100 Beautiful Gaelic Girl Names: For Your Little Princess

Find a beautiful and unique Gaelic-inspired name for your baby girl, and learn the traditional meaning and pronunciation behind it!

Explore the magic and mythology behind the beautiful language through these stunning Gaelic girl names. Learn their proper spellings and pronunciation of some of the most unique and traditional Gaelic names for girls, and find the perfect fit for your adorable new arrival!

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100 Beautiful Gaelic Names for Girls

These magical Gaelic female names are sure to delight, inspire and move you. Read on to find the perfect Gaelic girl name to bless upon your beautiful new daughter…


Aidan is derived from the name Aodhán which, in turn, was derived from the name of the Celtic god of sun and fire, Aodh. From these fiery origins, Aidan sparks a glowing, warm energy that is surely infectious. Although Aidan is less commonly used for females than males, it is perfectly sweet and desirable as a name for your new little princess. Aidan also offers many spelling variations, as well as similar-sounding alternatives such as Hayden, Jayden, and Kadan.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Fiery one
  • Variations: Aodhan, Aidhan, Aidyn
  • Popularity: As a male name, Aidan peaked at rank 39 in the US in 2003. It hasn’t cracked the top 1000 female names yet, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t!
Popular, Warm


There is an island in Scotland, originally named Alfsigesey by the Vikings, which is now known by the Gaelic name Ailsa Craig. During the 16th century Scottish Reformation, the island was used by Catholics as a sanctuary. Today, it is known for being a sanctuary for many different species of birds. From Ailsa Craig came Ailsa, a stunning choice of a name for a baby girl. Ailsa’s meaning is “fairy rock,” which could perhaps be the cutest meaning of a name ever! More unique than the similar-sounding Elsa, Ailsa is an adorable choice of name for your little fairy princess.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Fairy rock
  • Pronunciation: AYL-suh
  • Variations: Elsa
Sweet, Nature-inspired, Pretty


A majestic name if ever we heard one, Áine is a strong choice for any bold baby girl. In Irish mythology, Áine is the goddess of summer, wealth, and sovereignty, commonly associated with the sun. Especially since the name means “radiance,” Áine would make a stunning name for a baby born in the light of summertime.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Radiance, brilliance
  • Pronunciation: awn-yah
Short, Strong


Ainsley is a soft name with a sweet lilt and makes a cute choice for either boys or girls. Meaning “one’s own meadow,” Ainsley has connotations of freedom, potential, and fun. Ainsley is relatively nickname-proof, not that a name this beautiful would need shortening at all!

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish, Old English
  • Meaning: One’s own meadow
  • Pronunciation: AYNS-lee
  • Variations: Ainslie, Ainsleigh
  • Namesakes: Ainsley Harriott, an English chef. Ainsley Gotto, an Australian businesswoman who ran the prime minister’s office in the 1960s. Ainsley Earhardt, an American news anchor.
Nature-inspired, Earthy, Sweet


In Irish literature, “aisling” refers to a specific genre of poetry, representing a vision or a dream. These visions often appear in the form of a woman, so if you ever dreamt about your daughter before she was born, Aisling might be a fitting tribute. Aisling can be shortened to the nickname Ash, but still sounds beautiful and dreamy in full. A unique spelling, but you can choose from preference whether or not to pronounce the ‘g’.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Dream, vision
  • Pronunciation: ASH-ling, ASH-lin
  • Namesakes: Aisling Bea, an Irish comedian and actress.
Romantic, Unique, Sweet


Aleine is a unique, pretty name derived from the Gaelic “ailin,” meaning “little rock.” A variation on the more popular Alana, Aleine is a rare name with an attractive spelling. Sweet-sounding, warm and soft, Aleine is a beautifully pretty name to bless upon your new baby girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Little rock
  • Pronunciation: aa-LAEN-aa, aa-LEY-na
  • Variations: Alene, Alana
Nature-inspired, Short, Sweet


Alys is said to be the Welsh version of the English name Alice, and it sure is a cute, different way of spelling the popular name! It means “noble,” which evokes ideas of honor and patience. Another way to spell this name would be Alis, which also seems to sound so much more modern and fresh, somehow.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Welsh, German
  • Meaning: Noble
  • Variations: Alice, Alysson
Short, Popular, Sweet


With the feisty and warm meaning of “little fire,” Aodhnait is surely a unique name to behold. Traditionally Irish but uncommon outside of that country, Aodhnait may be difficult to spell, but sure sounds worth it. Aodhnait has a bit of bite to it and would make a wonderfully strong name for a powerful young lady. A masculine variation of Aodhnait would be the shorter Aodh, which still comes from the Old Irish root Áed, which is where the “fire” element originates.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Fire
  • Pronunciation: ey-neht
  • Variations: Enat, Aodh
Warm, Unique


Derived from the Gaelic word meaning “beauty,” Aoibhe makes a gorgeous choice for your perfect little girl. Despite its unusual spelling, Aoibhe is simply pronounced “ee-vah,” but it is certain to stand out on paper. A longer variation of Aoibhe would be Aoibheen, which is also a stunning option from Gaelic origin.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Beauty
  • Pronunciation: EE-vah
  • Variations: Eva, Aoibheann
Pretty, Sweet, Unique


Aoife is a short but stunning name of Gaelic Irish origin. Despite its somewhat unique spelling, Aoife uses the simple pronunciation of “ee-fa,” which is delightfully cute and easy to remember. Aoife is a name with the most desirable of positive meanings: “beautiful, joyful, radiance.” If those dazzling meanings weren’t enough to convince you of the name, Aoife is also rooted in Irish legend, known for having been the greatest female warrior in the world. We’re sure this radiant name will glow upon all those who hear it and bring joy to Aoife as she grows with this classy, traditional name.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Beautiful, joyful, radiance
  • Pronunciation: ee-fa
  • Variations: Eva, Ava
Short, Pretty
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Bethan is a Welsh variant on the popular feminine given name Elizabeth. Meaning “God is perfection,” Bethan can be classed as a religious, heavenly name, which can easily be shortened to Beth for a simple, popular nickname.

  • Origin: Welsh, English
  • Meaning: God is perfection
  • Variations: Elizabeth, Beth, Bethany
Strong, Pretty, Heavenly


Blair, which may to some sound like a loud, excitable name, is derived from the Scottish Gaelic word “blàr,” which means “plain, meadow, field.” This locational name is a nod to the handful of places in Scotland with “Blair” in their name. It is also recognizable as a surname too, with a notable namesake being Tony Blair, a former Prime Minister of the UK. Adding an “e” onto the end of Blaire makes the name appear more feminine and sweet, as well as lessening the “surname”-feel to it. Either way, Blair is a short, sweet, but strong name, taken from natural inspirations of open fields.

