300 Last Names That Start With S: With Special Meanings

Learn the secrets behind these special last names that start with S.

Summon all sorts of history, culture, and tradition by exploring these sensational last names that start with S.

If you’ve ever wondered about the meanings behind the most common S surnames, you’re in the right place. Found around the world, last names beginning with S carry a range of deep and unusual meanings, some of which may surprise you today.

Keep reading to learn all about the most popular and well-known surnames, starting with S, including all their secret meanings, origins, namesakes, and more.

300 Special Last Names That Start With S

Does the meaning of these spectacular S surnames surprise you?

  1. Saar – this European place name makes a cool, 4-letter surname.
  2. Sabino – refers to the ancient Sabine population in central Italy.
  3. Sabinus – also relating to the Sabines, dating back prior to the Roman Republic.
  4. Saddler – or Sadler, taken from the occupation of making saddles.
  5. Saffer – a Norman name, perhaps given as a nickname to a greedy or gluttonous person.
  6. Sage – like the herby plant, also a unisex given name meaning “wise.”
  7. Sahakyan – a common Armenian surname, from the same root as the Hebrew given name Isaac.
  8. Şahin – very common in Turkey, after a type of bird.
  9. Sailor – a great name for a seafaring family.
  10. Sainsbury – an English place (and supermarket) name, meaning “saint’s settlement.”
  11. Saint – a spiritual sort of surname for devout families.
  12. Salas – a common Spanish surname, meaning “halls, rooms.”
  13. Salazar – a gorgeously gothic pick among last names starting with S, meaning “manor house, old hall.”
  14. Salihović – this Bosniack patronymic surname means “son of Salih.”
  15. Salim – means “safe” as a pure Arabic name.
  16. Salinas – a Spanish place name meaning “saltworks.”
  17. Salisbury – a proper English town name, perhaps meaning “willow settlement.”
  18. Salmon – a biblical Hebrew name inspired by the pink fish.
  19. Salter – a pure pick among S last names, traditionally denoting a person who sold salt.
  20. Salvatore – this godly Italian name means “savior,” a spiritual pick among surnames beginning with S.
  21. Salvius – is confident among Roman-era S names, meaning “safe.”
  22. Samaras – meaning “saddler, saddle-maker,” a gorgeous pick among Greek last names that start with S.
  23. Samardžić – a strong name for a “saddle maker.”
  24. Samson – a radiant Hebrew given name and surname, meaning “sun child.”
  25. Samuel – meaning “God has heard,” this blessed name is commonly used as a male given name.
  26. Samuels – a variant of Samuel, perhaps a great one for a son.
  27. Sanchez – a devout Hispanic name meaning “son of Sancho,” which is rooted in Latin, meaning “holy.”
  28. Sanders – meaning “son of Alexander” for “defensive” and influential individuals.
  29. Sandler – an old Yiddish surname for a “sandal maker.”
  30. Sangster – a charismatic name for a “singer, musician.”
  31. Sanna – this Sardinian surname uniquely means “fang, protruding tooth.”
  32. Santiago – this handsome surname is rooted in various places in Spain of that name.
  33. Santino – a cute Italian given name and surname, meaning “little saint.”
  34. Santos – meaning “saints,” this religious Spanish and Portuguese pick may also be seen as Dos Santos.
  35. Sanz – a sweet 4-letter surname, perhaps a form of Sanchez, meaning “holy.”
  36. Sapateiro – a Portuguese surname for a “shoemaker.”
  37. Sapozhnikov – this standout Russian surname means “cobbler, shoemaker.”
  38. Sarto – means “tailor,” sounding smart among Italian occupational last names starting with S.
  39. Sartoris – another Italian occupational name meaning “tailor.”
  40. Sartre – a French occupational surname, also meaning “tailor.”
  41. Sarver – a great Jewish name for a “server, caterer.”
  42. Sastre – is the Spanish term for a “tailor.”
