141 Baby Names that Mean Beautiful: For Boys & Girls

These beautiful names highlight your baby’s good looks and sparkling personality!

If you’ve been spending a great deal of time searching for baby names that mean beautiful, then you’re in luck with our list of attractive options.

They aren’t just pretty sounding- these strong names meaning beautiful also offer an interesting history that adds to their appeal.

Whether your baby shares a name with an Egyptian Queen or a former NBA player, we’ve given you rare beautiful names to capture your son or daughter’s, pretty soul!

107 Adorably Beautiful Names for Girls

  1. Acelynn – an American girl’s name that means “beautiful one.”
  2. Adamma – this foreign African baby girl’s name means “beautiful girl.”
  3. Alika – an exotic Hawaiian girl’s name meaning “most beautiful.”
  4. Aluisa – an uncommon Polish choice for girls meaning “beautiful” or “lovely.”
  5. Amidala – a rare Italian beauty, meaning “beautiful as a flower.”
  6. Ani – this is one of the shortest Hawaiian names meaning “beautiful.”
  7. Annabelle – meaning “grace and beauty,” this feminine choice is of Hebrew and English origin.
  8. Antiope – a Greek girl name meaning “most beautiful voice.”
  9. Anwen – an unusual name that means “fair and beautiful” in Welsh.
  10. Aoife – of Irish and Gaelic origin meaning “beautiful” or “radiant.”
  11. Arinya – this striking Thai name meaning “beautiful and smart, woman” feels confident and powerful!
  12. Astrid – an attractive Norse option meaning “divinely beautiful.”
  13. Bayle – this American variant of Beau means “beautiful.”
  14. Belinda – of Spanish and German origin, meaning “beautiful and pretty.”
  15. Belisma – a sweet Spanish form of Bellissima meaning “beautiful.”
  16. Bella – an Italian diminutive of Isabella meaning “beautiful.”
  17. Bellatrix – a rare Latin girl name meaning “beautiful,” belonging to the first female Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange, in Harry Potter.
  18. Belle – this Disney princess name means “beauty” in French.
  19. Bellezza – has a glamorous style with an Italian meaning of “beauty.”
  20. Bonita – means “pretty” in Spanish, an affectionate choice among names that mean beautiful.
  21. Bonnie – is a vintage choice of Scottish origin, meaning “beautiful.”
  22. Cadhla – a unique Irish girl’s name meaning “beautiful.”
  23. Calanthe – a gorgeous Greek name meaning “beautiful flower.”
  24. Calia – a heartwarming Italian female name that means “beautiful person.”
  25. Calixta – a unique Greek name for girls meaning “most beautiful.”
  26. Calla – a Greek name meaning “beautiful” with a botanical association.
  27. Callidora – is a charming, ancient Greek name meaning “gift of beauty.”
  28. Calliope – a melodic name that means “beautiful voice” in Greek.
  29. Caoimhe – this Gaelic, Irish, and Scottish name meaning “beautiful” has a tricky pronunciation, “kwee-va” or “kee-va.”
  30. Catelyn – a beautiful name of Celtic origin meaning “pure beauty.”
  31. Ceridwen – offers an artsy style with its Welsh meaning of “beautiful as a poem.”
  32. Clarabelle – this Latin name meaning “beautiful and bright” belongs to one of Minne Mouse’s best friends!
  33. Clarinda – a combination of Clara and Linda, this English girl’s name means “beautiful” or “clear.”
  34. Cosima – of Greek origin with a futuristic sound and meaning of “order and beauty.”
  35. Damali – meaning “beautiful vision,” this Arabic girl’s name is one of a kind!
  36. Dilay – a gentle Turkish feminine name meaning “beautiful moon.”
  37. Eavan – a whimsical Irish name meaning “beautiful sheen,” pronounced EE-ven.
  38. Ece – has a strong presence with its Turkish meaning of “queen” or “beautiful woman.”
  39. Eider – this striking name means “beautiful” and is of Basque origin- an ethnic group from Spain and France.
  40. Eilley – a variant of Eileen meaning “beautiful bird” in Irish.
  41. Fayre – an English girl’s name meaning “beautiful.”
  42. Fritha – sounds fairylike with a Norse origin, meaning “fair and beautiful.”
  43. Fumiko – this pretty Japanese girl’s name meaning “beautiful child” is quite unique!
  44. Gisbelle – an uncommon American combination of Giselle and Belle, meaning “beautiful pledge.”
  45. Harika – meaning “a beautiful miracle,” this Turkish name sounds extra special.
  46. Haunai – this Hawaiian name meaning “beautiful snow” is ideal for a Winter born baby.
  47. Hayami – a Japanese girl’s name meaning “rare beauty.”
  48. Hermosa – of all the Spanish feminine names that mean “beautiful,” Hermosa has the most charm.
  49. Indah – an Indonesian baby name for girls, meaning “beautiful one.”
  50. Indira – this Sanskrit name meaning “beauty” belonged to the first female Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.
  51. Ingrid – is an old-fashioned Norse choice meaning “beauty.”
