170 Epic Names That Mean Power: for Boys & Girls

Come out fighting with these names that mean power.

They say that power corrupts! Unfortunately, very few of us find out because we rarely hold that power. We can change that by choosing names that mean power for your little warriors.

Every nation has a political system built on power. Every royal family has a regal system based on maintaining and controlling power. Some rule and others follow, but it doesn’t mean you can’t choose powerful names.

Let’s dive into our list of 170 of the best names that mean strength and explain their meanings and origins.

119 Punchy Boy Names That Mean Power

Repeat after me, “I have the power, I have the power!”

  1. Aaron – many names that mean power are of Hebrew origin – means “mountain of strength” and “strong.”
  2. Abelardo – a Spanish and Italian variation of the German Abelard, meaning “noble strength.”
  3. Abraham – a powerful Hebrew boy’s name meaning “father of a multitude” and “father of nations.”
  4. Adam – one of the most significant boy names that means power, meaning “son of the red earth.”
  5. Ajax – a unique Greek name from the Trojan wars, meaning “eagle.”
  6. Aldric – a dominant German name meaning “old ruler.”
  7. Alec – a modern spelling of the Greek Alexander, meaning “defender of men.”
  8. Alex – a gender-neutral version of Alec, meaning “defender of humankind.”
  9. Alexander – derived from the Greek Alexandros, meaning “man’s defender” and “warrior.”
  10. Ambrose – this Greek name means “immortal.”
  11. Amell – a cool German name with an intense meaning: “power of an eagle.”
  12. Amon – a quirky Hebrew name meaning “secret faithful” and “roaring stream.”
  13. Ande – a strong-willed Greek name meaning “virile” and “manly.”
  14. Anders – a wonderful Scandinavian moniker meaning “brave.”
  15. Andrew – related to the Greek Andros, meaning “manly.”
  16. Angus – means “one choice” in Celtic and “one strength” in Scottish.
  17. Ansaldo – this Italian boy’s name of German origin means “divine power.”
  18. Apollo – this epic Greek name means “destroyer.”
  19. Armstrong – a popular Old English nickname for a “man with strong arms.”
  20. Arsenio – another determined male Greek name – means “manly, strong” and “virile.”
  21. Arthur – means “bear strength” in Welsh and “noble and courageous” in Roman.
  22. Augustus – of Latin origin, meaning “greatness” and “magnificent.”
  23. Azim – one of Allah’s many names – means “great” and “protector” in Arabic.
  24. Ballard – a cool Old German/Norse name meaning “brave, strong” and “round-shaped.”
  25. Barak – this famous presidential name means “lightning” in Hebrew.
  26. Barlas – a Turkish name meaning “chivalrous, brave,” and “warrior.”
  27. Baron – this regal Hebrew name means “noble landowner” and “son of strength.”
  28. Barrett – more commonly used as a Middle English last name – means “bear strength.”
  29. Basil – this unassuming Greek name means “royal, kingly,” and “fearless/brave.”
  30. Bear – an unusual German nature-inspired name meaning “strong and brave.”
  31. Bertram – from the Old German “beraht,” meaning “bright raven.”
  32. Bidziil – this Native American Cherokee name means “he is strong.”
  33. Burke – a mixture of Old English and German, meaning “from the fortified settlement.”
  34. Caesar – a famous Roman conqueror – means “head of hair” or “long-haired.”
