110 Boy Names That Start With G: for Gorgeous Gentlemen

Because G names for boys are the greatest!

Good golly, these boy names that start with G really are the greatest.

You don’t need to go too far down the alphabet to reach the greatest initial. G names are some of the most graceful and grand choices to bestow upon a little gentleman in-the-making. Used as a common initial internationally, popular male names that start with G include an array of biblical, natural, and even pop culture influences. There’s also a good mix of modern and medieval choices to consider.

Below, we’ve listed the grandest boy names with G for you to discover, including all their meanings, origins, and more. Go on – have a gander!

110 Gentlemanly Boy Names That Start With G

We’re gobsmacked at how great these G names for boys can be.

  1. Gaagii – this vowel-loaded name means “raven” from Native American (Navajo) roots.
  2. Gabe – a romantic short form of Gabriel.
  3. Gabriel – one of the most angelic boy names that start with G, meaning “God is my strength.”
  4. Gad – a short name with various meanings, including the tall-standing “juniper” from Navajo roots.
  5. Gadiel – is less popular than Gabriel, yet with the same charm, meaning “God is my fortune” in Hebrew.
  6. Gael – a great choice to consider if you have Gaelic roots.
  7. Gage – meaning “pledge, oath,” this gentle French name is like a promise of protection.
  8. Gais – a Latin male name with the spiritual and celebratory meaning “to rejoice.”
  9. Gale – this gender-neutral name would suit a kid born in windy weather.
  10. Gallus – is unique, dating back to Roman Latin, meaning “rooster.”
  11. Galvin – a cool alternative to Gavin, derived from the Irish word for “sparrow.”
  12. Gandalf – perfect for fantasy fans, after J.R.R. Tolkien’s iconic wizard.
  13. Gang – meaning “hard, strong,” this Chinese boy’s name element would suit any tough dude.
  14. Garan – meaning “guardian” from French roots, for caring little vigilantes.
  15. Gardner – would be a modern pick for a green-fingered guy.
  16. Gareth – meaning “gentle, soft,” this handsome name is full of chivalry and charm.
  17. Garrett – of Irish and Germanic origins, meaning “spear strength” for tough, manly men.
  18. Garrick – meaning “spear ruler” – for a man who knows exactly what he wants.
  19. Garrison – another cute patronymic designed for a “son of Garret.”
  20. Garvan – meaning “little rough one,” this Gaelic male name captures rough-and-tumble boyhood adorably.
  21. Gary – means “spear” – it seems this 4 letter name has fallen out of style in recent decades.
  22. Gaston – like the strong fairytale guy, this French name intriguingly means “guest, stranger, foreigner.”
  23. Gaten – a rare yet stylish name of various potential origins, including Italian and Norman.
  24. Gatlin – an amicable choice rooted in German for your new best “friend or companion.”
  25. Gavin – a Welsh boy’s name with the awesome meaning of “white hawk.”
  26. Gavril – like Gabriel, yet with a slick Slavic twist.
  27. Geb – uniquely has the ancient Egyptian god of the earth as a namesake.
  28. Gebhard – a sturdy and confident name meaning “brave, hardy,” dating back to Old High German times.
  29. Ged – a manly-sounding nickname with the sharp meaning of “strong spear.”
  30. Geiger – a unique choice among “G” surnames and first names, musically meaning “fiddle player.”
  31. Genesis – with musical and biblical significance, this Greek boy’s name means “origin, creation, or beginning.”
  32. Gentry – a high-statured name for a baby of “nobility, aristocracy.”
  33. Geo – full of adventure and wonder, this adorable 3 letter name means “earth.”
  34. Geoffrey – meaning “divine peace,” this name matches Jeffrey, yet with that popular G spelling.
  35. George – this recognizably regal name actually holds the humble meaning of “earthworker, farmer.”
  36. Geppetto – an Italian name meaning “God will increase,” after a famous, fatherly Disney character.
  37. Gerald – meaning “rule of the spear,” this name has got its sassiness on point!
  38. Gerard – like Gerald, another Germanic masculine name with the badass “spear” meaning.
  39. Germain – meaning “brotherly,” Germain is a handsome choice among black guy names that start with G.
  40. German – meaning “power, warrior,” this name would be great if you have German heritage.
  41. Gerome – a “sacred name,” sounding quite gnome-y in stature.
  42. Geronimo – a “holy, sacred” name famously used as an exclamation.
  43. Gerry – short for Gerald or Gerard, also spelled Jerry.
  44. Gershon – a lesser-heard Hebrew male name meaning “exile, stranger.”
  45. Giacomo – fun to say, this Italian form of Jacob means “supplanter.”
  46. Giancarlo – an elegant name combining the Italian equivalent forms of popular picks – John and Charles.
  47. Gianni – a stylish short form of Giovanni for high-fashion trendsetters.
  48. Gibson – traditionally an Old English surname for a “son of Gilbert.”
  49. Gideon – an awesome choice among biblical names for boys that start with G, meaning “great warrior.”
  50. Gilbert – one of the more dated G names for boys, for an “illustrious, famous, bright” lad.
  51. Giles – isn’t as popular as the rhyming Miles; this medieval name uniquely means “young goat.”
  52. Gill – depending on preference, this unisex nickname may be pronounced with the “g” or “j” sound.
  53. Gillespie – this Gaelic surname would make a trendy male given name, meaning “bishop’s servant.”