  43. Satō – the most common Japanese surname, with elements meaning “help” and “wisteria.”
  44. Saucier – of French roots, denoting a sauce-making chef.
  45. Saufhaus – a German surname meaning “drink house,” perhaps found down the pub.
  46. Saunders – from the same stem as Alexander, meaning “defender of man.”
  47. Saur – meaning “sour,” this unusual German surname is tangy to say.
  48. Sauron – meaning “foul, awful,” this terrifying fictional name would appeal to Tolkien fans.
  49. Sauvageon – means “untamed, savage” for families who run wild.
  50. Savage – of Norman roots, this name also means “wild, fierce, uncontrolled.”
  51. Savchenko – a Russian name meaning “son of Savka.”
  52. Savić – common in Serbia, meaning “son of Sava.”
  53. Sawyer – this great literary name would traditionally be given to someone who saws wood.
  54. Saxon – like the Old Germanic tribe, sounds sharp with its meaning of “knife.”
  55. Sayegh – an Arabic surname meaning “goldsmith.”
  56. Sayer – this occupational surname means “carpenter.”
  57. Scamander – this notable Harry Potter surname was also borne by a river god in Greek mythology.
  58. Schäfer – meaning “shepherd,” this German surname sounds cozy and pure.
  59. Scheepers – meaning “shepherd,” this surname is of Dutch origin.
  60. Schiavone – is a great Italian surname if you have “Slavic” roots.
  61. Schiffer – a fun-to-say German surname, meaning “boatman, skipper.”
  62. Schimmelpfennig – very specifically used for someone who lets their pennies become riddled with mold.
  63. Schindler – meaning “shingle,” perhaps referring to roofers.
  64. Schinzel – a German occupational surname meaning “weaver.”
  65. Schipper – like Schiffer, this German surname means “skipper.”
  66. Schlachter – this meaty German surname means “butcher, slaughterer.”
  67. Schlau – a “cunning, crafty, smart” name to give to a prankster family.
  68. Schleimer – for a glue maker, this surname is of German origin.
  69. Schlosser – another German occupational surname, meaning “locksmith” or “metal worker.”
  70. Schmid – this form of Smith is particularly common in Austria.
  71. Schmidbauer – a double occupational surname, meaning “blacksmith” and “farmer.”
  72. Schmidt – the cool German version of Smith, meaning “blacksmith.”
  73. Schmidtke – a Germanic “smith” name with a unique spelling to really wrap your head around.
  74. Schmiedel – or Schmieden, both German surnames from the Smith stem.
  75. Schmitz – a spelling variant of Schmitt, with the same honest meaning.
  76. Schmitzer – as Schmitz, but longer.
  77. Schneider – this German occupational surname means “tailor.”
  78. Schnitzer – means “carver” in German.
  79. Schroder – another “tailor” name with North German origins.
  80. Schubert – meaning “shoemaker,” this occupational surname sounds kind of cute.
  81. Schultze – a high-profile German name for a “sheriff” or “constable.”
  82. Schulze – also means “constable,” for families with status.
  83. Schumacher – this cool and honest family name means “shoemaker.”
  84. Schumann – an Old German and Jewish name meaning “shoemaker.”
  85. Schürmann – a cozy Old German name for a “sheep-shearer.”
  86. Schuster – another sweet entry among surnames beginning with “Schu-,” meaning “cobbler, shoemaker.”
  87. Schwarz – a dark name for an alluring, “black-haried” family.
  88. Schwarzenegger – this famous surname relates to the Swiss village of Schwarzenegg.
  89. Schwarzkopf – also meaning “black-haired,” this name sounds rich and sexy.
  90. Scipione – from the Latin “scipio,” this surname weirdly means “walking stick.”
  91. Scola – an Italian surname meaning “school, place of education.”
  92. Scott – a great name to give a person “from Scotland.”
  93. Scout – this cute literary name has inquisitive, military connotations.
  94. Scrimgeour – a Scottish clan name rooted in Old English, meaning “fencer, swordsman.”
  95. Scriver – is great for a wordsmith family, meaning “writer, scribe.”
  96. Scrubb – refers to a “scrub, shrub,” or “brush.”
