103 Names That Mean Lightning: With Electrifying Meanings

Brace yourself for a storm, as these mighty names that mean lightning or thunder are sure to make an impact.

A new arrival will make a huge impact on your life, so why not honor them in the most epic way? These unique and spectacular names that mean lightning and thunder are certain to turn heads, bringing all the drama and electricity into any little legend’s life.

We’ve gathered the mightiest thunder and lightning names for babies, inspired by mythical storm deities, international language and lore, and even vocabulary related to the weather phenomenon. Take cover, and keep reading to learn all about their storm meanings, origins, namesakes, and more.

28 Ethereal Girl Names That Mean Thunder & Lightning

Any little storm goddess will turn heads with one of these electric thunder and lightning names for girls.

  1. Amihan – a cute Filipino girl’s name representing a “winter storm.”
  2. Ashni – a pretty Sanskrit name for a girl as electric as “lightning.”
  3. Asterope – a variant of Astrape, with the snappy meaning of “lightning.”
  4. Astrape – inspired by a goddess of thunder and lightning in Greek mythology.
  5. Audra – as a Lithuanian name, this great girl’s name means “storm.”
  6. Bronte – a beautiful literary name with Gaelic and Greek influences meaning “bestower” or “thunder.”
  7. Damini – electric among Sanskrit girl names that mean “lightning” or “self-controlled.”
  8. Dianmu – this captivating name is inspired by a Chinese lightning goddess.
  9. Doireann – this old-fashioned, stormy Irish name means “sullen, tempestuous,” with lovely possible nicknames.
  10. Éclair – not just a chocolatey pastry, but also the French word for “a flash of lightning.”
  11. Fulgora – associated with the personification of lightning in Roman mythology, for sparky, electric girls.
  12. Ho’otseoo’e – a very rare Native American name, said to mean “lightning woman” in Cheyenne.
  13. Iansá – another name for Ọya, the Yoruba storm deity.
  14. Jowita – this pretty Polish name relates to Jove, the Roman god of thunder.
  15. Kohara – meaning “lightning flash,” this fantastic Polynesian name was borne by the goddess of tuna.
  16. Leizi – another name for Dianmu, the Chinese “mother of lightning.”
  17. Levina – a feminine name used internationally, with “lightning” as one Latin interpretation.
  18. Mealla – some believe this Irish girl’s name means “honey,” others interpret it as “lightning.”
  19. Ọya – a Yoruba goddess of storms and lightning, with the prettiest of 3-letter names.
  20. Stormi – the cutest among celebrity baby thunder and lightning names.
  21. Tondra – a turbulent name from an Esperanto word meaning “thunder, thunderous.”
  22. Tora – a cute feminine form of Thor, meaning “thunder.”
  23. Tordis – or Thordis, an Old Norse name for a “thunder goddess.”
  24. Toril – an epic Scandinavian pick among female names that mean “thunder.”
  25. Tormenta – is confident and loud among Spanish girl names meaning “thunderstorm.”
  26. Tyra – badass among Norse storm names for girls, meaning “thunder warrior.”
  27. Vajra – a spiritual, religious symbol, meaning “thunderbolt” in Sanskrit.
  28. Whaitiri – the personification of thunder in Maori mythology makes an awesome Oceanic storm name.

58 Badass Thunder & Lightning Names for Boys

These epic names that mean lightning and thunder for boys will make an impact.