  • Origin: Scottish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Plain, meadow
  • Variations: Blaire
Short, Strong, Nature-inspired


Brangaine is a unique, uncommon Gaelic female name, but certainly a stunning one! Although Brangaine doesn’t have a specific meaning, it has become recognized as a name thanks to the character Brangaine in the Arthurian legend of Tristan and Iseult. In the tale, Brangaine is the handmaid and confidant of Iseult of Ireland and a noble, loyal friend. For a unique, feminine name rooted in Celtic and Arthurian culture, Brangaine would be a strong choice indeed.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Celtic, Irish
  • Meaning: Brangaine is a character from Isolde legend
  • Variations: Brangwane, Brangien
Unique, Romantic, Pretty


Branna is derived from the Gaelic masculine name Bran, which means “raven.” A beautiful bird known for its wisdom and loyalty, a raven makes a strong, mysterious but reassuring namesake. Branna, or one of its stunning variants such as Brannagh or Bryna, would make an especially sweet name for a baby born with jet black hair. For a strong name of beauty and power, consider the Gaelic-inspired Branna for a majestic choice.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Raven
  • Pronunciation: BRAEN-aa, BRAN-na
  • Variations: Bryna, Bran, Brannagh
Animals, Pretty, Powerful


Brianne, as well as its popular variation Brianna, are beautiful Gaelic-inspired baby girl names. The feminine equivalent to the masculine name Brian, Brianne has powerful, regal meanings of “noble,” “strong,” and “virtuous.” A cute nickname from Brianne is Bree, or even Anne, but the full Brianne is pretty enough not to need shortening. Brianne may have slipped off the popularity charts in recent years, but that isn’t to say it won’t make a strong comeback!

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Noble, strong, virtuous
  • Variations: Brianna, Briona
  • Namesakes: Brianne Delcourt, a Canadian figure skater. Brianne McLaughlin, an American ice hockey player. Brianne Howey, an American actress.
  • Popularity: Brianne slipped out of the USA name popularity charts after 2005, where it ranked at 994.
Strong, Sweet


Brontë is a beautifully sweet name, which is rooted in the Irish surname Ó Proinnteach, which means “bestower.” It’s spelling, however, is said to have been taken from the Greek word “bronte,” which means “thunder.” Certainly one for literature lovers, the famous Brontë sisters are especially classy and empowering namesakes to bless upon an intelligent little one. Bestow the beauty and magic of a storm onto your beautiful baby girl with the sweetest of names, Brontë.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Greek
  • Meaning: Bestower
  • Pronunciation: BROHN-tee
  • Namesakes: Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë, English classical authors and sisters.
Pretty, Sweet


Bronwen is a unique and pretty name for a baby girl. Taken from the words “bron” and “gwyn,” meaning “breasted” and “white, holy” respectively, Bronwen is considered to mean the honorable “pure of heart” rather than the more-literal “white breasted!” A commonly-seen spelling variation for Bronwen is Bronwyn. However, this is technically the male variant of the name, as the suffix “-wyn” is traditionally masculine. Both are pronounced the same, however, but to stay true to Welsh grammar, we’d recommend reserving Bronwen for girls!

  • Origin: Welsh, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Pure of heart
  • Pronunciation: bron-win
  • Variations: Branwen, Bronwyn
  • Popularity: Bronwen has never reached the SSA list of 1000 most popular girl names in the USA, making it a rare option!
Sweet, Romantic


Brydie, traditionally a family surname of Scottish origin, has evolved into a bright, chirpy name for a sweet girl. It is said to have derived from the name Bridget, particularly in relation to the early Christian patron saint of Ireland. The pretty name sounds cheerful, airy, and light, a delightfully feminine name to consider. Interestingly, in Scotland, a bridie is a traditional savory meat pie, similar to a pasty. So, we could say that Brydie is a name as beautiful as it is delicious!

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish
  • Meaning: Exalted one, strength
  • Pronunciation: BRY-di
  • Variations: Bridie, Bridget
Strong, Sweet, Pretty


Brynne is an adorably feminine name and a short, sweet choice to consider for a Gaelic-inspired title. Brynne is perhaps a more-feminine spelling of the masculine name Bryn, which means “hill” in Welsh. Hills carry a certain sense of strength, nobility, and homeliness, so make a reassuring namesake for a determined individual. Others may consider Brynne as a variation of Brenna, another beautiful Gaelic-inspired name, which means “raven.”

  • Origin: Gaelic, Welsh
  • Meaning: Hill, raven
  • Variations: Bryn, Brynn
Short, Sweet


If you are looking for a religious name inspired by the Christian faith, Cairistiona could be the one you have been searching for. A dazzling name, Cairistiona is certain to stand out and be remembered. Choosing the name Cairistiona could also be a lovely way to honor a family member named Christopher, Christian, or Christina, as well as preserving Scottish heritage through your baby girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish
  • Meaning: Christian
  • Variations: Christina, Cristiona
  • Popularity: Cairistiona is a rare name, but stunning nonetheless.
Heavenly, Unique
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An ever-popular and stunning name, Caitlin is an Irish variation on the name Catherine. A name borne by many saints, Catherine is, in turn, derived from the Latin girl’s name Katharina. Caitlin is a popular variation of this name and can commonly be seen with a number of different spellings. Today, many will pronounce it “KATE-lin,” although traditionally, it would have been pronounced “cotch-LEEN”. Either way, Caitlin is effortlessly beautiful, with a crisp, honorable meaning of “pure.”

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Pronunciation: cotch-LEEN, KATE-lin
  • Variations: Caitlan, Kaitlin, Caitlyn, Cathleen
  • Popularity: Caitlin entered the SSA list of most popular baby girl names in the US in 1976, where it remained right through to 2015. Its peak was in 1988, ranking at 44.
Warm, Popular, Pretty


Caoilfhionn is a brilliant name – long, traditional, and derived from positive meaning. Caoilfhionn is made up of the Irish words “caol” and “fionn,” meaning “slender” and “fair” respectively. Even though “fair” and “slender” are not qualities one would usually associate with a newborn, this absolutely stunning name is certainly one to be admired. For a name so long, it is also unlikely to be shortened to any nicknames. The only issues would be its pronunciation and spelling, which are bound to be a struggle for anyone unfamiliar with the name or the Gaelic language. But, they’ll all learn and will no doubt be inspired by a name so grand.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Slender, fair
  • Pronunciation: kee-lin
Unique, Strong, Pretty


Caoimhe is an undeniably stunning name, with meanings as breathtakingly adorable as the name itself. “Gentle,” “precious,” “beautiful…” the list of meanings perfectly reflect the beauty of the name, leaving no surprise that it remains such a popular choice in Ireland. Don’t let the unique spelling of Caoimhe put you off, it is so much more traditional and lovely than the harsher-spelled Keeva. The pronunciation “KWEE-va” would be considered more proper than “KEE-va,” but both are simply irresistible.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Gentle, precious, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: KWEE-va, KEE-va
  • Popularity: In 2011, Caoimhe peaked at rank 14 in the Irish CSO most popular baby girl names list.
Romantic, Sweet, Earthy


A simple but classic girl name, it’s no wonder that the name Cara has been so popular for baby girls for so long. Cara’s Gaelic meaning is “friend,” but it also means “cherished” in Latin. Furthermore, if you slightly change the spelling to Kara, you get the Cornish word for “love”! All of these meanings are graceful and sweet, and Cara is one of those names which remains timeless and perfect throughout the years.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Friend
  • Variations: Caragh, Caera, Kara
  • Popularity: Cara has been a top 1000 most popular baby girl name in the United States since the year 1900!
Popular, Short, Warm


Carrigan is an uncommon name, but with a lilt so sweet it’s certain to impress. Carrigan is said to have derived from the Irish Gaelic surname Corrigan, which means “spear” or “point.” However, Carrigan is also the name of a township in County Cavan, Ireland, whose original place name was Carrig-ín, meaning “a little rock.” Carrie or Corrie are adorable nicknames, but the full Carrigan is lovely without needing to be shortened.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Pointed, spear
  • Variations: Kerrigan, Corrigan
Earthy, Pretty


Carys, and its common variant Cerys, are derived from the Welsh word “caru,” which means “to love.” This sweet translation brought the meaning “loved one” to Carys, making the name a heartfelt tribute to your affection. Carys sounds somewhat floral and delightfully feminine. Although not the most popular of Welsh names, it is certainly a stunning one.

