106 Girl Names That Start With W: for Wonderful Women

You’re on to a winner by choosing one of these wonderful girl names that start with W.

It may not be the most common initial, but we’re here today to prove that girl names that start with W are some of the most well-rounded.

It’s not difficult to be wooed by W names for girls, with many offering such strong, powerful, and inspired meanings. Most of the names on this list have Slavic or Germanic roots, but we’ve included examples from around the world, including their well-researched meanings, origins, and more.

From the weird to the wonderful, keep reading to unlock the most winning women’s names that start with W!

106 Wonderful Girl Names That Start with W

What better initial for a woman than the wonderful letter W?

  1. Wacława – a rare Polish name for the “most glorious” girl.
  2. Wafiya – you can count on this Arabic girl’s name, meaning “trustworthy, reliable.”
  3. Wahida – or Waheeda, meaning “single, sole,” for a one-of-a-kind woman.
  4. Wahnita – a rarely-seen spelling variant of Juanita, holding the biblical meaning of “God is gracious.”
  5. Waimi – a pretty Japanese name with possible meanings including “feather.”
  6. Wakana – another charming Japanese name with meanings including “harmony” and “music.”
  7. Wakanda – after the fictional place, home to Marvel’s Black Panther.
  8. Walburga – this standout Old German name offers “strong protection” to those who bear it.
  9. Walela – a Native American (Cherokee) name with the hyperactive meaning of “hummingbird.”
  10. Walentyna – a Polish form of the romantic Valentina, meaning “strong, healthy.”
  11. Waleria – a Polish form of Valeria, also meaning “strong,” from Latin roots.
  12. Wallie – or Wally, short for names with that “wal” element.
  13. Wallis – an alternative to the masculine name Wallace, traditionally referring to a “Welshman.”
  14. Walterina – a feminine form of Walter, meaning “army power, army commander.”
  15. Waltina – another feminine twist on Walter, yet with fewer syllables.
  16. Wanangwa – a vibrant African (Tumbuka) name to bless “freedom” upon a daughter.
  17. Wanda – great for Marvel fans; this heroic name historically refers to the Slavic Wends tribes.
  18. Wander – for the most adventurous and free-spirited of female explorers.
  19. Wanessa – a Polish spelling of Vanessa, of unknown meaning, yet with sassy appeal.
  20. Wanetta – a rare English name, said to mean “pale.”
  21. Wangari – an Eastern African name with the cool meaning of “leopard.”
  22. Warda – a cool 5-letter name, meaning “rose” in Arabic or “guardian” in Old German.
  23. Warrior – is the most powerful among girl names that start with W, for the strongest ladies.
  24. Waterlily – your daughter will sound like a fantasy princess with this uncommon, nature-inspired name.
  25. Wattana – means “development, advancement” in Thai.
  26. Wave – a unique, 4-letter W name describes gentle waters or a friendly greeting.
  27. Waverly – this romantic place name gorgeously refers to a “meadow of quivering aspens.”
  28. Wayan – ideal for a firstborn, this Balinese name means “eldest.”
  29. Wayna – a feminine form of Wayne, an Old English name meaning “wagon-maker.”
  30. Wealthy – a beautiful name to bestow hopes for fame and riches upon your new daughter.
  31. Wedelia – a rare pick among flower-inspired names for girls that start with W.
  32. Wednesday – a gothic girl name popularized by The Addams Family.
  33. Wei – a strong, gender-neutral Chinese name element with many possible meanings, including “power.”
  34. Welcome – this uncommon word name shines with chivalry and gratitude.
  35. Wenche – a Norwegian form of Wenke and a not-so-complimentary Shakespearean term for a woman.
  36. Wendelgard – a very old Germanic girl name with various origins and meanings.
  37. Wendeline – or Wendalyn, meaning “wanderer,” for day-dreamy girls.
  38. Wendla – a very rare Germanic name meaning “wanderer,” perfect for a country girl.
  39. Wendy – a classic literary pick from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, meaning “friendly.”
  40. Wenke – an upbeat Germanic name for your new best “friend.”
  41. Wera – a spelling alternative to Vera, meaning “faith, truth.”
  42. Werethekau – after a “great enchantress” of ancient Egyptian religion.
  43. Weronika – a Polish spelling of Veronica, meaning “true image” or “bringer of victory.”
  44. Wesley – traditionally a British boy name meaning “western lea,” yet it sounds cute for a girl.
  45. West – a stylish locational name, sounds fit for celebrity babies.
  46. Whetū – the Maori word for “star” shines among celestial names for girls that start with W.
  47. Whisper – the most gentle of girl names with W initials, with the softest, sweetest sound.
  48. Whitley – an English coastal name, also meaning “white meadow.”
  49. Whitney – a powerful Old English choice among women’s names that start with W, meaning “white island.”
  50. Wibke – an Old German name with the fiery meaning of “war.”