  1. Adad – a variant of Hadad, great if you love strong, 4-letter names for boys.
  2. Aktzin – after an ancient Mexican thunder, lightning, and rain god.
  3. Asnee – a striking Thai pick among “lightning” names for boys.
  4. Bahoz – meaning “storm” in Kurdish, for babies born on stormy nights.
  5. Barak – this great presidential name means “lightning” and comes from Hebrew.
  6. Baraqiel – an angelic name with the powerful and religious meaning of “lightning of God.”
  7. Bijuli – a town in Nepal whose sparky name means “electricity, lightning.”
  8. Bolt – a punch vocabulary name, perhaps best suited for pets, however.
  9. Chaac – this unusually-spelled name is taken by a Maya god of storms and rain.
  10. Djalu – this great Australian boy’s name means “lightning.”
  11. Donar – a trendy Scandinavian name, meaning “thunder god.”
  12. Ekaitz – meaning “storm” in Basque, great among names meaning electric.
  13. Foudre – a French word relating to the electric flashes during storms.
  14. Giove – the Italian name for the god Jupiter, makes a sexy choice for a stormy guy.
  15. Hadad – or Haddad, meaning “blacksmith” in Arabic, represents a storm god in Semitic religion.
  16. Haikili – a Hawaiian boy’s name for a storm bringer, meaning “god of thunder.”
  17. Hayate – this Japanese name hits like a clap of thunder, possibly meaning “sound of the wind.”
  18. Horus – inspired by the ancient Egyptian god of the sky.
  19. Iovis – an old variant of Jove, for thunderous Roman legends.
  20. Iškur – a rare name taken from an ancient Mesopotamian storm God.
  21. Jiraiya – an infinitely trendy Japanese pick, meaning “young thunder.”
  22. Jovan – this “majestic” Latin name is rooted in that of the god Jupiter.
  23. Jove – another name for Jupiter, the Roman god of the sky and thunder.
  24. Jupiter – an out-of-this-world name, after the supreme Roman god of the sky and thunder.
  25. Kidlat – a fun Filipino pick among boy names that mean “lightning,” after a Philippine storm god.
  26. Leigong – after a thunder god in Chinese legend.
  27. Mazin – this Arabic name meaning “rain clouds” implies that a storm will soon come.
  28. Ociel – meaning “from the sky,” this Latin boy’s name sounds totally angelic.
  29. Perëndi – after an Albanian god of the sky and thunder, for little legends.
  30. Perun – this manly name takes inspiration from a Slavic god of the sky, rain, war, and low.
  31. Petir – this Indonesian word for “lightning” makes a sparky alternative to Peter.
  32. Pillan – after a Mapuche god of stormy weather, a powerful Native American pick.
  33. Ra’d – a short name with many impacts, meaning “thunder” in Arabic.
  34. Raijin – a storm god from the Japanese and Shinto religion, a frightful name for a baby.
  35. Ramiel – epic among angel baby names, meaning “thunder of God.”
  36. Saar – a cool Hebrew boy name meaning “storm.”
  37. Set – a unique name inspired by the ancient Egyptian god of storms, violence, and disorder.
  38. Shappa – meaning “red thunder,” this Native American (Sioux) name sounds positively ferocious.
  39. Şimşek – this cool Turkish last name means “lightning.”
  40. Stormur – an Icelandic word for “storm,” with a strong, masculine tone.
  41. Sturm – this German word for “storm” makes a hefty name choice for a man.
  42. Taranis – after a god of thunder from Celtic mythology.
  43. Tarran – an Old Welsh name inspired by a Celtic god of thunder.
  44. Thor – after the heroic Norse god, the most iconic among names that mean thunder.
  45. Thunderbird – an icon from North American tribal culture, also reminiscent of the “FAB” British sci-fi series.
  46. Tor – a modern variant of Thor, great if you love impactful, 3-letter names.
  47. Torben – of Scandinavian origin, this swift and feisty boy’s name means “thunder bear.”
  48. Torbjörn – an exceptional Swedish pick among manly names that mean “thunder.”
  49. Tore – meaning “thunder warrior,” this Old Norse name certainly makes an impact.
  50. Tornado – you won’t want to mess with any kid bearing this most blustery storm names.
  51. Torsti – an extra-powerful Finnish name meaning “Thor’s stone.”
  52. Tuoni – meaning “thunder” in Italian, also a Finnish god of the underworld.
  53. Ukko – a Finnish god of sky and thunder, a respectful term meaning “old man.”
  54. Wafula – this African boy’s name is bestowed upon a baby “born during the rainy season.”
  55. Yashin – a sparky Uzbek name meaning “lightning.”
  56. Yıldırım – fiery among Turkish names that mean “lightning, thunder.”
  57. Zenon – this stylish Polish boy’s name comes from that of the Greek god Zeus.
  58. Zeus – a mighty name inspired by the supreme Greek god of the sky and thunder.

17 Unique Unisex Names Meaning Lightning & Thunder

The best gender-neutral names for kids are rich with spark and suspense.

  1. Animikii – from Anishinaabe meaning “Thunderbird,” a powerful symbol in Native American culture.
  2. Blitz – cool and stormy; this name is fizzing with electricity.
  3. Crash – a hilariously chaotic onomatopoeia name reminiscent of a thunderstorm.
  4. Enakai – is adorable among unisex Hawaiian names that mean “storm,” like a stormy sea.
  5. Hurricane – you can’t get more dramatic than this storm-themed phenomenon name.
  6. Indra – a gorgeous name inspired by the Hindu god of war and thunder.
  7. Llipya – translating from Quechua to mean “lightning.”
  8. Lyn – a cute international name, also meaning “lightning” in Danish.
  9. Myrsky – fiery and Finnish among names meaning “storm.”
  10. Rai – a Japanese name meaning “thunder, lightning,” also a shining nickname from Raymond, Raiden, Rachel, etc.
  11. Raiden – a glowing Japanese name after a legendary god of storms.
  12. Storm – loud and energetic, a great vocabulary name for a baby who rides on lightning.
  13. Terje – a Finnish name related to “Thor’s spear,” an on-point name for a stormy baby.
  14. Thunder – a tempestuous middle name for a raging kid.
  15. Tufani – translates from Swahili to mean “storm,” a unique pick among thunder names.
  16. Vidyut – a sparky, gender-neutral pick among Sanskrit names, meaning “electric, lightning, shining.”
  17. Wachira – said to mean “lightning bolt,” this gender-neutral name is of Thai origins.

Thunder & Lightning Names FAQs

What Are Some Thunder and Lightning God Names?

There’s plenty of inspiration among religion and mythology-inspired thunder and lightning names. For boys, Thor is a fantastic choice. Donar, Hadad, Jupiter, Haikili, Iškur, Leigong, Perëndi, Kidlat, and Chaac are good choices for boys. For girls, we love Astrape, Dianmu, Ọya, and Kohara.

What Celtic Name Means Thunder?

Tarran and Taranis are epic Celtic storm names inspired by mythical gods of thunder. If you like Celtic and Gaelic influences, we’d also suggest Bronte for girls (with Greek and Gaelic influences) or perhaps the Irish names Mealla or Doireann.

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