148 Names That Mean Miracle for Heaven-Sent Boys & Girls

Bless your newest addition to the family with one of these miracle names!

Your little bundle of joy is a bonafide miracle, so choosing names that mean miracle to match seems natural. After all, what better way to remind them daily that they’re your little gift?

We have it all – from religious names across the globe, including Hebrew, Latin, Roman, Old English, and Arabic, to positive monikers that mean hope, happiness, peace, and love.

You might be surprised to learn that the bulk of miracle names come from the Bible, Sanskrit, and Islam, but there are a few curveballs to keep your naming journey on track. So, let’s get started!

90 Monumental Boy Names That Mean Miracle

Discover a treasure trove of miracle names for your naming journey.

  1. Aaliyah – a wonderful Arabic boy’s name meaning “exalted” and “high-born.”
  2. Aaron – a powerful Hebrew name meaning “mountain of strength” and “exalted (happy/joyous).”
  3. Afsoon – this wonderful Islamic name will have you “bewitched, charmed” and “under its spell.”
  4. Aksha – this Hindu name means “God’s blessing” and “soul.”
  5. Alasne – sometimes spelled with a Z, this Basque name means “miracle.”
  6. Althea – a unique Muslim name meaning “healer, wholesome” and “one with healing power.”
  7. Amari – means “strength” in Yoruba, “immortal” in Sanskrit, “loved” in Latin, and “promised by God” in Hebrew.
  8. Angel – this biblical Greek name meaning “messenger” is associated with miracles.
  9. Ansel – an Old English name derived from the German Anselm, meaning “protector” and “God.”
  10. Ascher – an edgy Jewish name meaning “happy” and “blessed.”
  11. Asher – a variation of Ascher with the same meaning and origin.
  12. Ata – means “gift” in Arabic, “forefather” in Turkish, and “child” in Ogba.
  13. Ayaan – is common in the Hindu and Muslim faiths, meaning “gift of God.”
  14. Ayah – this beautiful Islamic name means “miracle” and “sign,” signifying “God’s existence.”
  15. Barack – a famous presidential name derived from the Hebrew Baruch, meaning “blessing.”
  16. Baruch – the Hebrew version of Barack, meaning “blessed one.”
  17. Benedict – derived from the Latin Benedictus, meaning “blessed.”
  18. Beneficio – an interesting Spanish boy’s name meaning “blessing.”
  19. Bennett – this Old English version of the Latin Benedictus also means “well-spoken.”
  20. Bereket – an Arabic name meaning “abundance, prosperity” and “blessings.”
  21. Boone – this elegant French name means “good” or “blessing.”
  22. Bracha – from the Hebrew “berakah,” meaning “a blessing” and “to bless.”
  23. Chazon – an unusual Hebrew name meaning “prophecy” and “revelation.”
  24. Dalili – such an exotic Swahili name meaning “a sign from the gods.”
  25. Deva – from ancient Sanskrit text, this cool name means “divine” and “God-like.”
  26. Devak – in the Western Indian Marathi culture, Devak means “miracle.”
  27. Eijaz – a lesser-known Hebrew name meaning “blessed.”
  28. Eirini – an unusual Greek name meaning “peace.”
  29. Eleazar – this common Jewish name of Hebrew origin means “God has helped.”
  30. Elijah – a classic Hebrew boy’s name meaning “the Lord is my God.”
  31. Fyodor – a Russian version of the Greek Theodore, meaning “divine gift.”
  32. Gundruna – a cool Swedish male name meaning “divine wisdom.”
  33. Harika – this Arabic name is widely used in Turkey and India, meaning “wonderful, excellent” and “beautiful.”
  34. Heaven – the perfect Old English miracle name meaning “the home of God.”
  35. Ian – some boy names that mean miracle are Scottish – means “God is gracious.”
  36. Isaac – a trendy yet traditional Hebrew name meaning “one who laughs or rejoices.”
  37. Isadora – derived from the Greek Isadoros, meaning “gift of Isis.”
  38. Iva – a rare survivor from ancient Slavic, meaning “God is gracious.”
  39. Jada – this Old English name derives from Jade, meaning “precious stone.”
  40. Jane – derived from the French Jehane and the Hebrew Yochanan, meaning “God is gracious.”