  • Origin: Welsh, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Loved one
  • Variations: Cerys
Sweet, Romantic


Casey is a popular given name for both males and females, holding the bold meanings of “watchful” and “brave.” If Casey is a name you like the sound of, but would prefer not to choose it for your child, it still makes a cute nickname derived from the initials K.C. As well as this, Casey has a plethora of spelling variations that could be used, allowing you to pick one as unique or popular as you prefer.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Watchful, brave
  • Variations: Kasey, Kacey, Caicey, Kaycee
  • Popularity: Casey was at its most popular in the United States as a feminine name throughout the 1980s and 1990s. As a male name, it has ranked in the top 100 names since 1990!
Strong, Popular, Sweet


Catriona is a beautiful name of Gaelic origin, meaning “pure.” It’s rhythmic sound makes it sound almost like a wave, fresh and bright. Whether you choose to include the third ‘O’ syllable in its pronunciation is up to you, but both ways are sweet and simple. Catriona’s English equivalent would be Katherine.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Pure
  • Pronunciation: ka-tree-nah, ka-tree-O-nah
  • Variations: Katrina
Romantic, Strong


Ceri is a sweet name, which perhaps looks much softer written down than its variation Kerry. It could be said that Ceri is derived from the Welsh word “caru,” which means “love.” Alternatively, Ceri could have been derived from the Irish family name Ciarraighe, which refers to those who came from the kingdom of Ciar, now known as County Kerry in the South West of Ireland. If you have family heritage in this region, Ceri would be an adorable nod to this ancestry. Both Ceri and Kerry are pronounced the same and are equally as sweet and delightful.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish, Welsh
  • Meaning: Love
  • Pronunciation: keh-ree
  • Variations: Kerry
Short, Sweet, Locational


For a baby born with a full head of dark hair, Ciara may just be the cutest name option! A popular name with a soft spelling, Ciara is a gentle, dreamy choice for your new little princess. The name Ciara has been known throughout the US, in particular, to be pronounced like “Sierra,” but to remain traditionally Gaelic, “KEER-ah” would be the way to go. There was also a 7th-century Irish saint named Ciara, whose prayers were said to have saved a local town from burning. We love the name Ciara and hope it is one you will consider.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Dark haired
  • Pronunciation: KEER-ah
  • Variations: Keira, Kiera
Sweet, Popular
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Cillín is a rare choice of name for a baby girl, but a sweet one nonetheless. The name may have originated from the title of Saint Kilian, an Irish missionary bishop from the 7th century, but could also have derived from the Gaelic “ceallach,” which means “strife,” or “from brilliant mind.” It should be known that, in Ireland, a cillín is a historical burial site, traditionally used for stillborn or unbaptized infants. From this, Cillín may be a touching choice of name in honor of a rainbow baby.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Strife, from brilliant mind
  • Variations: Ceallach, Kilian
Strong, Unique


Clodagh is a stunning name for a baby girl, with a unique but soft pronunciation. Clodagh was derived from the name of a river running through County Waterford in Ireland and was first noted as a feminine first name when given to Lady Clodagh Beresford, the daughter of the 5th Marquess of Waterford in the late 1800s. Although not the most commonly-heard name outside of Ireland, Clodagh’s river-origins make it perfectly tranquil, earthy, and cool for a baby girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Named after a river
  • Pronunciation: CLOH-dah
  • Variations: Claudia, Cliodna, Cloda
  • Namesakes: Lady Clodagh Anson, an Anglo-Irish aristocrat and philanthropist. Clodagh Rodgers, a Northern Irish singer. Clodagh McKenna, an Irish chef.
Nature-inspired, Unique


Croía is the sweetest of names, derived from the Irish word “croí,” which means “heart.” Translating this to “little heart” or “from the heart,” Croía would make an adorable tribute to the love you feel for your perfect new baby girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Heart
  • Pronunciation: cree-yah
Romantic, Short, Sweet


Daley is a sweet, unisex name derived from the Gaelic surname O Dalaigh. This, in turn, came from the word “dail,” meaning “assembly,” as seen in the name of the Irish Parliament Dáil Éireann, which literally translates to “assembly of Ireland.” Daley may be more common as a surname than a given name, but is still a delightfully fresh, airy, and fun option to give to either a baby boy or girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Attender of an assembly
  • Variations: Daly, Dale, Dailey
Strong, Pretty, Sweet


Deirdra stems from a tragic Irish folk tale of love, murder, and heartbreak. Nevertheless, it grew to be a popular name in the mid-1900s, and its first syllable, “dear,” still makes it sound adorable and loving as a girl’s name. The story goes as follows: a beautiful girl named Deirdre suffered the most tragic heartbreak, after King Conchobar of Ulster forced her to be his bride. In doing so, he slaughtered her lover Naoise, leaving her to become known as “Deirdre of Sorrows.” But please don’t let this tragic legend put you off the name, and let your daughter find her own legend with this beautiful name.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Broken-hearted, sorrowful
  • Style: Strong, Romantic
  • Variations: Deirdre, Derdriu


Deryn is a strong, sweet, unisex name that would be a stunning choice for your new arrival. Deryn is rooted in the Welsh word “aderyn,” which means “bird.” This sweet meaning evokes flight and freedom, but if that wasn’t enough to convince you of the name, Deryn is also considered to mean “gift” in Greek origin. A cute Gaelic alternative to Deryn would be Derry, after the Northern Irish city.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Welsh, Greek
  • Meaning: Bird
  • Pronunciation: DEH-rin
  • Variations: Aderyn, Derry
Animals, Sweet, Nature-inspired


There once lived a medieval Irish princess named Dearbhfhorghaill. A Gaelic name linking to both Scottish and Old Irish history, it would be wrong of us not to include Dearbhfhorghaill in this list. Thankfully, however, there is a shortened version to consider instead! Diorbhail is an uncommon but mighty name, as admirable as it is unique. If you struggle with the spelling, the more-anglicized variation Derval could be considered. For an option more well-known, perhaps choose Dorothy, which is also rooted in Diorbhail.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Old Irish, Scottish
  • Meaning: Gift of God
  • Pronunciation: DER-VAHL
  • Variations: Dearbhfhorghaill, Derval, Dorothy
Unique, Strong


Donna is derived from the masculine name Domhnall, meaning “ruler of the world.” A pretty name that is both simple to spell and pronounce, Donna would make a lovely choice in memory of a Donald or Domhnall in the family. Another fun insight into the name is that “donna” is a respectful term meaning “lady” in Italian!