  54. Gillette – like the shaving brand, but also an uncommon diminutive for Gilbert.
  55. Gilroy – meaning “son of the red-head” for parents looking for a cute family namesake.
  56. Ginger – a colorful and fun-loving nickname suitable for boys and girls.
  57. Gino – a suave Italian nickname used with various guy names that start with G.
  58. Gio – a nickname from various Italian G names for boys, with undeniable style.
  59. Giorgio – a trendy, Italian form of George for proper little fashionista dudes.
  60. Giovanni – meaning “God is gracious,” Giovanni is actually an Italian form of John.
  61. Gleb – a funny Russian name derived from Old Norse, meaning “heir of God.”
  62. Glenn – a classic, rugged pick among 5 letter gender-neutral names with G, meaning “from the valley.”
  63. Glycon – or Glykon, this impressive name was borne by an ancient Roman snake god.
  64. Godfrey – meaning “peace” and “God,” this spiritual name has the most beautiful connotations.
  65. Gojko – a Slavic boy’s name of unknown meaning, to perfectly capture your son’s individuality.
  66. Gomez – even better if your surname is Addams; this gothic name means “man.”
  67. González – one of the top most common surnames in Mexico, González would make a cool given name.
  68. Gonzalo – feisty and fearless; this Spanish male name means “battle.”
  69. Goodman – this last name would make an honorable choice for an all-around great guy.
  70. Goodwin – a fancy, Old English name that’d be an honor to bear, meaning “good friend.”
  71. Goofy – a classic Disney character name for a guy who brings the laughs to any party!
  72. Goran – or Göran, meaning “highlander” in Slavic or “earthworker” in Swedish – for earthy sorts of men.
  73. Gordian – a cool Roman alternative to Gordon, rooted in an ancient Latin city named Gordion.
  74. Gordon – this G name meaning “great hill,” towers over the others!
  75. Gorgon – we think this scary Greek mythological creature would make an awesome boy name.
  76. Gorka – an unusual form of George, with Basque roots.
  77. Gorm – meaning “respector, a worshiper of God” for a Viking kid who has his wits about him.
  78. Gosheven – a rare, Native American name meaning “leaper” for high-achievers.
  79. Gosling – like the baby goose, also belonging to hot Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling.
  80. Gösta – meaning “royal staff,” of regal Swedish origins.
  81. Gottfrid – rather uppity in sound and spelling, yet with the charming Swedish meaning: “peace of God.”
  82. Gough – a weird name, interestingly derived from the Welsh word “coch,” meaning “red.”
  83. Grady – from an ancient Irish clan name, Grady honorably means “noble, illustrious.”
  84. Graeme – the same as Graham, yet with an admirable, traditionally Scottish spelling.
  85. Graham – a common surname and strong given name, meaning “gravelly homestead.”
  86. Granger – an English and French occupational surname for a “farm worker.”
  87. Granit – solid as a rock, this Albanian name means, you guessed it – “granite.”
  88. Grant – is a confident sort of name for a “tall, big, large” man.
  89. Gratian – radiating Roman class and sexiness, this emperor’s name means “grace.”
  90. Gray – a color name that would be spelled Grey if you use British English!
  91. Graziano – an Italian boy name meaning “beloved, dear,” for the luckiest loved ones.
  92. Greenwood – a charming surname that makes for a vivid and earthy given name.
  93. Greer – an uncommon Scottish male name meaning “watchful, alert.”
  94. Greg – a short form of Gregory, great if you love shorter G names for boys.
  95. Gregory – from Latin roots, this vigilante name means “watchful, alert.”
  96. Greyson – with Middle English roots, this smart, upper-class name means “son of the steward.”
  97. Griffin – like the legendary creature, resembling a cross between an eagle and a lion.
  98. Grover – referring to a “grove” of trees, this modern-sounding name sounds adventurous and dreamy.
  99. Gry – this short Swedish boy’s name means “dawn,” like a beautiful new beginning.
  100. Grzegorz – a Polish form of Gregory, that’s great if you want your name to win at Scrabble!
  101. Guido – a slick European name meaning “guide.”
  102. Guillermo – a Mexican and Spanish form of William, fit for a “resolute protector.”
  103. Gummarus – a very rare name after an obscure saint whose patronage includes difficult marriages and cowherds.
  104. Gunnar – fully loaded and ready to go, this mighty Slavic pick means “warrior.”
  105. Gunther – of German origins, this is another scrappy name meaning “battle, warrior.”
  106. Gus – a cutesy, 3 letter G name, short perhaps for the “great, mighty” Augustus.
  107. Gustav – an especially commanding choice among boy names with G initials of German and Slavic origins.
  108. Gustavo – lovingly meaning “protected by God,” with Brazilian roots.
  109. Guthrie – meaning “windy place,” a typically Scottish surname, given name, and place name.
  110. Guy – a colloquial term for a man and a fantastic 3 letter choice among boy names with G.

Male Names That Start With G FAQs

What Are Some Rare Boy Names That Start With G?

If you prefer rare and unusual G names for boys, consider Gaten, Gosheven, Gummarus, or Genesis. Goofy and Gandalf, famous character names, are practically unheard of for human use. In contrast, names such as Godfrey, Gary, Gerome, and Guy were all common once, yet have fallen out of popularity charts in recent decades.

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