144 Names That Mean Chaos: Full of Rebellion

Dispense with the dull and let names that mean chaos reign supreme.

Many cultures have gods of chaos, from Loki in Old Norse to the Celtic god Balor. So, does that mean the ancients embraced chaos names or the darker aspects of mythology? It’s a distinct possibility.

Most people crave a quiet and calm life, but not everyone! Some people thrive on chaos and calamity when the world gets turned on its head. Names that mean chaos are perfect for people who like to live on the wild side.

Let’s walk the fine line between order and disorder as we explore the best 144 chaotic names that the world has to offer.

65 Cataclysmic Girl Names That mean Chaos

Live dangerously with our devilish list of girl names that mean chaos.

  1. Acantha – let’s start with a Greek name meaning “thorn” or “prickle.”
  2. Adara – a cool Hebrew girl’s name meaning “fire.”
  3. Aella – what better way to reap discord than with a Greek name meaning “tempest” and “whirlwind.”
  4. Aguya – an edgy Russian name meaning “mistress of fire.”
  5. Aiden – with roots in Irish mythology, this cute name means “little fire.”
  6. Akuji – a classic Native American name meaning “dead, awake.”
  7. Aleela – the first Swahili entry, meaning “she cries.”
  8. Aranza – a spikey Spanish name meaning “among the thorns.”
  9. Atropos – a Greek mythological name meaning “inflexible” and “unalterable.”
  10. Azubah – this Hebrew girl’s name is full of despair – means “deserted, desolate,” and “to abandon.”
  11. Beretta – this Italian word for “hat-maker” has dark connotations from its association with the gun-maker.
  12. Blaze – derived from the Latin “blaesus,” meaning “fire” and “flame.”
  13. Briar – of Old English origin, meaning “thorny bush of wild roses.”
  14. Bronach – this Irish feminine name means “sorrow.”
  15. Cecilia – from the Roman/Latin “caecus,” meaning “blind.”
  16. Claudia – such a beautiful Latin name, meaning “lame” and “limp.”
  17. Damia – this Greek female version of Damian means “goddess of the forces of nature.”
  18. Deidamia – an unusual Greek name meaning “calm in war, to destroy,” and “to tame.”
  19. Deidre – this ancient Irish name means “sorrowful” and “broken-hearted.”
  20. Desdemona – a Greek name featured in Shakespeare’s Othello, meaning “ill-fated” and “unlucky.”
  21. Dolores – one of a few Spanish girl names to make the list – means “sorrow” and “pain.”
  22. Emily – derived from the Roman Aemilia, meaning “rival” and “laborious.”
  23. Foley – an Irish name hailing from the Munster region, meaning “plunderer.”
  24. Hecate – this Greek name is associated with witchcraft and magic, meaning “willpower” and “far-reaching.”
  25. Hunter – few names are as menacing – means “one who hunts and pursues.”
  26. Hurricane – derived from the Native American “hurucane,” meaning “evil spirit of the wind.”
  27. Huxley – this Old English name means “Hugh’s meadow” and “inhospitable place.”
  28. Invidia – this Latin name means “a sense of envy” and “the evil eye.”
  29. Jezebel – meaning “pure” and “virginal, a biblical name associated with “treachery and depravity.”
  30. Jinx – a gender-neutral name of Latin origin, meaning “spell or charm.”
  31. Kali – meaning “the black one;” this Hindu goddess is associated with “death, time” and “change.”
  32. Keres – chaos and betrayal go hand in hand – means “death spirits” in Greek mythology.
  33. Leah – with Hebrew roots; this English name means “weary” and “delicate.”
  34. Letha – meaning “forgetfulness” and “one of the rivers” in the Greek underworld of Hades.
  35. Lilith – some girl names are pure evil – means “night demon” and “belonging to the night.”
  36. Lorelei – this German “alluring temptress” of deceit led sailors to their deaths.
  37. Lowell – an Old English name means “little wolf.”
  38. Malala – this haunting Pakistani name means “grieving” and “sad.”
  39. Maleficent – this English female name means “evil-doer.”
  40. Mallory – some Old French names simply mean “unfortunate” and “unlucky.”
  41. Mara – a short and sweet Hebrew name meaning “bitterness.”
  42. Mashaka – a cool African girl’s name meaning “trouble.”
  43. Medea – some names drip with deception, like Medea, meaning “cunning.”
  44. Molly – this ancient Hebrew name means “rebellion” and “bitter.”
  45. Morana – the Slavic goddess of winter, death, and rebirth – means “illness and death.”
  46. Morrigan – of Irish origin, meaning “bringer of death” and “phantom queen.”
  47. Narcissa – while this Greek name means “daffodil,” it also means “numbness.”
  48. Nerezza – this Italian female name means “darkness” or “blackness.”
  49. Ophelia – a Greek Shakespearean name linked to madness, deceit, and sin, meaning “aid” and “help.”
  50. Pandora – most have heard of Pandora’s mysterious box and the consequences if opened – means “all-gifts.”
  51. Penthesilea – a wonderfully descriptive Greek name meaning “one who causes men to suffer and mourn.”
  52. Persephone – this female Greek name means “bringer of destruction.”
  53. Raven – associated with the underworld spirits – means “dark-haired” and “wise” in Old English.
  54. Rebecca – derived from the Hebrew verb “ribbqah,” meaning “to tie, join,” and “snare.”
  55. Rebel – a perfect French nickname for someone with “little regard or respect for authority and rules.”
  56. Runihura – this classic Egyptian name means “destroyer.”
  57. Shabina – a pretty Urdu name meaning “the eye of the storm.”
  58. Shenzi – this edgy African name means “savage” and “an uncivilized African tribesman.”
  59. Stormi – a respelling of the Old English “storm,” meaning “a temperamental weather pattern.”
  60. Tavora – a Hebrew name meaning “break” and “fracture.”
  61. Tempest – an Old English name meaning “turbulent storm.”
  62. Tisiphone – one of the Furies of Greek mythology – means “avenging murder.”
  63. Tornado – derived from the Latin “tonare,” meaning “to thunder” and “whirlwind.”
  64. Valkyrie – from the Old Norse “valkyrja,” meaning “chooser of the slain.”
  65. Wilder – this German girl’s name works for both sexes – means “untamed and wild.”