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Ruler of the world
  • Namesakes: Donna Summer, an American singer. Donna Strickland, a Canadian physicist and Nobel laureate. Donna Karan, an American fashion designer.
  • Popularity: Donna slipped out of the US baby name charts after 2010 when it ranked at 985.
Short, Strong, Popular


Duana is a mysterious, magical name for a girl. A variation on the masculine Duane, Duana is unique, bold, and compelling. Duanna also comes with no less than three pronunciation options and a variety of spelling alternatives, meaning you can really personalize the name for your family.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Dark, from darkness
  • Pronunciation: DWAH-nah, DOO-AHN-ah, DWAY-nah
  • Variations: Duanne, Dwayna, Duane, Duayna
Warm, Strong


Dwyn is a delightfully adorable name for a girl, rooted in romantic Welsh culture. Dwyn is short for Dwynwyn, the name of the Welsh patron saint of lovers, whose celebratory day on January 25th is often celebrated in place of Saint Valentine’s Day. Dwynwyn has a beautiful, rhyming lilt to it, but shortened to Dwyn it is equally as cute and memorable.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Welsh
  • Meaning: Fair, blessed, wave
  • Variations: Dwynwyn
Short, Sweet, Romantic
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Éabha is one of those stunning Irish baby names, with a simple pronunciation but extremely unique spelling! Pronounced AY-vah, Éabha is a beautifully unique alternative to Ava. If you are confident in choosing a name with a spelling that may confuse people without knowledge of the Gaelic language, then we absolutely love Éabha as an option. It comes from the same root as Ava, which means “to live.” Bring life and energy into your baby girl with the heavenly, vibrant name Éabha!

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Life, to live
  • Pronunciation: AY-vah
  • Variations: Ava
Short, Unique, Sweet


Eilidh is a fun, Gaelic form of the more-common name Ellie. Meaning “radiant,” the name brings a special light and is certain to shine on as Eilidh grows. Eilidh’s pronunciation may not be the most obvious from reading the name, but once you have it, it won’t be forgotten. It is said that Eilidh is also a variant of the English name Helen, but we think Eilidh is much more magical!

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish
  • Meaning: Radiant
  • Pronunciation: Ah-lee
  • Variations: Ellie
Sweet, Unique


Eimear is a fabulous name, and certainly not one to be confused with Emma! In Irish legend, Emer was the wife of the hero Cuchulainn. She was said to have possessed “the six gifts of womanhood,” which were beauty, voice, speech, needlework, wisdom, and chastity. We can’t promise that the name Eimear will bring your daughter all of these qualities, but we’re certain that the namesake will be an honorable one to live up to!

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Swift
  • Pronunciation: ee-mer
  • Variations: Emer, Eimhir
Strong, Unique


Eithne is another delightfully unique baby girl name of Gaelic origin. Pronounced EIN-ya, Eithne actually means “kernel” in the Gaelic language. A kernel of what, however, would be up to you! A kernel of love? A kernel of cuteness? A kernel of corn? Whichever you decide, this sweet, short name is certain to be admired. Eithne is also the name of several Irish saints, including the mother of St. Columba in the sixth century and the first full-scale Irish-language opera, Eithne, composed by Robert O’Dwyer.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Kernel, grain
  • Pronunciation: EIN-ya
  • Variations: Ethnea, Eithlenn, Edna, Enya
  • Namesakes: Saint Eithne of Ireland, mother of Saint Columba. Eithne Coyle, an Irish republican activist.
Unique, Sweet


Elin is a delightful Gaelic variation of the name Elen, which means “nymph” in Welsh. This “nymph” meaning carries an aura of mischief and fairy magic and would make a beautifully earthy and mysterious namesake for your dreamy baby girl. Variations of Elin include Helen or Elina, which come from Greek origin, meaning “bright, shining light.” Overall, Elin is a magically luminous name, short and sweet, which carries lots of potential for your daughter.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Welsh, Greek
  • Meaning: Nymph, light
  • Variations: Elen, Helen
  • Namesakes: Elin Jones, a Welsh politician. Elin Nordegren, a Swedish model. Elin Manahan Thomas, a singer of Baroque music.
Short, Pretty


Meaning “spirit” or “soul,” the name Enid just seems to breathe life from the page. A short name which seems to have fallen out of fashion in recent decades, Enid is a name rooted in Welsh and Gaelic. Enid is both easy to spell and pronounce, certain bonuses in any Gaelic-inspired name.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Welsh
  • Meaning: Spirit, soul
  • Pronunciation: EE-nid
  • Variations: Enaid
  • Namesakes: Enid Blyton, an English children’s author. Enid Dame, an American poet.
Short, Sharp


Meaning “from Ireland,” Erin is a brilliant way of introducing Irish heritage and ancestry into your baby girl’s life. Erin was derived from the Gaelic word for Ireland, Éire, and evokes all the country’s magic, beauty, and natural majesty. The name is popular in the UK and US and remains consistently high in the Irish baby name charts. It may be used as a masculine given name but is more commonly seen as female. It would be a great injustice to write a list of Gaelic-inspired baby girl names and not include Erin, and we hope it is a name you will love as much as we do.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: From Ireland
  • Pronunciation: EH-rin, ER-in
  • Variations: Eirinn
  • Namesakes: Erin Brockovich, an American legal clerk and activist.
  • Popularity: Erin has consistently ranked in the top 1000 most popular baby girl names in Ireland since 1977, remaining in the top 50 throughout the 2000-2010s.
Short, Pretty, Locational


Fergie is recognized as a derivative of the masculine names Fergus or Ferguson, but is actually also a unisex name in its own right. Fergie is bold and gritty, but still sweet-sounding and earthy. Fergie may make an especially adorable middle name as a nod to having Ferguson as a surname in the family or as a given name in honor of a family member named Fergus. Not the most common feminine name, Fergie is perhaps most related to being the stage name of the Black Eyed Peas band member, Stacy Ann Ferguson.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Rock, strength
  • Variations: Ferguson, Fergee, Fergus
  • Namesakes: Fergie, an American singer-songwriter.
Short, Sweet


Ffion is a pretty, earthy name with a unique spelling and a perfectly Gaelic-inspired choice for a baby girl. In Welsh, “ffion” is the name of the pretty, perennial, flowering foxglove plant. Also, in Gaelic, the word “fionn” means “white” or “fair.” A feminine alternative to the name Fiona, Ffion is attractive, springlike, and fresh.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Welsh
  • Meaning: Foxglove, fair
  • Variations: Fiona
  • Namesakes: Ffion Morgan, a Welsh footballer. Ffion Bowen, a Welsh rugby union player.
Nature-inspired, Pretty


Almost as if from nowhere, Fiadh has shot to the top of the Irish baby name popularity boards in the late 2010s to early 2020s. We can see why, as it is simply beautiful! The word for “deer” in Irish is “fia,” and Fiadh is also said to mean “wilderness” and “respect.” Earthy, adventurous, and magical, Fiadh is a lovely choice of name for a baby girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Deer, wilderness, respect
  • Pronunciation: FEE-ah
  • Popularity: In 2020, Fiadh was the second most popular baby girl name in Ireland!
Popular, Earthy, Nature-inspired, Animals
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A fresh name yet rooted in Gaelic origin, Finley is a sweet, modern option to consider for your new arrival. Perhaps more commonly heard as a masculine name, Finley makes a unique but attractive name for a girl. Finley, originally from the Gaelic Fionnlagh, roughly translates as “fair warrior,” so it would be an adorable choice for a feisty little girl born with blonde locks. Perhaps Finn would make a cute nickname for Finley or even Leigh?