  41. Janet – a popular name in Scotland meaning “God is gracious.”
  42. Jayden – a cool gender-neutral miracle name meaning “thankful” and “God will judge” in Hebrew.
  43. Jenica – a Hebrew female form of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  44. Jesse – this unisex Hebrew-inspired name means “He sees” and “the Lord exists.”
  45. Jessica – is believed to be a Shakespeare creation from the Hebrew Iscah, meaning “God beholds.”
  46. Jolie – a female French name meaning “joy, contentment,” and “pleasure.”
  47. Jonathan – some miracle names are filled with wonder – means “God has given.”
  48. Joseph – another Hebrew name celebrating God, meaning “Jehovah shall add.”
  49. Lazarus – derived from the Hebrew Eleazar, meaning “God has helped.”
  50. Levi – a modern-sounding Hebrew name meaning “joined in harmony.”
  51. Lumi – while this Finnish name means “snow,” it also symbolizes “illumination.”
  52. Magic – a rare name of American origin, meaning “full of wonder.”
  53. Makar – this classic Russian boy’s name means “blessed.”
  54. Mansur – derived from the Arabic al Mansur, meaning “conqueror” and “assisted by God.”
  55. Marvel – a unisex Spanish name meaning “wonderful, extraordinary,” and “miracle to marvel at.”
  56. Mateus – this Portuguese version of the Hebrew Matthew means “gift of God.”
  57. Matthew – a traditional Hebrew name meaning “gift of God” and “gift of Yahweh.”
  58. Micaiah – a long-form spelling of the Hebrew Mikah, meaning “who is like God?”
  59. Micah – an alternate spelling of Micaiah that features several times in the Old Testament.
  60. Mika – another alternate spelling of Mikah, meaning “God’s child.”
  61. Mikelle – of Hebrew origin, meaning “who resembles God.”
  62. Milagro – this expressive Spanish name means “miracles.”
  63. Mireya – of Spanish and Latin origin, meaning “miracle” and “admired.”
  64. Nathaniel – featured in the Old and New Testament, this Hebrew name means “God has given.”
  65. Naveen – a descriptive Sanskrit name meaning “new, fresh” and “young, bright, and creative.”
  66. Nayab – this Muslim baby name means “rare, precious,” and “unique.”
  67. Neo – while this Greek name means “new,” it also means “the one.”
  68. Nevaeh – this original American name reverses the word “heaven” in a neat twist.
  69. Nissan – such an unexpected Japanese name meaning “miracle.”
  70. Ohanna – one of many Hebrew names on the list, meaning “God’s gracious gift.”
  71. Orella – this heavenly Latin name means “announcement of the gods” and “the golden one.”
  72. Osgood – derived from the Norse Asgautr, meaning “Goth god” and “divine creator.”
  73. Osmond – of Scandinavian and English origin, meaning “divine protection.”
  74. Oswald – this Old English name means “divine power.”
  75. Panthea – a divine Greek name that means “of all gods.”
  76. Pelia – of Hebrew origin but prominent in Greek mythology – means “marvel of God.”
  77. Raphael – a majestic biblical name meaning “God has healed.”
  78. Revel – this cheerful Old English name means “rejoice.”
  79. Sachi – a shortened version of the Japanese Sachiko, meaning “child of joy.”
  80. Sam – a genderless version of Samuel and Samantha, meaning “God has heard.”
  81. Samuel – this traditional biblical name also means “told by God.”
  82. Sena – is of Arabic, Hindi, Greek, and African origin, meaning “the moon” and “the world’s beauty.”
  83. Senalda – this Spanish name means “victory, power” and “sign.”
  84. Thaddeus – an unusual Aramaic name meaning “gift of God.”
  85. Thalia – a Greek mythological name meaning “to flourish” and “dew from heaven.”
  86. Theo – derived from the Greek Theodoros, meaning “God’s gift.”
  87. Theophania – nothing matches the miracle of “God’s appearance,” as this Greek name suggests.
  88. Zebadiah – the perfect Hebrew name for a baby boy – means “given by God.”
  89. Zelig – some of the best blessing names are Yiddish – means “blessed.”
  90. Zevadiah – a variation of the Hebrew Zebediah, meaning “gift from God or Jehovah.”

