101 Girl Names That Start With F: For Fair Maidens

These fabulous girl names that start with F are a force to be reckoned with!

If your favorite female names start with F, then fancy that! You’re in the right place.

Here, we have gathered the top girl names that start with F, including all their favorable meanings, origins, and more. You’re bound to find a new favorite, and we hope they’ll add some flourish and fire to your own list of female names that start with F.

So, keep reading for the most flawless F names for girls. They’re all fantastic, like a feel-good initial for any fabulous female!

101 Flawless Girl Names That Start With F

These top favorite F names for girls are full of feel-good energy.

  1. Fabiana – with Roman roots, this name has the cutesy meaning of “bean.”
  2. Fabiola – another “bean” name, as a feminine form of the Latin male name Fabian.
  3. Faith – this top timeless virtue name is best for a baby believer.
  4. Fallon – fit for a boss, this Irish name means “leader, supremacy.”
  5. Fallow – the most autumnal-sounding pick among girl names that start with F, after the soil shade of brown.
  6. Fancy – a pretty name for an admired child, sometimes seen as a Francis nickname.
  7. Fanney – means “free one,” but be aware this vintage name may sound vulgar in British English.
  8. Faren – this sexy Amazonian name means “handsome” and is gender-neutral.
  9. Farrah – this Arabic name exudes “happiness,” just like the arrival of a perfect new daughter.
  10. Farzaneh – one of the longer F names for girls, beautifully meaning “intelligent” in Persian.
  11. Fate – a unique word name and one only destiny could provide!
  12. Fatima – a popular name used largely in Islamic countries, meaning “one who abstains.”
  13. Fauna – after the Roman goddess of nature and animals, for an earthy, caring little girl.
  14. Faustina – the “luckiest” of women’s names that start with F, dating back to ancient Roman times.
  15. Fawn – a beautiful baby name, reminding us of the fuzzy cuteness of young deer.
  16. Fay – or Faye, the prettiest elfin name meaning “fairy” for that cottagecore aesthetic.
  17. Feather – light and breezy, this is one of the more uncommon names for girls that start with F.
  18. Febe – a rare spelling of the “radiant” Greek name Phoebe.
  19. Felicidad – an international alternative to Felicity, meaning “happiness” in Spanish.
  20. Felicitas – after the Roman goddess of good luck, this name is quite the charmer.
  21. Felicity – meaning “happiness,” this joyful Christian name is one to bring a smile to your face.
  22. Felka – a cute Polish name for a “lucky” lady.
  23. Fèngyīng – a spectacular Chinese girl’s name meaning “phoenix,” pronounced “fung-yeeng.”
  24. Fenix – a modern and trendy name for magical babies, as a re-spelling of Phoenix.
  25. Feodora – a Slavic spelling of Theodora with the letter F, perfect for your precious “gift of God.”
  26. Fergie – like the pop star, this gritty Gaelic name symbolizes “strength.”
  27. Fern – after the lush, leafy plant, this 4-letter name is creeping up the popularity charts again.
  28. Fernanda – like the male Fernando, this “adventurous” name really packs a punch.
  29. Fevziye – a rare Turkish female name that’s hard to spell yet has the worthwhile meaning of “triumph.”
  30. Ffion – this is the Welsh word for the pretty perennial foxglove flower.
  31. Fflur – meaning “flower,” Fflur is an especially feminine pick among Welsh names for girls.
  32. Ffriad – interestingly, this is a traditional Welsh form of the “powerful” name Bridget.
  33. Fiadh – sounding like it came straight from a fairytale, this Irish name means “deer.”
  34. Fiamma – an unusual and rare Italian name fit for a dragon queen, meaning “flame, fiery one.”
  35. Fidda – meaning “silver,” this unique Arabic name shines expensively.
  36. Fidella – means “loyalty” for the truest of companions.
  37. Fiera – anyone would be chuffed to bear this name, meaning “proud” in Esperanto.
  38. Fifi – this fluffy F name would make a fun nickname for any of the choices on this list!
  39. Filicia – or Felicia, both Latin names meaning “lucky,” as feminine equivalents of Felix.
  40. Filipa – a feminine form of Philip with that F spelling, meaning “lover of horses.”
  41. Filly – a fun nickname for a Philadelphia gal, also daintily reminding us of a young female horse.
  42. Filomena – an alternative spelling to Philomena, for a powerful “strong, loved one.”
  43. Finley – a fresh, unisex name for a brave and courageous “fair warrior.”
  44. Finola – a fresh, simpler spelling of the traditional Irish name Fionnuala.
  45. Fioled – is a rare name taken from the Welsh word for “violet.”
  46. Fiona – a princessy name with Gaelic roots, meaning “fair” or “vine.”
  47. Fionn – like Ffion in style, but this Gaelic feminine name means “white, fair.”
  48. Fionnguala – the rare, Old Irish spelling root that inspired Fionnuala.
  49. Fionnuala – means “white-shouldered,” like an Irish girl caught in a snowstorm.
  50. Firdaus – from Arabic, this dreamy, unisex F name symbolizes “paradise.”
  51. Firouzeh – one of the more precious girl names that start with F, meaning “turquoise” in Persian.