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish, Irish
  • Meaning: Fair warrior
  • Variations: Finn, Fionnlagh
Sweet, Pretty


Fiona is a lovely, traditional name, mostly associated with Irish, Gaelic, and Scottish origins. A common interpretation of the name would be to relate it to the Irish given name Fíona, which holds earthy, nature-inspired connotations, meaning “vine.” Alternatively, Fiona could come from the same roots as the Gaelic word ffion, which means “fair.” Ffion is also a popular and strong name, but Fiona seems to stand out as the more classic option. As well as Ffion, you could even use the variation Fionnhgal, which would be the Scottish Gaelic alternative.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish, Scottish
  • Meaning: Fair, vine
  • Pronunciation: fee-OH-na
  • Variations: Fíona, Ffion, Fionnghal
Pretty, Earthy


Short and sweet, Gwen is a lovely name of Gaelic and Welsh origin. Its spiritual meaning of “fair” and “blessed” set it apart as a particularly heavenly name. If you like the sound of Gwen but would prefer a name slightly longer, Gwen is also a short form of variations such as Gwendolyn, Guinever, Gwyneth, or even Gwenllian. Gwen may have medieval origins, but it would still work as an adorable baby name today.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish
  • Meaning: Fair, pure, blessed
  • Variations: Gwyn, Gwendolyn, Guinevere, Gwenda
  • Namesakes: Gwen Stefani, an American pop-rock artist. Gwen John, a Welsh artist. Gwen ferch Ellis, the first woman accused of witchcraft on record in Wales.
Short, Heavenly


Íde is a unique but distinctly feminine name originating in ancient Ireland. A somewhat-more modern variation one the name would be Ida, which is still relatively unheard of in recent years. Íde means “thirst,” specifically a thirst for holiness or wisdom, as demonstrated by the early Irish Saint Íte, the patron saint of Killeedy. Íde is a short name but is pronounced with two syllables “ee-duh,” a soft-sounding title for a woman.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Thirst
  • Pronunciation: ee-duh
  • Variations: Íte, Ida
  • Namesakes: Saint Íte of Killeedy, an early Irish nun and saint.
Short, Unique


Isla is a beautiful, natural name derived from the name of a Scottish island, Islay. Interestingly, Islay was once used as a male name, but this has since faded away in popularity, and Isla has grown to become one of the most beloved baby girl names in the UK and US. Rhythmic, short and beautiful, Isla is a lovely option to consider for your new baby girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish
  • Meaning: From the island of Islay
  • Pronunciation: EYE-la
  • Variations: Ila, Islay, Ile
  • Namesakes: Isla Fisher, an Australian actress. Isla Phillips, great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Popularity: Isla has rapidly climbed the US baby girl name popularity charts, entering at rank 623 in 2008 and climbing up to rank 44 by 2020.
Popular, Pretty, Nature-inspired


Kealy is a unisex name of Gaelic origin, meaning “slender,” “handsome,” or “pretty.” All charming and desirable qualities to wish upon your baby, Kealy makes a strong choice of Gaelic-inspired name. Actually derived from the Gaelic Caoilinn, Kealy has a sweet-sounding lilt and is nice and easy to spell.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Pretty, handsome, slender
  • Variations: Keely, Caoilinn, Healy
Pretty, Strong, Sweet


Keighley is a sweet name that comes from the same root as the Gaelic name Kealy, meaning “slender” or “pretty.” Keighley also has the added bonus of being a locational name, after a town in West Yorkshire, UK. There, it is actually pronounced “KEETH-lee,” adding in a unique but soft lilt to the first syllable. Keighley is also commonly seen as a surname. As a given name, it is less commonly heard than its variants Kealy and Keely, for instance.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Slender, pretty
  • Pronunciation: KEE-lee
  • Variations: Kealy
Pretty, Popular, Locational


Kennedy is derived from the ancient Irish male name Cinnéidigh, which is derived from the Gaelic words “cinn” – which means “head” – and “éidigh” – which means “ugly” or “helmeted.” Thankfully, most ignore the “ugly” translation and consider Kennedy to mean the warrior-evoking “helmeted head” instead! In the US, Kennedy is rightfully seen to be a powerful presidential name, thanks to the influential political family of President John F. Kennedy. As well as this, Kennedy is delightfully charming and social as a given name and makes a popular choice for a baby girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish, English
  • Meaning: Helmeted head
  • Variations: Kennedi, Kendra, Kendall
  • Popularity: Kennedy entered the American SSA top 100 most popular female names in 2011, where it remained through 2020.
Strong, Popular


Kiernan is a stunning variation on the traditional Irish Gaelic name Ciarán. A unisex name derived from the word “ciar,” Kiernan means “little dark one”, and would be adorable to bless upon a baby born with a full head of dark locks. Kiernan and Ciarán offer plenty of variations, such as Kieran, Kiran or Ciera.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Little dark-haired one
  • Pronunciation: KEER-nahn
  • Variations: Ciarán, Kieran, Kier, Kiran, Cieran
  • Namesakes: Kiernan Shipka, an American actress. Kiernan Dorney, a decorated Australian surgeon.
Pretty, Strong, Sharp


For a name that glows as bright as the sun, consider Laoise as a beautiful option. Meaning “light,” this Gaelic girl’s name actually originated as a feminine variant on the male name Lugus, after the Celtic god of craftsmanship. Laoise is a stunning name for a radiant little girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Light, radiance
  • Pronunciation: lee-shuh
  • Variations: Luigsech, Luisa, Lisa
Warm, Unique, Pretty
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Lasair is an exceptionally unique feminine name of Irish origin. Meaning “flame,” Lasair is a warm, confident name, guaranteed to shine light upon all those who hear it. A sweet nickname derived from Lasair could be Lassie, but we’re more enamored with the much longer variation Lasairfhíona. The Irish “lasair” combined with “fhíona” – meaning “wine” – is a classy, majestic name known to have existed in Ireland since the 13th century. Lasairfhíona and Lasair may not be as common now, but they are still bold and enchanting names to consider for your daughter.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Flame, bringer of light
  • Variations: Lasairfhíona, Lassar
Unique, Pretty, Warm


Meaning “lily flower,” Lileas is a stunning alternative to the more commonly-used names Lily, Lila, and Lilia. With its Gaelic influences, Lileas holds all the beauty of the beloved flower, but with a sweet, Scottish twist. Traditionally, it should be pronounced with two syllables, “LEE-lus,” but you could always add in an extra “lih-lee-uhs” if you would prefer.

  • Origin: Scottish, Gaelic, Latin
  • Meaning: Lily flower
  • Pronunciation: LEE-lus
  • Variations: Lily, Lilia, Lila
  • Popularity: Unlike its more-popular variations Lily and Lila, Lileas is yet to break into the SSA’s top 100 most popular baby girl names in the USA.
Nature-inspired, Pretty


Maeve is derived from the Gaelic name Méabh, which means “she who intoxicates.” In Irish mythology, Madb (known as Maeve) was historically a great warrior queen of Connacht and considered a goddess of sovereignty. As a name, Maeve is as intoxicating as its meaning, which could also be “she who rules.” The spelling may not be too obvious, but it is certainly easy to pronounce. Name your new queen in style and power, and call her Maeve.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: She who intoxicates, she who rules
  • Pronunciation: mayv
  • Variations: Méabh, Maiv, Maev
  • Namesakes: Madb, Queen of Connacht in Irish mythology. Maeve Binchy, an Irish author.
  • Popularity: In 2019, Maeve climbed a huge 124 places up the UK baby girl name popularity boards, entering the top 100 with style.
Strong, Short, Warm


A unique variation on Molly, Maille is an adorable name of Gaelic origin. Maille means “pearl,” with valuable and stylish connotations. Some may say that Maille is actually a name of more French origin, meaning “a small coin.” However, this rather random meaning for a baby name, combined with the fact that Maille is also a brand of French mustards, has left us certain that Maille works so much more beautifully alongside its Gaelic usage!

