110 Boy Names That Start With T: for Treasured Sons

These top boy names that start with T are sure to turn heads!

Are you looking for a totally terrific boy name that starts with T to bestow upon your new blessing? Well, look no further, as we have quite the treasure trove of T names right here.

T is a sought-after initial worldwide, with many spectacular male names that start with T to consider. From the tough to the thought-provoking, we’ve gathered all the names for boys that start with T for you to explore, along with all their important meanings, origins, and more.

So, keep reading, and let’s find your new favorite T name for your little tiger.

110 Top Boy Names That Start With T

Take note, as these guy names that start with T are top-tier!

  1. Tadhg – a regal Gaelic boy’s name, romantically meaning “bard, poet, storyteller.”
  2. Tage – popular in Sweden, this means “to take, to capture.”
  3. Tahoma – inspired by various sites in the US, this Navajo name means “frozen water.”
  4. Tähti – a radiant, gender-neutral Finnish name fit for a shining “star.”
  5. Tai – a Chinese unisex name with a “vast, great, extreme” command.
  6. Taisto – a cool name to pronounce, with the fiery meaning of “battle” in Finnish.
  7. Taj – meaning “crown,” Taj is a beautiful Persian and Arab name to bestow on your new heir.
  8. Takoda – this Native American (Sioux) name beautifully signifies a lad who is a “friend to everyone.”
  9. Tam – the most delicate of Vietnamese names for boys that start with T, meaning “heart.”
  10. Tamir – meaning “tall, wealthy,” this Hebrew and Arabic name is strong and virtuous.
  11. Tāne – a Maori god of forests and birds and a Tahitian god of beauty and peace.
  12. Tangakwunu – one of the longest T names for boys, symbolically meaning “rainbow” from Native American (Hopi) roots.
  13. Tank – any well-built lad would be proud to bear this manly name.
  14. Tanmay – a breezy Indian boy’s name meaning “engrossed, absorbed.”
  15. Tanner – an old occupational surname, traditionally given to a leather maker.
  16. Tarak meaning “protector” and “star,” this Sanskrit name is suited to all-around superheroes.
  17. Tarantino – a celebrity surname after a city in Italy that’d make an excellent boy name.
  18. Tariq – like the Arabic morning star, also intriguingly means “he who knocks at the door.”
  19. Tarquin – this heroic Latin name means “ruler” and isn’t one to be messed with!
  20. Tate – meaning “cheerful,” this 4-letter name with Old Norse roots is fit for happy-go-lucky lads.
  21. Tatsuo – this cool-sounding Japanese boy’s name has the fiery meaning of “dragon.”
  22. Tatum – an Old English surname that’d sound cool and fresh as a male given name.
  23. Tauri – another unique Native American name, meaning “young eagle,” from the Laguna tribe.
  24. Taurino – from the same stem as Taurus, this unique Italian name is very stylish.
  25. Taurus – for a “bull-like” baby, consider this awesome constellation and astrological name.
  26. Tavarious – an epic American name, albeit with the slightly ominous meaning of “misfortune.”
  27. Tawa – a “devout” Swahili name, meaning “of the sun” as a Native American pick.
  28. Taylor – one of the most popular gender-neutral T names for boys and girls, meaning “tailor.”
  29. Ted – short for Edward or Theodore, this name sounds like one to snuggle up to.
  30. Tegan – a gender-neutral Welsh saint name for a “beautiful” baby.
  31. Teivel – an alarming Yiddish pick among names for boys that start with T, meaning “devil.”
  32. Tej – for a bright spark, consider this cool, 3-letter Hindi name, meaning “light.”
  33. Tellus – this Latin word for “earth” makes a majestic middle name for an outdoorsy boy.
  34. Teneca – a virtuous Native American name, signifying “one with self-restraint.”
  35. Tennessee – a great literary name, especially if you have a heritage in that American state.
  36. Teofil – an unusual-looking Polish and Romanian name for a child who’s “loved by God.”
  37. Terho – meaning “acorn,” this earthy Finnish boy’s name is fun for your new little offspring.
  38. Terrance – or Terence, both boy names with T initials of unknown meaning but with a cool, vintage flair.
  39. Terrell – designed for a stubborn person, this Norman name means “to pull.”
  40. Terry – a confident and manly nickname derived from Terrell or Terrence.
  41. Tesla – a Slavic-rooted name meaning “axe,” fit for celebrities and scientists.
  42. Thaddeus – meaning “one who praises,” this Latin name sounds like a happy one to consider.
  43. Thanh – a popular, gender-neutral Vietnamese name for a baby with “brilliant, bright blue” eyes.
  44. Thảo – meaning “herbal, grassy” or “respectful, honorable,” this Vietnamese boy’s name isn’t one to miss.
  45. Thatcher – this old occupational surname also works as a fresh, modern moniker for a man.
  46. Thebe – an African male name meaning “shield,” also a feminine name rooted in Greek mythology.
  47. Theo – this nickname from Theodore is increasingly popular as an independent boy name.
  48. Theobald – a gruff name meaning “bold people,” yet with Theo as a gorgeous nickname.
  49. Theodore – a charming, albeit vintage, boy name for your new little “gift from God.”
  50. Thierry – a softer choice among European male names that start with T, meaning “ruler of the people.”
  51. Thomas – a significant and popular biblical name that adorably means “twin.”
  52. Thomson – an English surname traditionally bestowed on a “son of Thomas.”
