107 Stylish Names That Mean Snake: for Little Charmers

Check out the sleekest names that mean snake for the most badass babies.

Some say they’re creepy; some swear they’re cute. Whichever way, we’re sure these names that mean snake will slither into your heart!

Snakes are symbolic worldwide, holding countless cultural beliefs and superstitions. Snakes also feature prominently in popular culture, making them a trendy and unique namesake for your little snakelets.

Here, we’ve listed a selection of creepy names meaning snake, each to have you hissing with delight. Keep reading to bring some reptilian flair into your new baby’s life.

30 Fantastic Female Names That Mean Snake

Your daughter will turn heads with one of these unique snake names for girls.

  1. Amphisbaena – a head-turning name from Greek mythology, after a dual-headed serpent.
  2. Anaconda – like the type of whip snake, with Ana among cute possible nicknames.
  3. Apalala – inspired by the Nāga, or water dragon, from Buddhist mythology.
  4. Belinda means “beautiful” in Italian, but also a Germanic female name meaning “bright snake, serpent.”
  5. Bilinda – a unique spelling alternative to Belinda, with Billie as a pretty, snake-themed nickname.
  6. Bindi – an Australian girl’s name meaning “butterfly,” also short for the “serpent” name Belinda.
  7. Chumana – is unique among names that mean “snake” from Native American origins.
  8. Chu’si – unusually means “snake flower,” also of Native American roots.
  9. Daenerys – borne by the “mother of dragons” character in the fantasy series Game of Thrones.
  10. Echidna – a spiky animal, also a half-woman, half-snake from Greek mythology.
  11. Eden – like the biblical garden, where a cunning snake convinced Eve to taste the forbidden fruit.
  12. Evren – after a Turkish mythological dragon, with the spellbinding meaning of “universe.”
  13. Hecate – a Greek goddess of magic and transitions, often associated with snakes.
  14. Ixchel – meaning “rainbow lady,” after an ancient Maya goddess depicted with a snake headdress.
  15. Kaida – a possible interpretation of this Japanese girl’s name is “little dragon.”
  16. Khaleesi – another dragon-themed name from Game of Thrones, fiery among serpent names.
  17. Linda – a cute and radiant-sounding short form of the “snake” name Belinda.
  18. Manasa – a pretty pick for a baby, after a Hindu serpent goddess.
  19. Medusa – inspired by the Greek mythological Gorgon with snakes for hair.
  20. Nagini – the name of Voldemort’s cursed snake in Harry Potter.
  21. Nathaira – a rare Scottish pick among names that mean “serpent, snake.”
  22. Nessie – a cute name that reminds us of the legendary Scottish Loch Ness Monster.
  23. Orochi – means “big snake,” inspired by a dragon from Japanese mythology.
  24. Renenutet – or Renenet, a goddess of nourishment in Egyptian religion, is depicted with a cobra head.
  25. Sally – meaning “princess,” often heard as a go-to, alliterative choice for a pet snake.
  26. Scylla – sounds scaly and slithery among dragon and serpent names from Greek mythology.
  27. Serpentina – an alluringly outlandish name for a “snake-like” lady.
  28. Syrax – a sassy dragon queen name from the fantasy Game of Thrones universe.
  29. Tiamat – after a Babylonian sea goddess who appears as a dragon.
  30. Vipera – the Latin name for the genus of viper snakes makes a venom-filled female name.

58 Badass Boy Names Meaning Snake

He’ll sound quick and cunning with one of these epic male names that mean snake.