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish, French
  • Meaning: Pearl, or small coin
  • Pronunciation: MAY-lee
  • Variations: Molly
Unique, Romantic, Sweet


An uncommon name, Mavourna is a romantic-sounding name of Gaelic origin. Meaning “my little darling,” Mavourna is a completely lovely and touching tribute to bless upon your little angel, who will be able to carry your love with them through their name.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Little darling
  • Pronunciation: ma-vorna
  • Variations: Mavourneen
Sweet, Sharp, Romantic


Megan is a popular, adorable, and attractive name, which originates from a couple of different lines. As a Welsh given name, Megan was originally used as a nickname derived from Margaret, which is considered a Greek girl name meaning “pearl.” In the Irish origin, Megan (or Meghan) comes from the Gaelic name Miadhach, meaning “honorable.” Mehigan was a common surname in Ireland, with various forms which have come to be recognized as variants on the given feminine name Megan today. A name popular throughout the English-speaking world, Megan is a simple but classic beauty.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish, Welsh
  • Meaning: Pearl, honorable
  • Variations: Meghan, Mehigan, Meegan
  • Namesakes: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Megan Mullaly, an American actress. Megan Thee Stallion, an American rapper.
  • Popularity: Since the year 2000, where it ranked as the 18th most popular name in the US, Megan has been slipping down the popularity charts. In 2020, it ranked at #638.
Popular, Sweet, Earthy


Mhairi is a beautifully unique name, which is ultimately derived from Mary. Etymologically, Mhairi is the vocative tense of the name but has grown to be considered a sweet name in its own right. Traditionally, the “mh” spelling would call for Mhairi to be pronounced “vah-ree,” but many may pronounce Mhairi like “mah-ree” nonetheless. To be on the safe side, you could always ditch the “h” and name your daughter Mairi, which is equally as adorable and pretty.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish
  • Meaning: Bitter, or much loved one
  • Pronunciation: vah-ree, mah-ree
  • Variations: Mary, Mhairie, Mhari
  • Namesakes: Mairi Hedderwick, a Scottish children’s author. Mhairi McKay, a Scottish golfer.
Unique, Warm, Pretty


Mirren is a bubbly and sweet name with many variations, all of which are firmly rooted in Gaelic culture. Mirren is considered a Scottish derivative of Marion, which in turn is derived from the traditional Mary. Alternatively, Mirin (with one “r”) is the name of a 6th-century Irish saint, now the patron saint of the town of Paisley in Scotland.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish, Irish
  • Meaning: Bitterness, or beloved
  • Variations: Marion, Mirin, Merryn.
Sweet, Pretty


Moira is yet another Gaelic-inspired derivative of the name Mary. Despite this line of names having the not-so-lovely meaning of “bitterness,” Moira, Mary, and all their variations continue to be popular. We can see why as each name is beautifully full-bodied, strong, and warm. Moira also has an extra side of magic to it as, when translated into Greek, Moira has the mythological meaning of “destiny.”

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish, Greek
  • Meaning: Bitterness, or beloved
  • Pronunciation: MOY-rah
  • Variations: Moyra
Strong, Warm


Monca is a bold, unique name of Irish origin, derived from the more commonly-recognized Monica. Meaning “wise,” Monca holds powerful and creative connotations for your little girl. Monica is a name with many variations across many different languages, however, its origin remains uncertain. The first time it was used was in relation to Saint Monica, the mother of the theologian Saint Augustine. We particularly love Monca as a variation for its individuality, sharp sound, and sweet spelling.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Wise
  • Variations: Moncha, Monica, Monique
Short, Sharp
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The Gaelic meaning of Morag is “great” or “sun.” Morag shines brightly and majestically out from lists of traditionally Scottish baby girl names and makes a strong, confident choice for your daughter. Interestingly, Morag is often considered to be the Gaelic equivalent to the name Sarah, but you wouldn’t think it by seeing them side by side! Choosing the name Morag would be a lovely way to honor Scottish heritage through your baby girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish
  • Meaning: Great, sun
  • Variations: Morah, Morgan
Sweet, Sharp, Strong


Morgan is a lovely given name for both males and females, as well as being a common surname too. As a female name, Morgan is said to have derived from the Welsh elements “mor,” meaning “sea,” and “cant,” meaning “circle.” In Arthurian legend, King Arthur’s sister was a powerful enchantress named Morgan Le Fay, giving Morgan a mystical aura. This magical association, combined with the fresh, tranquil connotations from its “sea” meaning, makes Morgan a cool, confident, and beautiful name to consider.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Welsh
  • Meaning: Sea chief, sea dweller
  • Variations: Morgana, Morgaine, Morrigan
Sweet, Popular


Myrne is a unique but upbeat name of Gaelic origin, made most famous by the American actress Myrna Loy in the 1930s. It is a more anglicized spelling of Muirne, who is also a character featured in Irish mythology. A strong, deep name, Myrna is an interesting alternative to consider for your daughter.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Festive, merry, beloved
  • Pronunciation: myr-nah
  • Variations: Muirne
  • Namesakes: Myrna Loy, an American actress.
Unique, Strong


For a bubbly, cheerful little girl, Narah would be the sweetest choice of name. A Gaelic name meaning “happy,” Narah is certain to bring light to all those who hear it. Narah is a unique alternative to the more commonly-heard name Sarah, or even Tara or Cara. In Hindi, “nara” means “man,” although we agree it sounds perfect as a feminine name of Gaelic origin nonetheless.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Happy
  • Variations: Nara
Unique, Sweet, Pretty


Although Nessa may be commonly thought to be a shortened derivative of names such as Agnes or Vanessa, it is actually a pretty name of Irish origin in its own right. Nessa is rooted in Irish mythology, being the name of a princess of the Ulaid. A feisty and loyal princess, some versions of the legend state that Nessa was originally named Assa, which means “gentle.” Upon seeking to avenge her foster fathers’ deaths, she became known as Ní-assa, which means “not gentle.” Despite this particularly rough meaning, Nessa is undeniably a pretty, feminine name for a fun little girl.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Not gentle
  • Variations: Ness
Pretty, Unique


Niamh is a genuinely stunning Irish girl’s name, rooted in the country’s mythology and continuing to be popular through the decades. In Irish mythology, Niamh was the daughter of Manannan, the God of the sea, and rode a magical white horse named Enbarr. Niamh fell deeply in love with Oisin, and together they lived happily for three hundred years in the mystical Land of Youth. Meaning “brightness” or “radiance,” Niamh holds an ethereal glow and is certain to shine on through adulthood.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Brightness, radiance
  • Pronunciation: NEEV
  • Variations: Neve, Niaṁ
  • Popularity: In 1993, Niamh peaked at #2 in the Irish baby girl name popularity chart, where it stayed through 1995.
Pretty, Popular


Thanks to Arthurian legend, Nimue has become a particularly magical, mystical name for a woman. In the legend, Nimue is an important character known as the Lady of the Lake. It was Nimue who gave King Arthur Excalibur, the legendary sword, after all. A unique but stylish name, Nimue is rather stunning indeed. It would be lovely to read Arthurian legendary tales with her as she grows up.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Welsh, Old English
  • Meaning: Lady of the Lake
  • Pronunciation: nim-oo-ay, nim-way
Romantic, Earthy


Nora is a short, sweet name, and we’re delighted to see it make a comeback in the popularity charts! Interestingly, the name Nora is said to have derived from the Latin Honora, meaning “honor.” This would mean that it isn’t actually an Irish name at all, but its sheer popularity and usage in that country have allowed it to be generally considered an Irish name in its own right. A confident name with a pretty lilt, you can choose to bestow “honor” upon your baby girl by naming her Nora.

