111 Girl Names That Start With D: for Darling Daughters

Choose girl names that start with D and ditch dull daughter names.

Choosing a baby name is challenging. You want it to be fun, classy, and distinguished to reflect your bundle of joy’s personality. That’s a lot of things to consider all at once, so why not run through the letters of the alphabet until you find your favorite letter?

Girl names that start with D are a great place to start. We’ll introduce you to classic names like Deidre, Doris, Della, and Danica to help you on your inspirational journey to name perfection.

111 Inspirational Female Names That Start With D

Today, you’re one step closer to finding the perfect girl names that start with D.

  1. Dace – of French and Latin origin, meaning “of the nobility.”
  2. Daenerys – a fictional name for a GOT character, meaning “mother of dragons.”
  3. Dafne – an alternative spelling of Daphne, meaning “laurel tree” in Greek.
  4. Dahlia – this Swedish girl’s name means “valley” or “Dahl’s flower.”
  5. Dailyn – possibly a habitational name for someone living near a “dale,” or it means “pretty flower.”
  6. Daisy – derived from the Old English name Dægeseage, meaning “day’s eye.”
  7. Dakota – this Native American female name has the best meaning of “friend and ally.”
  8. Daksha – a classic Hindu baby name meaning “brilliant.”
  9. Dalanna – derived from the High German meaning “precious” or “child” in Irish.
  10. Dalary – this Spanish girl’s name means “gift of God” or “the air.”
  11. Dalett – a vintage Hebrew name with an unusual and ordinary meaning of “door.”
  12. Daleyza – this Spanish and Italian name means “delightful.”
  13. Dalilah – of Hebrew and Arabic origin, meaning “delicate.”
  14. Dallas – possibly of Irish origin, meaning “skilled.”
  15. Damara – is the name of a Greek fertility goddess, meaning “gentle girl.”
  16. Damaris – an Old Greek word meaning “calf and gentle.”
  17. Damia – this top Greek name means “goddess of the forces of nature.”
  18. Damita – of Spanish origin, meaning “little noblewoman.”
  19. Dana – this Irish and Hebrew short form of Daniel means “God has judged.”
  20. Danet – an Old English term for someone “from Denmark.”
  21. Dani – some women’s names that start with D come from Hebrew – meaning “God is my judge.”
  22. Dania – a short form of the Hebrew name Daniela, meaning “God is my judge.”
  23. Danica – of Slavic and Latin origin, meaning “morning star.”
  24. Daniela – the feminine version of the Hebrew name Daniel, meaning “God is my judge.”
  25. Danna – taken from ancient Hebrew, meaning “God is my judge.”
  26. Danuta – possibly of Polish and Lithuanian origin, meaning “God is my judge.”
  27. Daphne – a classic Greek name meaning “spring flower or laurel tree.”
  28. Dara – this Irish and Hebrew unisex name means “pearl of wisdom.”
  29. Darby – is a place name in England, possibly meaning “deer park.”
  30. Darcy – this French/Irish name means “dark one” or “from Arcy.”
  31. Daria – the feminine form of Darius – means “owner of goodness” in Greek.
  32. Dariana – a Persian royal name meaning “maintains possessions well.”
  33. Darika – this popular Asian/Hindi name means “maiden.”
  34. Darla – often used as a nickname, this Old English name means “darling or dearly beloved.”
  35. Darlene – an Old English name meaning “darling.”
  36. Darnetta – with roots in Old English, meaning “hidden nook.”
  37. Darsani – this Hindi female name has the unusual meaning of “worth looking at.”
  38. Dasha – of Greek and Romanian origin, meaning “gift of God.”
  39. Datia – derived from the Hebrew word “datya,” meaning “belief in God.”
  40. Davi – a short form of David, meaning “beloved” in Hebrew.
  41. Davida – a Hebrew name similar to Davina, meaning “beloved.”
  42. Davina – is of Scottish and Hebrew origin, meaning “beloved.”
  43. Dawn – this self-explanatory Old English name means “daybreak.”
  44. Dawsin – a classic Old English name meaning “son of David.”
  45. Deborah – is derived from the Hebrew word “D’vorah,” meaning “bee.”
  46. Dee – a short and sweet Welsh girl’s name meaning “swarthy.”
  47. Deepana – a pretty Sanskrit name with an even prettier meaning of “illuminating.”
  48. Deidre – this feminine Irish and Gaelic name means “broken-hearted” and “sorrowful.”
  49. Deja – this pretty French and Spanish name means “remembered.”
  50. Delaney – a cute Old French and Irish name meaning “from the alder grove.”
  51. Delilah – a popular Hebrew name meaning “delicate.”
  52. Della – an English name of German origin, meaning “of nobility.”
  53. Delmara – this Spanish and Portuguese name possibly means “of the sea” or “woman of the sea.”
  54. Delores – of Spanish and Latin origin, meaning “lady of sorrow.”
  55. Delphine – a topographical Greek word meaning “from Delphi” and “dolphin.”
  56. Delta – the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, meaning “born fourth.”