  35. Chase – this Old English and French name means “to hunt.”
  36. Conall – a quirky Irish name meaning “strong wolf.”
  37. Conrad – is primarily of Old German origin, meaning “brave counsel.”
  38. Cyrus means “sun” in Persian and “lord” in Greek.
  39. Denzel – an unusual Old English name meaning “fertile” and “from the high stronghold.”
  40. Dustin – is of Scandinavian/Norse origin, meaning “brave warrior” and “Thor’s stone.”
  41. Ebert – of Old English and German origin, meaning “brave” and “strong boar.”
  42. Einarr – derived from the Old Norse Æinarr, meaning “one warrior.”
  43. Emrys – a classic Welsh boy’s name meaning “immortal.”
  44. Eric – is of Old Norse origin, meaning “forever ruler.”
  45. Evander – with Scottish and Norse roots, Evander means “good or strong man.”
  46. Ewan – possibly a derivative of the Scottish/Pictish name Uuen, meaning “the warrior.”
  47. Ezekiel – a classic Hebrew name meaning “strength of God.”
  48. Farrell – this stereotypical Irish male name means “man of valor.”
  49. Farris – a descriptive Scottish name meaning “vigor, force,” and “masculine strength.”
  50. Ferguson – of Scottish, Irish, and Gaelic origin, meaning “son of Fergus” and “angry or supreme man.”
  51. Fernando – is of Spanish and Portuguese origin, meaning “adventurer” and “bold voyager.”
  52. Gabriel – an angelic Hebrew name meaning “God is my strength” and “hero of God.”
  53. Garrett – this Irish name means “spear ruler” and “ruler with a spear.”
  54. Gautier – an unstoppable Germanic name meaning “commander of the army.”
  55. Gerard – another resilient German name meaning “spear, brave,” and “strong.”
  56. Ghengis – the greatest of boy names that mean power – means “universal ruler.”
  57. Gibbor – a rare Hebrew name meaning “strong one.”
  58. Gideon – derived from the Hebrew Gid’on, meaning “hewer, feller,” and “one who cuts down.”
  59. Godric – this Anglo-Saxon name means “god-ruler.”
  60. Griffin – a cute baby boy’s name of Welsh origin, meaning “lord” or “prince.”
  61. Haile – means “hay field” in English and “power” and “might” in Ethiopian (Amharic).
  62. Hercules – the ultimate strong Greek man – means “hero, warrior,” and “glory.”
  63. Idris – means “studios and smart” in Arabic and possibly “fiery lord” in Welsh.
  64. Inti – this short and sweet Incan name represents a powerful “sun god.”
  65. Jarek – means “god of spring,” “strong in defending peace,” and “famous fury” in Slavic.
  66. Jason – from the Greek tale of perseverance, Jason means “healer” and “the Lord is salvation.”
  67. Julius – is associated with a powerful Roman, meaning “devoted to Jove.”
  68. Jupiter – is of Latin origin, meaning “god of the sky” and “the supreme god.”
  69. Kendrick – derived from the Welsh Cynwrig, meaning “greatest champion.”
  70. Kenzo – is of Japanese origin, meaning “strong, healthy,” and “wise.”
  71. King – the most regal of names, meaning “monarch” and “ruler” in Old English.
  72. Koa – one of a handful of Hawaiian names on the list – means “valiant one” and “warrior.”
  73. Lenin – the notorious former Russian leader – means “the large river.”
  74. Leonard – an unassuming German name meaning “lion’s strength.”
  75. Lucius – means “light” in Latin and “illustrious one” in Greek.
  76. Magnar – a common Norse name meaning “strength.”
  77. Magnus – this popular Scandinavian name derives from Latin, meaning “greatest.”
