170 Exotic Girl Names: from Majestic to Badass

Why stick with mundane monikers when you can go wild with these exotic girl names?

When you label something as exotic, you elevate it from the ordinary to out of this world. Exotic girl names do the same, conjuring images of beautiful blue skies, sunkissed beaches, and palm trees.

So, if you think life’s a beach, and it’s a Martini, shaken, not stirred, give your badass daughter a tropical title she’ll enjoy forever.

170 Wildly Exotic Names for Girls

Unleash your full-on Copa-Cabana mindset with our definitive list of exotic female names.

  1. Adele – after the glamorous singer, Adele is Germanic for “noble.”
  2. Adelita – a Spanish variant of Adele, meaning “noble.”
  3. Adina – meaning “delicate,” this Hebrew girl’s name is perfect for a sensitive child.
  4. Adriana – an exotic Latin name meaning “from Hadria.”
  5. Aisling – is of Irish descent, meaning “dream” and “vision.”
  6. Alana – a cool Gaelic female name meaning “beautiful offering,” just like your daughter.
  7. Alba – an ideal name for kids with light skin; Alba means “white.”
  8. Alina – this Germanic girl’s name means “noble” and “light” in Greek.
  9. Amara – a Latin and Italian name meaning “bitter and grace.”
  10. Amelia – ideal for busy kids, this stunning German name means “industrious.”
  11. Anisa – from the Turkish town, meaning “friendly” in Arabic.
  12. Ariene – meaning “most holy” and “silver,” Ariene could work perfectly for pious kids.
  13. Basimah – happy daughters will love this Arabic name meaning “smiling.”
  14. Bennu – for kids who want to spread their wings, this Egyptian name means “eagle.”
  15. Bernadette – in French, it means “strength of a bear” and “intelligent” in English.
  16. Branwen – a classic Welsh name that means “white raven.”
  17. Briony – meaning “to grow luxuriantly,” every kid deserves this Greek name.
  18. Bronwyn – from Old Welsh, meaning “white-breasted.”
  19. Calista – an apt Greek name for gorgeous kids, meaning “most beautiful.”
  20. Calliope – if you love your daughter’s singing, this Greek name means “beautiful voice.”
  21. Carina – a unique Latin girl’s name meaning “beloved or dear.”
  22. Carmen – is of Hebrew and Spanish origin, meaning “orchard or garden.”
  23. Catalina – this pretty name is of Spanish origin, meaning “pure.”
  24. Chantal – from the French for “stone” or “singer.”
  25. Charlize – a female derivative of Charles, meaning “free man.”
  26. Chiara – this Irish name means “ruddy or dark.”
  27. Cia – pronounced Siy-yah, is possibly short for Lucia, meaning “light.”
  28. Cinnia – is an exotic-sounding Celtic name meaning “curly-haired one.”
  29. Circe – could be the perfect Greek name for your “little bird.”
  30. Coco – from the French, meaning “chocolate bean,” famous bearers include Coco Chanel.
  31. Constance – this pretty Latin name means “constant.”
  32. Cora – belongs to the Greek queen of the underworld, meaning “maiden.”
  33. Coraline – is of French and English origin, meaning “coral.”
  34. Corazon – one of the most striking Spanish exotic female names, meaning “heart.”
  35. Daenerys – a powerful character from GOT, meaning “God is my judge” in Hebrew.
  36. Dahlia – is of Swedish and Scandinavian origin, meaning “valley.”
  37. Damaris – a Greek girl name meaning “gentle,” ideal for kids with kind hearts.
  38. Dana – meaning “from Denmark,” this name is apt for Scandinavian kids.
  39. Danika – from Slavic/Hebrew origins, meaning “morning star.”
  40. Daphne – is from Greek mythology, meaning “laurel.”
  41. Della – possibly of German origin, meaning “noble.”
  42. Delphine – is from the Latin word meaning “woman from Delphi.”
  43. Devon – a unisex name from the English county, meaning “deep valley dwellers.”
  44. Diana – means “divine,” Diana is a popular Greek and Latin name.
  45. Dido – this playful Greek name means “virgin.”
  46. Eileen – this Irish name meaning “beautiful bird” is perfect for dainty daughters.
  47. Eirene – for tolerant kids, this lovely Greek name means “peace.”
  48. Elaxi – is a multicultural Hindu name meaning “woman who has bright eyes.”
  49. Eleanor – meaning “light,” this Old English name should brighten your life.
  50. Elham – this Arabic name meaning “inspiration” is a sweet option for your daughter.
  51. Elise – is the short form of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  52. Elizabeth – means “God is my oath” – a majestic name thanks to Elizabeth II.
  53. Ellen – a derivative of Helen, meaning “shining light and torch.”
  54. Eloise – this French and English name means “healthy and wide.”
  55. Elvire – a captivating French name meaning “all true.”
  56. Enola – for loner kids, this American name means “solitary.”
