101 Youthful Girl Names That Start With Y: Rare and Exotic

Yippee! These girl names that start with Y sure are unique and enchanting.

There are some beautiful girl names that start with Y out there – probably more than you might think.

Yes, it’s one of the rarer initials in the alphabet, but we’re here to show you plenty of spectacular Y names for girls to bestow upon your little angel.

You will find that many of the names on this list are more commonly recognized when spelled with different initials, such as J or E. Unleash your girl’s individuality and style, and give her one of these yummy female names that start with Y instead!

101 Unique Girl Names That Start With Y

You’re sure to adore these special girl names that start with Y.

  1. Yaara – a beautiful Hebrew variant of Yara for a girl as sweet as “honeycomb.”
  2. Yachin – meaning “God will establish,” a great pick among biblical names for girls and boys that begin with Y.
  3. Yachna – another form of the gender-neutral Yachin, meaning “established by God.”
  4. Yadira – a treasure among Arabic female names that start with Y, especially for a “worthy friend.”
  5. Yaeko – a fun Japanese girl’s name with various meanings, including “child.”
  6. Yael – inspired by a biblical heroine, this Hebrew girl’s name means “ibex, mountain goat.”
  7. Yaelle – an even more-feminine spelling of Yael, still with that fun, animal-inspired meaning.
  8. Yaen – another entry among bird-inspired Hebrew girl names that start with Y, meaning “ostrich.”
  9. Yaffa – meaning “beautiful,” you can’t go wrong with Hebrew girl names that start with Y like this.
  10. Yahaira – a rare yet spectacular Spanish name for a “shining” baby “light.”
  11. Yaiza – a town in Lanzarote, Spain, used as a literary name to remember.
  12. Yajaira – a spelling variant of Yahaira, also said to mean “clear as day” from Native American origins.
  13. Yale – an impressive alma mater, also a unisex Welsh name meaning “fertile upland.”
  14. Yami – a powerful name after the sister of Yama, a Hindu god of death and justice.
  15. Yamila – a Hispanic form of Jamilah – a mighty Arabic name for a “beautiful” girl.
  16. Yamileth – of Arabic and Spanish origins, among the most “beautiful” names for girls that start with Y.
  17. Yamini – for an ethereal beauty, this Hindi girl’s name is inspired by stars shining in the black of night.
  18. Yamuna – inspired by a river flowing through India, with an adventurous feel.
  19. Yan – a classic Chinese name element for the most “beautiful” baby girl or boy.
  20. Yana – meaning “God is gracious,” this shines among 4-letter names for girls.
  21. Yancy – this gender-neutral name sounds like Nancy but relates to an “Englishman.”
  22. Yandra – meaning “protector of man” and is a Cuban form of Sandra.
  23. Yanet – a Spanish version of Janet, meaning “God is gracious.”
  24. Yaneth – another Hispanic form of Janet, with a somewhat softer sound.
  25. Yang – this common Chinese surname has the beautifully rustic meanings of “willow, aspen.”
  26. Yanina – an ultra-feminine form of Yana, perhaps as a variant of Janine.
  27. Yanira – a romantic Y name for a girly “gift of God.”
  28. Yanis – taken from the Greek Gianis/Giannis, this unisex name means “gift of God.”
  29. Yanka – this funky, 5-letter Slavic girl’s name comes from the same “God is gracious” stem as Joan.
  30. Yannick – a unisex name meaning “God is gracious,” believed to be of Hebrew or French origins.
  31. Yara – a beautiful Arabic name with the most delicate meaning of “small butterfly.”
  32. Yara – alternatively, Yara comes from Brazilian Tupi folklore and means “lady of the water.”
  33. Yarden – this unisex name is a Hebrew form of Jordan, meaning “to flow, to descend.”
  34. Yardena – a variant to Yarden, sounding delightfully floral somehow.
  35. Yaretzi – a standout Aztec name for a girl who will “always be loved.”
  36. Yarielis – a unique Latin American name of unknown meaning, perfect for an adorable Puerto Rican princess.
  37. Yaritza – a sweet diminutive of Yara, for a girl as dainty as a “small butterfly.”
  38. Yarona – a triumphant Hebrew name to “shout, sing” about for a baby “full of joy.”
  39. Yaroslava – a “glorious” Slavic name for a “fierce” little lady, as a feminine form of Yaroslav.
  40. Yasaman – a rhythmic Persian variant of Yasmine.
  41. Yasmina – lesser-heard than Yasmine, yet still has all that gorgeous floral appeal.
  42. Yasmine – or Yasmeen, this gorgeously exotic Arabic girl name means “jasmine flower.”
  43. Yehudit – a Hebrew form of the dated Judith, perfect for a “Jewish woman.”
  44. Yelena – a luminous Russian name for girls with winning smiles, meaning “light, bright.”
  45. Yellow – a rare color name, perhaps for a girl born with striking golden locks.
  46. Yelyzaveta – or Yelysaveta, both Ukrainian forms of Elizabeth (“God is my oath”) with many cute nicknames.
  47. Yemima – among the most peaceful women’s names, with Y, meaning “dove,” from Jemima.
  48. Yên – a 3-letter Vietnamese last and first name, offering “calmness and peace” to your baby.