  78. Malin – of Old English roots – means “little strong warrior.”
  79. Marco – an Italian version of Marc, meaning “warlike” and “warring.”
  80. Maverick – the ideal American name for a “rebellious” child.
  81. Max – originating from the Roman family name Maximus, meaning “greatest.”
  82. Maynard – a quirky German name meaning “brave” and “hard strength.”
  83. Melech – this Hebrew/Jewish name means “king.”
  84. Napoleon – a famous French ruler, Napoleon means “from Naples, new city,” and “Lion of Naples.”
  85. Nero – the badass Roman emperor – means “black, vigorous,” and “strong.”
  86. Nicomedus – an uncommon masculine name of Greek origin, meaning “victory of the people.”
  87. Njord – this Norse god could control the sea – means “north.”
  88. Orion – symbolizes “bravery and strength;” this Greek name means “dawning” and “rising in the sky.”
  89. Oswald – derived from the Old English “os” and “weald,” meaning “divine power.”
  90. Owain – of Welsh origin, meaning “youthful” and “young warrior.”
  91. Peter – derived from the Greek Petros, meaning “rock or stone.”
  92. Phoenix – while this fantasy bird means “dark red,” it represents “strength and resilience.”
  93. Pruitt – is of Old French origin, meaning “brave little one.”
  94. Qiang – a typically Chinese name meaning “strong.”
  95. Quinlon – an Irish/Gaelic name meaning “fit, shapely,” and “strong.”
  96. Rex – a powerful, regal name of Latin origin, meaning “king.”
  97. Samson – a powerful name doesn’t come any better than Samson – meaning “sun child” in Hebrew.
  98. Sanjaya – this Indian boy’s name means “triumphant, victor,” and “winner.”
  99. Sasha – a unisex Russian name meaning “defender” and “helper of mankind.”
  100. Sewell – an Old English name meaning “sea strong.”
  101. Stark – of Old English and German origin, meaning “strong, sturdy,” and “harsh.”
  102. Tedmond – the Irish version of the German Raginmund, meaning “protector” and “advice.”
  103. Thor – the Norse god of thunder and a famous Marvel character, meaning “thunder.”
  104. Titus – derived from the Latin “titulus,” meaning “title of honor.”
  105. Ulric – of Old German and English origin, meaning “power of the wolf” and “power of the home.”
  106. Uzziah – steeped in Hebrew tradition, meaning “the Lord is my strength and power.”
  107. Valente – this unusual male name of Portuguese and Italian origin means “valiant.”
  108. Victor – one of the earliest Christian names of Latin origin – means “winner” or “conqueror.”
  109. Vlad – the real name of Dracula; this fantasy moniker means “glorious rule.”
  110. Vladimir – the name of the powerful Russian leader – means “peaceful ruler.”
  111. Warrick – this Old English name means “strong leader who defends.”
  112. Waylon – a masculine Old Norse and English name meaning “land by the road” and “courageous fighter.”
  113. Wyatt – an Old English fighter name meaning “brave warrior” and “war strength.”
  114. Xabat – a unique Spanish name meaning “savior.”
  115. Xander – a diminutive of the Greek Alexander, meaning “defender of humankind.”
  116. Yashvir – derived from the Hindi word “yash,” meaning “fame, glory,” and “brave.”
  117. Zale – a commanding Greek name meaning “sea-strength.”
  118. Zeus – a mighty Greek mythological god’s name, meaning “shine” and “sky.”
  119. Zuberi – of African Swahili origin, meaning “strong.”