  97. Seacole – meaning “sea coal,” this Middle English surname sounds somewhat rustic.
  98. Segura – this tough Spanish name means “safe, secure.”
  99. SeLanmere – this unique surname belonged to “the Pale Knight” from D&D Forgotten Realms.
  100. Senaca – meaning “old,” this surname carries wisdom and expertise.
  101. Sepp – is an Estonian variant of Smith.
  102. Seppänen – is a Finnish form of Smith, for a “blacksmith.”
  103. Sergeant – meaning “servant,” this Old French surname later became a military rank.
  104. Serra – meaning “saw,” this Italian name would traditionally be given to a carpenter.
  105. Serrano – a common Spanish surname meaning “highlander,” for true adventurers.
  106. Serranò – separately, an Italian surname for a family hailing from a place named Serra.
  107. Serrurier – a French occupational surname for a “locksmith.”
  108. Severus – reminding us of the Harry Potter antagonist, this name means “stern.”
  109. Sextus – is a Roman family and forename meaning “sixth.”
  110. Seymour – means “marshy land by the sea,” from the name of a French town.
  111. Shacklebolt – a metallic piece used for a locking mechanism, a surname in Harry Potter.
  112. Shamrock – a rare name, after the Irish clover symbol of good luck.
  113. Shan – this punchy surname has various international origins and vampiric connotations.
  114. Shannon – after the Irish river and place, with beautiful meanings, including “wise river” and “skilled storyteller.”
  115. Shapoval – this Ukranian name denotes the maker of a type of felt hat.
  116. Sharp – a great, 5-letter name for an individual who’s “smart, sharp, quick.”
  117. Shaughnessy – of unknown meaning, rooted in the traditional Irish surname Ó Seachnasaigh.
  118. Shaver – a spelling variant of Schaefer, meaning “shepherd.”
  119. Shaw – this rustic British name is for a family who “dwells by the wood.”
  120. Shay – a sassy variant of the Irish Shea, with Hebrew roots.
  121. Shea – meaning “learned, favorable,” this short, earthy surname is easily desirable.
  122. Shearer – for someone who reaps crops or shears sheep, perhaps.
  123. Shehu – this gentle “priest” name is one of the most common surnames in Albania.
  124. Shelley – means “meadow’s edge,” a U.K. place name and surname.
  125. Shepherd – an easy Anglo-Saxon occupational surname, for someone who herded or reared sheep.
  126. Sheridan – meaning “descendant of the searcher,” this may also be used as a trendy given name.
  127. Sherman – was traditionally given as a “shearer of cloth.”
  128. Sherwood – like the famous forest, meaning “bright, clear wood.”
  129. Shevchenko – means “the shoemaker’s,” which is very common in Ukraine.
  130. Shevchuk – is a Ukrainian surname for a “son of the shoemaker.”
  131. Shipp – meaning “ship,” perhaps for a sailor or mariner.
  132. Shriver – similar to Shriver, an occupational surname for a “writer, scribe.”
  133. Shunpike – also used in Harry Potter, this surname refers to a side road on a highway.
  134. Shuttleworth – an English name meaning “gated enclosure.”
  135. Sibley – a dazzling surname, meaning “seer, prophet, oracle.”
  136. Siciliano – a nice locational Italian name for a family “from Sicily.”
  137. Sidebottom – an English name, perhaps referring to a large valley base.
  138. Sideras – a Greek form of Smith, for hard-working families.
  139. Sidney – an Old English surname and gender-neutral given name, meaning “wide watered land.”
  140. Sierra – great for over-achievers, this word means “mountain range” in Spanish.
  141. Silas – meaning “forest,” this Latin-rooted name is sexy and slick.
  142. Silbereisen – a German surname meaning “silver iron.”
  143. Silva – a common Portuguese surname meaning “forest,” full of sparkle.
  144. Silvester – with Latin roots, this name is “wooded, wild” in nature.
  145. Silvestri – meaning “son of Sylester.”
  146. Simić – from Serbia and Croatia, this patronymic means “son of Simo.”
  147. Simões – means “son of Simaõ,” from Portugal.
