141 Incredible Names that Mean Joy: for Cheerful Cherubs

Glum is so hum-drum, but names that mean joy are perfect for your girl or boy.

Positivity is a rare thing these days. Sometimes, the world feels cold and dismal, but the best way to ensure that happiness wins the day is to choose among these inspiring names that mean joy for your little cherub.

What could be better than a sparkling name inspired by Hebrew, Old English, German, Greek, and Latin that represents life’s happier side? So, don’t hold back when choosing names meaning joy as we tour the wonderful and weird world of joy names.

141 Magical Names Meaning Joy

Inspire others to feel the power of positivity and choose a name that means joy.

  1. Abigail – kicking off our names that mean joy with Abigail, meaning “father’s joy” in Hebrew.
  2. Ada – derived from Adelaide, this German name means “noble and happy.”
  3. Aida – the biblical meaning of Aida includes “happy, moon, gift” and “helper.”
  4. Aine – a traditional Irish name meaning “brilliant” and “happiness.”
  5. Alaia – a cool gender-neutral Basque name meaning “joyful and happy.”
  6. Alair – the perfect Latin name for “precious and cheerful” children.
  7. Alan – this 6th-century Gaelic and German name means “handsome, cheerful” and “precious.”
  8. Aleeza – a wonderful Hebrew name meaning “joy, joyful” and “cheerful.”
  9. Alisa – a variant of the German Alice, this Hebrew name means “great happiness” and “joy.”
  10. Aliza – an alternate spelling of Aleeza and Alisa, meaning “joy” in Hebrew.
  11. Allegra – a stylish Italian name meaning “joyful and happy.”
  12. Ancel – this French name also has a Yiddish meaning of “fortunate, blessed” and “happy.”
  13. Anit – possibly of Hebrew or Hindu origin, meaning “joyful unending.”
  14. Annabella – of Italian and French origin, meaning “favored grace” and “loveable.”
  15. Anschel – an alternate spelling of the Hebrew Anshel, meaning “happy.”
  16. Aoife – an Irish, Scottish, and Gaelic name meaning “radiant, beauty” and “joy.”
  17. Arcadia – an unusual Greek name meaning “happiness, peace” and “contentment.”
  18. Arnan – this biblical Hebrew name means “quick and joyful.”
  19. Ash – a gender-neutral short form of Asher, meaning “happy” in Hebrew.
  20. Asher – is the long form of Ash with the same meaning and origin.
  21. Bahjat – many names that mean joy are Arabic, like Bahjat, meaning “happiness.”
  22. Bayo – our first African entry; Bayo means “to find joy.”
  23. Beah – some say this Latin name means “bringer of happiness,” while others say it means “blessed.”
  24. Beatrice – an Italian name of Latin origin meaning “she who brings happiness” and “blessed.”
  25. Beatrix – a Dutch version of Beatrice meaning “traveler, voyager” and “bringer of happiness.”
  26. Beeja – is of Indian origin, meaning “the beginning” and “happy.”
  27. Behati – a pretty African name meaning “blessed” and “she who brings happiness.”
  28. Bennet – an Anglo-Norman name derived from the Latin Benedictus, meaning “blessed.”
  29. Bliss – of British origin, meaning “joy, cheer” and “intense happiness.”
  30. Blithe – an alternate spelling of the Old English Blythe, meaning “carefree and cheerful.”
  31. Blythe – the traditional spelling of Blithe with the same meaning and origin.
  32. Bonnie – a sweet Scottish name meaning “beautiful” and “cheerful.”
  33. Caia – the Latin feminine version of Caius, meaning “to rejoice.”
  34. Caius – this male Latin name has the same origin and meaning as Caia.
  35. Carol – this gender-neutral Old English name means “joyful song.”
  36. Caroline – a Scottish/French/Italian female version of Charles, meaning “free woman” and “song of happiness.”
  37. Cayo – of Spanish and Latin origin, meaning “rejoice.”
  38. Delicia – this Latin feminine name means “pleasure and delight.”
  39. Denish – of Indian origin, this boy’s name means “happy and joyful.”
  40. Dilshad – the first Persian name to make the list – means “happy, cheerful” and “happy heart.”
  41. Dita – of Spanish and English roots, meaning “happy or prosperous war” and “strive for wealth.”
  42. Duscha – our first Russian entry, meaning “happy.”
  43. Eda – possibly meaning “happy war” or “wealthy and well-mannered” in Old English.
