150 Adorably Cute Girl Names: With Pretty Meanings

Every kid is cute, but it’s time to raise your game with the best cute girl names for your sweet little girl.

Cute girl names could have dual meanings, from fun and enchanting to cunning and charismatic. Whichever meaning you prefer, finding the right title for your little princess is crucial if you want it to reflect her personality.

We’ve created this list of cute baby girl names to help you find the perfect one for your bundle of joy. Let’s get started!

150 Charismatic and Cute Names for Girls

Don’t be shy with your badass kids because no one ever won anything playing it safe, including choosing cute female names.

  1. Addie – a popular nickname for Adeline and Addison, meaning “noble type.”
  2. Aggie – a variation of Agnes with a modern feel, meaning “chaste.”
  3. Aleta – an exotic-sounding girl’s name meaning “truth” or “footloose.”
  4. Alice – an Old French and German name meaning “noble.”
  5. Amelia – a cute girl’s name from the Germanic word, Amal, meaning “work.”
  6. Anissa – an Arabic word meaning “friendly,” with an exotic feel.
  7. Ariana – a Hebrew, Greek, and Old English name meaning “most holy.”
  8. Ashley – a sporty unisex name meaning “dweller near the ash tree meadow.”
  9. Astrid – your daughter would be “divinely beautiful” with this Scandinavian name.
  10. Ava – a short and sweet baby name; Ava means “bird” in Latin.
  11. Avery – is adorable and mythical, meaning “wisdom” or “elf ruler.”
  12. Avila – means “desired” with Germanic roots and ticks the unique box perfectly.
  13. Bea – is short for Beatrice or Beatrix, meaning “she who brings happiness.”
  14. Belle – an elegant French name that translates as “beautiful.”
  15. Beth – is short for Bethany, meaning “house of figs” or “affliction.”
  16. Blake – this Old English name means “black and white.”
  17. Blossom – a hit for fans of cute baby girl names, meaning “flower of a plant.”
  18. Bonita – a Spanish and Portuguese name meaning “pretty.”
  19. Cassie – let your baby girl “shine” with this adorable name.
  20. Cecilia – is of Latin origin meaning “blind,” with an exclusive feel.
  21. Chloe – a popular Greek name representing “blooming and fertility.”
  22. Claire – is popular in the U.S.; your sweet Claire will shine “bright and clear” with this name.
  23. Clara – means “bright and clear” and is a Latin derivative of Claire.
  24. Claudette – a super-posh name meaning “lame or close,” depending on who you believe.
  25. Cleo – all daughters need “praise and acclaim,” with this diminutive of Cleopatra.
  26. Cora – means “maiden” from Persephone, the Greek goddess of fertility.
  27. Daisy – from the flower, meaning “day’s eye,” and is cutesy by the bucket-load.
  28. Dawn – an English name meaning “sunrise” and is ideal for kids with bright personalities.
  29. Delilah – in Hebrew, Delilah translates as “delicate;” she was the seductress of Samson in the Bible.
  30. Della – a Germanic name for “noble,” Della is short and sweet.
  31. Delphine – a super-cute name meaning “dolphin” and “woman from Delphi.”
  32. Diana – the Princess of Wales, epitomized this “divine” Greek name.
  33. Doris – means “Dorian woman,” from an ancient Greek culture.
  34. Eartha – Eartha Kitt bore this rare name meaning “ earth.”
  35. Eden – an innocent-sounding Hebrew girl’s name meaning “place of pleasure.”
  36. Effie – is of Scottish and Gaelic origins, meaning “new speckled one.”
  37. Eleanor – from Old German and French origins, meaning “other or foreign.”
  38. Elke – this Hebrew name meaning “God has purchased” is popular in Germany.
  39. Ellie – an English name meaning “bright shining one” sounds perfect for your little sunbeam.
  40. Elsa – a cute Hebrew name meaning “God is my oath.”
  41. Elsie – the queen of Scottish cute female names meaning “pledged to God.”
  42. Esme – meaning “loved,” Esme is of Persian and French origin.
  43. Estelle – meaning “star,” it’s also the name of Saint Estelle of Aquitania.
  44. Faye – comes from the English word, Faie meaning “fairy,” or the French meaning “loyalty.”
  45. Fiona – is from the Gaelic name Fionn, meaning “white and fair.”
  46. Florrie – is a short form of Florence, meaning “prosperous and flourishing” in Latin.
  47. Fran – an old-fashioned Latin short form of Frances meaning “French.”
