110 Sweet Bird Names for Girls & Boys with Unique Origins

These bird names for babies are as cheerful, cool, and chirpy as can be.

We have searched the skies to compile this fabulous list of bird names for girls and boys, certain to be the coolest chicks in the aviary.

Whether your baby is as pretty as a peacock, stylish as a swan, or bold as a falcon, you’re bound to discover the perfect bird-inspired name among our feathered friends. And, with all the names’ meanings, origins, and more listed for each one, your baby bird name nest will be complete in no time!

48 Gorgeous Girl Names That Mean Bird

These beautiful bird names for girls are perfect for high-flying babies.

  1. Aderyn – a gorgeous Welsh female name meaning “bird.”
  2. Aghavni – a sweet and melodic Armenian girl name meaning “dove.”
  3. Ainara – a dainty variant of the Basque Enara, meaning “swallow.”
  4. Alondra – the Spanish word for “lark,” and also a variant of Alejandra, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  5. Alouette – a gorgeously feminine French name meaning “skylark.”
  6. Audette – a feminine-sounding French pick among names that mean “bird.”
  7. Ava – a timeless Latin girl name meaning “life” and “bird.”
  8. Avaley – a melodic and charming Persian female name meaning “pretty as a bird.”
  9. Birdie – an affectionate name that sounds like a nickname, taken from the word “bird.”
  10. Branna – an elegant Gaelic name meaning “raven.”
  11. Branwen – a great bird name from Welsh mythology, meaning “beautiful, blessed raven.”
  12. Byrd – a cool way of giving your baby girl a name that literally means “bird.”
  13. Calandra – a melodic Greek girl name meaning “songbird.”
  14. Chenoa – although disputed, Chenoa is said to be a Native American name meaning “dove.”
  15. Circe – a Greek mythological sorceress whose name means “hawk.”
  16. Deryn – a perky Welsh name meaning “bird,” also a Greek name meaning “gift.”
  17. Dove – a pure and romantic bird name, seen as a symbol of peace.
  18. Eilley – an adorable Irish Ellie alternative, meaning “beautiful bird.”
  19. Enara – a melodic Basque girl name meaning “swallow.”
  20. Faigel – a unique Yiddish pick among names that mean “bird.”
  21. Fèngyīng – a dazzling Chinese name meaning “phoenix,” pronounced “fung-yeeng.”
  22. Gallina – a fresh Spanish girl name for a sweet little “hen.”
  23. Gull – as well as being a coastal bird, this also works as an Old Norse name meaning “goddess.”
  24. Gwennel – a Cornish word for “swallow,” after the bird.
  25. Gwylan – a rare Welsh name meaning “seagull,” making a great alternative to Gwyneth.
  26. Iolani – this regal Hawaiian female name means “royal hawk,” a gorgeous pick among bird names for babies
  27. Iwalani – a unique Hawaiian name with the divine meaning of “heavenly seagull.”
  28. Jemima – a pretty Hebrew name meaning “dove,” borne by Beatrix Potter’s Puddle-Duck.
  29. Karawek – a cool Thai girl’s name meaning “bird.”
  30. Koko – a name of both Blackfoot and Japanese origins, meaning “stork” or “night.”
  31. Lagle – an Estonian girl name meaning “goose.”
  32. Liluye – a standout Native American (Miwok) name meaning “singing soaring hawk.”
  33. Mavis – an old-fashioned, French-derived name from a type of bird.
  34. Nauja – a Greenlandic name meaning “seagull.”
  35. Paakhi – a gorgeous Hindi girl name meaning “bird” or “pure.”
  36. Palila – a cute Hawaiian pick among bird names for girls, after the honeycreeper species native to the state.
  37. Paloma – a gorgeous Latin girl’s name meaning “dove.”
  38. Parastoo – a Persian choice among bird names meaning “swallow.”
  39. Raven – a popular and cool English bird name for a baby, often associated with dark omens.
  40. Sarika – a delicate Hindi name relating to the bird species native to Asia.
  41. Sephora – the makeup store, but also a pretty variant of Zipporah, meaning “bird.”
  42. Suzume – a sweet Japanese name element meaning “sparrow.”
  43. Tinuviel – created by J.R.R. Tolkein, this fantastical pick means “nightingale.”
  44. Tui – a cool Maori name meaning “parson bird,” similar to a parrot and indigenous to New Zealand.
  45. Usoa – a unique “dove” name from Basque.
  46. Vega – a popular astronomy name after the star, meaning “swooping eagle” from Arabic.
  47. Yaen – a smart Hebrew name meaning “ostrich.”
  48. Zipporah – a lovely Hebrew choice among “bird” names for babies.

45 Dreamy Boy Names That Mean Bird

Your little lad will soar above the rest with one of these awesome bird names for boys.