51 Badass Girl Names That Mean Power

Check out these cool names that embrace girl power.

  1. Adira – some girl names that mean power are Hebrew – means “noble” and “powerful.”
  2. Ailia – is of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning “bright one” and “of noble kind.”
  3. Alcmine – an unusual Greek name meaning “strength, prowess,” and “moon.”
  4. Alexa – one of three variations on the Greek Alexander, meaning “defender of humankind.”
  5. Alexandra – the feminine version of Alexander, meaning “to defend.”
  6. Alexis – is of Greek origins, meaning “protector” and “defender.”
  7. Alsie – a cute Greek name meaning “strong-willed.”
  8. Andrea – the female form of the Greek Andrew, meaning “protector” and “warrior.”
  9. Ariel – derived from biblical Hebrew, meaning “lion of God.”
  10. Asta – an edgy Danish girl’s name meaning “divine strength” and “love.”
  11. Audrey – an Anglo-Saxon name meaning “noble, strength,” and “supernatural power.”
  12. Bedelia – kicking off our run of Irish names – means “exalted one” and “strength.”
  13. Bernadette – this Old French name means “brave bear” and “strong.”
  14. Bree – derived from the Irish Brighe, meaning “noble” and “power.”
  15. Brianna – is of Irish origin, meaning “high, noble,” and “exalted.”
  16. Bridget – stemming from the Irish Brigid, meaning “power, strength,” and “exalted one.”
  17. Bridie – a derivative of Bridgit, but also means “fire goddess, vigor” and “virtue.”
  18. Briella – another gorgeous Hebrew name, meaning “God is my strength.”
  19. Cassandra – means “shining upon man” in Greek and “helper of mankind” in the bible.
  20. Ebba – an adorably cute German name meaning “strong” and “brave boar.”
  21. Emersyn – this Americanized version of the German Amalric means “brave, powerful,” and “child of.”
  22. Etana – a Hebrew girl’s name meaning “enduring, long-lived,” and “strong.”
  23. Ernestine – a cool gender-neutral German name meaning “battle to the death.”
  24. Everette – of Old English and German origin, meaning “strong boar.”
  25. Gabriella – the female version of the Hebrew Gavriel, meaning “God is my strength.”
  26. Gerda – our first Icelandic entry, meaning “protector.”
  27. Gertrude – a strong Germanic name meaning “spear” and “strength.”
  28. Gesine – a classic German female name meaning “strength of a spear.”
  29. Isa – a mixture of Arabic and German, meaning “strong-willed” and “salvation of God.”
  30. Imre – a Hungarian name derived from the German Emmerich, meaning “home-ruler” and “strength.”
  31. Jaye – means “blue-crested bird” in English and “victory” in Sanskrit.
  32. Karla – is of Latin and German origin, meaning “strong one” and “free man.”
  33. Karleen – a feminine Old English and German name meaning “womanly, strong,” and “free woman.”
  34. Kelsey – means “brave” in Irish and “ship’s victory” in Old English.
  35. Kiah – of American origin, meaning “God is strength.”
  36. Lenna – some powerful German names have nature-inspired meanings – means “lion strength.”
  37. Louisa – of German origin, meaning “famous warrior.”
  38. Mahogany – named after the strong wood – means “rich, strong” and “dark red” in Spanish.
  39. Matilda – an Anglicized version of the German Mahthildis, meaning “mighty in battle.”
  40. Mildred – an Old English name meaning “gentle strength.”
  41. Millicent – this pretty name derives from the French and German Melisende and means “strong in work.”
  42. Minka – a funny Polish name meaning “strong-willed warrior.”
  43. Moana – a popular Polynesian moniker meaning “sea/ocean” and “large lake.”
  44. Morana – the Slavic goddess of winter, with a name meaning “death” and “illness.”
  45. Nina – of Spanish, Hebrew, and Russian origin, meaning “little girl, grace,” and “mighty warrior.”
  46. Patricia – the female version of Patrick, meaning “noble” and “patrician.”
  47. Philomena – a saintly Greek and Roman name meaning “lover of strength” and “courageous lover.”
  48. Rita – an unassuming female name meaning “child of light” and “pearl” in Hebrew.
  49. Sage – if knowledge is power, Sage is perfect – means “wise” and “healthy.”
  50. Valentina – is of Latin and Roman origin, meaning “strong” and “healthy.”
  51. Valerie – some names that mean strength are of Latin/French origin – means “fierce, valiant,” and “strong.”

Names That Mean Power FAQs

What Names that Mean Power Are Symbolic?

Many symbolic power names come from historical figures, myths, and popular fiction. These include Julius, Rita, Patricia, Ailia, Caesar, Alexander, and Vlad. Other examples like Napolean, Nero, Vladimir, and Ghengis are associated with power but also tyranny.

Which Powerful Names Come From Mythology?

Many powerful names, such as Morana, Zeus, Ariel, Apollo, Samson, and Owain, feature in mythology. Abraham, Adam, and Gabriel appear in Hebrew mythology, while Philomena, Peter, Jason, and Ajax are main characters in Greek legends.

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