. Helmut – similar to Helmuth, meaning “helmet and protection” in German.
  136. Helmuth – is obviously a German name – Helmuth means “mind” and “helmet.”
  137. Hemingway – surprisingly, this Danish name means “way or path.”
  138. Henderson – with Scottish origins, this classic name means “son of Henry.”
  139. Hendrix – this famous German/Dutch name means “estate ruler.”
  140. Hendry – a Scottish version of Henry, meaning “home-ruler” and “son of Henry.”
  141. Henley – this unisex English place name means “high meadow.”
  142. Henning – let’s continue our German “home-ruler” name collection.
  143. Henrik – possibly means “lord of the house” or “home-ruler,” this German name is popular.
  144. Henrique – a Portuguese version of Henry, meaning “house ruler.”
  145. Henry – derived from the Old German name Heimeric, meaning “house ruler.”
  146. Henryson – a classic Old English name meaning “son of Henry.”
  147. Herbert – kicking off the “Herbert-themed” names, meaning “noble/illustrious army warrior.”
  148. Herberto – similar to Heriberto, this Spanish name means “illustrious warrior.”
  149. Herbie – a cute short form of the German Herbert, meaning “illustrious warrior.”
  150. Hercules – this Greek version of the Roman Heracles, means “Hera’s glory.”
  151. Heriberto – derived from the German Herbert, this Spanish/Portuguese name means “illustrious warrior.”
  152. Herman – this Old German name means “warrior” and “soldier.”
  153. Hermes – an edgy name from Greek mythology, meaning “messenger.”
  154. Hermie – derived from the German name Herman, meaning “soldier.”
  155. Hermus – this nerdy name of Greek origin that means “messenger.”
  156. Hernan – with Spanish, Irish, and German roots, Hernan means “gentle or spiritual traveler.”
  157. Hernandez – a popular Spanish boy’s name meaning “brave in peace” and “bold voyager.”
  158. Herndon – a habitational name for many English place names – Herndon means “dweller in a nook.”
  159. Hero – a gender-neutral Greek name meaning “brave one of the people.”
  160. Herold – of Old English, German, and Scandinavian origin, meaning “army ruler and messenger.”
  161. Herrick – this masculine Irish name possibly means “speckled or dark-red” or “descendant of Erc.”
  162. Hershel – a popular Yiddish boy’s name meaning “deer.”
  163. Hertzel – either a German nickname or a Hebrew name meaning “swift” and “deer.”
  164. Hewlett – of Old English, French, and German origin, meaning “little Hugh” or “son of Hugh.”
  165. Hezekiah – some guy names that start with H sound Hebrew, like Hezekiah, meaning “God strengthens.”
  166. Hidetaka – this Japanese name possibly means “beauty and prosper” or “glory and excellence.”
  167. Hilard – of Old English and High German origin, meaning “battle stronghold.”
  168. Hildebrand – some boy names with H have a cool aesthetic, like Hildebrand, meaning “battle sword.”
  169. Hildir – a powerful Norweigan baby boy name meaning “battle.”
  170. Hiller – an alternative name to Hillyard, meaning “battle guard” or “yard on a hill.”
  171. Hillier – taken from the Middle English occupational name for a “roofer.”
  172. Hillyard – of Old German and English origin, meaning “battle guard” or “yard on a hill.”
  173. Hippocrates – a Latinized Greek name meaning “horse power.”
  174. Hirom – a classic-sounding Hebrew name meaning “my brother is exalted.”
  175. Hirst – H names for boys are frequently habitational, like Hirst, meaning “living on a wooded hill.”
  176. Hitchcock – this medieval English nickname is a term of endearment for Richard.
  177. Hjalamar – this bad-boy Old Norse name means “helmeted warrior.”
  178. Hlutwig – this remarkable, bad boy name possibly derives from the German Ludwig, meaning “famous fighter.”
  179. Hoagland – derived from the Old German word “hoch,” meaning “tall.”
  180. Hobard – is similar to the German Hobart, meaning “high or bright.”
  181. Hobbson – the medieval nickname for Robert is Hob – means “son of Robert” in Old English.
  182. Hocklea – an alternate spelling of the Old English name Hockley, meaning “high meadow.”
  183. Hockley – this Old English name means “high meadow.”
  184. Hockney – most H names for boys come from Old English, like Hockney, meaning “high island.”
  185. Hodge – possibly of German, Irish, and English origin, meaning “famous spear.”
  186. Hodgson – a classic patronymic Old English name meaning “son of Roger.”
  187. Hoebart – meaning “bright and shining intellect,” this German name is cool.