  48. Frankie – this short form of Frances is a unisex name meaning “free and truthful.”
  49. Freda – is of Old German origin meaning “peaceful.”
  50. Gerry – a unisex name meaning “ruling spear” and is short for Geraldine.
  51. Gertie – short for Gertrude, meaning “strong spear” in Old German.
  52. Ginger – meaning “pure, chaste, and virginal;” perfect traits for your delightful daughter.
  53. Grace – associated with the Greek goddesses of charm, beauty, and creativity; Grace means “goodness.”
  54. Greta – means “pearl” in Germanic; Greta Garbo was the epitome of cute.
  55. Gwen – from Old Welsh meaning “fair, white, blessed, and holy.”
  56. Harriet – the female version of Harry, meaning “home-ruler.”
  57. Hazel – from the tree or color, Hazel is also an earthy name for girls.
  58. Heather – a soft and elegant Scottish female name describing the “evergreen flowering plant.”
  59. Heidi – is from German, Swiss, and English, meaning “noble kind.”
  60. Helen – an ancient Greek name meaning “to shine and warm.”
  61. Hester – your little princess could benefit from this beautiful name meaning “ star.”
  62. Holly – if she was born at Christmas, Holly (from the holly tree) is perfect.
  63. Hope – a positive-sounding Old English name meaning “expectation and belief.”
  64. Imelda – is of Italian origin and one of the prettiest cute names for girls, meaning “universal battle.”
  65. Indira – from Sanskrit meaning “beauty;” Indira Gandhi is a modern hero.
  66. Irena – an alternative form of Irene, meaning “peace” in Greek.
  67. Isabelle – an alternative spelling of Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath.”
  68. Isla – a Scottish name and the Spanish word for “island.”
  69. Ivy – an English plant name referring to a “vine.”
  70. Jackie – is derived from the masculine Jack and James, meaning “supplanter.”
  71. Jane – means “Yahweh is merciful” and is popular in the States.
  72. Jasmine – your kid is a “gift from God” with this Persian girl’s name.
  73. Jemima – a Hebrew word meaning “dove (the bird of love),” is such a cute name.
  74. Jemma – comes from Old English for “precious stone.”
  75. Jenna – one of the cutest names meaning “little bird and heaven” in Arabic.
  76. Jenny – the Celtic girl’s name for “white wave” and one of the prettiest cute female names.
  77. Jesse – is of English and Dutch origin, meaning “God exists.”
  78. Jill – of Latin and Old English origins, meaning “youthful;” Jill could be perfect for your daughter.
  79. Josie – a friendly and fun name of English origin meaning “Jehovah increases.”
  80. Joy – popularized by the Puritans in the 17th-century, Joy is such a positive name.
  81. Kara – means “friend” in Gaelic, “beloved” in Italian, and “black” in Turkish.
  82. Karen – is of Danish origin meaning “pure,” and in French, it means “clear.”
  83. Kate – similar to Karen, meaning “pure” in French, English, and Latin.
  84. Kayla – a pretty Hebrew name meaning “laurel crown.”
  85. Keisha – based on the Old Testament name, Keziah, meaning “cassia or cinnamon.”
  86. Kelly – a unisex name meaning “bright-headed” and a popular Irish surname.
  87. Kiki – a top contender among sweet baby girl names, meaning ”double happiness.”
  88. Kinzie – a Scottish female derivative of Kenzie meaning “fair one.”
  89. Kira – of Russian origin, meaning “lady” or “beam of light.”
  90. Lacy – from Old French and Greek, meaning “lace-like.”
  91. Lainey – if your little girl is a “bright shining light,” call her Lainey.
  92. Lana – is of Irish Gaelic and Germanic origins, meaning “little rock.”
  93. Laura – is of Latin origins meaning “bay laurel” and is popular in the States.
  94. Layla – from Arabic and Hebrew, meaning “dark and night.”
  95. Leah – a biblical girl name meaning “wild cow” or “weary.”
  96. Letitia – means “joy and happiness,” two things your child brings to your life.
  97. Lexi – a cute name describing “man’s defender” from Alexandra.
  98. Liberty – comes from the Latin “Libertas,” meaning “freedom.”
  99. Lilibeth – a derivative of Elizabeth, commonly used as a nickname meaning “God is my oath.”
  100. Linda – an old favorite name meaning “beautiful and pretty.”
  101. Lottie – meaning “little and womanly,” Lottie is the cutest name.
  102. Luna – from the Roman moon goddess, translated as “moon.”
  103. Mabel – meaning “lovable and dear,” Mabel describes your child perfectly.