79 Badass Boy Names That Mean Chaos

Let’s hear it for the boys as we celebrate boy names that mean chaos.

  1. Abaddon – one of the best boy names that mean chaos – means “destruction.”
  2. Acacius – a cool Latin and Greek name meaning “thorny” and “innocent.”
  3. Achar – a significant biblical name meaning “he that troubleth.”
  4. Akuma – this malevolent Japanese name means “devil” or “demon.”
  5. Alastor – an alternative of Alastair, meaning “man’s defender” and “avenger.”
  6. Alvah – this Hebrew name means “brightness, unrighteousness, iniquity,” and “injustice.”
  7. Amil – a classic Arabic boy’s name meaning “one who hopes” and “unattainable.”
  8. Apollo – this kick-ass Greek name means “destroyer.”
  9. Aridam – one of the best revenge names – means “destroyer of foes” in Hindi.
  10. Arson – the insanity of a name that means “deliberately setting fire to property” in English.
  11. Asani – a masculine Swahili name meaning “rebellious.”
  12. Ax – an edgy Hebrew name meaning “father of peace,” but also a dangerous weapon.
  13. Azazel – this classy Hebrew name means “scapegoat.”
  14. Bandit – a cool gender-neutral American name meaning “thief.”
  15. Balor – the Gaelic/Irish god of chaos – means “the deadly one.”
  16. Beelzebub – means “prince of devils” in Greek and “lord of the flies” in Hebrew.
  17. Blade – the dark comic-book character – means “knife” and “sword.”
  18. Blaise – this sinister-sounding name means “stutter” and “lisp.”
  19. Boris – the former chaotic U.K. prime minister – means “battle glory” in Slavic.
  20. Brutus – history remembers Caeser’s assassin – means “dull” and “heavy” in Latin.
  21. Buster – is of English origin, meaning a “tough guy.”
  22. Buz – a catchy biblical boy’s name meaning “contempt.”
  23. Cain – the murderous son of Adam and Eve – means “acquired, possessed,” and “spear.”
  24. Casimir – of French and Dutch origin, meaning “destroyer of the peace.”
  25. Crash – an unusual American name meaning “to collide violently.”
  26. Cutter – this aggressive occupational English name describes a “tailor” or “barber.”
  27. Dagger – an Old English nickname for someone who “wore or used a dagger.”
  28. Damon – a Greek masculine name meaning “to subdue, overpower,” and “conquer.”
  29. Devland – related to the Irish/Gaelic Devlin, meaning “fierce” and “courage.”
  30. Devlin – shares the same Gaelic roots as Devland but also means “unlucky.”
  31. Diablo – this dangerous Spanish name means “devil.”
  32. Dorian – who can forget the selfish Dorian Gray in Oscar Wilde’s story – means “gift.”
  33. Draco – a diabolical Greek name meaning “serpent” and “dragon.”
  34. Drake – derived from the Old Norse Draki, meaning “dragon.”
  35. Draven – this Anglo-Saxon name derives from “dræfend,” meaning “hunter” and “avenger.”
  36. Ephai – an alternative to the Hebrew Elijah, meaning “gloomy.”
  37. Fachnan – fewer Irish manipulative names are as “malicious.”
  38. Fogarty – derived from the Irish Fogartach, meaning “banished” and “exiled.”
  39. Gedeon – this Hebrew name means “hewer, destroyer,” and “feller of trees.”
  40. Goku – a cool Japanese name meaning “aware of emptiness.”
  41. Gouki – this Japanese name means “great demon.”
  42. Gulliver – greed has an Irish boy’s name – Gulliver means “glutton.”
  43. Gunner – is a variant of the German Gunther, meaning “battler” or “warrior.”