  • Origin: Latin, Irish
  • Meaning: Honor
  • Variations: Noreen
  • Popularity: Nora seems to be making quite the comeback in the US popularity charts! In 1900, Nora ranked as the 83rd most popular baby name. Throughout the 1900s it slipped but remained in the top 1000 charts. In the 2010s, the name gained popularity once more, peaking at rank 28 in 2017.
Sweet, Pretty


Oona is an all-around adorable name. It is short and sweet to pronounce, and it’s double ‘o’s makes it look somewhat mystical and unique on paper. Oona means “lamb,” connoting sweet, lively innocence. Oona comes with a couple of different spelling choices, but all are pronounced the same.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Lamb
  • Variations: Una, Oonagh
  • Namesakes: Oona Chaplin, a Spanish actress. Oona O’Neill, an actress and wife of Charlie Chaplin.
Animals, Short, Sweet


Órla is a short, sweet, and dreamy name of Gaelic origin. Composed of the Gaelic elements “ór” and “fhlaith,” this beautiful name is said to mean “golden princess.” Pronounced phonetically, it is naturally a popular choice for names related to Irish heritage – but there is a catch! If spelled Orla (so without the fada accent over the “o”), Orla is actually the Gaelic word for “vomit!” Even if you had a particularly queasy pregnancy, “vomit” is probably not the vibe you’d prefer to associate with your little girl. Despite this, both Órla and Orla are regularly used, and the lack of “special” character probably makes filling out documentation easier. For your beautiful little golden princess, choose Órla as a lovely, Gaelic-inspired name.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Golden Princess
  • Pronunciation: OR-lah
  • Variations: Orlagh, Orlaith
Short, Pretty, Sweet
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A common surname and popular given name for both males and females, Quinn is a short, sweet, stylish option to bless upon your baby girl. Quinn is derived from the Old Irish given names Ceann or Conn, with meanings of “intelligence,” “wisdom,” or even “chief.” These may be powerful, confident meanings to live up to, but we’re sure the name Quinn will always sound cool and popular to those that hear it.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Intelligent, wise
  • Variations: Ceann, Quin, Conn
  • Namesakes: Quinn Cummings, an American actress, entrepreneur, and writer. Quinn Ojinnaka, an American football player and wrestler.
  • Popularity: Quinn first entered the SSA baby name charts in 1979, dropping out and then re-entering in 1995, where it has stayed securely through 2020. Its peak so far was at rank 76 in the year 2017.
Short, Sweet, Strong


A presidential name indeed, Reagan is a unisex name of Irish origin, meaning “little ruler.” Thanks to Shakespeare’s use of Regan as a female character name in King Lear, Reagan has grown to become a popular feminine name. It’s links to the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan, tie in perfectly with its meaning of “little ruler,” giving the name a powerful, assured, and inspirational feel, full of possibility. As a surname, Ó Riagáin dates back to medieval Ireland, so would make a beautiful nod to ancestral history from this region.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Little ruler
  • Variations: Riagán
  • Namesakes: Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States. Reagan Wilson, an American model. Reagan Gomez-Preston, an American actress.
  • Popularity: Reagan has steadily featured in the American SSA baby name charts since 1993, peaking at rank 97 in 2016.
Popular, Earthy, Strong


With roots in Gaelic, Scottish, and Welsh, pinning down the original meaning of Rhona is rather difficult! But, that just means its user can choose the meaning which suits them the most, which we think is a beautiful attribute to a name. In Scottish, Rhona is a name most thought to link to the rugged, inhabited island of Rona, or Rònaigh in its Gaelic form. In Welsh, Rhona would be considered to mean “fair” or “slender,” whereas the Gaelic meaning would be “power” or “might.” Any of these meanings are strong qualities to bestow upon a baby girl through her name, so do consider Rhona to be a strong option, rooted in Gaelic and Celtic languages.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish, Welsh
  • Meaning: Rough island, power, fair
  • Pronunciation: ROH-nah
  • Variations: Rònaigh
  • Namesakes: Rhona Cameron, a Scottish comedian.
Short, Strong


Riley is a cute name of Irish origin, which has come to be very popular in English-speaking countries. Riley originated as an Old Irish surname Ó Raghallaigh. Still seen as a surname today, Riley would be a cute given name to a baby born into “Riley ancestry.” If not, Riley still works as a “brave” and fun unisex name, which would sound especially perfect with a shorter last name.

  • Origin: Irish, Old English
  • Meaning: Brave
  • Style: Popular, Pretty
  • Pronunciation: RYE-lee
  • Variations: Ryleigh, Ryley, Reilly
  • Popularity: Riley has been comfortably listed as one of the top female names in the US since 1990! It peaked in 2016 at rank 22, having been in the top 50 names since 2008.


In Gaelic, “róis” means “rose” and “ín” means “little.” Put together, they make Róisín, a stunningly floral name for a beautiful little girl. Although Róisín is likely to have endless entertainment in listening to acquaintances unfamiliar with the Gaelic language try to pronounce her name, we think it sure is worth it. Róisín is a name as delicate and pretty as a flower and a beautifully Irish-rooted variation on the classic Rose. Róisín can always be shortened to Rosie, which is equally as adorable.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Little rose
  • Pronunciation: ROH-sheen, roh-SHEEN
  • Variations: Rosheen, Rose, Rosaleen
  • Popularity: Róisín is yet to break into the top 1000 baby girls’ names in the United States but remains a popular choice for girls in Ireland.
Nature-inspired, Sweet, Pretty


A vivid name, Rowan is always closely associated with the color red. Not only does the name mean “red” in Gaelic, but the rowan tree presents a beautiful, natural namesake in itself. Rowans are small trees which bear tiny scarlet berries in the autumntime, and the trees themselves are often believed to be sacred protectors against harm. For a redhead baby, Rowan would make an adorable choice of name. But, even without the red hair, Rowan is a soft, earthy choice bound to be loved. Interestingly, Rowan can also be considered a name of Arabic origin, in which it means “a river in paradise.”

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish, English, Arabic
  • Meaning: Little red one
  • Pronunciation: row-ahn
  • Variations: Roan, Rohan
  • Namesakes: Rowan Atkinson, an English actor also known as Mr. Bean. Rowan Blanchard, an American actress. Saint Rowan, one of the Apostles of Ireland.
  • Popularity: As a feminine name, Rowan has ranked in the SSA top 1000 baby girl names since 2003. As a masculine name, it entered the US charts in 1991. In 2020, both are still holding their places, growing in popularity gradually over the decades.
Nature-inspired, Popular, Pretty


Although much more frequently seen as a masculine name, we think Ruarí is a beautiful option for a girl, too. Ruarí’s origins come from the Gaelic words “ruadh” and “rígh,” meaning “red-haired” and “king,” respectively. In fact, there have historically been a number of male Irish leaders with this name, or variations of it. For the new ruler in your life, born with red locks or not, Ruarí is a pretty, unique, and majestic option to consider.