  52. Iowa – a midwestern U.S. state, meaning “beautiful land” in Native American or “sleepy ones” in French.
  53. Jacinta – this punchy name meaning “beautiful” is of Greek origin.
  54. Jaeda – a beautiful name more commonly spelled, Jada meaning “long-necked beauty” in Arabic.
  55. Jaffa – a Tel Aviv place name of Hebrew origin meaning “beautiful.”
  56. Jamila – a lovely Arabic name for your girl, meaning “beautiful, graceful.”
  57. Jaunie – an Arabic choice meaning “pretty” or “beautiful.”
  58. Jolie – meaning “pretty” in French, best associated with American actress Angelina Jolie.
  59. Keva – has an Irish and English meaning of “handsome” or “beautiful child.”
  60. Kyomi – a Japanese name meaning “beautiful and pure,” perfect for a new little babe!
  61. Linda – this dated Spanish name meaning “beautiful” could make a great middle name option.
  62. Lydia – a beautiful name meaning “woman from Lydia” (an Asian island) or “beautiful one” in Greek.
  63. Mabel – means “adorable,” a classic favorite among names that mean beautiful.
  64. Mabs – a nickname for Mabel, meaning “beautiful lover” in Irish and Welsh.
  65. Marabel – an attractive diminutive of Maribel meadow “beautiful Mary.”
  66. Mei – this gorgeous Chinese and Hawaiian name meaning “beautiful” is pronounced “may.”
  67. Mika – meaning “beautiful fragrance,” this Japanese pick will leave a lasting impression!
  68. Miyeon – pronounced “mee-yohn,” this gentle Korean girl name means “beautiful and kind-hearted.”
  69. Miyuki – meaning “beautiful snow or beautiful happiness,” this Japanese option is joyous.
  70. Mizuki – this stunning Japanese name means “beautiful moon.”
  71. Naava – of Hebrew origin meaning “delightful, beautiful,” pronounced NAH-vah.
  72. Nakshita – an Indian name for girls meaning “beautiful features.”
  73. Nayana – the prettiest of Hindi names meaning “beautiful eyes” could compliment your little girl perfectly!
  74. Nefertari – means “beautiful companion,” belonging to a great royal wife of Ramesses the Great, an Egyptian Pharaoh.
  75. Nefertiti – meaning “the beautiful one has arrived” is best associated with the famous Queen of Egypt of the 18th dynasty.
  76. Noemi – a French name for “beautiful” or “gentle.”
  77. Nomi – a charming Hebrew name meaning “beautiful and pleasant.”
  78. Norabel – has positive energy with its English meaning of “beautiful light.”
  79. Noya – a short Hebrew or Cherokee name meaning “beauty of God” or “sand.”
  80. Omarosa – the strongest of African names meaning “beautiful child,” associated with author Omarosa Newman.
  81. Omorose – has a feminine style and an Egyptian meaning of “beautiful.”
  82. Orabella – a Latin diminutive of Arabella meaning “beautiful altar.”
  83. Puanani – a precious Hawaiian name meaning “beautiful flower.”
  84. Raanana – this Israel place name meaning “beautiful, fresh” is pronounced, “rah-nah-nah.”
  85. Ratih – a common Indonesian name meaning “most beautiful” or “godlike” is pronounced RAH-tee.
  86. Rosabel – has a delicate style with the English meaning of “beautiful rose.”
  87. Rosalind – an old-fashioned choice among beautiful names, meaning “pretty rose” in Spanish.
  88. Rumi – a popular Japanese name meaning “beauty, flow, and lapis lazuli” (a blue gemstone).
  89. Rupali – this charming Indian name means “most beautiful.”
  90. Shaina – the most humble of Hebrew girl names, meaning “beautiful,” a stunning pick for a new girl!
  91. Shakila – this beautiful name for “pretty” is a rare Arabic option.
  92. Shakina – an African name meaning “beautiful one.”
  93. Shifra – a peculiar Hebrew name meaning “handsome, good.”
  94. Sonali – a vibrant name that means “beautiful color” in Sanskrit.
  95. Tamami – meaning “beautiful gem” this Japanese name is so affectionate!
  96. Tasanee – this Thai girl’s name, meaning “beautiful view,” will take your breath away!
  97. Tove – a popular Swedish girl name meaning “beautiful,” pronounced “tov-eh.”
  98. Tuva – this Scandinavian, Swedish, and Norwegian name meaning “beautiful,” is a variant of Tove.
  99. Vashti – this punchy Persian name meaning “beautiful and lovely” is super affectionate.
  100. Vella – an American variant of Bella meaning “beautiful.”
  101. Venus – a famous Roman goddess, known for “love and beauty,” connected to popular tennis star Venus Williams.
  102. Venusa – a Latin diminutive of Venus meaning “goddess of beauty.”
  103. Westlyn – a rare, country-style name for girls meaning “beautiful West” in America.
  104. Xin – a frequently used Chinese name meaning “beautiful, elegant.”
  105. Yamileth – the most exotic of Arabic names meaning “beautiful.”
  106. Zalika – an Arabic and Swahili name meaning “wondrously beautiful” or “well-born.”
  107. Zuri – a common name of African origin meaning “good, beautiful.”

