100 Gorgeous Names That Mean Hope: For Miracle Babies

These dazzling baby names that mean hope hold all the promise and faith of a shooting star!

If your baby is the dreamiest little miracle, we think these names that mean hope are the perfect blessing for your little bundle!

Hope was first introduced as a girls name by the Puritans in the 17th-century, by parents who whished to bestow desirable qualities on their babies. Hope remains a beautiful and popular name today, but so many other names meaning hope are available for the taking.

We have gathered a gorgeous selection of hope names below for you to pore over, including all their meanings, origins, and more.

59 Girl Names That Mean Hope

These girl names meaning hope, are perfect for little angels.

  1. Aakanksha – an unforgettable girl’s name from Sanskrit, meaning “desire, wish.”
  2. Aisling – this poetic Irish girl’s name meaning “dream, vision,” exudes hopefulness.
  3. Amal – a regal-sounding Arabic feminine name meaning “hope, longing, desire.”
  4. Amala – like Amal, yet even more dainty and feminine-sounding.
  5. Amani – a dreamy Arabic option among hope names, meanings “wishes, aspirations.”
  6. Asha – an earthy-sounding pick with Swahili origins, meaning “life” and “hope.”
  7. Avic – a sweet Gaelic name meaning “dreams, goals” for a baby you have high hopes for.
  8. Brayleigh – a modern, American girl name that shines with the meaning “ray of hope.”
  9. Charity – another popular virtue name that would go beautifully with Faith and Hope.
  10. Creda – a unique English female name meaning “faith.”
  11. Dawn – this English word name holds all the hopeful imagery of a new beginning.
  12. Dove – this graceful white bird symbolizes hope and peace.
  13. Elpida – a cute Greek feminine name meaning “hope” relating to Elpis.
  14. Elpis – meaning “hope,” Elpis was the personification of hope in Greek mythology.
  15. Emela – a sweet variant of Amal and a great alternative pick if you like Emily.
  16. Esha – a whisper of a Hindi girl’s name, meaning “wish, desire.”
  17. Esperanza – the Spanish word for “hope” is a gorgeous name to consider.
  18. Faith – a popular English word popularized by the Puritans as a “hopeful” virtue name.
  19. Femi – an adorable pick among Egyptian girl names, meaning “hope” and “love.”
  20. Fidelia – meaning “faithful,” this Spanish name is a feminine equivalent to Fidel.
  21. Hae-In (해인) – a dreamy Korean girl’s name meaning “hope, benevolence.”
  22. Hana – an internationally popular girl name, Hana means “hope” in Kurdish and “flower” in Japan.
  23. Hanifa – meaning “true believer,” this Arabic girl’s name is honest and faithful.
  24. Hila – a divine name meaning “halo” in Hebrew and “hope” in Pashto.
  25. Hiwa – a Kurdish girl’s name that means “hope.”
  26. Hooys – a spiritual Armenian girl’s name meaning “hope.”
  27. Hope – a gorgeously optimistic English name, used since the 17th century.
  28. Hopelyn – a unique, modern name that combines Hope with that pretty “-lyn” suffix.
  29. Iris – a Greek rainbow goddess and a beautiful flower symbolizing hope.
  30. Itxaro – a cool Basque pick among girl names meaning “hope.”
  31. Laelynn – a dreamy American name meaning “flower of hope.”
  32. Marzena – a Polish female name meaning “child to dream for,” perfect for your hope-come-true.
  33. Mumina – a pretty and soft Arabic girl’s name, ideal for any little “believer.”
  34. Munya – the “moon” pronunciation element of this Arabic name meaning “wish, desire” sounds so dreamy and hopeful.
  35. Nada – a cute, simple name meaning “hope” with South Slavic roots.
  36. Nadezhda – a stand-out Slavic pick among girl names meaning “hope.”
  37. Nadia – an internationally popular option meaning “hope.”
  38. Nadine – a stylish French variant of Nadia, meaning “hope.”
  39. Nadja – a stylish German and Russian spelling of Nadia.
  40. Nassandra – said to mean “spirit with high hopes,” this African girl’s name sure is magical.
  41. Natia – a sweet Polish girl’s name meaning “hope.”
  42. Natsuki – depending on the kanji used, this pretty Japanese girl’s name means “summer” and “hope.”
  43. Nomathemba – a beautiful South African choice, meaning “mother of faith.”
  44. Olive – this earthy tree name reminds us of the olive branch – a symbol of hope and peace.
  45. Poppy – a popular English name after the flower symbolizes hope and resilience.
  46. Rajiya – the most radiant of Arabic names meaning “hopeful.”
  47. Rajwa – a sweet Arabic name meaning “hope.”
  48. Saki – this gorgeous Japanese name meaning “hope, blossom” just blooms with good vibes.
  49. Shpresa – a unique Albanian option among girl names that mean “hope.”
  50. Shprintze – a character in Fiddler on the Roof, this unique Yiddish “hope” name comes from Esperanza.
  51. Sperantia – a late Latin name meaning “to hope.”
  52. Spes – the goddess and personification of hope in ancient Roman religion.
  53. Tamanna – a dreamy Hindi name for a girl, with hopeful meanings of “desire” and “wish.”
  54. Taraji – a Swahili word for “hope.”
  55. Tariro – a perky Shona (South African) name meaning “hope.”
  56. Tikva – a sweet, upbeat-sounding Hebrew gem among girl names that mean “hope.”
  57. Umida – a pretty Uzbek name meaning “hope.”
  58. Vera – a sophisticated Russian pick, meaning “faith.”
  59. Zayah – a vibrant, virtuous Arabic name meaning “honest, faith, hope.”