  57. Fatima – an Arabic name meaning “captivating” and “a woman who abstains.”
  58. Fenella – as exotic girl names go, this Latin word meaning “white shoulder” hits the spot.
  59. Fleur – from the French meaning for “flower,” Fleur may be perfect for your little petal.
  60. Florence – means “flowering, in bloom” and is an Italian cultural city.
  61. Freida – is the perfect German name for “peaceful” babies.
  62. Freya – from the Old Norse, meaning “noble lady,” and a great moniker for your kid.
  63. Gabriella – is the female version of Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength” in Hebrew.
  64. Gale – this unisex Irish name means “foreign, happy, and cheerful.”
  65. Ghislaine – from the French name meaning “pledge.”
  66. Gigi – this unusual diminutive of Georgina means “earth-worker or farmer.”
  67. Ginerva – means “white as foam” in Italian.
  68. Giovanna – is of Italian and Hebrew origin, meaning “God is gracious.”
  69. Giselle – from the French and German, meaning “pledge and hostage.”
  70. Godiva – after the legendary Lady Godiva, this English name means “God’s gift.”
  71. Harper – this medieval name is perfect for musical kids who “play the harp.”
  72. Harriet – another female derivative of Harry with the same meaning.
  73. Hattie – is the feminine version of Harry, meaning “home-ruler.”
  74. Hayley – an Old English name meaning “clearing or meadow.”
  75. Henrietta – this female form of Henry, meaning “estate ruler,” is a great option.
  76. Hester – an old-fashioned female name meaning “star.”
  77. Ianthe – for flower-loving daughters, this Greek name means “violet flower.”
  78. India – an exotic name after the country and a playful girl’s name.
  79. Ines – means “pure” in Greek and “gentle” in Spanish.
  80. Ingrid – from Scandinavia and Old Norse, meaning “Ing’s beauty.”
  81. Isabella – this Spanish and Italian variant of Elizabeth means “God is my oath.”
  82. Ivana – this Slavic and Hebrew name mean “God is gracious.”
  83. Jacinda – is from the Spanish and Portuguese, meaning “hyacinth.”
  84. Jamelia – your little darling is as “beautiful” as this Arabic name suggests.
  85. Jhazala – a Muslim girl’s name of Middle Eastern origin, meaning “gazelle.”
  86. Joy – as the name says, it drips with happiness.
  87. Karasi – means “life and wisdom,” this rare ethnic name is popular in Africa.
  88. Keiko – the first Japanese name on the list, meaning “blessed child.”
  89. Keira – is your kid a “little dark one,” as this name’s meaning suggests?
  90. Khaleesi – from the badass Dothraki people in GOT, meaning “queen.”
  91. Khalida – an Arabic name with multiple meanings from “immortal” to “heavenly.”
  92. Krishna – the supreme Hindu god, Krishna means “all-attractive.”
  93. Lana – is derived from the Germanic Alana, meaning “little rock.”
  94. Latika – if you think your kid is divine, this beautiful Sanskrit name means “Hindu god.”
  95. Layla – from the Arabic, meaning “dark” and “ night.”
  96. Leilani – a Hawaiin exotic girl’s name, meaning “heavenly flower.”
  97. Lorelei – of German origin, meaning “alluring temptress.”
  98. Lottie – a diminutive of Charlotte, meaning “little and womanly.”
  99. Lucia – is derived from the Latin word Lux, which means “light.”
  100. Madelaine – a Hebrew name meaning “woman from Magdala.”
  101. Magdalena – a majestic Greek name also meaning “woman from Magdala.”
  102. Manala – from Arabic, this Muslim name means “achievement.”
  103. Margaritte – this unique French version of Margaret means “pearl.”
  104. Mariquita – of Spanish and Latin origin, meaning “bitter” and “drop of the sea.”
  105. Martha – a homely name for your daughter, meaning “lady” in Hebrew.
  106. Meital – this pretty Hebrew name has the gorgeous meaning of “dew drops.”
  107. Mila – if your daughter is “gracious” and “dear,” this Slavic name could be a hit.
  108. Morgana – from the Welsh Morcant, Morgana means “circling sea.”
  109. Mumbi African girl names are so descriptive; this one means “mother of the people.”
  110. Nadine – this French and Slavic name means “hopeful.”
  111. Natalie – a Latin name referring to Christ’s birthday, perfect for Christmas babies.
  112. Nehara – is one of the best exotic female names for the “light” in your life.
  113. Neve – of Irish origin, meaning “snow” in Italian and “radiance” in Gaelic.
  114. Njema – our first Swahili name meaning “good” could describe your child perfectly.
  115. Odette – means “wealthy” and is a famous name from the ballet Swan Lake.
  116. Okelani – your bundle of joy is a gift “from heaven,” just like this name.
  117. Oriana – a cool Latin name meaning “dawn” and “gold” in Spanish.
  118. Paloma – is a cute Spanish girl’s name, perfect for your little “dove.”
  119. Paradisa – from the Greek for “home of the blessed,” referring to a “garden or orchard.”