  52. Fjolla – we love the spelling of this Albanian name, with the cool meanings of “fine snow” and “snowflake.”
  53. Flavia – a sexy Roman name best suited to a “blonde, golden-haired” girl.
  54. Fleur – typically French, this “flower” F name sounds sugary and exotic.
  55. Flo – a short nickname or just an earthy standalone name for a girl as calm as the ocean.
  56. Floella – is a cutesy name for a girl who’s like a “flower” – rather delicate yet delicious, to say.
  57. Flor – meaning “flower” in various languages, Flor makes a beautiful, 4-letter pick.
  58. Flora – an all-encompassing flower name, also borne by the Roman goddess of springtime.
  59. Florence – like the Italian city, your daughter will “flower” and “flourish” with this special F name.
  60. Florencia – an elegant Spanish variant of Florence.
  61. Florida – like the U.S. state, and for a girl full of sunshine.
  62. Florinda – the most lyrical 8-letter “flower” name, beautiful for a springtime baby.
  63. Florrie – from Latin, this pretty nickname “blossoms” and “flourishes.”
  64. Flossie – or Flossy, both cute floral nicknames to make you smile.
  65. Flower – a cute, outdoorsy name for a perfect petal princess.
  66. Flowery – this one is like Flower but with even more of a magical glow!
  67. Flutura – an Albanian name meaning “butterfly,” with a certain “fluttering” appeal.
  68. Flynn – for a “child of the red-haired one,” this “F” surname and given name is a great option.
  69. Fontaine – a gender-neutral French name that’s infinitely romantic, meaning “fountain.”
  70. Forest – a quirky choice among women’s names that start with F – for fearless explorers.
  71. Fortuna – like the Roman goddess of fortune, this name is one to take a “chance” on!
  72. Fortunata – why not emphasize your “good fate” by adding an extra syllable to this “lucky” name?
  73. Fortune – another great virtue name that would be ideal if twinned with Faith.
  74. Foster – a trendy pick for a modern girl, taken from the British family name meaning “forest, woodsman.”
  75. Fotini – a rare name dating back to ancient Greece, meaning “light, bright, shining.”
  76. Francesca – meaning “free,” this radiant Latin girl name offers plenty of gorgeous nicknames.
  77. Francia – for a girl of French heritage, this romantic F name is quite charming.
  78. Francine – an alternative to Francesca, with quite an elegant, airy appeal.
  79. Francis – or Frances, both unisex names meaning “free one.”
  80. Frankie – a sparky nickname from Francesca, also great for a French-born gal.
  81. Fred – although more commonly heard on men, this cute nickname would work for a fun girl.
  82. Frederica – with the noble meaning of “peaceful ruler,” this Old German name is one to wear with pride.
  83. Freesia – like the flower, this colorful name sounds limitless and full of life.
  84. Freja – or Freya, after the badass Norse goddess whose pretty name means “lady.”
  85. Frida – a German name meaning “peace,” best associated with Mexican painter Kahlo.
  86. Friday – thank goodness for this celebrity name after everyone’s favorite day of the week.
  87. Frigg – an unusual name for a “beloved” baby, rooted in Norse mythology.
  88. Frostine – this “frosty” French name could be the “coolest” choice among girl names that start with F.
  89. Fruma – a devout Yiddish name for a “pious” person, also spelled Frumah or Frumma.
  90. Fuerte – the Spanish word for “strong”- is a very rare but badass name for girls.
  91. Fukayna – one for clever little clogs, this Arabic girl’s name means “wise, clever, intelligent.”
  92. Fulgora – she was the personification of lightning in Roman mythology – a sparky namesake for a girl.
  93. Fumiko – for a treasured daughter, this glowing Japanese female name means “beautiful child.”
  94. Fumnanya – one of the longer girl names with F from African (Igbo) origin, meaning “love me.”
  95. Funda – meaning “heather,” this earthy Turkish name is a pretty floral pick.
  96. Fungai – a rare African girl’s name meaning “to think,” but sounding rather mushroomy.
  97. Funke – a “sparky” German surname, also short for Olufunke, full of black girl magic.
  98. Furaha – full of happiness and serenity, this glowing Swahili name means “joy.”
  99. Furiosa – if you’re looking for fiery female names that start with F, consider this “ferocious” option.
  100. Fuschia – this garden flower name paints a picture in vivid shades of purple-red.
  101. Fuyuko – a spectacular Japanese name designed for a “winter child.”

Girl Names That Start With F FAQs

What Is the Most Common Girl Name Starting with F?

Florence, Flora, and Francesca are some of the most popular F names for girls, along with all their cute nicknames, such as Frankie, Flo, or Flossie. Freya and Ffion are old names that have also been climbing the popularity charts recently.

What Are Some Floral Girl Names That Start With F?

Flower is perhaps the most obvious choice among floral names that start with F for girls, but we also love Flora, Florence, and Florinda.

Freesia, Fuschia, and Ffion are cute names inspired by actual flowers, and then Fleur, Flor, Fflur, and Funda all mean “flower” in different languages.

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