34 Strong Boy Names Meaning Beautiful

  1. Adonis – meaning “most handsome, beautiful,” Adonis was Aphrodite’s mortal lover.
  2. Aiattaua – an elegantly Native American boy name meaning “beautiful man.”
  3. Allen – meaning “bright and beautiful,” retired basketball player Allen Iverson bears this Celtic surname as a first name.
  4. Amahle – this Zulu name meaning “the beautiful ones” is so spirited!
  5. Amare – a stylish Ethiopian name meaning “handsome,” pronounced “uh-MAR-ee.”
  6. Argider – pronounced “ar-zhi-dehr,” this Basque (Southwestern European) name means “beautiful as light.”
  7. Beale – this preppy English name meaning “handsome man” could make your baby boy feel loved!
  8. Beauregard – a French boy’s name meaning “beautiful gaze,” sounds very high class.
  9. Bellamy – an English name meaning “beautiful friend.”
  10. Bello – the male variant of Bella, meaning “handsome, beautiful” in Italian.
  11. Belvedere – feels like the most luxurious of names meaning “beautiful view” in Italian.
  12. Buhle – an African name for boys meaning “beautiful” or “handsome.”
  13. Eder -an uncommon yet beautiful name of Basque origin meaning “handsome.”
  14. Eirian – a darling male name meaning “bright, beautiful” in Welsh.
  15. Faron – has a subtle sound and English meaning of “handsome servant.”
  16. Hassan – this affectionate Arabic male name means “handsome.”
  17. Hussein – a popular name with Arabic roots meaning “small and handsome one.”
  18. Irvin – has a mature style and Scottish origin, meaning “fair and handsome.”
  19. Jamal – a cool pick among Arabic names meaning “beauty” or “handsome.”
  20. Kanta – a Sanskrit name for boys meaning “desired, beautiful.”
  21. Kauno – this Finnish masculine name meaning “beautiful” is pronounced like “cow.”
  22. Kavanaugh – this common Irish surname may work well as a middle name, meaning “born beautiful, handsome.”
  23. Kazumi – pronounced “kah-zoo-me,” this Japanese male name means “beautiful peace.”
  24. Keefe – a well-recognized find among Irish names meaning beautiful, referring to a “noble and handsome” person.
  25. Kenneth – meaning “born of fire and beautiful,” Kenneth symbolizes power.
  26. Minenhle – a South African and Zulu male name meaning “beautiful” or “day.”
  27. Nohea – a sweet-sounding Hawaiian boy’s name meaning “handsome.”
  28. Rama – a Sanskrit name for boys meaning “pleasing, beautiful.”
  29. Rupin – the most perfect of Sanskrit names that mean “beautiful,” associated with the Rupin Pass of the Himalayas.
  30. Shaquille – means “well developed or handsome” and belongs to the famous retired NBA player, Shaquille O’Neal.
  31. Su-bin – this Korean boy name means “luxuriant,” “beautiful,” and “outstanding.”
  32. Usain – means “beautiful” and became a household favorite thanks to Jamaican Olympian Usain Bolt.
  33. Zahi – an Arabic boy’s name meaning “beautiful, brilliant.”
  34. Zayn – this Arabic male name meaning “beauty and grace” belongs to singer-songwriter Zayn Malik.

Beautiful NamesFAQs

What Girl Names Mean Beautiful?

With an abundance of girl names that mean “beautiful” available for your choosing, we’ve narrowed down a few of our favorites to make your decision a little easier. These include Ani, Bayle, Fayre, Jacinta, Shaina, and Yamileth.

What Name Means Rare Beauty?

If you’re hoping to boost your little girl’s confidence, you might consider naming her Hayami, a Japanese name for girls meaning “rare beauty.”

What Name Means God of Beauty?

Many girl names highlight their stunning features, but only one means “god of beauty” — Venus. Its Latin variant, Venusa, shares the same meaning.

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