  44. Gunther – similar to Gunner, meaning “battle army.”
  45. Hadeon – of Ukranian origin, meaning “destroyer.”
  46. Hades – a classic mythological Greek name meaning “unseen” and “god of the underworld.”
  47. Hamill – an Old English name meaning “mutilated” and “scarred.”
  48. Hatitosa – of Indian origin, meaning “not afraid of troubles.”
  49. Havoc – while this English name symbolizes chaos, it means “hawklike.”
  50. Ichabod – in the crazy world of chaos, Ichabod means “without glory” in Hebrew.
  51. Iniko – this insane West African name means “born in a time of trouble.”
  52. Jacan – the best chaotic names are Hebrew – means “trouble.”
  53. Jacob – derived from the Hebrew Ya’aqov, meaning “to follow, supplant,” and “overreach.”
  54. Jareb – some mischief names are Hebrew – means “he will struggle.”
  55. Judas – while this Greek-inspired name means “praised,” it has dark traitor symbolism.
  56. Kaazib – this malicious Urdu name means “liar, mendacious” and “pseudo (fake).”
  57. Lucifer – this cursed fallen angel’s name means “bearer of light” and “morning star.”
  58. Mahlon – an unusual masculine name of Hebrew origin, meaning “sick” and “sickly.”
  59. Matchitehew – some names scream danger, like this Native American moniker meaning “evil heart.”
  60. Maverick – the standard-bearer for chaotic names – means “a non-conforming independent person.”
  61. Melville – some chaotic names derive from French – means “bad settlement.”
  62. Mort – derived from the Latin “mortuus,” meaning “death.”
  63. Mortimer – this Old English boy’s name means “dead sea” or “dead water.”
  64. Muzan – the name of the first recorded demon over 1,000 years ago.
  65. Napthali – of Hebrew origin, meaning “my struggle” and “my strife.”
  66. Nemo – imagine the wrath of feeling like a “nobody,” which is what Nemo means in Latin.
  67. Odysseus – a classic Greek name meaning “to hate” and “to be angry.”
  68. Paine – the perfect name for a “rustic peasant” and also means “heathen.”
  69. Phobos – some names that mean chaos are Greek – means “fear.”
  70. Rogue – second only to Maverick, this Old English name means “unpredictable” and “mischievous.”
  71. Rowdy – the perfect American name for “loud” and “spirited” kids.
  72. Ruckus – a common English slang term for a “disturbance” and “commotion.”
  73. Samael – this menacing Hebrew boy’s name means “poison or venom of God.”
  74. Saxon – of German origin, meaning “dagger” or “short sword.”
  75. Shammah – if you have the misfortune to bear this name, it means “loss, desolation,” and “astonishment.”
  76. Tynan – many chaos names are Gaelic, like Tynan, meaning “dark” and “exudes a mystic aura.”
  77. Ubel – this German name means “evil.”
  78. Yosemite – an American Indian name meaning “those who kill.”
  79. Wolf – some German names for chaos are nature-inspired.

Names That Mean Chaos FAQs

Which Names That Mean Chaos Are Greek?

Many Greek names mean chaos, including Odysseus, Draco, Damon, Tisiphone, Persephone, and Keres. Akantha, Atropos, and Apollo are other examples of chaotic Greek monikers.

Which Chaos Names are Gods and Demons?

Many chaos names refer to gods and demons, including Lucifer, Beelzebub, Balor, Odysseus, and Hades. Other names like Gouki, Diablo, Persephone, and Atropos are less well-known but feature heavily in ancient mythology.

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