  44. Eden – the ultimate Hebrew name meaning “place of pleasure.”
  45. Edith – of Dutch, German, and Old English origin, meaning “happy or prosperous in war.”
  46. Edna – this unassuming female name means “renewer, delight,” and “rejuvenation.”
  47. Edwyn – an Old English name meaning “rich, prosperous” and “friend.”
  48. Euroa – the first Aboriginal entry, meaning “joyful.”
  49. Faegan – this classic Irish/Gaelic name means “joyful” and “little ardent one.”
  50. Falisha – a Greek and Latin version of Felix, meaning “lucky and fortunate.”
  51. Fane – of Old Welsh and English origin, meaning “joyous and happy.”
  52. Farrah – some Arabic names are a celebration of positivity, like Farrah, meaning “happiness and joy.”
  53. Felicia – derived from the Latin Felicitas, meaning “lucky” and “happy, fortunate.”
  54. Felicidad – this Spanish girl’s name derives from the Latin Felicitas, meaning “happiness.”
  55. Felicity – another of the Latin Felicitas names – means “happiness” in Old English.
  56. Felix – sticking with the Latin Felicitas theme, Felix means “happy.”
  57. Festus – is of Latin origin, meaning “joyous” and “festive.”
  58. Frayda – an alternate spelling of Freyda and Freida, meaning “joy” in Yiddish.
  59. Gae – derived from the Latin Gaius, meaning “rejoice, glad” and “joyful.”
  60. Gaius – the long form of Gae, with the same meaning and origin.
  61. Gale – a gender-neutral Old English name meaning “pleasant and merry.”
  62. Geila – is of Hebrew origin, meaning “joy.”
  63. Giaconda – a classic Italian feminine name meaning “the happy one” and “lighthearted woman.”
  64. Gil – this short and sweet Hebrew name means “small goat, bright promise” and “joy.”
  65. Gili – it should come as no surprise that this Hebrew name means “rejoice” and “joy.”
  66. Gweneth – an alternative spelling of Gwyneth, meaning “fair, happiness” and “blessed” in Welsh.
  67. Gwyneth – the more recognizable spelling of the Welsh name meaning “happiness, fair” and “blessed.”
  68. Halona – the first Native American entry, meaning “of happy fortune.”
  69. Hana – this Spanish name covers all the bases, meaning “happiness, flower, grace” and “favor.”
  70. Hani – this Asian, Arabic, and Hawaiian name means “joyful, happy” and “to move.”
  71. Helga – a feminine Old Norse name meaning “blessed, holy” and “sacred.”
  72. Helier – pride yourself that you’ve chosen the best Latin name, meaning “cheerful.”
  73. Hilary – derived from the Latin “hilarius,” meaning “cheerful and merry.”
  74. Ike – this short and sweet Hebrew name translates as “laughter.”
  75. Ilaria – similar to Hilary, this Old English name derives from the Latin “hilarius,” meaning “cheerful/merry.”
  76. Irina – the Russian version of the Greek Irene, meaning “woman of peace and harmony.”
  77. Isaac – derived from the Hebrew name Yitzvah, meaning “one who laughs or rejoices.”
  78. Jay – a pretty male name of Hebrew origin, meaning “cheerful” and “joyful.”
  79. Jevin – this English boy’s name means “joyful and brave.”
  80. Joie – is of French origin, meaning “joy.”
  81. Jovie – an American offering meaning “joyful” or “jovial.
  82. Joy – an obvious choice among girl names that mean joy.
  83. Joyce – is of Latin origin, meaning “lord” and “cheerful/merry.”
  84. Jubilee – will make you smile – means “joy, celebration” and “ram’s horn,” after the Hebrew “yovel.”
  85. Kalea – is of Hawaiian origin, meaning “happiness and joy.”
  86. Keiko – the first Japanese entry, meaning “happy or blessed child.”
  87. Keyes – this Old English name means “of or near the quay” and “happy.”
  88. Kiki – a quirky French name with Spanish and Japanese roots, meaning “double happiness.”
  89. Laticia – of Latin origin, this spirited name means “joy.”
  90. Leda – a classic Greek mythological name meaning “woman” and “happy.”
  91. Leta – related to Leda, this Greek and Latin moniker means “gladly.”
  92. Letitia – similar to Leticia, this Latin name means “joy and gladness.”
  93. Luana – a cool Hawaiian name meaning “enjoyment” and “happiness.”
  94. Lykke – a popular Swedish girl’s name meaning “happiness and good fortune.”