28 Male Names That Mean Hope

Heavenly names meaning hope are wonderful choices for handsome boys.

  1. Amanaki – a punchy Polynesian name meaning “hope, expectation.”
  2. Amnon – an honest biblical Hebrew male name meaning “faithful.”
  3. Arman – a handsome Persian pick among names meaning “hope.”
  4. Asher – an earthy name of Swahili and Hindi origins, meaning “hope” and “life.”
  5. Bakari – a Swahili boy’s name meaning “promising” or “hopeful.”
  6. Ceevan – a hopeful Hindu name meaning “dream coming true.”
  7. Chison – a biblical Latin name meaning “hope” and “trust.”
  8. Colm – an Irish name with the hopeful meaning of “dove,” pronounced “col-lum” with two syllables.
  9. Daijon – a modern American name meaning “God’s gift of hope.”
  10. Douwe – a hopeful Dutch boy’s name meaning “dove,” pronounced “dow-ya.”
  11. Elpidio – a unique Portuguese male name meaning “hope.”
  12. Emmanuel – meaning “God is with us,” this spiritual Hebrew name radiates hope and devotion.
  13. Enoch – a virtuous biblical name for a boy, meaning “dedicated, faithful.”
  14. Fidel – a Spanish male name rooted in Latin, meaning “faithful.”
  15. Hanif – a powerful Arabic male name meaning “true believer.”
  16. Husik – a unique yet uplifting Armenian boy name meaning “hope.”
  17. Imeda – a Georgian-rooted male name meaning “hope.”
  18. Jahleel – a spiritual Biblical male name, meaning “to wait, to hope in God.”
  19. Kazuki – a radiant Japanese male name meaning “hope of harmony” and “peace.”
  20. Lucien – meaning “light,” this French male name shines like a beacon of hope.
  21. Makas – a handsome Hindi choice among male names meaning “hope.”
  22. Matthan – a handsome alternative to the popular Matthew, meaning “hope of the Lord.”
  23. Mumin – a gentle, Arabic-rooted masculine name meaning “believer.”
  24. Murat – a Turkish name with the dreamy meaning of “wish come true.”
  25. Raza – an African-rooted male name for your little hope-bringer.
  26. Themba – a spiritual South African male name meaning “faith.”
  27. Toivo – meaning “hope” in Finnish, this sweet name is cute-sounding and pure.
  28. Umid – the Uzbek form of the Persian Omid, meaning “hope.”

13 Unisex Names That Mean Hope

These gender-neutral names meaning hope are perfect for any little miracle-bringer.

  1. Amandeep – this Sikh unisex name is full of hopeful virtues, meaning “lamp of peace.”
  2. Chiyembekezo – a strong Chewa (South African) unisex name meaning “hope.”
  3. Deene – an elegant, gender-neutral French name meaning “hope.”
  4. Imani – a gorgeous Swahili name with the hopeful meaning of “faith.”
  5. Jesse – as a Hebrew name, this familiar option means “a gift of hope.”
  6. Kibou – a cute-sounding unisex Japanese name meaning “hope.”
  7. Nozomi – a gorgeously delicate Japanese pick among names that mean “hope.”
  8. Omid – a popular Persian unisex name full of “hope.”
  9. Tumaini – an East African unisex name meaning “wish, hope.”
  10. Umut – an unusual Turkish pick, meaning “hope.”
  11. Usko – with the heartwarming meaning of “faith,” this Finnish name is a hopeful choice.
  12. Von – as a Norse name, Von means “hope, expectation.”
  13. Yuki – an easy, trendy, sweet unisex Japanese name, meaning “gentle hope.”

Names That Mean Hope FAQs

What Are Japanese Names Meaning Hope?

Saki and Natsuki are adorable girl names that mean hope, and Nozomi and Kibou make great choices for little boys.

Who Was The Greek Goddess of Hope?

Elpis was the Greek goddess of hope, and her name makes a great one for little girls. Elpida or Elpidio are cute hope name options inspired by this great mythological figure.

What Are Some Names Like Hope?

If you are looking for a girl name that is similar to Hope, you could always consider the modern-sounding Hopelyn. Names like Charity and Faith are other dazzling names with similar virtues.

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