103 Boy Names That Start With U That Are Unforgettable

Boy names that start with U are undeniably the most unique!

Boy names that start with U may be uncommon, but that makes them all the more unforgettable. Despite being the least popular vowel for baby name initials, these U names for boys are all unique and charming in their own right, each bearing the most beautiful and uplifting meanings.

Keep reading to uncover the most inspiring names for boys that start with U from across the globe, and learn all about their meanings, origins, namesakes, and more.

103 Unique Boy Names That Start With U

Be upstanding for these U names for boys, each as charming and admirable as the next.

  1. Ubadah – is devout among Arabic names for boys that start with U, meaning “server of God.”
  2. Ubaldo – this Italian name is one to wear with pride, meaning “bold mind.”
  3. Übel – the most alarming among boy names that start with U, with “evil” Germanic origins.
  4. Uberto – meaning “bright intellect,” with Ulberto as a slight variation.
  5. Uccello – an Italian surname with the high-flying meaning of “bird.”
  6. Uche – channel the best in “intention, mind, and sense” with this glowing Nigerian (Igbo) name.
  7. Uchechi – a unique African boy’s name meaning “God’s will.”
  8. Uday – a handsome Indian name with all the prosperity of a “sunrise.”
  9. Udayan – is a variant of Uday, for a “rising” little star.
  10. Udell – a romantic English surname inspired by a valley of yew trees.
  11. Udo – pure and simple, this gorgeous name means “peace” in Igbo.
  12. Udo – separately, as a German-rooted name, Udo may mean “wealth, fortune.”
  13. Udolfo – a cool and old-fashioned male name meaning “noble, majestic wolf.”
  14. Udolph – same as Udolfo, from the same stem as the festive Rudolph.
  15. Uffi – is a fuzzy variant of Ulf for a northern little “wolf man.”
  16. Ufuk – this gender-neutral Turkish name means “horizon.”
  17. Ugène – a French form of Eugene, for “well-born” noblemen.
  18. Ugo – a 3-letter spelling variant of Hugo, denoting “mind, spirit, intelligence.”
  19. Uğur – this gorgeous Turkish name carries “luck.”
  20. U’ilani – a dreamy, gender-neutral Hawaiian name to bestow upon a “heavenly beauty.”
  21. Uilleac – an Old Irish name believed to have various meanings, such as “heart, mind, play.”
  22. Uilliam – a less-common Irish form of the ever-popular William, meaning “resolute protector.”
  23. Ùisdean – a unique Scottish Gaelic name with the sturdy, everlasting meaning “forever stone.”
  24. Ujjwal – heavenly and majestic, this Hindi U name means “bright, clear, radiant.”
  25. Ukko – a respectful term for an “old man” in Finnish, the god of sky and thunder.
  26. Uku – a proud Native American (Cherokee) name with all the power of a “chief.”
  27. Ulberto – if your son has a dazzling “bright intellect,” consider this shining Italian name.
  28. Ulbricht – rooted in Old German, this name is “noble, illustrious, bright.”
  29. Ulderico – a rhythmic Italian form of Ulrich, meaning “ruler.”
  30. Ulf – meaning “wolf,” this 3-letter Old Norse name is rugged among boy names with U initials.
  31. Ulisse – a handsome Italian variant of the “wrathful” Ulysses.
  32. Ullick – a slick form of the Irish Uilleac, perhaps meaning “mind, spirit.”
  33. Ulloriaq – a dazzling, albeit unusual, Greenlandic U name meaning “star.”
  34. Ullr – adventurous among U names for boys, inspired by the Norse god of winter and skiing.
  35. Ulmer – this strong English name means “famous wolf.”
  36. Ulpius – a Latin surname with the cunning meanings of “wolf, fox.”
  37. Ulrich – an Old German name for a saintly “ruler.”
  38. Ulrick – a spelling variant of Ulrich, also seen as Ulric or Ulrik.
  39. Ultan – a sainty Irish boy’s name to denote someone from the region of Ulster.
  40. Ulysses – a presidential name of power, disturbingly meaning “wrathful.”
  41. Umair – meaning “prosperous, long-lived,” this name comes from the same root as Omar.
  42. Umang – full of joy, this fun Hindi name means “enthusiasm, exultation.”
  43. Umar – a smart, 4-letter spelling alternative to Umair.
  44. Umber – this unique color name describes a blackened, burnt shade of hot brown.
  45. Umberto – a cool Italian name for a “smart, bright, renowned warrior.”
  46. Umbrius – a strong last and given name, fit for a man residing in the Italian Umbria region.
  47. Umbro – a French boy’s name meaning “shade,” also famously an English sporting goods brand.
  48. Umer – another variant of Umair, meaning “prosperous, life.”
  49. Ümit meaning hope, a virtuous pick among gender-neutral Turkish U names.
  50. Umoja – a strong, unisex name meaning “unity” in Swahili.
  51. Umran – meaning “prosperity,” a variant of the Arabic name Imran.