  95. Mabbina – this unusual name is of Irish descent and means “happiness.”
  96. Macario – derived from the Greek Makarios, meaning “fortunate and supremely blessed.”
  97. Maddox – this Welsh name means “son of Madoc” and “good fortune.”
  98. Maeve – an Irish girl’s name brimming with positivity, meaning “intoxicating” and “she who causes great joy.”
  99. Makenna – this Irish, Kenyan, and Hawaiian name means “son of Kenneth” and “the happy one.”
  100. Marnie – derived from the Greek Marmara, meaning “of the sea” and “to rejoice.”
  101. Marnin – a cool Hebrew name meaning “one who creates joy.”
  102. Merewen – of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning “sublime delight.”
  103. Merry – some joy names make you smile, like Merry, meaning “joyful” and “lighthearted” in Old English.
  104. Naim – some boy names that mean joy are Arabic, like Naim, meaning “to be contented.”
  105. Naomi – a variation on the Hebrew Naom, with the same meaning and origin
  106. Nara – means “happy” in Celtic, “country” in Korean, and “sun” in Mongolian.
  107. Nara – is also of Japanese, Celtic, and Hindi origin, meaning “happy.”
  108. Nario – is a short and sweet Italian name meaning “cheerful.”
  109. Nayo – a classic African/Yoruban name meaning “she is our joy.”
  110. Noam – this Hebrew girl’s name is perfect for “gentle” and “pleasant” daughters.
  111. Onni – of Scandinavian origin, this Finnish name means “luck” and “happiness.”
  112. Oron – surprisingly, this playful name is of Scottish origin and means “light” and “joy.”
  113. Phylicia – this Greek name means “fortunate, lucky,” and “successful.”
  114. Rafa – this Arabic and Hebrew name means “well-being” and “prosperity.”
  115. Raine – is of Sanskrit, Hebrew, and French origin, meaning “she is singing” and “king or queen.”
  116. Reena – this Hebrew name means “melody, calm, joy” and “serene.”
  117. Rena – a variation of Reena with the same meaning and origin.
  118. Revel – some names that mean happy are Old English, like Revel, meaning “rejoice.”
  119. Ron – is of Old Norse origin, meaning “mountain of strength,” but it means “joy” in Hebrew.
  120. Ronel – means “song of Jehovah” and “joy of the Lord” in Hebrew.
  121. Ronia – with multiple roots, Ronia means “my song” and “my joy” in Hebrew.”
  122. Ronli – sticking with Hebrew “joy” names, Ronli means “my joy.”
  123. Rowena – this old-fashioned German name means “fame and happiness.”
  124. Saeed – derived from the Arabic verb “sa’ada,” meaning “to be happy, fortunate” and “lucky.”
  125. Seelay – is of Old French and English origin, meaning “blessed and happy.”
  126. Selig – a cool boy’s name of German origin, meaning “blessed” and “happy in life.”
  127. Shreyash – this Nepali name has the unexpected meaning of “good fortune” and “happiness.”
  128. Simcha – a classic Yiddish bible name meaning “gladness and joy.”
  129. Tarub – this Muslim girl’s name means “merry” in Arabic.
  130. Tate – this unisex Old English name is a first and middle name, meaning “cheerful.”
  131. Toshan – of Hindu origin, meaning “satisfaction” and “one who is satisfied.”
  132. Trixie – a playful Hebrew name meaning “bringer or bringing joy.”
  133. Ullas – this pretty Indian name means “delight, celebration” and “brilliance.”
  134. Vidor – a fun Hungarian name meaning “happy.”
  135. Vuyo – this unique African name means “happy.”
  136. Whelan – a cool Irish name meaning “clan of the wolf” and “joyful.”
  137. Winifred – some joyful names are Old Welsh/English, like Winifred, meaning “joy, peace” and “blessed reconciliation.”
  138. Winston – is of Old English origin, derived from Wynstan, meaning “joyful stone.”
  139. Yukie – a cool Japanese name meaning “eternal happiness.”
  140. Zahal – some names meaning joy are Muslim and Hebrew, like Zahal, meaning “pure” and “joy.”
  141. Zorion – one of the best Latin joy names meaning “happy.”

Names That Mean Joy FAQs

Are Some Names That Mean Joy Gender-Neutral?

Some names that mean joy are gender-neutral. Examples like Whelan, Tate, Rafa, Maddox, and Alaia are perfect for both sexes, as are Gale, Gil, and Hilary. Other unisex names include Fane, Eden, and Carol.

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