  49. Yenifer – a Spanish variant of Jennifer, for a “fair” and beautiful girl.
  50. Yenny – a fun and bouncy short form of Yenifer, as an alternative spelling to Jenny.
  51. Yeong – a gorgeous Sino-Korean name element, with possible meanings including “flower,” “hero,” and “brave.”
  52. Yesenia – or Yessenia, a Hispanic name for a leading lady, after a type of palm.
  53. Yéssica – a Spanish form of Jessica, itself a popular name meaning “God beholds.”
  54. Yeti – a bold and understandably rare name inspired by the legendary abominable snowman.
  55. Yeva – a radiant Slavic variant of Eve, meaning “life.”
  56. Yevdokiya – is among the longest women’s names that start with Y, meaning “good judgment” in Russian.
  57. Yevgeniya – a “noble” Russian name for a “well-born” little lady.
  58. Yindi – meaning “sun,” this Indigenous Australian name is radiant among women’s names that start with Y.
  59. Ylenia – a rare yet sweet form of Elena, for the newest “shining light” in your life.
  60. Yllita – sweetly derived from “yll,” which means “star” in Albanian.
  61. Ylva – a Viking name with the coolest spelling, meaning “she-wolf.”
  62. Yoana – a pretty Spanish and Bulgarian form of Joanna, powerfully meaning “God is gracious.”
  63. Yocheved – this head-turning bible name means “God is glory” in Hebrew.
  64. Yoko – or Yōko, a famous Japanese name with various meanings, including “good, child, light.”
  65. Yolanda – meaning “violet,” this vivid Spanish name has a happy ring.
  66. Yolande – the French form of Yolanda, from medieval times, originally from a Greek “violet” name.
  67. Yolo – a text-speak acronym meaning “you only live once” may appeal to the modern parent.
  68. Yona – or Yonah, a unisex name meaning “dove,” a variant of the biblical Jonah.
  69. Yong – another familiar name element in Chinese, perhaps for “brave” kiddo.
  70. Yonina – a variant of Yonah, meaning “dove,” among the most peaceful girl names with Y.
  71. Yonit – also meaning “dove,” this Hebrew name is from the same stem as Yonah or Jonah.
  72. Yoselin – a cool Spanish form of Jocelyn and an English name relating to the gothic Gauts tribe.
  73. Yoshie – full of wonder, this Japanese girl’s name has various meanings, including “virtuous, delightful, good, respectful.”
  74. Yrsa – another unique Viking pick among names for girls that start with Y, meaning “she-bear, wild.”
  75. Ysabel – the most beautiful Spanish form of Isabel, meaning “God is my oath.”
  76. Ysabella – pretty and dainty; Ysabella would be Spanish for Isabella.
  77. Yseult – from Irish, this elegant, old-fashioned female name means “fair.”
  78. Yue – pronounced like “UEH,” this Chinese name element means moon.
  79. Yuki – perfect for a winter baby; this Japanese name means “snow.”
  80. Yukiko – a cute alternative for a “snow baby” or perhaps a “happy child.”
  81. Yulia – a variant of Julia, with the pretty meaning of “youthful.”
  82. Yuliana – an international variant of Juliana, meaning “youthful,” relating to the Roman god Jupiter.
  83. Yuliya – like Yulia, but even better for those who love girl names with Y!
  84. Yume meaning “dream” in Japanese, perhaps for a wished-for baby blessing.
  85. Yumi – a popular Japanese Y name, with meanings including “archer,” “beauty,” and “abundance.”
  86. Yumiko – like Yumi, yet with the cute “child” suffix “-ko.”
  87. Yuna – a short name with plenty of meanings internationally, including “desired” or “kindness.”
  88. Yunuen – a rare Aztec name belonging to a Mexican island.
  89. Yurena – this pretty Spanish girl’s name hides the alarming meaning of “demon.”
  90. Yuri – meaning “earthworker,” this gender-neutral name is a Slavic form of George.
  91. Yuri – is also a pretty Japanese feminine name meaning “lily.”
  92. Yusra – a great Arabic name to bestow “wealth and affluence” on your girl.
  93. Yuval – a watery, biblical, gender-neutral name meaning “stream, brook.”
  94. Yuzu – a tangy name inspired by the Asian citrus fruit.
  95. Yuzuki – a delicate Japanese name, perhaps inspired by that fruity aesthetic.
  96. Yvaine – from fiction, combining Elaine with Yvonne to make this beautiful “evening star” pick.
  97. Yvanna – inspired by Ivanna, this beautiful name tells us that “God is gracious.”
  98. Yves – a classic French male name pronounced “EEV,” which would still sound charming for a girl.
  99. Yvette – meaning “yew tree,” this old-fashioned French name is full of feminine charm.
  100. Yvonne – earthy, gracious, and romantic; this French girl’s name also refers to a “yew tree.”
  101. Yzma – inspired by the hilarious antagonist in Disney’s animated flick, The Emperor’s New Groove.

Y Names for Girls FAQs

What Are Some Popular Girl Names with Y?

Yasmin is perhaps the most popular girl name that starts with Y, including its variants Yasmeen or Yasmina. Internationally, names such as Yan, Yara, Yên, and Yuri are common. Names such as Ysabella, Yulia, or Yandra all sound familiar, being common names just spelled with different initials!

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