58 Gorgeous Girl Names That Mean Miracle

Every birth is a miracle, so let’s celebrate the girls.

  1. Abigail – a typical Hebrew girl’s name meaning “my father’s joy.”
  2. Agnes – this old-fashioned Greek name means “pure” and “holy.”
  3. Anna – a Latin form of the Hebrew Hannah, meaning “favor, grace” and “beautiful.”
  4. Ashlyn – is of Irish descent, meaning “dream” and “vision.”
  5. Astrid – of Old Norse origin, meaning “divinely beautiful” and “beloved of.”
  6. Beatrix – is of Latin and Dutch origin, meaning “bringer of happiness” and “blessed.”
  7. Behati – this exotic African child’s name means “blessed” and “she who brings happiness.”
  8. Celeste – derived from the Latin “caelestis,” meaning “heavenly” and “celestial.”
  9. Celestine – is similar to Celeste and also means “sky.”
  10. Celia – a Shakespearean literary name of Latin origin, meaning “heavenly.”
  11. Chabib – derived from the Arabic Habib, meaning “beloved one” and “darling.”
  12. Charis – in Greek and Hebrew, Charis means “favor, kindness,” and “God’s merciful grace.”
  13. Deanna – means “church leader” in British and “divine, goddess-like” in Latin.
  14. Desiree – this puritanical name is French and means “much desired.”
  15. Diana – a classic Greek and Latin name meaning “divine, daylight,” and “sky.”
  16. Dionne – an Americanized version of the Greek Dione, meaning “divine.”
  17. Dory – derived from the Greek Dorothy, meaning “gift of God” and “gift from the sea.”
  18. Elisha – a modern-sounding Hebrew name meaning “God is my salvation.”
  19. Elsa – this biblical name of Scandinavian/German origin means “God is my oath” and “consecrated by God.”
  20. Engracia – such a beautiful Spanish name meaning “love and protection of God’s grace.”
  21. Eve – this Latin girl’s name celebrates the miracle of “life.”
  22. Fatima – this imaginative Arabic name means “shining one” and “captivating.”
  23. Genevieve – means “God’s blessing” in French and “a gracious gift” in Italian.
  24. Gia – a short version of the Italian Giovanna, meaning “God’s gracious gift.”
  25. Godiva – derived from the Old English Godgifu, meaning “God’s gift.”
  26. Grace – a sweet Latin name meaning “favor” and “blessing.”
  27. Gwen – this Welsh feminine name means “white, holy” and “pure, blessed.
  28. Gwyneth – a classic Welsh female name meaning “white, fair” and “blessed, happy.”
  29. Hadriana – means “gift from Allah” in Arabic and “blessings of God” in Latin.
  30. Hanita – a beautiful Indian name meaning “divine grace” and “grace of the gods.”
  31. Karama – this Arabic girl’s name means “miracle and nobility.”
  32. Karisha – with Native American roots, meaning “great joy” and “miracle.”
  33. Karishama – means “joy, miracle” in Hindi and “gift, favor” in Greek.
  34. Kate – a short form of the Greek Katherine, meaning “pure.”
  35. Katherine – this Greek classic name also means “each of the two.”
  36. Maxima – the Latin female version of Maximus, means “the greatest” and “miracle worker.”
  37. Milagros – an alternate female version of the Spanish Milagro, meaning “miracles.”
  38. Mira – means “admirable” in Latin, “prosperous” in Sanskrit, and “peace” in Slavic.
  39. Mirabei – derived from the Latin “mirabilis,” meaning “wondrous” and “wondrous beauty.”
  40. Mirabel – means “wonderful” and is a popular French plum variety.
  41. Miracle – hope is never far with this Latin name derived from “miraculum,” meaning “wonder” and “marvel.”
  42. Miranda – derived from the Latin verb “miror,” meaning “to admire” and “to be wondered at.”
  43. Mirielle – of French and English roots, Mirielle means “wonderful, peace, prosperous,” and “miraculous.”
  44. Nadira – some Arabic miracle names are so positive, like Nadira, meaning “precious.”
  45. Nasia – closely related to the Hebrew Nasya, meaning “miracle of God.”
  46. Nessa – of Greek origin, meaning “pure, holy,” and “butterfly.”
  47. Rhiannon – an ethereal Welsh name meaning “pure, nymph,” and “goddess.”
  48. Shany – a sweet African/Swahili name meaning “marvelous” and “wonderful.”
  49. Sian – a Welsh female name meaning “God is gracious.”
  50. Sinead – one of many Irish names on the list meaning “God is gracious.”
  51. Thea – a short and sweet Greek name meaning “godly” or “goddess.”
  52. Theadora – some names that mean miracle are Greek, like Theadora, meaning “God’s gift.”
  53. Tiffany – many girl names that mean miracle are Greek – means “revelation of God.”
  54. Urania – a classic Greek mythological name meaning “heavenly.”
  55. Uriela – some of the most common miracle child names are Hebrew – means “God’s light.”
  56. Winifred – this miracle name derives from Old Welsh/English, meaning “holy” and “blessed reconciliation.”
  57. Winnie – this cute Welsh nickname means “holy, blessed,” and “pure.”
  58. Zada – a feminine Arabic name meaning “prosperous and fortunate.”

Names That Mean Miracle FAQs

What Are the Unisex Names That Mean Miracle?

Unisex names that mean miracle include Jesse, Sam, Miracle, Marvel, Jayden, Aksha, and Angel. Other examples, like Winnie, Thaddeus, Sachi, Magic, and Levi, are traditionally gender-specific but work for both sexes.

Which Miracle Names Are Mythological?

Mythological Miracle names include Urania, Katherine, Diana, Micah, Isadora, and Thalia. Names like Nessa, Nathaniel, and Chazon are less well-known but feature in ancient texts and stories.

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