  1. Abu – a Mesopotamian god, often associated with snakes.
  2. Aderhold – a Middle German-rooted surname, interestingly meaning “snake-infested woods.”
  3. Adishesha – a divine serpent from Hindu mythology, meaning “first snake.”
  4. Amaru – a cool Native American pick among boy names meaning “snake.”
  5. Apep – after the snake-like Egyptian god of evil, chaos, and darkness.
  6. Apophis – an alternative name for Apep, with a dark flair.
  7. Asclepius – a Greek god of medicine who had snake familiars to help him heal the sick.
  8. Astrit – an Albanian name for a “green whip snake.”
  9. Balerion – borne by an all-mighty dragon from Game of Thrones.
  10. Basil – this “royal” Greek name has herby connotations but reminds us of a scary Basilisk creature.
  11. Belindo – a lesser-heard, masculine form of Belinda.
  12. Boaz – meaning “swift,” this Hebrew boy’s name is undeniably snake-like in style.
  13. Cacus – after a “fire-breathing giant” from Greek mythology, this name is full of badass snake energy.
  14. Cadmus – meaning “dragon’s teeth,” this Greek male name sounds sage yet sharp.
  15. Chu’a – a strong contender if you love Native American boy names that mean “snake.”
  16. Coatl – a Native Mexican last name meaning “serpent.”
  17. Cobra – a fearsome family of snakes, making a cool given name for a man.
  18. Drachenstein – one of the most awesome snake-inspired names, after a dragon from German mythology.
  19. Draco – a villainous Harry Potter name, meaning “dragon.”
  20. Dracula – meaning “son of the dragon,” this vampiric name is perfect for Halloween.
  21. Drake – a cool musical name meaning “dragon, snake,” and “male duck.”
  22. Drakon – a badass Greek form of Drake.
  23. Drogo – meaning “to bear, to carry,” this name certainly sounds dragon-like.
  24. Eisendrache – a no-nonsense German name from pop culture, meaning “iron dragon.”
  25. Ejder – meaning “dragon,” edgy among Persian snake names for boys.
  26. Eragon – means “dragon rider,” a great, feisty, literary boy’s name.
  27. Geb – inspired by the ancient Egyptian god of the earth, vegetation, and snakes.
  28. Glycon – or Glykon, inspired by the ancient Roman snake god with a cult following.
  29. Haku – inspired by the dragon character in Spirited Away, this Japanese male name means “white.”
  30. Jake – a very popular male given name borne by the rattlesnake antagonist in the Rango movie.
  31. Jörmungandr – after a huge sea serpent from Norse mythology.
  32. Levi – perhaps short for Leviathan, a commanding pick among snake-inspired names from the Bible.
  33. Leviathan – after the monstrous sea serpent from the Hebrew Bible.
  34. Mehen – after a mythical Egyptian snake god.
  35. Monty – meaning “mountain,” this name humorously goes great with Python.
  36. Nagendra – a Sanskrit name for a powerful “lord of snakes.”
  37. Nagulu – a very rare Asian pick among boy names that mean “snake.”
  38. Nidhogg – a “Dread Biter” serpent symbol of evil from Nordic mythology.
  39. Nirah – a Mesopotamian messenger god, often depicted as a snake.
  40. Nithe – a rare name with Old Norse roots, meaning “dragon, serpent.”
  41. Ormr – an Old Norse name meaning “snake, serpent,” because who needs vowels?
  42. Osman – often interpreted to mean “son of a snake.”
  43. Phineas – an Egyptian boy’s name referring to the “Nubian” people, also meaning “serpent’s mouth” in Hebrew.
  44. Pinchas meaning “dark” or “serpent,” cool among Hebrew snake names.
  45. Python – a badass name for a dude inspired by the constricting snake species.
  46. Quetzalcoatl – an Aztec creator god whose commanding name means “feathered serpent.”
  47. Ryu – is short and stylish among Japanese names meaning “dragon.”
  48. Serafino – a hot Italian name meaning “fiery, burning,” and “serpent.”
  49. Shesha – after a dragon-like Hindu demigod, meaning “king of the serpents.”
  50. Sid – short, alliterative, and sassy – a classic favorite for a snake.
  51. Tezcacoatl – a head-turning Aztec name meaning “serpent king.”
  52. Typhon – a terrifying name after the giant, serpent-like monster from Greek mythology.
  53. Vasuki – with Shesha, a king of serpents in Hinduism.
  54. Veles – an all-powerful Slavic pagan god of the earth and waters, associated with serpents.
  55. Venom – like the comic book character, this name has lots of bite behind it.
  56. Viper – an evil-sounding snake name for a kid with a venomous bite.
  57. Volos – another name for the Slavic god Veles.
  58. Wyrm – an Old English name used to refer to a “worm, snake or serpent.”

19 Gritty, Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Snake

The ultimate unisex names for stylish, snake-loving kids.

  1. Adder – a commonly-found species of venomous snake.
  2. Ahi – a short, international name meaning “snake” in Sanskrit.
  3. Boa – a family of snakes, also a type of feathery accessory.
  4. Dragon – an all-mighty pick among names that mean snake for fire-breaking kids.
  5. Hydra – a watery name inspired by the snake-like aqua dragon from ancient Greek and Roman mythologies.
  6. Kaa – after the creepy python from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.
  7. Leucandil – meaning “lover of snakes,” a fictional Quenya last name.
  8. Long – this unisex Chinese and Vietnamese name has the serpent-inspired meaning of “dragon.”
  9. Mamba – a type of highly-venomous African snake.
  10. Naga – from the Sanskrit word for “serpent, snake.”
  11. Phani – a stylish Sanskrit name meaning “serpent.”
  12. Sammy – a cute, gender-neutral pick among snake names, after the Muppet in Sesame Street.
  13. Sandy – another alliterative snake name from Sesame Street.
  14. Sarpa – a Sanskrit word meaning “snake,” used for Sarpa Kavu, the sacred Hindu site.
  15. Serpent – this unconventional name is sure to be the coolest on the playground.
  16. Seviper – after the fierce snake Pokémon.
  17. Slange – the Danish word for “snake” would make a cool given name.
  18. Snake – a unique pick among names inspired by animals, but great for any reptile fan.
  19. Wyvern – this Middle English name was borne by a dragon in European folklore.

Snake Names FAQs

What Are Some Greek Snake Names?

Some of our favorite snake-inspired names for girls from Greek mythology and language roots include Amphisbaena, Hecate, Echidna, Sylla, and Medusa. For boys, we love Aclepius,

Drakon, Typhon, Hydra, and Cacus.

What Are Some Snake God Names?

If you like names inspired by snake gods and goddesses, consider Nirah, Shesha, Veles, Abu, Asclepius, Apep, Glykon, Gleb, Mehen, or Quetzalcoatl for boys. For girls, we love Ixchel, Hecate, Renenutet, Tiamat, or Manasa.

What Is a Good Name for a Snake?

If you want to name a snake, we love alliterative names like Sally, Sid, and Sammy or unique options such as Boa, Basil, or Wyrm. Famous snakes like Monty, Kaa, or Saviper also make great namesakes.

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