  52. Umukoro – a strong and charming Western African name to bestow upon your new “young man.”
  53. Unai – the sweetest Basque U name for a baby “shepherd, cowboy.”
  54. Uncas – an unconventional Native American (Mohegan) name meaning “fox.”
  55. Ungaro – this Italian surname would traditionally denote someone of Hungarian heritage.
  56. Unique – of all the male names that start with U, this one is destined to stand out.
  57. Uno – meaning “one,” this name might be lonely for a baby.
  58. Unwin – this Old English surname would work as a given name, meaning “bear cub, friend.”
  59. Uolevi – interestingly, a Finnish form of Olaf, meaning “descendant of ancestors.”
  60. Uoti – another fun, unique Finnish diminutive form of Olaf.
  61. Updike – an Old English topographical name for someone who lives on an embankment or dike.
  62. Upjohn – a traditional Welsh surname meaning “son of John,” a sweet patronymic first or middle name.
  63. Upton – repurposed from a British locational surname relating to an “upper town, upper settlement.”
  64. Uran – a translation of Uranus in various languages for a less-awkward planetary name option.
  65. Urbain – a French form of Urban, for a child “from the city.”
  66. Urban – meaning “from the city,” this Latin name suits any modern trendsetter.
  67. Urbano – like Urban, yet with a gorgeously fresh and continental flair.
  68. Urgell – after a county in Catalonia, Spain.
  69. Urho – this Finnish American saint’s name means “brave.”
  70. Uri – glowing and devout, this Hebrew boy’s name means “God is my light.”
  71. Uriah – a unisex variant of Uri, also meaning “God is my light.”
  72. Urias – charming among Latin names for boys that start with U, meaning “God is my light.”
  73. Uriel – romantic and glowing; this Hebrew name also means “God is my light.”
  74. Urijah – this unique form of Uriah sounds pretty if you also like the biblical name, Elijah.
  75. Uriyah – an exotic alternative spelling to Uriah.
  76. Urmas – perfect for a winter baby, meaning “frost” in Estonian.
  77. Uroš – a cool Serbian pick for the newest “lord” in your manor.
  78. Urre – any little treasure will shine with this “golden” Basque name.
  79. Urs means bear, a short yet punchy German U name for wild men.
  80. Ursel – cuddly and fun, this Latin-rooted male name means “bear.”
  81. Urso – is this cute, animal-inspired U name meaning “bear,” cuddly, or ferocious?
  82. Uruloki – one for Tolkien fans, this fancy name is inspired by a fantasy dragon species.
  83. Urwen – a rare name, perhaps taken as a variant to the “fresh, white” last name Irwen.
  84. Usain – a famous, medal-winning Arabic boy’s name for a “good, handsome, beautiful” boy.
  85. Usama – meaning “lion,” a ferocious pick among animal-inspired names that start with U.
  86. Usher – a famous name, as a traditional occupational surname for a “doorkeeper, usher.”
  87. Usher – alternatively, a Yiddish name for a “happy, blessed” little man.
  88. Usko – means “faith,” a virtuous pick among Finnish U names for boys and girls.
  89. Usman – powerful and bold, this “wise, intuitive” name would suit a little smarty-pants.
  90. Usnavi – believe it or not, this unique pop culture name means “U.S. Navy.”
  91. Ustace – a spelling variant of Eustace, rooted in Greek and meaning “stable, steadfast.”
  92. Utah – meaning “of the mountains,” rare among American state names for boys that start with U.
  93. Uthman – the “most powerful” Arabic name for a “wise” Muslim man.
  94. Utku – set your lad up for triumph, with this Turkish name meaning “victory.”
  95. Uts – a unique German male name, taken as a diminutive form of Ulrich.
  96. Utsav – meaning “celebration, festival” for a Hindi boy who knows how to start a party.
  97. Uttar – means “north,” a rare yet cool Hindi boy name.
  98. Uttara – a gender-neutral form of Uttar, for a child “of the north.”
  99. Uziel – a strong Hebrew name for a “powerful” little devotee.
  100. Uzoma – this unisex Igbo name is destined for a child on a “good path.”
  101. Uzuri – meaning “beauty,” this Swahili name is fit for the most handsome of men.
  102. Uzzi – or Uzi, both “powerful” Hebrew variants of Uzziah.
  103. Uzziah – with a standout spelling, this biblical Hebrew name means “strength of God.”

U Names for Boys FAQs

What Are Some Spiritual U Names for Boys?

Meaning “God is my light,” Uriah is a powerful biblical boy name that starts with U, along with its variants Uri, Uriel, and Uriyah. Urijah is another cute biblical U name, as is Uilleam (a form of William) and Uzziah. Other devout names with U for boys internationally include the gorgeous Ubadah, Uchechi, Uthram, or Usain.

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