  • Origin: Garlic, Irish, Scottish
  • Meaning: Red king
  • Pronunciation: roo-ri
  • Variations: Rory, Ruairidh, Rhodri
Pretty, Unique


If you like longer names without many vowels, Sadhbh may just be a perfect option! An authentic and traditionally Irish name, Sadhbh is unfortunately not one commonly seen outside of Ireland itself. Sadhbh is a name that features throughout various tales of Irish legend, such as Princess Sadb ingen Chuinn, daughter of a legendary High King of Ireland, Conn of the Hundred Battles. Sadhbh has such a beautiful meaning of “sweet” and “lovely” that we can’t help but consider it one of the sweetest, loveliest names itself.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Sweet, lovely
  • Pronunciation: SYVE
  • Variations: Sadb, Saoibh, Sive
Unique, Warm


Saoirse is a lovely name for a girl, meaning “freedom” or “liberty” in Gaelic. A name most popular in Ireland, the spelling of Saoirse looks very different from its pronunciation from an English-speaking perspective. This being said, Saoirse’s uniqueness is perfectly memorable and pretty, and certainly a name to be cherished.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: Freedom, liberty
  • Pronunciation: SEER-sha, SUR-sha
  • Namesakes: Saoirse Ronan, an American-born Irish actress.
  • Popularity: Saoirse just entered the US top 1000 popular baby names chart in 2016. It’s peak so far was in 2020, ranking at #741.
Strong, Earthy


Pronounced “SHO-nak,” Seonag is another name with a spelling that would be considered surprising to those unfamiliar with the Gaelic language. Seonag is actually the Scottish Gaelic equivalent of the more well-known names Joan or Jane, but its unique and traditional attributes seem to set it leagues apart from these variations. With a meaning of “God is gracious,” Seonag is a perfectly heavenly and spiritual name, a worthy choice for a beautiful little girl.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: SHO-nak
  • Variations: Shona, Seona, Joan
Unique, Sharp, Heavenly
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Shaelee is a soft-sounding and sweet name of Gaelic origin. Its meaning is “admirable,” and Shaelee is a name certain to be admired! Shaelee is related to the name Shea (pronounced “shay”), also of Irish origin, which means “from the fairy fort!” A mysterious, adorable notion for a name, Shaelee would make a stunning option for a baby girl dreaming of magic.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Admirable
  • Pronunciation: shay-lee
  • Variations: Shea
Sweet, Unique


Sheridan is a fun, adventurous name of Gaelic origin, meaning “searcher.” Is Sheridan the name you have been “searching” for? There are many townships and counties throughout the US named Sheridan, which also offers potential for it to be a cute locational name if you have family ties in one of those places. A warm name which may even be shortened to the sweet Sherry, we love Sheridan and hope you will too.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Searcher
  • Namesakes: Sheridan Le Fanu, an Irish gothic writer. Sheridan Smith, a British actress.
  • Popularity: Sheridan briefly featured in the USA top baby girl names chart between 1996 and 2002, but it hasn’t climbed back into the rankings since, making this an uncommon name.
Warm, Pretty


Meaning “God is gracious,” Shona is a heavenly name of Gaelic origin. Off Scotland, there is a tidal island named Eilean Shona, which means “sea island.” Interestingly, this was actually used by the author J.M. Barrie (Peter Pan) as a summer holiday retreat! On its own, Shona is an uncommon but strong name, said to be a variant of the more commonly-used Joan or Jane.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Scottish, Irish
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Variations: Seona
Short, Sharp, Warm


Meaning “gift from God,” Siân is a perfectly heavenly name to give to your new baby blessing. Believe it or not, Siân is a Welsh variation of the traditional English name Jane, but arguably much more unique and mysterious. Interestingly, Sian is also considered a boy’s name in Hindi, meaning “very intelligent.”

  • Origin: Welsh, Irish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Gift from God
  • Pronunciation: shaarn
  • Variations: Siona, Sianya, Shani
  • Namesakes: Dame Siân Phillips, a Welsh actress. Sian Clifford, an English actress.
Short, Warm, Heavenly


Surprisingly, the traditionally Irish name Sinéad is actually a variant of the English name Jane! A beautiful name with a soft pronunciation, Sinéad is certain to impress. Its meaning “God is gracious” is sweet and heavenly. Although the spelling of Sinéad is considerably unique, those unfamiliar with the Irish language will probably recognize it and struggle less with the pronunciation than with other Irish names, thanks to Sinéad’s famous namesakes.

  • Origin: Irish, Hebrew
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: shin-ade
  • Variations: Sinnead, Synead
  • Namesakes: Sinéad O’Connor, an Irish singer/songwriter. Sinéad Burke, an Irish writer, academic, and disability activist.
Strong, Warm


A pretty name that is recognizable as being traditionally Irish, Siobhan has a beautiful lilt and earthy undertones. Siobhan is actually related to the name Sinéad, with both being forms of the English name Jane, or Joan. Siobhan, too, means “God is gracious,” so is a stunning option if you are hoping to choose a name with a religious meaning for your precious baby girl.

  • Origin: Irish, Gaelic
  • Meaning: God is gracious
  • Pronunciation: shiv-AWN
  • Namesakes: Siobhan McKenna, an Irish actress.
  • Popularity: Siobhan briefly featured in the USA’s top baby girl name charts between 1979 and 1987.
Pretty, Heavenly


Síofra is a fairly modern name of Gaelic Irish origin, but is deeply rooted in mystical superstition. According to Irish folklore, there were once evil sprites and fairies who stole infant humans and left strange, mysterious “changeling” children in their place. It’s somewhat unsettling as a folk legend, but interesting and baby-related nonetheless! Síofra, which is pronounced like “SHEE-fra,” translates to “changeling.” Perhaps Síofra would be a fun, magical name to give a baby girl who seems to strike you as perfectly unique?

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Fairy, changeling
  • Pronunciation: SHEE-fra, sheh-fra
Pretty, Unique


Another unique name of Gaelic origin, Sorcha, is a unique form of the anglicized names Sarah and Sally. Sorcha means “brightness,” making it brilliantly luminous and bound to shine a glow on its bearer. Don’t let the sharp pronunciation and unique spelling deter you from this name, as Sorcha is radiant and lovely.

  • Origin: Gaelic
  • Meaning: Brightness
  • Pronunciation: SURK-ha, sor-aka
  • Variations: Sorca, Sorsha
Unique, Sharp, Pretty


Tegan is the sweetest name and is deeply rooted in Gaelic origins. Tegan actually has a variety of possible meanings, but all of them are simply wonderful. In Welsh, Tegan is derived from the word “teg,” which means “loved one,” or “darling.” In Cornish, Tegan would mean “special thing,” also a beautiful sentiment for a child. In Gaelic, however, Tegan can actually be traced back to mean “little poet” or “little storyteller.”

  • Origin: Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish
  • Meaning: Little poet, loved one
  • Variations: Teagan, Teegan
Sweet, Pretty


Tierney is a delightfully feminine-sounding name, derived from the Gaelic “tiarna,” meaning “lord.” Most commonly a surname, Tierney was traditionally spelled Ó Tiarnaigh, with several saints of this name. A beautiful, majestic option for a given name, Tierney, could be used for both boys and girls.

  • Origin: Gaelic, Irish
  • Meaning: Lord, master
  • Pronunciation: TEER-nee
  • Variations: Tiarna, Tierneigh, Tiernan
  • Namesakes: Tierney Thys, an American marine biologist and explorer. Tierney Sutton, an American jazz singer.
Sweet, Pretty
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