  57. Denali – girl names that start with D can be topographical, meaning “great one” in Native American.
  58. Denim – from the French term “serge” meaning “strong cloth and “de Nimes,” the place it’s produced.
  59. Denise – this French version of the masculine name Dennis means “to be devoted to Bacchus.”
  60. Denver – of Old English and French origin, meaning “green valley.”
  61. Demi – a diminutive of the Greek name Demetria, meaning “earth mother.”
  62. Derrea – an Irish and Gaelic version of the male name Darren, meaning “great.”
  63. Desire – from the Latin term “desiderata,” meaning “desired.”
  64. Desiree – a French and Latin derivative of Desree, meaning “desired.”
  65. Desna – either a Czech habitational name or a Hindi word meaning “offering and gift.”
  66. Desree – of French and Latin origin, meaning “desired.”
  67. Destiny – taken from the Latin term “destinare,” meaning “destiny or fate.”
  68. Devaki – a vintage Sanskrit name meaning “black.”
  69. Devina – a Scottish variation of the boy’s name David, meaning “beloved.”
  70. Devine – possibly Irish, Gaelic, and French, meaning “ox” or “divine.”
  71. Devora – this exotic Hebrew word means “bee.”
  72. Devyn – D names for girls like this one means “poet or bard” in English.
  73. Dextra – this seemingly modern name derives from Latin and means “adroit and skillful.”
  74. Dia – a classic Spanish name meaning “day.”
  75. Diamante – a Middle English version of Diamond, meaning “of high value, and brilliant.”
  76. Diana – similar to Diane, meaning “divine.”
  77. Diane – a variant form of the Latin Diana, meaning “divine.”
  78. Didi – means “raging, broken-hearted, and beloved” in Dutch.
  79. Dido – this short and sweet baby name means “queen of Carthage” in Latin.
  80. Dielle – of Hebrew and French origin, meaning “God is my judge.”
  81. Dilly – a derivative of the Welsh name Dylan, possibly meaning “great and sea.”
  82. Dina – of Greek, Hebrew, and English origin, meaning “judged or delicate.”
  83. Diondra – this Greek girl’s name possibly means “follower of Dionysius” or “from the sacred spring.”
  84. Dior – some female names that start with D is French, meaning “golden.”
  85. Diva – of Italian and Latin origin, meaning “goddess.”
  86. Dixie – the nickname for the Southern U.S. States, meaning “tenth” and “I have spoken” in Latin.
  87. Dhriti – this name comes from Hindi and means “courage, morale, and patience.”
  88. Dolly – a short form of Dorothy, meaning “cute child” or “gift of God” in Greek.
  89. Domele – derived from the Latin “domela,” meaning “mistress of the home.”
  90. Dominga – a Spanish version of the Latin name Dominicus, meaning “of the Lord.”
  91. Dominique – the feminine form of Dominic, meaning “of the Lord” in French.
  92. Donita – with Italian roots, this name means “world, mighty, and lady.”
  93. Donna – a short form of Madonna, meaning “lady” in Italian.
  94. Dora – a short form of Dorothea, meaning “gift” in Greek.
  95. Dore – of Greek origin, meaning “fist, stranger, and exile.”
  96. Dorine – many girl names with D derive from ancient Greek, meaning “gift.”
  97. Doris – this vintage name derives from Greek and means “gift of the ocean.”
  98. Dorma – comes from ancient Latin, meaning “sleep or sleeping.”
  99. Dorothea – a classic Greek name meaning “gift of God.”
  100. Dorothy – this common English name derives from the Greek Dorothea, meaning “gift of God.”
  101. Dory – of Greek and French origin, meaning “gift of God, sea, and gilded.”
  102. Dotty – derived from the Greek Theodora, meaning “gift of God.”
  103. Dove – this English name represents the “bird of peace.”
  104. Dream – women’s names that start with D are pretty, like this one linked to dreams.
  105. Drew – some girl names that start with D come from Welsh, meaning “wise.”
  106. Dreya – possibly Scottish or American, meaning “strong and beautiful.”
  107. Drina – a derivative of the Greek name Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  108. Drucilla – derived from the Greek word “drus,” meaning “firm and strong.”
  109. Dua – names for girls that start with D can be unique, like Dua, meaning “prayer.”
  110. Dulce – is popular in Spain and Portugal, meaning “sweet.”
  111. Dylan – originating in Wales, Dylan means “son of the sea” or “born of the ocean.”

Girl Names That Start With D FAQs

What Are the Most Popular Girl Names That Start With D?

The most popular girl names that start with D include Daphne, Dora, Donna, Darby, Darcy, and Desree. Other examples like Dorothy, Dina, Doris, and Dore derive from Greek and ancient Hebrew.

What Are the Most Popular Sanskrit-Inspired Girl Names That Start With D?

The most popular Sanskrit-inspired girl names that start with D include Dhriti, Devaki, Deepana, Darsani, and Daksha.

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