  148. Simon – taken from the familiar biblical boy name, meaning “he has heard.”
  149. Simonson – or Simonsen, meaning “son of Simon.”
  150. Şimşek – a snappy Turkish surname meaning “lightning.”
  151. Sinclair – meaning “pure, illustrious, renowned,” as a nice nod to Saint Clair.
  152. Singh – this common Sanskrit surname has the powerful meaning of “lion.”
  153. Sinistra – a star-inspired surname, meaning “to the left.”
  154. Sîrbu – this Romanian surname denotes a “Serb.”
  155. Sixten – an Old Swedish name, meaning “stone of victory.”
  156. Skeeter – a slang term for a “mosquito” in northern America.
  157. Skinner – a graphic occupational name for someone who skinned or stripped hide from animals.
  158. Skipper – for a basket-maker, this occupational name comes from Middle English.
  159. Skylar – also pretty as a given name, meaning “scholar.”
  160. Slater – a tough, enduring surname for someone who works with slate.
  161. Slaughter – a vicious name traditionally given to a butcher.
  162. Sloane – a confident Irish surname, meaning “leader, warrior.”
  163. Slughorn – a type of instrument and Scottish surname, meaning “war cry.”
  164. Sluiter – meaning “close,” this Dutch surname would traditionally be used for a doorkeeper or warden.
  165. Slytherin – like the shady Hogwarts house from the Harry Potter franchise.
  166. Small – this descriptor name may have traditionally been given to a short or slender person.
  167. Smallman – like Small, yet with the personable “-man” suffix.
  168. Smart – a wise name for a family of clever clogs!
  169. Šmicer – a Czech variant of Smith.
  170. Smidt – a Germanic variant of Smith, used internationally.
  171. Smirnov – a very common surname in Russia, meaning “gentle, quiet, peaceful.”
  172. Smit – or Smits, both Dutch variants of Smith.
  173. Smith – one of the most common surnames of English-speaking countries, meaning “blacksmith.”
  174. Smithers – another, longer variant of Smith.
  175. Smithson – a patronymic surname meaning “son of the smith.”
  176. Smyth – an old yet cool-looking spelling alternative to Smith.
  177. Snape – with various origins, including Old English (“boggy land”) or Old Norse (“to dishonor, disgrace”).
  178. Snijders – with a great spelling, this Dutch surname means “cutter.”
  179. Snow – beautiful and fresh among last names, starting with S, inspired by winter.
  180. Soares – a Portuguese form of Suarez, meaning “son of Soeiro.”
  181. Socrates – this rare surname is best associated with the noted Greek moral philosopher.
  182. Solis – derived from “sol,” this Spanish word brightly means “sun.”
  183. Solomon – this beautiful international name carries so much “peace.”
  184. Solovyov – a common surname in Russia, relating to the “nightingale.”
  185. Somerset – a proper English place name, meaning “summer settlement.”
  186. Sommer – a hot German surname with all the adventure of “summer.”
  187. Sondheim – a German place name, that reminds us of the iconic composer Stephen.
  188. Soprano – this famous Italian name means “higher, above.”
  189. Soranus – a Latin name for a family hailing “from Sora.”
  190. Sørensen – meaning “son of Søren,” a classically Scandinavian surname.
  191. Soros – a rich Hungarian surname for a “designated successor.”
  192. Sorrentino – for an Italian family “from Sorrento.”
  193. Sosa – a Spanish form of the Portuguese surname Sousa.
  194. Soto – this Hispanic surname enchants in its meaning of “wood, a grove of trees.”
  195. Soulsby – comes from the British place name Soulby.
  196. Sousa – after the Portuguese Sousa River, whose name perhaps means “salty.”
  197. Southcott – means “southern cottage,” after various U.K. place names.
  198. Southern – this direction-inspired surname is full of hometown charm.
  199. Sow – a 3-letter S surname originating in West Africa, commonly heard in Belgium.
  200. Spada – a great occupational name for a swordsman, meaning “sword” in Italian.