  1. Aetius – a bold Roman name meaning “eagle.”
  2. Altair – meaning “flying eagle,” this Arabic boy’s name looks similar to the popular Alistair.
  3. Arne – an Old Norse choice among bird names, meaning “eagle.”
  4. Arnold – a Germanic-rooted, old-fashioned English name for a lad that’s “strong as an eagle.”
  5. Azio – a hot Italian name meaning “owl” for your wise little chap.
  6. Bertram – a serious-sounding Germanic name meaning “bright raven.”
  7. Bran – a cool Celtic male name for a raven, plus a high-fiber breakfast.
  8. Branson – like a follow-up to Bran, Branson means “son of the raven.”
  9. Callum – a popular Gaelic name meaning “dove,” like the bird.
  10. Cardinal – a common surname with various meanings, including a type of bird and shade of yellow.
  11. Chaytan – a Native American name inspired by birds, meaning “falcon.”
  12. Colm – a traditional Gaelic name which, like Callum, means “dove.”
  13. Condor – a cool and feisty surname that would make a great male name after the vulture species.
  14. Corbin – a stylish name from Latin, meaning “raven.”
  15. Corvus – the Latin name for ravens would make a badass bird name for a boy.
  16. Crane – a great bird-inspired name for a baby who is high-reaching.
  17. Drake – a cool name meaning “dragon” and the English word for a male duck.
  18. Dror – a Hebrew name meaning “sparrow” or “freedom,” sounding ready to take flight.
  19. Efron – a charming Hebrew surname meaning “bird.”
  20. Eibert – a sweet Dutch boy’s name meaning “stork,” great for a new arrival.
  21. Énna – a cool Old Irish choice among names that mean “bird.”
  22. Ezio – a cute and chirpy Italian name for a little “eagle.”
  23. Falcon – a badass pick among bird names for boys, after the powerful and mighty king of the skies.
  24. Falk – a German name meaning “falcon.”
  25. Fukurou – a Japanese name for an owl and a character name used in various manga.
  26. Gaagii – a Native American (Navajo) name meaning “raven.”
  27. Gallus – a Roman name meaning “rooster.”
  28. Galvin – a cool Gaelic name meaning “sparrow,” after the sweet little birds.
  29. Hawk – a swift and cunning choice among bird names for baby boys.
  30. Heron – this wading bird name is a cool surname and a unique first name.
  31. Jonah – a handsome biblical boy’s name meaning “dove” in Hebrew.
  32. Kaique – a unique Brazilian male name after the colorful birds native to South America.
  33. Kele – a cute Native American (Hopi) name for “sparrow.”
  34. Kestrel – derived from Old French meaning “rattle,” this is a cool small bird name.
  35. Lonán – meaning “blackbird,” this cool Gaelic name would be great for a curious little explorer.
  36. Mayur – a regal Hindi name meaning “peacock,” full of majesty and flair.
  37. Ozuru – a gorgeous Japanese bird name meaning “stork.”
  38. Paco – a great Native American name meaning “eagle” and a popular Spanish surname.
  39. Poe – meaning “peacock,” this cute boy’s name relates to writer Edgar Allen Poe.
  40. Sequoyah – an earthy Native American (Cherokee) baby boy name meaning “sparrow.”
  41. Shahin – a regal Persian name relating to a “royal white falcon,” a majestic king of birds.
  42. Talon – a word name relating to a bird’s claw, thus a sharp and fierce choice.
  43. Washi – a Japanese boy name meaning “eagle” and a funky type of craft tape.
  44. Wolfram – this German name is doubly-feisty, composed of elements meaning “wolf” and “raven.”
  45. Zamir – a handsome Hebrew name meaning “songbird,” perfect for a gurgling baby boy.

17 Cool Bird Names For Girls and Boys

These gender-neutral names meaning bird, are perfect for any little wise owl.

  1. Arden – an English name meaning “high” or “valley of the eagle.”
  2. Avery – an Old English name with the cute meaning of “elf counsel,” sounds remarkably similar to “aviary.”
  3. Finch – a cute bird species and a common surname, would make a sweet first name.
  4. Halcyon – an awesome Greek mythology name meaning “kingfisher” or “calm.”
  5. Ibis – the Latin-rooted name for a long-legged bird, the cutest pick among bird names for girls and boys.
  6. Jay – a sweet bird name, also used as a nickname for longer names beginning with “J.”
  7. Kamome – the Japanese word for “seagull” makes a stylish-sounding name.
  8. Lark – a sing-songy choice among bird names for chirpy babies.
  9. Larkin – a gorgeous Latin name meaning “laurels,” reminds us of the melodic lark birds.
  10. Nightingale – a romantic-sounding bird name, often heard as a surname.
  11. Oriole – meaning “golden” from Latin, an Oriole is also a gorgeous type of bird.
  12. Peregrine – a cool Latin bird name meaning “traveler,” with Perry as a cute nickname.
  13. Phoenix – after the magical, mythical bird that catches aflame and rebirths from its ashes.
  14. Robin – an adorable, gender-neutral bird name, beautiful for a winter-born baby.
  15. Starling – an ethereal-sounding choice among names that mean bird, after the sweet little animals.
  16. Swift – a common surname after a family of birds that could make a unique given name.
  17. Wren – a cute English choice for a perky baby, after the small bird.

Bird Names for Boys and Girls FAQs

What Name Means Eagle?

There’s a wide range of great bird names for boys and girls, meaning “eagle.” For boys, we love Paco or Aetius, and Vega for girls. Arden is a great choice for gender-neutral bird names, also meaning “eagle.”

What Japanese Name Means Bird?

Kamome is a beautiful unisex Japanese name meaning “bird.” If you’re looking for bird names for baby girls, we love Suzume or Koko. For bird names for baby boys, choose Washi or Fukurou.

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