  120. Paris – means “great lover” in French and “from France” in English.
  121. Pasha – a super-exotic name of Persian and Turkish origin, meaning “Lord.”
  122. Penelope – this graceful Greek name means “weaver.”
  123. Persephone – few Greek names are wilder than the daughter of Zeus.
  124. Quintina – this Latin name is rare and ideal for your “fifth” child.
  125. Rashida – meaning “rightly guided,” every child needs advice and guidance.
  126. Raquel – this Hebrew name is so sweet and perfect for your “little lamb.”
  127. Rosanne – an Old English name meaning “gracious rose.”
  128. Roselani – a pretty Hawaiian name meaning “heavenly rose.”
  129. Rowena – of German origin, every kid wants “fame and happiness.”
  130. Roxana – a sassy Persian girl’s name meaning “dawn” or “bright and shining.”
  131. Saffron – from the crocus plant providing the spice, meaning “yellow flower.”
  132. Sapphire – your precious gem needs a name like Sapphire, meaning “blue.”
  133. Saraid – from ancient Irish nobility, meaning “excellent.”
  134. Sasha – from Slavic and Greek, this unisex name means “defender of mankind.”
  135. Saskia – an Anglo-Saxon name possibly meaning “the Saxon people” or “valley of light.”
  136. Serilda – a tough name from Old German, meaning “armed warrior woman.”
  137. Sofia – bestow great “wisdom” on your little genius with this cute Greek name.
  138. Solange – meaning “rare jewel,” this French name has had mixed fortunes.
  139. Tabitha – from the Old Testament, Tabitha means “gazelle.”
  140. Tahlia – meaning “morning dew,” Tahlia offers a sweet name for your girl.
  141. Tallulah – this classic “show-girl” name means “leaping water” in Native American.
  142. Tamara – meaning “palm tree” in Hebrew, exotic names for girls are rarely this unique.
  143. Tate – is the perfect name for happy kids, meaning “cheerful.”
  144. Tatiana – a popular Russian name meaning “fairy princess.”
  145. Tawney – an Old English word meaning “golden brown.”
  146. Taylor – a unisex name from Old English, referring to a “tailor.”
  147. Teague – is an Irish girl’s name meaning “poet” and “philosopher” in Scottish.
  148. Theadora – dripping in Victorian charm, meaning “gift of God,” it’s the reverse of Dorothea.
  149. Tiffany – an exotic prep-school name of Greek origin, meaning “revelation of God.”
  150. Tilly – this sweet name oozes English charm but means “mighty in battle.”
  151. Trinity – from the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), meaning “triad.”
  152. Tulip – this pretty Turkish and Persian flower name means “turban,” thanks to the petal shapes.
  153. Ursula – an unassuming name of Latin origin, meaning “little female bear.”
  154. Vania – this Spanish, French, and Slavic name derived from the Russian Wanja means “God is gracious.”
  155. Vanka – this Russian-sounding female name is from Hebrew, meaning “graceful.”
  156. Velora – meaning “strong and healthy,” Velora is a great name for growing daughters.
  157. Veronica – a Latin name meaning “true image” stems from Saint Veronica, a 1st-century lady from Jerusalem.
  158. Vicenza – is an exotic Latin name meaning “prevailing” but possibly “conquering.”
  159. Vivienne – this French version of the Latin Viviana means “life.”
  160. Wanda – means “from the Vandal tribe,” who were ancient Slavic people.
  161. Willamina – from the Germanic Wilhelmina, meaning “determined protector.”
  162. Winona – a Native American name that fits a “firstborn daughter” perfectly.
  163. Xanthe – pronounced Zhan-the, this Greek name means “golden yellow.”
  164. Yara – from Brazilian and Arabic, meaning “water lady” or “small butterfly.”
  165. Yente – this Yiddish word has several meanings, such as “home-ruler,” “aristocratic,” and “noble.”
  166. Zada – a popular Syrian name meaning “prosperous and fortunate.”
  167. Zadie – a catchy exotic name from Hebrew, meaning “princess.”
  168. Zannie – this posh Hebrew name could mean “nourished” or “lily rose.”
  169. Ziva – exotic female names don’t come any better than the Hebrew Zivia for “radiance.”
  170. Zorana – this unique Slavic girl’s name means “dawn.”

Exotic Girl Names FAQs

How Many Exotic Girl Names Come From Hebrew?

Knowing how many exotic girl names come from Hebrew is tricky, but the broad answer is a lot! At least 17 exotic Hebrew girl names are on our list, including Zadie, Ziva, Vanka, Meital, and Gabriella.

How Many Exotic Girl Names are Unisex?

Many exotic girl names are unisex, including Taylor, Sasha, Harper, Devon, and Tate. It’s worth noting that while some exotic names for girls appear feminine to us, they may mean something entirely different in other parts of the world.

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