  201. Spain – a great international-inspired surname, perhaps for English people with ties to that country.
  202. Spangler – an Old German name for someone who makes buckles.
  203. Spanos – famously borne by the Greek American owners of the San Diego Chargers.
  204. Spark – was traditionally used for a family who lived near shrubs or brushwood.
  205. Sparks – like Spark, yet with an almost electric feel to it.
  206. Sparrow – like the bird, famously borne by fictional pirate Captain Jack.
  207. Sparshott – this sharp surname consists of elements meaning “spear” and “woodland.”
  208. Sparta – a badass name, great for a Spartan family.
  209. Spartalis – a variant of Sparta, with the same, locational meaning.
  210. Spaulding – a U.K. surname rooted in the place name Spalding.
  211. Speakes – after a British town name, meaning “twig, branch.”
  212. Speelman – a charming Dutch surname for a “musician, performer.”
  213. Spence – an old surname for a pantry servant or dispensor.
  214. Spencer – a great given, middle, and last name, for a “steward” or “administrator.”
  215. Spengler – this German surname means “metal worker.”
  216. Spicer – a hot surname for someone who sold or traded in spices.
  217. Spider – a cool and creepy surname to remember.
  218. Spielberg – this German-rooted surname reminds us of the famed movie director Steven.
  219. Spielmann – a funny German surname for a “jester.”
  220. Spiewak – a Polish surname for a “singer.”
  221. Spindler – means “spindle maker,” unique among occupational names that start with S.
  222. Spinnet – a rare name, perhaps from the type of piano known as a “spinet.”
  223. Spivak – a smart Ukranian surname meaning “singer.”
  224. Springborn – a medieval German surname for a person living near, or born in a spring.
  225. Springstein – a famous surname meaning “jump stone.”
  226. Sprout – an uppity sort of surname, great for a green-fingered gardener.
  227. Squire – for a “shield-bearer,” like the Old English title rank.
  228. Squirrell – a cute surname, reminding us of the curious woodland animal.
  229. Staal – a Dutch surname meaning “steel.”
  230. Stacy – a common given and surname from the same stem as Eustace, meaning “steadfast.”
  231. Stadtler – a down-to-earth name, meaning “barn.”
  232. Stafford – from the English place, meaning “place by the ford.”
  233. Stallion – this “stallion” surname carries all kinds of proud and possibly promiscuous undertones.
  234. Stamos – this celebrity surname has Greek origins, maybe meaning “stop.”
  235. Stankiewicz – a Polish surname relating to the name Stanislaw, carrying all the “glory.”
  236. Stanković – a common Slavic name meaning “son of Stanko.”
  237. Stanley – a friendly Old English name meaning “stone clearing.”
  238. Stanton – meaning “stone settlement,” a commonplace name in the U.K.
  239. Starling – a pretty name that relates to a type of bird.
  240. Starr – a stellar name for a family that shines bright.
  241. Stassinopoulos – a great Greek-American surname, belonging to the co-founder of The Huffington Post.
  242. Stavros – relating to the cross of Christ, a powerful Greek given name and surname.
  243. Stefanidis – means “son of Stefanos.”
  244. Stein – a strong, 5-letter German surname meaning “rock, stone.”
  245. Steiner – for a person who “dwells by the stone.”
  246. Stembridge – this 10-letter English surname means “stone bridge.”
  247. Stephanidis – another possible spelling of Stefanidis.
  248. Stephanopoulos – also means “son of Stephan,” well-recognized among longer Greek surnames.
  249. Stephens – means “son of Stephan,” after the Greek-rooted name meaning “crown, wreath.”
  250. Stephenson – a longer variant of Stephens.
  251. Sterling – like the British currency, grade of silver, and Scottish city.
  252. Stetson – great for a cowboy family, meaning “fighter, boxer.”
  253. Stevens – another spelling of Stephens, also meaning “son of Steven.”
  254. Stevenson – also meaning “son of Steven,” yet longer.
  255. Stewart – an Old Scottish name meaning “steward.”