  53. Thor – great for superhero fans, after the “thunderous,” hammer-wielding Norse god.
  54. Thu – a Sino-Vietnamese name meaning “autumn,” great for fall-born babies.
  55. Tiago – this handsome Portuguese name requests “may God protect.”
  56. Tiernan – stylish and suave, this Irish name would suit a regal “little lord.”
  57. Tiger – an animal-inspired name with a bite for the fiercest of boys!
  58. Tigernach – meaning “lord,” this regal Irish name is bound to turn heads.
  59. Tim – short and simple, this nickname is like a timeless classic among 3 letter T names for boys.
  60. Timon – meaning “honored, esteemed,” this Greek-rooted name is praiseworthy.
  61. Timothy – especially if you’re religious, you’re bound to love this name, meaning “one who honors God.”
  62. Tipu – this delicate Indian name also has the fun meaning of “tiger.”
  63. Titan – this badass pick among names for boys with T initials is one to bow down to!
  64. Tito – meaning either “saved” in Latin or “giant” as a Spanish, Greek, or Italian name.
  65. Titus – this bold Roman emperor’s name should be worn like a “title of honor.”
  66. Tobias – simply meaning “God is good,” this biblical name is rather special.
  67. Tobin – a lesser-heard alternative to Tobias, yet still with that gorgeous and devout meaning.
  68. Toby – an effortlessly cute short form of Tobias.
  69. Todd – full of cunning and intrigue, this animal-inspired name means “fox.”
  70. Toirdhealbhach – a mouthful among traditional Irish boy names that start with T, meaning “instigator.”
  71. Toivo – the Finnish word for “hope” makes an undeniably manly and virtuous name for a lad.
  72. Tom – this common 3-letter name is short for Thomas, a perfect pick for a Gemini baby.
  73. Tomasz – the sweet Polish form of Thomas, which has Tomek as another fun diminutive.
  74. Tomislav – unrelated to Thomas, this royal Slavic name has the edgy meanings of “torture” and “glory.”
  75. Tommy – a cutesy nickname for Thomas, perhaps best shortened to Tom by adulthood.
  76. Tony – rooted in the Latin male name Antonius, this unisex name means “priceless.”
  77. Torbjörn – a badass and traditional Swedish name meaning “thunder.”
  78. Torin – or Torean, meaning “chief,” for Irish leaders.
  79. Torrian – a feisty Old Irish name for a man who stands tall as a “watchtower.”
  80. Torvald – of Old Norse origins, meaning “Thor’s ruler.”
  81. Tracy – or Tracey, a gender-neutral name and surname meaning “fighter.”
  82. Trai – meaning “oyster,” a hidden gem of an ocean-inspired boy name.
  83. Trajan – an epic Roman emperor name for a no-nonsense manly warrior.
  84. Travis – a timeless French pick among names for boys that start with T, meaning “toll gatekeeper.”
  85. Trent – perfect if you have family ties to the British river; this cool name flows beautifully.
  86. Trevor – if your family is “from the big village,” consider this locational Welsh name for your son.
  87. Trey – a cute Troy alternative; Trey means “three,” perhaps for a third son?
  88. Trí – meaning “wisdom,” this Vietnamese name suits a street-smart man.
  89. Trip – a trendy nickname, especially for an adventure-loving little voyager.
  90. Tristan – a French name with the rather gloomy meaning of “sad, sorrowful.”
  91. Troy – fit for any gladiator or ancient history buff; Troy means “foot soldier.”
  92. Trúc – this nature-inspired Vietnamese name uniquely means “bamboo.”
  93. True – the most honest pick among guy names that start with T.
  94. Truman – an Old English name for a loyal lad, just like in the famous movie.
  95. Túathal – pronounced “TOO-hahl,” this rare Gaelic name means “prince of the people.”
  96. Tucker – this surname-turned-first name sounds cute for a lad.
  97. Tunç – this cool Turkish boy’s name shimmers like “bronze.”
  98. Tuomo – this Scandinavian form of Thomas is another great “twin” name for a boy.
  99. Turk – a cool choice if you’re from Turkey or have ties to Turkey.
  100. Turlough – if Toirdhealbhach is too much, consider this alternative form, meaning “instigator.”
  101. Tushar – meaning ” white winter, snow, frost,” this Hindi name is full of festive chill.
  102. Tuyen – the most ethereal of Vietnamese male names that start with T, meaning “angel” or “ray.”
  103. Ty – the shortest of T names for boys, derived from longer names starting with that cool “Ty” element.
  104. Tyee – an awesome Chinook name for the newest “chief” in your life.
  105. Tyler – originally used for a builder, this surname-turned-first name is a great alternative to Taylor.
  106. Tyree – or Tiree, after an island off the coast of Scotland.
  107. Tyrell – with various possible origins, this name may also be seen as Terrell, Tirell, or Tyrol.
  108. Tyrion – popularized by Game of Thrones, a unique yet handsome Welsh and English name.
  109. Tyson – if you have a “fiery-tempered” kid on your hands, consider this cool English name.
  110. Tzvi – with an impressive spelling, this Hebrew boy’s name means “deer” and is pronounced, “Z-vee.”

T Names for Boys FAQs

What Is the Most Popular T Boy Name?

Thomas is one of the most popular boy names that start with T, and its nicknames, Tom or Tommy, are also popular. Tim, Travis, Terry, and Tony are classic favorites, while Theo and Toby have climbed the popularity charts in the past few years. Taylor and Tyler are hugely popular and modern T names, both being gender-neutral.

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