  104. Madison – a popular American name meaning “son of Matthew.”
  105. Maisie – of Greek and English origin meaning “pearl.”
  106. Martha – a biblical name meaning “lady” with a classic, old-fashioned feel.
  107. Matilda – is of German origins, meaning “mighty in battle.”
  108. Maud – the medieval form of Matilda with the same meaning.
  109. Maya – in the top 100 names for girls in the States, Maya means “good mother.”
  110. Melanie – from a Greek goddess who mourned the loss of summer, meaning “black.”
  111. Melody – of Greek origins meaning “song” and a pretty girl’s name for a music-loving family.
  112. Merle – is French for “blackbird,” with similar names including Muriel and Merrill.
  113. Mia – in Italian, Mia means “mine” and “beloved” in Egyptian.
  114. Naomi – such an attractive Hebrew name meaning “pleasantness.”
  115. Nelly – an adorable Greek and English nickname meaning “light.”
  116. Nessa – of Scottish, Scandinavian, or Russian origin, meaning “headlands.”
  117. Nina – a perfect name of Spanish origin, meaning “little girl.”
  118. Nora – another name meaning “light,” with an old-fashioned feel.
  119. Odette – a classic name from the ballet Swan Lake, meaning “wealthy.”
  120. Olivia – a 13th-century name for an “olive tree” and Shakespeare’s character in Twelfth Night.
  121. Ophelia – Shakespeare’s tragic heroine, and a Greek name meaning “help.”
  122. Paige – is of French origin, meaning “young servant,” and a popular, modern name.
  123. Pamela – a popular name in the States, meaning “all sweetness and honey.”
  124. Pearl – from the precious stone associated with innocence and elegance.
  125. Penelope – means “weaver” and sounds like the latest name trend when shortened to Penny.
  126. Persephone – the mythological daughter of Zeus, meaning “to destroy.”
  127. Pippa – if your girl is a “lover of horses,” this English and Italian name fits perfectly.
  128. Posy – probably one of the most beautiful cute baby girl names meaning “small bunch of flowers.”
  129. Raine – from Old French meaning “queen,” Raine is perfect for aspiring little princesses.
  130. Renee – such a chic Latin and French name meaning “reborn.”
  131. Rosie – a derivative of “rose” and a strong contender for top cute girl names.
  132. Rowena – if you want your daughter to have “fame and happiness,” name her Rowena.
  133. Ruby – from the Latin “rubinus,” meaning “red,” and a gorgeous gemstone.
  134. Sabrina – this bewitching name means “River Severn” after a Welsh goddess.
  135. Sadie – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “princess.”
  136. Sally – meaning “princess,” Sally is the perfect sister name for Raine.
  137. Sandy – a unisex Greek and English name meaning “defender of mankind.”
  138. Sarah – a classic favorite meaning “princess” that never loses popularity.
  139. Selene – the Greek goddess of the moon, meaning “light and brightness.”
  140. Sophie – the French form of Sophia, meaning “wisdom.”
  141. Sylvie – an amazing name of French origin meaning “from the forest.”
  142. Thea – from the Greek meaning “divine,” Thea is popular in Germany.
  143. Theresa – a Spanish, Greek, and Portuguese name meaning “to harvest.”
  144. Tilda – is associated with “strength in battle,” a powerful name for your kid.
  145. Violet – from the flower and color, meaning purple.
  146. Willow – an earthy name for a hippy kid meaning “freedom,” associated with grace and elegance.
  147. Winnie – a playful girl’s name beginning with W, meaning “first-born daughter.”
  148. Zara – a posh Hebrew name meaning “blooming flower.”
  149. Zita – is of Greek origin and short for Rosita, meaning “seeker.”
  150. Zoe – derived from Eve, this enchanting Greek girl name means “life.”

Cute Girl Names FAQs

What are Popular Cute Baby Names?

Popular cute baby names include Pamela, Olivia, Sophie, Sally, and Helen. Other examples of cute girl names like Alice, Beth, and Chloe have a traditional feel but with interesting meanings and origins.

Where do Cute Names for Girls Come From?

Cute names for girls come from mythology, history, and various cultures, including Greek, Roman, Norse, English, and French. Many also derive from Latin or Gaelic, with meanings that signify status, wealth, and religion.

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