  256. Stich – a German occupational name for a “tailor” or maybe “cobbler.”
  257. Stirling – taken from the Scottish town name.
  258. Stoddard – a frumpy surname, used for someone who worked with horses.
  259. Stoica – sounding rather stoic, a very common surname in Romania.
  260. Stojanović – meaning “son of Stojan,” common in Serbia.
  261. Stoker – meaning “fire-tender,” famously belonging to Bram, the Irish creator of Dracula.
  262. Stolyar – a Russian surname meaning “carpenter, joiner.”
  263. Stone – a 5-letter surname for someone who may have lived near a particular stone formation.
  264. Storey – meaning “large, big,” this Norse-rooted name is full of imagination.
  265. Stott – means “cattle,” perhaps for a breeder or someone with bullish tendencies.
  266. Straight – an English vocabulary surname, perhaps for a “strict, well-to-do” individual.
  267. Strick – this 6-letter German surname means “rope maker.”
  268. Striker – this trendy, 7-letter name sounds fit for soccer players.
  269. Stuart – a spelling alternative to Stewart, famously associated with the 1600s British royal house.
  270. Stubbs – for a person who lives near a tree stump.
  271. Sturgeon – an 8-letter English name, like the type of fish.
  272. Su – a common Chinese surname with various meanings, including “respectful,” “revive,” and “plain, simple.”
  273. Suárez – meaning “son of Suero,” is powerful among Spanish surnames.
  274. Subotić – a particularly common Serb surname, perhaps meaning “Saturday.”
  275. Sufian – this Islamic name means “fast-moving” or “companion, friend.”
  276. Sugar – the sweetest surname to behold.
  277. Sugg – a funny English surname suggested to mean “sparrow-like.”
  278. Suiter – another cool occupational surname meaning “shoemaker,” of German roots.
  279. Suleman – a devout Arabic name meaning “man of peace.”
  280. Suljić – meaning “son of Suliman,” another strong Bosniak patronymic.
  281. Sullivan – this Irish surname intriguingly means “dark eyes.”
  282. Sultanov – a powerful Turkic surname, meaning “son of Sultan.”
  283. Summerfield – a pretty surname, making us think of a sunny open meadow.
  284. Sumner – this traditional surname means “summoner.”
  285. Surugiu – this Romanian surname means “charioteer.”
  286. Sutherland – an Old Scottish clan name referring to “land to the south.”
  287. Sutton – a cozy, 6-letter place name, meaning “southern farm.”
  288. Suutari – a Finnish entry among surnames starting with S, meaning “shoemaker.”
  289. Svensson – a typically Swedish surname, meaning “son of Sven.”
  290. Svizzera – an awesome Italian surname referring to someone “from Switzerland.”
  291. Svoboda – a very common surname in Czechia, meaning “freeholder, liberty.”
  292. Swales – taken from the name of a river that runs through Yorkshire, U.K.
  293. Swan – or Swann, both elegant, bird-inspired surnames.
  294. Sweeney – a Gaelic surname meaning “descendant of Suibhne,” meaning “pleasant.”
  295. Swift – from an old nickname, perhaps for a “quick, fast, swift” moving person.
  296. Swithin – a rare English name meaning “strong, quick.”
  297. Syed – this powerful Arabic name and honorific means “king, noble one.”
  298. Sykes – from the same stem as the word “sike,” meaning “stream, ditch.”
  299. Sylvester – a spelling variant of Silvester, also used as a given name.
  300. Szymański – this Portuguese name comes from the same stem as Simon.

Last Names Starting With S FAQs

What Is the Most Common Surname Starting With S?

Smith is a very common surname worldwide and the most popular in various English-speaking countries. Sanchez, Scott, Stewart, and Sanders are very commonly heard S surnames in the U.S.

What Are Some Famous Last Names Starting With S?

Some famous last names that start with S include Sondheim, Spielberg, Schindler, Sutherland, and Stephanopoulos. Stallion, Soprano, Spanos, and Springstein also all have celebrity status.

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