  51. Wichita – after a southern Native American tribe, thus a strong name for those with such heritage.
  52. Wicket – youthful and athletic; referring to a small gate or the stump in cricket (the sport).
  53. Widad – a beautiful Muslim name for girls, signifying “love” in Arabic.
  54. Wiebke – an unusually-spelled Frisian name for a “fighter” female.
  55. Wikolia – a dreamy Hawaiian form of Victoria, meaning “victorious.”
  56. Wiktoria – the Polish form of the ever-popular and “victorious” name Victoria.
  57. Wil – or Will, both classic and simple nicknames for names with that “Wil-” element.
  58. Wilbeth – a pretty name combining “Wil” with the popular “beth” suffix, also featured in Germanic mythology.
  59. Wileen – a shorter form of Wilhelmine, meaning “determined warrior.”
  60. Wilfreda – a girly alternative to Wildred, meaning “desirer of peace,” for ladies with bright futures ahead.
  61. Wilhelmina – an ultra-feminine alternative to the old lady name Wilhelmine.
  62. Wilhelmine – a form of the Germanic Wilhelm, designed for the most “determined warrior.”
  63. Willa – this pretty short form of Wilhelmina reminds us of dreamy willow trees.
  64. Willabelle – a modern name combining the “protector, warrior,” “Will-” element with the pretty “Belle” suffix.
  65. Willie – a cute nickname for any moniker with that “wil” element, used for boys or girls.
  66. Willodean – a fancy American girl name, offering all the same “protection” as other “Will-” names.
  67. Willow – earthy and graceful, just like the symbolic tree.
  68. Wilma – a retro-sounding nickname from Wilhelmina.
  69. Wilson – this very common last name for a “son of Will” could be cute for a girl.
  70. Wiltrud – a noble German name, full of “resolute strength.”
  71. Windsor – this reigning royal surname means “windy hill, riverbank” in Old English.
  72. Windy – a blustery name, also used as a short form of various “Wil-” names.
  73. Winifred – an Old English name full of vintage appeal, meaning “holy, blessed, joy.”
  74. Winkie – belongs to a female house elf in the Harry Potter franchise.
  75. Winnie – a short form of Winifred, like the noise a horse would make.
  76. Winola – a dainty and elegant name with German roots for a “charming friend.”
  77. Winona – or Wynona, a Native American (Sioux) name for a “firstborn daughter.”
  78. Winry – a rare yet trendy name, perhaps short for Winifred.
  79. Winslow – an English name meaning “friend’s hill,” sounding homely and quaint.
  80. Winsome – an Old English word for the most “agreeable” of ladies.
  81. Winter – the coolest name for a daughter born in the chilliest months.
  82. Wiola – the Polish spelling of Viola, after the pretty violet flower.
  83. Wioletta – another form of Violet, vividly shining in purple.
  84. Wisconsin – a rare yet strong name if you live in this U.S. state.
  85. Wisdom – an uncommon virtue name for girls who think big.
  86. Wish – the most enchanting word name for a longed-for baby girl.
  87. Wisteria – an elegant choice among floral girl names with W initials.
  88. Wistrilde – a medieval French name said to mean “battle.”
  89. Witch – the most magical among W names for girls, for spellcasting wonders.
  90. Władysława – a regal Polish female name for a “ruler,” full of proud “glory.”
  91. Wojciecha – one of the longest female names that start with W, meaning “joyous warrior” in Polish.
  92. Wolf – an animal-inspired name with a bite – ideal for a girl born at nighttime.
  93. Wonder – nothing more magical than a new baby blessing, perfectly captured in this gorgeous name.
  94. Worthy – to show your girl she is “worthy” of anything she sets her mind to.
  95. Wren – a beautifully earthy pick among bird-inspired names for girls that start with W.
  96. Wrenley – combining the sing-song name Wren with the feminine “-ley” suffix.
  97. Wrenna – another variant of Wren with a fun, girly feel.
  98. Wu – a powerful Chinese girl’s name element with many meanings, including “military” or “business.”
  99. Wulfrun – a strong Old English name meaning “wolf” and “runes,” linked to the city of Wolverhampton.
  100. Wyatt – this badass unisex name is for kids destined to be “brave in battle.”
  101. Wylie – or Wiley, taken from various place names across England and Scotland.
  102. Wyn – or Wynn, meaning “pure, fair;” you can’t go wrong with this delicate Welsh W name.
  103. Wynter – is a version of Winter, with a stylish and modern “y” spelling.
  104. Wyomia – a Native American girl’s name meaning “wide plain.”
  105. Wyoming – this U.S. state name means “big plains, large prairie.”
  106. Wyvern – a standout Middle English name after a dragon from European folklore.

W Names for Girls FAQs

What Is the Most Popular W Name for Girls?

W is far from being the most popular initial when it comes to girl names. However, Willow is a consistently popular pick among parents, and names such as Wendy, Whitney, and Winona remain familiar thanks to popular culture.

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