  188. Hoffmann – this posh German name means “steward, farmer, and courtier.”
  189. Hogan – this plucky Irish name refers to a “youthful and young warrior.”
  190. Holbrooke – similar to Holcombe, this Old English name refers to a “sunken stream.”
  191. Holcombe – is a fancy Old English name meaning “sunken valley.”
  192. Hooper – an occupational Old English name for someone who “makes hoops.”
  193. Hopeton – possibly American but derived from Old English, meaning “town of hope.”
  194. Hopkin – an Old English patronymic name for the “son of Hob or Robert.”
  195. Hopkinson – of English, Welsh origin, meaning “son of Robert.”
  196. Hopper – a popular Old English nickname for a “dancer.”
  197. Horatio – the first of three Latin names meaning “timekeeper.”
  198. Horatius – of Latin origin, meaning “timekeeper” and “hour.”
  199. Horaz – some male names that start with H come from Latin, like Horaz, meaning “timekeeper.”
  200. Horsley – is of Old English origin, meaning “horse meadow.”
  201. Horten – another Old English name describing a “gray settlement.”
  202. Horton – derived from the Anglo-Saxon “horu,” meaning “dirt,” and “tun,” meaning “settlement.”
  203. Hoshea – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “salvation.”
  204. Hototo – some H letter names come from Cherokee – Hototo means “warrior spirit who sings.”
  205. Hough – a classic Old English name meaning “settlement on the headland.”
  206. Howard – from the Old Norse name Harvard, meaning “high guardian.”
  207. Howell – taken from the Old Welsh name Hywel, meaning “eminent.”
  208. Howlan – of Old English origin, meaning “land with hills.”
  209. Hoyce – this uncommon Norman name means “lord.”
  210. Hranislav derived from the Slavic “hrani,” meaning” to protect,” and “slava,” meaning “glory.”
  211. Hrodwulf – this ancient Germanic name means “famous wolf.”
  212. Hrothgar – a majestic royal figure from Norse history – means “praise, fame, and glory.”
  213. Huang – some male names that start with H come from China – Huang means “yellow.”
  214. Hubrecht – this old-fashioned Dutch boy’s name means “bright heart.”
  215. Hugh – derived from the German name Hugo, meaning “soul, mind, and intellect.”
  216. Huig – of Old French and German origin, meaning “bright mind and spirit.”
  217. Hulama – is possibly an Arabic name meaning “rising light.”
  218. Hulbard – derived from the Old English name Holdbearht, meaning “friendly and bright.”
  219. Hulder – taken from Scandinavian folklore, Hulder means “secret” or “covered.”
  220. Hulme – a cute Scottish name meaning “island in the river.”
  221. Humfrey – similar to Hunfredo, this German name means “peaceful warrior.”
  222. Hunfredo – a rare Old German name meaning “peaceful warrior.”
  223. Hunter – is an occupational Old English name derived from “hunta,” meaning “one who hunts.”
  224. Huntington – derived from the Old English words “hunta” and “tun,” meaning “hunter’s settlement.”
  225. Huntley – an Old English occupational and habitational name meaning “huntsman and woodland clearing.”
  226. Hurlbert – an Old English name meaning “shining army” and a nickname from a game throwing short bats.
  227. Hurleigh – an alternate spelling of the Irish name Hurley, meaning “sea tide or valor.”
  228. Hurley – derived from the Irish Ó hUirthile (“descendent of Urthuile), meaning “sea tide or valor.”
  229. Hussain – this classic Arabic boy’s name means “good or small handsome one.”
  230. Hutcheson – of Irish, English, and Gaelic origin, meaning “Hugh’s town” or “settlement on the hill.”
  231. Hutchinson – derived from the French name Huchon, meaning “Huchon’s or Hugh’s son.”
  232. Hutten – is of Old English origin, meaning “settlement on the bluff.”
  233. Huxford – this Old English name means “Hugh’s Ford or river crossing.”
  234. Huxley – an Old English name describing “Hugh’s meadow.”
  235. Huyana – is a Peruvian name describing someone as “young and youthful.”
  236. Hyacinthos – derived from the Greek name Hyakinthos, meaning “the flower.”
  237. Hyam – an Anglo-Saxon name for a family residing in an “enclosed dwelling.”
  238. Hywel – boy names that start with H are sometimes Welsh – meaning “eminent.”

Boy Names That Start With H FAQs

What Are Rare Boy Names That Start With H?

Rare boy names that start with H include Heike, Helge, Hercules, Helios, Hyacinthos, and Hunfredo. Other rare monikers like Hrodwulf, Hubrecht, Horatio, and Hargus come from German, Dutch, Latin, and Irish.

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